St. Catherines Standard from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada on September 1, 1892 · 2
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St. Catherines Standard from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada · 2

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1892
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THE DAILY STANDARD cnscairrioa bath. I; c address Id Canada, the United Bate or Great Britain. Ont year. In tdTinr ............n..... $J Btx monins. In auvanro JJJ Three months, In advance....... ........... One moth. lu advance - At raiiiUniuasa by trait, sftpress, poetoflfce enter or registered letter at ont own risk. ADYEBTlStgO tATH. Ordinary advertisements. D cent per Una. Weeding Notices, 1 rents per line. . . Births, Marriages and Deaths, So cents tart m- Oon!tnM advertisements. writ aiRHasilens YareuL K.a-lianlua or W aiird . Hou'w.i to Let or toir Bala, llnanl. Lout or KomBuahwaB Card, Pperlhe ArU-tes. Prof Mlonal, Edorailoa . m., i fiiTpar word; anything under Unto count MAUvtrdB Cor advertising far definite pmoda Bads at reduced rates. THE WEEKLY STANDARD. Cant to any addraaa tor cm year, In advance, Tha rata of advertising la 10 eanta par lina. casual Insertion. . , Oondenitad advertisements. t cant par word for eaaaai iuaerOrine. Ountreeta aiada at apadal ,W1 THE JOB DEPARTMENT. Thb STasnaan Job department aow ia aa-callant condition, and order for all kind; of work trill M aaucotad with naatncH and despatch. IilcphoM-Va ML STANDARD PRINTING COMPANY. W B. Bcaoovaa, Manager bt Sfcmtrnri. 'THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1892. Toting on the T., IL A B. by-law tabes place to-morrow in llamilton. The readers of the Hamilton papers will lieave a sigh ol relief. This is the first of September, and the retaliation of President Harrison goes into effect to-day on the Sault Ste. Mar ie canal. Canada btill lives. of Lis namesake in Ottawa dil, was ako considerate enough to help the province out by dying this year instead of last. No doubt these estimable gcntWnen have now no further need for large annual incomes, and their heirs can struggle along with what is left after Sir Oliver has taken his share. But all the Baine the incident goes to show the financial straits to which the province is brought, and that the good premier is constantly on the lookout for new sources of income. THINGS WORTH KNOWING. Mr. Gladstone was attacked yesterday by an unruly heifer. "We expect the Hamilton Times will find some way to lay this outrage at the door of the wicked Tories. Toronto is largely Ontario."1 Toronto Evening News. That is brief, hut wo suggest that It be amended to read Toronto is Ontario, which would probably express the sentiments of many of the leading citizens of Hog-town. St. Catharines lias a one-horse road connecting with the Michigan Central, but it dons not secure cheap freight rates to St. Catharines. Spectator. The N. C. It. may ho a one-horse road, but our contemporary is politely informed that it does secure cheap freight (and passenger) rates to and from this city. And, it will do the same for Hamilton when that city comes to its senses. The want of uniformity in the legislation regarding marriage and divorce in the United States causes much confusion. A divorce granted in Dakota may not he valid in New York, and so on. Congress cannot interpose, as it is prevented by the constitution from legislating on these subjects, but commissioners from tho States interested will confer with a view to move in the direction of more uniform laws by the Stale legislatures. The completion of the Niagara Falls tunnel on the American side is near at hand, and it is expected that early in 1303 power may be furnished. The ultimate capacity of the tunnel is to be 100,1 km) horse jiower for 21 hours. The rates announced for power are: $10 per horse power or more; $10.50 for 4,500 horse power; 111 for 4,003 horse power, and by ascending scale to (21 for SIX) licrse power, all for 21 hours a day if desi r. d. The tunnel on the Canadian side, also under construction by the same company, will need to le only one-tentli as long as the American tunnel to d-tel op an equal power. The power will probably lie electrically distributed. The age at which pupils are ullowcd to enter the public schools dliler considerably in the various States of the American Union. Of tho 13 States and Territories. 0 admit them at four years of age, 13 at five, 20 at six, 3 at seven, and 1 at eight. The States admitting them at four are Maine, Connecticut, Florida and Montana. The schools of Alabama ar,d North and South Dakota do not receive them till they are seven, and thoo of Texas exclude them till they are eight, and oniy then to attend till they are sixteen. Twenty-fire of tho States ar.d Territories allow pupils to attend the public schools till they arrive at tLe age of twenty-one. Of the remainder the " school ago terminates at twei:y in 9, at eighteen in 7, at sixteen in 5. and at fifteen in 3. The receipts from Mr. Mowat's succession tax jromise to aggregate this year about 11'O.OX), a druggist of Ottawa named Roberts, worth ('iOO.O'.O or 700IOX! having obligingly shuflled off this mortal coil, so that Sir Oliver might get I to. 00 j to (OO.ikk), while in-cthor Ho!r ? cf Chatham, who Lad only acci;njvlat 1 so mi eh as to yield JLu: littla ct. c 1 all t'-w vu the to: taaj' The September Ltulie' Home Journal furnishes the following paragraph may be carefully read and prawned by the in-duiitrioua matron. A Peliclane Cough Candy. A delightful cough candy is made from the following receipt, and will be found a niuet agreeable medicine as well as leuefi-cial to all who use their voices and are troubled with throat affections : Break up a cupful of alippcry elm lrk t let it souk au hour or two in a cupful of water. Half till a cup with flax seed, and fill up to the hrim w ith water, leaving to eoak the sume time ne the slippery elm. When you are ready to make the candy, put one pound and a half of brown sugar in a porcelain stew-ian over the fire. Strain the water from tne flax scad and slippery elm ami jiour over it. Stir constantly until it begins to Ixril ami turn back to sugar. Then pour it out, and it will break up into mall crumbly pieces. A little lemon juice may be added if dcaired. Be sure It use tho same measuring clip. Tali Ins Care nr Lamps, Buy the best oil. Fill the lanqia by daylight. Lamps should be kept well filled. Never attempt to light a lamp that a only partly tillud. Keep the oil can closed and iu a cool place. Lamps to be carried should be of metal and have handles. See that any hanging lamps you may have are securely hung. When buying lamps select thine in which the end of the burner is considerably elevat ed above the body of the lamp. Watch your wicks closely, ami change them before they become too short. If burning oil gets upon the floor smother with woollen bluukete or rugs. To Clean Marble. Mix two parts of powdered whiling with one pound of powdered bluing and half pound of soft soap, and allow it to come to aboil ; while still hot apply with a soft cloth to the stained marble and allow it to remain there until quite dry, then wash off with hot water and soap in which a little Halts of lemon has lieen dissolved. Dry well with a piece of soft flannel, and your marble will bo clean and white as wliea new. A Relief for Rheumatism. Fut half a large eoffeocupful of the best white wine vinegar, the sume quantity of turpentine and the lieaten whites of two eggs into a wide-mouthed bottle, ami shake thoroughly. 1our alxmt a teuxpnonful of this mixture over a jiieuo of red flannel anil apply wherever the min is most severe ; over the flannel lay a small piece of oiled ilk. Belief will be almost instantaneous. f Clean a Hair llrusli. To clean hair brashes, dip them up anil down in soda water, rinse in tepid water in which a little ainiuimin has been mixed.' Place several thicknesses of brown paper on tlie luck of a very moderate oven, set the brushes upon this, bristles down, ami dry Starch for Collars and Cuff. Add to each quart of well-boiled starch half a teasjKxniful of powdered borax and tiny piece of Uni, and dip tlie collars ami cults in wliilu the starch is quite hot. Use a polished iron, and your collar and cuffs will look like new. Remedy for Hives. Mix thoroughly a cupful of mnlmses, a teaspomiful of jkiwdued sulphur ami a tea sHHuifiil of ci earn of tartar. Take a tea-SMHinful of this mixture every inorning, before bti-uafujit, until quite recovered. A (ion, I Oinrnt fnr ( liinii. Mix with a strong solution of gum arable and water enough plaster of Pan to make a thick pustc. Apply this with a camel's hair brush to tuu broken edge and unite. A (innd Mucilage, The best mucilage is made from gum tia-gtmanth and water. When well ili.oilveil, add a few drops of oil of clmcs sud a tiny piece of alum. T Re-torn lllark Cashmere. Wu.di it iu lint smls with a little Wax in the water; rinse in very strong bluing water, aud iron while damp. Cure of Spectacles. Keep an old soft linen pocket handkerchief to clean your spectacles with. If necessary, tin y may cli-une.l with a little ammonia water. l)o not put them under your pillow at night, and be careful to keep the fiaines straight, otherwise the lenses will not lx true and your sight will sutler accordingly. A Method of Removing Gras Stains. During the s iimmer moutl.s it i. a com. moti thing to have more than one light dress stained by the grass. Such marks are exsdy removed with alcohol. Put a little of the liquid in a saucer and wet the stained part wuh it. Bub well, and tlie green will disappear. GLADSTONE ATTACKED.! I The Aged Statesman Knocked Down by on 1'nrnly Heifer. London,. Aug. 81. Mr. Gladstone was knocked down by a heifer in the park at llawarden this afternoon, but managed to rise and get behind a tree, ne dodged the animal for a while and it finally ran olT. Mr. Gladstone was severely shaken, but otherwise uninjured. . When Mr. Gladstone reached home and related his story a number of men set out to capture tne heifer. It was pursued for some distance, and as it showed fight when overtaken was shot to death. Water Commission. Tlie Board of Water Commissioners met last evening, ail the members being present excepting Mr. Montgomery. Communications were received from F. J. Timmcns, secretary of the Gas Company, applying for a duplicate key of tne water meter house on the gas works premises. Thos. Kihan,enquiring on what terms he could get water for his residence on the corner of Geneva and Carleton streets. John Bollison, city clerk, enclosing an abstract of the auditors' report, re the commission's account. James Battle, calling attention to his claim for damages. Superintendent Mills reported that the wooden culvert under tne railways leading to Thorold and the Beaverdams had become so decayed that the roadway is constantly sinking and becoming dangerous to passing teems, and asking authority to replace the culvert by a twelve-inch drain pipe, thus making a permanent waterway. On motion the authority was granted. Treasurer Mittleberger submitted an explanation of the difference existing between his account and Secretary Johnston's, as of the 1st of July last, and admitted that official notice should have been sent to the commission. The Finance Committee rejiorted regarding the difference existing between the accounts of the secretary and treasurer for 18H9 of the sum of (202.57, and recommended that authority be given the treasurer to make such alterations in the charges of his account, or changes from revenue to extension, as will cor-tespond with the auditors' report, which is in accordance with that of the secretary of the commission. Adopted. The Finance Committee also reported, recommending the payment of payroll and accounts, in all amounting to $32-1.47. Adopted. Moved by Mr. Woodruff, seconded by Mr. Kiddeil, that the sum of $330, the amount received from the gas company suit, be paid to the city treasurer. Carried. On motion of Messrs. Hiddell and Woodruff, the superintendent and sec rotary were each allowed ten days holidays during September, to be taken when their duties will be least interfered with. On motion of Messrs. Biddell and Carlisle, the application of Mr. Thomas Nihan was granted, subject to the rules and regulations of the commission and upon the same terms as granted to Mr. McLellan, on the Queenston road. The commission then adjourned. At the Park To-night. The 19th battalion band (D. McManus bandmaster) will render the following programme at the park this evening: Q-ikk March. ..Loro and Creiragw Metoa ' aie Grandeur of the Ocean.. ......Hoyle Overture Arradis. Seaman . Grand Slow March ..Victoria D. Mi M-uu Valsa Love Bong D. Mi Manus Svhjciake Amelia D. McManus Gu AI XUS qVlU- IIow to Cure Headache. Dear Sirs I havo used your Burdock Blood Bitters for biliousness aud sick headache and never neglect to praise it. It brings the flush of health to ones cheeks, and I recommend it highly. Annis Beach, Stevcnsvillo, Ont. J, CUR -,j- -r COLIC A CAUTION EACH PLUG OF TIIE IIHTLE HAYY IS MASKED T.&B. IN BRONZE BETTERS. SOIE OTHER CE1IHE. Soothing. Cleansing, healino. lYSravl Instant Relief, Permanent jf'A Vv r Cure, failure Impossible, Many axaUoJ d:jx-a-4 are simiay n!UiWruli uf ta.t-rh, u.:u as Ltfo-isclu), luoiiu aie I of smi'ii. fvul truatli. hawking ( ami ilitting. (mitral feeliu ol di-lil!ty. etc. If pm aia tniul.iod with any of thuxe or kmilrod ayiuct-uxi. you havo Catarrh, and should lovo no time i-rixuriD a bottle cl Koxaii lie warned in nun), nvylecud cold iu head rwulu lu Catarrh, followed by eon-iuiniiti.-a and death, bold by ail kriixts, or sent, uoat paid, on m.vq-t of rice (O) ceuta aud 1; by lulUrenkiiig FULF0K0 A CO. BroekvIlle.OnL WANTSD.S 1 JOAHDERS GOOD BOOMS AND UOAKD J) eon be recured at SO Churvlijalroet. FOR BALE OR TO RENT. T 1 OK8E FOR BALE. CHEAP. OR WOULD I 1 trade for a two-wheeled cart to Beat two. Uux li, Biaulaid office. 1.-VOR BALE A MARE, HAHXE98 AKDTOP 1 Hul-kv; a 111 Mill mire witlaxit bufray: slie can tp in almit three niinu es; a lady ran drive her; will eselianae for lately bieye le. Addrei J B. Luis, tool inerebant, residence, George street ER RALE OR TO RENT ABOUT S ACRES Land aet out in fruit. Also the PoreM i." iioth properties in the Village of Queen tton. Apply to Johu PendergaiL bt. liavida. fl For bale-double frame house and ingle frame bouse cn laige kit; convenient, ly fitasted. A bargain. Add re box 17, 8 laud ard ofl're. SEVEN ROUSES AND LOTS FOR BALE OR to rent ; firm six to seven rooms: clly water ; orrhanL The whole for rt.l1". Rental, H a month each. Apply to Mra. M. . Thurston Haintr Hill. BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS. TTtOR A GOOD PHOTO GO TO FAIRBAIRN I; (mrressor to Chariot). Studio, Ontario street near Bt. Paul. riVlIE EAST-END TAILOR E. CHAPMAN. 1. 1M Church street, has a lne aenortment ol Winter Good and offers peril imlucemeuta to cuRbmiere, paitirularly the young men. A per ect tit guaranteed. Repairing neatly dune. UN Sash, doors, blinds, house furnish- Inga, pomnette flooring made to order, from pine a and Mliifoction guaranteed. Intimate cheerfully given on application at the (ketory lock f, old Wailoud ConaL lltf R. A H. J. Bbadlbt. yOBEPH PARKER, ONTARIO STREET, f J oisoiite Welland Houmi, Custom Boot and Shoe Shop, Work m-rte to onler. Fine unwed and peg work. All kinds of repairing don. Rubber work flxed. All work done in a flrtt-claai manner. JlMKPH PARKER, y SEMOVAL OF LAKK8T. LAUNDRY TO Na Si Louiea streoL Ladles and gmitleman'i. all kind of laundry work, well, cheaply and promptly executed Hhlrtaxr each; collars r lor Sc. cuff, par pair, Sc. Beod poMal card and we wil call for your gooda tf p J. DEVLIN, CONTRACTOR AD BUILDER, ( now located on Geneva street, near Balvatlan Army Barracks, and Is prepared to give estimate on any contracts. House fiuikling and repairing in all Its branches attended to an shortest notice Satisfaction Guaranteed. P. O. Box 17. MARRIAGB LlpKNSES. HTnTZsiMMONBMBTPAULrBTRKKT leaner of Marriage Licenses ;.JM Acadrm Street, even Inga ly LEOAL. TV TKEKT s' MA KQUIsi Barirfater,' Solicitors. IV Ac., HL Cothorlnss, Ont I C.Kykert,U.r A. W. Marqula Ty TH.INGRRBOLL, Barrister, Holicltnr. Ofllct over tlie Hecurtty Loan and Savings Cum panys offlcea BL Paul streeL ly TANKS A. K EYES, Barrister, Solicitor. Notary tf Public, Conveyancer, Ac. Office Dufferlt Block, M HL Paul street, BL Cothariuea Muncy to loan. ly PAT r ISON, COLLIER k SHAW. Barristers. Solicitors, Supreme Court Notaries, Convey aiice rs, Ac. t Slices on HL Paul streeL BL Calha-rinea and Front etreaL Thorold, next door tc Quebec Bonk. Money to loan on real estate non. K. Pat town, IL it. Collier, A. B. Shaw. DENTAL. c E. KLOT7,, L.D.R. Dentist, Na U 8L Paul e streeL BL Catharines Telephone Ha. FKILLMER, L.D.R., D D.H., Honor greduate e of Toronto School of Dentistry aiMlFaculty 6M Medalist, Doctor of Dental Hunrery. Toronto University. Office a BL Paul street, L Catharines (telephone No. IK); residence Welland ava eonier Queen, (telephone Na UAL ly MEDICAL. - Dr. f. king-office and residence, K Queen rtrecL nearly opposite Post Ofllve St.Cailisrmea (dlloe hours: V aui., 1 p.m., aiu t pm. Telephone, Na 1H7. DR. GOODMAN. M Ontario Street M Consultation IS a m., aud 7 p. m. Mayor's Oflico 11 a in. 179-vm Vir H. MERRITT M.D., C.M.. L.R.C.F. and YY . B., Edinburgh, recently of Guy's Hoe Bilal. London, Kng., and Augusta Hospital, Her-n.Gennany. Office, TV K log street (Dr. Dormey's late offire.) Hours, a a, p m. aud 7 p. m. Telepimna lm. I" BOOTS AND SNOBS. QUST0M WORK A SPECIALTY. Repairing promptly and neatly dona Advertise io Tlie Standard AT MAGSESS rihn Na 40 King streeL opposlto (he market. LODGE DIRECTORY. CxRAXTHAM DIVISION. Na TaVjNSOF T Temranee. meets every Tuesday evening at 4 o'clock, in Beaver Hall, HL Paul etreeL John Tagg, W.P.; J allies Wiley, B S.1 Empire lodge, no. s?, independent Order of Oddfellows; meets svsry Thursday at p m.. in Keeton's Btock, St. Paul streeL Visitors always weicoma J, W. Grow, N. G Tbeodura PoraeU. Sea f Ontario Brreeta James Fair bairn, W. P. W. Wood, B. 8. TYRINCESS LOUISE LADT TRUE BLUR I Lodge, Na 1 meets every second and ffinrth Toeaday of the mouth at I p m. in the Orange Bail, Merrittnn. Misa L. Borin, Idas E. Clabk, tf W.M. Bee, FAMILY BOOK TICKETS TO TORONTO -AT- HUNT'S G. T. R. TICKET OFFICE $5 ONLY $5 INCLUDING RAIL TICKETS TO- PT.DALHOUSIE CALL AT HUNTS G. T. R. TICKET OFFICE ST. PAUL STREET, ST. CATHARINES Crescent-Wire-Works F. PARTRIDGE MANUFACTURER OF Wire 'Fencing, Wire Guards, Flower Stands, fVvi vvVV nd an kinds of Wire Work. Also egret for th TORONTO HARDWARE CO., Uanufcoturcrs of Iron Crestlns, for Roofs of Houses. Stable Fittings, Etc., cor. King and Qnncn sta, fppotlU Post Office,--St. Csthsrlacs I n corpora ted, 1887, witli-$50,000 Cash Capital- -tvAEowfrv ftl Her so. 6?: MF fcrmc AID APPLIANCES 49 KING ST. W.y TORONTO ONT... O. C. PATTERSON, Mgr. for Can. . Electricity, as applied by tho ' Owen Electric Belt and Appliances, Is now reoognlzeil ss thr grrste.t Iwm offrred te suffering humanity. It Is last taking the place of drugs in sll nervous end rlH-innatin Irniiliie. n nil . will effect cures in n-wnlngly hopeless rases where every ntlwr known means has failroi. It iu -uature'a remedy, end by Ita Mcacy, suuthinglrur-rent that i readily felt, POSITIVELY CURES TUB FOLLOWING! Female Cainplnlnts. -Sexual Weakness, Imputeaey, Kidney DIxeaNea, Liver ('aini'lulut. I.auio Hack, Urinary Di sea sea. Rlieninntlsni, Sciatica, Oimcral Debility. Lumbago, Nervous Illsoasea DyspciMtla, Varicocele, Constipation. RHEUMATISM. It is certainly nut pleasant to he compc lied to rerer to tlie lmiliitsblu fart tlmt nuilii-al ml-nee hae utterly fail'd to sffcrl n-lli f in rheumatic eases. We venture tint SHeenuin that xltlaaiKti elcctik'iiy has only Ixx-n in use is a remedial agent for a few vesrs. it has cured iruire raxea of ' UhcumaliHm tfun sll oilier uu-.-m comlitned. Borne of our leading phya'clnns, n-rognixiiig this fort, are at ailing IhtniMilvca of this uiu,t laAent of nature's forces. To RestoreManhoodand Womanhood As man has tot yet diwnvered al of Natare'il laws for right living, it follows evrrvr ne hs committed more or b-s errors which have left vtHible bleiiilshes. To these evhlei-ces el past error, tlie re s r'ghiug to eipisl Kter.trk-ity as S)ilinl by tlietiwcii Kh-i tiie Holy Ilalieiy aud. Huaieiinry. Rest aascrixl any ikx-tor wl n would trp to arts -mpli h tills by euy kiixl of drugs preciiaing a most dt.nt.cuiuslui mol chirlalanitoi. We Challenge the World to show an Electric Holt whr-re the rnrrent Is under the control of the iMticnt s roinphstHy ait this. We caa use tin same Ix-lt on an li.fant tha1. we would on a giant, bv r -during the current. Other belts have Uren in tlie uinrkct fur hre or len years tongi-r, fait to-day tlwre ore mure Owen Aelti manufactured tbau al other makes combined. If Eleetrle Inanlne Dr. Owen's Klectrie Insotoa will in-cvcnl KlrMMniHi-iin nd cure CIU-blsins aud Crairi In tiie fret and legs. IVice ylv by mail. Beware of Imitation & Cheap Belts girnur attention having been attrseied to an Imitation of tlie (enu ne Oven Electric Belt, that Is tiemg peihiled tlnongh the county Irom town 10 town, we desire to wain the public agairiMsixh. tkir Trsds Mark is the ponnltof Dr. A. fwR enilxwaed in gu!d on every I bill and Appliance manufactured by The Uwen Electric Belt siud Appliance Co. A-g'Senil for Ulmdratid Catalogue of Infwma--Uou, Testimunials. els. THE OWEN ELECTRIC BELT COT, 49 King St, W, Toronto, Ont. Mention this paper. Head Df!ke,CMca - MONEY TO LOAM. $50,000 to loan at 5 and 6 .per cent, on first-class mortgagee. Artly to JAS.A. KEYES, Barrister, Solicitor, Jive., g23-3m St. Catharines, Ostr 11 'VWFror.r rrv) v w.WHCV f

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