The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, MAY 20,1891. A heavy burden •—all the ills and ailments that only- female flesh is heir to. It rests -with you whether yon carry it or lay it •down. You can cure the disorders .and derangements that prey upon your sex, with Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It's a legitimate medicine, carefully compounded by an experienced physician, and adapted to woman's delicate organ-j ization. ' For all organic displacements and •weaknesses, accompanied by weak ibaok, bearing-down sensations, and for all uterine diseases, it's a positive specific. It's guaranteed to S've satisfaction, in every case, it doesn't, you've only to ask for your money and it's cheerfully Refunded. If it does, you'll want to ask for nothing more. It'a the cheapest medicine yon can use, because you only pay for the good yon get. It improves digestion, •enriches the blood, invigorates •the system, and produces refresh* ilng sleep. SHILOll'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The sncetss of this Great Cough Core b •Without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggist! are authorized to sell it on a pos- Ittve guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, tie Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are •lacing a Sample Bottle Free into every Lomt In the United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for It will cure you. If your child has the Croup. •r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief k lure. If you dread that insj Mous disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price locts., So cts. afcj $1.00. If your Lungs are sore or idack lame, we Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 35 cts, AVER'S Sarsaparilla stands at the head of all blood medicines. It Has Cured Others of boils, pimples, eczema, dyspepsia, sciatica, rheumatism, catarrh, and scrofula. If taken promptly, j/VillCure_You_ -VASELINE- FOB A ONK-BOtlAK lent u. . we will deliver, true at all charge*, to any parson is the United Statei, all of the following articles, on*, fully packed: ' Oae two-ounce bottle of Pure VaBellne, • 10 pta. One two-ounce bottle of Vaaeline Pomade, 16 One jar of Vaseline Oold Cream, .... ]i One Oake of Vaseline Camphor Ice, - . - 10 One Oake of Vaseline Soap, unscented, - ^0 One Oake of Vaseline Soap, exquisitelyBcented,2B On* two-ounce bottle of White Vaiollne, - - 25 Or for postage stamps any tingle article at tits price named. On no account be persuaded to accept from your drttffgM any Vaseline or preparation there from vnlesi labelled with our name, because you tr'.V certainly receive an imitation which haa little or no .value. Ohesebroagh life. OC.j 994 Star* St., N. Y. YOU NEED NOT FEAR that people will know your hair is dyed it you use that perfect Imitation of nature, Tutt's Hair Dye No one can detect It. It Imparts a glossy color and fresh life to the hair. Easily applied. 1'rico, »1. Office, 39 Park Place, N. T. Pn It Our Beard Elixir wm force a UD Hi Mustache In 20 days Fall Beard in SO, Sample package, postpaid, 15c.| 2 for 25c.; one dozen. 75 cents. Agents wanted. MfQ. Co.! 76 E St., Providence, It. fa 1""WOMAW, II Bit BI8KASE8 ANI> TlIKIlt 1'JtHATMJJJiT." A valuable illustrated book of seventy-two pugea seat free, on receipt of 10 cents, to cover cost of mulling, etc. Address, P. 0. Boi 1066, Phila., Pa. DON'T BE A WALL-FLOWER l\l°l dance, we can help you along. Complete self-la, (traction. Send for circular. JEUHIS U'F'G A PDB'G CO., 631 Broadway, Mew York City. The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. FOR EUROPEAN TOtJRlSTS. Some Useful Sttrcegtlons TVhlch People Will Do Well to Remember. There are many persons who are now- getting ready for a European trip of a few months, and these would doubtless like to carry with them as few impediments as possible in the way of baggage. It should be remembered that sixty pound 3 to each person is the limit by most European railroads of baggage" carried free. Where it is desirable to lini't the baggage to something near that amount, the entire toilet strictly necesiary for any extended trip may be carried in a steamer, trunk of the regulation size (28 inohes long, 18 inches wide and 14 high), a shawl strap and a tourist's bag depend nar from a strap across the shoulder. It is easy to get laundry work done at short notice at most European hotels, therefore it is not necessary to take a great number of changes of underwear. , A lady may travel comfortably with four to six changes of cambric,; underwear, and four flannel vests, two of heavy weight and;two lighter weight, and a warm balmoral of quilted silk or camel's hair wool, and a lighter one of lace silk or alpaca. If the traveler is in the habit of wearing warm knit drawers, it will not be necessary to add any flannel skirts to the list, as it is the tendency now to lighten the number of skirts worn. The flannel underskirt is never a very convenient garment, and is practically abandoned, by the majority of women. As a matter of actual fact, for pedestrian use and traveling a great many women wear no skirt under the dress skirt, but adopt riding habit tights and leggings buttoned over the knees. This gives them perfect freedom of motion. All the gowns strictly essential fora long trip are a warm traveling dress of some wool material, and one of India silk for warm days. A black silk, slightly trimmed with jet, is a useful dress also for occasions requiring a little fuller toilet. A traveling ulster of soft, warm cloth and a light shoulder wrap are all (he wrnps necessary, though an extra heavy winter ulster is useful on ship board. A good steamer rug is necessary, and so are a warm flannel wrapper to wear over the nightgown and a pair of bedside slipners. Two pairs of traveling boots with- silk or cotton and cashmere stockings should be provided. The most convenient dressing case for traveling is a flexible one that can be rolled up and screened in some convenient place in the stateroom. It (mould contain sponges, brushes, combs and soap leaves. The use of soap leaves does away with the necessity of packing up a wet piece of toilet soap, a single leaf being just sufficient for use at a time. Such leaves can be obtained at any large druggist's in nice qualities'of toilet soap, and may be kept in the case in a little chamois book made at home and decorated as fancifully and daintily as you please. A small suppyof wax caudles and matches will be found convenient. A dressing sacque of flannel and one of Japanese toweling or any suitable material complete this outfit. This may seem a meager array of clothing for a long tour, but it is certainly all that is strictly essential, and after a little txpe- rience with railroad and hotel porters in Europe a sensible woman is quite content to go along with the essentials when she is contemplating a tour merely for the pleasure of travel. Experienced travelers do not need a courier, but some such personage is necessary where those composing the party are not acquainted with European customs and requirements. Unfortunately a good many couriers are veritable rascals, therefore 'it is always best to have such a personage selected by some one who knows him to be trustworthy and experienced. Pages could be filled with the woes and amusing experiences of parties, \vho have been carried about Europe by couriers, who took them where they did not want to go and refused to take" them where they did, and in all cases swindled them outrageously. It is advisable for any one traveling in Europe to take a passport, though this is not always done and international regula- lations do not inquire it. It is, however, a credential and identification that will be of positive value in case of possible disturbances. Good wholesome living, as is generally known, is cheaper in Germany than in France. The pleasantest way for a person making a prolonged stay in Bag- land is to take lodginers and hire the cooking done. It is difficult to get board for a short time at a pension on the Continent, though it is much cheaper than at a hotel, and if you are making a prolonged stay it is much better to do so. NATURE'S WONDERS. Some Curious Objects for the microscope. If in pond water you should find, revolving slowly, some round balls of the loveliest green color, and covered with a delicate network, you may read about them in any book on microscopy, under the heading Volvox. Inside may be seen smaller balls of the same kind. By and by the big ball will break open and free the little ones, each of which will then grow and grow, until in due time it will break open too, and still newer balls begin their roving lives. Wherever two meshes of the confining net cross are two hairs, so small that they are altogether invisible except under a miscrocope. hairs, like those on the vprticellro, are used in securing food and in moving about. Volvox, however, is classified as a. plant and not as an animal. 1 must not forget rny friend the water- bear, He is such a comical, clumsy fellow. Ho goes slowly about on his eight little feet, poking and plodding among the minute water-plants, always sure of finding something good to eat. He is the very embodiment of indolent content. Yet for all he seems so satisfied with hia lot in life, his personal appearance is not always pleasing to himself; for at intervals he slips boldly out of his slun, and appears in an entirely new suit, though I must confess the general style of the cast-off dress is retained. Instead of throwing the old suit aside, as certain bigger and clumsier creatures do, he gets out of it so deftly than it stands upright and complete, even to his four pairs of shoes. When the mother bear slips out of her one dress, she leaves some eggs in it. In a few days these hatch and some baby bears begin swimming around in the cast-off skin. But only for a short time. They soon find their way to the feeding grounds, and at once begin climbing slowly about, und seem as much at home as are their parents. The I^iind of SweetB. Thn United States is said to be the gieatest candy country in the world, 85,000,000 worth being consumed every year. "Candyhas been getting better in quality every year," says a dealer, "and now, since the tariff has been taken off of suga r , glucose and other ingredients that were formerly used will be entirely done away with by first-class manufacturers and Both-1 ing but tbe genuine article used. APPEARANCES AND STRAWS. Mere Trifles Often Reveal Moral and Mental Characteristics. Harper's Bazar. To walk through the moral world with our eyes shut is what many persons appear to consider the proper thing to do. To such people all hints are thrown awry; all the countless indications of character, ability and disposition afforded at every moment by everybody to the observing eye are list. But when particles of the very rocks are put under the microscope to find out their hidden characteristics, is there not reason for a close study of the innermost qualities of human beings —the highest products of our Creator's skill of which we have knowledge? And failing to do this, are we not liable to commit acts of great injustice to our fellows? Each one of uy, unconscious'y to himself and unavoidably, carries with him infallible indications of his real character. Straws show not the direction of the wind more certainly than do the merest trifles reveal thn mental or moral characteristics to the careful observer. The forms of head and features are not the only means we have to judge by. Figure, walk, ciirriatre, voice, gesture—all speak a hjugunge which needs but to be studied with the same conscientious care that Darwin applied to hia researches, and without the bias of preconceived theories. But so ninny have been these theories that it is difficult to divest one's self of thorn all. There is, for instance, one very old iind persistent theory that a man is not to bo trusted who will not look one straight in the eye. Yet this power, or habit, depends more upon the amount of self esteem or natural courage which one possesses than upon guilt or innocense." A rascal may be either shamefaced or brazen. One of the latter sort could look the recording angel in the face without the quiver of an eyelash while committing the most atrocious crime. One of the great secrets of the prestidigitator's calling is to fix the au<.{ience _ with his eyes while his hands are executing their wonderful tours de force. Nothing gives a deceiver more power to betray the unwary—which includes most of us—than this faculty of bold claim- or self-assertion. In our school-days one of our teachers became the victim of curious manifestations of malignity on the part of some unknown person, probably a pupil. The poor woman's trinkets were stolen and her dresses destroyed, only one at a time, as if to prolong her torment. Finally the mischief was traced to a particular room, occupied by two girls, one of whom was popular with all on account of a certain jollity of manner, a careless use of her pocket-money, an d a boldness that passed tor frankness, The other girl was decidedly unpopular, being shy to the verge of imbecility, seeming to be always afraid to answer a question in class—though these answers were almost invariably correct— and out of class avoiding all society. "Little Rat," the girls ungenerously nicknamed her. Nothing could exceed the fearless good-humor of the one of the abter- ror of the other, excepting the unanimous astonishment of their fellow-pupils at the discovery of the real delinquent, or the culprit's brazen boasts of her adroitness when she could no longer feign innocense, while poor "Little Rat" wa_s bathed in tears and confusion, and incapable of speech when exonerated. "My dear," said the owner of a Jnew baby to his wife during the grip season, "I have thought of a nice timely name for this child/' "What is it my love?" "Agrippa." Mr. Pullman (about to propose)—"Miss Sanford, I am now going to .say what I wanted to say an hour ago. Can you not guess, from my eyes, what it is?" Miss Sanford—"Do you mean 'good night'? You look sleepy." BEEOIUM'S PttLB cure Slck-Ilendache. "I'm going to write an immortal poem." "What's your recipe?" "Indelible iuk on' Asbestos paper." The best cough medicine U Plso's Cure for Consumption. Sold everywhere. 35c. A man who is a poor liar finds it couyen-' lent to stick to the truth. IN 1850 "Jifown's JJrondiial Troches" wera introduced, and their success as a cure for Colds, Coughs, Asthma, and Bronchitis has been unparalleled. , "I don't think much of Mrs. Brownson,", said Mrs. Sniffles, "I spent the afternoon with her—and such a woman for listening to scandal I never knew!" . Makes the Weak Strong The way ia which Hood'B Saraaparlllu builds up people in run down or weakeiuid state of health, conclusively proves the claim that this medlcluo "uiukes the weak strong." It does not act like ft utimiHunt, Imparting fictitious strength from which there must follow a reaction of greater weakness than before, but in the most natural waj Hood's Sarsuparllln overcomes that tired feeling, creates an appetite, purifies the blood, and in ehort, glvei great bodily, nerve, mental and digestive strength. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists. $1; six for (0. Prepared only by 0. 1. HOOD £ CO., Lowell, Muss. IQO Doses One Dollar WANTED ell)-, town und rllllge to U«m to rlilu a new Improved 4, »nd very h«n,l«ome S»fet« Bicycle, \Vo furnish thi bicv tie free, uu very eiey | condition!, mid 11 cuils yen I up money. If you w.oU bicycle without buying U or DAvIn, one cent forlt WHEN THC DCAPNEH !• oucrc ur SCARLET FEVER,COLDS. MEASLES, CATARRH, Ac. BYTHE USE OF THt INVISIBLE SOUND DISC which la guaranteed to help a /per cent, of caaon tbaa all stmllv d»* 'vlcei combined. The fame to the Hart - -' '- w are tv the eyct PoaiUreljin- Worn montht without remov*V L I I.*U ll_l.f nl t t-t —. 12. U. WALKS, BrlUaeport, Confirmed. The favorable Impression produced on th« first nppearnuce of the agreeable liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs a few years ac:o hns been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience of all wlio have used it, and tho success of tbo proprietors and manufacturers the California Fig Syrup Company. The reason giren why birds do not fall from their perch is because they cannot open the foot when the Icij is bent. Look at n hen walking, nnd see it close Its toes as it rises Its fool" and open them us it touches the ground. Explaining Why Tliero is Less DrnfnpM A perceptible decrease in deafness has been noticed of lute, which is partly ac counted for, by those, in position to know, to the more general use of artificial means, now perfected to a degree hitherto considered Impossible. A very complete device of this kind was invented in Bridgeport, Conn., a few years ago by It. C. Wales, which, being placed inside of tho car, is worn with a secret delight by many whose deafness U thus never suspected. A gentleman was nskcd: "Why send money abroad when there is so much to be done at home?" The gentleman replied: "I will give $5 for our poor at homo If you will.' 7 "Oh, I didn't mean that." F. J. CHFVET^CO., Toledo, O., Props. ,of Hall'* Ca'.arrh Cure, offer $100 reward for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for testi monlals, free. Sold by Druggists, T5e. The heat produced~Trom the light of a firefly Is only one per cent, of an equal amount of candle light. The bug's light U produced by a chemical action, as it is in creased by putting the fly in oxygen and di mlntshcd In an atmosphere of nitrogen. FITS.—All Fill stopper! fr«» by Dn.Kr.tNK's GinUT NKHVK RKSTOIIKK. NoFiUnrterflriitdHr'suM. Mar- vellous euros. Treatise nnd t'2.W trial bottle free tot Fit cnses. Send to Dr. Kline, 1)31 Arch St., rUtlo., 1'a. "Yes," murmured the maiden, as ehe affectionately chewed another caramel: "It Is sweet, to bo so loved." THE Catalans say. "Where wilt thou go, Ox, that Hum wilt not Ploughf" All must work, although SAI'OLIO makes some work easy. Try it and sou. So rapid Is tho production of ship rivets that one train of rolls feeds four machines: which turu out sixteen tons of rivets lu three shlfta of eight hours each. A CHILD that, is roBtiosa ut niutit, ana don't sieoo woll. shonlu be nlvon Dr. Hull's Worm Dosti-oyors. It rmty havo worms. By niall. 25 eta. John P. Park. Oiiiolnnatl. Ohio. Dresses, Gents's Clothing, Feather?, filove*, etc., Dyed or Cleaned. Plush Oarmcnt* Steamed at Otto Pietcli's Dvo Works, 2-lii W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for Circular. A young lady attending a partv should have a fenmle chaperon until she is able to call some other chap her own. Don't you «vrn< to sm« money, clothes, time, labor fuel, and health? All these can bo saved if you will try Dobbin's Electric Soap. We say "try," knowing If you try It omv, you will always use it. Have your grocer order. A process for tho production of a new material called "lactlto," or "milk Ivory," has been invented, skim milk being the substance from which It la made. CURES I'KOJHTLY AND PERMANENTLY mjro, Ilciulnctu;. Toothncho, N E U R -A X. G I A. Soro Throat, Swelling*. Froat-bltoi, SCIATICA. BpralnH, Krulsoa. Uurim, Scald*. THE CHARLES A "oCELEIi CO., Baltimore. Mi Nothing Else Will Do It. We have volumes of evidence to prove that S. S. S. is the only permanent cure for contagious Blood Taint I suffered for five years with thn 11 then commenced taking Swift's worst form of blood poison, during | Bpoolflo (8.8.8.), and in a few months I which time I was at- was entirely ourod.and tended by the best phy- ^^""^^"TT 1 "™""^^^™! to tula groat modlolno •lolans I could flnd, and ^ rn ' V JD fcj. do I attribute my retried numbers of proprle- .x^ yv . . '^'L//>>. oovory. This was over tary medichies without ^) OR1RK3|| *fr two years ago, and I any beneficial results. I IHP'nrnH have had no return or continued to grow worse Is as near Infallible as II Is any effects of the dls- who^y'sTm wS X "<>""*° "' « medio '" 8 «° * Zis S£ as°±o^ stroyedby the vile dls- In the cure ot Blood poison, as anybody's.—William ease, my tongue and . Sowers, Covington, 0. throat having great holes caused by it | tar Books on Blood and Skin Dlaeuoi to*. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. Atlanta, Ca. PILLS For BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc,, ACTING LIKE MAGIC on the vita! organs, strengthening the ? muscular system, and arousing with the rosebud of health < The Whole Physical Energy of the Human Frame. Beecham's Pills, taken as directed, will quickly RESTORE FEMALES to complete hearth. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. $ Price, 25 cents per Box. Prepared only by THOS, BEEOHAM, BL Helena, Lanouhlre, England. B. V. jtZLEtf CO., Sol« Agent* for United State*, SOS f: SOI Canal St., Ifn* fork, who (If your drufffftit doe* not keep them) vrlll mall Breeham'i fiUt on ' ' ~ let—but inquire flrtt. — m~ DOWN WITH HIGH PRICES. WHY not huy from tho T,nrifest Factory of ill Uiiiil in ilm OJWp Middlemen's).or Tkl WOHBERrUL SO world, und OAYC iyeiiiors' profit* Over 1,000 Articles sold direct to coniumeri, thereby •avion 30 to 50 per cent. Our Now Automatic Brake on all Couches, FREE, LIIMRY OEIK8. TUB WONDERFUL LUBURG CHAIR Combluea a room-: of Cbalra in one, bosldca making a J..ouuae ( Bcd,orC!ouch7* Invalid appliance} of every description" Fancy Chairs, llockorn, JtO. HOT Write at onco for Catalogue, "' Bend itampt and mention aoodt tainted. JHE LUBURG MANUFACTURING CO. PHILADELPHIA. PA. BEl'T. A 101 NO. 1131, »8a, 885 NORTH 8TiI STHKICT. He h&d smeJI skill p'horse flesh Who bought-a goose ho ride onVDorit'bcxke "~'~ ordinary soaps c! e *n7n> is Li Try be convinced. fails to accomplish satisfactory results in scouring and cleaning. necessitates a great outlay of time and labor, which more thr balances any saving in cost. Practical people will find SAPOLIO the best and cheapest eoap for house-cleaning and scouring. Boot Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physician?. Cureu where all else falls. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children take it without objection. By druggists. •U wllta 800^70 Sold by til rugriiU a Tllt-tflJI CO , Id Kmnd.lph St., OH?^,7prl< Uruleti rallod by ttttJEUEIirJB " ttt MX Druggist tot CAtcAeJ Haled with Clue rlbbou. 'I' r 09 «'.ber klud. £'fyit r. jr. BN VDIUJ, Mpvicka;rVriiei «ri^|»yiMlVr5flg(ftt "August Flower" There is a gentle- Dyspepsia, man at Malclen-on-j the-Hudson, N. Y., named Captain A. G. Pareis, who has written us a letter in which it is evident that he has uinde up hit intud concerning some things, and this is what he says: ( "I have used your preparation called August Flower in my family for seven or eight years. It is con* stautly in my house, and we consider it the best remedy for Indigestion, and Constipation w« Indigestion, have ever used of known. My wife i3 troubled with Dyspepsia, and at times suffers very much after eating. The August Flower, however, re* lieves the difficulty. My wife frequently says to me when I am going to town, 'We are out Constipation of August Flower. and I think you haa better get another bottle.' I am also troubled with Indigestion, and whenever I am, I take one or two tea* Spoonfuls before eating, for a day or two, and all trouble is removed." • THEBIRDS~OrSPiir! It th»y could be weary of tholr songm, would ft In our great itock, in almost InflnlU TtrUtjr of neu melodist. 40,000 kinds of Mr oM muiie are (till called (or, uA • tht mdw »ra more nnmerou \ Uum the old. . ^p Oantatm.— Tb« Jolly Fnrmrrn, flunnt, old., fS.DOdoi.l Now, bright, e»sjr. uid all j farmora and Iholr frloiuU will Ilk* it. ilerocw 1 »«»|tl, or »0rtoii.l Trowbrtdiin. for 4th ot J«l»i and Kww Klower <{u«t>u [GOota.. |&.M da*. I Hoot, for flon«r time. StiiKlnjr Mclionl* Ilk* Praia* III Hong [40 oU, or fi.2U Jor.J Umerioni t*o»|r Wornlilp fwcU,. or t3.HO doz.J Emerion and Bh.rwlni New Npirltual gong* \3S cti., $3.00 do..] Xaunr ant llofluiuu. Choir* oonntantlj inad for our OoUro Miulo— 6,000 nuinbcra of Aulboraa, Buorod Selaotlona, »to.. 0 to 8 ota. aaoh. Hand for Llata. Orgnnlnt* furnliued with Voluntary and oiuw innate nnd plnjrora on Vloltni, OulUin, Mandolin*. BUIIJOH and all other initrumouU, «um>llad with appropriate muila Bond for llnta and Information. Vocal Blolliod for Alt*, llarl- tou« uii«l Una* Voice* t|L(OJ U a new tad auparlor method. Any boot mailed for retail pritt. , LYON & HEALY, Chicago. OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, Boston. WALL White blaiikH, 4o to 80; Gilts, 80 to Mo; Km S/VMTMIS HUNT FRISK ot HIU-IIIK patterns with bo> ders and celllnifs to matob One liult million roll* oC furocl at wbolKHala prloel PAPER UUIH, 00 K) UOO Km- bossed Ulllfl, llto to Mo. 1 will nond you tho inout popular oolorliiKd, and • _ _ • mmm m m guarantee to savo you mnnoy. AIVl?JtI£D J'KATH. Wall l'»i)«r Merchant, 6345 W.VVaiiUingtoa-ut.01>loa«j T proncrtbo and fully** dorao lllK O as the on\f npcnlflii f or Hio certain our* of tlitn dlrieuao. a.Il.lNORAIIAM.M. D, Amnterdam, M. If. Wo have Bold Hlg G (Cl many years, and It hen ulvon tbo beat of nails' motion. u. n. ovonrc & co- Cblc«2°i i-U 81.00. Bold by Drwxlll? yf donljbjtbt tniChcmlulCi. Oinolnn THE DULUTH DRY GOODS CO. FRANCIS F. MolVEB, MAKAOM. EWIS' 98 LYE L IWDEBED AHD PEBTU1I&D. (I'ATENTKU.) The strongest and purest Lye made. Will make the best perfumed Hard Soap in 20 minutes "without boiling. It is tlio bowt; for softening water, cleansing waste pipes, disinfecting sinks, closets, washing bat* ties, paints, trees, etc. PENNA, SALT M'F'G G(A Goo. Agta., rhllu., Fa. ES, TVfc G R EAT T-f E A LT rf *ai:ktiK<! iniik"« ft gall'itix. Ui-lluimiH, *i>ark!lnif autl Bold by all dcalorw. A beautiful i'i-'luru Houlf unil Cunlflfliml fr« uuu «iri.]luii tliur u<l'lr v u.i to 'i'hv 0. K. lilKKH CO., PllUtul'tu EWE THK HOLY LAND, Kound th* World. Heloct purlieu, bent ticketin faolUtiefl, ocean Ucketa. BOM, m iro.dwty, X.TTJMA XL A POSITIVE CURE For all those Pu.uful t'uuipluluts and tY0«koM«c| (o coiuuioii nmong tUe Uadies of the World, ,y 1i .., &A«bfa$&^'<at&tie^&i&

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