The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 29, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1892
Page 6
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THE tJPPEM DBS MOUSES: IOWA, WEDXKSBAY, E be 5*4 iassSStfeBt or fenopess&r* ofl»eer-*iiS! -»rix«S! S&grseaj be fi -masse? tx -vstxatstas, infection* To Be Judge* and Voters. r, Sf Site raeaiKy *a»? te JBfisl, if 1fe la<35i w»» by cciirrieartaoE, priaazi *wt is «3«Ji a gnaamer i fjfia&sty of csamsf t»3 prerfemdy pn»- OF €Aft&3£T£& '• *S*9i, «r 5s case of BO testfli .premiss pr*or aj>- X*4« for «•* Ok* L*ir Will 8*r« Kx- MK& eaaTedaaa, {tfisowr E»e*-; te^ «r c&uf3>£. Tbe eerUSeste* of ja^smsa- ; tikot* Bsa>5t to *a JJJBJ' eatSt Taesae?-, ^.all j Wave ia s&iitKci V> t&g lsct» l«r»s.iib¥j=-^re 5 r»ja5rsa bj- iSa* ®ct, libs B&tne <af t&e o»5g- X ACT io ><Krt^e for tfee pnzr»s»« *u«j ; cijuass-aa <os KEasijatJoa, er <Si*trlVc4Aco irf balfcte «t ptlbSic er pease, i tj» feinsaa- 3QC>fiateai»aa &a« teea for ti* for pnMfc tfikx*: to r*^-?jlfctt Ji*t luaui^ of c*o&J3»is* ' «3f&£»eat or JaciperattTe a.nd io of tibe bsflvt. I* «5 i w;tii f«r fijjisg tbs saeasores re- it to by tlte pre- f '. TkaA ia *-ftw ,SV/r««bw V» b? 1, i»B, ia tits ssts.te »J»«t«d st firiaiffi ixA dteitilruterl tA <Ktjteo»s e* luertfiiAlbet yrvrtfoA, atid co olbtr baliott »hsJJ i>« tued, »««. 2. Tbe yrtsiitnf «*d tUxAtttmtisig of ballot* aod cirri* of jtu&rwAiva tc- tb« , primary or csaeaa. <;»• by t&e dialr- seeretarfcff | <x«aE;5 i.tet at the cs«e zasy be. i gzc. 50. The certiSca.t« of jso 'ia i act, tl^U be ek/jtioa, cbaJl be at the earptave </' -, tumi thai] be jwv*44s>i3 fcu- ia «p*aee»: Jtig of ballr/U for u*e ia dty b* st tb« «xpeoz« of tbe city '/r t//n-u ia wblcb e»icb el«ctiofl thall be b«id. Tt*« term *g*»«r»l «]«ctiog>," > a* UK*! 3 a Art, «b*31 ajcpJy to aay eJecti^s fctW Jtat«, or * 5a •>rritang. Sa re3atloti tberetg in S.)>e ease of m«a5ziS.t»<.«i of stat« o5k«rs or to be «kct«4 by tbe lew tLaa tie state aad greater t t&udi be oc«2» Jdepad by tbe s&ere- tary of date, auditor of ttat«s aad aJSOTney gtiiera.], aasd th« dwdeaoa of tie majority s»f these officers shall be flaal &-3ch or qaettioae arising in the e of KLOZDin&tioos for of&oers to te eleeUed I/y tie rotera of a county or UnraslfSp, *halj be eoawdfred by tbe oounty auditor, clerk cf the di»- trict vm.fl aod county attoraey for each »ria*tJ»«r tor tii* f all term or for the filling j t»nnt/. aad tb« dtcisioa of a majority of «f » Tacaaej-. Tbe t«raj *<aty tfax&OK* • iaid offic*r« shall be final. Objections or siiall *f>p3jr \fj aay tati^Uapal election krid ! fjuestiwius arising ia tbe case of r»uiica- to » dty «r JBoc/nwrat*4 town. [ iwas for dty or'iiieorpwaUjd town officers 2. A»7 mwreatioB <A «J*le^aS«*, f *3sa33 be ceovMenA Itj tbe major asd awot or K&Ateif (A qaaJifitd ! cl*rk OT recorder, uritb whom cans council- b«r«iaaft«r definfcd, »i<<3 Jodi- j tcan or Umrtee therei-jf.astbe csi.%e may l>e, ridaal elector* to tluB utJKiber and in tbe j ebx»*ea by lot*, thai! act, and tbe «3*ti l sion nianjwr berdaaftt*- >j*tsfi^(3 ( snay ac>m- ! '/f a majority of «ieb officers shall itmi* e«ad}idel«( f<^ jrabJic c-ffic«, Tn-hose j la any ca*« where objection is made, ceoa«* A&all Ix: pisf^d upoa tbe ballc/;* io { notice tbaH forthwith be given to the cao- ; didat«« affected tbertt/y, addressed to thfir =*• ! fcsS. 3Kfi 3e« tSaiai £*r Sue. S3. L_J LJ ^ S& " o - S " O s ii: 5! S 2 - - i O ' 1 i ' S ! ^ p i i a STS ar satjr* j-rjii«:ic r<U*es* is iser *--ift- I jte presses a esrfi « :^*sraiS3oa ssa * j 5j»ki2j«S5 S»B<?L, jsrsrt*J «s colored paper, k> be Ttf&fei JOT- ia s&efi jswSast, sa t»«Caa- -iisIlT ia <2ae f wta cS tae cea^rsJ tssllot W Ti» osasiy fta£iar s&ali eirase la be *»H^*d jsfer to tfes say rA «Jeoi-5a ia if ibws i« s? ewmty, rt-jceseat- JBE life ptSIScal parties wfcici cssi st tl-e fffBBeSia? gsseraJ ek^ts^s tbe IsrgVK sod aaK Imress! uassbss 1 *£ Tester a list of Ste BtsaisiaiaoQS made, as bere5a saafl to be -roteS for atracheJecti'.sa ss as Ejay b» ia tie form !a urMeri they shall appear Eppa i&e g«seral tall-Tt; tiatt pablisaJa-cii ifaj tbe oorataty aa shsli not be rwjtjirsd f'ar or apply to tbs tfedarai t^ iuaraiijp or tatuua SBC. TSt. EecSica beards shall l« josed -rf iiree judgss aad t-a-o clerks, c£ eJtietictn «f thesr re^peclsve tlsc- tics pr«5acs« shall hart cJiarge oJ tie ia2- iots asd farnish thtm to toe -refers as lieraamfwsr set forth. Xot ri&re -;tiro jodges aiid nut mor« Vhaa 022 to -ike same pvlitj^al parry or orgaDiiai^on: provided, al^ayi. lliert be to? <wr more eleeiors qiiaii£«i aad saeh ju<3^e or cl«rk, and regf*- , 15s saUcs, «>* 3 wifhoat !«*- of O c ^ *2 " c = ^* 3 5 c *<< § r- | 1 O of be fcri'i»i*d &* EEC, 4- Aay «»r«atJon primary, caocxu or n&*tiwt j/>]Hi«i4 party, -which at tiws gwieral election next prmbdhig polled at least two CiO j*r essat. </ the entire vote ***t In the state or dirwkiB tber&/f« or uitjoicipality for which ti* t&sraiovtioB i» Ktafie, may for til* «*te or dirbsloa Vb«m.if, or inuni- for which Ute coareatiozj, pri- ch-ueas or meeting le b*l<3, as the oat* may I*, by ea-uring a oertiftcat* of aoaunMioa tg be duly fil«sd, naak« one vticb nomination for each office therein t/j }>« yjJltrf at th« election. Kvery such certificate of nomination ihall »tat« »ueh fact* t* are required in Ktction 6 of tbia act, and thall t« (signed by tbe presiding otftctr and by the K^eretary of the CWIY.WJ- t'orj, caucus ur meeting, who Khali add tfeeSr t!guature« tb#ir pLaces of plaoe of residence a* givea in the noioina- tioa paper*, aaxl Ktatiag the tinte and \ilsifx, irlnea aad where auch objections •w-jli be considered. Sw;. 13. When »-ach certificate is filed w-jth the M«retary of state, he Khali, in certifying nominations to the various county auditors, insert tbe name of the person thus nominated to fill a vacancy in place of the orijpna.1 nominee; and in the event that be has already Bent forward bis certificate, be shall forthwith certify to tbe auditors of tbe proper counties the name aud description of the person so nottiioafxl to fill tbe vacancy, the office he i» nominated for, with the other details r: 2 mentioned in certificates of nomination filed with tbe fcecretary of (state; he shall immediately certify the name »o supplied to the authorities charged with tbe print- iu«b aotoltuilloo i* made by a pri- j , rj g «f the ballots. The name eo supplied mary election, tbe certificate (shall be,] f//r the vacancy shall, if tbe ballot-, are not elgrttd by th* board of canvassers, to wLicb the return* of »uch primary election are roade. Kuch c«rtifle»te (shall be sworn to by them to be true, to the bwrt of their knowledge and belief, and a certificate of th« oath *hail J>e auttexed to tbe certificate of uotaiti&tUuj, already printed, be placed on tbe ballots In place of tbe name of the original noin- 8EC, 6. KooiiaatjoiKs for for ine*; or, if the ballots have )x«;n printed, new ballots, whenever practicable, shall be f urui«he<l. EKC, 12. Whenever it may not be practicable to have new ballots printed it shall b« tbe duty of the election officer having l7fAsr M. ** VMJJWifcV^«./MJ» I'Jl l^aWJtmllXn i'Jl \ ItK blJC U U fc J VI VUG 1= Jt;\. UVjl UJJJl^J. ualJJi£ an/office to be filled by the voter* of tbe i charge of the ballot* to place tbe n«rae s at large may al»o >xs made by nomi nation paper*, *igned in the aggregate for each candidate by not less than live hundred (£/»; qualified Toter* of the (state. Nomination of candidate* for offices to be filled by the elect/>« of. a county, district or otherdivlfsioH lews than tbe fctat* may ba niitfie by Domination paper*, «fgn«d in the /tggregatfc for each candidate l^y not l(*s» than twenty-five (25; qualified voters of for thu vacancy upon each ballot before delivering it to the voter; the narneso supplied may be placed upon the ballots either by affixing a paster, or by writing or stamp! rijf tbe name on the ballot; and to enablii this to be done, the officer with whom the certificate* of nomination are to be filed, shall immediately furnish the name of euch BubHtltuted nominee to all judges of election within «ucb county, dbtrlet or divi&lrju. Xoral- j the territory in which such nominee sball '" " ' h>e a candidate; provided, that in all cases where certiflcateH of nomination or jiomi nation j/.'ijxrre are filed with the Hecretary of Ktat* he »iiall be refjuired only to immediately furnish the name of such substituted nominee to the county auditors within said territory, and it «!<«ii then be tjis duty of th« county auditor Uj furniHh such information to the judges of election as hereinbefore utated. SKC. 18. Not less than fifteen (15) days before an election to fill any public oflice the secretary of state shull certify to the county auditor of each county within which any of tho electors may by law vote for candidates for such oflice, the name and renidencc of each person nominated for such office, as specified in the certificates of nomination or nomination papers filed with the secretary of state. SKC. 14. Tho names of all candidates to be voted for in each electiou district or { jrccinct shall be printed on ono jullot; all nominations of any political party or group of petitioners being placed under tho party appellation or title of such purl/y or group, as designated by thorn In their certificated of nomination or petitions, or i(f none bo designated, then under some suitable title, and tho ballot shall contain no other names, except that, in case of electors for president nnd vice- prexidont of tho United .States, tho names of the candidates for president and vice- president may bo added to tho party or political designation. If a constitutional amendment, or other public measure is Hiihmiltud to a vole, such question shall bo printed upon the ballot after tho lists of candidates, and words calculated to aid tho voter to answer any (juestion sub- mlttL'd to voto may bo added, such as "Yes," "No," or tho like. On tho back or oiitnido of the ballot, tut oa to appear when folded, shall be printed the words "official ballot," followed by HID designation of the polling placo for which the ballot is prepared tho dato of tho oloctio/i, n.'id a facsimile of tho signature, of tho auditor or other ofliccrs who has caused the ballot to bo printed. Tho ballots shall bo on plain white paper, through which the printing or writing cannot bo read. Tho party appellation or title shall bo printed in capital letters not lens than one-fourth of an inch iu height; and a circle one-half inch In diameter shall ho printed ut tho beginning of tho lino in which such appellation or titlo is printed. The names of candidates shull bo printed in capital lot- tors, not less than one-eighth nor more than one-fourth of an inch in height, and ut the beginning of ouch lino in which tho name of u candidate is printed a square shall be printed, the sides of which ahull not hu.lws than one-fourth of un inch In length. The lls( of candidates for the several parties uud groups of petitioners shall bu placed iu separate columns on the ballots, iu auch order us tho authorities charged with tho printing of thu bullott! shall decide. the cpluums coutaiuiug tli« li«t of candidatfcis for office* to be filled by the elecVorn of a city, town, precinct or ward may be made by nomination papt-rw, idgnfed in the aggregate for each candidate by not leu* than ten (10) qualified voter* of (»ach city, town precinct or v/ard; provid&ri, that tbe name of any carwJidsfce vrh'jw name way appear in any other place upon the ballot, ohall not be KOadded by petition for tbe dttnjo office. Kach elecUjr nigning a ohall mid to his signature hi« bu»itie«K and poMtofficc addreHH. BKC. B. Ail ccrtiflcitten of nomination, or nomination paper*, Ahull, bc»We« containing the uamea of caudiUaU-H, Npcclfy aw to each: 1. The office to which be IB nominated, Jj. Tbe party or political principle which lit reureHenttt, expreH»ed in not more than /ivu (0) wordd. 8, JJi« place of residence, with street and number thereof, if any. In the ca»e of electors for pre»ldont and vlwi-preuldent of the United Btutes, the liHiiiD of the candidates for prenideut and vice president may bo added to thu party or political appellation. BK<;, 7, Certificates of nomination, and nomination papcm for thu nomination of cundldatcH for ofllceu to bo filled by thu electors of thu entire sLato, or any division or dlntrlet, greater than u county, Mhall be Hied with thu xecretary of state not rnoro than (ilxly (00) days and not leiw thun thirty (Wl) iluyu before th« day /Ixed by law for Uiu election for which thu candi- ilateH aru nominated. All other certiA- catuH for the nomination of candidates tihall bu filed with thu county auditor of thu ri-'Mpectlvu countlcH, not moro than nlxly (110) dayB and not lesa thun twenty ty/tX) <l«y« proviouM to thu day of wuch election; provided, that certificates of nomin- ntloii and iioininatlon punum for thu nom- Inutloii of candidates for thu ofllces lit cltlfH and incorporated towns Hhall hu filed with thuclurkH or recorder of thu cltluu 4ir incorporated towns, not moru than forty (W) dayu aixl not IUHM than ten (10) duyH pruvioiiH to uuch election. Hue. H. Any person whouo iiaino has bui'ii ))ruuuiilud au a candldutu may caimu hlu iiatnu to bo withdrawn from nomination by hl« requuHt in writing, slgm-d b'y him and uckowledged buforu an ofllcur qualified to take acknowledgments of duedb, and filed with tho suurutury of utatu not leuH than fifteen (ID) days, or with thu proper auditor, clerk or recorder not Ittsu than eight (6) duyu pruviouu to thu duy of election, uud no iiumu HO withdrawn shull bu printed upon tho ballots, All uurtlfl- cult's of uojjjinutioii and nonilnutlon pa- uur», \vheu illod, uhall bu open, under thu proper regulation, to public inspection, and the seen; tury of stuto and thuauvunil county umiitorb, ulurku and rccordurn having vhurgu of nominutiou papers shall pruservo the Buinu iu thuiv ruHpectivo oltlcuu for uot Itiss thun fix moutliH ufler thu ciuctlyu. &EC. 9. Iu cutiu u cuudldatu who htw beeu duly nominated, under the urovlalouu of thie uct, die Uiforo oluctiou x duy or d«- (And continuing in like manner as to *31 candidates to be voted for at jtucb elections.) SEC. IS. For all elections to which thi3 act applies, the county auditors in their respective counties shall have charge of the printing of the ballots for all general election)!, and (shall furnish them to the judges of such elections. The city clerk and recorder of incorporated towns shall have charge thereof and furnish them in all municipal elections. Ballots shall be printed and in the possession of the officer charged with their distribution at least two (2) days before the election, and subject to tbe inspection of candidates and their agents. If any mistakes be discovered they shall be corrected without delay. The officers so charged with the printing of the ballots shall cause to be delivered to the judges of election, at the polling place of each voting precinct, not less than twelve (12) hours before the time as fixed by law for the opening of the polls tbferein, one hundred (1WJ; ballots of tbe kind to be voted in such precinct for every fifty (50) votes or fraction thereof cast therein at the la«t preceding election for elate officers. Such ballots shall be put up in separate sealed packages, with marks on the outside clearly designating the polling place for which they are intended, and the number of ballots enclosed, and receipt thersfor shall be given by the judge or judges of election to whom they are delivered, which receipt shall be preserved by the officer charged with the printing of the ballots. The officer or authorities charged with the printing and distributing of the ballots shall provide and retain, at his or their office, an ample supply of ballots In addition to those distributed to the several voting precincts, and if at any time, on or before the day of election, the ballots furnished to any precinct shall be lost, destroyed or exhausted, before the polls are closed, on written application, signed by a majority of the judges of such precinct or signed and sworn to by one of such judges, he shall immediately cause to be delivered to such judges, at the polling place, such additional supply of ballots us may be required, and sufficient to comply with the provisions of this act. SKC. 16. Whenever a constitutional amendment or other public measure is proposed to be voted upon by the people, such amendment or other public measure shall bo printed in full upon the ballot, preceded by tho words: ".Shall the following amendment to the constitution (or public measure) be adopted!'" Two spaces shull be left upon the right hand margin, one for votes favoring the amendment, or public measure, to be designated by the word "Yes," and one for the votes opposing the amendment, or measure, to be designated by the word "No," as in tho form herein given. Shall the following amendment to the constitution (or public measure) ba adopted: [Here insert in full the proposed public nntusure or constitutional umcud- The elector shall designate bin vote by a cross murk, thus ;X). SKC. 17. Tho officer or officers, whose duty it i« to have thu ballots printed, shall pre- pure full instructions for the guidance of voters ut each election, as to obtaining bul- lots, us to thu manner of marking them and thu method of gaining assistance, and us to obtaining auw ballots in placo of those accidentally spoiled; and they shall respectively causo tho MUUP, together with copies of sections SJ3, 28, 8-1, 2.5, 20, 27, U8 and 2'J of this act to he printed iu largo, clear typo on separate curds, to be culled uurds of instruction; and such officer or ufliciM's shall furnish to thu judges of election u siUtlctimt numbtT of such curds of Instruction to' enable tho judges of election to comply with tho provisions of this act. SEC. 18. Tho judges of election shall cause not lus.s than one of such curds to bu posted iu encli voting booth or apartment provided for thu preparation of ballot*, aud uot less than four (4) of such cards to be iu twd about the polling place UD- .' sit* parties, la aaaidpalitie? tbe or tmst«ss 'ball be ei-c>Sso £«s c£ election; provided, that in case than two eotinfilmea or trustees bag to tiie same political pan- or fe residents of tie same election preriact, the waniy board of mpeirisars may de-iziia** ~*hi ch of trb* cwancilmea or truM^ea sbAJl serre as judges at general «5tt;wE«- in tucu sre- caneta. la to'sruibip precincts the tJerk of the toTrasbip siail f>e ei-offi-jio. a c!erk of tleedoa of the precinct in wiik-h he rs- «d«?, sad the trustees of the totrasbip Bbali i« ei-oScio judgts of ejection, except tba.t in torwnship^ aot divided into eltctioa precincts, if all the t:wt.*« be of tbe same political party, thfise two only T7hot« t€rias eipire ia OB? aad tvro rear*, Bhali be ex-officio ju'Jges of s-uch precinct. The membership of sac-h <-!ec:JC'a baarf shall 1* complfcted br the baard of FOper- viioris from ihe party uarepre^iittid which cast tbe largest or ntit largest na vot*s ia said jrt-*»5nct at the la^l eiectioa; and as now provide-! br l^-.v an-i ia coafonnitr vrith sbis aci; provided. that in ail citr election* :he j/oiver> and duties hereinbefore given and innae in- cambent upon tbe board of supervisors shall be exercised acd periormea by tbe city council or trusiees of incorporated ton-Da. If at the opsnin^ of ;he polls ia any precinct there shall be a vacancy ia the office of clerk or judge of election, tbe same i^ball b-; filled by tbe members of the board present and from the political party which is entitled to such vacant offica under ths provisions of this act. SEC. 20. It shall be the dut v of the township trustees, and, in cities and town.-;, of the mayor and clerk or recorder, to provide suitable places in which to hold all elections provided for by this act, and to see that tbe same are warmed, lighted and furni«hed with proper supplies and conveniences, including a sufficient number of booths, shelves, pens, penholders, ink, blotters and pencils as will enable the voter to prepare his ballot for voting, and in which voters may- prepare their ballots screened from all observation ax to the manner in which they do so. A guard rail shall be so constructed and plawai that only such persons as are inside said rail can approach within six (>',) feet of the ballot box and of such voting booths. The arrangements ishall be such that the voting booths can only be reached by passing within said guard rail. They shall bu in plain view of the election officers, a;id both they and the ballot boxes shall be in pK- .1 view of those outside of the guard rail. Kach of said booths shall have three sides enclosed, one side in front, to open and shut by a door swinging outward, or to be closed with a curtain. Each side of each booth shall be seven (7) feet high, and the door or curtain shall extend to within two (2) feet of the floor, which shall be closed while the voter is preparing his ballot; and such booths shall be well lighted. Each booth shall bo at least three (3) feet square, and shall contain a shelf at lease one (1) foot wide, at a convenient height for writing. No person other than the election officers ind the challengers allowed by law and those admitted for the purpose of voting, as hereinafter provided, shall be permitted within the guard rail, except by the authority of the election officers, to keep order and enforce the law. The iiumbtr of such voting booths shall not be lessthan one (1) to every sixty (CO) voters, or fractions thereof, who voted at the last preceding election iu the precinct. The expense of providing booths arid guard rails, and other things required in this act, shall be paid in the same manner as other election expenses. Said booths or compartments shall be so built and arranged, i£ possible, as to be permanent, so that after the election they may be taken down and deposited with the township or city clork or town recorder, as the case may be, for safe keeping for all future use, In all cases where it is practicable, in precincts outside of cities arid towns, the election slmll be held in tho public school building, for tho use of which there shall be no charge. But all damage to tho building or furniture shall be a just claim against thu county. SKC. 21 Any person desiring to vote in precincts where registration is required, shall give his name, and, if required to do so, his rasidence, to the judges of election, one of whom shall thereupon announce the same in a loud ami distinct tone of voice, clear and audible; and if such name is found on the register of voters by tho officer having charge thereof, ho shall likewise repeat said nume, and the voter shall be allowed to enter the space enclosed by the guard-rail, as above provided. One of the Judges shall give tho voter one, and only one ballot, on tho back of which such judge shall endorse his initials in such manner that they may be seen when tho ballot is properly folded, and the voter's name shall immediately ba checked ou the registry list. At ull elections, where registration ia required, if the name of any person desiring to vote at such election is not found on the register of voters, he shall not receive u ballot until he shull have complied with tho law prescribing the manner uud conditions of voting by unregistered voters; i£ any person desiring to voto at any electiou shall bo challenged, he shall not receive u ballot until ho shall have established his right to vote in tho manner provided by •law. Besides the electiou officers, nob more thau two voters ia excess of the whole number of voting booths provided »hall be allowed in said enclosed space ut one time. This section shall apply to and govern, wfcere applicable, all person^ TOtS- Kar jibe sseScs^S spssss. ar*£j lib* Tc^fms ?K»c£il3£ 5*3 H js~?acrs Ms baSe* &T "iasifag ia ios _ pis*t* * cross <ik) _ tie ffltsM <rf 122* -csadidsi* oJ his for «K& oScs to be Sited, or by t&e BBS* •of tbe essd'siitSe of _ _ is » Ksak sjsaoe era said ticket, jsaiaze a cross OM cpposte thereto; a»3 In iea«E of a qassts-aa Enbmi«4*d to a T«* <£ jJse pwpS* fcf making in tbe apj propnuii EssrEia or place a ewws CS) Tio^jd. fe^>* •*- »'^~. 51 h€ *hs31 fissti^ to T0i«e ^ for ail tb* caaSidaSes of ©DC political pa*- ty. or crony of petitJoeias. be may place sati mark at the appropriate triaoe prwsSiag lift 8j«pell3.tloa or tiiis niisr -which the naniss of the Gsa£>5sies cf Each party, or group cf psntlTOsr* are printed; and the b&Jlw.* «>5> marked shall be eoaated as cast fr«r all tie caadmsies natnsd, after thai title provKkd. farther, that tbe voter may place *aca -sari at ibe appropriate place prsoeiisu: tlse appellation or title of any cue panj. or group oi peJltsoaers, and may siK> mark, ai ths appropriate space preceding the name or aaroes of OT»e or more cauQidites printed nader the appellation or title of stiiae other party, or group -of pstltioaers, sad a ballot BO marked shall be wonted as cast for all cssiiidaSes usraed mtder tie appellation or title iriijcb has been so marked, except as to tbe cS:«rs to fhich he has placed such mark preceding tbe name or names of son* oifctr candidate or candidates priaU-a mader tbe title of some other party or grs^p of petit toners, and as to such, it ska 11 be counted ai cast for tbe candidate or candidates precedias whose name or naa«s soch mark mar hare been placed. Before leaving the voting booth tbe voter shall fold his ballot in such manner as to coat-Mil the marks thereon. The number of tie voter oa tbe poll books or register lift sbau not be endorsed on the back of bis ballot. He shall mark and deposit his ballot without undue delay, acd «hall quit said enclosed space as soon as he has roted. Xo vot-sr shall be a lowed tc occupy a voting b^otJi already occupied by another, nor remain within said enc'ose.1 space more tLaa ten minutes, nor to occupr a voting booth more than five minutes, in case all of said voting booths are in use and other voters waiting to occupy tbe sam^. Xo voter, not an eiectioa officer, sball. after having voted, be allo-.ved to em*T said enclosed space darius said eJeciioa. Xo person shall take or remove any baiiot from tbe polling place before the clo-se of the poi!. Xo voier shall vote, or to vote, any baiiot except such as he has n?- ceived from tbe judg» of election iu charge of the ballot*. Auy voter who sbaJ], by accident or m;?ta):e, spoil his ballot, may oa returning «iid spoiled ballot to the election judge?, receive another in place thereof. Any voter who, after receiving en official ballot, decides not to vott, .shall, before retiring from within, the guard rail, surrender to tbe election officers tLe oflk-ial ballot which has been given him; and a refusal to surrender such ballot «hall subject the person so offending to immediate arrest anil the penalties affixed in .M;ction 27 nf this act. SKC. 23. Any vot<-r n-S^-jiny iJs-i-i.-. upon oath that he «i:.:m: ::. •, iu? £nu'.i ianguatre, or that by rc.-8.-oii o nii.v puysic dUability be is unable to ma.K his ballot, shall, upon request, be assisted in marking his ballot b>- two of the election officers ol different political parties, to be selected from the judges and clerks of the precinct in which they are to act, to b« designated by the judges of election of each precinct at the opening of the polls. Such officers shall mark the ballot as directed by the voter, and shall thereafter give no information regarding the same. The clerks of election shall enter upon the poll lists after the name of anv elector who received such assistance in marking his ballot, a memorandum of the fact. Intoxication shall not be regarded as a physical disability, and no intoxicated person shall be entitled to assistance in marking his baiiot. SEC. ~4. Any person entitled to vote at a general election in this state, shall, on tho day of such election, b* entitled to absent himself from any survices or employ- nient in which he is then engaged or employed for a period of two hours, between the time of opening and the polls, and such voter shall not, because of t.(i absenting himself, be liable to any penalty, or shall any deduction be made on account of such absence from '-is usual salary or wages; provided, however, that application for such leave of absence shall be made prior to the day of election The employer may specify the'hours during which said employe may absent himself as aforesaid. Auy person or corporation, who shall refuse to an employe the privilege hereby conferred or shall subject an employe to a penalty or deduction of wages hecause of the exercise of such privilege, or who shall in any manner attempt to influence or control such voter as to how he shall vote by oifering any reward or by threatening his discharge from employment, or othnr- •••"-"-'••"•-- '-•- f rom a f uU Rrld ^, t *2, fa ^ l *', aa a *toa«« span a Hiwde piece of fiexibieiri ballots which bare been ecantcd l» except those markstl "objected to* tie ends of sach wire la aSnakno tbe knot ia saeh manner t&at j t . be untied -witbotit breaiinc tbe g^ dwe the bsilotsSoEtaTingin' manner thst it cannot be breaking tbe deal, and n£ara toget&er with tbe pscka^ sealed package or envelope, to"th«'n auditor, derk or recorder, as the case be, from irhom the same -were —— and each officer shall carefully raci» ballots for sis months, an expiration of that time «hall wise intimidating him . - ~n •»«.** u, J.HH f\IJU free exercise of his right to vote, or shall directly or indirectly, violate the provisions of this section, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and be fined in any sum not less than five dollars ($5) or more than one hundred dollars ($100). SEC. 25. If a voter marks more names than there are persons to be elected to an oflice, or if for any reason it is imoossible to determine the voter's choice for any of- lice to be filled, las ballot shull not be counted for such office. No ballot without the otticml endorsement shall be allowed to ha .leposited in the ballot box, and none but ballots provided m accordance with he provision of this act shall 1* counted Ua lot. not counted shall be mum-d "defective" on the back thereof, and bdlou tn which objection tfas been made b,"elthS ° £ V' e i I"?*"* or challengers, shall be marked "objected to" on the back thereof an. a, memorandum signed by the judges stating how it was counted, shall 6a written upon the back of each ballot so marked and all ballots marked "defective" or "ob^ jeuttd to," shall be inclosed in an envelona Mcurely sealed, ami so marked and TO- Tn U > U n l ? clearlT disclose ^s contents All ballots not voted, and all that have ' S1 ' V0tw ile "teming ucfe vote, shall _. of election to with returned by tne judges the officer or authorities the distri- do- persou Sri£r£™ns -'-'--id by voice flounced bsaid clorks ? of votes for ttml the '„? i Uou, .ua b etore 7e$ftC enoe at the official custodian two electors of approved good repute and members the two leading political , said electors shall be designated br i2l chairman of the board of supervisor.;! I tbe countj- in -which such ballots arebn provided, that if any contest of the »)• tion of anv officer voted for at such sk tion shali be pending at the expiration , said time, the said ballots shali notteivl strayed until sach contest is fintllr fcl termined. In all cases of con tested «w I sioas, the parties contesting the s shall have tbe right to have said ,». lots opened, and to have all the erronSI tbe judges in counting or refuslaKul count any ballots correct-ed bv thetoun*'! bcdr trying such contest; but such balte shall be opened only in open courLcrhl open session of such body, and in the ora f ence of the officer having the thereof. SEC. 26. Ko person whatever shall d. I any electioneering or soliciting of vottsal election day witnin any polUng place nil within one hundred (K»J>) feet of aur nJi.1 ing place. No person shall interrupt, MB- I der or oppose any voter while approacbiwl the polling place for the purpose of votlJI whoever sball violate the provision, 51 this section shall be punished by a fi M( (l not less than twenty-five dollars (|25)m.| mom than one hundred dollars (tiooj 9 I imprisonineut for not less than ten'lliil days, nor exceeding thirty (3.1) daji w| by bolb fini.- and imprifeonrneii:, fortatll and every offuase; and it sball be thedmtl of the luc^w* of eleciion to tulorte tiJ provisions of this section. SEC. ^7. Any voter who shall, < herein otherwise provided, allow his'tol lot to be setu by any person with au as.I parent intention of letting it bv knovtjl now he is about to vour, or who ulijjl make a false statement as to his initbiihtl to mark his ballot, or any person ivi.J shall interfere, or attempt to lutertml with any voter when iutiue said HJC!IV-IJ| space, or when marking his ballot, or vttol shall endeHvor to induce any voter, Woa| voting, to show how he marks, or hu| marked his ballot, or any ptr»i>u shall mark or cause iu any rnmmertofol marked, on any ballot, any character («1 the purpose of identifying said lj»lli^, shall be punished by a fine of cot lea I than five dollars ($5) nor mor* than unil hundred dollars ($1U>), or iniprisoumfflil for not less thun ten iinys (10), nor ing thirty days (30), or by both i imprisonment; and it shall be tiitdutijl the election judges to enforce thi* yroriil ions of this section. SEC. 2S. Any peiso;: who i/iall, priori) any electiou, willfully destroy or ae(a«| auy lUt of caudidates posted lit *tcori-l ance with the provisions of this net, ill who, during an electiou, »hall xillfu.'ijl deface, tear down, remove ur dtstroy tujl card of instruction or s=peci:uen b>ll((l printed and posted for the h'.stmctioudl voters, or who .iliall, during an < wiiltully ri-niuVtf ur di'.-lr<...«• nny of 1 vo. ti-. to prepare ujuir Oniiow, or thtlil wiijfuJly hjiiiier the voting oi ollien, iliOl be punished by a lino of not less ihnalwl dollkrs (*!0) uor more thau oue Uuntlnall dollars (.*100j, or imprisoumtut for noil less than ten (10) days nor exceeding thirtyl (30) days, or by both line and i-np ' SEC. a9. Any person who shall fal«!jl make, or willfully destroy, any cerlificnttj of nominai-iou, or nouiinatiou pa|n-rs,«| any part thereof, or auy Itttt-r til wtb-l drawal, or Hie any cemiicau uf uoiniiit-I tion, or nouiinatiou paper*, kuo'.vln^ tlitl same, or any part thereof, tu bu /«is;i/l made, or suppress any certiflcatu of swini-l nation, noiuiniuion pnycr«, or any jixtl therrof, which have IJLMI duly filed,HI forge, or falsely make the ollicial eadwul meut on auy ballot, or substitute tbtretel any spurious or counterfeit bnllul, (f| make, use, circulate, or cause to be uia or circulated AS an ofliciHl bailut, «uy v\ per printed in imitation or riwembUnttl thereof, or willfully destroy oriisuuwiti'jl ballot, or willfully delay the ik-livcry (/I any ballot*, shall be puni.-.ii^tl uyK&i'tfl not less thau oue hundred lioiiuis(*10« and not exceeding one thousand doliaol (Sl.OtXJ), or by imprisonment in theptiu-I ceiitiary not less tn»n one year uad «{l exceeding five years, or by both flue r imprisonment. SEC. 30. Any public officer upon \vl«| adutyi.-i imposed by this act- wlioiUj willfully neglect to perform such dutf,« who shall willfully perform it insucbil way as to hinder the object of thisact,*! shall disclose to any oue rxceptaiiuuf>l ordered by any court of justice, the coi-l tents of uuy ballot, as to the Biaiiutflll which tho sumo may have been voi«i| shall be puni. bed by a fine of not less (t'M.I five dollars (e5) nor more thau one th».l sand dollars (Sl.OOO) or by impriaoiiim*! iu thi-r'Uiiintentiary for nod less thitnoM;] year, .. nut exceeding five years, or «t : -f hoti. ,,,d iniprisonnn-'ut. Si.,. ... It shall be tho duty of tbes*| ui state, with the aid and i •;, ruiai-T ui state, wan tne am anu HUVH«>- the attorney general, to cause 8,ttWi»|w| of this act to be printed imuiedmier pamphlet form, with all necessary * and instructions, to assist eloction ouicwl to carry it into affect, nnd to distributetw same among the county auditors oil several counties of the state, , SEC. 33. At all elections to which m act applies, the polls shall be opeueo t eight o'clock in the morning, andsbsP closed at six o'clock iu the eveuiug; may be held open until 8 o'clock In ' evening provided a proclamation ff* 1 • made at the time o£ the opeuiug W." polls. SEC. 83. It shall be the duty of the 1 of supervisors of each county at thoir meeting after the passage of tmsncfcM select two newspapers, one from eM" the two political parties casting greatest number of votes for governor* tho election iu 1801, in which tWM shall bo published} provided, that ' payment for such publication «D»M. fixed by said board of supervisors, Bi»! no case Bhull it exceed the sum ot each newspaper publishing toe \Vhen.tho board of supervisors;* lected the newspapers in which »U*.Jj •hall be published, it shall be thedw» the county auditor to certify such »cH the secretary of state, who fchall « furnish to each of said papers acopj'«'J law, and upon the receipt by we "Jffll tary of state of a copy of said pape? J" ' an affidavit of the publisbw, orW manager, that the law was publish each and every copy of said P?? 8 ',.., certain date (which shall not be !*«*«? thirty days after its receipt from w»» rotary of state), the secretary w " shall certify the amount fixed tot ment for the publication of MS « said paper to the state auditor, ' iruw his warrant on the Mate for the sum named; provided, I 1 uon-pubUeation of this law, aa,«w vided, shall uot invalidate the law. '.34. That the provisions pi -ot apply in BO far as the J rv ,? ( <L — . uh chapter 71, acts of w» » tewuu general assembly, reW))?.» ilectiou of township assessor W SEC. 95. All acts or ports d itotent with, the provisions ot , f 1898.

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