The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1891
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1801. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PACT/. West—Pass.— ..0:02 a: . . No. 3 Freight- No. 0 No. 13 No. 5 . ..4:37pm , 7:15 am No. 8 ;ll:45a m No. 14.... . 8:17pmNo. 10.... East—Pass.— No. 3 10:29 a m . 9:30pm .11:55 p m . 2:30 p m .12:15 am .. No.4 Freight— CHICAGO A NORTHWESTERN. North—- Blmore pass..4:0npm St. Paul frt.. .9:55 a m South Elmorepass 12 -.20 p m DesMolnesft 7:35 p m his THE CITY. A. P. Hall is very sick. Dr. Barr has been improving lawn the past week. Read Carter and Townsend & Langdon for grocery prices. F. H. Vesper went yesterday to Wisconsin on a business trip. The mayor says all sidewalks must be fixed in the next ten days. Prudence lodge meets tomorrow evening for work in the second. Jas. Orr has put a coat of paint on R. B. Warren's house the past week. Miss Hattie Stephens is now saleslady at Jas. Taylor's popular store. N Miss Myrtle Putsch is just recovering from a severe attack of tonsilitis. Geo. Simpkins has moved into his house in town and is now at homo bore. John G. Smith and Henry Durant go to Fonda today to the shooting match. V. S. Ellis says tho county fair premium list will be issued the first week in June. A handsome upright piano was unboxed Monday at Geo. Galbraith's home. , J. C. Raymond, S. Mayne, and Judge Cook are among the visiting attorneys at court. Ladies who want spring hats will read what Jas. Taylor says about them this week. The Marshalltown orchestra gave fine music* Saturday evening, and a pleasant party enjoyed it. Marriage licenses have been issued to Frank Frambach and Cora Clark, Fred. Bergman and-Katio Meinburg. Matt Holzbauer is going 'to be successful in stopping the paths in the court yard lawn. Matt will deserve a premium. Mr. Sarchett has bought of Mrs. Benham the old Haggard place, in the north part of town, and has nicely repainted it. John Goeders has something to say to our readers this week which will interest then. We do not need to tell where to find it. Mrs. A. H. Langdon came Monday evening to make a short visit with rel- tives. Mr. Langdou is expected here to spend Sunday. Our columns are pretty well edited this week by our business men. The shrewd reader will find them full of interest and value. The st-ite shootiiig meeting will be held at Des Moines next week Tuesday to Thursday. A number are going from here to attend. Frank Winkel's children are having a bad time with the fever, but tho worst case is now improving and hopes are felt for their recovery. Treasurer Lantry was confined to his home'a day last week with an attack of grip, or something like it. It was his first sickness in many years. The city council on Monday evening elected S. S. Stebbins street commissioner. He will make a good one, and it is suicl will accept the place, Another car load of brood mares was brought in from the eastern part of the state last week by Sheriff Stephens. He was out and selected them himself. The cases of Geo. W. Hanna and others against the Northwestern road for putting them off the freight train _a couple of years ago are coming on this term. Bert Barr, Mart Weaver, J. A. Freeh, James Stowe, and others are planning to go to Fort Dodge for the examination for West Point. The day set is Friday. Reporter Grier says he is making a transcript of the evidence in the Schichtl divorce case, and that it is being taken to the supreme court for rehearing. The school board met Monday evening and engaged Miss Fahnestock to give vcwal lessons in the public schools -,. next year. Her work has been very '* succsesful. Frank Bros.' 5 big adv«l % lisement calls attention to itself 'this week. They ' have clothing prices to match grocery prices, and now is the time to look over their big stock. Landlord TeWa'nt is driving a span ol colts which uVe not beaten everyday, and he : don*t v e'are who knows that they "were siredtoy King David. They make ~, team. friends, and were taken by Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt to the old home at Elgin, 111. Mrs. Moffatt was past 80 years of age, and her death was not unexpected. She was highly respected by all who knew her, and had rounded out a useful and fruitful life. Mr. and Mrs. Moffatt are expected home this week. Superintendent Carey,attended the superintendents' meeting at LeMars last week, and says it wns much more enthusiastic than a year ago. President Schaefer of Iowa City, State Superintendent S.abin, and other prominent educators were present. S. S. Sessions succeeds J. W. Bartlett as agent of the New England company. Mr* Bartlett has secured a fine business in the county, and Mr. Sessions will have no difficulty in increasing it. The company is lucky in finding so good a man to take charge of their work. Paul Moore, a cousin of Milt Moore of Fenton, was leading a calf last week when in some way he was thrown nnd the calf stepped on his leg, breaking both bones above the ankle. Drs. Morse & Pride mended the leg, and he will soon be ready for another tussle. Algona now enjoys the distinction of young Satur- having a boat house. A bee of men gathered at the mill pond day and put it up. There are three boats on the river and others are talked of, and boating bids fair to bo quite a sport even with our limited facilities. Rev. McDonald will preach in the Episcopal church next Sunday, communion after the morning service. This is Rev. McDonald's last visit to Algona, as ho will leave Emmetsburg to seek health for his wife. Ho hopes to meet all his old friends at church. Our Algona architect, T. H. Conner, was at Spencer last week and made plans for a $5,000 addition to the Earling hotel. This is already a fine largo building and a good hotel, but the proprietors propose to double its capacity. They accepted Mr. Conner's design as soon as they saw it. Another Fourth of July celebration is being discussed a little. As we remember it the celebration last year was not unanimously complimented by the county, and the people in town feel like trying a second time. Algona ought not to quit until she gets up an old-fashioned, rousing celebration. John Paul, the big lumber man of Wisconsin, took in the sights at Algona last week. He was out buying horses for the lumber regions, but got none here. He bought seven at Mason City. He would look at nothing weighing under 1,500 pounds, and that kind of horses are not yet plenty hereabouts. Speakers are now training for another silvar medal declamatory contest to be gfven soon. Bancroft also is getting '•up another contest. A gold medal congest can be held before long. 'The two fronts opposite THE UPPER DES MOINES office are going in rapidly. Business men are rushing to get into the moral neighborhood of the reading room and THE UPPER DES MOINES. Judge Carr arrived Monday for co'uvt and has thus far cleared up some pr^- liminary business, and the jury is hear 1 - inff evidence in a caso against Super* visor Peters for damage caused by his cattle. Secretary Blackford of the mu^viaUii- surancecompany^suesacaUitv^is^ O W. McMurray has a building job on hand at Forest City, and has;been at work for some days trying to *;fret help to take with him. But carpferfters are so busy here that it is. diHKylt to ar• **. . rr ^ ^'ii "U™ 'Ttnoiv <• jn-l- i3v\»i/Mjf Two nights of popular exhibitions of electrical phenomena are promised for next Tuesday and Wednesday, May 19 and 20. Louis Favour will show all the wonderful sights which electricians produce, too numerous for recital. The admission will bo 25 and 15 cents, and our readers will find profit in coming from all over the county. Landlord Davenport will leave Algona and the Thorington house. He is away at present looking for a new location We understand that Mr. Hess, who owns it, will keep it open and a new landlord will soon be installed. It is reported that Mr. Davenport has lost money in the house, and is having trouble in meeting bills that are due. A sensation was caused at Burt Friday by the sudden disappearance of the 14-year-old daughter of Byron Hodgson. The mystery was solved, however, by her return with a young man whom she had married. Her father had forbidden •him the house, but "love laughs at locksmiths." Someone broke the law in getting a license for so young a girl. The Catholic ladies of Algona are seriously discussing establishing a dining hall at Des Moines for the state fair. If they do visitors can expect something besides the sloppy coffee and cold victuals they usually get there for their 50 cents> If the ladies go it will be with a view of starting a fund for the new chut-ch the Catholics are beginning to talk seriously about. We notice in the Bancroft Register a flattering report of the Farmers' and Traders' bank. In 1890 its deposits were $13,019.80, and now they are $25,879.36. Its total resources in 1890 were $20,796.71, and now are $37,740.09. This remarkable growth in one year speaks for the business of Bancroft, as well as for the popularity and confidence Mr, Richmond's bank enjoys. Block, the Minnesota state champion trap shooter, went as McHale at our contest. McHale proposed the law in Minnesota prohibiting women from wearing tights, and everybody from that state goes as McHale. It is said that when McHale comes to town he finds his team with their legs dressed, and the boys put trousers on his dog, and someone even dressed up his table legs while ho was absent. A. C. Parker is over from Spencer to = a final settlement of the " Y" case f he can. Judge Carr has overruled the railway demurrer which raised the legal question. It now remains for the companies to stand on their demurrer or to answer and have another trial oil the western business of the firm, nnd leave the road. He has been a successful salesman, and this promotion gives him a permanent location in a handsome city, and full control of a wide territory. The tramps still continue to dislike this section. Three of them were taken in Saturday night, and Monday 'Squire Taylor gave thorn eight days work on the streets. They are under Marshal Dailey's charge and they will work or not eat. Under the new law they cannot have tobacco, or anything of that kind, and Sheriff Stephens has relieved them of the supply they had when f hcy arrived, and they will get no more. They will hail the hour they can leave Algona. Director Sessions is at work on his car load exhibit for the state fair. B. F. Smith is arranging to make a Chester White exhibit, and with Col. Spencer's Jersey's a good showing is already assured. Every farmer should feel an interest in helping this project, for it is just as easy for Kossuth to make a fine display at Des Moines as it is for any county in Iowa. The freight cost will bo light, and there will always bo a number of people- from the county to watch over anything that is taken. Tho anniversary services of tho Baptist church will be held next Sunday with meeting morning, afternoon and evening. In tho morning there will be a sermon with Sunday school following; in the afternoon a roll call of all tho members with a response from each; in the evening historical sketches of the church and its auxilliary organizations. Every member is specially requested to bo present at tho afternoon services, and a general invitation is ox- tended to tho pcoplo to bo present during tho day. Between bicycles and Shetland ponies Algona is becoming strictly motropoli- tain. There are over 30 new wheels in town and now a full half dozen Shet- lands have arrived. J. F. Nicoulin received two last week, Geo. Galbraith one, and W. F. Carter has one coming. In tho meantime Geo. E. Clarke has a handsome cart for his, and with A. D. Clarke's it makes a fine show on the streets. Shetlands are serviceable little animals for town, and attractive ornaments. When they all get out it will be a pleasant spectacle. Coleman Chubb was seriously hurt yesterday while watering his horse, near Nate Robinson's. He took tho bits out of the mouth to let tho horse drink, and while in that shape tho horse became frightened. Mr. Chubb hung to him, and in tho excitement tho wagon was tipped over, and both uaan and horse fell. Mr. Chubb was badly hurt on one side of tho face, and on the neck and down his left side. The pain made him very sick, and he was carried home, where Dr. Barr was called at once. It is thought nothing serious will result, but all accidents are dangerous. Many friends will learn of this with regret. Although a little late tho shooting tournament was so successful last week that it deserves a full report. The visitors were all pleased with the entertainment and gave tho credit that was fully deserved to Mr. Smith and those who assisted him in arranging so pleasant a meeting. But lack of space forbids full scores and we can give only those winning first moneys. Sundstrom, J. G. Smith, and Block were the only winners of first money alone. Budd divided first five times,, Durant three times, West four times, Block six times, Grimm eight times, Steinberg twice, etc. This shows the winning shooters, Our local shots were at the front throughout and held their own with tho best in the west. The school board held its regular meeting Saturday evening to elect teachers for the coming year, and very speedily settled matters by re-electing the old corps. Miss Marcy was not a candidate for her' room, as sho has another place in view and a larger salary. Sho has been a very excellent teacher, and will leave many friends in Algona. Her place has not been filled. Otherwise the board took no action except to reduce the salary of one room so that $40 a month is now the pay in all the rooms except tho primary and high school rooms. The re-election throughout is a high compliment to tho teachers, and one well deserved if public approval of their work be accepted as a test. Our schools have been a source of pride to the town during tho year. DANCE at the Algona rink May 22. Everybody cordially invited. Como and have a good time. G'ood music. Tickets for dance $1. THIS MAY INTEBESf YOU. Tho Kossutli Comity Mutual Tnsur- nnco Company—Ofllclnl Xotlcc. SECRETARY'S OFFICE, Algona, May 13, 1891.—-To all members of tho company: In accordance with the articles of association I hereby notify you that the following changes arc proposed and will Come up for action nt tho next annual meeting, Juno 0, 1891: Insert is Art. 1, after tho first paragraph : " Also school houses nnd churches where they arc located outside of cities, towns, or villages.'' Add to Art. 4: " Any person shall bo entitled to insure live stock upon tho ^amo terma and under tho sumo conditions ns other personal property for such amounts ns hey sec fit, (subject to the limitations provided by tho by-laws), provided each animal' so insured shall bo described in such manner as to bo readily identified in case of loss." Add to tho beginning of Art. 6: " An annual assessment of one mill on tho dollar shall becomo duo and payable upon tho first day of July of each vcar, and until this fund bocomoa exhausted no other assessment shall bo made." These changes may bo made at tho annual mooting by a two-thirds voto of tho members present; so if you think that they will bo good or bad, do not fail to bo present and voto as your judgment dictates. The annual meeting will bo hold at the court house in Algona, on Tuesday, Juno 0, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. Remember, this is your company, and you each have an equal interest in its success, and wo hope to moot you all at that time to perfect plans for tho future. Yours respectfully, E. BLACKFOKO, Secretary. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Geo. C. Cull is expected buck from Texas this week. A. L. Ilist was ut Sioux City hist week attending tho stuto dental mooting. \V. H. Inghaui wont to Council Bluffs on Monday to spend a day there and at Omaha. It is rumored that Robt. ChrischHlos will go to Llano lu a few weeks for a visit, mid possibly to make his homo. S. S. Sessions will go to Dos Moines next week to plat his lots at tho state full- grounds, and got ready for tho fall mooting. Mrs. .Tonh G. Smith will go toDcsMoincs next woolc with Mr. Smith, who goes as president of the State Sportsman's association. Dr. and Mrs. Ensign huvo boon homo from California for over a week, but tho doctor has not boon well and has not been out much. Our Kossuth air will soon bring him out. Mr. and Mrs. \V. V. Cm-Ion nnd Mrs. Kinzoy Curlon have boon visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dodge. Mrs. Kinney Carlon united with tho Congregational church Sunday, as did also Mr. and Mrs. Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lull. Mr. and Mrs. Pitt Cravath surprised thoir friends by arriving in Algona Sunday morning for a fuw clay's visit. Time passes tho erstwhile UI'PBK Diss MOINHS editor and his wifo lightly, and they huvo scarcely changed since they left Algona. They find Algona changed, however, in many material respects, though not in tho hearty welcome which it always extends to its old friends. The Cash Store Still Open! Doing'business at the old stand. Oil is still very cheap. Flour as follows: Best Patent, per sack, $1.45; Half patent, $1.40; Straight, $1.20. (grWo still Imvo a small lot. of our colehrntod CHEAP FLOUR, which we have boon selling all winter at $1.1") per suck. Tho price on this rcinnins the same. TRY A SACK. 1 doz Clothes Pins for t pkg fie Ycnst for 1 pkg Sodu (Strictly Pure) 1 pkg Pixcm Stove Polish , 1 box Axle (ireuse .01 i !13 Ixirs (iond Laundry Soap ........... ? .90 .(>:! •_>() His I'hoii-o Uiittor OiirUors ......... 1.<>0 .05 1:2 His Choice Cnl. llrioil Grapes ....... 1.00 . .Oil . A good Lantern for only ................ •,'!) His Crystal Kiev for ................. UX> 12 Ihs Choice KnlMns for .............. I IHJ.X ./V.MU VI I V.'iin<J •*-" t box Lewis' Lye to ' We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and sec us. |jJ3grWc arc agents for Rock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANGDON. COMING I New G-oods every week to i i i R Buy your Boots, your Slices, your Slippers, and your baby shoes of Corn. I am paying tho highest market price for corn, on my farm a mile oast of Algona.-33 C. L. LUND. THE Douglas shoo at Stough's. PATTERSON BROS, always on top! Gasolene, 9ic a gallon; headlight oil, 9*c, and prime white only 7jc. Como early, buy now and save money. A CAR of bran just received at W. F. Carter's. ARE you hard to fit with shoes? If so call on F. S. Stough. He can lit you. BARGAINS in tea of all kinds at W. F. Carter's. STOP and see tho steam washing machine when in town. The Grange Store. GKcocerles, Cioofeery, Stc. FOR SALE—For cash or on time, ten good new milk cows for $200. Joseph Mathews.-7t2 W. S. DAVIS \B hero with the best washing machine ever made. A child can run it. It docs not wear clothes. It is cheap. Look at it, BIG tumble in oil, flour, and sugar at Patterson Bros. Wo are soiling the best oil and gasolene at 9ic a gallon; prime white oil, only 71c. HOME-MADE harness at Stough's. pa Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. the facts. It is not certain what course they will pursue, but in any e.vent the n V will VIA U'pmt, luHt.ntino-. \Vhnn it, Y" will be kept agitating. When will bo built is a question for the certain future* it un- CHASE & SANBORN'S fees at W. F. Carter's. celebrated cof- JAS. A. ORR, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsomining, etc., in the latest and best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and get prices before letting your work. A. J. llobittsott n'Ojb Bought 'out a drug 1 store at Brltt arid goes Friday to take possession. His place in Dr. BheB,te' attire will be Tilled by a brother of Bllner Matthews, He has been a popular and efficient man in Algona and will give Britt a well conducted and reliable drug store,'and will meet with undoubted success. His genial Banner and nine years' experience •as a druggist m^ke him a valuable acquisition to our neighboring town. Mrs. Rev. Black was chosen president of the district missionary society organized at the meeting Thursday and Friday. Miss Cushman was prevented by ill health from attending, but M'iss Pierson of Des" Moines was here 'and also delegates, from the distric't. A good programme was given in which were excellent! papers by Mrs. Cowles and Miss Wise. The choice of A CAR of bran just received at W. F. Carter's, . FOB SALlil—Twelve Short-horn bulls, fit for service. Time given if desired. Also a good young work horse. Apply to Henry Keller at my old farm, or at my office. J. B. Jones.-4t4 To RENT—House, five rooms. J. E. Stacy, SEEDS, SEEDS! Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. Successor to J. J. Wilson. Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, - IOWA. ALEX. WHITE, Agent. Handles the lost of all descriptions of range "it. He will be City for some weeks. busy |; at Forest The aged mother oif .A. W.. Moffatt, ,vn Viod JYJIOII vni-v ill ''for some time. who haJbeen very ill '.for .some died Friday last, and. '.Saturday, brief exercises cottdHicted by Davidson, her to the &>ain fo, time, after remains were escorted a 'minitoer of family dent puts the presi- nonv yv.^ «„- association under good leadership for the ensuing year. Many friends of Will. Hutchinson, who made Jiis home in Algona a short time ago and who has been on the road through here for many years, will be interested in knowing that he leaves Sioux City this spring and goes to Denver. He will there have full charge of BARGAINS in tea of all *. Carter's. kinds at W. AGENTS wanted for the Davis steam washing machine. FOR plow boots and plow shoes call at F. S. Stough's. LADIKS wishing hats made over will, find Mrs. Z. L. Holman in rooms over Cordingley's store.-8 H. A, SESSIONS, "DEALER IN MONUMENTS AND HEADSTONES, Granite or Marble, ALGONA, - - IOWA. CHASE & SANBORN'S fees at W- F, Carter's. celebrated oo'f- I HAVE tho finest line'of ladies' ; shoes in Algona. Call and look -them over'at F. S. Satisfaction guaranteed In ail'cuseK. TIME NOTICE. This is to give notice to all concerned that I Uave given iny »on, Frederick Hutchluaon, his time, and hereafter pay no d.ebts'ooatracted py him, nor claim any of &U> ' Algona, May 6, inohidev everything tlui-t is possibly needed for the construction of any thing from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALE. COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your Ulls, and we will prove that this is not merely idle talk. The New Meat Market. BENNETT & ANDEESON, Proprietor* ol the new market on TUorlngton street, keep everything In freph and salt meat. Freeh fish every Fiigay. Cowje yua se« us. Auctioneering Done. Tlio uudei-slaned will cry pubBo sales Kossuth aiid ftcgoinlng counties. yours 1 Bxperlenqa. Teri rso

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