The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1892 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1892
Page 10
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TOE fHPPEK Bradley & Nicoulin Northern lo-m srsiirwK Are ageata for the one snrl r'rt tiif, |$!*!tifr5.'l by ttia writ, ifl nr) r i inn t ft, W. Km mono <rs* loading Iswtt, We'trifstiiHy hift &<am he- f'mm m>u!" ,-in wtwn 3hrtul'{ ftwl i<>.f>*t <wt> anrt hire * tW-Hrtlrf. MM team -,»Mli* ru» is Siiad- irtsr. W, W", Annte And irifo of irt frjwii Bunting •.'I«it.«»ii{GfVj. D Vinl<' on " Artrt wifa. IiHjjraV'Mii*!nl«f am sit.Ul I 1 li4 Hat;i,!ii nf f.'riiv mo hsw tvwn h«iavd on -ivnpy hand for ij <v<*p.k. anri "Jhw, has \v.nn rtrt'.* hrty rnav'-fttt.ftrl ' A rti>>nh«.!' of Cir'.vithiUM tnok Um firairt iv">>. Sunday mwni'ngf for Bpit'li. Gvovn in b'luy <5%ll1>f<vii, plan If -.ViilkH. W<v»l<>y will 6h<>, twsik walks. and wowsiniya in Thcr.- 1 , in nrv <ind sn r,he rtf ha-'iniir \vid.i \valkrf. Any yrtun* isdy «an nnw hav* t/wo fei- fe'.vs iw pmminadii with at/ an<v. wHhnut B6l'Tl<f S^nftft^wd one rtf Tihap* 4 ,. Onr may- srtm»i of out 1 oniinci'lmiin hosiriiw may now h<^ a'Ht hrtnn? '.vithoot, h^in^r helped on eh<v wal k. R^ndevaon rif Algr<na in i 4 ,*ik moving f,h<i hank' f,A thrtii- Mti nnyi; !>>£ whWA is formerly &J Th«M,. f>i«ay and ifc in reported that, hft i'nfends hnilding- on is .vane •fefrtKi Shin somm<tr. I)V.- ffilV'H fwiriit.ion So his hrtns'i is n<iw up aiid inrtlosed. When rv>mpli».l>vi fth* (torttor wil) ha-7® one of ' in f/wn. ; S. Pi. (">r6ve ar»d fami ly ai-e friiindvi at Clarion fiivi* we^k. Da;y#ftU of .Vfn^on CiSy Sunday with his mother and s-f, !-,hi» planA,.. nt'lf, Curr*.y of >fa«on City i* of Mi's. f<'. Ff^al t.h is w(V,k. nnmevona in onr for i-tftWM'p. rl^.j's of Uwf, ^*,p,k, s' foi- work. AH tlvvy wftn^rally One of onr fArrfi<ii»» wanted to a coup i ft of them,, offering them • pftr mftnr.h ftac:h and hoard,' hut it nof, "-ncmjth So inrtnc-c f,hi».nj 60 ft-o Co Let '.h^j law for vagrancy he ftn- fotM6d,-and wlvjn .wch ftha'ps arr> hunt,- fa% for z, job gii>^ fcherA'on«i on our streets, think 1 iV'onday had luber Separator And Engine. This will be on exhibition on the vacant lot back at our shops EVERY SATTJRDAY. We are agents for That this mower ia not equaled is admitted bv evervone. .-..— - . * -* -*• We are also agents for © The Empire Binder, which has less pieces than, any other binder manufactured. Remember that our steam thresher will" be exhibited every Saturday. Don't fail to see it.. V«lli)w*tonij: park and " Wonderland/' honlr, ' fijl'iiera.- t«v n> On account; of the Twin City .foc.key club i > a<v^, Chii Cliii»jfO ite 3Toruhw«3t> ern way company will sell e:«cur' aion tickftta to St.. Paul and ifinneapo' Ha anrl i-fsCnrn aU low rates. fiYnm stA' Sionn within a rarii'uH of iflO milwi tick;' etn will b^j .sold on July iT. 2fl, .10. Aug-. 1, •(. 6, P.. II, and i:i g'ooii for return. pjwsajfft until Auef. To Inotumve; For tiftlrftt8 anrl furth^i* information, apply to agp,nl>t Chiijajo ' railwa.y.-17'A YOlHl: fiifi JULY 25 ofc a la. htc. MOTHER'S FBfESD At Frank Bros/ old stand. , , . Many of our 6hft warrriesf, season, H, C^ 'Ffr/llf.Tiha.ftk and Onas. tefnfcd tViftTmsolvfiS loose in Si-n 1 , r.ovth | part of town fine first of this «-i=iek, but thfe boys arft not dan^-rons, K. fi.Clarkft of Al^ona installed thft /olfowfn^ offift<!>r» of Jivxxi^jw lodsf-% I-% 6n fehe wininsf of thft I2r.h: TAOR. Clark, N. O.; f', .Vf. Bawn, V, O.: v r /. W. Wfilf.ori, Sfjcrret.ary; fi. F',, Cirov*,. treamirw, C'^ Fi- Olfjsor* was faking fn fchft ^5'^hSa, in Cii)f;»jfO sf;vf;ral days of Ifwt wftink. iJiifriness i» vftcy lively ir, or»r f/>wr k these days, fly f/hc w?.y thft A-iiHr^hac.** ftr« S'.illirtjf '!ry f/OO<U Wf.rt f,iv; l-j.'i'i'r^'r* fJfiaUjf» lum'rrf'r, one: is l<w! to thir.x our ftkfJfic.T 1r\t'.nt\A lift: ttx^-f-.tlfiy '/„ <>\ : >, <;ru\> t,hf> r:<>iii\r>% zuCttw.r ft,r,'i tfni. And inforri'i?i'iori that vrc, hav: <s;t-,!, fibl*! t<» giMii-.r is trifif, ffos«(,th wiii' have a bi# c.rop of f; wry thins; »<i<» t/hls year, Mfcssr;;,^r fir.d Trufi/;ft.ii of f.f.e of B';ncl'-.r f',ros. (% f/o, r>f HpffiiWr. ti, ftn/J W/fiir tni,7(;}iti» ftj/^;nS, .V, r r, WBTO h'irf! on Tu'cvlay c!o«- up fctifrlr j/r?i!n himin^M at thi* placo for tfi'i 3<;>ison. Thoy inf/md putting in n. v/firohourio at Sexton this .w; AilVIW liirtlt, LAmai-, if.!., to ISairpw yrwyAA. vi r^ ATTOKTTK'S AT LA.7/, A'irfj}i5K7 AT LAW. July 2? will be your last chance » buy yccda at v^ur awn. crfce- " Packing Our Goods [•vs -ff'.v. ocrer aorr,e or tne greateat ! bargajr.a ever r,«ard or' We have ; .tuitj, but car^. save you actual ^ca^h. on any suit or[ article 1 '^at you 1 ' purchase of ua, and you Luy 'what you need with it. Our price* are below cornpe- //rf'sti. r ;jl7 AT LAW, FKtrrot*. FKNTOM, July 1ft — ft w,<-mn that W>ro a llttlo Ux; jtrovioiis aU>ut nouncln^ the itmvnufri; of O<:o, '."•ff.wil and Udr'Mirn. IMtic,;' and hop's it will 'rrf; (•,x(!UH(:fl, hut, " f know riot what thf> truth »iii.y >)('•; f m\.y th", t-'i.l^ at 'tww Httld t/; /«/), " Quartorly jncotinj/ at thfs (/firman M. JC. oliiirch Monday. Mr'H. Maud Holorrion IH vi.-iltin^ with hot 1 Hlotc.r, Mr«. M. A, Habin. "(jnindrna" Whitchorn of WhiU- inoru wa» up tlilK way vUHiriw lost wook, A Hociul (lanoo at IHIUU; J'otitt'fi lant wook. Mr. Ooo. Jloovorand v/ifo, alfio Mi«-i "WoMBol altiuidcd the, [Jnu-Hhull/, v/f.fl- (ling 'I'liinwlny, .Lowlfi TlbbiittH Hiindiiyfifl at homo. M/'. und MfH. ,lohtiMin <it i',nrt, -tpont Hunday with hln iw>uHln Milt Mooro. i lor fi Himiiiior 'J'l'l|i. If you wlwli to tako tbo trlj) (if a llfo- Uino, puroliUHo tho low rato oxourHlon IJolcutH nold by all jii'lnclpal llnoH In tint U ii Hod Htaf/OM anil ('imada via tho Norlliorn I'aollln railroad to Ynllow- Hlutiu national jmrk, I'milllc coi^it, and jmr 'J'liu U'iii In i/imli) wHb Iho o|( ri» i of oiiiiiforl, in l,ho ohi- fiiut vutttlbiilod ImliiH of Lho Northern J'uulilc railroad, v/ ourry dining (iili'H and luxurious I'ulliinni Hloitjiln^ oui'H fi'inn (HilcM^d, HI. I'aul and Mlnnii- u|iollH tu Moiilana and tho I 'mil lie. coiiHt, willioul i'Jiuii|;ii, and upnclal I'ullinan HluoiMii'M from St. I'aul and Mlnnoupolln to YolluwHl.oiii) pnrk. 'J'ho wiiiiiiiry on I'oulo In tho mont 7iiaLnilll(;i!iil In hn round In l,hn HOVOII HlllloH lliroujfli which tint road PIIHHUH, Hoaullful inounliitni), rlvoru, valloyu, ItilcoH und pliilim follow nach olhor In rapid HUO(!oHHl(iii to doll«ht tho tourlHt, who will alHo Jlnd Inlori'Ht In thu agricultural, mining, hnnhoriii!/, induHti'lal und (ithnr InlnroHlH UHHocJaiod with tho iiuvi)lo|iinout of Iho ^t'oat iiorthwoHl. Tho crown) ny glory of tho trip UiruuK'li Ihn noiilnvtmt, howovor, la tho vlHlt to YollowHloiio park, tho land of hot HprltigH, goyaoi't), and gorjfoouu oiuioua, autl to Alattka with itu ondloBH ouottu ohuiuiulu, Hiu)w-i;u[)pod poukti, Indian vlllugua, and glunt glauloru. If you vvibh to invoHlhj'alo thiu nug- jfOBUou further, aoud to ChiH-loB S. Foo, gouoi-al piiHsougor ugont, N. P. II. 11., Miun., for ooplua of tUo hund- A'rfOKf/ff'/H AT LAW, ATTO/tffJfY AT LAW. . fsAlfsAJt/rtx, Afc/f.*7 I/, lc/ir, L. K. GAffFIELD, M. D,, J'HYHIfJfAff AND HU HUE Off. Office, Ht.ate at., f/ne a/x/r fta<*t '/f W/tairtiilti tl?.*\nntn-*. MMi-rnsftfr xt., fta« c,f thft f>Tir>fl/; w,h' H. C. McCOY, M. D., I'JIYHKJIAN AND HUJiUEON. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Alffona, Iowa. J. M. f'MlDE, M. D., J'HYHHllAN AND HUUUEON. Ofllwi oviir Jliilliiy litti.H' »tor«, on Htnte Htniet, AlK"na, lovru. O. T. WEST, M. D., I'/IYHIVfAN AND HUHOEON. Ndxtdoor to J. fj. Hiiilth'» »U)r«, Al«omt, In. J. li. HILL., M. D., 1'UYMIOIAN AND HUttUMON. WoHloy, lowii. I)!iy and nlKlit oulla attended to with T. J. FELLING, M. D., I'HYHKHAN AND on In KnitllHli und Gurnian. unicu uud ruHlrtiinc.n ovnr II. UoctBch'H ature, WhltUiiuoro, lowu. UK. GKO. J. HOLTFOEnSTEH, 1'jiraicrAN AND HUUQJSON. Wont Jloud, lowu. Hpuclal attoutlon to dl»- OUHOB nt tlio Hliln. Flu), oiitiojiHy, etc., cured. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? AUCTJONEE1H, Will cry oily uud farm property, make oolloo- Uous, etc. All buulnoaa of u prlvuto iiuturo Btrlotly cyu Office wUU ff. M, 'i'aylpr, ovw worsted, 1450 to 50 13 '• <•' « 12 50 caaatrriere, JO " 5 summer coat and vest, 3 < BALOOM. H. A. SESSIONS, bttbiCT In fx>fft Ana iti*tV.k Monuments ^ Headstones, ALOOffA, Iti'V/A. In ?.:] ca THE ALCOMA SUPPLY HOUSE Will fnrrilxh yim anything lu t'ne llnfeof CREAMERY ii SUPPLIES, I'r1c«M KTiarant»:«<l. Hend your ordferx when In nwxl fit anything, arm th>:y will be attended to promptly. EJ. STATEMENT Of THK Kossuth County Bank, Of Algrjna, Iowa, Juno ,'JO, 1808. AHHETH. LoitllH and (ll. . Oood I'lmt due In Judgment OiiHli on hand Otiu from liaiika Overdrafts Itoal properly I'eraonal property Total 8181,044 01 n,aoi 00 H5 00 10,808 t,H 51,44.'J 70 2,!iHO 04 0,8ri« 8K 2,400 'M 4108,08000 MAIIIMTIKH. CJapital Block J r,0,000 00 Deposits 1:13,700 oo Undivided 1'rollta 14,28040 Total »108,080 00 MubllltloH of dlrectorB a.KOO 00 WM. II. INOHAM, President, I-KWIB II. HMITII, CJanhler. JOS. W. WAIJSWOHTH, Teller, Dlroetora. Bworu to and Hiibscrlbed before me by the above-named Win. II, iuglmtu, LewlH II. Smith, and Jon. W. Wadsworth, thin 7th day ofJuly.lBOM. H. K. Hurt. [i- s.J Notary Public. M ONKY TO LOAN- ON KAILBOAD LANJDS. PerMonswttntlnB to borrow money on ro»4 l»ad» will dp won to c»H at th» Couuty Bank »ud brlug tUvlr ooutwtu. LOOK. »«> GO - fiS° J. A. Hamilton & Co., Have a foil Irne o£ Hard and Soft Lumber, Felt rooEng, building paper, brick and tile, wagon material, posts, and at prices that will surprise JOIL "We are also prepared to do mill work on snort notice- Give us a call J. A. Hamilton & Co. G-EO. E. HAMILTON, Agent. THE JOHN PAUL LUMBER CO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WILSON. Office and yard 071 Dodge street, south of State, ALCONA, IOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions of Which includes everything that is possibly needed forth construction of anything ] 'rorri a picket fence to tiie verij finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove to you that what we say is the truth. , -A-g-ent 09 OO S5, CD Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. C. L. LUND. J. J. RVAK [Successors to C. L. Lund—Established 1880 ] REAL ESTATE DEALERS Don't fail to see the Reliable Process Gasoline Stove. { The Original New Process. to weig- anounce Remembr too They are warranted to spread as raa' call and get prices on S "eel.. . Why, ready mlied Mia* .• * '^•acnegr. ^L^-yf L. LESSING, Algona, Iowa gHORT-FOUMjlOBTGAGES- Thfl beat fnr Ahottai ™71Vr .. Money Saved is Money Made Save 25c to 50c on every dollar you sp \\ rite for our mammoth catalogue, a 800 book, containing Illustration and iving est manufacturers' prices, with 1 spend. • uniiea states. Groceries, Housenoia i Furniture, Clothing, Ladles' and Gents' Ing aud Furnishing Goods, Dress Goods, >•*;•. Goods, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps. Boots, SttQ» Gloves, Notions, Glassware, Stationer/, Jffi- ejry. Watches, Clocks, Silverware, B'Mai'?, Whips, Agricultural Implements, etc. JW«' FIRST CLASS GOOps; Catalogue sept W receipt of S5c for expressage. WearetheoW concern which sells at manufacturers' P»«5 allowing the buyer the same discount th»"ffi manufacturer rives to the wholesale WHfi We guaranteed all goods as represented) » not found so, money refunded. Goods sen}" express or freight, with privilege of e tlon before paying. A7 KABPEN * 122 Qulncy street, '"•'WE Wli-U PAY ^ A salary of »35 to *50 per week to aO? p .XoSS gener r ffi ent W f 8 ' B % wy -. < ^5V t &-™'-^«'*** prices. OnJyMowwfto nnftirA. >ttfi

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