The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1892
Page 7
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THEUPPEUDES MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA* WEDNESDAY^ ULY 13,1892. A MAD POET Minea into a newspaper office reomtly, •nd threatened to "clean out* the establishment, because they printed his Ki wrong. Said ho : "I wrote. 'To JJwell forever In a grot of peace,' nnd •vofl Idiots put it 'a pot of grease."' •The mortified editor presented him Iwlth a vial of Dr, Plerce'a Pleasant Pellets, ft year'* subscription and on r P ThtPHttle "Pellets" positively cure itok and nervous headache, biliousness, costiveness, nnd all derangements of tho 'itomach, bowels and liver. It's a largo (contract, but the smallest things In the world do the business — Dr. Plerce's plonsant Pellets. They're tho smallest, but the most effective. They go to 'work in tho right way. They cloanso >ind renovate tho liver, stomach and • bowels thoroughly— but they do it mildly and jrcully. You feel tho good but rou don't feel them do\fist pill you can r/naranteed to glvo iiionoy ia returned. • ffood yoti, plan: i" ..sold on,;l ; cy tlo gif. They' buy. l>f< You <;• I Pierce'* i. I druggists. ««I Hate to Ask Doctor." Oh, Woman! F a I s c modesty and procrastination are responsible for much of your suffering. We can excuse I the delicacy of the young, but there is I no excuse for a woman who neglects the I freely offered assistance of a woman. \Lydin E- Pinkharn't Vegetable Compound I Is the product o£ a life's practice of a I woman among women, and anjunfatling I cure for woman's ills. ""***'" Jit removes at once I those pains, aches, and I weaknesses, brightens. I the spirits, and invigo- I tales the entire system. j An unexcelled remedy I for Kidney Troubles. . All DniKliU icll It, or lent I by mill, in form of I'llli or I Lounge!, on receipt of 81 .<M». I Mm Pilll, «i»o. Corre- ,/, Inondenei frealy aniwered. V' I iddren in confidence, f I'Uuu E. I'INKHAH MB>. Co., LYNN, JIASB. E, Hamilton Co., O., Juno, 1889. One bottle of Pastor Koeulg's Nerve Tonic enred me entirely, after physicians had tried unsuccessfully for 8 months to relieve me ol I neiTOUB debility. W. HUENNEFELD. ' OBT, Bono County, Hun., Oct.. 1890. A boy eight years old suffered severely from I aeryoumess and twltohlngs. After using PAS. I IDS Koano's NBBTB TONIO for a time, he was I entirely restored. Another case ia that of 0 I young lady who after using 8 bottles of Taster I Koenlg'i Tonio a positive core was effected from J "Pileptio fits. BEV. JOHN LOEVENIOH. HOVEN, SOOTH Dwt»TA, Oct. 27,1800. My health was autlrolv ruined by epilepsy and Icould do no work. I used Pastor Koenlg's Nervi hu The o£fec t was such that I daily grew [Wterund stronger; since four months I have done beavy labor, aod have had no more fits. JOHN MOLITOB. •A Talnable BOOK an Kervoiia UlHoasog cent free to any addreaa, and i>oor patients can also obtain tills medicine free of charge. I .This remedy has been prepared by the Baverend I Pastor EoenlR. of Fort Wayne, Ind^ since 1S76. and I Isnow prepared nnderhls direction by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. j Bold by Druggists at SI per Bottlo. OforSR i, 81.7 G. 6 Bottles for WO. FREE Sssssssss! S Swiff's Specific S S A Tested Remedy S JJ For All ~T | Blood and Skin | s Diseases s R A reliable cure for Contagions JS ZT Blood Poison, Inherited Scro- JT g fula and Skin Cancer. 55 S As a tonic for delicate Women A and Children It has no equal. Jj> S Being; purely vegetable, is harm- O less in its effects. V* R A treatise on Blood and Skin Dlfl- fik eueo mulled KUBE on ajipllcatlon. *^ Sell It. CL SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Drawer 3, Atlanta, Go.' issssssss; A WOMAN. OEOP.CIE EDOAB MONT06MEIIT. Ah, ehe Is onr thought and time. And we nro yngneiy loath to trace Through nights of variant age and clime Her birthright to a servile race. Amid the tumult of onr days, WK A r if ? th f flre of h °P° (ln(i dr «<»n, he treads In fearless wise the ways That men had sought and trod supreme. 11 ? a u dene , d eyes ebe fftres > nnd none bhall check her warm, uplifting soul That sees afar from shlnlnc goal Like the new glory of n son. She feelfi the exultant sense of life, And battles In the blood of strife; Where mon have climbed her hands ahall reach; VS hat men have taught, her tongue shall teach; bexless In struggle, bold In mind, Fertile In fresh expedient, strong lo hold nor right against tho wrong, TQ seek what others dare to find, Hlie stands nncowed, unbowed, unbent. The mistress of her high intent. Vet she Is but a woman still, « ho weeps as only women weep, \\ ho loves as only women will, And reaps her joys as women reap; Whose mystery, In its sacred stir, Is tho inviolate putt of her; Whose charm is not of man, but blown Like the wild roses, all her own, sweetheart and flower of fruitful years, 1 Ime cannot change her smiles and tears, rime cnnnot rob her of the grace Which burns like love light In her face. -Krank Leslie's Popular Monthly for July, ON THE OCEAN WAVE. WEED NOT FEAR >mat people, -will know your Imlr Is dyed If J"m use that perfect imitation of nature, {''."'H'lrtHagK, •"••Hi.J^rkoj.iM. .,j <;olov anil fresh llfu'to the Ulllcu. Jit) i'arlt I'laue, N. V, ANAKKSLSBiveKiiialunt roliol, iind ia nu IXFAl-lyl- liLE lUKE for 1'lliliS. Prlco, Jll; lit draxKislB ur by mail. Hamplcm free. Adiiroso "ANAKKSIS," NKW YOUK OiTi. POLISH IN THE WORU»i ? u »n»el8, and Paiuts which On a Decemljpr morning in the year 1883 writes W. Clark Rasaall in Wit and Wisdom, a insdl wtoamw homeward bound from a Ne..w Zealand port, wus approaching the meridian of the Horn, but on a parallel more southerly than it is now thu custom of steamships to take in rounding that ptorruy, ice pirt, rlosolate, and most inhospitable of all headlands. Decembr-r in those; distant regions is raid-summ( : r, and the weather of thai morning wan as fair jnd still as n breezeless April clay in this country. But the swell of the vast traot of ocean ran cease-' le&Bly—rraiiniscent respirations of giantess wliosa conflict wilh the heuv.'_. is external, !tnd whoi-e breathing pauses are very few and far between, indeed. ,0vcr this long', dark .blue, westerly swell the grf at metal fabric went sweeping in long, floating, launching courtesies, whit ening the water aeturn of her with a mile of wake. Tho frosty sun, whose beams in that sea have something- of the silvery brilliance of die electric light, flashed ascor?of constellations out ot the gilt and glafs aud brass about; the steamship's bows and quarters! and decks. A uuinbVr of passengers woro pacing the loner hurricane platform. Far awiiy on the starboard beam, poised star like upon the keen blue run of the ocean-, an iceberg—a dash of crystalline liy'ot aguiutt the airy sky that out there, fow down, wore the delicate hue of an opal. Otherwise the ocean swept naked to its cniifluep, a plain of. rich deep blue, with the heave of tho swell shouldering the morning glosy under the sun as it ran, and makiug 1 that part of the deep magnificant with light,. The chief officer was on the bridge; tht first breakfast bell had rung and the cap tail.', snipr'. as a, naval officer, in buttons add lace trimmings, quitted the chart room aae joined the mate to tako a look around before going below. This skipper was a man of eaple sight, and instantly, on directing his eyes over tho ship's bow he exclaimed: " What is that black object yonder?" The chief mate peered and the captain leveled a telescope'. "A nhip's boat," said he, "andseeming iy full of people." The boat, when sighted, was some three or four miles distant, and the speed of the steamship was about thirteen knots. la a Cew minutes the alarm in the engine room rang its reverberatory warning, sending a little thrill of wonder throughout the ship so rarely is that telegraph handled on the high sea.s. '• I count eight men, sir," cried the chief mate, with a binocular glass at his eye. . Again the engine room alarm rang out tho pulsiiiff that for days had been cease lessly throbbing through the long fabric languished, and in a few minutes, to another summons of the metal tongue below, ceased, and tho great steamship floated along to her own impetus slowl; (ill the boat was within the toss of a bis cuit iff the bow, with the pasoengen crowding to the side, and sailors and wait er.s and steerage folk blackening the rai forward. , The occupants of the boat consisted o eight wild, hairy, veritable scarecrows of men, yellow sou'westers, sea boots, toil-worn monkey jackets, aud the like. "Boat ahoy!" hailed the captain, as sb slowly washed alongside. " Whatis wrong with you?" A fellow standing up in the stern sheets cried back in a stern Yankee accent: ' "For God sake, sir, take us aboard! Our water's almost given out, and there's uoth ing left to eat. "Look out for the end of a line," bawl ed the captain. "Are you strong enough t get aboard without help?" "Aye.uir, we'll manage it." A rope was thrown, and one after another tho fellows came swinging, and scraping and scrambling up the clean side of the steamship. Thepasssn gera crowded around and gazed a them with curiosity and pity.' Ther sympathetic eyes seemed to find famine painfully expressed in the leathern count mmtices that etared back through mats o hair. . . ,, .. ,, "We must let your boat go, said the C!l "Can''t help it, sir; thankful enough t< be here, I reckon," answered th fellow who had called from the stern sheets and who acted as spokesman. '! Anything belonging to you to conn ° U "Nothing, by the Eternal! Let her go sir. If sailors' sea blessings can fright a craft she ain't going to floaf long." The boat was sent adrift, the engine bel sane out, one more the great mail steame was thrashing over the long, tall heave o Cape Horn swell. .,'... „„ "How came you into this messi 1 quired the captain. The man who had before spoken mad T,r,' ure <) ron ( an urn ^i" 6 BlslngSun Stove Polish la Bril- O dodt i S8 » Durable, and the con AHHUAL SALE flFfl T OQQ MS. , -we're allthat's left of the crew of th Boston bark George Washington. She wa a whdlfi, 184 clays out. It wertv fpu days ago. 1 was the first .to ' ''la arter 2 o'clock, i wanted ten minutes to six bells, exclaimed a man, and a genera omphE hairy nod followed the inter rU ?'I°wa B the first to emell fire," continue the other, "call it what hour you like. Save to' alarm and all handstur«dt irough and was shooting up mast high, nd then we calculated it was time to look 0 the boats." The others stood listening with hard, olid, leathery faces, generally gazing with 'eadfast eyes at the speaker, but some- tries glancing askant at the captain and IF, crowd of others which stood around. ''There was a tarnation ugly sea run- ing," the man went on, "and, the wheel eing deserted, the ship fallen off and lay 1 the trough, and the lowering cf the :ern boats, whalemen though they were, who had the handling: of 'em, cost our ompany of twenty-eight souls the loss of II hands, saving them as stand afore e." "A bad job! A measly, cruel, bad job!" ere broke in n long-jawed man, whose row and e>es were almost concealed by a nantity of coarse, red hair. "Well us eight men gnt away in the oat," proceeded the spokesman, "bring- g along with us nothin' but a small bag f bread and about six gallons of water. We've been washing about since Tuesday, nd now, the Lord -tnr- praised, here we e, with a chance of getting something to o eat, and,what's more pleasurable still to ur feelings, the opportunity of comforta- ily turning in." A murmur of pi(y ran among the pai- engere, several of whom were ladies, and hero was more than one somewhat loud whisper to the effect that the captain ughtreolly to send Ihe poor creatures forward at ones to get pome breakfast, in- teadof holding them, starving and dry with thirst, to talk. The eagle-eyed skip- >er, however, asked several questions be- ore dismissing them. "Since, by their own confession, the iro gave them plenty time to escape from he bark, how was it they had left her so 11-provisioned as they represented ?" Thin was most satisfactorily accounted or. Other inquiries of a like nature were esponded to with .alacrity and intel- iger.ce. Ey«ry sentence that one or other >f them let fall was corroborated by tin •est. Their tale of suffering, indeed, in ho open boat was almost harrowing, and .he captain, with the first note of sym- >athy that his voics had taken, ordered hem to go forward, adding that a good lob meal had been served them they micrht turn in and sleep for the rest of the day wherever they could make a bed. At the breakfast in the saloon nothing was talked about but the American whaler ,hat had bsen consumed by fire, the dread- :ul drowning of some two-thirds of her ;rew and the miraculous deliverance of ;he survivors from the inexpressible perils and horrors of an open bout in the solitude oE the stormiest part of ocean the wide world over. A benevolent gentleman pro- josed u subscription. Before the luncheon sell was rung a sum of £80 bad been col- ectecl. The incident was a break in the monotony, and when the eight men reappeared on deck during the afternoon they were promptly approached by the passengers, who obliged them to recite again ind yet apain their melancholy story of maritime disaster. On the morning of the third day following the date of this rescuo a ship waa sighted almost directly in a );ne with the vessel's course. As she was neared she was seen to be rigged with stump or Cape Horn topgallant masts; she was also under very easy canvas, which gave her a very shorthan'led look in that quiet sea. jreat wooden davits overhung her sieves, from which dangled a number of boats. She presented a very grimy, worn aspect, rind had manifestly kept the sea foi months. It was observed by the ohiel officer, standing on the bridge of the steamer, that the eight rescued men, who were looking at the sail ahead, along with some of the crew and steerage passengers, discovered several symptoms o uneasiness and even of agitation. Suddenly the stripes and stars, with the stars inverted, were run aloft to the p_eak end— a signal of distress. The engines were slowed and the steamer's head put so as to pass the vessel within easy hailing dis tanc". A man aboard the bark stood in the mizzen rigging. Steamer ahoy!" be roared. Hello!" 1 have lost a boat and eight of my men Have you seen pnything of her?'' The captain, who had gained the bridge lifted his hand. "Barkahov!" he cried. "What bark is that?" .' : 'The George Washington, whaler, o Boston, 184 d.tys out." The captain of the steamship conceal a soui 1 grin. 'How came you to lose your boat an< the men?" They stole her one middle watch ant sneaked away from the ship." Tho captain of the steamship laughed "We have your man safe here," hi shouted, "glad to learn that you are no burned down to the water's edge and tha the rest of your crew look brisk, considering that they are drowned men. Send a uoat and you shall have our sailors." Twenty minutes later the eight whole- men were being' conveyed to their bark in one of their own boats, most of them = rinning as they looked up at the line o heads which decorated the steamer's sides and indeed there was some excuse for thei smiled, for arnoni* them they were carry ing' away the £30 which had been sub scribed for them, It would be interesting to know what their skipper said when h learned that they had Jost a fine boat fo him; but ocean mail liners have to keei time and the steamer could not wait t send a representative on board the whale to report the many elegancies of Bostoi sea dialect, which we may reasonably as sume embellished her skipper's rhetoric. Care of Brood Sows. Let us suppose you have made a judici ous selection of sire and dams, and hav coupled them so the pigs will come at th the desired time of year, be that spring o autumn. In 113 days vou may look for th youngsters. After mating, look after eac BOW so you can have a proper place fixe for the reception of pigs. I find that sow do bettor when bred to farrow after gras gets well started. The weather is rUe warm and the pigs will take exercise afte they are a few days old, and are not s liable to be attacked by thumps. On ex iimining a pig which died with thumps the large intestine was found clogged nea t,he anus with hard fasces. When thump appear, give raw linseed oil in quantitie large enough to move the bowels. Giv direct to the patient, not to the sow unles itioro than one is attacked. For scours change feed of sow. Avoid rich, greasy slops for sows wit young pigs, My experience is that clea water-is beet until pigs are 2 or 8 week old, then change the slops by degrees, always watching its effect on the pigs. For grain ration, feed but little corn. Always give outs, for bone and muscle is what is wanted. When piga are large enough to begin to eat, place a trough where older hogs cannot get to it, and keep it filled with good oats. The result will surprise you, We feed too much corn to ir brood of sows for the""b~est results. If more oats there would be less complaint F loss at farrowing time, Always give ogs plenty of pure fresh water, but do ot compel them to drink out of creeks, or onds wnere the w.iter stands stagnant. x>gs do not need wa'lo^e. Give plenty F. shade in summer aiid good, dry, wairn .elter in winter, but do not let them pile p in a manure pile, and give them some- ling better for a windbreak than a barb rire fence. To be a successful hog raiser ne must be watchful at all times, feed egularly and see that all possible comforts re provided.—B. F. Mills in Orange Judd armer. Tli*> Only One K»«r Printed— Can Toa Find ITiB Word? Tlicro Is ix 8 Indi dlsplny advertisement In (Ms pnprr Hi!* «TO|C which Im.s mi t.wo worcN nllkc csr<'|ii. inn- wurri. The SIIIHU la t.riiu of cncli new ono niipi.-nriiig until wuck from Tho l)r. llnrler Medicine Co. This house plneost n "Orescent" on everything tticy nmko itud ]>nl''i*'i. T.oolc for it. Pi'iiTl Minn tin 1 nunin of H-i' rtiinl, inn! Ilicy will if|,urn (ml B(ioi\, BEAUTIFUL I.ITIIOCIUAI'US Or SAMl'LRS FRUB. IDIOSYNCRASIES. Pon't Always Count, ami Sometime* Fall of Their Obj«ot. "Madam," said the street car conductor ) a young lady in a blue calico frock, you have a dog under your shawl and ou must leave t^ecar." "What! Leave the car!'' vociferated e woman. "I have paid my fare and 'm going to stick right where I am." "Then I shall put you off," replied the isciplhiarian in blue. All at once a law point came into lh« voman's head. "Give rue back my fare," be said. "I got in here in good faith, nd when I paid my five cents a contract ras completed. You must either oarry it ut sr return my cash. I'm not respons- ble because your cranky directors don't ike dogs." The street car offidal stopped the ctir ml hailed a policeman. The point was ;iited and the thief catcher, after ponder- ng for a few moments, observed;— "I ain't no judge nor I ain't no jury, lut I claim to have some sense. "Under your system you might make ules that pafsangers mustn't wear red leckties cr red noses or three dollar trous- TS, and after they had paid fares show 'em ho rules and put 'em off. "There is no cud to the rules you might make to bunco folks out of their ride, and very time a cba» looked crosseyed you ould turn to rule No. 324, providing that 16 mustn't look crosseyed and then dump lim in the gutter. "The thing isn't fair. There ain't no aw to it and it don't go." Turning to the young woman h« said: 'You stay where you are, mum," and to he conductor, "If you try to put her off without giving her back her fare I'll club our head off." Ting, wentthd bell and on went the car log, young woman and all. Let There Bo Peace In the gastric regions. If troubled with nanaea rom eea sickness, ttlllonsnem or other cuuee, Iloiletter's Stomach Bitters will Immediately put a ntop to the Btoraachlc disturbance. A prominent and most unpleasant leature of liver com- )lalnt Is nausea In the morning. The symptoms disappear and the cause Is removed by ths Bitters. Many persons hare very delicate stomachs wbich trifling Indiscretions In eating or drinking, or even some eight that la repulsive, disorders. Such persons cannot act more wisely than to Invigorate their digestive region with the Bitters, a tonic Eiieclully adapted to reinforce it. For mulariu, rheumatism, Kidney troubles and nervousness he Blliers will be found marvellously beuellclnl, and when sleep Is nutranquil and appetite variable It soon Improves both. It is In (act a rnofi comprehensive and delightful remedy. FIELDS IN BEHMUDA. ;m Belgium, by adopting Greenwich time, has stolen seventeen minutes from old Father Time. JITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. KUntt Greft Iftrve Iteistortr. No Fits after first day't nae. Marvellous care*. Treatise and $2.00 trial bottle free to Fit eases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Phlla., Pa. Europe consumes upward of $30,000,000 i worth of gold and silver annually tor plate, j jewelry and ornaments. BLOOD VKSSBLS ABB SOMBTIMM simsT by whooping cough. HALB'B IIoHfir 01 HOIIB- UOUN'U AND TAB relieves It. PIKE'S TOOTHAOHB DUOPS Cure in oue minute. Electricity was discovered by a person observing that a piece o£ rubber glmss ut- tracted small bits ot paper. As (\ ilollnr wero Uio scrot- nlaaoroson my poor little boj-. <Sic]coning nml tli.4- BiipHiiR Tlioy "pro os- pi'dally sevoro on I ia legs, bnck of hU onrn iml on lib houd. 1 gnvo him Hood's Bnrfinpnrilln. In two weoks thu floras com mencod t.o honl ups Hm Bcaltio uuiuu oil and all o^or hta body new and heulthy flesh and iklu formed. Whou he had tnkon two bottJoi ot HOOD'S 8A««tArAKIl,V,A ho was free from MM." RABBI E. RUDT, Box 350, Columbia, Fena. Hood's Plllfl «n • mild, gentle, palnUst, nafo and efficient cathutlo. Alwaji reliable. 25o. J08F"II KUDI. iARFIEUTEA Over. come* result* "of"baircmUnK;c!ares'siclt Headache; cstorBgCoiuploxlon; curop Con«tlpn< ion« • B»d ht Pm BiBflc to 110 W.U «U\ X-»l, New 5>rk Oltr. An American Who Owns One Which,HUH Ovrr a Hundred Thonsnnd in Hloom J In the picturesque islands of the Bermudas lilies are raised as a regular field crop. In value and in the erteem of the inhabitants they come next to the potato, though both are less esteemed than the onion, which is the staple crop of the islands, The Buffalo Express claims that no more beautiful sight cati bj imagined than at this time of the year greets tho eye of the traveler as he comes suddenly upon one of these fields, hundreds of yards square and a mass of most fragrant white. Unfortunately, the lily fields are not in the most profitable state. The beautiful bloom represents to its owner waste, for the lilies should be marketed in the form of buds. They are cut from the stems and packed in the cases, sixty-four in a box, ana sent by express all over the United States. If kept in a cool, dry place the buds will remain without opening several weeks, while being placed in water they can bo brought to perfnotion in a day or two, or, if the water is slightly warm, in a few hours. This fortunate peculiarity, of the lily has made it possible for it to ba transported notwithstanding the long journey. The culture was introduced only a tew years ago upon tho Bermudas by an American gentleman, and it is said that on one of them, at any time in the season over 100,000 lilies may be seen in bloom at the same* time. " MOTHERS' FRIEND'* M&KES CHILD BIRTH EASY. Colvta, La, Deo. 0,1888.—My wife uoed MOTHEH'fl 7BIEND before her third Confinement, and »ay» aha would not ba without It (or bundred* of dollars. DOCK MILLS. Seat by express on receipt o( price, *1.60 per hot- tk. Book " To Mothers " mailed f r«a. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., Mix •¥ AU. nnuaoivT*. ATLA/tTAt OA. Made to Look tike New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush. Garments Steamed, at Otto Welch's Dye Works, 316 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Sond for circular. Scientific authority asserts that a cubic Inch of soil contains from 60,000 to 2,250,000 minute organisms. NBBYOUS, bilious, disordors, sick bead- ache, indigestion, loss of appetite and constipation removed by Beecham'a Pills. A German scluullst has proved that the character of tlieir food affects the color of the plumage of birds. . ,.... HALL'S CATARRH CURE is a liquid and is taken Internally. Sold by Druggists, 75c. The cemeteries of London cover 2,000 acres and the land they occupy represents a capital of $1,000,000. Th« Tru« LaxatlTe Principle Of the pUaU used la manufacturing Ui« pleasant remedy, Syrup of ?igt, ha* a permanently beneficial effect ou vue human system, vbuo the cheap vegetable extract* and mineral solutions, usually lold aa medicines, are permanently injurious. Being well-informed, you will use the true remedy only. Manufactured by tn« California Fig Syrup Co. < A large block, of aaphaltum was recently taken, from a mtiie In California which 'weighed two tona and a half. I? you wish to do the easiest and quickest week's washing you ever did, try Dobbins' Electric Soap next washday. Follow thu directions. Ask your grocer for it Beou on the market 24 years. Take BO other. American lifeboats are to be furnished with uu electric motor and propeller, which will provid* not only power iiut a search light ' "Don't Tobacco Spit Your Life Away" Is the startling, truthful title of a little book just received, telling ull about Ifoto&ae, tht wonderful, harmless, economic^, guaranteed curt for tht tobacco habit in every form. Tobacco users who want to quit and can't, by mentioning this paper, can cut the book mailed free. Address THE STERLING REMEDY CO., Box 241, Indiana Mineral Springs, bid. Waterproof umbrellas made of paper coming into very general u*« la Part*. _ rota bloom on Bold rrerrwher*. Alt renaim* Crawant." Bead xlMJrtXaniff power *»er«»i«d, bone*, dew**, mv*> el«a, r«c«lT« B«W ton*. Mini It, (mi *. TUtMTW e* M. HASTE* BIMetHI 00,. It THB Owen Electric Beit CATALOGUE, IffeJELLING ALL ABOUT IT, 5 In KngliBh, German, Swedish or Norwegian will bo sent, to nnf TTttADK MAHK 1 •' 6ddress on ™celpt ot r^R. A! OW E - ] N. 6 cent B postage. , The Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Go. 801 TO 211 STATE ST., CHICAGO. ILL. NIW YORK OFFIOB. 626 BROADWAY. Plftfttm mention t.bli* paper. IEWIS' 98 PER CERT LYf k Vow<ler»d And Forf«m**« (VJlTINTID.) The itronyiit and p*rut I<r« made, Unlike othM Lj», M b*lo| n fln» powder and picked IB t eai with removable lid, th« c«nU«»« ure «lwayi ready for O**L WU1 make the belt jierfumed Hard8o» in 20 mlnatut without MHnf. li In tke bent for cleaning wait* pipea, dlelnfecUng ulnke, d<weU, waflhlnf bottlea, pMnta, treeo,et«, PENNA. SALT MFQ, Geu. Ajt*., Phila.,-Fa. FOR SUMMER COMPLAINTS PERRY DAVIS' PAIN-KILLER BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD, $40,000,000 ' " I am Post Master here and keep ,a Store. I have kept August tflowtt for sale for some time. I think it if n splendid medicine." U. A. Bond, P. M., Pavilion Centre, N. V. A The stomach Is the reservoir. Tf it fails, everything fails. Th« liver, the kidneys, the lungs, th« heart, the head, the blood, thenefvei all go wrong. If you feel wrong, look to the stomach first. Put that right at once by using August Flower. It assures a good appetite and a good digestion. • 'HE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGH1 ft NO NEW AND fAV COMPLEXION IS BF.TTEii, My doctor saya It nets pcntly on tho Ktoinncli, llvef ml Icldnoyn, nnd iHnplcftflnnfc hxxntlvo. Tbln drltilc B made from horlm, aud Is proparud for use aa cubil/ aatca. I tin called Eenwd br th* Bell Telephone Patent la im. You Intention «o»jr tx nluable. Ton ihoulJ proUot U hj patent Addrme for full and intelligent idvloe, tr» of oh*i»., TV. W. I>VI>I,KY A CO., Solioiton of Patonta, l'iol4eBl«'fc8aFBt.,N. W., M'UHlilnKton, B, C llentlon thia paper. Tin Oldest Uedleint in the World it probably Dlt. JSAAO THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. Thin artlolt U • carefully pruparad phrjlcluu'o i<r< •oriptlon, and haa been in coiutaut UB* tor uearly century. Than wo few diwiaan to wMoh maiikin lire subject mar* dUtreaulog ttuw ton «yw, uu IIOD», perhaps for wlxloh nior* romodlM hay* bee trioa without •aooeaa. For »U external luftamaiatlo of the ayM U U an InfalUbls remedy. It th* dlrei tlimu uro folloir»d U will oaTur fai.' \V« patiloolarl iuvite the attention ot phyilolan* to 1U atriU. " elllu t *00 , by all dnuwliU. JolW L. TnOMPBOM, BON IO.;TBO*,N. Y. EatablUhed MOT. r n< W^> All clrtiHBlstn sell It at 60o. nml $1.00 ' mlly iMpd order to bo healthy, uy one to ilny. Lnnn'a Knmlly iMpdlrlnn move* Ill o I)OWR|» each day U necessary. thU Seasonable Hints. The present, weather has given rlsa o a largo number of cases of pnoup monia, pleurisy, and rheumatism. All f these diseases begin with a cold. This fastens upon the kidneys and manifests itself in one of the maladiM named above. If the sufferer will .alee REID'S GMIIMAN COUGH AND KIJ> •OSY CURB he will be speedily relieved, or this great remedy contains no poison. It excites the kidneys to no,ion, stimulates the circulation, Thieves the lungs of their burden, and vill thus cure the worst case of pneumonia or pleurisy, and will relieve aa attack of rheumatism quicker than anything else. It is the only remedy on the market that will relieve th« consequences of cold, or from any malady that arises from a cold. Aak your druggist for It, and If he does not have it write to us and we will send It to you by mall or express. Small bottles are 25 cento, large ones SO cents. BTLVAST RKJIBDY Co., Paoria, I1L EWEEKLY OOUR!Ei5-JO«R8AL g tho Largest. Nowslnnt, lliw* Viiper pub- ished. Has tho irrerkU-Kt ciniulHMou oi uuy )emooratlo pupor lu Uio Umlua fciuur _ _ _ Bohoinos have boon suppressed by Stato and ilAL'S lawful, loffltinmto, ilbuto absolutely f reo honosb plan to subscribers who may answer aoourutelj or oomo nearost to anawortaK accurately oer- aln questions regarding the PresldontUJ election to occur In November, 1893. Th«*i will be One Grand Prize of $IO,OuO AND 44 PRIZES OP *100 BACH. Every Subscriber at »l a year gets the> firreatert Democratic paper published for 63 weeks, and in addition has 45 ohtt-oos at thes; grand gold coin prizus. In u< <"tlon to thta %S$&£5$v™&w& M E S KtlTEliY It'llRE, every day, premiums rang*. tair in value from KB to $T>0. A froo present ^ y ^^HS«S KS¥ a s a e w c N°w «;« Every promise it makes ia always fu filled. *" y . ' H • «.i,~ paper, containing ruB BYON & HEAL.Y, B«n 63 MonrUG St., Chi, Will Ulnll Fri'fl their newly ^nldi'KO'l Uatnlu^uo of Jlnrul Insli'unieiits, llni- forma und Eiiuipnihnts, •100 Kino U- 'ustrullons, (U'.scribini,' every artictu liy ItbiidH or Dniiu Corp nB Instruct ions fur Aiuutt-n lses and Driitu Minor's Tiicticb ftiid a Holecteii L.iut of Hand M Patents! Pensions! 8end forTnvantor'B Guide or How to Obtain a Fnteut;.. Kuud fur DigeBt of I't'iiKlon nnd Itouiity f.nwu.' I'lltrirk O'li'urrull, >VMHlilng;loii, 1>. V. I BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE. Tlio Family Wash Blue, for sale by Grocers. Price »1.00 by HKMOKUIA CO., 110 Fulton St.. Hevr York. l i.v»i-' l our good cr-ih cuotomert S6Bercoiit.oanliirKoyar. Ictj-ofuasluluriiclutucslilc* 400 Kinds of SCALES whlch wo manufapturo.Send farC'IrcularaandPrices. Ilie following are among the Ar- tluICBwo sell: Ittevefen, W ~ " " ' ~ KILL HER! In the alok of tlm» oome* l»utclier'« Vlf Killer. OerUln de»th to Vlio*. Mo mon boiling uooud four eara, or dlriag at jroor none, or oollld- Ing with rour ujix. TTwtroelT. Preieat reproduo- Uou u>d toooro peao*. VRKU'K. I>UTCJUttH 1>UUU CO., tit. Albiuw, Vt. BICYCLES TO 4.OKNTS. AVIUTJS I'Olt OATAI.OGUM AND CONDITIONS. tAKUlSST ASSOSOt- aoun. LOWBUT ionmxo, T. D. CANSE CYCLE CO., 999 JTATB MT. PUB.iUNIQN RIPANS TABULE8 r tho btouiach, liver audbowclo, jnirl-, fy tho blood, urs BoTa mid efl actual il ihu best uinlk'iim kuowu (or bllioub- ni!<w, eousUi»tlon, dyspepslft, foul brcttth. beuducho.tuuuuu depreaajon, painful digestion, bod coinuloxlon, aud ull dlHOueua cauwd by fiulure of tho stomaob, llvor or bowol» to per- Plao'i Aemt^y At Catarrh la U» Heat, Ka-ileat to Ve«, and

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