The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1892
Page 2
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TfflB tIPPM DM MQffilS, ALGQItA, IQW^ WM)K]^^ IOWA. is gradnaUy tesrcixw ibat Darkest Africa may b* a 3aiaisi3QS rpj*. -with tie Briii&h -rill that tiers k> belier* i§ inleed a •jo* Mr. D«pe-w \a say that be never called Cleveland "the" typical AiBsieai!. The name was cst BO bad thai as apology was seoetsary. THE "grand old man'" is dco-naed to iail ia bis bop? of being the jgrovsrnraeat leader for the third time. But he trade a galiant COSGBESS has passed a j sist atiUjorizing the president to proclaim a qenerai holiday lor the 21 rt of October Bert, to e2mm«Eiora,te the four hundreth anniversary of the diseavery of America tr/Colamba*. If the president approves this resolution and inakes the prQciasxsi- tioa the state of Wiswasia will have the foUowiaz holidays: L. The 52 Sundays of the year. January 1, New Year's day. 2. . day. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9. Febiuary 221, Wa-hiag-ton's birth- May 30, memorial day. Joly 5, Independence day. October 21, Cbiaznbus day. ^November, last Taur-it'ay, rhank*- day. t Kovember 8, general eledion day. December 25, Christmas day. Or 59 dayt opt of the 3 In? some of the eastern ttates the women cainambfer the nen, but tie cen- that in the -srhole United States there are nearly 2,090.000 more znajfcs than It -srill probably be f wind , ho-sr- ever, tiiai this prepozderence is only in childhood, and that the number of adults of the two seres is about eq^aJ, which is one of the itrongest argnaeatF for ino- uogamy. There is one troman for erery man is the world, and no more. One of tie curious things shown by the census is tiat, of the 209,0!X> workinfirwomen in New Tork city. 27,000. support their husbands. They ought to vote while their ( 'lords and masters" do tbe tiiehen work. The intfemal revenue statistics wcul-3 haTe furnished some thunder for the third party people si their recent convention. They show, for eiampJe, that bier drinking is increasing enormously. The growth of iLe business is best ex pressed by tha ooa paratiTe Etattments thai in the year 167S the total product o: beer in the United SiaJes was S.^33,739 barrels, and dviing the revenue tiJ jear •which ended Aprii 31 ;t, 1B92, the product was 31,474,519 barrels — ne:arly qaadrnp- ling the annual product in seventeen years. The elate of Kew York shows the ig gest increase in consumption during tie last year. For 1E91 the THE LATEST 8EWSJ KOTES. president mai Mr*. Htrrissii hire goae to Lssa Lake. Sew York. suJ Mr*. Elaine, Miss TIME OF PEACE, *nka4e . _ . ._. -50 years of a^e, and had bsea t» £ far a so>3 assy |»2r§. Bl iealfi tie esas? of fee snka-ds. A yzeso *1*enj;pted to assart two IECT aear Jafpiiv-Aia., Sa^day t&andscjBInoiiT Battle Foaaht BetirePB Prak- ana be WM followed by ti»» frashaad " * J of fltt irsr baafc to wiiaess tie a ss<i they psared rolley «?» t-f ii* -B-<?ia*-ii. ar of GOT* Mo>ndsv* !i>e tin* assistance was esstbraEid, aod was fooui in a tree sad ai Pa- Monday, Cdsce) Edward <£. Bath, Unite! States Infantry, died FffiJES A2TO LIEUT. CoL Wiiliam F. Drum, of the Twelfth Infantry, former inspector STSJ al of the department of Dikota, died Fort TateJ, S. D. THB erain rxpsriers of Caieago are Jopdly ocoa plaining of naot in Ontario wheat, which makes to impossible to handle j with advantage for the liorcpean market.: CHAFI?;, 111,, "fi&a a ^jtioiie 4estradirB to iaazssi life &sd St. Pa-a- JOTIBE; people ia L^ie MiaaetoEka. -ured IE a rfreet j «ocideat in Si Laborer? E^-seut as At- w Pat Sew Maa Oa ft r i ToSey iaal o ts? rsaks of the strikers, .*jo2> irere stricken dowz by the I buffet?- fos? Mally injured, others killed j oatrisrhL As Gas battle csnttuoed the -j f trifers f.o:-k up a p'-silion behind breast- .ilk cDsi-tnse'.e-S '-f sleel rails, Dozens of the FOITB yoang men Sonxig Gardeas, Baltimore, Saadaj JST tie j capsizing of a j-acat. ' | Rilled or —Terrible 1*933- bibtifs. i work? I and from tti* plaoe cf refa?? were able to ! pick t>5 Iarrsr3s M soon as they appeared I cm the feck of tie b^.s. 1 Cannon* Brought Into Pl«r. fee Captain Hiad and Kiine, of ite Pinkertons, j-.aj bt!?B tifst-led the £re became BO I j fierce ibat tie creiT of the tow b?at hastily COL.. BOBKBT WttiiiMS is to be adjutant general sf the army, in place of Crsa, J. C. Kettec. retired. THE total casualties from the Sgo'. -at Homestead are riiteec kilk-d and twenty- two wyundecL THB tenth international me^tiosr c-f the United S:cie'ie> of Ccrislian Eadea-or ?i in liew Yors Thursday. Minneapolis and Milwaukee bate erd os disfciiasd, wfeic-h will probably j cause the w^pt^rn leairae to t r 3 under. ' ' TwEjirrr-riTE Bntith seaiiae scfao-ssers ao.d one steamer were seized bj'ihe United States reyeBce eaherGorwin in BeLrisg sea, for violating the revetne laws. POSTSA ISAI>OBA Corsnvo, of Chili, is id to be wcTLb 210 million dc-llars ma,k- her tbe richest woaan, if not the richest person in the world. THE la-1 we^k'y Etatercert of the New York banks shows a raterve decrease t>* ?L785,4&0. Tbe banks now hold g"l3."- in the tioess of the amount re- req-:ired by law. LJrsM. Buss, of Mew York, is taid to be President Harrison's choice for chairman of the republican national ooia- jaittee. •Jons A. LosAJt, J-, wa.s thnj-ara from a pony at YpaaEfiown oa Friday and Ms right ana -was broken. FITE TD-T, are killed ia LcdLaaa • y a hile tertiig one of tie Jrrr? now bciag intr^d-aced up...a varioiir r&.i'-r::i i cct l>D-e from the beiges and steamed up G. July 6,-^ritsst»arg ass D2tJ j the rirsr. cErryine a? many of the wound_ srieuoe with' labor riotf, ard ;eu as £t»y ci-al-i reach t-3 Braddc-ck, from this fense. ^ during the fearfnl sosats: whici p:'ist tit y were sent to hospitals at tfas heal and riles, inflicting serious and a cases perhaps fatal in juries. As UMS procession reached mated associatim bailding tha d had to remove their hats and sain!* flag- When they remored their hats aod women hit them -frith umbrellas sticks and abused them in every way i aginable. There seemed to b? a dete ation to kill the pti*jner?, and it wa« AT mea - Monday morning ti e Ifomt-d to d?aJi in a Sre whi<-t actable. aUJ ble. The men were bora- j propoty j oomldiot be ir dentifJ =>d.},....--^ which were witeesBed dsrl:? tie ric-is of I Pit^lnr-. The ftriken' wounded were ojd h £ i -".e?a saed. liie jscpsrd'i-a j carried to their homes at Homestead, the ceai being carried to undertaking estab- ILtimeats ia the town. Newscf the riot re-achrd FittslTre as early a? 6 o'clock in and Tiluable property p'a.sed La dac^er. Tci? *jf-p tttre was no dssfcrottiOi: c* but the mob was thoroughly or- ^ GES. KSTTLEI'OS, aesiftant sec-retary of the treasury, is completely eioaerated by th&rf ports of the congressional cotami'tees which investigated the Eilis island matter. THE president oa Tuesday sent to the senate tie following pemuikuor.?: Wm. Kapus, of O.-egon, United. S ate? consul at S-dney. N. S. W ; Ernest. G. Timing of Wisconsin, fihh auditor of the twa-urj-. As international conpiicatioa is lisble to grow oat of the s-isure of th-_ gteajnar Joseph Oy:ri, Jr., by me Hondnrian revolutionists. Joseph Oteri, the owner, states ifaat bf- will matre a detna-d through tbe United States governiD-juT upon Honduras fcr $70,003 damage for detentioa of the vessel. ptrs r' son dent a-t H-arriBonburg" Pa . Saturday norning. A. fe-'egrsph operator oC'iifes-es rerpoiiEibitity for the clisaster •was was 9,512,549 batrels, an increase over the year before of 424,440 barrels. Pennsylraaia stands second with a record of 3.15S.733 barrels, but the increase in consumption is much smailer, being only 11,4*5 barrels, lllinoiscimes nert with a record of 2,888,354 barrels, a jump in year of 279,443. Kew York city heads the bst a#ain among tiie big towns, -srith sales of 4,495,519 barrels and an increase oiggest increase, hcw- of U7.205. The erer, is shown by Chicago, though it stands second ia Kales. Its sales were 2.275.o2S barrels for showing an ixcreaee of 240,629 barrels over the fcales of the yeir before. Lauis ville show« a decease of 14.220 bdrrels, altogether the worst showing, from the brewers' standpoint, of any of the big cities. Milwaukee Et&nds third in point of salei, her outpu; lor the year being 2,023,109 barrel-, bat her increa-.e —145,94.3 b=trreis—is only outdone by New York. While in tie report of 1891 seven cities showed an increase of ov*r 100,000 barrels, only three show such an increase this year, to wit, Chicago, Milwaukee aid Newark. ALLUSIOXs. The temporary buzzing of thee presidential l>e* in Senator Palmer's hat has not disturbed bis mental serenity, He is in most excellent health, his spirits are bonyant, and he in said to look wn years younger than he did when be entered tte eenate. * » * The condition of the mad king Otto o' Bavaria has become more deplorable than ever. He is quite unable to recogniz; any of his attendants, and can with difficulty be persuaded to take food. His medical attendants arc in daily t-xpectaiion of hi= death. » * » Dublin University recently made Henry Irving L. L. D., and Yale now confers the degree of master of art? on Joseph Jefferson. Tbe old collegiate view of "vagabond players" bus changed very materially when the seek and buskin, are permitted to tread academic platforms. * * * The title of Geu, JaniesR. Weaver, the tbe greenback and farmer alliance leader, io a genuine one. He enlisted as a private in the second Iowa infantry in 1861, and three years later was brevetted brigadier general of volunteers for "gallantry on the field." Ha was elected to congre-s on the greenback ticket in 1878 and again in 1884. SPAICIKBB -rebel ajrairxU the imposition of new Uizes and z riot oc-'.-urs in Madrid. EI-PHEEIDEVT PaJacio has reached the Island of TT,n;di4, on Jus —ay to Europe, an exile fro as his n:..'ire conntrj . ]ejs-ic COOK <t SoKfi, Liverp»opl cotton broker;-, hive _ suspended. Li^ about 83.750,000": asteis the same. THE Theater Royal, at-BirLenae-ad, Eag- icLnd, was destroyed bj ire Friday night. The andit-noe had left'the hout.e oWore'the fii-e broke oat. THE Inmin line steamer City of Chi- esg.p •» e.nt_avfcore in a thick fog oa Barrel Bxk-, inside the west head of Kinsale, Ireland, en Friday. M. LOEWT, & diamond merchant of of Paris, has coinnmted suicide. He is suspected of having prepetraied frauds araonniing to S,0!/5,00 li !J francs. THE returns s-o far of the British parliamentary elections -how 12-5 conservatives returned; 97 liberals. 19 liberal unionists, Sinti-ParseJli&es and 2 ParneJiitts. A MADHID dirpatcb says _a mob tried to release the convict? in a prison at Cala- hora. It required several regiments of soldiers to prevent it. .MjtrtiaJ law has been declared. WHILE Mr. Gladswne was on his wzy to a meeting of a liberal club at Chester Saturday, tome one threw a stone at him whk-h siru'-k him in ihe eye The injary wat tiighi and did so: prevent Mr. Olad- tone from attending die m.e«tiDg. g THE cteainer City of Cbieigo, wb,ich itratidtd on tbe rocks near Kinsale, fcorne days ago, broke in two amid-bips fairly Tnurtday mori-inK, and went down in twelve j'atnoms of water. The cf£'jer» and crew had abandoned tbe vessel a few hours previously. Os Taerday, Matthias Habelt, who was convicted r^oeatly at the Drotte as-iez'-i at Ydleccia of the murder of Father l!de- iont-e, tLe procurator of the tiapput naou- asvery at Aiquebelle, wis «fccu'.«-d at Valence by tee guilioticne. M. Deibler [Monsieur deParitj was the eircu'.iosfr. f- neit person who will be hande 1 over to D^ioler will t-e Ravachol. rerpoiiEibitity and is arre£>.-a. AT S:. L:-ui?, tie rolling mill of the tin i-late department of the E. M. Neidricg- hsus mills wa s burn?d Wedensday mr-rn- ing. L:<ss about t75,000. A SOT nsmei Gue, 17 year? o.'d, wai ranaing a f<x>t-r=:ce acrois a SeJd with his brother, near F->riey, Iowa, Uossday eve- Bin.?, when he fell deal. _ >"e-ar Murray, K r., a thresher o: tier ei- p.O'led. killing Albert, the engineer, and wounding U;D other perrons who were a«isung ab:-ut tat thresher. four of whom are fatally isjsred. PAUL PATHJX), •»&' krowa ia Canada and Michigan a? a prize-Sgtter and boxer, wa; kil-ei Friaay by faS'ng from tie seventh stcry of Pingrae it Smith's new 1-uUding. He laiTss a wife and two children. ___ THE residence of Chris Johnson in S:.aa;on. Iowa, the Sceit boas" in the vi — IEtre, wi= itraek by liahtiling- Sunday morning z^;d wrecked. " Mr. and A-rs. Gibson, true-its fcr the day. were badlv hor:. SiMrEi. SIln4^s5. a resident of D .-la- ware county, Indiana, for sixty-seven years, v, as found c.ead in bed W-rdne?day at hi; horae eis; cf Monde. He was ased 71 and is -upposed to have died of heart disease. well ditciplined, aad had FufS-| ih?maaJngandlfcca=andsof mil! workers, i' 7 n^' 6 ^ eEt c-25c*rs at the bead to c-?adoct ops- j tow iiie cDrgrej-ated ia tbe streets, while ations. The force cornpr«ed ail the rasa ; tradreids of cithers, armed with guns and employed in tie esteasiTe plants of the ] revolvers an 1 well supplied with ammuni- epie Iron and S:«-l company at Home- tioa. took up their march to reinforce the id, eiebt miles ea-tof Pi'.'=lirrg, atai strikers. As soon as day broke the •hicb for Woodtiirs-tiB?';? and 1 strikers secured a .-raall brass ten-pounder SATCBDAT, July 2. SENATE.—Tee conferrer;ce committee 02 tie District of Columbia appropriation bill falling to argue on the item for e^Trr tain ing tbe G A. E. in Washing-ion nts. S?ptem-jer. a -.ew cciLr-rrence was aiked. Mr. Byrsm c, 2 r< solution that con- ferre-er be in-'ruc'ed to insert an appropriation of 875.000, all TO be paid out of the r=ven ue? or ihie Di-trict, after the iruEjantfei- niECj rai^d by the citizfns of Washinston tan l.-e-rD erf-ended, which was passed—yea.? 120, nuys 60. E'j'-"'<fieJ were dr'si-ere-i in r^pect- to the mere jry of E. K. WilsoH, :ate senator from Maryland. not "iroa asJ pliatei i: within the steel bil- tbe bate!*, cldzess c-f *-x?catic-B eea excelled in tctt-al vzx'' y-.', let •rabrazirs jo as to command the AE-fd from 4 o'cbck ;a lie; tiiges. At the same time a force of more crrninc cntii Sve o'clock this afteracoa, j than a thousand raea took up a position and only ceased when the force of Pink- j en the opposite side of the river and also e-trn 1 brought to suppress the strike-an- planted a caan-i'3, wiicb they pro- tvork of before 9 si -11 the beats corditi-TEaUy surreizdered, leavine their anas on the barges in which they "z&A been transported to the works. 1 he riot _ todax> was the caimiaatisn of the iroablta j a - a which have l«9en brewing at flomertead — fi tested railroad ties. o'clock the cannoa fcr the past month. The Carnegie c;rn- paay submitted a scale whi;b wr.? \>:> g~>- ern the workmen in the steel plants and announced that .it was its ultimatum. The scale made a sweeping reduction ic the wages of skilled met, and it was officially annoanned th=.i nnltES the terns for several Lours the iwfal bombard- t W3 .; kept up. Tne boat was splint- July 5. SISATE. — Mr. Vest made a statement as to the ba-a sinitary coadition of the national capitnl. in presenting a report of experts a; pointed toesiinine the nrit- t*r. Sevt-ral changes were recommendto' . Mr. Mandersos jnuoduced a bill to cr«^ ate a national high way cimtniseion to the needs oi' the country in regard to highways ar.d to report to congress. Mr. Berry delivered a fpeec-h on the tariff quest'n, theciry as to use beaeSr of protection. HOUSE. — Ths rpeakir laid before the house tbe senate siiver free coinage bill and stated that undtr tbf rules it -would be referred to the committee on coinage, weigbte and mea&urrs. A motion, by Mr. Gray, to refer tbe bill to (he committee on b's-Eiking and currency was lost. Mr. rs (Ala.) offered a resolution ihat ail leaves ^ot absence heretof are granted, ezcrpt tucii zs wfre based on the sickness of tbe repreiiBtative or bis family, should a? rivokrd. Tee resolution was adopted. WEDNESDAY, July 6. SESATE. — The Sanday civil apcropria- ion bill, reported frotti the committee on ipprooriatione, carries items aggregating ?36,797 798, au increase of $11.574,815 over tie hou*e bill, iacloded in this ncrease is an appropriation of ?S,103 ; 000 in aid ot the world's fair. The conference report on the river and harbor bill was grc-ed to. Mr. Kyie's resolution for ^n nve-tigation of the -lams of cities was as»i-d. I he- biH to ia;-reaie pensions of thoiewfao ksilimbi in toe service of tbe United Slates was pav>ed. Tfee concurrent reioiution for final adjournment July 30ch was offered by Mr. A/drich and referred. HOUSE. — The report of the conference on tee river and harbor bill was agreed to by a vote of 161 y£a=, to 83 nays. The motion of Mr Tracy of New York, to refer the silver bill to the committee on bank- ine and currency, was lost — jeas 43, nays 153. A motion to reconsider, Mr. Wiliiaras of Maijaciiujet on the table. THURSDAY, July 7. made by was laid OI-JML. IK a row near St. Paul, a white man was shot and killed by a colored woman. Ay American went to Mexico, and within a lew years married thirteen women. OECAB BELH^AP, of FairfiiJd, Iowa, tried to kill his wife by getting her clothes on fin.-. ON Wednesday, William Tyler, presides', of the Yiflceunes (Ind ) bank ehot aicitelf. FUANK HEMSLATTaN.twenty-threeyears age, a iaixm-r, was luurdered in Pitts- uurg by hie two bruiber-in-law. The " "Ihng was the result of a drunken brawl. DH. 11. YAK GEBHAKT, who tried to elope with the daughter of W. F. Nk-dritghaus. a St. Louis nijliionaire, was severely thrashed by the father. AT Portland, Ore., Henry Nor berg, on Fruldy night, shot and killed bis swtet- bfrart, Augusta Shogrena, a douieetto. Be th'-n put a bullet thruugh his owi. brain. Pb'ing for certificates to be any LESTKH H. GALE, teller, arid W. E. "^V- a Chinese_ person or person of Turner, bookkeeper, of tne City Savings j Cbinc-tt deK-cnt." Tbe original act re-| bank, of Nashville, Ttuu., have dUar> °. u ''' li( -' the witness to be a wnite r-erson. peareci, Ituviug a deficit ot $11,COO in! HOUSE.—The tilver bill was tasen their accounts. smd oa motion of Mr. Blard, it SIDNEY BELL, who was convicted of the |fmed to the mrder of Kainuel Jacobscn in San Francisco, February 16, 1890, has been granted n-jw trial on the gruuud of ut-wly dit- | covered evidence. Two daughters of the iaUi General Es- •obedo, who was one of the mott noted or Mexican military leaders in recent years, iare been arrested in the city of Mexico or raising $10 bills to $100 bills and passing them. , FRIDAY night John Vanaikdale, a reei- lent of Jackoouville, 111,, committed T-fo-e oomplied with before July l?t the places of the woi> • • ;• ^ould be Siled fc-y others. This was ivi ..-.. .. by a ^peremptory refu;a! on the pir: cf tbe company's reergniz? the am^lgai'-attd asacciaticn. The men anroutc-i their ceterminatijc to resist any eS.-rt oa tht i- .rt of Carneg-ie to rua the plant? with rue-union met:. The trc-uble was precipiu.;*'! by the workmen at Himesteaa hanging H '-'- 1' i ''£, president of the company, in • £ .., cjn-i in re- talivJon ihe company •:-.>'-j the ioime- diate shut down of tbe jig works. Tee employee at once j-roce.-ded to organize f-.-r tie defensive, ar.d tbe company erecte<i £ high board fenw around the entire works. givicg them the- bpp^crarce c-f imniense ftockades, the sidei le-';i- pieroed with portholes. Yesterday tbe Carnegie c:m pany announced its intention to proceed to get ready to make repair?, and the officials asked the sheriff to appoint-deputies to protect tie property. Tse .-heriff sent a small squad of men up to the works bat the strikers assembled in force and notified them to get out of town, that no disorder was intended and no damage would be done the property. They even offered to be sworn in a? deputies and give bonds for the taithfi: performance of tbe duties a= cotseervat .TS of the pf-sc*. When | the offer was declined an advisory cam-' mirtae, which had beta 'Jiree'iji fc ' tbe &c- tion.of the workmen and hoidiagthe turbulent spirit.? amsng them ia erjeck, was mmediately dissolved, and a!; -h-.- records cf the committee were promptly destroyed. A Conp de Mafn. ered but the heavy steil plates on the in-i-Je prevented the balls from penetrating the interior. Many of tbe strikers, however, were expert marksmen asd they tent shot after shot into the por:hji-:-s of the boat and inflicted terrible k jury to the imprisoned men. When it was fc-and that little impression wa< raids 0,. the cinnoa oa the boat an tff -rt wa* made to S-? the barges. Hoi-e wa* prepared and oii -;-: iyed oa the deck; and sides of ti^ b=:g<--. B.rrel after barrel was eipri^d i-> -j the river above the mc-cring piac-, ;h.- c-1 jvct being to allow it to fl;at against ib-boats and then ignite it. Tbe terrible deed was attempted several time-; b.-t ih-« boats did no: bam as-J then the moi- became furious and hurled d-vnamite tcrabs at Ihe TGS- Detecllv* » In an A wfal Position. Tne situation of the d-.ceotives a= to appeal to the s'ougc'.eit hearts. Three times tbey ran op a flig of truce, but as many um-s wa.s it stricken down by bullets firej by iha strikers. Then it beccme evident that the ammunition of the oe=ieged detectives either exhausted or they were ;co much worn out to continue the fight, and for nearly two b-?fore the end of the struggle not a shot was fired . Toward dusk efforts were made to burn the boat with its living freight, and they would doubtless have r-'uoeeeded had it not been f .,r ttie interposition of leiidias officers of the amalgamation association .who wett to the scene of war. Permitted to Surrender. Developments t>i-.y showed that theap- plications made for ihe a?.:i,tu:ce of the! Through their efforts it was agreed to allovr the detectives to surrender, but this was not secured without the greatest objection on the part of the men, many of whom had lost friends and acquaintances during the day. Besides there were thousands of turbulent characters attracted' to the place who wanted to sec t'/e carnage go on, and it vis not until some of the strikers had sheriff were all merely for tee parfovc or covering what was intended to be a coup de main on the part of the Carcegie company, in clandestinely introducing a oody of Pinkerion guards into closure. These men had the mill en- bsen rendezvoused some five or six miles below the city on the Ohio river, at which point two model barges had be>en prepared for them. The barges were filled up with bunks, cooking arrangements and other accommodations, and as an ez- tra precaution, as if in preparation for the siege to which they were subjected today, were line-d with heavy ste*! places on tbe inside, while tbe whole back deck was protected in a similar niaucer. it was tbe intention that the roen should rea-ca tke works at 3 o'clock this morning, but the itrikers on duty along tbe river o D i .- ,, „ ifot word of the threatened invasion, hal'- SEKATE—ReMj!utionsoEcredbyMe,=frf. j ,- D - , , Gallinger and P,.-ifr-. r on tbe workinKmeiiV ed '^ p!nkerMD men ^^ prepaaed to t ^. trouble at Homestead, Pa. caused a " : -"- "~ ' lengthy and heated ducus-ion, aittr which the resolutions were referred to the com- ruii'.ee on contingent expenses. TCP: , Dolph bill was reported favorably. j t j'-cousandiof smzeri naa gathert-i on the amends the Chinefe eiclus'cn act or May la't by peruiitting wiine»5es required to substantiate the assertions of Chinese ap- --\--'-t-.--i-e* : i -. pjinted guns at the outsiders that a hearing was obtained. At 5 o'clock the Pinkerton 'a hung out another white flag, and this time it was respected and a committee of strikers went aboard to prepare the terms of capitulation. They guaranteed a safe conduct for the Pinkertons provided they left their arms and ammunition behind, and agreed to leave the place under guard. The detectives had no alternative and promptly accepted the terms of tbe men, some of them saying it was the first time they had ever submitted to sach a humiliating surrender. When an inspection of the boats was raide it was found that at least seven Pinkerton men had been killed and twenty or thirty wounded, many to badly that they wiD die. As ctive tLe-ra. The the river by a tu Piniert-T'n men ha<i barges were to-wed up ! = ', bat long- before tie j reache-d Bomeriead bank; t,r tke river ready to give v,-arirj welcome. When the bvat-. atteEipi- e<i to land the workmen broke t trough the fence around tie mil', entrenchtd '(• behind the pile- o: to re=is: tbe ikcuin^. By 4 A Pitiful Spectacle. tnc-y were brought from the boat presented a terrible appearance, w^re besmeared with bloc-d. while snowed sigos of exhaastion. The most >tfcrjg scd dastardly deed; were com- int6d while tke prisoners were being es- orted rhrough tbe sti«ts by aa esoort iud by the strikers. cort of guards a- artrry mob weights and measures. T«e report on the diplomatic aiid consular bill wi;s taken up. Mr. j po.=ed the bill and u —yeas 104, nays 140. port i n tbe Indian appropriation bill was tubraitted and agreed to. THE Limcsin hunting horn in the Col- worth collection was knocked down at tbe sale at Christie's, in Landon, fcr 30 guineas, the purchaser being Pfungrt, the Berlin art expert. Butler of Iowa « r -. , was cot agreed to sbo: - r ° The conferent* re - the attempt a steep embankmeni and they were pelled to w in single file and w/jre soon driven back to the boats by the steady £j. e from the shore. Tn* noise of ike battle spread about the borough like wild &* a ad eyes 5not oui _ limp along, the streams down ikey fairly Fully thirty injured to the town out by a hall One umbrella b M S ej-es. me mili tie ereatert difficulty thai the deraon-lik 9 crowd could be restrained. The men finally locked in the rink, they ars to be kept for ihe night. Toon- sands, however, gathered around tt e buUding. and the wounded men were kept in a constant state of terror, and it waj long before their wounds could be dressed Barges jSarned. After the prisoners had bsen released from the barges ihs striken had their re- renee and fired the bc-ats, first securing them so they could not cause damage al point* below. Wnen the flames broke through the decks the cheers which rent the air were deafening and the noise oonld be heard miles away. • Blot Losses. The day is one that will be remembered with horror by the people of the borough, SE well as by thj citizms of the entire country, who for a second time will be called on to pay an enormous amount of money entailed in the shape of riot losses, Kot Sworn In. Tne Pinkerton men were not sworn in as deputy sheriffs. Reinforcements. During the afternoon fully 5,000 men walked into Homestead. T a ey came from the south side, Pittsburg, and many were armed. In one delegation tnere were about 2,000 mill workers. They carried flag: and proclaimed th it they proposed to stand by the Homestead workers in defending the mil! at any c;st. The following is a revised list of the killed and injured as far as learned: Killed— Martin F^y, John Morris, Jules Markowsky, Henry Str^ge], SheterHaiEe, Ddvid Davis, Piobert Fj-ter, Wru. Johnson and J. fl. Klein, •• •?? unknown Hungarians, and nine Pi»K*-rton detectives, names not learned, a; jus; of them were known only by number Wounded — David L?=ter, Fred. H. Sind, Russell Wells, i. G. Hoffman, Geo, W. Rutter, Lawrence Ru -=*!', an unknown Pole, John MiCurry, Andrew Sutler, Joseph Z-sido, W. Wallae?, Michue! Murray, John Kane, Harry Hughes sn unknown man, Miles Laughlin, John Ciia and Andrew S^huylier. 1'jThe imprisoned Pinkenon men say that seven of their men wf-r? killed outright and eleven vrour.ded. IVy believe severa deud men were thrown off of the Little Bill into the river. The .number of Pinkertons now locked up is 234. The homes of the detectives are, Chicago 120, New York 75, Philadelphia 25. The remainder liye around Brooklyn. Another Death. A dispatch jasi received sajs a Pinkerton died in the lockup this evening from the effects of injuries received on the march from the boit to the jail. Another . is expected to die befora morning. Back In Pittsburff. 3 a. m.— The Pinkertons have just arrived in Pittsbur?. Pattlson Coiuplataant. HARRISBURG, July 6 — Gov. Pattison said lite tonight that his advices from Homestead indicated that a peaceful solution of the difficulty was probable. Back In Pittsburg. PITTSBURG, July 6 —The steamer Little Bill came down from. Homestead • thii afternoon. As she steamed into the landing with her new American flag floating from tbe flagstaff she showed the effect of the fusilade of bullets she bad gone through. The glass was shattered and woodwork perforated in a dozen places. Oa board was J. T. McCurry, who was shot in the groin. A reporter interviewed the wounded man as he lay on the lower deck. He said: "We made the landing at the Homestead mills about 5 o'clock in the morning. The shore was crowded with locked out men and their sympathizers. Tbe armed Pinkerton men commenced to climb up the bank. Then the workmen opened fire on the detectives. Tha men shot first and not till three Pinkerton aien had fallen did they respond to the fire. I have my God to meet, and if 1 die noes- 1 am willing to take oath that the worfcmen fired first. The Pinkeiton men die' not fire till some of their number had beea wound sd. The workmen were so strong in numbers that it was useless for the 400 Piukertons to oppose them further, so they retreated to the barges.carrying: their <!ead and wounded. One Pinkerton man wa= sbofc through the head aivl killed and five were wounded. We barked out into the river, anchored the barges and took the dead and wounded men up io Port Perry from whwre they were sent on tbe railroad io Pittsburg, We thfn went down « Homestead again. When we reached the mills the strikers opeuel fira on ibe Little Bill from both sides. It was then that I was hit. There was no one on binrd at the time we were fired upon but ihe crew, Captain H>gers and one Piukirton man, J- S. Bobinson, of Chicago. Wnen we approached Homestead from Port P«ry we could s&e the attempts to set fir* to U»« barges, fhe strikers h«d a carload ci what appeared to be oil and were pour«« J it upon the water and igniting H-"

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