The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1891
Page 7
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THE OPPE& DES MOINES. ALOOIVA ,tOWA, WEDNESDAY. MAY 13.1891. re- Talk's cheap, ...... ,^..^ backed up by a pledge of \Juird cash of a financially JVponsible firm, or company, 01 ; ",:J -world-wide reputation for fair " m - arid honorable dealing, ;t bttsiness / Now, there are scores of sarsaparillas and other blood- purifiers, all cracked up to be the best, purest, most peculiar .and wonderful, but bear in mind (for your own sake), there's only one giiaranteed blood-purifier and remedy for torpid liver and all diseases that come from bad blood. That one —standing solitary and alone—sold on trial, is Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. If it don't do good in skin, scalp and scrofulous diseases —and pulmonary consumption is only lung-scrofula—just let its makers know and get your money back. Talk's cheap, but to back a poor medicine, or a common one, by selling it on trial, as "Golden Medical Discovery" is sold, would bankrupt the largest fortune. Talk's cheap, but only " Discovery " is guaranteed. A MAN'S MISTAKE. Heart-Stab* Hatbands too Ofton Make that jf«v«ir ll«-ai. Where did you tret such a prett/ breakfast castor?" asked one of the lady guests of the head of tbe fumi'y which we were visiting. ••That?" said he, fm'msr the castor a contemptuous little shove, "ugh! that's a Christmas present uiy wife bought me wi'h my money. The questioner gave ah unconscious stare; a look of pain and mortification fle-ahtd over the swwt fac« r.f ihc liUle woman behind the c.;ffer-pot, wh°n the subject was dropped and forsrotton bv all present excepting h.-r»elf nml tny?elt." She s««*r«iy Hurt in a u reck. would never foraet 'U. Why do husbands tion that, by its evaporation, keeps the nose below the normal temperature. The dog's sense of smell is located in the nerves within the nostrils, and it is probable tlmt these me kept in better condition by the low temperature of the carti- lagino'u? tip of the nose. Th-> elate of the dog's health is at once indicated by his nose.Jfor no closr with a hot, dry nose can be healthy, and one of the first signs of rabies is dryne-s and Imal of the nose, for these symptoms inrlieat- 1 lever, and fever is the Winmtit? of hydrophobia.— Globe-Democrat. A MESSKJSGEH'S GUI P. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure ii without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos- ttive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- •esshflly stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have • Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for \t will cure you. If your child has the Croup, •r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief U sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts.. 50 cts. and $ i.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, •xc Sniloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 ctfc The Best Protection against epidemics, malarial fevers, bronchitis, pneumonia, and LA GRIPPE is to fortify the system by the use of AVER'S Sarsaparilla Cures others, will cure you. CUIIKI>. Siuuple rnri Agents wanted. I nLI Landorbnoh Co., Newark, N. J. Illustrated 7tund Book, free i J. B. OlULniS & 00., Wushint'ton, U. 0. Please mention this paper every time you write. PATENTS IVIII fin H °« r Heard Elixir will Ibrce a VVIII I/O I ID Kuotache in W ricj-o Beard In SO. Samplo package, postpaid, l U for 25o.; one doxcn, 75 cents. Agents wantec Wissoit lira. C'o.,7oB SU, rrovldcoco,li. 1 "WOMAN, JIUll DURHAM JiW AM> TlIKIlt TKEATM KJiT." A vnlunble Illua trated book of Heventy-t 'A*o pa^es sent free, on rocoi of 10 cents, to cover cout of mailing, eto. AddioM, 1'. O. Box 1060, Phila., Pa. $10.50 SIWGLK IIAfJNKSS. Baud MtiilH. DOUBLE TEAM I1AKNKSS, <£» -I Q f\f\ Hand Made. JpJLO.UU Send (or prlca Hit ot mj tall llnu. JOHN OLAEK, 219 Weot Water St., Milwaukee, WU . or i druittoncito WwternPearl Co., Ua 1 l)»n'rlioniSi!"l'iiienUo,iil. TOR OLD AND YOUNG. Tutt'sLilver Pills act as kindly on the child, the delicate female or infirm old ge, as upon the vigorous man. 's Pills give tone and strength to the weak atom »eh, bowels, kidneys and bladder. FOLKS REDUCED \V> to 25 Iba. per month by harmless hurba Jromodles. No starving, no inoonvoniencr 'und no bad eHeota. Strictly oonfidentia nd no. for cir"nliira.Bnd iBatimonlals. Addroso Or Ty.F.SNTDEB.MoYloker'a Theatre Bldg. Chicago, Ul The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. J delight in making heart-stabs that never heal? Soon after breakfast the wife came < to my room, diessed in u plain, neat walking bUit, with a market basket on her arm, asking i? 1 wouldn't like to go out with her, as she had heard me 'express the desire to see the town. I quickly donned my at and jacket, nnd, as we w_ent into the :reet said, in a tone of surprise: Do you do your own marketing! I upposed city people had their servants to othat." l- I have one servant," she answered and I have eivher to do the housework 'bile she does the marketing or else to do ae marketing myself, and 1 find that the atter is the bettor and more economical ay." It was literally "a city set on a lull," or ather on a succession of hills; and up and own and down and up, out beyond the rusiest streets into the sum) lea by-places, we went. What a long walk you are taking," I, aid. "Why do you go out so far? I hould think it would be easier for^you to make your purchases nearer home." "Yes I suppose it would; but I can get ust as good articles here and get them a food deal cheaper than I can on Main treet. Are you getting tired? If you are we will take a street car home. I lon't often take one, unless it rains or t don't feel able to walk. Of course the are isn't much; bub when one goes out every day, as I have to it counts up. "Couldn't jou make purchases enough at one time to last two or three days?" Oh no, George is so particular; he has to have his fruit and meat and vegetables all fresh, and I have to go out every day, rain or shine." : "I see you keep account of everything,. [ said, as she took a pencil and note book out of her pocket and made a memorandum of her purchases. 'Yes: I am obliged to do it; otherwise I should not know where some of my money went to. I am allowed only a certain sum. you know, to pay my own and my household expenses, and I have to reckon pretty closely to have anything left for myaelf." Or for Christmas presents," I added. Or for Christmas presents," she echoed with a sigh. "Just one more purchase, and I am through. You know that silk wrap I wore last summer? I'm going to wad and line it and make sleeves to it, so that it may do for another winter coat. Won't that be quite a saving? i caa do all the fixing over myse f, and i will coat me almost nothing. I think ] can get the silk for the sleeves in here;' and we passed into a dry goods establishment. As we came out she said again "If you are tired we will take a stree car. I assured her that I was accustomed t< lona walks, and did not need a street car "Hut I will take some of your pack age*," I. said, relieving her running-over basket and arms, "Why do you carrv so many things? I thought cown peopli now-a-days had even their postage stamp; delivered." "Some of the establishments I trade a do not deliver goods, and that is on reason why 1 get things cheaper," shi replied' with some embarrassment. ". don't want you to think I'm miserly but George spent so much money going to Europe last summer that he cannot let me have quite as much as usual; and yoi know Christmas will soon be here and . can't bear to let it go by without making son-e presents. It would seem to me lib not having any Christmas at all." As we neared her well-ordered hom we met "George," sauntering leisure^ along the street, smoking a oigar th< price of which would havepa'd five stree car fares, the money thus yearly expend ed would have tided the anxious, tiret little woman at my side over many gif days, and I thought: " 'Oh, foolish man! and slow of under standing!' It was her own well-earned hardly-saved money and not yours tha purchased your undeserved Cbristiar gift." MEASURED HY FLAYERS. Novel Sun Dial Made of Folittge, by \Vhlcl Time's FJlglit in Marked. In a previous article the beautiful adnp tatiou of flowers and foliage to the pur poso of. niarlciiig the flight of time wa shown. Tliis was a bit of garden horol ogy accomplished by a florist of Ne\ Orleans, La., and was decidedly clever i its way. In that case the time of day wa approximated by figures cnpiposed o (lowers, which'attained tl.e r highest per ruction and beauty and out tbe hours in dicated by thy numerals which the lp-med. The conditions wore indispensable t the reading of time by this clock. On was sufficient familiarity with the flower employed to <Usc?rn the attainment their highest state of perfection, and th other was a cla.y auspicious for florid dev elopment. The most recent horological achieve nient in landscape gardening is that on of the florists in charge of the ilor of the public narks in Chicago. Whil his work is not of the same order as thu previously described, the result of it is more accurate u.nd less complicated time piece. Tbe flower bed is laid out on the point of the compass, in the form of a hug semi-circle, and foliage and flowers are grown in such a manner as to render a perfect sun dial, or as, the classical in ventor expresses it. "Sol's clock." slab of stone of proper shape is set in th centre of the dial, and casts die shadow b which the time is read. The idea is not srictly a novel one Sun dials, composed of growing flower and foliage, have been made in Europe and it is not improbable that in the day of the grateat popularity of those time pieces floral ones were frequent occur rence. lint U« Guarded His Boxes. While we are talking of faithfulness." said the colonel, "1 may mention Ned Banks, an express messenger on the Kansas and Pacific road a good many years ago. 1 had often met Ned and found him n jolly good fellow and one who was capable of making friends. I flattered myself that I was cne of his friends. "I was on his train once when wo had a wreck. It was clearly the work of train- wreckers. The first two cars were practically knocked into kindling wood. Banks'had a lot of money in his car—a big lot of it. 1 knew it nnd ran forward to help him in case any efforts .were made in the excitement to steal the treasure. 1 found him titling -in his wiecked cnr, •white ot face but holding tt sis-shooter, in one hand, whi'e a rifle re&t-.'d aoross his knees. "All right, Ned! " I cried to him. 1 II be with you in a minute. " 'Hold up,' said Ned. 'You mustn t come in here.' '• 'Well, I'm coming anyway, old man, I answered, climbing over some shattered timbers. •"Hold up, colonel,'said Ned levelling L s si:.-shooter at me. 'If you cjme a stop earer I'll shoot." For heaven's sake be reasonable, ' 1 cried impatiently; 'you're hurt; ou're bleeding. Let me out ot ais.' "No, sir," said Ned. 'Look out,' ho dded threateningly, I'll shoot, as sure as am Ned Banks.' " 'But you don't think, do you, that 1 am trying to rob you?' "'•I don't know anything Jabout that, olonel. I only know that my boxes are n danger and I am going to take care i ( ot hem. You eau go and send the conductor and breakman here, but you can't couio B««eti*m'« Matle Cottfth PHU. At * remedy for Cmighs In generdl, A»lh- mii, Difficulty In Breathing, Shortness of Breath, Ti<;litne«s untl Oppression of the Cliest, whi-ealnsr, &c., these Pill* st&nd nn- rivalled; nnd any on« laboring under »ny of the above eompiftlnU need, only try on« box. to prove that they are the best ever offered to the public for Asthmatic and Consnmpt- ive Coughs, Uonr«eiic98, and Oppression of the Chest. They Speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing, which nin-htly deprive the patient of rest. They give almost Instant relief and comfort to those nfllk'lod with the above distressing, and, when neglected, dangerous complaints. Let any person troubled with any of the above complaints give Beecham's Cough Tills a trial. Take four or Sbt Pills morn Ing and night, or if the tough Is very troublesome, or there is much whecrlng at the Clicst, take four Pills three times ft day, and they will act HUo magic. The most violent Cough will in a short time be removed. NOTICE.—Heechatn's Cough Pills are a distinct Pill altogether from the other kind; but In most cases where the Cough Pills are taken, if one or two of the Patent are taken at the same time, one will very much Increase the action of the other. Ueccham's Pills are prepared only by Thomas Boccliain, St. Helens, Lancashire, England. B. F. Allen Co., 305 Canal St.. Now York, Solo Agents for the United Stales, who, If your druggist does not keep them, will mall BeechanVs Pills on receipt of price, 35 cents n box, but inquire Jlrst. SCOTTDALB. Pa., April 29.—Affairs ^in ho coke region are very quiet. The Keister plant camo to the colters terms nuhinu the fourth in the district, and the lion seem more confident. The operators will report in increased forces, and men irrivp n" nvory train. SPRAINS. Ohio A M is* Railway. rrflioc T'rcsMent find General Manager,!, Ohio "My fin- 1 MirMonly turned ni'il rntri 1 inG n very «<• v errly spr.tini'il ''tikle. The nppl lc:l I I II 11 Of St. Jncobs Oil resulted nt oneo In n -vlii't' from pnin." \V.\V. I % rAtior>T. Trcst. A- Oi'ii'l Mnn'er. BRUISES. 1*6 Dolphin Street, Baltimore. Mil., Jan'ylS. ISM. ''I wns bruised badly In lilpnmlaldo by ft foil ftml stifTtTcdno- verely. Pt. Jnrobs Oil completely cured inc." Yl'M.C.ItARWtM, Member of SIHtp Legislature. tHI CHARLES A. VOQELER CO.. Billlmor*. Ml "THIS IS THE ONLY SCALE 5TON. | 6O, Why Their Note* Are Cold. Everybody is aware that a dog'a nose i always cold, but very few people kn,ow why. The cartilage composing the oute surface of a dog's nose is almost destitute of blcoi vessels, but plentifully suppl with glands which exude a watery secre I saw that lie meani went off to find tbe PLIABLE , ACCURATE , DURABLE, BEAMBOX-BRASS-BEAM-IRON-I.EVERS; ADORESS,JONES."HEPAYS THE FREIGHT "FOR TERMS. •That settled it. what he said, and Tit nmen. "Now, would you believe it, when they got him out he fainted dead away. He iad got his leg crushed and three ribs iroken but he stuck to his boxes. "I believe his company did the ;hand «ome thing Jfor him. He was transferred co another railroad and run on itfor_threc years. One night his truin leaped like a ;hunderboit into another running in _the opposite direction. When they got into the wreckage they found Ned stone dead among the boxes. He had bean instantly killed. hat Tired Feeling Whether caused by change of climate, season or life, by overwork or illness, is driven off by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which imparts great nerve,mental and bodily strength. Be sure to get Hood's Sarsaparilla Bow File* Multiply. From where do all flies come? The question is often asked, andsldoin receives ves so satisfactory an answer jis has been given by a contemporary. The common fly lays more than a hundred eggs, and the time from egg laying to maturity is aboub twD weeks. Most of us have studied geometrical progression. Here we see it illustrated. Suppose one fly commences to multiply and replenish the earth about June 1. June 15, if they all lived would give 150. Suppose seventy-five of these are females. July 1, would give us, supposing no cruel wasp or other untoward ci cinnstaute o interfere, 11,250. Suppose 5,625 of those are females, w<; might have July 15, 843,720 flies, Testing: Iron or Steal. A Swedish metallurgist, -Casperson, tests the hardness of iron or steel in process of manufacture by electrically melting a sample of a certain size and comparing the strength of current necessary with that known to be requiaed to t'usj standard pieces of metal of determined hardness. Established 1855. Dresses, Gents's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned. Plush Garments Steamed at Otto Pietch's Dye Works. 210 \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Sund.for Circular. Holdfast—"AVhy do you wear such a sorrowful look every week when you count over your salary? Mine rendurs me joyful." Spendthrift—"It mnlcos me sad to think how soon we shall be parted." .V» (ijiluiit in PUo's Guru for Consumption. Cures where other remedies full. 25e. Nothing grows much faster than troubles) tliut are uursed. HALL'S CATARRH 'CURE Is a liquid and is tukcn internally, and arts directly upon the blood and mucuous surfaces of the system. Send for luatimoulals, free. Sold by druggists, 75c. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O. Tommy—"What does Col. stand for, papa?" Air. Bjoues—"Any gentleman south of the Ohio." "By the Street of Bye and Bye you arrive at the house ot Never." Decide to-day that you will use SAPOLIO. It is a solid cake of Scouring Soap. A man should grapple to his friends with honlcs of steel, Ho neeu have no fear of lo^iny; his enemies. Five cents saved on soap; five dollars lost on rolled I'li/tlics. Is that economy f There ia not 5 cents difference between the cost of n bar of tin; poorest soap madu und the best, which is u= all know, Dobbins' Electric. Notwithstanding the many changes In fashions, thu prutiiest thing iu dress is the pretty girl, just the bume. IN 1850 lt /?«-ou»»'* jJruitvhial Tro-.'vx" were Introduced, and their success as a cure for Colds, Coughs, Asthma, and Bronchitis has beeu unparalleled. ' "I don't think much of Mrs. Brownson," eaid Mrs. Sniffles. "I speut the afternoon with her—and such a woman for listening to icandal I never knew!" FOB A DieotiiJEr.ED LIVKH try UKKCHAM'B 1'tu.s Clara—"And that's your new hat? Well, it's simply stunning." Laura—"That's ex- aetly what papa said wheu ho saw thu bill." FITS.—All Fits Ktonped free by DU.KLINK'H GUKAT NEUVC RESTORED. No FU« after Ural dity'b u*t>. Mar- velloua curtiy. Treatigu and $2.00 trial bottle frua to Fit caaou. Bend to Ur. Kliue, 991 Arch He., !'Uitu.,l'». "I SOB, George," said the roommate, to Whom he hud been confiding, " e hu isn't pretty, but, 'with all her faults, you love ter still.'" "No," said George it isn't u .etillj It's a brewery her father owns, and it makes a mint of money," NEOLSOTINQ » ohlia troublea with worms may cause it to have epileptic fits. Horrible 1 Give it Dr. Bull's Worm Destroyer* •t onoe and nave the child. By mull, 29 cents. Jotia D. Park, Cincinnati, Ohio. SCOTT'Si FHULSIOH Of Pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphites Of Lime and Soda. There are emulsions and emulsions, and there is still niii«/i sMmmed milk tolilch masquerades as cream. Try as they will many manufacturers cannot BO disguise their coa liver oil as to make it palatable to stinsitivo stomachs. Nr.olt's Emulsion of PUJIK NORWEGIAN COD liIVER OIL, combined with llypophos- phites is almost as palatable as milk. Ji'or this reason as well as for tha fact of the stimulating qualities of the tlypo- phosphttes, 1'hyslalans frequently prescribe it in cases of CONSUMPTION, 8CROFVLA, JlJROtfCiltTlS and CBKONIC OOUaaor 8KVKRK COLD. All Druaytsts sell U, but be sure you get the genuine, as there are poor imitations. "German Syrup" ForTliroat and Lungs' " I have been ill fof Hemorrhage "about five years,, "have had the best Five Years, "medical advice, "and I took the first " dose in some doubt, This result' " ed in a few hours easy sleep. Thera "was no further hemorrhage till next "day, when Iliad a slight attack' "which stopped almost immediate* "ly. By the third day all trace of " blood had disappeared and I had "recovered much strength. The "fourth day I sat up in bed and ate " my dinner, the first solid food for "two months. Since that time I* "have gradually gotten better and " am now able to move about the "house. My death was daily ex" peeled and my recovery- has been "a great surprise to my friends and "the doctor. There can be no doubt "about the effect of German Syrup, "as I had an attack just previous to " its use. The only relief was after " the first r'osc." J.R. Louc.uu.gAD, Adelaide, Australia. 9 F<»ll A. «NK-I>Ol.liAU Mil.I. wn". u« t'j mat «ll! d«liv»r, ftim of all clinram, to nuj (i»r<oa It tli* Unli.n.1 Hlnto«, nil of th« fiiUowlnK artleltt, ean» fully (mi'iuiJ : On« two-onn.'l liollleof Pur« Va««lln«. Olio two-tin 11.10 ln'ttle of Vanellua I'D in nil«, On* jnr of \ (innlln* OoM Cr«»m, .... Ol\« Oiikn of VnpHlIn*. Oitmphnr ten. - • On* (JuVo of VBS«||II« S»H|i, uii.c'iiioil. • iv On* Iwo-oanei bottle of Whll« . 10 nti " II . 10 •• . ll) " .,1,5* " . Y'3 " II. Ill Or for pantagi ttampt a»v tinplt artiaUat t.!\t. prift tin m til. OH mi atcaunt bt ftrnunM 'n n,i;f;n /ran vottr ilmauM any VtUtUnt o" tireii-'inttian I.',,,™ from nnlMi In^lled utlh our name, btaiuw '/•>•' 'till ctrlalnlv rtcflte an imitation uhl'-.n MI HWturni' Cheieurough Mtg. Co., 84 BUU St., ITJf . GOLD MEDAIi, PARIS, 1878. GERMAN Sweet Chocolate. , Tho niOHt popular swoot ' Choeolnto in the tnarkut. It in nutritions nml pitlut- ubltij n, pnrliculnr favorite with children, anil iv most excellent urtielu for family use. Sorvcil RH a drink, or I ns confectionery, it Lin a (Minions Chocolate. The genuine is stumped • upon the wrapper, S. Gor- uiau, Dorchester, MUSH. Solil I)}' Ororurs everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE Tl-{£GREAT EALT .'i s»llim«. DdlnlniK, n|iurklliiK iiml »|>|>"(um«. S'il'1 by nil ili'iil'.Tn. A liimullriil IMiiluri' Hunk nml l!nnl< urnl fivi' I" niiy mi'' m'liilluii thflr iiililn»« to Tim 0. K. lllHHS UO., I'lillii'l'it ' VRKU Both tho method and reiitilta when Byrup of Figs is taken; it is And refrubhiug to the taete, and rently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the eye- tarn eflectually, dispels colda, hcud- Mihea aud fevers and ciir^s ha'nitnal oonBtij)ation. Syrup of Fi&B is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and ac- ceptaole to the stomach, prompt in Ita action and truly beneficial in its affects, prepared only from tl>a mo. c t hwdthy iinfj agreeable substances, Ua many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it tho most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for flalo in 50c and 81 bottles by all leading druggists. Ajiy relmble druggist who may aot have it on hand will pro- care it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not, accept any •abstitut*. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO, 8AH FltAHOISOQ, CAL. U(tt9YIU£. Kir. > HIW MM. H.I. AVhiio bliuik.", \i\ to Go; Ollts do to Kins Km- jJosstHl (Jills, lilo to l»o. 1 will Bond you thu roont lionuliu' cplorlnUH, end SAM a t Hiirliiu uutioruB wl'U nor- urn nud <'i'Uiri«« to inn.Vun Olio hull 'niiliiou nu,n uL l'Otl lit whuldHali) priunu PAPER fl BJt | •_ •• • m~mm mtmm WC .OO (liMiuIno llnml-mnroil, un ol< int auJ O HtrllHh ilrimH Hlioo which commoiirtn Ituolf »A .00 If IIIII|-HO\VC<| Well.. A Unit eulf Blioo un *r ciiimli'il for Hlylu unit anrnhlllly. Wo.50 Oooilyoiir \Volt.lHtliuutuuilarddroBBBho4 O nluiwimlnrtirlrn. ... ... WO- 50 I'olliujiimo'H Hlino In OHponlullr mlaotc< O lor rnllrniul num. (urmnrH, eto. All nmUci iu UunaruHH. 13utton unil tinea. WO .00 lor IjiulloM, In tins only Imml-Howod Hhoe O Hold nt tills iiopulitr urlna, »O-r>0 DoiiKomSfioo forliulloH Inn now depart £. uru unit nrnnilHitH to banomu very popular. WQ'OO Shoo lor I.iKllcH mid W 1.75 lor MINHOH *• utili rotutii tliolr iixmillonou £or stylo, oto. All KOO<!H wivminlud and Htampod with narao on bottom. If udvortlHiHl loiml iigont aauuot Htipplr you, Hund direct to factory, luolouln* advortlsoa prioo or tt nnntal for nrdor blnnkH. W. 1,. UOU«JLAS. lirooktan, MUDB. »4-al»ir In erery elty «n4 , to tnk< eloluulT* kgono/, In loo»l p»p»r. B»nd far .— Mlio« iwn not iinuuiilnd All HKunli ivlvertliod ilhut nitHil oulalogUB. Ttu OlfaH Vtdicitu to tht World it prot»Hv DB. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATEK, iiaruntee to Bavu you monny. AIjFlUSU 1'KA.TH, erchant, 88-03 W,W»kliiugton-Bt,OUIc»KO T1I15 I1OIA' 1.AN1), Hound th* World, Kuluut imrtloH, bout Ucknllng IiiolllUiill,i)«jiiil lloltiitH. 11. UAZU S BON, WO U'oadway, N.Y. (KuUlMO aoTTd • of-scourin^so l n y ou r.• Even the little pig In the picture is a more agreeable companion ihan a man with a dirty collar or a woman who presides over a tawdry house. But nobody wants the reputation of being a pi£ under any circumstances. P ISO'S KKMKDV FOIt (UIAIIKJI. • (Jlitttpem:, KdlcJ IH IwiiiMilintn. A Cold In the iUdd It has no eiiunl. MK4H0 «• i„ _ ^ . . YYUoCMU DruffUU mpplUd iir UUKKBUE r yjf* jtUw«H«U«e, Wia. I prenurloe and to:!* •< do-so Big U M the .j -. O. JI IN'JHAUAM.M. V. AuwUTdain, it. K We bave 'old WK G '<» tottby ywkrs, uiid H bal IflVHD ttl« Wt 0( B»ll» faction. 0. ». OYOHE A . CUIc»«o, - ' the otOy PortUv* OuraftB* I*9 WIS. POP. UNION. J5-19 ID applied to the by uiiiil. H Is an Ointment, of whirl) a imiall p;'rdr noataib, I'rlc*. coc. Sold l»y druKflsts or wi DIAMOND BRAHO cmoHESTER's BHQLISH, Reo CROSS THE OBI' fH, u«k llru h'lth Iu fi.r lU,«l)l>TuilliiioiilaU. br ull .At. 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UrsMiilnl* fucnliked with Valuuliu-y and otber inunio »nd pluyurvou Vtollu«, (Jukiim, Miiudullnx, B»ujo> «ud all oilier InntrutuuiiU, nuiiplled wllb •^pruvilvt* muili). Boiid for Hutu aud iuforuiatlou £uitM'»oii'» Vocal aii-tuod for Alto, |lnr|. tou« uud Uw»» Volc«» U1.&OJ 1« * new »ud lujitrlor metliod. Ann *">ok mailed for rttall fries. OWoago. OLIYEJ^ DIT8QN CQMP AN Y. " THE DRESS IS FINISHED, SO AM I." To that queen ol'doek'ty uml herilrensmaLorwo would nay u word. One, through luxury and exoltemeut, aud the oilier, through thu toll of uocoBglty, may aoine day find their ullmeuU A common cauae. The Vcgetuble Coiupouud will enable both to meet the demands of uoclely. LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S

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