St. Catherines Standard from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada on September 14, 1906 · 4
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St. Catherines Standard from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada · 4

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1906
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TK DAILY fSTDA HU FRIPAY, StFT. It. 1001. !- St i 0 J I if ,1 H U 4 Brussels Jt nf " I Carpets With Borden to Match if Velvet Carpets With Borders to Match i t --- - i . ?WaW Carpets J ; with Stair Carpets to Match j New Tapestry Carpets $ Carlisle Bros! Co. Builders Hardware "h -- We Invite your Inspection ; . , of our Front Door Sets, Inside Door Sets and Hinges. AH Sew Put tern. s ; Disslon Hand Saws. Carpenter. Tools. Watts &Bate Limited. 26 Queen Street, St. Catharines . J , 7 Vacation Days. A "Brownie" Kodak will increase the pleasure of the childrens vacation and is very inexpensive, prices from $1.00, $3.00 and $6.00. Ail guaranteed to make good pictures. Wallace- The Jeweler g. t: orr House and Sign Painting. Paper Hanging - and Graining. 256 St. Paul St. iP. O. Box 726. $$ LUJMBEIt Wo Weald cell tbs sttsntlos el bandar., end tb. nubile to tb. lorn ana well umorUd .tocb e( Building Timber Flooring. Biding, Rough end Draaaad Lvrnbo, lath and Hhinglea. BUI. nut to or doc on ahortaat uotlea A Urge dlmanaton plaiMr afford, tho farllttlM (or dreealng lumlMr Sjjto U oqaaro. rfw and oob sawed to order. m Remember the pines, NiOLiiis a Nsiibi Lock II, Welland CssaL t LADIES HAIR COOPS Switches , 98c up. Pompadors, $ I. SO up. (V Everything In tlio Ilalr Line. Shampooing, Manicuring. Faciei Massage. A. J. LEACH SON 90-92 St. Paul Street. i i i CLD RAGS ANDIRON WANTED S, Boot Prleo Paid tor Old Iron, Metal. Bara and Paper. It will pay yos to aend mo port- s al sard for my prices bafora eeU- lug alaewber. All ordara prompt- ly attendod to. c 7 B. HKJGEXs 8 Gaaava lit. ssstssasesssasssi tts Want A & os Fag 3. Downeys Bazaar Is the place for. Fancy Goods of all kinds . I have just received a choice line of Indian Grass Novelties, consisting of , (Hove Bum, Handkerchief Boxes Itulr liereiien. Perfume Mottles, Trinket Holder. It will pay you to inspect the stock. Picture Framing a Specialty. 59 St: Paul Street. Tlw folio uu.g in the local ltinpr-stMre rca'ilr.g taken for the Mctern-logical Office. Toronto, by City Clerk M CTcIIsdiI - Ffr the 4- hour ending at s-Vi-n o'clock this ir.orniBi,' Flights t .. . ...... ...... .. . . . ... . . 9b Lowest, 4 7 a.tu 57 ' The lajiug of the asphalt blocks o:i Church strn t is now in full swing, it wss started this morning. The ronm-te foundation for the St. Iaul street pavement is dows nearly s fur east as Court street. llfth Ib-gt Hand at the horticultural exhibition - to-night and tomorrow afternoon and night. Orchestra of ten pieces this afternoon ami lo-morrow morning. Word was received by wire, that ; Hannah, widow of the late William 'CoWfin, died Thursday at Weyburn, .Mask., the body will be brought here i for interment, arriving by morning j train, Monday. I Master Earl Freddy, son of Kclx-rt 'Freddy, Carlton street, who has ' bcn sick and underwent an operation, which was very serious, is recovering slowly and is now post dan-gnr. Now wall papers at Fairfield's. 30 I Mury Verna,' aged 3 months, in- . 'font slaughter of Thomas Welch, died V I oh Thursday from cholera infantum. The interment took place at 4 p. in. lb v . Dean Morris read the obse-tjuies at grave side. i)r. Muclean, dentist. 73 St. Paul street. My how ot. Step into Fowler k Co-s and ask Mr. Ualster to buy you an ico cream soda. Mr. Gals ter i is the new watchmaker for Fowler k Co., and thinks no more of spending a nickel than a farmer does of buy-ing a yoke of oxen. Fowler k Co. tf At the regular meeting of Fanpire Lodge, I.O.O.F., Thursday night, the memliers ot St. David' Lodge paid 'them a fraternal visit, sml were pro-sen'e'i 'wOh a set of ofilcors regalia. Q hairs, Opp . I ostofflce A,, ittV past Grand, made thu prescnlalion. Vice Grand Cryslcr received the regalia. MCSIC AND FLOWERS AT TIU5 ARMORY. A BIG TREAT. 'rtie funeral of Mangarclte Walton took place from the family residence, Hamilton stone rood, to the Louth cemetery, Rev. Janies WeW conduct-: id the services at the house and grave!';. Lorne Havens, Hugh Singer, Norman Mpccke, Charles Claus, acted as hearers. MUSIC AND FLOWERS AT THE ARMORY. A DIG TREAT. The Rev. T. 1.. Kerruish, of Inger-soll, ex-seeretnry of the Hamilton Conference and funner popular pastor in charge of lanith and (! ra util ,i in circuit, will preach the amii- For Sale by Fowler & Co. The Hub SHAVING PARLOR and r00L I10O51 Cigar, Cigarettes and Tobacco. international UnionShop Bakers & Hemphill. 53 Wellington St. SO Ilcnry St. Plain and Ornamental Plastering of kinds. Eatlmatea furnished. Cleaning, Laying and Altering New Carpets also made and laid . CriAS EVE 45 Yates Street ' lloz 354 ... St. Catharlnsa e WM. , lUDDL . 4 4 Oomar Catherine A JEdmuntf St P.O. Box 808 St. Cathnrlnso 4 Jobber in 4 MASONRY A BRICKWORK 4 44444444444444444d . We buy and sell nil kinds of second hand goods. McGuire k Co. nlStf. The big flower, fruit and vegetable show is on at the armory. You'll Inins a treat if you don't go. From I) to 12 o'clock to-morrow morning is the time set apart for the A reliable resident agent for St. school children at the horticultural Catharines sml vicinity for Fall and exhibit ion, only 5 cents being charg-Wlnter months to ael Fruit Trees, I w f)r admission during those hours. Small Fruit- Rushes, 'Ornamentally luscious peach will be given to Trees, Floworing Shrubs, Roses, etc. , (.ach child nn leaving. Every hoy All supplies furnished free. .. Terms, B1Kj gjrj jn tjj0 tjty, Fort Dalhouxie, liberal. . ,Merritton siul Thorold should , visit We consider this agency ono.of the, the exhibition, best on our list and good money can A young man whilo riding on his be made out of it. ' Agents will Iiftve over COO acres - .... of choice stock to draw upon. j EverythJng we ship is gunran teed. 7 Apply in full particulars. In writing or person to PELHAM NURSERY CO. Gooderbam Building - Toronto, Ont. W.G.WATSON&CO. ..TAILORING.. Good assortment of Fall and i'lnter Hu It log and Ovcreoatv Ing at fair prices. , . Gentlemen's Clothing renovated 231 St. Paul Street Opposite First Met hod 1st Church i s S MISSES UNTER ..43 Wellington Street.. Lxdies TailuHng and Cloiltmaking I leave Your Order Early. s I CAN Your Peal Estate or Business No Matter Where Located. Proper tic and Business of all kind sold quickly Inc nih in all part of (he Unit-m( Klatci. Dont wait. Write to-day dr-itrrihiiig wlt you have to sell and give ciurti price nn sumr. IF YOU WANT TO BUY any kind of busmens or teal sxtaa anywhere at any price, writ ms your requirement. I can sava you time and money. DAVID P. TAFF, THE LAND MAN 41.T Kansas Avenue. TOPEKA. KANSAS TAIT & HODQINS. Fainting and Decorating. Eatlmatae Furnished. Prices Bight P. O. Bax 85. 18 Dufferls 6t. SO Edmaad St. LOCAL ITEMS wheel to the scene of the supiosed "la , fire at the Pure Food canning fac- 1th sflety' . . I Another ei .'turn which no one should miss, is an tory!" Thursday night, ran into one I of the iron coverings of the gas com- ... . , . party's valves, near the corner of xh,blt wh .iM f . Geneva and St. Paul streels. on the;"?10" Ex,jr.,.H.ntal 8tation at ; Grimsby and is in charge of Mr. L. ' Woolverton. Here are shown-fruits latter-nanud thoroughfare. His face and head were badly bruised, but apart from these facial decorations he was uninjured. Timmons has ripe pineapples. Smoke Kimberley's Diamond, 5s. People living along Ilurlington Roach were wide awako yesterday to apprehend a gang of gypsie who stole a grey nmre and a colt from a farmer living ninr Bronte and then to- ruck around Burlington Bay I,annM Saltflect township Hslivably annoyed by uf horHU thieves, and armor s in have been ''in-thn ofierxtion a reward of $250 ha boiir offered, it is stated, for tho capture tif any of these modern highwaymen. Yesterday a farmer near Bronte was made poorer by a mare and her foal. When ho learn- ; . .. notifled the:,arf tblc: Strange to saj, tho Collegiate Institute reurtyIonlKy.mi peopto i Coilegiate Institute is moropoorly 1 represented than the ware schools, - 0play. New pictures at Fairfield's. s20j Soie of tho schools were very lirture framing at Downeys Da tardy in making their entries, it le-zsar. tf j mg twelve o'cliwk lWore word of its 15 James street is the spot for bar-1 intended exhibit was received from, gain til all lines; only four weeks to !the Central school, clear the entire stock. A. riewes. 11 The array of fruits on piste is goodly one, and shows numerous varieties of fragrant grapes, ruddy, lus rious peaches, waxen pears, and tempting plums. An unusual exhibit in this class is two Kprriiwns of bread fruit, looking somewhat like unusually large green pine reins from tho Riordon greenhouse. The Itittenhouso display, the cut flowers, plants and vegetable are r There was no morning session in Court stmt school today; ami the scholars of rooms. No. 1 and 4. are enjoying a bill holiday a the result of the school 1 icing flood"'! last night or eorly this morning. As the cold weather is coming, it was thought necessary to test the heating apparatus. which i of the hot water vsr iety. Tbe heat wss. therefore, turnml in Thursday, with the result that this morning when the janitor went to the building to op-n up. he found room No. 4 under several inches of water. while room 1 the other low-v floor room w flooded nearly u tmd. The two upper rooms. No. 2 ami H del not get such a drenching, s did the lower ones, but nevertheless they did not escape scot free. The walls and reiling are slightly damaged. A stop uccid'-ntally turn-. ed on. u re id to tie the cause of the 1 gelt, of the Department of Agricul-forced holidav. The plumbers were ture, Toronto; C- C. James. Deputy-soon on tha spot and had the flow Minister of Agriculture; Mr. Sandi-of water turn'd off and tha build- ford, gardener for J. J. Albright, the :rg u no-v being idojAid and dnoJ , Luff a! o mdlionairo, Jam's Braik out. I buperuteadent of Forks, Buffalo Tiileri 'frr the OM-FedkKa'- oxtur-ioii wHl e on cole at ail the otflec of the N., Bt. C. Railway . an 1 from Aiv.,nl srt..ut the noiBiltv. All arrangement ore conipIct-J for the' Otidfellows' excurin - to To-i rpnto on W-jdiinKay, ' ' large crowd will go. Uwl will be in sttcndanca. - V. Iarkcr, ; summoned for nklic-iout dewtruction of a bicycle belonging to won uaumd Somers, was dismisdud, suflicieiit evidence not be- , n prosecu- Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Moon, of Ni-- i agar a street, and Miss Fern Hack, ing foiThcoming to enable tion. Iloj t, have you wi-n Sergl. Bramah's house-plant? Everybody knew be could beat the i rum, but now h-fa awfully proud of his new quarters, nml says 1 he can now best the bloomin' world. All Oild-Fellow from tha Niagara Ihstrict, No. H, should Iw thm-, as this will be the greatest parade over ht-hl in Canaila. Go and see our unifornied Iatriarchs. Have no regrets later on. Go. In the I'ofice Court this morning, Jonathan Fuller wns given a hear-lx-fore I. M. Comfort, on a charge of having stole, gas connections from St Catharines Gss Co. M. Urennan peering for the Crown and J. . .disposal. After a very can-fill sur-Cann, for tho defondant. After hear- ;vey cf whole route, it was found ing the evidenre Magistrate Comfort (hat there was no sewerage drained committed Fuller for trial at tho.Jnto portion of the canal. The next court of competent jurisdiction, j drainage 0f the town of Welland, all Pictures framed at Fairfield's. s21 emptied into the Welland River. It Dr. Hooper axil bo out of town , is impossible for Welland to . empty until Tuesday, Sept. 25th. sl5 any sewerage into the new canal Thos. Iocock, a former resident of iwtf,oUt fheune of pumps. this city, died at Spartanburg, S. U fought that some little (!. He was tho son of the at -weragi might possibly empty into Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Pocock, this: he canal at Fort CoMiorne but it city, lie fcavcH a wife, two daugh-1 found that tho people f Tort ter and three sons to mourn bis j Ouiblortio very carefully gktfrdt-d low. ngainst any sewerage being enqit ied ' , . ,. ! ,, . into Micir own source of water sup- i T'i Tni ' I1-'', which Is the caunl at its mouth. Iodiff, 1. 0. O. F.f who como over.' . . ... 4 . to this city tomorrow, w.Il be met wwerngo bad a numlwr o by committee at Tort, brought tomi ago but the authorities had Montebello Fark, where they will bo hod them-cut off, they not wanting welcomed by the mayor, and will , their own source of supply jiolutcd. indulge in lunch. In the afternoon After a very pleasant trip ,tho they will attend the Horticultural , vest igators returned in the evening, Show, the guests ot tho city. Hero having satisflivl themselves that our - - source of supply had very much thi'y will each receive a souvenir in the shape of a basket of. fruit. A HIGHLY BRILLIANT SCENE (Continued From Fage L) play is tho crepe myrtle, a native of India, whose every tiny pink crepey blossom is perfect in its beauty. A splendid liegonia from Mexico and ot her varieties of the same plant, one an unusual pink shado and large sire, are here, as are tho Jerusalem Cherry in all its tonip'.ing richness of color,- and tho chenille plant whose long fuzzy flowers pour in a red raw'iulu x er its large lenves. of the many, but they servo to give an kioa of the extent of Mr. Cameron's exhibit. A fact which adds greatly to the pleasure of those who view this exhibit, 'is that each plant in it is carefully and plainly labeled so that everyone may know at what he is looking and from what country it originally came. The flat-car load of his exhibit attracted great attention as it passed through the streets to (he Armory. Mr. Cameron deserves unmeasured praise for his generosity in bringing this beautiful display, for he Is not competing for prizes, nor docs he receive a cent for his trouble, but. - does It solely through his interest in the success of this exhibition and the prosperity of Another extremely interesting fea- w'hich should bo cultivated and those whirh should lie discarded. Tho decorated dinner table prize offer has brought forth some very pret-ty and1 dainty exhibits. One table is in red and white, the centerpiece being an epergne containing red gladiolias and salvia, and a base of from which grapes and peaches. (trails to tho corners the feathery as- para gua fern. Another table is all in white and green, the centerpiece being an epergne of white asters ami delicate grasses. Still another in pink and white, depend for tho effect upon a tall vase of large pink asters with cinnamon vines running from tho center to the tablo corners. The school children hare a splendid exhibit of asters, which fills i aj noteworthy in size and beauty j n tractive exhibit is one by Mr Songster, a model garden, size four j ft by six. which contains a tiny green-house filled with plants, a ter- PERSONA!.. A. T. M is Ai Tcraiti ft bust-' nes to-lal. uiRert tyons or tins city is Visit frmod up north. OJih Reguuc-t T of. Toronto,' is the cite cal'ASg oil frMiMls. - -Mia Gertrude Hastings has return ed from a tso works' visit in lo--ronto. - of Grantham, are in Gravenhurst, visiting Miss Mary Moon1. No Sewage Pollutes - Welland Canal llepreecntativea of the Board of Health and Water Commission made a trip up the Welland Canal from Thorold to Fort Colbome on Thursday. J. Is Weller, the canal superintendent very kindly placing tbe P ' motor launch General" at their Mc- improved sinco tho cutting off of the Reaver Dams sujply, by escaping the large amount of farm land drainagu hich came down by that supply. COLD KILLS THE GERM. Lieut. (Perry Says There Are No Huld Heads In tho Arctic Region The people who come back from Klondike testify to the fact that no native bald heads sro there. The evidence is that the cold climate kills the germs that eat the hair off at the root. dAeut. Ferry, who went o the Arctic regions, gives the suine evidence. NowbroB llorpieide ha thu same effect h th cold climate. It kills iho germ that wits Hie hair off at the roots, nnd the hair grows again. lli.-rpicidu is tho first hair remedy built upon tho principle of destroying the germ that eats 'the hair off. Its phenomenal sale demonstrates tho correctness of the scalp germ theory. Sold ty leading druggists. Send 10c. in stamps for sample to The llerpicido Co., Detroit, Mich. . Walker k Alibs, special agents. ilgrims Pray For Deliverance (G. N. W. Press Despatch.) Naples, Sept. ' 14. Carrying scores of holy images in their ranks and stopping frequently by the roadside to pray for deliverance from the' ' prevailing earthquakes, long processions of puuic-stricken Socilians are marching from their honiM toward the sea. The whole country In the region of Palermo hss been thrown into a state of great alarm owing to the continuance of the shocks, and there has been a general exodus from all the vll-ages toward tha coast. The Pilgrim ere already suffering from want of food, and a serious famine is threetened. Relief 1 being hurried forward by the Government. SEVERAL EARTHQUAKES AT SANTIAGO THURSDAY. (G. N. W. Itms Despatch.) Santiago dn Chill, Heit. 14, Several earthquake occurred to-day bet wren thia city and Muniln. They ore ascribed to tbs eruption of a Chilian volcano. Part of the llio Rio River bed was made dry by the upheaval of tbe lund near it mouth. YOUNG LITIIUARl AN WAS IMl'IU S ON F,D I'OIl LIFE. (AHoclsted Freu. Special to Standard.) Lyon. N. J., Sept. 14. Frank Klanis, aged 25 years, unmarried, a Lithuarian, yetnlay was convictod of murder in the second degree lv fore JiiKtico Robson ,t tho H!itein-ber term of the Kupreuno Court. He was sentenced to life imprisonment at Auburn prison. Tho crime for which Klani wan convict'ul was that of shooting and k A ling Mary A. Broinski, a housekeeper for a gang of Lithuarian workmen, on June 0 last. After the murder Klanis at nip flOO in cash and a quantity of jewelry which he found in the room of hi victim audj made his escape, going first toj R'K-b'Vit.T and thence to Boston. Hel wa arresterl in the latter city at a Folisli wedding where he had presented a portion of the stolen gems to the brnle. The defence made by attorneys for the prisoner was insanity. Daniel O'Dsy of the Standard Oil Company died in Franco. Tho Colorado State convention of Democrats end.xsed Bryan for the Presidency-. Seattle vote! down a plan to duplicate the present street car tysltm tiy municipal car lilies. Emperor Nicholas and Empress Alexandra sailed down the Gulf of. Finland on the Imperial yacht. A ateaniship service from Belfast to Canada was inaugurated yester-! day by tbe C- F. R. liner Lake Erie. . It is reported that Gerald Kirwin.l a w oil-known your.g man irxa Ot-' taws, is lo-t in the woocL; up ini Tcmiokamiiig I FOOT COMFORT - IT. ACTS QUICKLY. j Cools and Soothes Aching, Tired and Burning Feet. A little Foot Comfort' i . spriukled Into the Shoes does the worlc s . tt Put up in Sprinkler Top AE i All4f At I 1 1 Agents for i tj; HuytePs -;.V ' Famous Chocolates and ,,. Newbrofs Horplelde . wmer&Tbbs RELIABLE DRUGGISTS. QUERN STREET. WHY NOT Have That Soiled Suit Steam Cleaned And Pressed? Suit Pressing a Specialty Cambelford 4 Co. Opposite Grand Central. Telephone 54, . 185 St. Paul t 'est Everybody Wants It Get It At Smiths We Refer To Reliability In those day of sham ami glitter tt fs well to aoiect a house that has recognized stability of years. There- is sure satisfaction in it. You don't - buy watches and Jewellery every' day ; hence be sure. Fancy Glassware. Photographic Supplies. Careful Watcli Repairing J. S. S mith, 83 St. Paul Street Telephone 494. Issuer of Marriage Licenses. Mis Tillio NicholHon, George Mt., and Misa Florence, are visiting friends in Toronto, for a few days. Saturday t . . Special Bargains Price savings of very unusual nature. a New Fall Style Shoes Ladies' Gun Metal Calf Shoes, Button, fare and Blucbcr style. College cut, at 2.50, 8.00 and 8.50 Ladies' Patent , Colt Shoes, Illuchrr, Ijtcco and Button styles,' College cut, at -3.00, 3.50 and a I,, ass 3.75 Ladies' Vici Kfd, pat, tip Shoes, Lace. Button and JUuiht-r Kty-lm, Colloge cut, 2.50, 3.00 and 3.50 Itoy Shoes. The Kind That Wear. . Boys' Shoe. sizes 1 to 5, prices 1.2.5 to 1.75 Youth' Shoes, sizes 11 to 13, prices 1.00 to 1.50 Littln Gents Shoe, sizes 8 to 10i,' prices 1.00 to 1.35 New Fall Kfaoes for Men. Men' Bx Cf. and Vici Kid, Blurhcr and Lore style, leather lined and solid rubber heel, at 3.50 and... 4.00 Mini's Mulij Hkin, fix Cf. and Dongola Kid, Laea and Blurher btyips. prices 2.00 to 3.50 Siwcisl Value in Women's Dong. Kid, Laco and Dluch-- er Kiylcs, pat. and kid tips, at 1.25, 150 and 1.75 Special in Men's Work ing Shoe, solid sml solid comfort, ' at 1.20, 1.50 and ............ ......... ... ... 1.7j Misses and Children's Shoes for Fall. Misws' Dong. Kid and Bx. Cf., law and Blucher. 1.25 ami - 1.50 Girls Dong. Kid and Bx Cf., Lara and Blucher, 1.00 and ......... ......... ... ...... 1.-5 Children's Dong. Kid and Bx Cf., lace ami Blucher, 75c to ............ ........... ... ... 1 2.i BURLEIGH & DONNELLY 61 St Faul St. Thono 301. - ( Five Bi? Specials 1, n r-.. . V- Saturdays Selling Si.OO Table Cloths 8 1 JSO F.xtra quality bordontl pure Intuit tabla cloth, cream, will hlesch out well i:i washing, site fid x 00 inches, a cloth that will give great satisfaction, splendid designs, regular $2.0(1 each, on saW Saturday ai.51.50s , 'V. . ' Ua . annt inwr SqNirduy. our opening display f ww fail . inillwei-y. We jxJtl hvisnl tn havvyau itoiiiV.'i--l ,.7s FUnnelettoa Be ; 15 pes. extra quality . lried FUnnclettr. 3D inches w hie. .. regular 7a yd , on sails Saturday at yd. 5c. . . , . T liUoli through our fine ilii-I'lay of Fall Drees Goods . and -Suitings. ' - V " ' 75c Pesu de Mole Milk 4Bc 1 piece black rnu dn oic Silk for waists, dresses, etc., re-gulsr 73c yd-, Ssaturday 49c. VI AM) lllack Moreen Skirts 700 Ono lot ladies black moreen utHlerskirts, mnihi with dep corded Aomiop. regular $1.00 each, Saturday "Dc. 7mV) Ladies' Coats 3.00 . ladies light grey twerei coats, 3 Itvglh, . in plain and check cloths, made in the newest Fall and Winter styles, all sizes, a coat easily worth $7.50. It wdl pay you to investigate this offer.. On sale Haturxlay at euch $5.00. HMVMAAMAfWhNMMfyWWWWWWVWWbMWb - Inksater Bros. ToGo To Tho EMPIRE TA ILORING Co SUITS to SUIT EVERYBODY . EMPIRE TAILORING CO. MAKERS OF MEN'S CLOTHING. Two Doors From lot Office 30 Queen Street. Phone 500 404404444444444444494 M m 0 m Ed. C. Nicholson ft Son. - t Csatroclsra Bulldsra. Ofllcs A Plaalag Mill Carmss Rsprgs and JCdmuad 8trsstaa TELEPHONK v-181 WRIQHTSC HOME MADE BREAD Fragrant Delicious Bread If you srd not Batlsfiod with the Bread you are using, ring up 490 and we wdl send ' you some of WRIGHTS BREAD Customer after customer tells us ii is tho Imst bread mndu in tha city. ,Wo try to make it so. WRIGHTS Bakery and Lunch Parlors, Nos. 1-3 St. Faul St.-Thone 490 NEW GRAND TRUNK TIM B-T ABLE. East-bos od. No. IS, Buffalo Ezprnsw 9.14 s-m. dally. . No. S. New York Fa, S OU e.m. dally, i No. 4, Mow York Ea, .M a-ta-, dally. ' Sift 2. Buffalo Ex., .80 a-v. daffy ax-rept Sunday. 10, Buffalo Es-, Ki.Jl a.ra., dally. tt. Accommodation, ... 12. IS p. a. daily, except tiiadap. 1 No. S, Buffalo Exptaa. 3.89 p m. daffy. 14, Buffalo Epeee0?i84 p u. daily. 13, ItaU, 7.09 p. lU.-' daffy, except Sunday. No. S, Mow York Ex., 7 St p.m. daffy. W whownil.' No. 7, Cbicayo li 12JI4 a m., dally. No. 11. Acramaodattfiixi fO 9 a. si. daily. earwpt Bnoday. r No. S. New York Ex.. .17 a m. daffy. Nn. 9. Toronto Ex., 9.43 o m., 4iy. Not 48, Toronto fk,13.34 p-m., iWIy. No. 5, Thlrayo b., 2.44 p. 4 a fly. No. 19. latersatlnnai-Aimlted, 4.83 p.m. dffy. No. 35. Mall, B 30 a. dally, except Bunday. No. 17, Toronto Xx-. ' S.0T p.m., daffy. W ELLA Nix mTMON. Going North. . 43. 00, 14.00 a m.. .85 and 7.10 pin. 1 -j Going South. 4.30, 0.34, 9.40 a-m-, 1.40 and CAtC p-nk- Mr. .1, A. Ikiuald,. . burril'.T, cf St. Mary, dropfad dead. A largo U&toaJ Lioxn dan at Iavsrir:' lar.i Ft .! oa 05 teutj jT. x ir iSL r

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