The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1892
Page 2
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,,....-, THE UPPEM BBS MO1NJES, ALGDMA, tOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 20. 1892. tJ_tL--.-..-nat.-ia:iLslla.-».; ^<a_t^g:.^J.Jii.'a^i^.. ^-^j.----a'^j.--^. .--•..-„ .•-.,.-. -•-..,, „.-...<„ «.... •>....- ... ......-,..,.. , ~ ~ . ., _ - --^ ,„,.;. „_ • - ....-.-.^-:-: -:,-..---- '' - T '' I Til lfM««MMl^M>ilMBiBMl HOOKA, IOWA. THIS Indian exhibit at the world's fair will inclnde representatives of etery tribe from the extreme north to Terra del Fttego. MAST dairyman will be glad to know that both the churn test and the chemical test will be used in the dairy contests at the world's Columbian exposition. A FAIESCB ware ewer of the time of Henri II. sold in London a few days since for 3,8000 guineas, or nearly $19,000. It was the gem of tbi Colworth collection, which ia now being dispersed. The price paid for this ewer shows that the fancy for rare pottery has not passed away. IT'S a nice question to decide which European nation has the best army. One critic would prefer the German and another the French; but Maj. George Henderson, the professor of tactics at the Sandhurst military college in England, after witnessing the recent maneuvers, concludes that France has the best army in the world. Tho French people would like to prove that the major's opinion is correct. A SCIENTIST says that in cigarettes there are five distinct poisons. One is in the paper, one in the nicotine, one in the flavoring, and saltpetre and opium complete the list. The first state to legislate against the sale and manufacture of cigarettes within its borders is Massachusetts, a bill to that effect having passed the house. It is time that other states joined the fight against an e\ il which threatens the very mental and physical vitality of the race. THE LATEST NEWS. How FEW people going to Florida know anything about the great fresh water spring in the Atlantic ocean ? This great natural wonder covers an area of about two acres, is located in the Atlantic ocean about two miles (ease) from the shore, and about ten milei from St. Augusiine (south). The spring is defined by the silver gleaning white caps trying to force themselves over tbe powerful boiling spring. A -WEALTHY lady in Philadelphia died about a year ago leaving by will the sum of $1,000 for the support of a pet cat. The will was duly probated and the money for the support of the cat invested. But the cat recently died leaving five dependent orphans. The courts will now be asked fo decide the question whether the kittens or the relatives of the dead woman are entitled to the thousand dollars left by the will for the support of the cat. VERDI, the Nestor of Italian composers, has consented to cjmpose a cantata or symphony in honor of tbe Columbus celebration at Genoa, this autumn, and Baron Franchetti will write a Columbus festival opera for the same event. It is thought more than probable that both productions will be rendered also at the world's Columbian Exposition at Chicago, supplementary to the original musical compositors of the highest order, it is hoped, which are being prepared for that occasion. THE German emperor, it is said, will certainly vistit Chicago next year. He will find the city particularly interesting, and he need not bo surprised to hear the tongue of the fatherland spoken in a cily of large population of alien birth, where in the list of nationalities Germans lead a I the rest # As a representative of (fan fatherland he-ail! te accorded a sinfularly heartj welcome. The Americanized German is nor an apologist for absolutism. At the same time ho is not one who forgets tho land of his birth. GENERAL NOT3B. THE national mining congress met at Helena, Mont. ARCHBISHOP IRELAND reached New York Friday on his way home from Rjme. J. E. Nason, general contractor of Sioux City, has failed for $60.000, with assets ot $40,000. THE Chicago clearings for Saturday wpre 816.325.099; for the week $92,974,541 against $8.254.118 for the corresponding week 1391. To COMBAT the binding-twine trust the Dominion government will <set up a twiee factory in the Central Prison at Toronto, which will be operated by convicts. THE Jewish rabbis of the country, in conference in New York, unanimously decided in favor of cremation. FIVE car manufacturing companies effected a consolidation at New York with a capital ol $3,000,000. FRANCIS P. LOOMIS, lieutenant governor ot Connecticut in 1878-9, died at Hartford Wednesday. THERE wa* a total of 191 deaths in New York, Wednesday, and twenty-three cases of prostration by heat were reported. ONSunday.Kale Castieton.the aoubretto, died at Providence, R. I., Sunday, from peritonitis. She was about 35 years of age. A STATE convention to consider the sub- |fct ot highway improvement in Iowa has seen called, to meet in Das Moines, Aug. 16. THE national association of retail rur- niture dealnrs of Amerha met at Grind Ripide, Mich. J. Ciiauvin, of Butte, Mont., was elected president. _ IN of tho recent proclama- ion of the president the Canadian government has adjusted cinftl tolls so that there .s no discrimination in favor of Canadian as against American vessels. A straight-out democratic convention has ueen called in Kansas, by those who bolted from the convention last week that tused with the people's party. MARTIS HEFHON. agpd 8, Hub Nobles, aged 8, and Willie Sheet, aged about 12, are alt mhfing from home at Saginaw, Mi;h., and have been gone several days. It is feared that the boys have been drowned. THE June telegraph bill of the state of Kentucky is unpaid, and the Western Union company refuses to handle any more telegrams tor the state unless accompanied by cash. THE elections Monday in Mexico were perfectly quiet throughout the country. The magistrates of tbe supreme court, senators and congressmen elected are unanimously in favor of the re-election of President Diaz. BISHOP HENNESSEY, of Dubuquo, Iowa, for himself and priests, has declined an invitation to join the local ministers in a society for theological and philosophical discussion, moral reform and humane work. THE South Dakota world's fair com mission has adopted plans for a building on the fair grounds. Tht building will be 60x100 feet, two stories high, and constructed of material from South Dakota and Minnesota. RAMSAY county's register of deeds refuses to receive a deed under which heirs of Jonathan Carver, who died in London over a hundred years ago, claim 15.000 acres of land extending along L tL-e I'ipin and taking in the site of St. Paul. FROM the records of the postoffice department it, appears that there were 67,105 postofficeK in the United States on June 30, which is an increase of 2 776 over the fitcal year ending June 30. 1891. During the past year 1,128 postoffi^es were diecon" tinned for various causes. There wer<? 223 resignations from the service and 33 removals. MANY houses in Dixdb, 111., Lave been entered by burglars in the last fortnight AJ? escaped prisoner in Iowa carved one of his captors with a razor and maybe lynched. AT Tyler, Texas, Ben Curtis, a promin ent ranchman, wa* killed by Charles Scoff a negro, in a quarrel over a watermelon trade. THE wife of Mr. Strickler, of Neb., poisoned him and his brother. No cause has been • assigned for the deed Both are in a precarious condition. J. B. KISLBR, well known as a holiness preacher at Toccomo City. Ga., two years ago, has been arrested on the charee thaf he is at the head of an organized baud o roobers operating near Seneca, S. C. NEAR Moreanton, Ky., Saturday, Bud LawEon killed Lafe Laweon with a maul. They were brothers and both drunk. The murderer escaped. ' CHARLES H. PAUL, of Hastings, Neb., has been convicted of the embezzlement of $54,000 while treasurer of Auams county. A COLORED man is arrested at Helena, Mont., on suspicion as bein? Picken?, the colored waiter at the Metropolitan hotel, St. P-inl, who murdered a fellow employe last March. THE Homestead rioters are to be nrrest- ed and prosecuted by the Carnegie com pany on charges of murder and con- spirac>. WEDNESDAY night two fooipad/j held up and robbed C. C Winthrop, at Vtr- miliion bridge, S. D, securing about $1.000. Toe robbers escaped. MR?. M. D. Hawley, aged 60, died at Lfpanon, Ind., Wednesday, trom the (ffe^ts of a dose of poison, which is sup po^ed to have been taken with suicidal intent. FIVE men wei-c killed and many others wore wounded during the riot at the Frifco mine i in the Coeur d 1 Alene distric of Idaho. The governor has called upon the president for federal troops to suppress the disorder. MRS. K. L. WHITE, postmistress at Buff, Mich., has been arrested for fraud and embezzlement in her office. She is held for trial in the United States district court. She was prominent in hospital work during the -war and is the wife of a veteran. FIRES AND O-a.SUALTIBS. ?AD drowning accidents occurred at Sleepy Eye, Minn. THE St. Johns (N. F,) fire loss reaches twenty-fivj millions. FOUR young men were drowned in Soring Gardens, Baltimore, Sunday by the capsizing of a yacht. FIHE has destroyed t,he largest parb of the business district of Bethany, Mo. Loss, $100,000. MUCH destruction, with some loss o life', was by a cyclone in western Manitoba. THE Capitol Hotel at Marshall, Texss, was destroyed by fire Wednesday. Loss $25,000; fully insured, NEUHAUSET'S dry goods store, one of the oldest and largest establishments of its kind in Toledo, Ohio, was burned Friday night. Loss, 8150,000; insurance, $100,000. THE powdermill explosion at West Berkeley, Cal., Saturday, killed three white men and three Chinese. Tho property loss -vas about $225,000. THE TEXAS AT SEA. The First of the New Navy Battle ships Sow Floats on the Ocean Wave, The Texas Will Have a Torpedo Outfit, and be Fitted Up as a Flag-ship. The Battleship Texas was Launched at the Navy lard, Portsmouth, Ya., a Few Days Since. NKGKO PEOBL.EM. The negro problem is fast solving itself by the course of nature. For example, look at the case of Louisiana. A majority of tbe population of that state has always been colored until 1890, excepting only iu 1860. This "always" covers the time since negroes were first brought into tho state aud includes the census periods form 1810 to 1890. The negro majority has been as largo as 38,701, as it was in 1880, or 36,857 in 1830, and has fallen a'i low as 2,145 in 1870. The census returns for 1890 show a white majority of only G01, while in 1860 the whites exceeded the blacks by 5,910. Borne of the jumps in tho si-/,a of Louisiana's uegro population between the census years have been large ouea. From 1810 to 1820 the negro population doubled, from 1830 to 1850 it more than doubled again, and since 1850 it has more than doubled again. In 1810 there were 42,845 negroes and 34,311 whites, and in 1890 58,895 whites und 557,794 negroes. The increase of the white population has beou sufficient shied 1880 to overcome a J^e^rj majority of b7,701 iiml a negro increase of 74,189. The total while increase has been 103,441. There has been little negro emigration* from Louisiana and only a fair proportion of white immigration into tho state. TLe change iu the relations of tho two races in ascribed largely to the decreasing birth rate and increasing death rate of the ne- groes. Even force bills cannot make republican majorities against such adverse action of he natural law. FOBF.IG-N. A DETCHED glacier killed over a hundred pernons in Savoy. RAVACIIOL, the French anarchist, was executed iMonday morning. CARDINAL FRANCESCO, of Battiigilini, aruhbisnop of Bolosna, is dead, THE health officers state that forty-three cases ot s.uallpox have been reported at Victoria, B. C., aud that four deathshavo occurred from the disease. MR. GLADSTONE has been returned to parliament from Midlothian by tho small majority of 690. At the Jast election he was not opposed, and in 1885 his majority was 4,631. . AT Portland. Oregon, Monday fire destroyed tho New B<-uniwick un Mikado, three story lodging houses, and row of one story frame stores. Loss, §150 AN explosion of giant powder in thei cabin near Townseud ; Muut., killed Davi Barnett, Peter McDonald and Daniel Wa lace, mining prospactors A XII-PLACED switch fit Lv.Tn mon,Iowa Tuesday night, caused trip wreck of fiv cars of a stock train. Engineer Fiahe was slightly injured and Faeman Georg Cux, of Cliutou, was killed. FRANK BACON, a carpenter living a 1195 Albany avenue, Chicago, fell from stuffr.-ld to the ground, a distance of. fifty five ftet, and was almost instantly killed WedniB'iay morning, while at work on thi hlirioin si ate building at the world's fai grounds. OD1JIT7.KS JTSTIN MCCAHTAY, the leader of the anti-Parnellites, baa been defeated for parliament by a small majority in tne Uerry borough. RIOTS against the levy of new duiies prevail in Lorea and Calspara, spain. Mobs have attracted the municipal resi deuces. The mayor of C.ilaijpara has fied. THE Roman Catholic mission at Porto Novo has been destroyed by Dahomeyans, and six priosta and three nuns wem put to death. The French forces on tne west African coast have undnrtaken to punioh the perpetrators of the atrocity. A. FUKTUKH eruption at Mt. Aetna has occurred. The mayor of Nicolosi declares that a terrible volcanic outbreak is impending. The inhabitants of the sur- rouudi))" country are in a state of consternation. SMAUJ-OX is epidemic in Victoria, B.C., there being over forty cases reported up to Monday, and ill consequence there in. a general punic. ON Monday, Baron Winmarleigli (John Wilson Patton) died in Londo'n, aged ninety years. Ho was chief secretary for Ireland in 1808. Tho title wliich was created in 1874 expires with the baren's death. Men wh<"> lay wagers hatch disappointments. — Washington Star. He: I am rather infavor of the English mode of spelling. — She: Ye-es? — He Yep, in teed. Take "parlor," for instance. Having "u" in it mak^is all the difference in the world. Skidds: "Why did you leave your new boarding-house? Didn't Miss Small promise to tre it you like one of the family?" Gasket: "Yes. That's why I left." "Oa, Mary, fieo this mirror I have broken, and think of the bad luck I shiill now hnvn for seven years I M .id: "Wiiat, that, liule bit of a mirror! "But think ot me — 1 have just broken tho Lip mirrnr in the parlor." Mrs. Lawnville: "Which would you rather do to-daj — e.o to school or help me in the garden?" Little Boy: "Go to school." "Would you? Why?" !': "Cause teachor's sick, aa there ain't agoiu' to be any," "Do you like the dinner, John ?" anx- iou.sly asked his wife. "I cooked it all by myself," "Ye-es," said John, trying to be kind and but'.iful at once, "but I am afraid, dear, tha' the ejmust Vie some misprints in the cook book you use." A small boy way receiving instructions in simple mathematics, and the fond mother asked: "Now, Frank, if you had five oranges, and Aunt B. wan to ask ym for four, how many would you have loit?" Tho youngster thought for a moment, and IN their on Mr. Glndston'e then answered: wanted the erf. I'd ank Aunt B. if she Shiftlug the; lieupoiial uility. As I was walking along the street the other clay a lady and child were walking About fifteen thousand spectators were in the jard and a= many more on steamers, tua e , yachts and the opposite sho;e of the river. Standing on the launching tower erected from th» launching platfcrui were Miss Madge Houston- Williams, or Tex*n, and her mother, Mrs. Williams; Lieut. W. S Coles the private secretary of Secretary Tracy and his cfficial representative on this occasion, and Ensign Hillary P. Jones, of the navy. Tne red, white and blue cords holding the bottle of wine were tied to ths staff, mounted by a star, emblematic of the Lone Star state. At 11:16 o'clock tLe signal "Ready" wan given. Miss Williams uttered the words, "I christen thee Texas," brok** tbe botde of wine on tbe bow of the nobi° vessel, and she started. It was ju?t forty- six seconds from the time the bottle w'as broken that the Texas was standing in • ae stream as firm as a Irnd battery, fie minu'es later she was moored to iier wharf. Uti.Jer the law cf Aug. 3,1886, authorizing the construction of two new ships, it was provided that these should be sen- going double-bottomed, armored vessels of --bout 6,000 tons displacement, designed for a speed of at least sixteen knots an hour, with engines having all necessary appliances for working under forced dr,:ft to have a complete torpeds outfit, and be armed in the most effective manner. One of these vessels was to be an armored cruiser and the other a battle-ship. Both were to be built of steel, with double bottoms, to have numerous water-tight compartments, fHedwi;h powerful pumping apparatus, and to be supplied throughout with perfect drainage and ventilation. A ram tov. (win screw?, electric search ights, tor,--In outfit, and a protected steel arrnoied deck running the whole ength o e thfi ship and covering tbe joilers. engines and magazines, were essentials; while 1 i^h power and economy were so equally demanded that to a max- mum maintained spee:! of seventeen suets wh™ fully equipped, great coal endurance and small me) consumption wfire p be added. In each V«R«| a space saffi :ient for two hundred and seve-jty people, or pr ^visions for three m >n• :is, arid for watf-r for one mouth was r> q'lirad. Of ihesu two vessels, the most powerful hat the navy department hid up to that ime attempted to add to its flrfet of mod- irn warships, the Maine, as the armored imiKPr was called, has already been aun.-.bed and. no?/ awaits completion at the Brooklyn yard. »,.id the Texas as tha hatMd-ship was nan-frt. '-^as just been '•>unched at the Norfolk navy yurd The keels of both were laid in 1889, and the sum appropriated wa' $2 500,000 for each, or twice what the Newark cost. Before work on the Ttxas had progressed very far a controversy arose between tbe chief constructor of the navy and naval constructor Bowles, who is in charge of building the Teqas, as to her ability to float when all her crew, arament and stores were aboard. It was held that the calculations of her English designers were nt fault, and that she would never be a safe nor a saticfactpry vps'o'. After :\ <:rpr.t deal of dissussicii a/ui numerous rera!ni lations, Constructor Bowies'-, results w, re accepted, although ih« dimensions of the vessel have been somewhat changed from those at first submitted. Tbe nhns for the vessels were opened to competition, and notwithstanding the dif- diagonally across on main desk, mclbsu and protecting bises of turrets and their machinery; this as well as Hi.-, tnrre armor is of 12 inch thickness. The conning tower has has the ssme protection The ammunition tubes have 6-inch; anc tube from conning tower to protectiv deck, 3 inches thick, covers the armor bel and curves down forward and abaft it w stem and stern. Coal bunders are on board of and above boiler and engin room". Between the starboard and port fire rooms and m 'gaziues and shell rooms with a f tre-and-alft passage above tfaer communicating with additional ammum tion spaas forward of fire-rooms an shaft erxrines. The displacement at nor ma! draft, 22 feet forward and 23 feet afl is 6 335 fone; with 950 tons of coal it i 6,750 tons. The length between perpen diculars ia 290 feet, beam 64 feet 1 inch She is to carry two masts, with militar, tops, in which will be mounted pom of her rapid-fire guns. — New Tort Wtr'd. CONGRESS. FRIDAY, July 8. SENATE.—Mr. Hill introduced a bil changing the date for the dedication o tbe buildings of the world's Columbian f-xposition from tbe 12th to the 21st o October, which was passed. HOUSE —The bill to establish a, military post between Burlington and High Gate Vt., was taken up and discussed. The tin plate bill was brought up, and a lively til took place on the discussion of the meas ure between Mr. McMillan and D.ilzell The bill was then passed—yeas 207, nay 56. SATURDAY, July 9. SENATE.—The sundry civil appropriation bill occupied the attention of th' senate to-day. A proposition to pay thi widows of Chief Justice Waite and Justices Miller and Bradley, of the supremi court, one year's salary of their husbandi met with some opposition, but onlj eight senators were recorded against it, Provision for the coinage of ten million souvenier Wlf dollars in aid of the world's fair was amended by Senator Quay, requiring that the ^pasition be closed on bunday; but no ac;ion was taken. Ad journed. HOUSE.—The following bills were passed: Granting the use of muskets, etc., on the occasion of the soldiers' union a 1 Caldwell, Ohio, authorizing the construction of a bridge across the Black river, Ark.j for the relief of Charles T, Sawteile, deputy quartermaster general U. S. A. The conference report on the naval appropriation bill, after some debate, was rejected—120 to 129, and on motion of Mr. floiman, the bouse instructed the conferr'-e* to strike out the appropriation of 84.000,000 for a new battleship, and $ : 0 030 fur a naval display. Tee corii'erecce report on the post- office appropriation bill was adapted. MONDAY, July 11. SENATE.—Tbe anti-option bill was taken up at the request of Mr. W.tshburn iu originator, who made a J^nghhy speech in its favor, Tne world's fair bill was considered. A statement from the em- p'oyes ar, Homestead, P.i., WHS presented oy Mr. Qaay. The bill transferring the revenue marine from the treasury department to the navy depart i ent was taken up. Mr. Butler asked unanimous content to lay it aside temporarily in order. T ., . both tory and i i Liberal newspapers treat of the matcer - • °^' the most important so far in the campaign. The truth seems to be be that the falling off in the liberal loader's majority wan caused by the chuich war against him rather than by the homo rule question. of me, but being in a hurry Just as I was going by the OKIMJa JOSEI-H L. FoREi'AuciH, a, wealthy St. Paul man, commits suicide. G^OKOE SMITH v?aj hunsr at Sherman, lexaa, for the murder of Marshal label, of u Jauuary. 1891 , , \ , , - 'I „ couplo I overheard tho motlier speaking to the child in words that indicated that the child had baen doing something wrong and the mother was reproving the action. When tho lady had finished, the child looked up innocently and said, "Well, mamma, God didn't make me nice."—Boston News. Burglarproof glass has been invented by made bj a Dresden manufacturer. It pouring melten glass over network of sieel wire. It is especially adopted for skylights '' ficulties which the displacement imposed upon the other requirements, no less tlmn thirteen designs were received for ten different competitors, soiie corning from England and Fra"°c, f . A board of navil examined these plans, aud finally decided upon those i-ubmitted by Mr. W. Johns, general manager of th« lute Barrow Shipbuilding company, and one of :he most distinguished marine architects in England. Tho amount paid for *« n™ ailed drawil) g s °f toe Texas was >£d,UUU. The echelon arrangement of heavy guns ms been adopted in the Texas, a disposi- iion which sevaral of the foreign governments have discovered to be faulty afte Considerable trial. Such an arrangemeni heavy guns is supposed to give quit as much power of fire ahead and a&tern a in each broadside, but a practical test ha hown that too much of the ship's effi- lency in other respects is sacrificed, tha he powerful end fire is not attained anc hat the broadside is greatly weakened wing to the obstructed area of fire. Be ides which the guns, when placed as m he design, have less accurate fire when the easel is rolling, being further from the aidship lino. The main battery consists of two 12-incl iflys, one in ee ch turret, tbe port one forward and the starboard one aft. There re-, six 6-inuh guns, two on the upper deck ne forward and the other oft, near the 2 inch guns; the other four aro on the ower deck in sponsons, two each side he secondary battery is averypowerfu ud efficient one, being composed of not ess than twenty-six guns; four 6-pounds, wo 3-pounders, four 1-pouncU, four 47 im, and six37-mm. Hotchkiss revolving annon and six Gratlings. Six torpedo •.unching tubes are also to be fitted. The estimated speed is 17 knots and the indicated horse-power with forced craft, 8,000. The, engines, driving twin screws, art) triply expansion; diameter of cylinders, 06, 51 and 78 inches, length of stroke, 39 inches. Siearn is taken, i/oia four double- ended boilers, 17 feet long aud having a diameter of 14 feet. The normal coal allowance is 500 tous, 950 tons can, however, be carried when all the coal pockets are filled, which gives her a cruisint radius of 8,500 miles at ten knots per hour. r She carries a water-line belt BOUSE.—The following bills were passed: Fur the construction of a bridge across the Missouri j Ivor near Omaha; appropriating 8250,000 for the publication of tbe reports of tho elf-ventb census. Mr. Herbert, Mr. Law sun and Mr. Do'liver were appointed conferees on the naval appropriation bill. Mr. Wheeler, of A/a- bima, Rubmitted the conference repo»t on the military academy appropriation bill. Mr. Holrnan and Mr. Robertson opposed the repori on account of the large appropriations, this bill being the largest ever passed by congress for the military academy. After some discutsion the conference report was adopted—yeas 112, nays yb. TUESDAY, July 12. SENATE.—The world's fair bill came up, uud w as the tu'iject of much lively discussion, tue principal point of debate being the closing of the fair on Sunday, bul nothing further w 8 . B dou e with the bill. On motion of Mr. Washbura, of Minnesota, it w,s decided by vote of 34 ference report on the diplomatic bill agreed to, and so was tbo one on th« «.**! bill. The sundry civil bill was co Mr. Qiay offered an amendingn of the Sunday closing amendment of world's fair paragraph adopted ye declaring all appropriations made for exposition on Condition it shall opened on Sundays. And if the priation* are accepted, it is the the world's fair commirjion to Tiika'Jii'" to cirry out the conditions. Tha amp 5 s ment was agreed to. Mr. Cnllom demand ed a separate vote on the amendment; n hibiting the sale of intoxicating li 0 ,, rn0 ' within the world's fair ground* The *T stood ayes 21, noe, 29. Mr. Vest mo fj as a substitue for Mr. Qaay's amendment one for the cjosing of the mechanical™* of the exposition on Sundays and havin a hall erected for religious services M Quay moved to table the motion and * was agreed to, yeas 34, nays 17. Tiu> bill' was then passed. An amendment off^iJi by Mr. Gary to s^ale down the geoS survey aporopriation so ns to mike it »„ gregale $336,000 instead of 8562 000 t. agreed to. ' ' WM HOUSE.—A resolution was passed riii. the arrest of Dr. Thomas Gallagher rf has been confined in ;v British prison in London since April 3, 1883, and directing the department of state to inquire intoffi cause of his conviction, and if wronefullv imprisoned to endeavor to secure his « lease. Majority and minority reports of me select committee charged with the in vestigation of the pension offica we ™ submitted. The conference report on the legislative appropriation bill wa 8 we- fen'ed. It appropriates§21,809,252 1 and house. more than 03 passed bv ths AN IKISHAIAN'S X.UCK. He Hlges From the Pualtloh of a Lackey to That of a Wealthy Gentleman. "The story of Moiite Cristo is generally regarded as a highly improbable piece of fiction, " said a Montana man to a reporter for the St. Louis Republic, ''but I havein mind a case of a miner i" our state who comes very near furnishing a parallel er. About ten i euw ago I had in my employ an Irishman, a clever but totally uneducated fellow, who did odd job! about my home in You remember what a feverish state that whole country was in about that time ov?r the rich fields of gold in the country adjacent. My Irishman caughr ihn fever and one day astonished me by askiug me to loan lim S2CO with which hd wanted to buy a arospector's outfit. Weil, the poor fellow jegeed so hard and money was easy any- low, so I let him have it. He bought iim a mule and some tools and lit out for ;he mountains alone. In about a month he came back to Helena with that mule airly staggering under a load of the richest of ore. , He hired three men, bought three more mules, went back to the hills and struck town shortly afterward with :our mules loaded as the first one bad been. A representative of an English ijndicate happened to be in Helena about this time on the lookout for mining in- enis. He saw the Irishman's little >ack train, took a sample of tho ore, had t assayed, went out and examined the laim, _ and then made the Irishman a iroposition that mighty nearly scared him o death. I was sitting in my office at the ime, when in burst Mike iu a state of errible excitement. "What do you think, sir, I'm off. Ted or me claim ?" he gasped. "One million to 13 to take up the Hatch anti-option bill and to make it the unfinished business at 2 p.m. each day till concluded. A discus- 8ion on the silver, question was indulged in between Messrs. Morgan and Sherman the bunday civil bill was called up, but no action reached. HOUSE.—The house to-day agreed to the conference report on the District of Columbia appropriation bill, including the 890 000 appropriation for the U. A K «n- canipment. The joint resolution of 12 in- cbea of nickel-steel armor in wake of magazines, enffiuef) and boilers. The ends w< cpnwected by athw«irtehip 6 inch steel red,oubfc runa . puma- ing for the election of senators by a direct vote of the people was called up and discussed. Adjourned. WEDNESDAY, July 13. SKNATE.—The senate passed the wor'd' i S. T, w i th , thR Q uav Sunday eloaine and the Fetter liquor amendments attached. The amendment prohibiting the sale of liquor on the exposition grounds? was adopted by nearly a striatly*party vo te the republicans for and the democrats against. The vote stood yeas 51, nays 14 An amonrment limiting the (jrossexnendi ture for medals, clericals, etc., io $500, 3, An amendment giv aces precedence in the. re m • ,,.,. sums advanced was reacted Two additional.commissions * 8 alternate, on the expo.-uion commission to be In dians, were appointed. again "•" j« r^**' vuu UJ1111UU dollars and twenty-foive per cent of the net prnfi:s." 'Of couree I told him to sell, which he did. It proved a good investment for 11 concerned, as the E iglishmen have aken millions of dollars out of the mine." "But now cornos my point. Instead of omuiitting the usual follies that poor men Iways indulge in when they become sud- en y very rich, Mike ent about to get the ighest benefits of his wealth. There .ved in Helena an E 'glioli lady, widow of a .hng.i h officer, who was possessed of a igb degree of culture and refinement, iough_ in very needy circumstances. Veil, sir, the first thing Mike did was to o to this lady and bargain for an eclu- ation. He placed himself absolutely nder her dictation; lived in the same ouse, and she taugV-t him how to hold a knife and fork, how to enter and leave a room. Then followed tho rudiments of a literary education and a year or so of travel " ''I mot my Irish' laborer in the parlor of a London hotel about six months ago, iou never saw a more perfect gentleman in your life. He has acquired a clam- cal education, is as easy and graceful in manners as a courtier, and above all has the true instinct,-! of o man and a gentleman in his heart. And could a man be anything but a gentleman who bad evidently made it fhe, dream of hie life to be one at his first opportunity?" toe freo 8iKor g, f u ? t ?- d , ay> Mr - Catchings rose the first stroke, and sent to tie desk a . lft -day 5, fT"" publicans erV . T ... •"•• \>MW114>.| allianco men and 8 THURSDAY, July H WHEKK THEY MISSED IT. Why the YOUDJJ Bnslmml Wished They had had Twins. It was thpre first baby. The young mother was in a perfect rapture. It was an ugly baby, but she did not know it. Happy youg mother. All of them are like lipr, But the;father had dark misgivings, ius selary was only $25 per week and - babies are expensive luxuries. Her father was rich, but he bad frowned upon their union, and had heterodox and heretical notions as to supporting a son- in-law besides. Cruel of man. One day, when thebabv was about a month old, the father camo'houio from tis desk and found the wif-3 nifHant. bhe was even happy when the baby wn» out of her sight. "What id it, Jeunie?" a?ked her bus- band gloomingly, for hn «as yet uncertain as to blessings conferred by tha buby. Ho was also eleepy. "Oh, Charlie, she chirruped, "I heard from dapa to-day." Charlie looked gloomier than ever. "Don't say nuythint.', dear," sho pleaded, for she know her husband's opinion of her father. "He has hoard of our baby, md though he has not yet determined , to Forgive us, ho has cent up a check for $5,000 for dear baby's sake. At first the young husband's face showed a gleam of pleasure, then it shadows again. ."Aren't you glad, Charlie?" she asked . , with a uuivaring liy. "Yes darling, ' he acswered, should have had twins." "but Difference and Distinction. First Wealthy Citizoa—W^l, the ?e«r«] fay success, sir, wa» push; siuipv push. Second Wealthy Citiw-Ab, you pee! The secret

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