The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1891
Page 5
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THE tlPPEB DBS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 1891. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE * ST. PAUL. West—Pass.— East—Pass.— No. 1 6:02a m No. 2 10:29a m No. 3 4:37pmNo.4 0:30pm Freight— Freight No. 9 7:15 a mNo. 8 Il:o5pm No. 13...'....11:45 a m No. 14 2:30pm No.'5 8:17pmNo. 10 12:15 am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North— South— Elmore pass..4:05pm Elmorepass 12:20 pm St. Paul frt.. .9:55 a m DesMolnesft 7:35 p m THE CITY. Prudence lodge has a fine new lantern. Carter quotes grocery pi-ices this week again. F. M. Heath and F. M. Spicer are licensed to wed. D. S. Ford is helping in Robinson's hardware store. Bradley & Nicoulin sent out three strings of buggies Monday. The regular meeting of James C. Taylor post Wednesday evening. The council are figuring with well- digging firms about the city well. The bicycle club meets this evening to practice some marching maneuvers. Townaend & Langdon have oil "cheaper than water, and groceries at prices to match. The prospect for rain is good today. Curiously enough it is a bright and cheerful prospect. Chas. Larrabee, son of the governor, is in town today, and will look over their lands in Swea. A well informed man says that 100 teams are now wanted for breaking more than can be had. No one should miss the lecture on electricity this evening. It will more than repay all who attend. Company F received their new leg- gins . and blouses yesterday, and will soon march in new dress. W. F. Carter's fancy double Shetland pony carriage was out Sunday, and attracted admiring attention. Haswell Ramsay is secretary of a collecting agency organized by Hughes & Hastings at Seattle. He is doing well. John Goeders used fine pressed brick for his two fronts on Dodge street. He is making a substantial improvement. Rev. McDonald was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke while in town. He met with a hearty reception on his visit. A number of Algonians went to Ruthven the first of the week to see how the fishing opens in Lost Island lake. They found plenty of fish. Frank Hedrick has been promoted to head man on the mail run from St. Paul to Des Moines, and now goes way through in charge of the car. People who have been in the habit of cutting trees and plants in the cemetery are warned to desist or some one will be made an example of. This is official. A. J. Robison took possession of his store at Britt Saturday. He and Mrs. Robison returned Sunday to meet Rev. McDonald at the Episcopalian church. A band of Italian musicians played in town Saturday and Monday. The boys got up a hurried dance Saturday evening, for which they furnished the music. A new mail clerk threw all the Algona mail sacks off at Wesley this morning, and they had to be ordered on by telegram to come on the noon freight. Goeders' cut price clothing sale continues ten days. Now is the time to get wearing apparel cheap. Read his advertisement this week and lay in a stock for the year. Leatherman, the 'bus man, is now nominally in charge of the Thorington house. Will Price is running it, and all hands are waiting to hear from H. K. Hess, the owner. Elmer Slagle has received his appointment. It came Monday evening, and puts him on the run from St. Paul to Des Moines. He will have a good place and will prove an expert. Wm. .Leslie was down from Ledya'rd Monday and made this office a pleasant call. He says the steam breaking plow is tearing up sod at the rate of 40 acres a day just west of that growing burg. The routine work at Recorder Smith's office was enlivened last \yeek as a bashful looking young man sidled up and whispered to him to know if that was where 'marriage licenses could be had. The grand jury adjourned last week minutes after it met. At the last term of court it did the same, and Kossuth has the exceptional reputation of two grand juries without a complaint to investigate. The regular meeting of the W. Gf T. TJ. and reading room association will be held at the reading room on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Please come out, and thus encourage the ladies by your presence if no more. Some Bancroft stock men .went to Chicago last week. W. W. Wilson says prices are still high but that ex- peVienced men feel cautious about the future. He says also that it is dry in eastern Iowa and Illinois. Several Algonians called on J. C Heckart last week at Eagle Grove anc found him doing a good business anc centrally located. Eagle Grove is on a boom this spring and is building a number of fine brick blocks. There will be a strawberry and ice cream festival at the Spear store build ing on State street, given by the Ladies Aid society of the M. E. church on Thursday,'May 21, from 6 to 11 p. m Everybody cordially invited. Ladendorf's restaurant is moving in to the vacant building next door to the postoffice, which is being nicely fitted up for it. There is no better locatioi in town, and this popular resort wil gain new patronage by the change. L. F. Robinson reports that Dr. Shore is meeting with success in Des Moines They office in the same building, anc he has an opportunity to see the docto often. Dr. Shore says he is doing much better than he had any reason U expect. The travelling horse traders struc! the wrong man in Nels Jensen. H •was down looking at a horse and mad n offer. Next day they came up and aid they had concluded to trade and ook his horse. When he went to get no one he had traded for he found that is leg had been broken in the night, nd it- was worthless. E. H. Clarke nd Sheriff Stephens secured a new ragon and other belongings of the out- t, and they traded back Monday, let- ing Nels out without loss. •The annual pew meeting of the Con- _regational church will take place 'uesday June 2, 1891. The church will be open from 3 to 4 p. m., and from :30 to 8:30 p. m. If you desire sittings lease keep this date in mind and be iresent if possible. The Paul lumber company is putting n a yard at Bancroft. Mr. Bacon went p yesterday to complete arrangements, t is a good reliable company and will >e found all right by_ our northern leighbors. Wes. Robison will have harge of the yard. Today is a lucky one for a number of he county's best young people. Grant J. Fairbanks and Clara Grover, Chas. J. Sarchett and Sada A. Patterson, "red. C. Bacon and Delia A. Hume all get married today. May much joy and food luck attend them. Presiding Elder Black has been in- ited to preach the baccalaureate ser- non of tlfe Methodist, college at Sioux ~!ity, Sunday, June 21, and will accept. ?ho invitation is a compliment to our residing elder, and a recognition of is ability as a speaker. Union memorial services will be held t the Congregational church Sunday morning at 11. Tho Jas. C. Taylor ost, G. A. R., and Chas. Gray camp, ons of veterans, will attend in a body, "'here will be patriotic music, and ad- resses by Revs, Whitfield, Smith, and )avidson. Wm. G. Clarke has accepted a situa- .on with an insurance company at ioux City and \yill locate there. He cts as legal adviser and manager, and as in every way a desirable opening. | [is many Algona friends will be 1 leased to have him locate permanent- y in Iowa, We have a new item on Phil Hanna's onsulship. It seems tho place he riginally chose and wanted to go to ras Messina in Sicily. He would have rrived there about the time tho Sicili- ns were red hot over the New Orleans usiness, and had a chance to exercise ny amount of diplomacy. Coleman Chubb's injuries from last reek's trouble with his horse prove to e very serious. He is still very sick, Ithough his recovery is anticipated, t seems he was entangled in the reins nd was dragged several rods before his hoe pulled off, releasing him, and his lead was badly bruised. He has seri- us trouble in swallowing, and his side s benummed. The "Y" case is in the supreme ourt on the question decided by Judge Carr. If the judge is sustained, the ompanies then have new grounds they vill fight on, one being that they have ?o ground to build on and Iowa cannot ompel them to buy ground if they lon't want to. The actual building of he "Y" will probably be postponed or some weeks yet. Another runaway romance is under a ihadow. The young man, who ran away vith Miss Hodgson of Burt, was arrested for bigamy las b Friday, and is put under $1,000 bonds, to await a hearing n 30 days. 'Squire Taylor held him or further evidence from his old home, ind ordered him and his new wife to ive apart in the meantime. The facts vill come out at the trial, and will be cnown in due time. As memorial day approaches it is >roper that all lot owners in the cemetery should arrange to have their ground properly cared for. Sexton Tohlin makes reasonable rates for the rork, and those who cannot attend to t themselves should see him. Our cemetery is a credit to the town, and managers have each year added to or improved it. Lot owners should not >e behind in keeping up the appearance of the resting place of their friends. Old Mr. Heckart went to Eagle Grove ast Thursday to spend the day with lis son, J. C., and to celebrate his 86th nrthday. He is the oldest resident of ,he county, but is still hale and hearty and travels about and works as well as when he was fifty. If he and Mrs. EEeckavt live till next March they will celebrate the COth anniversary of their wedding. As Mrs. Heckart is improv ng in health, they bid fair to not only see this but many more such anniversaries. Prof. Favour's lecture on electricity ast evening was one of the best and most instructive entertainments ever iven in Algona, and should have hac i full house. He explained the tele- raph, electric clocks, hotel bells, anc performed many interesting chemical ixperiments. Tonight he explains the telephone, phonograph, etc. No one should miss this lecture. Prof. Favoui ,s an interesting talker, understand? lis business, and has abundant apparatus. The sheriff of Chatauqua county, Nev York, is expected today to secure Tommy Ryan on the charge of seduction Ryan came here about Christmas anc has been working for Hugh Black Pictures were sent over the country to secure his arrest, and Sheriff Stephens happening to see one, finally located hin man and secured him. Ryan says there is no case against him. If so he is al right; but if he was dodging justice h< came to a poor county. Marsh don' allow much peace to evil doers in th< limits of Kossuth. Supt. Gemmil, with his assistan teachers, the Misses Akers, Darrah Kelly, Donovan, Retzloff, and Folger o the Emmetsburg public schools, spen the day on Friday last in looking ove our schools. They visited each depart ment in detail, making themselve thoroughly conversant with the meth ods of management and instruction i use, and expressed themselves as highly pleased with both. At the close o school carriages were procured and th visitors were driven about town unti train time, when they departed with cordial invitation to the Algona teach ers to spend a day with them in th near future. O. W. McMurray returned from For est City Saturday with the ctfotraet foi the new $10,000 school house to be buil there this season. He already had th building of a church there, and thi gives him a summer's job. The Fores City school board inspected the Algona building and also that at Clear Lake aad were well pleased with Mr. Mo lurray's work, and will give him every dvantage. They couldhave secured no etter workman, and they Avill get a rst-class school house at tho very low- stcost. They built a $17,000 brick chool house a few years ago, and are ow taking it down to keep it from lowing down. Rev. Whitfield's friends can imagine he pleasant feelings with which ho pened a letter Monday which Started ut as follows: "Wo are treating lundreds of invalids all over the coun- ry, and those who have been cured are ecommending their friends to us. In very mail wo receive names of inva- ids, with a request that wo send them ur (printed matter. Desirous of ex- ending our field of usefulness, wo re- uest those who havo been cured to end us the names of sufferers, and mong the many names furnished, ours appears as being an invalid, icnco we take tho liberty of sending ou some of our books and writing to ou." If the medicine men wait for a latient till they got our preacher, they rill bo a long time without a job. Col. Comstock has been taking a land in tho Shaksporo-Bacon conilict nd has delivered a lecture on tho Bacon side at Spokane. The Spokesman gives a long report which It pro- ices by saying: "A tall, well built mil, with a mustache, and a deep leasant voice, spoke to a large audi- nco Sunday night at tho Unitarian hurch. Ho delivered an elaborate ad- rcss. Col. J. M. Comstock was the terary skeptic, who lifted'his hand to emovo tho dark bandage of blind faith •cm tho eyes of tho largo assemblage liat crowded the church. His arguments were logical and convincing, and bowed him to bo a man of deep thought nd erudition. Ho quite convinced his uditors that even if it was mildness to ttempt to correct the great Sha-lts- erean mistake, there was much moth- d in it, and as a literary effort it was •orthy a kinder cause tlnili destroying beloved tradition." PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Smith went to ies Moines Monday. Frank Chase of Clear Lake inspected tie sons of veterans last night. It is reported that Geo. Annis will go o Des Moines and open a land office. Miss Kellogg of Sioux City lias been isiting Miss Rena Lacy the past week. Merrill Call came over from Sioux !ity Saturday to visit his young friends a Algona. Robt. Chrischillcs went to Llano last veek, and will take a position in W. S. Dorland's bank if ho likes tho climate. Yesterday's State Register notes ,W. '. Carter at tho Savory and Father ^icholls at the Kirkwood in Des koines. Mrs. Ingham returned from Council Bluffs Saturday. Mr. Ingham visited "lis brother in Michigan returning last vening. Cheever Hudson has been joined at ilarion by his younger brother, who vill also engage in surveying on tho Milwaukee road. H. I. Wasson came up yesterday on lusiness and to talk politics with tho ioys. We have not learned whether ie visits E. Tellier to talk over their ebates or not. S. S. Sessions and J. W. Wadsworth vent to Des Moines Saturday evening ,o attend to duties at the fair grounds. ?hey are arranging for leasing privi- eges to dining halls, etc., for this seas. Kossuth is well represented at tho tate shooting tournament. John G. Smith, Henry Durant, Dr. West, W. . Ward and Frank Parish were there rom Algona, and Alex. Sundstrom and A. F, Steinburg from Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Robinson came up from Des Moines Saturday for a isit in Algona. Mr. Robinson stays a ew days, but Mrs. Robinson will re- nain a couple of weeks. They arc always welcome visitors at Algona. Horace Parsons of Sherman was out o Racine, Wis., last week to accom- jany the remains of D. Blythe's child, vhich was sent $o the old home for >urial. While gone Mr. Parsons spent a day in Chicago. He says it is very dry all through Wisconsin and Illinois. TEN per cent, reduction in all millin- :ry goods. E. Reeve & Co. FOR SAUC—Choice tomato plants, 25 cents a dozen. A. L. Goddard.-8t2 A CAR of bran just received at W. F, Carter's. Corn. I am paying the highest market price or corn, on my farmanii'oeaslo? Algo na.-33 C. L. LUND. THE Douglas shoe at Stough'w. A CAR of bran just received at W. P Carter's. ARE you hard to fit with shoes? I so call on F. S. Stough. He can fit you BARGAINS in tea of all kinds at W F. Carter's. ^_ To RENT—House, five rooms. J. E Stacy. _ BARGAINS in tea of all kinds at W F. Carter's. FOR plow boots and plow shoes call a F. S. Slough's. CHASE & SANZJORN'S celebrated cof fees at W. F. Carter's. I HAVE the finest line of ladies' shoe in Algona. Call and look them over a F. S. Slough's. DANCE at the Algona rink May 22 Everybody cordially invited. Corn and have a. good time. Good music, Tickets for dance $1. FOR SALE^-For cash or on time, te wood new milk cows for $200. Josep Mathews.-7t2 Short-Horn Hull*. Ten thoroughbred short-horn bulls auction, in Algona, Saturday, May 8( One year's time without interest on a] proved notes. CUNNINGHAM & JAJ&BS. The First National Bank ONE WEEK OF COURT. hreo .Tury Cnsos IHspoftcd of—Court Tnkcs n Week's Adjournment. Tho first jury case at this term of ourt was that against Supervisor 'etcrs for allowing his cattle to tros- )ass on corn land worked by Coloman. Mie defendant had made an offer of $-17 amages but this was rejected and tho ury gave a verdict of $80, which throw ho costs on Mr. Potors. W. B. Quar- on and .T. \V. Sullivan appeared for tho laintiff. The second case was an a»]>cal from Squire Taylor. Bailey Burtis had old hay to Ball «fc Bronson but failed o deliver. Tho case was tried by our ustico and tlio plaintiffs recovered. Mio jury in court sustained Mr. Toy- or's position giving S60 damages. W. 3. Qnarton represented tho winning ide. Tho third case was for damages to II. icolt's horses which were killed in tho ut west of town by a Milwaukee freight year ago. As Geo. E. Clarke was a i'tncss A. O. Parker conducted tho tie- onse, and tho jury found against Scott, icott claimed that tho stock got lirough tho fence. Tho company laimod that tho gato had boon left pen. As the attorneys desired time, and as liis is tho last term Judgo Carr has bo- oro vacation, ho adjourned court n •ook, and will continue business next londay. CITASR & SANUOHN's celebrated cof- ics at W. F. Carter's. BANKING INSTITUTIONS. Cossuth County Bank, APITA1/ $50,000 Incorporated unilcr Ri'neral laws of Iowa. DoposltH rocnl veil, monoy loaned, forolun and omoHlle oxchaiiKO boiiKht and Hold. Oolloc- OIIH made promptly, and a K«n«ral blinking UHlncHH triuiHaclwl. I'IIHHIIKO UcltotH to or •oin thu old countrloH Hold at lowoHt rutcH. VM. II. IN1UIAJI I'lTHldcnt . It. .IONRS Vino PrcHlilciit II. SMITH Cannier Directors— Win. H. In^hum, .lohn O. Smith, . B. .TOIIUH, T. ChrlHchlllim, Linvls 11. Smith, J. V. Wivduworth, Harnut Uuvlno. Al'ITAL , XO-W.A.. $50,000 Special attention jjlven to collection)). UIIJKOSK A. CALL ................. ). H. miTCIIlNS .............. Vice . C. HLACKFOUI) ......... Director*)— AmbroHO A. Call, D. II. IlutoliliiH, . C. HI licit ford, Philip BorwiiilHr, Wm. K. l-'er- unon, A. D. Clarke, C. 11. Hutelilns. Money alwayH on hand to loan at reaHonablit aten to partluH furnlHhlng lli-Hl-oIaHH Heciirlty. FARMERS' AND TRADERS' BANK, 1. M. Richmond President . K. Richmond Vlco 1'rcHldcnt V. B. Richmond Caohlor Transacts a general banking business. Col- jctloiiB a specialty. Money U-aiiHfcsrn.'d to all jarts of the United States and Europe at low atOH, Tickets to and from tliu old country for ale. Taxes paid for residents and non-rest- ents. Abstractor title furnished on tho same ay applied for. DEALER IN EEAL ESTATE. Loan and Insurance Ay'l anil Notary I'ubtlc. 0,000 acres of prairie lands and improved arms for sale or rent. Village, property for ale or vent. Now Is the time to secure you a lome before three prospective railroads are built, which will advance the price of land bo- •ond the reach of tho average home-Hocker. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Jancroft, Iowa, R. M. Richmond, proprietor. J-Mrst-clafis house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special attention to the traveling public. ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION or TUB Algona Loan and Trust Company. We, the undersigned, do hereby associate ourselves under the provisions of Title Nine, Chapter One, of the code of Iowa, for tho pur- none of becoming a corporation, and do hereby adopt the following articles: Art. 1. The name of this corporation shall bo The Algona Loan and Trust Company." Tho general nature of the business for which this company Is Incorporated is to loan money on real estate, chattel, and personal security, to ljuy and sell negotiable securities, and to buy and sell real estate and personal property, and the principal place for the transaction of said business shall beat Algona, Koxsuth county, Iowa. Art. ''.. The time of the commencement of this corporation shall be the 8th day of June, A. D. 18!)], and the period of Its continuance nhall be twenty years from and after said date. Art. .'i—Sec. 1. The authorized capital stock is Thirty Thousand Dollars, of which sum Fifteen Thousand shall be subHcribedatouco, and additional stock may be Issued at such times and in such amounts as Bhall be authorized by a three-fifths vote of all the stock, and such stock shall only be issued to parties approved by the board of directors. Sec. ',1. The capital stock of this corporation shall bo divided Into shares of Sixty Dollars each, and tho same shall be payable in Instalment of Ouo Dollar for each share, payable on the llrst day of each month, in advance. Art. 4. The officers of this company shall be a president, vice president, a, secretary who shall be general manager and treasurer, five directors, and a loan committee of three, all of whom sha?l be elected ':>y vote of tho stockholders or> the second Tuesday of June in each year. Art. ">. The highest amount of indebtedness to which this company shall subject Itself at any time shall not exceed one-third of Its paid- up capital stock. Art. 0. All private property of stockholders Khali be exempt from corporate debUi. J. M. COWAN. A. W. HTKK2UACH, J. L. KDMONDS, D. A- HAUOAUfJ, R. U. V/ARKKN. O. M. DOXSEK, W. J. HitUNKON. 714 The Cash Store Still Open! Doing business at the old stand. Oil is still very cheap. Flour as follows: Best Patent, per sack, $1.45; Half patent, $1.40; Straight, $1.20. tSTWo stilt Imvo a Pinnll lot of o/,r oi'lobratcd CHKAI' KLOUR, which wo havo been soiling all winter nl SI. 15 per wick. The prieti on this ronmtns tho same. TRY A SACK. IW tmrs Ooocl Tjiuimlry Honp ........... $ .00 •JO His Choice Hultor Cnu-kors ......... 1.00 131tm ChoicoCnl. Dried drupes ....... 1.00 A pood Kmitorti for only ................ !W5 !>(> His Crystal Kiev for ................. 1.00 13 Ibs Ctiok-o UnlRlim for .............. 1.00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and see us. ISg^Wc are agents for Rock Salt for stock. I do* Clothes Pins for 01 1 pkp fie Yeast for O.'l 1 pkjf Sodn (Strictly Pure) or. 1 jikp Nixon Stovo Polish 05 1 box Axlo Orense (Hi 1 box Lewis' Lyo 10 TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. COMING ! New Goods every week to Buy your Boots, your Shoes, your Slippers, and your baby slices of . S. STOTJGKE3:.. Money at Low Rates. S. S. SESSIONS succeeds me as solicitor for the NEW ENGLAND LOAN & TRUST COMPANY, and I request all my old friends, as well as others wanting FARM LOANS, to call on him at his office, over Chrischillcs' store, Algona, la. T. Election is Over! So is High Prices for Stoves! I havo a full lino of (JooliH ami llealni'H, ainoiiK whlrh IH The Famous Round Oak, Standing at tho hnart of Um Koft, coal biirnnrH. r?/" I oliall ninut all competition, Hulling at bollon) prlcox. SHERIFFS SALE. Notice la hereby given that on the 15th day of June, 1801, at 1 o'clock p. in., at the court houKe In Algona, Kofwiuth county, Iowa, will be bold at public auction, to the hlghuttt and beat bidder for cash, the following defter!bed real estate, levied upon and taken by virtue of a special execution, issued from the office of the clerk of th« district c</urt within and for Kbiumtb ctmnty, Iowa, lu favor of Ko»«uth County Bank, and agaliut the property of O. C. and Martha K. Burtia, to'wlf: Lot No. Nine in Block No. ElKtit, an eliowu by the ru c</rde<l plat of the village of I/uVerac, In KOK ttuth county, iowa. or tto much thereof ait may be necejutary to mttiitty gald v/rit of execution and all accruing coatK. M. STEI'ilKNS, Sheriff of KoaeuUi County." ldayi»,l«J»l. »ta Take one! Or. Farm Loans. I can now make loans on Improved lands, from otto to Um years tlr/n;, and give the borrower thu prlvllego ot paying tho whole loan or any part thereof In uven 11.00 at any dato when Interest falls due, This IK Iowa money, xnd no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will onablo tho borrower to reduce his mortgago at any time and savn tliu InUirfisl on the amount paid. Money furnlnhed at once on perfect title. Call on or address II, HOXfK, Altfonu, lowu. TO LOAN on Farm Property. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. SEEDS, SEEDS! Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake rneal, Lawn and orchard German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. H. A, SESSIONS, DEALEH IN MONUMENTS AND HEADSTONES, Grtmilo or Murble, ALUONA, - - IOWA, HatlHfactlon jifuarantecd In all canes. F. M. MtONBON, "Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SiLVKKWAltE, Auctioneering Done. The undersigned will cry public sales Kossuth and adjoining counties. Have tweutj years' experience. Twinu reaoonabl*. Silver plaU'U ware, and all kinds of goodit in his line. Kopulrlng promptly doiiu. At Frank lirot).' Htoru. Q, X* DEAUB IN BEAL ESTATE, or ay W Sf.

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