The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 27, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOlNfiS, ALGONA, 10^ A, WEDiSJESDAY, MAY 27,1891, An imitation of Nature —that's the result you want to reach. With Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, you have it. They cleanse and renovate the whole system naturally. That means that they do it thoroughly, but mildly. They're! the smallest in size, but the most effective—sugar-coated, easiest to take. Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements •of the Liver, Stomach and .Bowels are prevented, relieved, -/ and cured. Purely vegetable, /'"perfectly harmless, and gently laxative, or an active cathartic, according to size of dose. ,As a Liver Pill, they've been ;imitated, but never equaled. bHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure U without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- tessftuly stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home bi the United States and Canada. If you have • Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for U wilfcure you. If your child has the Croup, «w Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief it sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts.. 50 cts. and iroo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 35 cts. All The Year whether for spring weakness, summer faintness, autumn illness, or winter sickness, Take Only that medicine which has stood the test of years, viz., AVER'S Sarsaparilia Cures others, will cure you. The Cod I That Helps to Cure The Cold. The disagreeable taste of the GOD LIVER OIL is. dissipated in l! KE TV AS. Of Pure Cod Liver Oil with HYPOPHOSPHITES OE* T.T"yrT=i .A.KTID SODA., The pfitient suffering from CONSUMPTION, BltONCHITIS, COUGH, COM), OR •WASTING IHSKAS1S8, may take tho remedy with na much satisfaction as he would take milk. I'liyalclaus are prescribing It avpi'ywhovo. !! Is a ni'rlfcot otiii!' 1 ;!!"'. j andn\\(iiulni I'ul (iosji iinniucrr. 'i'liln: no </t!:-r Dyspepsia is the bane of the present gen- oration. Itisforltscureniulitsuttemlants, sick lieadache, constipation and piles, that Tutt's Pills have become so famous. They act gently on the digestive organs, giving thorn tone and vigor without griping or imusea. S5c. The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. Strange Story of ft Jtftn Who *aa Stolen by Indians In Hts Infancy. There is a barber in this city, named ienry Pettit, saya the Indianopolis Joprn- al. who has a rare tale of adventure to .ell concerning himself, of how he was stolen when 4 years old by the Indians, and how he finally found his father. Pettih was born in 1838. at the Indian trading jost near Port Huron, Mich., where his 'ather had an exchange store, and was well jatronized by the Indians. In 1842 Tur- seyFoot, chief of the Black Creek Indians, got into a difficulty with the father of Pettit, claiming that he had given him t "wildcat" dollar in making change. This was denied by Pettit, who -would not ;ake back the money. The Indian went away mad and vowing :hat he would get even. The Indians ibout that time sold their lands about Port Huron and were being removed to a reservation near the present city of Sandusky. The Indian at once executed a plan to get revenge on Pettit. The night before Turkey Fool left he stole the boy in this manner: He found out that Pettit was not at borne one night, and he entered the house at midnight. Walking lightly across the floor he jerked the sleeping babe from the arms of the mother, who awoke in alarm, only to find that her baby was gone. A diligent search failed to find a trace of the missing boy, and hu was given up as dead. The Indian took the lad, now four years old, to Ohio, whore an old squaw took charge of him. There was a white man with the tribe named Timothy Crocker, whom the Indians sent back to Port Huron to tell Pettit that his boy had died in Canada Thus the parents were made to believe that their boy was dead. The lad lived with the Indians until 11 years old, when a man Bowser, of Williamsport, Pa., who was among these Indians, bought tho boy for a small consideration and took him back to his home. The boy there learned the barber's trade, but as to where the Indians got him he could not remember. He was sent to school at Republic, 0., where he received a license to teach. He was there going by the name of Timothy Crocker, and • in 1855 ho was married to Miss Catharine Eckert, who lived at Delphi, this state, where he purchased a barber shop. .When the war commenced he enlisted in the ninth Indiana infantry. While this company was with Sherman in the "march to the sea," and in Alabama, "Crocker" was approached by a man who asked his name. "Crocker" told him, and the man denied it, saying that he was the very counterpart of a certain Mrs Pettit at Port Huron, Mich., that he must be the missing son, long since supposed to be dead. The stranger took the name of the town where "Crocker" lived, and told him that when the war closed proof would be presented shoeing "Timothy Crocker" was Henry Pettit. the son of Edward Pettit. After the war "Crocker" settled at Westville, near La Porte, where he soon heard from the mysterious person who had told him such a strange story while in the army. This was soon followed by a telegram from Edward Pettit, ol Port Huron, Mich., saying: "Como at once and lose no time." "Crocker" went, hardly knowing whal to think would be the outcome of his trip. He arrived at Port Huron, and, upon stepping from the train, he met his father iiice to face — two men almost the exact image of each other. There could be no mistaking the fact that one was the father um: the other the son. The mother had diec many years before. _ THKEE REMAKKAKI/E FISHES. inder the name of the thought reading process. The method adopted bj M. Gni- >al may be briefly described, stating by way of introductio_n, that on a Saturday afternoon he submitted it to the severest and closest test to which it could be sub- ected at the hands of an audience coin- rosed mainly of press men and members of the medical profession, among whom was Dr. Bond, of Westminster hospital. Miss Greville. M. Guibtil's medium, is young lady of prepossessing appearance, .lad in flowing white robes. After mesmerizing his subject, M. Guibal collected 'rom his audience a dozen or so pieces of paper, on which they .had written their serial requests. Then the seance began. tf. Guibal never uttered a word. At a notion of his hand! Miss> Greville, who?e .s were undoubtedly closed, rose from icr seat, descended the steps from . the 5 tage to the audience, aud unhesitatingly nade her way to a gentleman in the front row of the stalls, and taking a piece of paper from his hands, wrote the figures >5. She next, simply guided by M. Gui- ual's hand, though sometimes he was be- liiul her and soiiietimes in front, but never close to her, went to a gentleman md took off his lint. Finding her way to another gentleman she felt his pulse. From another she took an umbrella and gave three raps oil the ground with it. She next took a pocket, book and selected a particular article, and from a card case jolonging to another gentleman she extracted three cards and gavettiom to him. A well known jounialisf had submitted a liflicult task, which was to take his watch off the chain and place it in dipt. Molesworth's pocket. This was done without my hesitation. Other things were set for iier to do on the stage, all of which were performed to the absolute satisfaction of ihose who had demanded them. Throughout the whole seance there was no faltering or hesitation, BO rushing about with the hand of the medium tightly pressed to the forehead of another psr- son and then, after ti number of mistakes, liitting, by hook or crook, upon tho right thing at hist. The accuracy of each divination was as astonishing as the readiness with which it was accomplished. There was no questioning tho bona fides of the audience. They were mostly known to each other, and, though they went iu no unfriendly spirit of criticising, they did their beat to test M. Guibal's ability. The requests of the audience were only known to those who wrote them and to M. Guibat himself, and they were not announced until each demand had been satisfied. "What Two of Them Bid to Themselves, null ,Wli:vt tho Other Has a Ilulnt of Doing. "I was sitting on my front porch on i Sunday morning, " said Mr. Tift to an Al bany News reporter, "when 1 was startle( by a noise and fluttering sound that came from the side yard. I jumped anil ran to the porch just in time to see what was the matter, and I witnessed one of the miracle; of my life. I have in the pool surrounding my fountain several fish, tvout taken from the creek, and on the edges of the pool the grass grows thick An English sparrow had alighted on this grass to get some water, and one of the fish, seeing the bird, swam near him made a snap and caught him. The bin screamed and fluttered, but it was too late When I reached the end of the porch tin fish swallowed the bird and went swim ming around in the most satisfied way." They are catching fresh-water whales ai Holland — muskallonge — that weigh froir 15 to 25 pounds, says the Detroit Journal A gamier fish than these are rarely found and it takes an expert to land him. He n< sooner feels the barbed steel in his guile than he commences a series of writhings and contortions. He mattes a semicircle o himself, springs back to a normal position as suddenly as a tense bow when the string is cut. He zigzags horizontally, dartf upward, darts downward, spins around turns somersaults, and finally, 'if all these dodges fail, launches his body, with ; cmiver, fully six feet into the aif, and com ing down head foremost, darts off at £ right angle like a streak of lightning. It this last maneuver does not break tho tackle, the muskallonge gives in' and suffers himself to be lifted out of the water \vithont more ado, B. W. Norton of Hightstown had a small private greenhouse on his farm, which was attended to exclusively by himself, says the Newark Journal. An obscure corner contained a tank which held water to supply hose. One day he deposited a small catfish in the tank, one caught while fishing in the pond near by. No one but Mr. Norton was aware of the existence of the fish. He fed it daily, and it soon learned that the. rap on the side of the tank was a signal for food, and would respond jic- corclingly. Early in June Mr. Norton was called away on business, which obliged him to be absent from borne for three months. Leaving in haste he neglected to return the fish to its original home— the pond — as he had intended doing. So, with matters of business and importance on hand, he soon forgot the fish, supposing ittohavedied. Upon his return in October, he thought he would investigate and discover, if possible what Iv-id become of his finny friend. Imagine his astonishment, as soon as he* touched the side of the tank, to see the fish dart up. But what a transformation! He was alntost perfectly white, and so sharp and thin, seemed almost transparent. He had lived ' for three \uonths without food, excepting siidi stray bugs and flies as may have ventured too near. FATAL EXPLOSION. Weefcl.v Victim of tho Gasoline Store Rf!port«<t. SAN FRANCISCO. May 18.— By the explosion of a gasoline stove this evening at M9 Post <;treet Charles Peterson was burned to death nnd four men and two women are seriously inj'.uvd. The cause of the explosion is unknown. TY.ovEitRS arc popular, but not morfc so Hum SAPOLIO. It also Is "wlint mXny w<mt, ami but one lias discovered." Have you tried it? THOUGHT HEADING. it in True un<1 Clever If it Is u Guuie of l''iaud. London Daily News: "Psychognosis" is the title which M. Guibal has adopted for a now and certainly very remarkably development of what is familiar to us AN ENSIGN AT WATERLOO. The Earl of Alheuinrle, Who Went to Buttle From the Famous Richmond Hull. Paul Mall Gazette. Norfolk's greatest son, George Thomas Keppel, the~ veteran Earl of Albemarle, died recently, aged 92. At the battle of Waterloo, as junior ensign of the fourteenth, he carried the Hag of the regiment on the memorable march from Brussels, having just come from the Duchess of Richmond's famous ball; and singularly enough in the previous year he had cai- ried the cap of maintenance at the opening of parliament, when the great duke, his commander bore the sword of state. He took an active part in the great battle of the 18th of June. He \yas long one of the most honored and distinguished guests at the Waterloo anniversary at Apsley house, and of late years the house of the deceased in Portman square, described by Mr. Montague" as the Montpoller of England, has been beset by a brilliant company. Royalists, officers of both services, and illustrious civilians assembled to do honor to tho deceased, and in May of last year when he appeared in full uniform as general at the military exhibition, he was warmly greeted by the Prince of Wales and a vast assemblage. His well-known figure, with a snow- white beard and mustache, and his skull cap of black filk, were everywhere recognized and honored when he took his morning walk or his afternoon drive. Lord Albemarle's study in London and his whole house at Quiddenham were full ol pictures and mementoes of his early friends t'and of the startling events in which he took part. His memory was marvelous, and the way in which he sud denly pulled up arecounture who drew on his imagination for his facts was however uncomfortable to the individual, rare sport for the bystanders. There are innumerable portraits of the KeppeU in his rooms, many painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Algernon.—I've a widder for you, Miss Miwanda: Why are children like toothbrushes ? Mirana.—I don't know. Why are they? Algernon.—Because «everbody prefers his own. SfieV Miranda.—(frigidely).—Oh, of course, but you-you-you have a tooth-brush, you know. Look licrc," growled tho advertiser to the country editor; "I ordered my advertisement next to muling matter, aud you!ve put ! t among your editorials!" , 1>R. L. L. GORSl'CH, Toledo""O., Bays: "1 Inive practiced nicdieinu for forty years. liavc never seen a preparation that I could |in:sci-ilic with so much confidence of success is I eiin Hall's Catarrh Cure." Sold by Druggists, Toe. "What fault have you to find with my 'occasional verses V " asked the author of Uie utiacccplalilc communication. "Sir," •vpiicil the able editor, "I find only one fault with your occasional verses—they are not nearly occasional enough." FITS.—All FIUslo|.|»>il freobyDjl.Kt.IMK'fiOnRAt JSI.KVK KKSTOIIKK. No l-'ltniifti-V Hrstiluy'stiBo. Mar- vellous curt'*. Trpntiso nnd $2.00 triul bolilo froo to Fit L-IIM*. Solid to Ur. Kline, S31 Arch St., rhlln., Pa. They Time and tide walls for no man. don't even wall for a woman. Bronchitis la cured by frequent small doses of 1'iso's Cure for Consumption. It is not every client who Is able to keep bis own counsel. If aflltclcd with Sore Eyes, use Dr. Isnae Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists sell it. 35c. ( The medium hain't a ghost of a show In •> jood light. Kntnblldhed.1855. Dresses, Gents's Clothing, Feathers, Qlovos, etc., Dyed or Cleaned. Plush Garments Steamed at Otto Welch's Dye Works, 3-48 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for Circular. When searching for a man of penetration don't over look the well-digger. Is \l probable Unit what a million women Bay after daily trial Is a mistake V They say they know by test that Dobbins' Electric Is Most, economical, purest and best. They have had 24 years to try It. You give it OIK trial, Some one advertises for "a house girl to assist In the washing of a email family," and pome one else wauls "a goutlouiau for breakfast and tea." "PAPA," oald mamma, "brlnp; homo a box of Bull's Worm Candy." She mount Dr. Bull's Worm DnstroyorH, but thon the nhll- dron call it candy and papa know wlint she wanted. 13y mail; 25 oonts. John D. Park, Cincinnati, Ohio. An Irishman speaking of a friend to me in tne street, ; said: "He is so much altered that I scarcely knew him. I aai thin and your are thin, but he is thinner than both of us put together." This reminds 0. J. Farmer of the Irishman, who when urged to buy a stove on the ground that it would save half the fuel, responded: Thin I'll take two and save the whole. Daughter—"Father, Mr. Hendricks is a very bright jouug man. Father—He must be. I notice you never have a light in the parlor the nights he calls."—Brooklyn Life. "I don't bolieva "any ypunp in an 'that stays as late as young Jinkins does has his full share of sense," remarked ' t Blog'sori 'o his daughter. "Oh, yes he has pa," v/as the reply. "Hia father is a stockholder in a gas company.' Washington Post. That = Tired Feeling Prevails with Its most enervating and discouraging, effect in spring aud early summer, when the toning elfeot ol the cold air is gone and the days grow wuriner. Hood's Barsaparllla speedily overcome! "thut tired feeling," whether caused by change ot ollaiute, season or life, by overwork or Illness, and imparts that feeling of strength aud self-couudenco which is comforting and satisfying. It also cares sick ueaducho, biliousness, indigestion or dyspepsia. oocTs Sarsaparilia Bold by nil dTunisia. $lj sli for $5. Prepared only 1>J- 0. 1. 1100U & 00., Lowell. Mass. too Doses One Dollar Both tho method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts eently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, head aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy or its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in iti action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the moat healthy and agreeable substances, iU many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. ••*• Byrup of Figs is for Bale in 50o and $1 bottles ny all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly /or any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIB SYRUP CO. SAN FBAHOI800, OAL. uotnsviue. KI. HEW \toiut, n.r. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878. GERMAN Sweet Chocolate. . The most popular awoet Chocolate inthe market, is nutritions und paint- r.'/lo; a particular favorite with children, nnd a most excellent article for family use. Served us a drink, or I cuteri as confectionery, it I is n delicious Chocolate. Tho genuine is stumped 'tipimthe wrapper, ti. German, Dorchester, MII.HB, Sold Ijy Grocers ever) where. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass SAMPLES HI5NT FKEH of snrlnu vuttorus with bor- deru and ceillnKU to match. One half million rolls of. fered at wholenale prio White blanks, 4o to 60; Ullts, Bo to 85o; Ern- boiued Oilts, IDo to SOo. Iwill send you the most popular colorings, ind guarantee to save you money. _. WallPaper Merchant, 8S« W.W»«hiugtou-«t,Ohlea«f PAPER ey. ATJfRED fKATS, FOU3. .--I BWHOX i | ." -io ', w *v w Tr« ^j«!*jt v^vIB to 28 Iba. per month by harmless herbal f~\ >f\ f nrumedies. No starring, no inoonvenleuc* I -V lit I Amd no bud ettootH. Strictljr confidential, {lend (U). for cir»ulnrs .and J,twtlmoqJjiJ8. Ad.dress O W.P.SHYDKB.MoVloker's Theatre VlAit Chicago, Of uL K CURES PERMANENTLY h IT IT is TMF, tesrn THE BIRDS OF SPRING It they could b« weary of their songi, would tnd. In our groat itock, »u almost. In&nlta TftrUtjr of ntw molodlei. 40,000 klndt of •« •M mntie arc §1111 called (or, a»d ik* new an more numtrou than the old. "German Syrup" Here is an incident from the South —Mississippi, written in April, 1890, just after the Grippe had visited that country. " I am a farmer, one of those who liave to rise cariy and Work late. At the beginning of last Winter I was on a trip to the City of Vickslnirg, Miss.,where I pot well drenched in ft shower of rain. I went home :tnd was soon after seized with a dry, hacking cough. This grew worse every d.-iy, until I had to seek: relief. I consulted Dr. Dixon who has since died, and he told me to get a bottle of Uoschce's German Syrup. Meantime my cough grew worse and worse and then the Grippe came along ami 1 caught that also very severely. My condition then compelled me to do something. I j got two bottlcsof German Syrup. I began using them, rind before taking much of the second bottle, I was entirely clear of the Cough that had hung to me so long, the Grippe, and all its bad effects. I felt tip-top and have felt that way ever since." PiiTBii J.BKIAUS, Jr., Cayuga, Iliues Go., Miss. .—-The Jolly Fnrnirri, Sargent, [40 et«., fS.dOdoi.l Now, bright, nnny, anil all Jollj formers aud their friend* will Ilk* It. lloroe* of '7U [»!, or $Udo«.) Trowbrlilge. for 4th of Jolj. and Nvw Vlowvr <lu«ru [COotn., |B.40 dot.] Root, for Donir ll'n«. uiKtny Bclioola like Prnlnr tit Kong [40 oU., or $4.20 dor,.] Kmeraonj Hong tVorwtilp [8B ot»., or 19.00 'dot.] Emoi-»ou and Bherwlni N«tv Spiritual Bout* [36 cts,, 1(9.60 don.] Teuuy and 11 off man. Cliolra constantly sand for our Ootaro Music—8.000 numbers of AnUioius, Snored Selections, etc., & ttt 8 ots. «aoh. Send for Lliti. Orgftiilnta furnished with Voluntary nnd other muslo and players on Violins, GultarH, Mnmloltna, Banjos and all other instrument*!, Hiipplied wttb appropriate muilo. Send for lists and information. Vocnl Method for Alto, llnrl- ton* und HUM Voice* [$1.60] la a n»w and superior Bothod. Any book mailed for rttail prie*. LYON Sc HBALY, OhioaffO. OLIVER DIT80N COMPANY, Boston. A new method »f eompovndlnjr Tar. SURE CURE for PILES, SALT RHEUM and all Hkla UUeoM*. Bend S Sc^Umps far Frue Ham cfOSold by all DrufCiflsts and I)J , I *J KaiUeJph St., Oh!«•«•. Prloa SOo, with Hook: UrajfcUts anppllod br UltKKHJB I CO., MIUv«uk«x., WU. U/lll Pn II Onr Heard Elixir frill throe • r--. Will UO lit MiintncliB In 20 days Full l * » Board In SO. Hnmplo packet^, postpaid, llio.j ' 2 fbr Vic. \ otia 76 cciim. Agoius wanted. - WESSON ilro. Co.,76 E St., Providence, K. I. "WOMAN. II Kit lUMKASKS Til Kilt TUISATMtONT." A valuable Illustrated book of seventy-two rmgiu sent Ireo, on receipt of 10 cents, to oovor cost of mulling, oto. Address, P. O. Box 1000, Fhlla., Pa. W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE WS.OO Genuine Ilnncl-Howrotl, nn elcKant nnd O HtvllHh cll'OHH HllOO WllicU COIIllllOllda ItSOlt &A ,OO Ifiiml-Howeil \\ oil. A line ouif Blloo ua *r equali'd for Htylo nuil durability. Wo.CO UoitilyenrlVnlUHthoatuudarildroiwShot O nt u popular iirli'n. ... ... Wo.50 I'ollconmn's Slioo IH oBpnoioUy aUuptei O lor rnllruud men. furmiTH, uto. All inado In OciiRruHH, Billion nnd Laco. SO.OO lor Lml IOM, IB tho only Imml-HOivedtthOf O Hold iitlhiH imimjui'prlco. 2' uru uiul DroinlHDH to bci-oinu vory popular, SO-00 Slioo lur l.udlOM uiul W1.701orMlH«o» «& Btlll rotulu tliulr oxcollouoo lor stylo, oto. AH KOodB warrnntod nnd stamped with nauio on bottom. I( iidvortlBod local nsont cannot BliPPl? you, aond dlrout to factory, Inoloilng advs»UB»a prloo or u iiOHtnl for onlfli 1 blnnkH. \V. t. UOU(iL/Vai. Jtrockton, MAIS. W ANTKH.—Slioo l>ralci' In evnrjr olty and town not oooii|ilod, to talc* axoluslva uffouoy. All «n«nt» ndvortlsed In looal pipor. Band (or llluilr»t«d oatalo>»«. ^, •J'lIIC JIOI.Y I,;VN1), Hound tha World, Koloctpartluu. beut Uckolln* I aoilltiou, ocean tickets. U. OAZK 5 BON, IMflllTOadwar.N.Y. (But. UUO "The best is &ye bhe che&pesh" oh arid subsHbutes f"o] cexke of scouring soe^pTry i i n y o u r n exjh house-clee>,ni ng. REAL ECONOMY. It is worse than nonsense to buy a cheap article with which to damage more valuable property. Scouring soap is at best only a trifling expense, but with a poor and cheap article it is likely to do considerable damage to fine marble or other property. TO BOYS AND GIRLS UNDER 18 MH WITHOUT ONE CENT OF MONEY.Hal If nor kov or girl anrirr IB ytin of «?i tr.nta > itrklly flnt-clui.ifiCr bicrc). tb.y c.m I obUlultffic, without«». cent of money. Wt ih>n gl>t «»»y, on viry •««» condlUooi, I lOOOorIOOTI. Thi irketlorc U ncliei,wllh orrac<utit<el Hm« >nd uioldeil rubbw llrtlj oncl run on hirdeneditiil Cong b»rlu|i, >djuit>bl< to vr»r)e»rcil to <6lnc!ici; diUca'l itblror>nk>| four to llr. lncb« throw | frtmg flnely eutuKled, with nlcktl trlmmlui.| Kkohutclilnelf supplied with loolbnir, wrtnch sna oiler. Equnlln quality U thoMsottl. on the market f or I4&.00, We liftVibotnboyl'indKlrlB'*tylfi. If Vw win toot write atl once to WKHTFUK FKAUI, CO.. IU llnrhnrn HI., rlilf.m. III. Htnllon thli |>ip<r.| P IBO'8 REMEDY FOB OATAKBH.--»«»t, Kasle.1t to uae. Cheapest, lleltet l» Immodlate. A cure la certain. For Cold la the Head it has no equal. ... -^^^^! '• '';' ^.W '.'.j^^^^^~ ',''''• •^^'.' • ', vl«^^a^»«^/'Vf/-, 1 ^a^^a^'-' t . It la »B Ointment, ol which a small particle U apiilled to tbo Mitilla. Price, He. Bold by dnutglats or sent by mall. Atldreu. SL X. HAstHurimu Wwrreiu Fav OHIOHESTER'S E NQLI8H, RED CROSS DIAMOND BRAND 1^ CHK Vtl TH^RI• ':A ~<» NO GENUINE. Tho OK-'y Bare, 8ure, andrtUaUt Pill for «»le. I.ndlm. uk UruiiKUl lor 6'»:»»cilcr'4 Knallili U.amonit Uranil In Hud ami Uoltt nwtallu Soxes i"ilS\ lib tluorliilioii?'} ike no wilier Ulnd. Jtefiat flui.lilull.iM and Imilatio,^ All nllii ID iiMtrbonnl IIDXOH, , .nk wrappers, nrc duiiKcrous c"Kiilcrlyll«. At nrumlBtl, or 4o. In suinpii IM parllculars, nilmoulals, anil "Kellff .jur^Lf (lisa," (ti (filer, by return Holil b/ul'l"lliiciik |>rii»al«l*.' 1'Hfi.A'ni'ilJ'tllA. VUlt A. ONK-WOM.AH u« !>/ mat ns will dullvur, tica at all ohuricos, to auj p»r«im it tbs Uuiteil Btutti, all at the tallowing artlolsn, cir» fully putiked : Ouo two-ounce bottU ot Pnr» Vaseline, - - 10 ot< Dae two-ounos tioltle of Vaselln*) Pouiadft, - 13 M l):i« jar ot Vaealliia Cold G»am IS " One Cuke of Vuxellu* OampUor Jot 10" On. 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Pension Bureau. rrt I a liwt vry. 1 1 »4l udlcaUiig elatau. aUy — THE BEST WARRANTEDo== 5ToN SCALES $60 FREIGHT PAID .^ONES^BlHBHAMTON.NY. i prcsi-riub ana tu.> -u. rt'i'ao Bin U as the wj li upc'cllk foriliucuriuiucu-'i of tills rtlrrajt'. U.JJ )N<J11AUAM,U. 1' Auiattrduir., W. Ti We have ::<M Blc G tat inauy ye^tu, r.n'l It ii.'J .vvii thu beat o( satis -ctlon. . II. BYCHE&LJ., , IU ^Mik&»'VS "WE ARE HAPPY, EH 1 MY BOY? Wo aro liappy because of our glorious health; lor JieaUii, my boy, is tlappl> ness." I VniA tC PS^^yflM'Q Vegetnole L.lUl/1 fcs E'in)\nHlTl 0 Compound possesses those heultli-givin^ properties so important to both mother uuii child. It is tho only Legitimate Iteiuody aud Yos\- tlvc Ou'ro I'ur Ilioso peculiftv weaknesses and ailments inmleut to women. Every Prug- K\al sulls it as a standard article, or sent by muil, in form of Pills or Lozenges, ou receipt of $1.00. Mrs. Pinkliam freely answers letters qj inquiry. Enclose stamp for reply. r». Mukbau'i bpiik," (iulje t» UealtU aud Ktliiuolle, 1 ' ikulUltU; Ulu>lra(«il. seat ou r«c«l|>l uf two He »touc"o ,\,s"fcS"-V^VS &tR*Mi$i£l^K&l!f,lk^

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