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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas • Page 4

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas • Page 4

Lubbock, Texas
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Page 4, Sec. I Lubbock, (Tex.) Avalanche-Journal, Sun. Jan. 30, 1949 CONVENTION SET HERE IN MAY Awards To Be Presented South Plains Newsmen For Efforts A program of awards for editorial achievement and various other phases of newspaper production, winners of which will be announced at the first annual convention here. May 6 and 7, was approved by directors of the South Plains Press as- lociation in a luncheon meeting at the Hilton hotel Saturday. Awards will be made for the best all-around weekly paper, best editorial and advertising content best feature story, best news story, best editorial on a local subject, best community correspondence and other similar phases of newspaper work. Rules and regulations for the contest will be announced within the next two weeks. Committee Is Named Other preliminary plans for the convention were discussed at the luncheon presided over by E. I. Hall, president, editor of the Lynn County News, Tahoka. Hill appointed Forrest Weim- Hill, president, editor of the Hockley County Herald, Levelland. as chairman of the convention program committee and Chas. A. Guy, Avalanche-Journal editor; and Lois H. Vestal, association secretary, Levelland, as members. Election of the officers and directors will be held in connection with the convention, which is expected to attract newspaper editors and workers from a wide section of the South Plains area. One in every 10 new settlers who reach Southern Rhodesia moves on to a neighboring country or returns to Britain, officials admitted in Bulawayo. HOW TO CUP A A dollar in your pocket or purse is a restless thing. It is ready to and fly away the first chance it gets. But you can clip its wings by ing it with us. Start an account and snake a deposit every pay Lubbock National Bank MEMBER F. D. I. C. ALTON BRAZELL Youth To Tour East, Midwest Alton Brazell, national fourth vice president of the Future Farmers of America, left Friday afternoon by train for Washington, D. to attend the national FFA training school to make a good will trip through several states with other national FFA officers. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brazell of route 3 on Shallowater highway. He has been a member of the Lubbock FFA chapter six years. Will Visit New York After a six-dav training school at Washington, he will go to New York for a tour of the city and a visit to Radio City and a radio show, and to several companies which contribute to the national FFA Foundation, Inc. Before leaving New York, the group will visit national headquarters of the Boy Scouts, then will go to Philadelphia to be guests of Country Gentleman, magazine which holds membership in the FFA Foundation. Other cities included on the tour are Akron and Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago; Milwaukee and Racine, Danville, Crawfordsville and Indianapolis, and Moline, 111. At each of the cities, the officers will visit farm implement dealers and manufacturers, magazine publishers, donors to the FFA foundation and radio shows. To Return February 19 The Lubbock county boy will return to Lubbock Feb. 19. He will spend national FFA week, Feb. 21-27, in the Rio Grande valley attending FFA activities in that part of the state. He recently returned from Nacogdoches and Tyler, where he helped judge the area seven FFA leadership contest. He also visited several East Texas FFA chapters. He has served as junior president, reporter and president of the jPlainview Vet Gets Assist From China Reds To Get Wife PLAINVIEW, Jan. 29. Reds have ended a lot of red tape for a cupid-struck couple who now can settle down to wedded bliss on the South Plains. The Chinese Communists actually did more to end parental objections to the match than anything else. Charles Sweeney of Plainview, formerly with Quartermaster department of the 1st Marine division, met Miss Julia Yaousheff of Tsingtao July 6, 1947. Started Battle In '47 Miss Yaousheff is the daughter of Turkish parents who operate a night club in Tsingtao. As soon as Sweeney was discharged from the Marines in October, 1947, he began battling to bring Julia to the states. She was- necessary to certain wedding plans Sweeney had cooked up. But first the government, then Mrs. Yaousheff, were inclined to wait awhile. In the meantime, the Reds were knocking over one Chinese city after the other, and Tsingtao seemed in a fair way to get itself on the timetable. That decided Mrs. Yaousheff, but definitely. She gave her 18-vear- old daughter her parental blessing. The war situation may also have had something to do with softening the hard hearts of port personnel, who ordinarily fail singularly to allow desires rule shipping clearance section policy. Julia got her clearance in four days. And does she like America0 says the lass. movies we saw in China start to tell the real America story. Opening Of Mail Service On New Routes Will Be Delayed Another call for bids for trucks for use on mounted routes in several areas outside Lubbock city limits is necessary and opening of mail service on the routes will be delayed, Amos H. Howard, postmaster, said Saturday. Only two bids were received on a previous call for bids and both were for furnishing trucks on an annual basis. The fourth assistant postmaster general in Washington has notified Lubbock post- office that bids were too high. Another call for bids is being issued. Bids, this time for persons to furnish trucks on an hourly basis, are to be submitted by Feb. 7. The postoffice originally had hoped to open the service by Feb. 1. The service will provide mail delivery to an estimated 923 families now receiving their mail on rural routes, by general delivery or in boxes at the postoffice. local chapter of FFA and as vice president of the Texas FFA association. Woman In Flight Over North Pole FAIRBANKS, Alaska, Jan. 29 Margaret C. Flynn of Philadelphia is the first woman ever known to fly over the north pole. Lieutenant Flynn, an Air Force nurse who had been in Alaska only a week, was disclosed to have made the trip over the top of the world Wednesday in a B-50 making routine winter training flight. She is now eligible for the of something to remember all my she declared on her return. HARVERT QUEEN ON TRIP Miss Diana Ruth McIlroy, above, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. T. H. Mcllroy of Brownfield, who was elected queen of annual Harvest Festival last fall, is on a motor trip to Mexico City this week between semesters at Texas Technological college. The trip is part of her award for having won the community honor in the contest staged by the Brownfield Rotary club. Accompanying Miss Mcllroy are her mother and Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Parks, Brownfield theater operators and hosts on the They will be gone about 10 days. The runner-up in the contest, Miss Jane Wier, won a trip to the Sun Bowl at El Paso as her award. (Photo by Studio.) Bitter Cold Wave Sterilizing Some Bulls In Nebraska Area SCOTTSBLUFF, Jan. 29 bitter cold wave is sterilizing some bulls in this region, says Dr. F. W. Brand, a veterinarian. Older bulls are being most seriously affected, Brand said last night. The permanency of the condition will not be known until later. Brand said most of the bulls were registered and all were Herefords. Magruder Joins Scouting Staff Of Oil Company At Midland MIDLAND, Jan. 29. Skelly Oil company has announced that Edwin H. Magruder, has joined the scouting staff of its Permian Basin district office and will operate in New Mexico and the north part of West Texas. He will be in the land and lease department, which is under direction of H. Hilton Kanderli, district landman in Midland. Magruder worked in production department at Velma, for several months before being transferred to Midland. He is a native of Jackson, and a graduate of the University of Mississippi. Phil H. Hays will continue to scout the south section of West Texas for the company. Prospective Wayland Students Get Advice PLAINVIEW, Jan. 29 (Special) not come to Wayland President J. W. Marshall today advised students who might be thinking of applying for entrance when registration begins Monday, you think you can fit in with the pioneering, Christian spirit of this As the spring term opens Jan. 31, he again suggested to prospective students that do not apply for entrance unless you stand 100 per cent for the Christian principles on which Wayland was founded and under which it is going forward; unless you have a determination to work and serve unselfishly; and unless you have a strong Further explaining the last statement, Dr. Marshall said that Wayland is not accredited as a four-year senior college. faculty and present student body have faith that Wayland will soon become He added. this belief is based on faith and hard He declared that Wayland still is fully accredited as a junior college. are being raised he added, students are finding that it quires more and better work to make high Registering students are requir- eu to meet as follows for instructions: all students except freshmen and transfer students entering for the first time are required to be in the Wayland chapel at 8 a. m. Monday. Jan. 51; all students entering Wayland for the first time report to the dining hall ar 8 a. m. Monday; and all freshmen and transfer students must be in the chapel at 8 a. m. on Tuesday, Feb. 1. Registrar Evelyn Burgess stated that Wayland enrollment now totals 551 but declined to give an estimate of the number expected to enroll for the second semester. JAMES ATC Architect A.I.A. 204 Sanford Building lOOfH'a Texas Avenue WILLARD STORAGE BATTERV If Your Car Won't Start Dial 9272 GENERATOR. STARTER MAGNETO ft CARBURETOR SERVICE I) KPMI I 11 1 1 ELECTRIC ss ZENITH STROMBERG CARBURETORS AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRIC CO. 1414 BROADWAY 9 9 9 9 (D 9 9 9 THE STORY OF Dan Dollar AND DAN DOLLAR figured it out DOPEY DOLLAR just sat around Dopey Dollar 9 9 9 DAN said is worth working DOPEY said, ownership is bunk!" Here's the monthly payment was buying him a homa rent was gone forever. So DAN went to FORREST and got started on a home. 9 9 9 9 See FORREST-and Start Your Way to Home Ownership! a sad story for DOPEY DOLLAR but a happy one for DAN and DOLLY DOLLAR. DAN and DOLLY are secure in a FORREST-BUILT house and poor old DOPEY he bought a house for somebody else! 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 (D 9 9 Some kinds of oysters live for 20 years. Prison Farm Escapee Receives Additional 25-Year Sentence HOUSTON, Jan. 29 years was added yesterday to the prison stay of William Joe Isom, 25. Isom, Darrington prison farm escape, was sentenced to the extra 25 years on a charge of robbing W. F. Winsett, 31, Houston, of $12 in cash and his automobile a few hours after escaping the prison farm. Winsett was left tied to a tree on a lonely road. State highway patrolmen captured Isom near Bonham late the same day he escaped. Isom was serving 22 years for burglary and theft. 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