The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1892
Page 6
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MB IJPfEK l>fiB MQTNR8. AJMtm A. TOWA. 1892. . , * Jams*. ~3t user ** Faib»T— 'Tour Kri^s: j «t "~*jnfi- it Ent iiET* * 215. ! 3 fi'fr*f'r*»e ,?•<££ § ' A. JiUl'V yfVE 1*5-3 " 5'- it. •in-'- u'~*-~ r? tl*'» '1 -PJ'I'-S }S -"" jtt-'ii.. -"a-1, in.'* '• r rj« "iiSt-B 'trf- lawi Ti w* tti* "I f~A s ^rnre *3p oa tSie raoe Misfe— -Tfait so? How izBilj -aifi OT }:•»?"— A". F. ni'jj*" s* ttiis; '•?£ I'' *>>*-!XH- ^"Hi*"; «• l'V, JUL 11.6.' »»1 «litu' •& * HIM of 3&e tar. ? ti»* saost fault ii tin- pie W*KB be travels. — Bam'f Ber*. Tiers *-fs w?i£«* -""I*"' Tualil ratlisr isir '.-Tr-a Vsy to Jie pit t&a ' wscts 1'T vaoe aint*d 211 * trtrtA »£&«' iswte " t*-*-*sas *at! «rrest**B 1 '.rf tirt: *rt.«»;t. fci:.t Lit* w.«rr'vri.tK)3 <5f -- . ,-- y-'fct.JEB- i w-Joely d:Jf*r*d a? to wiisi that *-B : . Sifig pETt* <«i n-o.tD^*: it)* •'.'-.'!".t'^;-U 1 —tJ.^.i r,^r< a c~ "jP'^sf-rer "f E^*t3^'*-j I -irfervr. «r pra^rissi'l* <:=f its?. i^vt^r'- C. f ^fXtr--V-.Hra^i-"*-J:2'-<,<J ia"'3>"V w'ik-b - *::?-'-fc'* :> : .iliv ".^.i^-- /{ i i-r;^,'-.. *, ! y *nfti*'i>''TT.!.-*V'a. Vj .?*• * 3jA- * *.*.v.'^ ' '*" .' *? i? < l «'.^-p- T "" 1. *\^ 1- " "J "'I'rV* -'j »-i . ~ • ••' v i .•(.-.,. • i •" s' "^ >Fj*~ J.'-y ; ^ - ^ J., j '..rf '>.--'..^ .-u ...->.-^'.r.. -t-.~t^ ,,..* ..'' ^ •: ^XiJ,.:*. c •••... V - - r '-t a-""' "' ' •r* l.>vr.O si-rxi >;<;* « U** t-.*:rt is;j j.i'*- .1-.* ">•••-• V*;' •*.!» />A i,V 3 * -X>v;t v-V:* ".'J U.£ j,UV 5 5 i""--.-, >.Vtr * LI i ii)V V. • A* Si jrriv'*;UiiLiy &*j-,fr:wi<>:r. tin? i»v»r I :;•.-o"*-*:-:/, * liiit H it .tuvi* fc.a'.- iovj'e <* !T<3?.-t*:! by J ^, *£«• K..-V*'' 'i'/b -ey*sry d.ssy wj v^n*' vr-a.>;'f, nwl w&tsi .aljjbl, &r* lrv/*u <;u H w jiut a3J Uj;* t3i»«j friish fayjt'ite of it ii, au<' &t ar* in tic;;/- tu«j wtniirzs 5Ji w^re r^'^wl fali*. JH this with th% ai'J of ra<3'jatjo/j , «.« Jl }* <:nn^, y>sJtWf. by i&r, Tit')* <m4# h* lor- PASTE AND SCiSSORS. J>!'J y/>y <;v/;r $;;hji &'<x/!jt the vast qufiuiHy uf W-nmi aus'iUfrtly w&tteii >)fi liit; it'-.HiyAy.r* J/y sitvrtily jt^-.n] ;'-pcrt- <jffc '//})'/ ar<; ;;'/t (/^i'J f'jr 'jr't%ius*Hiy >>r klyfa, b«t «j<,-f<;;V l'> "M'fJjV 3V UJ;J"* »*»;/* M, M- 1'rwMjJ>u;] 5ft the 6y/«» ('/tuft.. I'r'jtuMy U'A, but J hav/r, arj'i U^JI V"»l l}i<;;'<: ):• <:);'/U^h ';/ It )f *••&'>' 1't In hu'ik innn V> for a. «J i'. K<;)J it for inmil'.y H* Ui'rir ovv;i, V.'(J(;ri ^ fj'i'.-O'i Ifhov/M f/)<! a bit. ot f(';O'J work, «rilh':r i» yrtiHH dr in \i<n:\.ry t afi'i Urlib r;j<; that h<! ju«f, "threw it oiT" hut night, J prai*-<; Ijiro openly to (ji« f;i':<; ( v,-hi!e »(; 1 (|r;iiht. IIJH wofi; ;KI<| i/ the cof/ij/onitio/j in lixtrer/Mily yn»i(, J K'lfe- p«;(il, that it in <lii<; to the oil att'l the U;il of ;imff,)' ni^hl.h, and the thought «f r/citiy d»yK. l/nl when there i« o;ily orio evening tj<!tv/een the dc.ed a/xf Ihe printed story of'iii I know that the wriK-.r of Ihe «t.ory "Lhrev. it off Infct nielli," and I «ive him credit HtH',1 it'll > ugly, '-in, Im' iliHliinee, the ;i(> witinl of sehlerd;ty'h ejection which 1 find in thin morning')* pdp'fivmd which J th;uil« Ihe reporter for prerentinx to HID in well-liHing dr<:HH, with UOWCI-H of humor jtnd fancy in the button-hole, and eni broidery of rhetoric where Kijeli udornnient oii>;ht \AI be. Likii a drttth of VVoiX'i'Htorhhirn on it Uinder itteuk, in liie pungent itnd relinod, wliich cxciten my Hppel'ito when I read tliut. t.lie votci'H of u (iortitin ward "objected to (Jooper bitcuuMii ho won* a Hilk iial mill went Into good woeiely." What further description of t.liul, ward IH neeetiHiiry? I ROD ilH itllcyh and coiii'U and beer HU- IOOHH a« in 11 photograph, and 1 know without looking at llm rct.nriiH vvliai bi)cunie of (/'oojier. Ho there in eijiial ijictorlitl Ktreugili, and Having uf wordH loo, mind you, for which economy J Atti told the ri:)>oi'f.or mdK no |iay, in description of u wliuun^ citndidiil.c, who, "proud and viel.orioiiH, lntin|>nd down Anliland avenni!, with IUH biu rod face divideij by a lriuin|iliant •Uliile." There i« hi^ii ail. in I hat, for 1 know without looking that Ihe vie- IxjrioiiH calididul.e ix a iialoiiu-kccpcr. ftlld 1 liee him laliu;liin^ clear (tiil'oM hif. flier from ear to car. "His face divided by a hinile" i- humoroiiH poitlry, worthy of liutlcr, mil I inain- lliin Ilicie !H no more cxprcs.siv« lint) iu"Jiu(!lhraM.» THE SILKWORMS OF THE OCEAN. MfillUHlii H'lilch VVrllK- '('lirnitilH Thut Ar« Altml XVdiHltM'tiil In »i tintilail. "The nniHKcl may widl bo called tho •pinner of the sen," said a t'.oncholo- j^JMt to a WiiHliiii<rtiiii Him- writer. "It niiikc.-. and WUIIVCH' iln silken Ilircnuls very niuch an the spider ilocs. An lni|)iii'laiit part, of ith uiiiitoiny id u Hltnnlcr and vury muscular fool of Iri- liuj'iiliii 1 slia|i«, under ami behind which in u fjlund Unit wucrclcs a v'lHdid und liuU'-l!i|iiid lluid. This Duid riinn lulu a groove in MID fool, A'lmro il (iiilr-l'U 1 'siita' and liiH-oini'rt a lit\m <.vfc;;j* i's tbiil reglojj. ST..'! th'/ ;ja".h'e w/.Vji-rj viJi'3 <:L?;'Jr^;j ir* f.";ji'Ja,-,-'h '^'t 1 .* ''j*-2'j':'-' \'*'^*'\. Hjvt-'n'r jt- I/,- iivjj tjje?a. A itUiH-it 'ii i'i;ii'-~ Mi'- va >''•>• are . <,-li- of <jj^i -on th'- AtJantic «v/a«), parti-' i>',-';-aUi!.<; c'U'.'h a w ; ;ijt>! of <>;i-t»-r- a.'j'i ':Ja;/j> i» «.! }jf.f;d. bu*. I;;'.- ab'/rf^ifja! jK'Jia!,'». «•<;;-<; r<;ry fond </J tijein ;iu<i WM'.-iW-A \h'-ui in ^f;aJ 'iu;it;!:ti<:i>. a». it j;rov<-<J by il.'r j/joundii <yf -i/'-ii- <-o;!j- p'y-!)J^ lh<: debrii- of a«> i'-.'i! ti'.n-'.;. which C"«;ai(i to (hir day. 'I'i/e J;ci.-,- vvaj-'ri, and 'l f >ubt!<;-« otji'n tri I*'.--, <;m- pjo>e'i ;/ttj-^-;i i-iieji^. Ui'r ed^-i-- of which v.i-r*' rjiarj/en<:i| on ih<- '_'nnv r'";k. for \i'm--->-'.~ \>> pull out iic-ir b',-'sr<J> •.viih. 1 ".'>}iJ-,i-,r,]ft are ittw.ii u-':'! ai/r«ad aft food. T}JCY ;*r<r bred in France irt in- <;!onjr»->. of r'-a v.-:iti-r.f).-'.i!)'--. and hauj/. jfjp; Y'-t\>'-;. b'-i)cv --i|biner^''d for th'r»ii '.// atta'rh '.h'.'ni-ei'i <r- !.fj. At inl':l". a/- t!;<;'..<; ;-'/j;':s or fr:»«j'-~. are haiii'-d ui< and f/i.-i'j<; U> }-ii,-)d l/ieircrop. For the •-.aj/wr purpose -)>arJ:s,' as they are <;aiJe<i, are planted in tlie n)ja)lo'.v.i- of ttj'; X'trlit Sea, 'I'ri't-.u, from which ai! but lh': Jar^cr bj'ancite;. have been cut. ar» fct'iek j;jto the boUorn at. riich a dJHaijc'- frow chore that, tin: upper portion r> of them shall be laid bare at jov/ water. After four or live y;i.t;i th<;y are rained. v!rij>|;ed, and replaced v.'ilii other;-., in the Hay of Keil, (jer- many, l.'X» tons of niiif>cj>- are, rained in a hitniiar fashion yearly. Mn^-ei'- are propa'/utf:d in the Adriatic on ropeK extended between pole*. ramni"d into the ground. The ropi-.sare stripped once in ei^ht rnonlhri. 'J'he mir-Hcl bed« of (/;-eal J'rilain are worth liun- drudu of thousand* of dollars annually. "The molluwk, which has been poetically called the 'hilkworm of the i-ca,' i« a iniiHtiel of the. Mediterranean, known to hcience an the -pinna.' Jt Hf)iri« a kind of thread BO beautiful and line that in Sicily the iiiulurlul iH w<;ven into glovrjH and HtockingM. ThcHe articles arc very coKlly, and have not been thought unworthy prys- enlM for u pope." /\ Het-lon When; I /I To fjonj?, "I observe that when a man die's in thin country at the a<(0 of 100 ynars, or llicrcaboutH this pupers eluiKj.r,ito on the occurrence in thoir msws'col- umiiH an if it were Honiething woi»dcr- ful," Haid Kamon (JuKsanova of 'Guadalajara, M(sxico, who is in thlj^ city, ycslcnhiy, "1 ktiow a ncoro /jr more of people in Mexico connidorably morn than 100 yearH old and who iivo protn- i«o of living many ycar.s y'ot.' There i« a area in the Ktulc of Tiimaull- PIIH whofjc climate, water.' and general cfiiidilion Hecrn cspcci^ily to induct) longevity. I visited t|u!, neighborhood a few months since ami HIIW fivc^on- erations of 'Hie name, jiving in ll|e Hamii hniiMc. Tlie eldest rnalo was sail) to bo Ilia years old. Jin is nhrivoled und wea/.encd, blind ami almost duinh, hut in oilier respects all of his vital functions appear to ho ulron^ ami normal. Tlicro fire, perhaps, fifty people in tlie neighborhood whoso lives have spanned a century. They uro a pastoral people of Spanish and A'/.U'c blood, and iur generations havo intonnurridd con- lrui'3' to all (ho accepted laws id' consanguinity. Thoir iroiislitulions aro not partic.iihirly robust ami none of Hium is ovor •) foot (i inolios lull. They aro cut oil' from tho rest of tli« worlil and are ignorant us to the gro:U popu- latiou of I ho j^lobo, nor do they MOO in to have Iho slightest coiico|)lioii as to till! mode of lifu of other |)coplc. 'I'lioy livo In the most primitive w:iy, ami poi-haps it, is this absence of Ihe tro- mouilous pressure of modern civili/.a- lioji (hat lui'jfuly conduces (o ilioir lon^ovil v." - ..SY. Luiiin (Iliilit'- . — Bvm's money Is .bs.wo'f-c not l«5ji.3=; ia? tisiug? »i rest £ or s-yzottfcitig- -wfefrE j ^ •litr tnarki HH; fsr tieat. Sa't fee-ip it «3t5 tirt- t, 6rf _^ J ia&erit^d it,*' 'iBla^rii*.^ W-r ^S' sir. frbs said titat"* IIH- TT £I j ttej &j« taikiag cn saw is tla* Iteia to tie *S#ji \&ti T « k- I iuiT*/* Baas*—Tliat"* , lt i fcotnr Ifeat yun •M-tr*! anar ai alL" Fisodieii-l «IL' Baagrs—•'•Bui TOQ ,rj t&st $*srrii^:. -"Of eoiar-f.? I see, 1 the t-ok'D-e] aud i" Cj r .?Ft— *I ssj. IBTJ I jord. retir fwd ** -n.;"7-~- t":Ui2 :1 «•£? Is.ft j^ar.* 1*33*5} : -. r .3 _ "l3p:«H vl-e. sir"* — Ftyi&j It if IT*-T*T ito i£t* !•?> Geal. TM? Is H-IT lie c;-l'V,?r ssver 2.3.5 jour \yrl?i5:-a.jy,:— ^"-X 1 st.-jp for laeals ^Trni*:; ~e-;- sid ih^v -a-ni be trae ;o | .SBia31 Boy—"Maiamy, dj-jn^ V.-ii<v -.«' l.b" La'.catt vhari^ft^.ii-- «*l <..., .._;. _--<-,.-• U..' I ,i---3 " } ~' './"li 1 ^a. jrvf j.^uc.. -.^^1 Mi'j.^ l..-.«s nujj!! r^e iieart.^ a^'.ir . taoci'^if^.- T,-, a 1M | "VV^L 1'^i take >rn in-J L .J '^^,1 1 T.-S?..-, iht-ra U > f jifTjJr.-:'Lv:j.C2JJ/w-ila: J-i^ttl'-v — ">Vav}j';ji:toa Ovurj- trJi iJt%rii*>. }}-rL? j-:5ier;jTi:j^<jiwse- a':). ia «x.'l!j Fulton F*rnisT3-i^3La: li'ii- B L.1] naiji'.-* «iiej'«; '&n*:'). F<-rry C-jan- '^.a ({s/,!)mbl&). .S'.-uth AriKrH'.-a: Gaa- o»j]f/ujj%- I-IaKd Hiaudelouc*^, Vi'f-.-t ir:-i;<r-; JJahi fH.avtj;. Vi'^t Isjdi^s: H-'^^">lnjj'j lklti:i'\ ill':ri¥''izii4). North JjfA: li'jnzkws zwl » words two ?ror ( 5« are V.'«;.-:t ; -Jrus.i ~e-;. ssa '.^y ^ ;i w u^e ,o S1C -_ ;SC A PA1L - CAD -.^ i TO-J. T ss-.-i L:3-r~-.•;;: ^--3: any s.-rcinsry i """• ! ^TVWr C--;;l-3 Lav.; irJrea Eaerssa The Dars-'DcrlS l«it f.t a r^ulish Gil V5 iini>Z x> }iiw I>laiid (J J oru> ii--,: .Saint Croix l~lstwi >a Cri.^j. H'«Bi }n>ll-:s, fSan >aiva/Jor_). Central Ara«.-rh--a: UnaS^-.kafO'Jua'ashka, etc.), AldHka; IJrot«'sr» VaSI«y, S County, i'mnt/tvlruain. and aJi simi na.'/J<;i> v.-j'l b': u.r.(--i h«;rf;a<tfer without ajj»>stropb»;: GJoucwU-r Harlx^r, ilas- RiChuseU-. take» the plaw: of Cape Ann Harbor: f.'anal Driver disappears to %I\K \itw.f. to Dover: Dorrance (Dor- ran';eto:i>. l.ux.'trn<t CV/unty. Pennsylvania: JvJyrnont (Jvl^ernont). JJe'la- v.are C'ount.v, J-'eiirisyJvania, Kphrata (Kphratah>. Lancaster Coiimy, Penn- «yiva.'iia; Fin-'!3ay- (FindltryJ. AJJeyheny County, Penn-ylvauia: k'ir.liurs j'oint, opposite Philadelphia, without any apoHtro[die: Franklintown TFranklinJ, York County. Pennv/lvania: Ifcirui .S'/ria: f'ernui'Ja di'-ivuiida-j; Kon^o (Con^o;, Africa, etc. A tiiou-and iliijrit ration- ini^rht be given of what, tiii-- ^overuineijt bo'fird is li.jin;^, but the above will Khov,- that it i/> de~,i^ned to have considerable in- Jl;ii;nce on the Kpeliin^ of ^coprajjliical names. SOLOMON'S PRECEPTS DISREGARDED I/) !i« !{.,;! Can J5(; S VVIllioiU Kijollliif; tJiR Cfiild, It f<IJ ?>e laitr'.-rititj^ to .vtal« urnat He s:r*-»ag]r objected to & clgareit* -s5 from the faei tbat tbt vtry rail'Ir:'---; of its sti'tS'jn t^'apts pe*ji.,^ so ?rG^'J;e iBt'V their 3'jnjr* ysturat*. "iL<-ir b]'»'J ,. vi-jth tbe jx/j-s^'O. It -:;'.<jj]d »>e bora* in znicd that there are two bad qua'- itits C";j*2!ned si: tbe fiirn*- 1 : <.<f to020 co. O'je is pojiorio?!? fji'"<,'"!ne. "h & other the high temvzra'im of the .burning tobac*o. Mw; pe^jple, however, can smoke in inoderation without injurr; t« many tobacco acts a? a nerve illative, but. on the other baud, an extensive in'I«il^e;jce ;a the habit is always jujurioUT." To any one who tJndi tola! ab-tin<-n«-e from tobacco tJ>'» k'irdi'- a stretch of virtue bir llr/reii ~\Ji\. him £!uo};<: only alter a sub- •tantia! meaL L«t him smoke a mild Havana or a Jong-stemmed pipe charged wiiji &f>ine eooJ-smokinz t'^- bawj. If the eharrn* of th^ eigafette are irrei-i?t-ihjp let it be smoked through a mouthjjieee which is kept clean with uitra-Mobarnrnedan strictness. Let him refrain from .smoking pipe, cigar or cigarette to the hitler end. and. it may be added, rank and oily end. Let the singer who wishes lo keep in the •perfect way/" 1 added .Sir Morell, 'refrain frfini inhaling the tmoke, and let him take it u~ an axiom that the rnan ;n whoi.'i wiiacco increases the flow of saliva to any marked degree is. not intended by natnn- to sm^ke. Let him be strii-iiy rn.->d.f-rate in indulgence the preci.-c 'iniit^ each man rnn.-t .-i-ltle for himself --and iie v.iil <rci all the good effect of the soothing plant without the bane wbicii iurk^ in k when Uifti to exee-i."— full .\fiil! <jii?.iH> : , CLOUDS OF LOCUSTS. The last word on the subject of pun- i.shin^ chiiiiren; wtiich has been pretty 1 thoroughly discussed in- the X. Y. tt'irld during the last few weeks, is spoken properly enough by a mother of live and,grandmother of -ix. She says: "Most, people overlook one fact in the training of children. They are to be trained, not for children, but for maturity. A mother ought not to make tW;'hi meek, 'subhcrvient, cowardly and:-brokon-w.illed, for these are n<»t the characterijjl'u-s thut will best serve them as rnen and women. They rieed'training in self-respect and self- control, and this is riot done by degrading them or netting thorn an example of loss of solf-coutrol in their punishment. >l jf the children of to-day differ from thoHO of previous generations, it is only in tho samo degree that their ,parents di|Icr, since men and women have not the warms simplicity of char- actor at|d habits that they had fifty or one bundled years ago. Hut there is the same innocence, the same love of goodness, the same susceptibility to affection in tin; children in the last do- cade of tlie nineteenth century that there was in the beginning of tho lirst, wh<;n it was said of them, 'Of such is tho kingdom oHioaven.' "Them is something unqualifiedly cruel in a parent, cither deliberately or in the hcut of passion, torturing a weak little child who is wholly at his or her moroy. It is scarcely loss than diabolical, since the little one lias no redress and no appeal, but is at tho mercy of tho one- who should be Iho readiest to shield it from sufTeriiig. People who depend on spanking in training their children begin at the wrong end, und are tolerably sure to end as wrongly as they begin. As for Solomon- -whom every beaten boy and girl should halo as he deserves--he was not so successful with his own ohildron that his precepts with regard to this matter need have any weight with u thinking, loving parent." SNAKES IN IRELAND. UttHiiUu at mi Attttntpt lo IiitriHluuv Ophl- clhiiiH lull) tint (irtiiui lulu. Ill IHill James ClelanU, nil Irish gentleman, being curious to ascertain whether tho climate or soil of Ireland was naturally destructive to the sor- pont tribe, purchased half a iloaon of tho common harmless English snakes (Hatfix torquata) in Uovont (jartUn market, in London. Brinr/ing them to Tlinf Art- Jielievoj to Cross tlie Sahara licTurK Tliey Invacjp AJgerla. The locusts are reappearing in Algeria in greater numbers tha'n ever in spite of the efforts that were made by the French Administration last year to annihilate the pests. It is now believed that they come clear acro.-s the desert from the Soudan. The period of incubation varies from twenty in thirty days, ami the locusts require only ab.Miit two months to attain their complete development. This fact gives a reali/.ing,sense of the prodigious numbers in which the terrible insect may multiply during its progress across the Sahara. Great clouds of the locusts have already been seen on the northern edge of the Sahara making their way north. The news comes from Touggurt and Ghardaia in the Sahara that early this year the locusts suddenly invaded thotie places in such enormous numbers that for four hours they fairly darkened the heavens. About a month before similar clouds of locusts were reported in the valley of the Niger Hiver in the Soudan, and it is believed that in the four succeeding weeks they had journeyed to the northern part of tlie Sahara. Thanks to the experience that has been gained during the three past years of incessant warfare with the pests, it is hoped that a large part of the crop this season will be saved, though at enormous expense to the Government in the way of digging jiiu and carrying out other measures by which they chuck the further advance of the invading insects. Straiifi<» O Indian*. "Speaking of the peeiiliur inistomsof the |jito|ili! of (iautemala." Yiee-Coiisul Chandler remarked, "almost all the freight is carrieil on the backs of Indians wild n>, the iiveragi- load hiun<' about two hundred pounds, and a day's journey for one of these native's thus loaded about twelve, leagues or thirly-.six miles. The strange thin./ about it i* thut. on Ihe return journey? if the. porter cannot get a loud to carry bank, lie fills liis pack or Klin" with stones. This is to keep his balance,for, having become utnid lo a forward leanl ing position under this usual load, he eami'ji make such rapid pi-ogres* with••»! 11, ; syme hnnicn. KnrtheVmore, so safe is tin-coiinlry down ihere" tliat u .wg containing ; M,(»!) in .silver wiK' he seni. wilh ubsolule security on t) lt , IjiiokH til Indians from One MI unolher." l'liirue/(i AVi/'.«. libs ei'!^aa33:.a la "a-bico It* ii held by ais fe]]-5-sr-c-.r-rat-3r€t -J3551 fee attempts that Heart- VIJL'i :r±:c? of dosestk Mr. Pblatskcl—~A rcan IB Bit have brajas to 20 c-razr. dos't voii know 31I?5 Sbarp.' ilia's Sharp (briefly)— *W«%?. Mr. Pbiaiskul?"— D&rvti 'Free Hastend—"Hor.- <!-> you like your D';K- z'iri:" Wife—'WelL she works rue a iittlt; harder than the last one, but she is more respectful."*— 2>. First "54 Man fin logic class)—"Say, what does L O. U. snean?" Seeond "94 Man (who has been tber*. wf;b a sigh] —"It g-eneraily means nothing at sii. Report comes from London of the discovery of the thisiit as an article of food for man as well a? be-as t. The thistle certainly has s-ome very fin points.— ronfr-er* Ztai-.-man. Rickets—''Have you a eertincat* of any Gould stock in your safe?" Gas- kei—No: why?" Rk-kets—-I was curious to know if it is printed on waterproof paper."— Ptitebury (.hronicU. Vicar's Wife—"Willie .Smith, how is it you do not take off your bat when you meet m>:'f~ \Vi.';ie—"\Veli mum. if I take off my hat to you, what am ' to do when T meet t" pareoa?"— Jmi-j. "That baby know? he lia~ sweet little hand-.'' said Torn. "Why do you think so. Tom?" asked his mother. ''He U all the time sucking his lingers."* returned Tom.— Hnrjuir.^ b'iz ! Mamma — "When that boy threw stones at you why didn't you come- am! tel! rue instead of throwing them back?" Little Son --'fell you! Why. you couldn't hit n barn door."— (Joou .YC w*. Publisher--! wi-h yuu would write us a good ,-ea -lory." fireat Author— "But 1 iiavi: never been to ?ea." Pub- lij-lier—"I know it. I want a sea story thai jicopie can understand " TU-liiis. "Doei time fly as fast as it did bsfor jou were married and were merely engaged?"• -Does it? One grocery bill fioth tread upon another's heels, HO fast they follow." — Jiitlianupvlis Journal. Mr». Con Filling—-These are my new diamonds, Hr'id»et. They are blue and of the first water." Hridcct Launderry--'-.Shure, mum, who ever heard of blue in tlie first water?" - loinmy.—"Paw, what is political economy?" Mr. lMgg-"It is. the cutting down of national expenses by a member of Congress to make up "for his own special appropriations."— In- iitandjjfjlin Jijur/Kil. Judge (to woman arrested for shop- liftmg)--When did you begin this sort of thing?" Woman (weepin-)- •I began by picking rny husband's pockets at night when he was asieep. I ( hen the descent was easy."-.V. }'. Nev.ij Arrived Spirit-"\Vho was that \ •uerable-looking per.,ona^e that yawned so dismally while ] was talk!"/'' ha "- Ut tlll! tren >enil«ms rain tliey >v!vl U/i ''' ;U "' aS Xoal1 '"— WritHan Jolii.-ts --"I'arsmi, I'd like your ser- -«ons :.., the better if you didn't have f o | mud, to say about the devil" ihirdy-Ulon'tsfeethe point in your Hjjeetions. Johlots—"It doesn't pay • o criticise people we expect to have /A.;ir/y av " rii " fin tli(: ^^...A-. y. ,: ii ".' •••-""«iu— tMlltl], 1 ill). i '''•'I '"-si night thut Mr. J)e Kioli PHid I' 1 ; '••"• at.ention nm ! ;. i ,- '"" l;c 1 "" 1 " l"-"l'«r amount of •"' 1 J- Jiigenuuus Debutuntu—"O ,;;.;rV" IIlu - lllil11 - !'•« suru ho kHoS JiwMvi /'/;""' "' lll ° '«king.»- Mrawbur - "Ter,-n,l. Slr >«-w .jer«*v GWI| I A quit* thrilling iccide.-,; >ccnrrij| an the straiirht stretc'i c s f 'in- of Sen- York & New Jerst-y rail-road,bi| Iw^en ^ (x>'lr5»I^e and O^rl-^'iL a pas»en^er train pr.x--;ediii| i| full =j**'J a l«J-year-o"d sir] left kal half-dozen companions in^the roadwijl that runs near the tra-c-s a:i I steppejl q^Jckly in ir^nt of ibt- I'-i-omotivnl which was not more tktii S.t) [ tt J away. She -was laughing defiaotljj lac-ing the locomotive.'standing fairljl between the rails, and the enn-ineal knew that she was beat upon mlschitll and not upon suicide. He made tlnl passengers jump on their stats vritl'C the b'oou-cur.iHng whistle that heseitf fiuX of his engine, but the ^irl Ijetwwl the. rails snapped her tinkers nil danceil derisively. The engineer hiil to stop the train or run over her. Q|| the two evils he choose :he one 1 posed to be the least. His liremandil| not agree with him, bat there was f tirue to argue the point. When tit locomotive was brought to a standstill its pilot was hardly five feet from girl's skirts. "I told them you'd have to stop.'sbt said: "I knew you daren't run oral me." Then she laughed and ran afte| her companions, leaving tbe engine* and his lireman to make up for time. The writer, says the Troy rimej,wii| v?itne=s to a peculiar accident on till Erie railroad several years ago, excepl| that the foolhardy performer ' male loafer, who stood before the ap;j proaehing engine flourishing his fist)| defiantly at the engineer and placing! his thumb to his nose in derision. Ttal engine did not stop, but came upslmrl ly, and a jet of steam struck the bigl fellow squarely in the face. He sprat'l to one side as though shot, and as til did so he encountered another jet frail the side of the engine so overwhelming that he fell to tlTe ground. But, gentlemanly- engineer woulJl play such a joke on a saucy anil fooliil| young woman. A;»il Railroad. ' A curious little railroad train goS crawling up and down the mountain from Tres Finos to Burl's Lime Kilt, in the Gaviian range, San Benito conJ; ty, every day. It is probably tki strangest railroad that ever was sceii yet, thus far, not a word has overbeei printed regarding it. The train rnovM on a curious single track,and is drafl by an engine set low on it. Both th|! engine wheels and those which sup-. port the cars have a strange pivot*! piece of steel that sets in the track, for it must be borne in i that the track has a slot in it, like that seen in a cable track, ditioii to this, each wheel has on e;ich side of it, so that it cannotgf. off tin- track, no matter how abrupt the curves. The road, as complet% is now nine miles long, but wki pushed through as intended itwillM. fourteen miles' in length. Three; nW run it. .These, consist of an enginW; a lireman and a brakeuian. place there is an S KVfcot mounted at tin- rate of six foet to hundred, yei the engine puffsT ,u with three or four iouiled c mil in the least bothered in an}' v There is one grade a i|iiarter of a B| ioug, in which an uveni"-" of f< llir ' e ,;| is gained i () the hundred. Onp'CW "Us ihing about it is thut th« whsl •ire. in a tense, rollers. The) , ,, I'roift one side in I he utliiT. *J Hunges hold them on, assiMi'il by f j'ivo't. jiast which each half «I }» wheel come.)- ilown.--Ni(« /'''''"" I'enn.v-Wise or I'tiniiil-Wise. Th- liale things "one is obligo^l •iciiiice by ihn penii_y-\vise .• •'iiichow ihe things 'thai !«' '•iisi.-d: we are made all tlu' le uneomt'ortable and »'is "Mg for a larger iueome.aiul fi' uiu j o envy those who have it is n iep. Tin's wav »( econumi/in^ 1 Tin. rar, ti"' 8 lid enyy. pound-wise system. "" U 18 .,,; by haying HMO free to |U««f hat .seem little things.. trtl» l) ^ .1 from peity considenitwiis ? lei--- ii o-nnv ami bi'oailen. It 1W i>;-f:i'-ioii ; :||y |)i,-il tln> ecoimin unlive, and they can lie mi'l "^.vl pliilosordiy il is'not worth "'"'"^.tt up fur irivial i)iwliei.«. H ls ll|(1 O foxes which eat. the yines." I'-'«"«i n'Vica-it cares which \viit)M*' Mid sou-- ihe heart. . CV<i<«>'««

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