The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 29, 1892 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1892
Page 9
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THE UPME DES MOtNES* ALGQfl A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29,1892. Two doctors of an Eastern town. To learning much Inclined, were called to seo a gentleman, were called Whoso health was undermined. The first one used his stethoscope Upon his patient meek. "I find," quoth ho, " ono lung is ffoo.0| You cannot Hvo a week." To this the otbor iyJso M. D. Vehemently objected. "I see," quoth he, "as nil may we, Your kidneys aro affected. . These wlso men nrgued loud nnd long 1 , Yet the patient ovres recovery (Not to thoso doctors, but to— Plcroe'e Golden Medical Discovery ).• Thers are some patent medicines that are Bore marvelous than a dozen doctors' pre- icriptions, but they're not those that profess to cure everylhing. Everybody, now and then, fools "rundown/" played out." They've the will, bxit HO power to generate vitality. They're not Jlck enough to coll a doctor, but just too siok to be well. That's whore tho right kind of l patent medicine comes in. and does for a dollar what tho doctor -wouldn't do for less than five or ten. Ws put In our claim for Dr. Plerce's Gold- m Medical Discovery. Wo claim it to bo an unequaled remedy to purify tho blood and Invigorate tho whole It's the cheapest blood-purifier, sold through druggists, no matter how many doses ore offered for a dollar. Why f Because It's sold On a peculiar elan, and you only pay for tfa good you get. Can you ask more f am not Well Enough to Work." I Tliis is n daily eveni in iniils, shops, facto I'ies, etc. . It is the jioiiit where nature can endure no' more. Then the poor sufferer, worn with toil £iid broken in health, _ stands aside to make room for another. "Quick Consumption" they call it. To this class o£ women and girls we proffer both sympathy and aid. When those distressing weaknesses and derangements assail you, remember that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vtgitable Compoit nd w i 11 relieve them. 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Sue dance* like the Biihbeam; argues free trade and protection, And anxiously, Intensely waits tha coming full clcctioii. She cun teach a class in Sunday iscbool, preside at song high tea; She reads Emerson and Swodenborg and talks theofopliy; She attends a school of languages, and also one of cooking, . . And npes the. poses'of Delsarte to keep herself lithe looking; And her great grandmother's portrait, which was done In 1820, Keeps walch (although suggestive quite ot dolce far nientej— Keeps watcn and wonders (she who saw the century's beginning), At tht) many charms It takes to make o modern inaldim winning. best hotel when a bugey came rapidly tip to the station and Malted. The station agent hurried forward to tap' r. the • river, who was a slender young gi> 1. <vit> bright, dark eyes .and hair^ as g. Idt 11 m tho June sunbe,ains touching these bills. "Oh.'there's Uncle Cratstdti!" and she rushed forward to greet the little lawyer, who had approached them unseen. "It is useless for me to ignore the fact," said Mr. Cranston pleasantly. "I did not mean to overhear your conversation, but , 01J11 , B . . I arrived uuexpecte.-ily and thought I'd Is Mr. Coiewood, of Greenville, wait hunt up my sprite bere pnd surprise her. ing here to ride out to Mr. Thurston's? the fair won driver in a sweet interest, at. inquired voice vp' ( nee. ' I urn here and waiting, thauk you," returned Hugh for himself, smiling pleasantly as he came forward on the feta- tion platform. "1 cnrr.e to (Jrivfiyou to Mrs. Thur- »tou'8,"'.theanswered simply. "Shall I take the reins?" he asked as tbry slatted away. 'No, thank you; I like to drive," she answered. "It was too ba 1 for you to t^ke so long a driveiur cibirriiigdr," htsieuiurked as he stole a side glance of admiration at the girlieL form in dainty blue. "Oh, I didn't mind t.'-e distance at all: besides, 1 rathpr had to come," she replied. "I did wish to go with the young folks, who are having a picnic this morning over on Laurel hill,. but Uncle Jerry was sick,'and for you." of course be couldn't come • I had a malignant breaking out on my leg below the knee, and wascuredsound and well with two and a half Joules of BgSgSKf Other blood medicineshad failedJESSSgi^ to do me any good. WILL C^TY, c I was troubled from childhood with nn K:/.- gravnted cose of Tetter, and three bottles cl — Onr book on Blond and Skin Diseases rnnileJ tree. SwiFi' Si'EWKO Co.- Atlanta, Ga, CHILD BIRTH • • • •> •' MADE EASY! 11 MOTHERS' FRIEND " is ft scientific«Hy prepared Liniment, every ingredient of recognized value and In constant UM by the medical profession. These ingredients are combined in a manner hitherto unknown "MOTHERS' FRIEND " WILL DO all that l» claimed for . It AND MORE. It Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to Uf« of Mother and Child. Book to " MOTHERS " mailed FREE, con- Uinlng valuable information taA voluntary testimonialv •ttrtby expr«M on receipt of prlc* Jt.W P« bottto . UADFIELD REGULATOR CO., »H«nta, B*. MkU> BY ALL $40,000,000 DRIVEN TO MAUIUAGE. Everybody declartd that Hugh Colewood ought to be the happiest man in Green villa. HP was yonnp-, lintid-'otne and well educated; trifn, just RS he wn.u preparirp to flghl uis way to taine with poverty arrayed apainBt him, he had suddenly been inade the p"! 1 ? heir (o fhe fino old es'tntt; of his eecentriu aunt. Miss B^iwi Culewood, recency deceased. What more was necessary to the happiness of a pay young fellow likfi Huph Oo!e- wood? Nothiiiy, it biuu^d ,o the envious bachelors. ' , However, there were conditions, or one at least, in his aunt's will which ca.used him no little uneasiness. He must love and. marry the girl of her choice, one whom he had never even seen. \ Hugh Colewood caught up his aunt's last_letter to him" and read it again and. again, hoping to find some little loophole of escape from the galling condition. But it was there \n merciless black and w.hito. This is the part that worried him: "If you cannot comply with my wishes for you to meet Ethel Wayne and love and marry her you forfeit your heirship to iny estate. Ethel's mother was my dearest friend, and if you marry her daughter it will be fulfilling my fondest desires. You cannot help loving her. . fl [ could not rest in tny tomb peacefully and know that Ethel was not mistress of my estat s.-;'and you dear bay, the master. My lawyer,' ;Mr'; Cranston, will arrange for you to meet E'hel, as he is. one of her guardians. You know how thoroughly I despise old bachejors, therefore I give you warning that I will not allow you to inhabit my.houses and lands as one of that disagieeable, crusty order." ,. Si had wnttea the eccentric spinster, Hugh nibled ihe ends of his mustache impatiently as £he pondered on the conditions which the will imposed, Hugh loved the Colewood estates, and could'not bear to think of : giving them up. Now, if the will had not specified whom he must marry, lut left the selection of a wife entirely to himself, Hugh believed that he would have enjoyed the romance of hunting fora bride. He picked up his hat and rushed from hi? room, going up to the hotel where Mr. Cranston was sloping, while he arranged some business matters with Hugh. •Hello, Colewood! Have a seat," said the lawyer, scrutinizing the flushed face and nervous manner of the visitor. He wa? just wondering to himself if the un- r-xpected good fortune had turned young Colewood's head, when his visitor remarked: "You are aware of that one peculiar feature in my late aunt's will, Mr. Cranston?" Light at once dawned upon the lawyer nnd there was a twinkle in his eyes. However, he asked indifferently: "To what ppeulfcir feature do you refer, Mr. Colewood?" . "The one that absurdly commands me to marry a eirl that I have never seen." "Ob, that!" re-turned Mr, Cranston "You are a lucky fellow, Colewood. That's the best part of the fortune." "It's the most exasperating part, Hugh cried despprately. "How can a fellow love nnd wed to order." "Well it's a deal of time and bother saved to the wooer," remarked the lawyer, puffing, "I've no doubt Ethel Wayne will suit vou better than any selection you are tlle nf making." Hugh Cole»"ond flushed warmly at the lawyer's cool observation and ho spoke hotly. "I'm purn rihe won't suit me, sir. The eitates c.nn go to charity for all I care. I (Wt love nny woman, and I love my freedom too well to niHiry yet awhile. I don t want to he thru4 upon any woman for the sake of a fortune and I don t suppose Miss Wnytie cares two straws about the rd condition in my aunt s will. It is vrry likely, alth'ugh litheI had tie f.rotitps r'eppeot for the late Miss Colewood and wns v"ry careful to humor all Tnen Mrs. Thurston and Miss Wayne never drive, so they made a virtue ot necessity and sent the last resort of the place," and she laughed merrily, "It is too bad my cornine prevented you joinii K the picnickers," he said, "I you . shall" not bo ablelo forgive myself.'' "That's nothing. -I a 1 " enjoying myself now too well to think of Laurel Hill," she returned brightly. "Thank you, and at. the same . time let ine assure j< u that t, too. ani enjoying myself excellently well;" and Hugh bowed to fcbe : young girl,, wcose U>CB dropped beneath the warm hght of admiration in his blue eyes. "I hope you will enjoy .vour Visit, Mr, ColeTond, she saidi' to chn/'se tho sub- j°ct ' "I know Mr. Thnr 'o\ and Ethel will do all thoy can to matce your stay I see you understand each other pretty clearly." "Ye?, sir," said Hugh bravely; ''I have decided to enjoy love in a cottage with this dear girl rather than keep the estate with Miss Wayne." "Love in a cottage! Oh, that's too good!" And Mr. Cranston broke into a hearty laugh, in which tbe girl finally joined him. . "Will you have the goodness to explain what amuses you so much in my statement?" asked Hugh, not a little nettled. "Pardon me, Colewood. But, really, you are the victim of your own blunder." "Blunder? I don't understand you, sir, returned Hugh. "Of course not," and the lawyer laughed again. "Tnissprite, whom you took to ba the unimportant little cousin, is in reality the E hel Wayne referred to in your aunt's will. I did not tell you that there weie two Ethels, so while she was driving you over heie you jumped to the conclusion that Miss Wayne at tbe house was the Ethfl. "You seo I havfl been told all about your amusing mistake. Ethel would not explain her real identity with tre girl whom your aunt had selected for you, and, as the other ladies believed you know, you have remained the victim of your own mis- cake." Six months later theicondition in Miss Colewood's will was cheerfully obeyed.— G bun in Boston Globe. "Thank you; I've no doubt I shall find it pleasant," returned Hugh, "You, too, are one of Mrs. Thurston's summer household, L suppose?" "Yes," with a smile. "You see I am a distant relative to Mrs, Thurston; then Miss Wayne is my cousin, ana exercises a kind of cousinly guardianship over me, doubt is very necessary." "So you are Miss Wayne's cousin? I do not remember hearing Mr. Cranston mention you. I did not expect to have the pleasure of meeting any ladies but! Mra. Tnurston and Miss Wayne." "How unkind in Mr. Cranston not to prepare you for this metting," and there was a roguish gleam in her eyes which Hugh did not see. "I had up to date regarded Mr. Cranston as one of my best friends, but to ignore so utterly, when he knew I would accompany Cousin Ethel ere. looks [downright intentional neglect." • , • "You have not given me the pleasure of knowing your name," said Hugh, both amused and pleased at his pretty driver. ,"0a, I'm a Wane, too," she answered laughingly. \Eihel Estella Wayne, variously nicknamed, as you will observe lat er on." PERSONAL AL.LUSIO.tfS. James E. B. Meakin, who make a great success in London last year as a lecturer on Mohammedanism and Moorish art, will visit this country in Saptember. He was for three years editor of the Times at Tangier, and knows the country well. # * # Tne engagement is announced of William E. BaAley, of Harrisburg, Pa., and Miss Alger, of Detioit, Mich., daughter of General Russell A. Alger. ' Mr. Bailey is a son of .Charles L. 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Here was a real Why had Crans.- The earl of Clancarty is poited in the ho B«ll Telephone P»t«nt IB 18«. Ton. InTtntloB m»7 b* valuable. You ihould proUot it b; pownt Addrew tor full und Intelligent advice, Vui olcharj*, W, \V. l>l/f»I.KV •* « O., n Bollcitori of PtttonU, Paclflo BU'», JM P St., N. W., IVHHliiiiftoit, l». O. liention this pupar. If you Imvo Malaria, rilfls, Sick lluiul- jaulio, Costive Btnvcis, IJiuub Ague or '* your food docs not assimilate, ij wjua BK3i3( ton not mentioned that strange fact to him. If the E-.hel Wayne referred to in the will was only half as animated and generally captivating as the one by his side Bugh thought it might be easy matter after all to obey that condition which had so vexed him. Colewood received a cordial welcome at Mrs. Thurston's pleasant home. He found Miss Wayne to be a tall, diguified girl of about twenty-three, with coal black hair and deep gray eyes. She was unlike her little merry-h'earted cousin as it was possible to be. Yes, Hugh decided she was just euch a woman us his eccentric auut would be likely to select as the wife of her heir, In the weeks which followed Hugh's arrival he saw a great deal of Miss Wayne, although much of her time was divided between her t.c ts for literature and in remonstrating against the innocent pranks of her cousin. It did not require a long time for the young man to realize that he could never love Miss Wayne as the man should love the. girl whom he intends to marry. Hs'matle another important discovery^— that his wife would be a failure without the little cousin to furnish daily sunshine und wifely cheer for his own home. He 1 resolved to let Miss Wayna have one-half of her aunt's estate and the orphan asylum the other. He would marry the girl of his own choice, provided he could win her, and boldly fight his own wav through life. H iving so decided Hugh set out for a stroll along the river, feeling more manly for his resolve. He came suddenly upon a little figure in white, reading in a little nook by the river'H side. "Wait, Estelle," he called for she had started to run away. "I shall leave tomorrow, and I have something to say to you which pou must hear.' 1 The telltale flush which swept over face and neck at his words might have given some bint of an easy surrender. However, Gazette as a disappointment to his creditors. But if he can't pav his debts he is better off than most gentlemen who wear cororets. He has a wife who can sing for supper and kick ducats out of hats if she has to do so. L~lF you wish to do the easiest and quickest .weok'b washing you ever did, try Dobbins' Electric Sonp next washday. Follow tlie< directions. • Ask your grocer for it. Bcuii on the market 24 years. Tuko no other. d3 Tom Bigboe: "Howell Gibbon has a lieu English overcoat: and when he comus- uround toll him it doesn't fit, just for n joke." G. Washington Smith: "But I don't wan! to tell a lie." her " returned Cranston, much IlUr VHKi'J'rn, " >•«**»"— ,, ' •, annu-ed ovf-r jounp Cole wood s excitement,. "However, 1 hardlv feel able to shite whether th« t'irl would accept Mies Colewood's last frrPftt'Wary "» ,t" e s1aa P e of her iinpu'aivp nephew or not. M "I shall not privs her the opportunity said Huah, nettled at the lawyers W ° ! 'llnlcl on Olf-wood. Let's drop non- Peni0 nun 1 fomo . to business. lou like I will euro these troubles; Dose small. , »Bo, Oflloe, 31) Fnvk 1'laee, N, V. EST POU8H IN THE WORLD, i, »nd Pftlnte which »,injure tu« Iron. nud burn , Pur»w«, *nd thtf ton- p»y» tor no tin w jlMf package * 000 TiiS v-'ur auntV cPtntrP, but you cannot retain ' tlipm wiHiout pomplying with her wishes. Yon ru-y ncvor met the girl whom your 1 ounb hHs c ospn Perhaps it will benroved ihnt you are tf you opposed to ful- fillintr *he cM'fli'ion. At least, you must meet. I will arrange Hint,. 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Better send In your address for oue to-day. in a moment she ternary piquancy had regained that eus- which had more than once cxaBperated Hugh. "I'd be sorry to have you leave us with any burden on your mind,.' 1 she said pro- vokinply. "It is needless for ino to tell you why it was arrange^ for me' to met Miss Wayne here," he |»«i, unheeding her light words. "You know, I suppose, " "Some elight idea, I believe," she returned, fingering her book. "Well, I may as well tell you that that condition in my late aunt's will can never ba fulfilled." "And why not?" "Because I love another, he cried pas- iRter in the country and I'll manage nryou to Bpend a few weeks with them. You can Jon tell whether the condition is wholly obnoxloui or not. What do you you advise, thank you^sir.'J .„ who had now cooled c iii L , t,, take a business view Colewood was f'rom"G'reenville on the will Ao MS vou advise, an you, sr, replied Huirli, who had now cooled off and business view of the sionately. "0, Estelle! can you not see how tenderly, how ardently I love you? Without you T shall make a failure of life. Won't you show mercy, Estelle?" "Oh, Hugh! would you marry a poor girl when you have a chance to win a dignified bride and retain those princely estates?" she asked. "Yes, darling. I prefer you with love in a cottage to the wealthiest woman with all the estate in the world!" "Rash statement, young man." "It is true. Do not torture me longer, Estelle. Can you not love me a. little?" "No." "Then you do not love me?" "I'm afraid I do." . mock me, Estelle." . "I am «QV mocking you, Hugh, w a V6>y sweet voice, (! Tken you J|Q love we a, _, „ •" <1 aljfctle,butY«yr l mcl}," has more cities of over 25,000 population than any other state in the union. __ ,_ [ If afflicted with Sore Eyes use Dr. Isnne Thompson's Eyo Water. Druggists sell lt,25c. Scrofula In the >"i'clt. The following is fror Mra. J. W. Tillbrook, wl of the Miiyor :0f MoKee& port, Peiiu,: ''My little boy Willie, now ulx yearn old, two years ' ngo had a scrofula bunch under one ear, which the doctor luuced and it dis- We then began giving him ilffod'u Sur»ui>urllla uud the »ore healed up. Ills cure la due to JIOQU'S )*AHS» AfAKILI.A. H hat never been very robust, but now ueenu healthy and dally growing WILLIE Tin,mtooK. charged for • omo tluie. Hold's Herman rough an A Kidney Cure. A summer cold is u disagreeable •liing. It comes from exposure to th« lews of even ing or to tlio night air, and it is almost always followed by in iiltiick of malaria or by cholera :7iorbus. When you feel chilly, which s tin! first symptom, take a close of HEID'S GiiiurAJ) COXIGII A:ND K.IDXKY Cmus. This great remedy Is the beat thing for throat complaints and obstinate maladies that arise from B :old, such as asthma, catarrh, andv bronchitis. All of these begin with ft cold that is neglected, until It develops into a settled disease. REID'SI GERMAN Couan AND KIDNBY Cumf contains no poison, and it can be takeR freely and given to children without • danger. It Is a never-failing remedy for croup and will relieve the worst case instantly. Ask your druggist fon It, and do not let him give you any- 1 thing else. The small bottles are 2& cents, the large ones 50 cents. SYLVAN REJIEDY Co., Poorin, 111. A Pleasant Route TO PLEASANT PLACES. TO TUB EASTERN SUMMER RESORTS. Send for Tourist Polder. 0. K. WIL \V(ibt. Pass. . , CU.UAUO. G. I 1 . & r. A., Ul.liVKLa.Kr>. Can be ift-irfi X>r. O. 1'lM'liis Brown — tho no'.oil Li I U Wpllcp-y Nv«clnM«r. »»<> H.-.-li- f I I «\ uliNt — discovered Hint Kpilejjsy in 111 \f caused by ft poculiur dertiiiguuiunt ul: thu etomnch nnd prennrec! Ills colabrnteil 1IKKUAL UEMEDIE.S lor Ei)lleptioB, which luive (JUKED THOUSANDS of oaaos Send for pnrticuliira, 103. tlmonlnla, uud Mb "Treatise on the Cuuee nnd Cure of Epilepsy." J. Gibson Brown, 47 Grand Street, Jersey Oitjr, N. J. L Powdered mid f»rftan»t (rATXXTID.) The made, ttronytst and pvrtit Ly« Unllk* othai Ly«, U b«lnf mae, , a Ace powder and packed IB « em with removable lid, the contest* are »lwsy« readj tor ate. Will in like the belt perfumed H»rdSo4j In 20 miunlei without ttoiUny. I) Is th« host for cleaning wwte plpei, dlalnfecUng elukt, el<M*U, washing bottles, paint*, trees, etc. PENNA. SALT MF6, CO- Oen. A»t« , Phila., P&, •OB HICKMU can r»r SICK HEAI>- ACHE, hdp«lnd dljt.tlou.cenrtt. p«tlott,CarpM £lan<ift* Th<7«roiuv U*J •rcKBt, ramOT« ««UM«. dl*« . iltwx Act Hkt nugir on Kid- n<Jy»«ndblu(l<Iur. Ooaanw ullloai ncrvons at*" order*. Ectihllih «*• aral Uiltl AOTIOH. Bnnntlfy comi'letton ">y purlfylns blond. POBILT Viurri.LM. »h« tan U nlctlj wtJuitrdbiiuUeMji. u <">«F}|1"», n«?er bt ti» much. EKU vi»l cont«ln« n, «rrlea la re« SSUite'i&^k?."^!^"^'^^ when. All j»num«go»d> b««r"0r««e«nl." Send Jont rt»mp. You get SS pup book with tiuupl*. DR. HARTDB UEOICINE CO.. St. Loulk. M*v i WEEKLY mm EADQUARTERS for LOW PRICES *jiii.-^* *•» r^uir''nK>3K3CDvasiLCKna0atfuwL*A'r£Aiur/^'ATwt(vuii Oreani.lMat C>rU,SleIglii . OBavoivllourgooucabliouatomers [rom^Qto 76 iier cent, on a, largo variety or useful articles besides .400 Kinds of SCALES ,\vhioU we luanufaoture.flend 'forCircularsandPrices, The following are among the Ar- tlcleswo soil; Bicycles, Wutebei. ADI .Bateii Hewing Machlaei.Carrlagei, Wagons, Uoad n. Buggies .Birnoii.VortibleFoiTei.inf Hi,VJ if g.Feed BlU*,€ldtr!UJIf,BU* CUIOiGOSCALKCO,,ChIc BYON & HEALY, HOI B3 Monroe St., Chicago. Will Mall Free their newly enlarged — Catalogue o.' Band Infitruinents, Unl. forms and Equipments, 100 Fine 11 lustrations, describinif every article required by Bauda or Drum Corps, Contains In&tructlons for Amateur Hani. Exerclsea and Drum Alajor's Tactics, lly n and a Selected List oi Band Uuiic FAT FOLKS REDUCED Doiuocratic pttjiur In the United Status. isaSi K^ 11 SSm slll i^f?K»^ to do with tho SVCJrjKI/V COUitl.fcHvJWJ- NAL'S lawful, lojrliimiiio, tribute absolutely 1'reo j. v .^-^-« - -- T - - uouost pluu to To subscribers who may unswor accurately OT oome nearest to answering accurately OOP- tain questions vetrurdlng tlio ^'^tiM , election to occur in November, 1892. inero- will bo One Grand Prize of $IO,OU0 AND 44 PRIZES OP $100 BACH. Every- rubsoHber at •! a year gets the > Scutes* Deniuonitto paper published for 63 weeks.. Patents! Pensions! Send for luvontor'u Guide or How to Obtain a Puteut,. Baud (or Digest of I'l'nifoinuid lloiituv I.KWU. . O'Fari'i-ll, U'uoliiiiKiuii, J>. t). BARLOWS INDJGO Bigg. Tho Family Wash Blue, for Bale by Grocers. JIoort'B I'llld do uot weakeii, bat aid dlgostloo »nd toue the itouaeb, Xi? tliem, 26o. THE ONLY SVItE t'VBE. Price 01.00 by mail UEMOBUIA CO.^10 yulton St., K.w York NOVELL DIAMOND CYCLES For fcaq!o» ana Cant*, 6K otr inPn.umBtJcOufhlpn.ndioljd StrJoUr BIOS QIUDB la ifrtrr P*rtloul»r. Ptto'i Remedy fpi Catarrh. U tb» Beat. Easiest to Vw, Every promise it makes Is always 1 u 11 Hod. amle coy of the paper, oonta ulutf futt COMPANY^ !«I/*RfpAN*8*VABulV^*eJiiat»fc SSa. flio utoiuucli, liver nnd Tjowela, puri-, ,. fy UK, wood, sro pufo awl effectual i, ,. the beat lucdirinu knowu for bilious- • ness, eoiiBtlpuilon, djGuepida, foul > (jrea(li,)n'ail.'ielw,iuei:Jal depression,»" painful dlL'tstiou, hiul coinulexlou, ' and nil dlwiueucauiit'd by (allure ol ' tlio Btoiiiuub, liver or bowels to per- ' • form their proper (unctions. PITSOIIB (tUen to over- eatlne are Bouellted by taking oue after eiieu uienl. •Price « : eaiunle. 16c. At Urufu-l.-its, or sent by mall. ,, RfflNS OHEM10AL CO., jusiiruce St., Now Yurk., , '•••• KILL HBEI In the aiok of tlm* oomw Uutcber'* Klllvr. Certain d«ath to File*. NQ mor» bB«lin« iroaad jrour ««r», or dlriag »t jour none, or oollld. lag with /o»r eye«. D» ^faJ tien and »eour» »«»o«. fr'ltWWif. V*'

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