St. Catherines Standard from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada on July 15, 1908 · 3
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St. Catherines Standard from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada · 3

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1908
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Pag Three. WEDNESDAY, JULY 15TH, 1908 THE DAILY . 8TANDARD ';V This Store will close at 1 iM)f. every Wednesday afternoon dnrinr'daljr and August- vv i-wv 7 -nr and W AStl BELTS Ladies' IYettnErabrpi'derSf WasiJjitsJ fancy ibl buckles. Regular 25c for . . . . , . . J a -...,, t ... ( ! pre tty .White and .11 lack. Elastic Belts.. Iieg. 50c.fyr39c Ladies' Leather Bdta ; black, navy, brown and green. Beg. 25c for' r .1 19C Para" Large Size Drew Shields! Keg. 25c for . 15c Ladies .White Iimbroidercd Stqck Collars, Each.. . . 10Cf Madill Sb Anderson St, Cfiibarfliet' Gfawing Store t r UUWVyVYYl mm mm, ilikinf up his gun, he wrtM isroumi iiia- bauM. a. Uiug time - lu th; robbers, but wss unable to ftnit i any trace 'of them. He is sure, how ever, that smne oiiu , tried ly break into his house'. 1 TOUT DALIIOUSIE Hina JfaMtle Hlcinrjr of I'hiUiM-phis ia thu guest 'of Mus Lottie lca- l. Sir gay young fellows front Jonlan .Heritor- set out in naptha launch 2 on . Tuesday for a jaunt on the lake. They arrived at iort Dalliousie all sufo and sound, but unwisely partook too freely of the. eup that cheers, (if the six two must have taken extra lurge quantities.. They forgot their iioat and nil they rated about was one giaaii morv. At lost the two coninienced to get quarrelsome and a 'lively light' ensued. Officer Howe had to' lock them up for safe, keeping n the village lockup, Vhpro' tlyy were kept over night and iii.the morning were taken to Ht.f Catharines where each was fined 92 and costa by Mng-I lu traits Camplicil. . Their four friends 'stayed in the village till lute, when I the . took the lost car for the city, ' One of. the four cried all the way p Jin the' car like a lost 'chi Id for 1m friends in the lockup. ' THE MMET "QUOTATIONS 1 00 I X 50 lleeta, bunch M ...... Oyster Float, par beach M Oranges, dorea , 89 Lem oss. dossa M Raspberries, box ..... 10 riierries, basket ...... 75 1iueapples 10 Tomatoes, Lb. 1 ' 10 Onions, dox. bunches. SO Itadishes, bunch tf it 8 Lotties, bead m.. .... 4 Putter Ilea ns, bush.... 45 Bags, per do. . Bavory, per dussa m Cablwges, new, head.. T11OU0LD. ' . -meuiutton, KT,DAIJ10DSIE ' Hand Concert tonlghl; hlr. Hendry,' ot Dettl, was in town Tuiwduy nn liusiness. ; Mr. Hill, of Toronto, was in town Tut-sOey oil business. . Joseph lluttlo returned bonus Tuesday from liurUngton Ikmcji. .. klisei itculsh .lohiisou is niciidiiiK s few dnys at, Ontario, tVlilornla. Miss Nellie Jones el New York City .is biwnding .her hvlidays In town. .. j Miss M. KoIhuIsoii loll Uiiu morning for a short visit with Hamilton friends, Alexander Fhihit of Queered on was in town on Tuesday looking up aid friends... , Mira Mwiiiie L'n in of Iort Pallmuitie is the giiflol of Miss Jennie Hutchinson for s few days. Mim Muiiue McAntlruws of Hilln-del h lu, js Hie guest of her parent for a few,, days. , Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hmcrdon Ml this 'morning for llawknliury uftcr a short visit ill town. , . 1 The line new piulo glusu window front at HcMann's titore is a decided improvement. The coniniiLleu having charge of the Union iic-nic nirvtu tonight tu complete arrangements for the Sunday Hclmol outing. A minilier from town are ing Falls today. The half-holiday enro-m in the right place today. Everything is in .readiness for the St. John's Sunday School 'picnic tu Port Hnlhousin on Thursday. The cars leave ut U a m. and a hig crowd is exjiected. the 'ogigiual - intention to hold thu sociul- oir the lawn; but-the weather nuin rt urmd tlie tables' and a .cimiI sihII rewulbd, Nevertheless ..a, good time wui enjoyed. A programme was given, of which the following are a fi-ir ivutnlivrs. ' A graphuphone owned Sj .1 m nice - lhilmld, wus in constant emu ml, and u nutnlx-r of aeleclions were given. - Itocltalinn Mina Susie I.ewis. ' itovitatlon Miss Haas. Solo- Miss Nettie Philip. 1 Keu-diiiff-Wm. Munro. 1 Tlio - ice' crcuin and .oilier refresh-tiient were serveil ami a proliiulde evening was cone lulled by the playing of giiinex. r ' ' Jinx'. K, M. 1 Mnllu-rs ..anil lieu. Jom.iIiim Culp Isitli spoCe at thu Mountain Mission on Tuesday night, whcti Hpvciul referi-nco wus luadu to Mrs. Muliws doulde lieixm veineut. Miss JchsIu Millar and Miss (Iruou Slim Icy.1 are ut (irimahy Juyk for a few tilajM. ' j . i . Air: slid Mrs. J, H. lTark aml son )Hck, ' uro ' Kpeniliiig tlie day ill Toronto. ' : J.- . II. 'Thompson and daughter Kunnie, urn in Toronto tiNlayV-' F. I',. Palteraon is recovering from his recent illnusH. ' MtilvnllTlIA. John lih'hiu has sccfffited a position at Youngstown.' , lhivii)- Iuton .is spending a few holidays lii.Muakiikg. . . I V, II. Wilson and fuiufly are cauip-'ing it Mi'Calla's drove. ' i. . Frod Could of. Toronto is sienilfng a few duys thu guest of Miss liolu-lun. ' . , EAT WHAT YOU WANT ; Jii r. it Bit Fiid llic . Way to. Digest Vkat n I Yoi Di Eat t - - - - ib. . ' r . -. : The first thing to do in thu ram -of indigestion or stomach weakness , is to strengthen the muscular, walls of thu stomuch and intestines, so .that they will care for the loud that is eaten In no oilier way can this Jie done as well os by taking a Mi-o-na tablet liefore each meal. This restores -strength to thu stomach muscles and stmiulates tho pouring out of-gastric juices. Hunt thu food digests readily and you tiegin, to got tho full lienefit from what you eat. Use . Mi-o-na whenever you, have sick headache, heartburn, Iwd taste in tho mouth, t coated. Longue, gpots Uforij the eyeib sleeplessness and the ninny other symptoms that are .the direct result of indigestion. Vnlker if. Aldis gives with every fifMvnt box of Mi-iv-na a guarantee .jo refund tho nioney urdcsa tho remedy cures. THEY, ARE NOW SQUARE WITHJOHN HORRIGAN r 1 1 . v . How t'Fcw Friends Got Evei ri 4 9 wak the' Practical Joker From Port Daikoasie. i Mra. Harry Francis and Mrs. John , Tho Toronto News says : No men on' tho (treat leikes has a wider rir-rk! of. friends than. Air. John Hor-rjgan, proprietor - of' the lloaton Dalliousie. Also , no Jtov.' Juaepiiua Uulp had. charge, of man (n all that stretch has, a greaL-tliu meeting at the Aliiuntain MissiuuitT fondness -for playing original ion Ji'uctuiuy nigh.i . . . j Jokes on his acquaintances, the kinds ha ipMihviurinn I 'Miss Malsi lhelps and Mias rangy l?tlprank ,that mato the victim Awl proves a success, in every other a liuslnew trip to Montreal and knot of hia friends got, their ''! . ' ul S? ?nU:rWB 0, lh'? iieada together to pay the 'sinner Airs. AlcHonugn und Mira Williams i A-ssxatxUu. Itnoet win u. Imrk, for the pranks. he A as played vnjoynhly entertainwi a number ufl F'rieivlu of 1'iin., thu proirietur of on us. j'ho louder this band, of friends to a trolley rldo ml gunhnj Ihoi locul fruit store, will be sorry tojsouls thirsting for revenge was. . 'no parly . on Tuuaday afternoon. A special par .took the party to the MTiirlimol, wiiore a pleasant time wns sient ami ou the .return refruMh-ments were served. Tuesday higlit, ride. Slu'd received a 'phone message to hurry to City Ilutol to quail a trouhliwnm! insn. lie IoiiimI Ixiq llggerter, and hMlged him 'iif Jail for the night. This iiieriiing ho apiienrail la-fura Magistral!) Munro liut no one upxur-eil against him and ho was allowed to go., ; . . .. Rev. J. IV. MdaMxl and fiiniily kft on Tucs'lay for u month's holidays in tlie euxtvrn port of tho ..frovinre. Word has hern received in the town of thi death nt Kt.. Jqhn, N.B., of (leorge Cooke, a ' brother of A. H. Cooke. lie was ktiiKked overiNHird the yalht Myrtle 'by" the boom, which suddenly jihhed 'and struck him. Mr. Pooka ' will Jiavo Ihi 'qm-pathy of alnrgo ciree of friends .In his lienavwiunl. i.'. ' . ,'.,,.1' The tlihlic ftchmil Ifonrd hclil - ' a regular -meeting' on TuoMflay' night. Present were Chairman'. Wilson, and Trust fea tV. ' Not man, Jnmes l'Mlrfl mm, K.' Moikley and IV. Hi Csvs, ''A nuinlsM- of .accounts worn passed. TNa resigniiiiun of ' Mias' Stanley oi thd blast' Aiile School ass sCrrplH, anil the set rat a rj- wus instructed tp advertise for a teacher to lilt thp,vac- anc- . I Ircsby tirlan Mocial. ' Three was a very large crowd present at-tlie SinShI in the Prenbyler-inn Church 011 Tm-sday night. It, wad revenge was . no hear that he ia going to give up. bus- Ifc-m a (Nsrson than Captain Atkin-ineKs.iij Merrltton and leaves on Habi Jn, alMU Jt Port' ikilhousic. An ofH-u relay for Ihp West where ho will livo 'c(Jr was initiated into the mysteries in future., . , , , : (of the plot, and genially promised Work was sturleil , thiu, morning hia liest aid., cleuning up the ruins at the scene of Tho scheme was worked out to the the J tho . recent lower, 1-inroln Puht hi ill. lincst rietuil, and all the plotters ex-' PUiiploynu'iit will thus Iw given tp ajrept tlui .olllccr .secreted thimaelvea nuiisiier of those formerly working from sight. Unfortunately for the there. ' . victim, hut exhilarating for the por- , Nt. Jaiiuia0 Church Humlay School pdr tors,, this . .was not tlui . pfot will hold-their-uimual picnic to .Vlo- ' !.on the contrary, it toriu Park, Mugnra Falla, on Tuesday - next, the. 21st lust- ullcr details will lie seen in this column st a later date.. . -1116 county steam roller-is expected to-day ami will b4 at onre placed into ' commission fixing tho roHd'in front of the Carbide Works.: .When this section of the road is completed front the spoke factory to the switch north id the carbide it will lie as fine road as we could desire. A nu'ralwr from here are Attending tlie grocers picnic to. Niagara Falls this afternoon. - This annual excursion is the greatest of the year and thousands of grocers and their frienda will flock to the Falls to-day. -Mr. .and Mrs. W. A. Richardson BT. i . . Y 1 , CATUARINHS MARKET. froPs h4 Vegetables. 1 75 1 OS 4 B 60 SO 12 1 0U 15 IS 23 ' 4 5 50 !0 WO 7 Fish. h Mast sod lleef, cwt., hind ... . Reef, cwt., fore Reef, roost Reef, boiling Uologso, lb IWeon, lb. . i Ilollad tui, lb. m M m Ham eeseep sseeee eseese seeeee Fork, carcass ... ... ... Veal, carcaee Iraib, carcaee .... Alutton Me eeeee Whiteflsh Salt Cod, lb Salmon ...... Kalmom Trout pike tllueflek, lb. Cod Bek, hreeh Iorch sees liMti Flowsdera , Haddock, lb. Herr lag, ealt ; Rrrtage, freon, doaas HaHbut 11 mh Mackerel, ealt ka. Mackerel, frrab,- lb mo Rran, cwt eeeeeeeee eefc liure, ihelled, buahel Cornmeal, ton sees te Flour, cwt Middlings, cwt Oats, bushel W host, bushel ,,, ,,. Hay, tos hmi sees eeaeee ei Straw eoeeoe eeeaea eseoeee ( Poultry. Spring chicken, pair.. 1 1 till On If lb. MM MMM M,M FOWl, lb, . .H.a .... MMai m Hiiualis, per 'pair llldes sad W00L 1MB Hides, 111 1.. lalbkliw, lb. eraora HM4 h4 fftHuVi mdorid nwra teem Iforee hitlee, complete .t Sheep -aklra ......m . Umli skins And iwlls Wool, unwashed eeee oee era Wool raoeee miiv mmm era , Eggs, Butter,' Kte. Fgs eeeee eeeeee . llulter, lb. rolls w 'w .23 Rutter, creamery 25 L'heeee iiteS eeeeee oeeeae MSMMB IB Hread, huge loaf eeeeoe 0 00 M 25c ' 1 IB 25 25 28 18 11 TORONTO STRKET MARK13T. 78 worked adiniraMy. . As.. Mr, lforrigan was proudly pacing along the.Yonge street, wharf, conversation with thn ra plains ' of the big sleuniers,. .the aforeaaid oflY rer sifB'mnly slroile to his aide anil with a; heres our tsan.! grasped the astonished man by the xhould-NF- Afr. Ifori l;jn drew himself up with matrhl.'HS hxuteur. 'Sir 4f You don't know who I ini," ha n.pwled. Know you exclaimed the officer. . I. '.ness we do. Weve been lookin ' r. you. You Juat rome alon- Ui the rells,' he added, "shovin' the man in front of him. Why, Im John lforrigan of the l.oaton I louse 1 thundered the ir- Wheat Oats, bushel Ruck wheat .. Rye ...... in.irf Harley, bush 1eaa, bushel .. I lay, ton Hfrav, ton gbsee Dressed hogs PgKS, new laid ss Iluttcr, dairy Rutter, creamery sees Chickens, siting, lb... Rtrawlierrlca, Iwx .... Fowl, lb edraee Cherries, Imskut New fKitatoeM, bush... Potatoes, Iiag. ohl ... Tomatoes, erato ee gas Cabbage, par dux (alilsiiMfi bush. bask. Reef, hind quarters eee Reef, fore quarter Reef, choice, carcass.. Mutton, pur cwt. ....... Vcsl, prime, per cwt. Hprihg lamlie 80 .i 48 ' 63 80 50 75 11 00 13,00 0 00 7 00 00 50 15 00 17 00 and famjjy have returned home after ate hoielman a - few weeks visit the guests of 1 friends st Lindsay and 1ctcrboro. , A fuw nights ago Mr. (Sardincr, who manages a dairy Juat out .of the v.illage, near .the llartzel road, was startled by hearing in the middle of spectators, tlie nlgiit a heavy crash which on in- somewhat, vcstldatiim proved to lie his wiiv.radle, went in quick rotation the 0 . , . 1 . . a 'saMilf f Blass sainliMMr'a a si ..aiu kiuta dow, which was completely broken. (.),. come. 1, of- ; none of your bluffing ! "truck hack the arm of the law. - You are arrested. Come along, now. , At this Juncture, according to .Mr. lforrigan . wilted his face, so to m 1 - cW I ' Purity ' and 'fine.: quality .. . 1 ; , ... . - -l are the Btrong points in Vi ' rt, Cocoa, Cream BafSi' etcV, gamut of tho rainbow's various hues, llo gave up the fight and 'meekly-walked away under the wing of tlie law, 1 was never arrested iHjfore, he wailed. 'Rut say, J run pet Oeorgie Foy, my liquor merchant, to identify me. Yes, .muscil the officer, he wimld do." -- Now that the Joke had run its full course, the conspirators' burst iqion tlie scene, fairly . rolling w ith laughter. Thats one on you, all right," chuckled ('sptain Atkinson. 'Yes, Jolm, werewpiare at last," chimed in the othrre plotters. -V f s rg . f C 4F Milk Chocolate 'Sticksj Croquettes, Medallions; etc,' are very delicious. tus . t .9 J T I COWAN CO.. Limited, TORONTO Rotert Craham of Rodney fell off dredge into Lake Trie and was drowned. The' railway subsidies, brought down in the House by lion. George IF., Graham, include assistance lor iar number of Oatorto liaet- . t . - . .. ' ' Queens i' - and TDK WKA1-HKR - Toronto, July 15.- Conditions favorable for extreme heat havo entirely disappeared. Tie weather is cool and showery in the Western Provinces, fine and nmiparatively cool in Ontario ami tjuelier, and rain is falling in Nova Scotia. . Toronto, July 15. Moderate to fresh northwesterly, winds, fine. Thursday, fine and comparatively cool. Washington. 1. C., July 13. Fair to-night anif Thursday. BORN CLOITI KH. On . Tuesilay, Jutv Uth. 1908, to Mr. and Mrs. L. V. piouticr, t son. VE1H.-1d thig city on Tuesday. July 14th, 1908, to Mr. ani Mrs. Thomas Welch, Lake street, a son. Li . ... J DIED , XKWTON. In Chicago, 111., on Sunday, July 12. 1908, Shirley W. Newton, agsd V. years.. The funeral will tako place from the residence of his brother-in-law, ft. Marshall, 25 George street, on Friday afternoon at 3.30. There will lie a meeting of the Neptune Hose Company on Wednesday, July 15th, at 8 o'clock. Rusincss of importance. W. LOOSIMOR E, President ; ROBT. ERSKINIl, Foreman. WANTED. JOOn (JKN15RAL SHllVANT 1 , wanted for J. S. Ilara, Mer-ritton. Apply to Mrs. A. Winchester, . 32 Church St., St. Catharines. ... J15 tf D& Yoa Know. That. We Bate It Canada- A Life Company that has paid 91,500,000 ia profits to policy-holders ia the post .five years. A Life Company that has on. Its ' books over 93,500,000-proflts added to Policies, while tlie next Canadian Company has only 9376,000. A Life Company which holds the strongest policy reserves on this Continent ? A Lifo Company which ho s' paid or credited its policyholders 9115 for every f 100 they have paid ia T s There Is - such Company, but only one, THE CAMAM UFE Let ue teH you more . about it. . , Casey &Kernakan Agents, v, St. Catharines 10 Quimn Streets T ANTKD. llKSPUCTAHLK " hoarders, first-class board, comfortable rnoinis. 93.50 week. .Location 8t. raid street West. Box' 3401, The. Standard. J13 ty'ANTED WOMAN TO SOLICIT orders for Canadas best cor-tsds. Catalogue, instructions, samples and measure supplied free. Worker only wanted with 'references. Corset Kierialty Co., 104 King St., W., Tbronto. J17 INSURANCE Means To Make. Certain , .1 1 g , Included in the numtier of first-class. FIRM INSURANCE eomimnira rsiireaented in this AQKNCY are ths following British companies with date of their establishment : Sun Insurance Office (1710). (The oldest fire insurance office , ,.in the world . Union Assurance. Society (1714), Atlas Assurance Company (1808). Compare the above da tee . with those of historical Interest. Ws . .protect your buildings and . contents, against loss or damage by FIRM, in Companion with reputations for Stability, Reliability and Surety. m- HENRY (yLOUGHLtt ---No.-8 Queen Street;- f j 1. I ij : W ANTKD. KKUABLK for general housework. to Mrs. A. West. G. Hull, MAID Apply City limits, June27-tf WABII- 11TANTED IiiAI K BKWINO, ing sad umding to do. Add rata 33) laaa treat- Junaft-tl LOST. ()st:-oold brooch in i-oum of a fish, on lYiday on Quevn-Hlon, St. Paul or James streets valued . at koeiwake. Reward at Standard office. , J 17 I OHT IN ST. CATHARINES, IJ gold brooch, two hoarte and crown out with fieai'ls. Return to Standard office. Reward. J16 I OST. A BUNC1I OF KEYS, BE- tween the Welland House bowling green and Welland avenue. Find-cr jikuso return to Standatd office. J15 I OST. FOX TEURJ EH 1KK, ", brown head and one block smt on left side ; answers to the. name of Jack. Anyone found harboring the' dog will lie proaocutod. Address F. Duff, 00 Niagara St., St. Catharines. J15 T OST. A ROSARY, SET WITH emeralds and gold mounted, in h esse, between 11. C. Church and New Murray Hotel, on Sunday. Finder kindly leave at The Stand-ard. - ' JY5 TO RENT. LK)R Mi RENT. HOUSE ON COIt-nvr John and Queen eton streets, first-class modern improvements; rent moderate. Apply to R- E. Boyle Keating Block. Je24tf FOR SALfe. WOR MALE. 16 FT. ROW BOAT. 1 also gasolino. hium-h ready fur engine. Cheap for cash at 30 Centre St. 1 J16 LX) It SALE. TWO SEW1N0 MA-cliinea in good repair ; also a largo sized phonograph, cyclin It records. Apply at No. 5 Mumersut St. U LlOll SALE. COW AN1) CALF. AD-dress W. T. Crouch, Virgil. J14 LX)R SALE.-QASOUNE LAUNCH .. L 20 feet (I inches long ; nearly new. ' Apply W. J .' Wells, 3 Welland avenue. - . ... jujyig LH)R SALE BINDER, GOOD AS' J , . - new, cl iesp. Apply to Mr. L. S. Bessey. . , Jyl5 LUIU SALE. BETWEEN SIX AND seven acred land bordering on city limits. Small bouse, fruit trees and grsMi vinos on premises. Apply 20 Chestnut stree, City Jy3-tf AND GRAVEL FOR alo, also teaming. Apply to Thomas Roes, corner Wihty and pt--tawa streets.. Phono 087. Juuel2 tf iilOR BALB Oil RENT, s- ELEVEN-room solid brick 'honoa, with aiabls and grousda. Prica, 93,000. (treat. All mod arm coavasiascaa., Tarsia aaay. IB Uanava Riordos. Pboa 4681 majrl-U jl'-jl.' m 1 MEDIO A J. CHAPMAN, M.D.O.M, ; Trinity; " M.R.O.S. England; L.R.U.P. - London; (late RaaidanP Pfejraleiaa and Burgwin of Piinre of Walaa Oaaeral Hoapital, lamdra, Kng. Offlca 49 Church a treat, (neat to Kaos charch). Phone No. 693. dyAwk KINGSTON,.' ONTARIO 4 ARTSf . EDUCATION rpo RENT. A LARGE STORE ON Front Si.,' Thorold, auitable for genta furniahings and ' dry goods. . Formerly occupied, by Oao. McClure. Apply R. Dougaa it Co., Front St., Thorold. . J18, THEOLOGY MEDICINE SCIENCE (Including Engineering) ... j - i HwAuto Course may be taken witb-aut attendance. ' Ft x Calendars, write the Registrar, CKO. T. CROWN, BJL. f Kingston. Oatuia STORES TO RENT STEAM heating 1 electric lighting. Apply Grand Central Hotel. J15 JT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING yj CASH RATES. IS words (or umlor), 1 insertion, 15c 15 words (or under), 2 inserts., 25c 15 words (or under), 8 inserts., 80c 15 words (or under), 6 inserts., 50c Over 13 words, le first insertion ; (c each subsequent insertion. The above rates are for CONSECUTIVE insertions. Ads. run on special days charged extra. No book-keeping in .this department. Classified advertisements are STRICTLY CASH unless inserted by merchants running regular advertising. SEWER PIPE! I am selling ipnt of the Dominion Sewer ripe Company, makers of the beat sewer pipe sold, and am prepared to furnish pipe of all kind! at shortest notice. ' Contracting and Jobbing in Masonry. HENRY P. NICHOLSON, 49 Queep Street. Triepbooe 549 IOR RENT. TWO SMALL H0US--L eg on Q intension street. Apply 72 Queenston street. julylfi RENT FORESTERS' HALL, Standard Building, furnished, electric light and Ueintxman piano. Can . he had for lodge meetings, entertainments, part ies, etc. For terms apply to Mr. J. D. Chase, 736 Geneva Terrace, Chairman Hall Com mitte. tf vxOH RENT. COTTAGE, MODERN " Apply 19 Gerrard street. - June30-tf UOUSE FOR RENT, NO. 10 Thorold Road. Possession immediately. Apply at No. 20 Tage street. June22-tf IxOR RENT. SIX-ROOM HOUSE, No- 50 Queenston street. Newly papered and imtnted. . Rent 911 per month. A. W. Cloney, 272 St, Paul street. June20-tl -pOH BENT 9-IlOOM ED HOUSE, RENT v rreaonabla: all modara coaren lucre. Apply 88 Louira street. JUM6-f BUSINESS CARDS, HAKRY. J, .HUNTER, (LATE OF Torontoi, solo banjoiat and accompanist. Assembly, festival and social engagements. Terms reason ble. Four lesions, on dollar. 14 Queen UyetJ 3L CaUmrineg.- ; Jyl7 DR. BUTHERLAND, ' 85 treat, 8t. Catharines. CHURCH MAMS 1 off the Rye, Kar, Nose sad Throat, aad f feting of glauure. Hours-: 9 till ..11 a.m.;. 1.80 till 8.30, and 7 till S p a., or . by appolntmant. Bundaya, 1.80 - till 8.80. Viral aad Third Tuesdays of oach mraih homo ovaotegs only. TMephow 381- . - SM. r.R McCOY, B.A., MB., M.B.C.B., R.C.S.E., Buraaoa.ilaaldsDra aad Cosaultlag Rooau, The Wnllaad." Pra-ultlng hour 3 to S aad 7 to 8 p.m-, od by appotataaaA. Tstaphoeo 48.- LEOAU 0. RYKERT, " E.C.-LA W OFFICE. Ontario atrest, (ut to O.N.W. Tab agrapb offlca. TAMER A. KEYES, BARRISTER. 80-d lleltor. Notary Public, Ac. Moony to lu at lowaat current rates.. Offlca 88 Oucm atraat (Kaatlng Block), Bt. Catba rlnaa. Oat. - - DENTAL. (1 E. No KIHTZ, L. D. B DENTIST No. 68 8t. Paul ulraat, .ML . Catba-. rlaaa. Regulatlag taatk a apoalty. 'Pbora 185. AROHITEOTURAU Arthur e. nicholbon, archf teat Member of tho ' Ontario Area-dmttoo of Arehiteete. Offloa, Quaes atraat. Pb Bt. Catharinau. Oat. ... l 1 i m SUMMER HOTELS HOTEL" AT tho summer season. Fish dinners a specialty. Special attention and accommodation to St. Catharines and Niagara Falls patrons. Pint class ata-, bins in connection with hotel. Orders by 'phono received at Central' office. July25 PRINTING The print ery bill heads, letter heads, programs, pamphlets, society-printing, Saving prices. Let ma quota oa your, printing. . 5 St, Paul street, July21 - -i t - .1 1 , A. r tu

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