The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1891
Page 5
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THE TOPER DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 1801. 'ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE * ST. JAtlii. " J West-Pas*.— " fiaSt-Pass.— No. 1 6:02 a mNo. 2 .......10:29 a m No. 3 4:37pmNo.4 9:30pm Freleht— Freight- No. 9.. 7:15 a in No. 8 ll:55pin No. 13 ll:45amNo. 14 2:30pm No. 5 8:17pinNo. 10 12:15 am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- North— Elmore pass. A:0o p m St. Panl frt.. .9:55 a m DesMoines ft 7:35 p m Elmore pass 12:20 p m TlaaHTrtlnoQ ff •? »!li^ T» m THE CITY. liver an address to the graduating .els on law commencement day. Mr. Hu Mrs. Fuller is sick with inflammatory rheumatism. A. H. f aine's house is getting a hew coat of paint. Miss Lettie Dingley is about again after a long sick spell. Wesley will celebrate the Fourth. So says our correspondent. Old Mr. Spear died at the poor farm Sunday, and was hurried Monday. Dr. Barr lost a valuable colt at the fair grounds last week by lockjaw. Frank Pompe says they had heavy rain in Fenton, and tho farmers feel all right. Dingley & Moffatt sold the Horriok farm last week to a new comer named Proatz. Adolph Friday is conductor on the electric car line between St. Paul and Minneapolis. F. S. Stough has something new for our readers this week which it will pay them to peruse. The Hobart creamery was started Monday, and will be in sujjgessM opora- ,-.tion from this on. The Young Ladies Foreign Missionary society will meet with Mrs. Cowles, Saturday, at 3 p. m. -.-'. Walter Ward has put fresh paint on Mrs. E. L. Cooko's home, and Jas. Orr IB at work on Dr. Barr's. The Woman's Foreign Missionary society will meet with Mrs. Parker, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Jas. Taylor is having a special sale that will attract attention. Look over the bargains he offers in this issue. If Algona is going to celebrate steps should be taken at once. The Fourth will be upon us before many weeks. The old settlers' meeting comes next week Wednesday. Every resident who has been in the county 20 years should attend. Regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. and reading room association will be held in the reading room on Friday at 3 p. m. Coleman Chubb's many friends will be pleased to learn that he is well on to recovery from the effects of his recent injuries. Will. Price was called to his home at Mt. Carroll, 111., 'Monday, by a telegram announcing the dangerous illness of his sister. Trite UPPER DES MOINES is away behind in noticing the new boy at Rob. Philps. He has grown to a good sized .boy already. We made a mistake last week in not mentioning Chas. Rosewall as the painter on H. Hoxie's house. Charlie is doing a,good job.. Raw land is selling around Bancroft at $15 an acre. G. R. Woodworth was down Monday and reports several such sales to new settlers. Ladendorf's restaurant is over on State street, and his new peanut roaster is filling a long felt want. Read his announcement in this issue. At the Episcopal church on Sunday morning the pastor will paeach a sermon on " Prayer Out of a Book," or " The Prayer Book Reason Why." Diphtheria is reported at Irvington. A little child died there last week, and another is sick in the Swanson family. Miss McLellan is also down with it. Mrs. J. Ellen Foster will not be here for the prohibition gathering tomorrow, but J. A. Harvey of Des Moines will speak in her stead. He speaks in the evening. Sid Rist is learning the jeweler's trade of F. M. Bronson and J. C. Frank. Our readers may not know it, but Mr. Frank is an old goldsmith and fine worker in jewelry. The democratic county convention has been called by Chairman Taylor to meet June 17. It will chose delegates to the state convention which meets June 24, at Ottumwa. The city council has ordered Mr. Stebbins to repair all sidewalks^ and charge the expense to the adjoining property. This is wisely done for pooi . sidewalks are worse than none at all. The tendency of Chicago grain markets is to lower prices. Hogs and cattle are firm, Algona markets are: Wheat. 80@90c; oats, 34@85c; corn, 42@43c: barley, 50c; flax, 90c; hogs, §3.75@4. The wigwam is sending machinery to all parts of the county, because it pays the freight to all customers. The busi ness at this machine emporium if dpuble what it has ever been before. The expert is at work on the jail rods at Philps' shop. It will take him al this week to harden them, which makes the job a rather expensive one for the company, us they have two men to keep Editor Ford, C. E. Oleson, and Prof Sifert came over from Wesley to at tend the Demorest contest. Bro, Fore had not seen Algona before and wa very much pleased with the countj seat. Frank Winkel is raising the roof o his barn and generally overhauling it much to its improvement. Rober Stephenson is also building his barn over on the place he bought of J. H Wilbur. Col. Spencer and A. M. & G. M • Johnson have got a patent right for i hay stacker they are going to manufac ture. The colonel says it is a goor thing, and is going to revolutionize th business. E. Tellier has been invited to deliye the oration at the Portland celebratioi on the Fourth and has accepted. Th meeting will be held at J. H. Grover' fine grove, and.arrangements are bein ; made for a fine time. The Iowa City Vidette-Reporter says » Mr. A. L. Hudson, of the firm of Joy Hudspn & Call of Sioux City, will de ass ay. Mr. Hudson is a graduate of the law department of the class of '76. The faculty in securing so able a speaker and profound thinker is to be congratulated." Mr. Callanan, who visited here a few weeks ago, has gone into business with R. M. Richmond at Bancroft. He is a nephew of Jas. Callanan of Des Moines and our neighbor secures a fine business man in him. The republican county convention is called in this issue by Chairman Chubb. Seven delegates are to be chosen to go to Cedar Rapids to the state convention which comes July 1, and also a county organization is to be formed. The council Saturday evening ordered the well committee to secure an expert to examine our well, if in their opinion it was advisable, and the clerk has written to the Aurora Well company to see what can be done. If anybody is out of town and not otherwise accounted for, it is safe to say that he is looking after Call & Cowles' mail routes. A dozen more or less are in all parts of the country looking after the mail route business. _We receive this morning a notice given elsewhere, stating that Frank W. Calking of Ruthven will be a candidate for state senator to succeed Sertator Funk. Mr. Calkins will visit Kossuth and mako the acquaintance of the people. Prof. Eldridge, ., well known to the teachers of the county, sends B. F. Reed a paper from his school in Alabama containing an account of the death of his daughter, and also the kill- inff of some students by the fall of an opera house roof. Father Nicholls intends to have a horse that is second to none. He was at Independence a week ago, according to a Chicago horse paper, to secure a colt from one of William's best horses. Next year there will be a colt in town vovth talking about. A double marriage at the home of 3arnet Dovine is arranged for. Li- enses to Albert Carrel and Adolia Devine, and Theodore Carrel and Clara Devine are issued. The grooms are rothers and the brides .sisters, and all well known and highly respected. A law suit was tried by Squire Tayor Monday in which P. Winkel sued he Whittemore creamery company for in ice bill. The company offered to lay for the ice they had received, but iy some term of the contract they were leld for more, and the jury so found. A. D. Clarke, in a land sale to Rome Woodworth of Chicago last week, se- ,ured a handsome carriage team, double :arriage, and outfit. He sent Link Singleton to Webster City for them and he drove them up. They now present i. handsome appearance on Algona treets. Dr. Sayers performed a peculiar iperation on Charlie Kargleder's horse Monday. It was to pull'a tooth that lad grown on the outside of another iooth and had got so long that it kept he other jaw from shutting. The ooth was a couple of inches across and hree long. Four of Algona's most popular and veil known young people are to be married today, Will. J. Brunson and Miss Leota Lamberson, Hardy Buell and Miss Rena Lacy. The ceremony comes too late for any report this week but THE UPPER DES MOINES joins with a host of well wishers for the success and happiness of all. Among the books presented to the reading room by Senator Allison, ihrough the thoughtfulness of Dr. McCoy, are Justice Fuller's address at the centennial of Washington's inaugura- iion, memorial addresses in congress in lonor of Thos. A. Hendricks, Wm. D. Kelley, and W. T, Price, and several volumes of valuable reports. Mr. James, one of the buyers of the J. B. Jones' herd, was in town over Sunday, attending the sale of young cattle, Saturday. Ten young bulls were disposed of by D. A. Haggard at 'air prices, most of them going to farmers in the county. Mr. James is a Drother-in-law of H. A. Clock and visited and did business together on his trip. The trial of W. H. Harrison, who was arrested last week on charge of seduction and is held on charge of rape, is postponed till Friday to allow the prosecution to secure evidence. The jomplainent is a daughter of Mrs. Steinnian and is deaf and dumb. The jase is before 'Squire Thompson, and the facts cannot be known till the evidence is heard. Mr, Harrison denies the charge in every particular. The normal school board held a meeting Monday evening and appointed Dr. McCoy, T. H. Lantry, and Geo. C. Call a committee to consult with Prof. Mc- Colium with reference to the schoo' next year. H. S. Langdon was appointed a committee to collect enough of the contributors for the past year to settle up all claims against the board The committees will report soon, and the future of the school be determined The school board had a meeting Mon day evening to fill out the vacant placei in next year's list of teachers. Miss Whitney, whose teaching has given universal satisfaction, was chosen to take the high school room left vacan by Miss Marey, and Miss Lilian Deckel of Clarence, Iowa, was chosen for on subordinate room. There is but on place yet to fill and the board are con sidering the application for that. Mis Decker comes very highly recommend ed. We regret to learn from our LuVerne correspondent of the downfall of c brother editor. It seems that Clark o the News, after getting in debt as far a he could, got gloriously exhilarated and left for parts unknown, with mourn ers behind to the extent of $200. It i noted that the News will survive th< shock. Perhaps Bro, Platt will agai seize the helm, as the time for county politics is about at hand. We hav missed Bro, Platt's dissertations fo some time. We learn he has bee offered a good bonus to take the paper The third Demorest medal contes was held last Friday evening, and wa not less interesting than its predecessors The prize went to Miss ErrnaD. Clarke youngest daughter of A. D. Clarke and the hearty applause of the audi ence indicated that the award of th judges met with approval. All the de claimers did well, and all showed ho\ much improvement has been made sinc< he contests began. To mention one nd not all would be unfair, and espec- ly as among several the main ditier- nce was in the selections they de- vered. We present this week the claims of iree popular breeds of cattle given by ocal breeders—Mr. Clarke being the ersey breeder, who has recently poned a farm near the Milwaukee de- ot. THE UPPER DES MOINES is not n the habit of boasting, but takes a ride m showing that it is not necessary o get outside writers to tell our people ow to farm, but that we have in Kosuth some clear headed writers as well s successful farmers. These articles ith others wo have published ^show tiat we have the best sources of information hero at homo, and more articles f like character will follow. We hope o make local discussions of farm mat- rs,a permanent feature of the paper. J. H. Grover has a curiosity that is f value simply as a curiosity and also s a scientific fact. Our readers will emember the eight footed horse he re- eived from the Black Hills. This pring he has raised a colt sired by this orse and the colt has six feet. The eet are perfectly formed, the same as he sires. A six footed colt is curious nough, but inheriting such a trait lows how now species of animals are iarted according to evolutionists. A •oak occurs. Then the peculiarity is •ansmitted and a now species is born, f the freak has an improvement of aluo it becomes permanent. If six or ight feet really added to a horse's bility to maintain himself inthestrug- le for existence, wo should now prob- bly see a race of that kind. But as ho extra feet seem to bo useless, they ill probably soon run out. Nothing soloes long survives, We had the pleusuro last week of isiting the much talked of steam miking outfit west of Ledyard. It as working successfully while wo were lore, and was tearing up a strip 12 eet wide at about as fast a ga_it as a man would walk. The engine is not an rdinary traction engine, but. is built xpressly for the work. It has two vheels about eight feet across and two eet wide, with one large wide wheel in ront to steer with. The drive wheels l run over very soft ground, and the lows will work where an ordinary reaker would have trouble. There re three gangs of three plows each, "heso can be fixed with lovers to cut eep or shallow to suit. The engine is aid to have 100 horse power, and the vhole cost .of the machine is over SjjS,000. ^.bout 30 acres a day is an average day's •ork. The engine uses two tons of coal day. It takes two men, a team, and ank wagon to haul water. Messrs. larshall & Carrington say they have vork here till July, when they go to Texas. They have contracts there that ill keep them busy all summer. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Miss DeShields is visiting at the ilutherford house. Geo. E. Clarke is in Fort Dodge this veek attending court. Mrs. Cameron of Sun Prairie, Wis., s here visiting her daughter Mrs. Col. pencer. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wadsworth went o Minneapolis Monday evening for a hort visit. Wm. G. Clarke was an Algona visitor aturda.y. Ho began business at Sioux !ity, Monday. Mrs. L. F. Robinson 'returns to Des Moines today after her two week's visit vith Algona friends. John Galbraith was visited last week iy a brother-in-law from Omaha, Mr. Dunne. Mrs. Dunne has also boon /isiting in Algona. C. M. Doxsee went to Des Moines Monday on business, and Mrs. Doxsee vent with him to attend the Thomas ioncert given Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Marble of Burt rent to Hampton this morning. They isit their old home and attend the ;raduating exercises of their noice. George Woodworth was in town Saturday on his way home from school 'at St. Louis, where he has been the past year. He does not like Missouri very veil. B. A. Meyers surprised his Mends >y coming out from Chicago Monday, lo has been living in the city since eaving Algona dealing on the board of irade. He will remain a few days. Misses Josie and Louise McCoy and Miss Mary Smith came home from their school work at Minneapolis Monday evening for the summer vacation. Misses Ada and Jessie Smith got home sometime this week. Frank Benjamin came down from Minneapolis yesterday for a few day's visit, Mrs, Benjainin*has been in Al- jona a week and both will return soon. Frank has a good position as conductor on the electric car line, and likes the work. JAS. A. ORR, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsomining, etc., in the latest and best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and get prices before letting your work. MEN'S soft and light-weight plow shoes at Stough's. To RENT—House, five rooms. J. E. Stacy. OUR $3 men's fine shoe in light, soft leather is the most stylish and best wearing in the market. F. S. Stough, Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, • Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. loths and Trimmings.- J. K. FILL & SONj , Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always kept on hand, and furnished at as low rates as can be bought elsewhere. AH work done promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. !ome and see us before placing your order. It will be to your advantage. X. SO1T. SEEDS, SEEDS! H. A. SESSIONS, DEALER IN MONUMENTS AND HEADSTONES, Granite or Marble, ALGONA, - - IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed In till cases. F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop. Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, Clotlioa •^Trln.g'orQ, otc. Am also prepared to put in furnaces and do plumbing and gas-plpo titling; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFINC. Prompt attention will bo glvun to all work in my line. Shop south of court house. Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames Looking glasses, chronics, and all kinds of ready-made coOlnB. Hearse for public use. Headquarters for the best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, nied- clnes, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. OIL HAS " EIZ." •** * * The Tank Line war has ended, and oils sell at old prices; but Siar are Best Patent, per sack Sl.-ln Half Patent, per sack 1.40 Straight, per sack l.i!() 20 Ibs Fine Granulated Sugar for. .?1.00 21 Ibs Coffee A Sugnr for 1.00 22 Ibs Light Brown Sugar for 1.00 Prices on other goods remain the same as before. Remember, we are agents for Rock Salt for Stock, and sec us. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. To buy your where you will find The Variety, the Quality, And the Prices Reasonable. Home-made harness a specialty. . s. STOTTGKH:.. co Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. J. E. BEATTIE, -THE- and. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? 3D. AUCTIONEER, Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. . Office with P. M. Taylor, over Howard's. F. M. BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SILVERWARE, Silver-plated ware, and all kinds of goods in his line. Repairing promptly done. At Prank Bros.' store. O, Hi. 3LjTJ3>TlD, DEALER IN REAL ESTATE, Lands bought and sold on commission. Particular attention given to care and sale of real estate lit Kossuth and adjoining counties. Agt. for German Ins. Co., Preeport, 111. Passage tickets to old countries at lowest rates. I Have Removed to The room one door east of the postoffice, and am prepared to serve Ice Cream by the dish or in bulk. Buy your peanuts fresh from roaster. W. A. CASH GROCER WHITTEMORE, IOWA. Goods a* Light Brown Sugar, 24 pounds for ...... .. ............................. #1.00 Granulated Sugar, 20 poonds for ....................................... i.oo Crushed Coffee» six pounds for .......................................... i.oo Tea Dust, seven pounds for ................................................ i.oo Good Regular 40 cent Tea, 4j^ pounds for ...................... i.oo California Grapes, fourteen pounds for .............................. i.oo Raisins, ten and a half pounds for .................................... i.oo Dried Peaches, ten and a half pounds for ........................ 1,00 Apricots, evaporated, eight pounds for ............................. i.oo Soap, ten-oz. bars, nine bars for ....................................... 25 Salsoda, ten pounds for ...................................................... 25 Lye, twenty cans for ............................................................ i.oo Ladies' and Gents' Shoes. Ten per cent, off for the next ten days only. Misses' fine kip button, $1.30; ladies' fine kip button, 1.45; children's shoes from 30 to QOC; ladies' toe slippers, 750; gents' operas, 750; plain shoes at cost, 950 to i.oo. Will have a special sale on shoes the 3oth; don't miss it. Eggs, i2c, cash or trade. I am here to stay; come and see me. I can duplicate prices on goods anywhere in the northwest. I solicit your trade. Please ive ine a trial. SF W WSH^ W HWIPHF 'MPBHPWMSBMP ^B^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^^P™ The Cash Grocer, Whittemore,

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