The Olney Times from Olney, Illinois on January 6, 1859 · Page 1
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The Olney Times from Olney, Illinois · Page 1

Olney, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1859
Page 1
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arjof Presi. ii i t 4 \ M ' S c .1 f i i l i o :S U, : i rule tune I IK**! 1 T I M E S 'Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty." VOL . 3.--NO. 27 t)LNEY, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1859. (JLM ) -- is EVTUY F R I D U WILLIAM" M P E B J T O R \ v n P R o r 01 TSY LOD£ n f i 1 ' -T I u V 101th n C-Ct I T 1U , r A. i ,;, on -r b I \\. M Pl,'BLl£flEB FEOHHifeR WHOLE NO. J30. T O H E ~iji rn A W N D K -AH V Olncj I, E..H. T r R V « 1 n h" i n i tli , - - 2 ,23*" I tt n^ of t n, in ith im· - 1 RATC3 OF AD V E R T I S I N Q . f -*4 -n ' ^r"! or le^von-* n · * Coocl Sini-ritoa Division, 426, "XHI of l u n p e r a n o e , · t- ' K I C H* i i i Qli 's iej. ,y L v c , n ^ ii U\, W P V J 1 L I I » ,.J.,S Iv ». --"Icy Lo 1 60 fcnU) « * inierti n, . DUUI, - - - I, H \ I 1(1 ni ROB N~_u\, 2f ' N ~e co'i mr 'w-lve nionth " " ix " three mmtas,, A hWiU 3T-"'oHut will i" «·,, 1-1" - fe^f lor -ulverti ii£ w^c', f r ' t n i u «. i i u - t u t , \ "it H!B ! i! cuj 501 Ol"! t i , ! J ipr ) LODGE JiO 1^0 ,-» il i" T 14° llu m, l-'i V i i l i 1) T» Stoi on i i f i i tin, miuber? w h o n ent lo 1 o i c i i e « i l i li Bicns, -x G ' CARDS, C. Hal Al I t V V ! Horace Elaj w an!, A x D C f i L N s i i J*\ \i. ffiie oa M u n btre»t me d r t,iu-t0.n(j OLNi.1. II. H JJ.Z31 ' 0 I i l l C' A. E. Kilchcll* j Ai L i V V , 01 M V J 1,1X01-- iltention to bum ·, 11 t i i *· in P M it i n J I n f rior Courts C!1 it 1 n 3 tin c | atil litles exainmtd,c | jer A. Kitchell will he f un 1 it n« i""i t l » Depot, ind B. kitchill at In* '·· ·, hW B tie 1 .'UK | R F. LIVINGSTON, ' ATTORNEY AT L A W . 0 Nfi Tilth "t ' , i IS THE r o i U i IlOlbF G7 ic N D CO., ILL .1 L t t u j to i DMiii; i id SLlliiu L"nri 1 mils l r \ c » I j. i i i n u i o n of L nd m i mfi i ted=, i!rtfr- 0 'o«, Contracts '' " i If tion g u t t» all biioi r ii i u w ,h t il esit e ^S3~ Offie ti I i p ib i -a 11 i. 'S^ V t ' YI ( n \ i t n ( u r "genfj ^ U I M l l - l * i f T r J o 1 W o i , i o l r ' - i I ill . i 1 c m Mr H ol p cnuil u u i , in I «.(]u nnted w i t H iuu*t en ' tr tt i UL 1 m 1 ithlcnd coun M a i c h 21, '^7 i j P LY, Scn'r, I I I - A L l I V GOODS and GROCERIES f r u i t n IDs POP GOES THE LiQDOR Tbc dcvo ee-i o£ ·; oml H u l jumb e, clKU, nnu tin. r, Ajd ever m j iiion tl c? pau t And pop got~ tl ^ l i q u o r Ta. t yrmrg mar n L long ruustacno I n i n k a lit. ivi* no^ i ic) ej G un» 'aJm It me ti L u b^r ' And pop= goc:, tli. litjn r Hashing gent w i t h \ i^ r d S ruts rour d i ke ,, d in \y S ed-( into a luno -aioun ' * !jd pop s uiS the br ituy O'd man \ \ i t h al nt cd Uat, Sjc siglt i tnci mi-- }, ^ (ukn up to the bni, ann then, Pop goci tl e whiai j A h nd i mi. 1 uj livs near by, Toujg 11,11 tbmkb io jl oonrtliar, Aud, tobu 0 u ou ip In" «its, i'up ,, ta t it. , Mtu t K 'aa ul om m u d a n u i l e , j^ i t con \t_r.ation, h p p a tac que^tKn, uus hit, talculitions | The Darkey and Hie Oxen. | A i As good a colored story as w e j "hive heard toi many months, comes Severe ( u t i t i s m on the ' from in Augusta i Georg.a coiresponaect in Simon Lad lonp; aspired to the easy and digni'ipd office of. carter O f t e n had he or ex looked driver, with envious eye upon Hecou H i s t i BuL v, i 1'op U N I O N HOUSE SMITH LOWS TIaisaS rceJ Ills A T S O It ; Ti S A T . i , N I V ·' .1 0 ,11 I I I II l i l t 1 .1 1 1 ATT J SMITH, \ o r A R \ i i A gentlemen qnitt corpulent, AV liose lomotion fails him, Casts a b j j t a. cirifal look -Sum y ajiDctlniig A L I S him. Sun i !)»·, ujainessin town, L i } of S)iution, Bu nnct entan^'ed m hia Qik, P jp got hia ic olution Jo/ o S ijd"r witn i» crooked pipe, A"-d H nia hi» juvial ciony, Ah 1 .' u h attning to the BER -An i i p got.ii liia money l u ' j bijt tbeir l i t t l e innocents, 1 1 1 i cicr inmd their screaroings, But ll 11 imbil" intil, 1 u j ^ L ^ u li a to ,, 1 i P i 1111 1 1 1 1 . 1 mil I j f r m o jii is c fli i miht.1 uly wd 1 - 1 er, »ml eud p n m p t l j t i » i _ 'ii-r \otari i 1 i i r l u . A T T H E O F F I C E O F S M i l r i Wiu 26, 5i, h. . l.c./_ l c l i p in i t of- 1 \\ the ;;t m corres York Post. DSeal j \ t " i t coi \ · j K, tin a = i) 'tat* and to t'l ' v itijitlin 1 c i i t un m V I 1» 0 ll 1 or ' V r w i f »· 1 1 nci.tti a V S ^ I ) B ·» ! W f t REAL B U A N b - u» l'»y 1 i x jf~ l of lu Ii Pfi. !· p. A U i ·/ ·' M 1T2 I, i i . i i i d L t ^ "·ic t p p c i l s in the pity i .B u h i i n i n , hv the poTer ' t i l e i i p i i n n ijje. h is fixed i - L"g l i t i K t «o t h a t Mr · -M- P t be cl t'e i As i i i in IPS efTec'tn m o i p 11 \(r« t h u tut' purdi "e I i ' \ote-i in a Si ue tl^e favored Jef. as seated upon the role ot his cart he drove whistling along, the irnpi rsonation,m bimon'- MPW. ot the true ofitim cum di%- mlale. Never doubting hi? quih fications fot the piist--whit office- seeker docc?--he longed, or as he expiesscd it, " f a i r l y eechcd " toi .in op|oi tunny of displaying his skill, confident that it would be such as could not fail to secure him a PTID iccnt seat upon the cait, vice Jef rpmoved. At ]ei gtli fortune seconded his wishes; Jet was luckily absent; the corn must be sent to mill; yimon must yoke 'Buck and Darb,' and carry if. 'Now you gume to see drivin',' siid lie to the boss, when, having finished the preliminaries, he took his seat upon the'cart, cracked his whip over the cattle, and added spirit to its effect by a well modu lated 'Gee up higher!' Away rushed Bnck and Darb in 1 grand style ?or about ten steps then suddenly stopped, with a jerk that well nigh necipiUted our hero from his long -The Philadelphia Inquirer has tho following ci iticism on the President's Message: The character of the Message may be summed up in a few words. It is unnecessarily prolix and dog- matical. It abounds in arguments rither than in principles In view of the President's position it is bold and tull of self a'-buiance. In its tone towards the people it is cold and repulsive--in towird foreign countries it is warm and boisterous, courterous, yet deadly. It lacks the elements of a first class State paper, but is compantively safe from criticism, because it i concerned in the citation ot fact more than in the enunciation o political truths. It is devoid o frankness, and steers clea ot the most important suggestion upon topics of the most urgen magnitude to the nation. Its lit erary m»rit is not of a high order as the scholar's rhetorical and grammatical probe finds in it defects which science discards and which taste reprobates. We find m it the same ear-marks which we have To the Creditors oveted seit. A sp£ond 'Go long "lor, Buck' you Darb, what you bout now?' with numerous and scientific j f r k s at the line, pnd .ittistic louiishei ot the whip, icsulted no 3tter 'Why pon de face of d" D e a r t h , w h a l ' s g o t into dese steers? es lonk at D u b , now, a pullm' gin Buck, an a t i y m to twis' his ail roun' ny soul " toder \TI\' Do b'leve in steers know-. I ain' traced for tour or five months past in the Union newspaper, and which come up both in the matter and in tbe manner, like old stories, to court our wonder. In fine, we admit that the Message is a" good as could be expected under all circum stances; and vastly more chaiged with the Roman virtue of assurance under defeat than any of the kind recorded in American annals. ~ucr:, I ( i u r in n T Inq T i m n i i l l not i o u b t t h e i n i (.'i HP.; in tin' l ^ i j i "v cc i i S r i i or, Ac L u c i \ i in r \n ht more 1 t n u i \\ 1, 't, I iiiuii II \ T r i r i H A Y - \ MI Rrnl K O I M \ l . t t h i " \ \ r l L L u n t \ » hn t'ea. \ V n i £e PH. t f( - (..i J KI ;\fs t I _ al I ' I, U V t- i l - Oli. ' j f I Sli l l w f 1 v. pri in 1 $ i x «» rv irwt ol T ii d in . 1 . C L X R K OA" the Pt'!6C«*j 1 1 tUii^r 1 nvi ncc n. ui f \ , i ^ IT/ orciiptly % u n . ' ill i. i t i tit I , t »v »·£ tiki u l tn i · i , Ae. C l i n i HI f in a ili 1 1 \« in c yruinpt atte'io » -- 11' , U '1.1 1 i 'TT^ W 1 Oi - ' I . i i n t i l c n nt c nT"! ( r i ^ ^ r r ' m (1 0 £] i v e t p ii i. p ' In i h hold it i ' i' o us i c \ il t i k " n 1 ' i « « ol t ! o S o u t h , and I li). I i \ i hi) ,\|| c I the 1 1^5 i tt i Sti'LS cm bp dtSed f i i f on f s^own Iiv the i ilic filihiitp"5 from M i b i l e -^JM' O L i\e Gunrl L I T i C 1 no 1 r in 'o fi rl a bill ol no r ^ n-t t n ^ CK^ f 'lie ~ «r ·· ir t h ivo i t c mm i f-cd the im i h i o n i s l ^ e s i n ' o the T · ^ n n' sh Re IT M \ s i ' f i tint tht And ynnder's de boss, too, Ml be hnPerm' it me '(oie long ' A f f i seeing him woiry with thpm 1 t t l e lorigtr, the boss, who had seirnd Inmselt on the fence n few v irrl« oft to enjoy th° =port, did ' h o l i e r ' i' him, to tell him lu had v o L i d the uxen or the sides to ·nluch ti f j w e r e not retpecuvtly iccus tonud, ind that be niU'-t liiiengige t n t m Tin! put liuck on the r gin side iiid L'aib on the left. 'Hdi" said Simon, 'wpndei why · d dn't sec d a t . 1 thoocllt GOIHP- IITI^' must be de matter, 111 fix yon n o w , my DOTS--you see et I don't Pietty soon he was off his seat ind h i d tht'-n di«pnD;iiTed from tae c u t b u t « i t h nt r e m o v i n g the yoke 1 'Ore an du, Buck 1 I 11 dnve ^ c --A Pans correspondent writes lhal horse meat is being introduced in several cities m Europe as an article of human food, He states tint there are already four shops in \ i e n n u where stith meat is sold one in Doubin and peveral sprinkled ill-rough out Germany, in the various titles The sale of horse meat can, h o w e v e r , never airive at a laige re^ulai trade, as the hor^e is loo valuable an animal to be raised for food The horses slaughtered for such purpose, however are probably those \\hich become worthless from old age, or who meet accidentsor broken limb 1 ' o Eastern pipers mil pleass notify the creditors of the S'ate of Illieois that, upon the fitst day of January next, nme hundred thousand dollars will be divided upon such bonds as may be presented at the Comptrol- ers office in our State. As, on such occasions, hut few bonds are generally presented, there is no doubt but there will be more than specie enough to pay the full value of every bord picsented. Should this money not all be taken; our people will take prompt measure to g J tnd of the two-mi 11 tax, which has always been an unpopular one If this were repealed, our State might fail to meet its interest, and our bonds would tall again. It is to be hoped that eve'y bond holder of Illinois will send on and get his pay.--Chicago Democrat. How flushed; tow weak hf is! -What's the m«tter with him?" "Only tijjh '" '·Tight!" "Yes, mtox cated." "Unly tight!" AJan'a best and greatest gift his intellect, degraded; nr maji Jor not (Stinking- at ·hink. Let tFerjr to# f«joj tb« full and free hKerty of tbiitkiae f«r himself Let everj man use bii own judgment eince «refy nt Q ~" ' "-e «n «cfeoant of iiimwIf Abhor evry appnmch, ii God the only power that raises him from ] any km-l of denree, to the hnitfl Pr« S finn tfn *A m ,.^». «.. J persecution. If jron cannot niton or purssuade a man into* ifae never attempt tojorpe him J it love w.Tl not comppll hini, English and Aiucrcau JVavies. The effective naval force of Great Bnta.n numbers about six hundied and forty vessels, and ot hne-ol- battle ships alone as many as we have of al! classes and sizes in our navy. Biu^shehas, besides, over three hundre'd which are used as brute creation, trodden under foot of A debasing appetite. "Only t.ght!'» The mother stands with pale face and tear dim med eye to see 'ier only son's disgrace, and in her fancy pictures the biner woe of wL ch this is the foreshadowing. "Only tight!" The gentle sis ter, whese strongest love through life has been gi-en to her handsome talented brother, fhrinks with contempt and disgust from his em brace, and brashes sway the ho impure k'ss he has painted upon Walk* ro God, the Judge of ·II -- 'cr. J her lips. "Only tight!" And his young coast-guards, hospitals, recieving ships, c., so that the whole Brush navy numbe-s altogether about one thousand vessels. Her gun- oat fleet alone 13 composer! of one hundred and sixty-one small stea. bride stops in the dance she is making to meet him, and checks the welcome on her lips to gaze in terror on the reeling form and flush td face of him who was the "god of her idolatry '' "Only tight!" And the father's face grows dark and sad, as, with a bitter sigh he stoops over the form of his first born. He has brought sorrow to «11 these affectionate hearts; he has opened the door to a fatal indul I'Diiraa u STROKo,-4» im* p-Hient husband called to*iiii urift^ "Come, come isn't breakfast r«ivt I'll had nothing s i nce r8ter d,V. and to marrow will be the thiri aa? " This is oqiMl to tbe call of the stirring bomtwife, wh»arou*e« her maid at four o'clock, ^.f, _ "' "-" fidget 5 et op! Her. ' Monday tir morning; to norrow'* rn _t * ·*·"»! w IP 9 lu'-sdjy, next day's Wednesday-- hnlf the week gooe-and nothm*' done yet. * -- .«.t» wu IMAIA KM A t i y V11C DiUa' 1 OvCii* « · · » · » i i i i « u t mers, of the efficiency of wh'ch for p DC ?' ^ e ^ a9 brought hinjseH down war purports naval cities ormed a. high England is still Lave estimate. But increasing her avy, and there is always employment for her naval constructors and hip carpenters. For every new essel that is added 'o our list, the English add three or four to theirs nd they never fail to take advan- age ot any improvement we may nuke in nips. our \\ u u k v of detl the J W AC ^ ^ T ^ c ^ O F T ^ ^ F r A c r, Lvwroneev-lie, I'l M.L q T- nromp UK i l u u '« ail bu ."·i-.,u t t I. « t I-L :o or D. HE/ FJI \v 'u fi t si , _r (! H \ ^1 TC6 i'id In nit 1 a c the neighborhood ot St . nund, nt"ii B i u n s w i c k ol *he caigo was stib«e I v .i.r i up the SiM'l i nvci on l o u n ' to t i e other side, an' then w e ' l l s^e rlnt vou's gw nc to do w i t h your tan rums when the boss's a lookin' at me from the fonre yin- By this time he had got them r o u n d , a n d , pf course, after iiran- 4'ng them heacMormo^t in propna fur ma, the\ cinae out exactly in slat i quo 'Livvs a'm-issy" said he, in self dcprecitory tone, 'what v a" 1 thinking about d r u m ' you roi'nd do w r o n g way' 'Peais like I a i n ' t got giod sense dis mornin', somehow 'i ou Daib come out OPPOSITE nir oino t M^M^H-PI n R T. J. B E E L E B , P K O P l U i r O H . T B » ! f t t f » American IIon*r, M:UTON. ILLS. J OSFP1I U l / E t M A V Prco--»or The trav ewr will Gml ^t tin-* lion* t v i \ attcn ii,n to inikv Lita cvmfuiuiblc j 1 t \t. U 1 f 111 \ I \ I I I t U X u t ! i I t \ III ^C U I H t ' i t ' no n Pol t l } n ·mi ' r e i e Mirer Tte ' ca V t IS. I M-17 IS ! 1 ri, Ch C TELER HBEr EP.IC'H, Ci rn r ihml and Mum Sir c's, ri THE C C U R T f'OLSE, ' Ott v fhr« Njuiru from I'le hit tonr yoTn tU« Kitilronii D p t "K^f PAVILION HOTEL Adjoining Steamboat Lnndn g, EV \\SMLLt. 1\*D Sight watch kept for rive' tnvc' 19, ly. J K ')! 1 LU \0i i I A N JO '"a" "3. i I P nfiiij B I'-i its of all ir uit nit"d lr ord"r sl i ,» uinUr t i Sin. i \ .11 t 10 ' i t i i td 'n u e i 1 ! in the S t a f p | I Gcor^ a Brunsw ck i s a s m i l i ·r-rt o!" e n M v on Tur Ic river, eighty n j i e^ S W, S. of S a v a n n a h , ird j i i i s a --picinu-) baibor T h e S i t i l l a ' ( o r S n i i l l i ) n \ e i n-eo in Irwin ' i m t y , Geor^n. and flows into ne Athn ic t h i i u ^ h the St An I i i c w ' x Si und. Toe leadmess with wh ch the "cargo" was sent up that met indicates that full preparations h i d been made in advauce for its ' r i c e p n o n Tnere appears to have I een j method in the madness of the «hve-tnde advocates a f t e r all j The whole country was startled a n tui p w j cars since w jj en Governor I Ad ins or South Carolina, recnm- J i mended the revival of that traffic, !a~d the pnject wns almost univer- u n I s 1 I b o u n ' I git you light dis time' Spec' you'll tool about wid ynnr projectifications tel de boss'll be down here d'rectly. Whoa, gee! Gpe, I say' to some inexplicable fatality, his success w.s no better this time than before. He d i o v e round to the right, crossed over and came out--second test. 'Well now,'said dis is a purty spot o' work,- ain't it? Dat Jet's dons? something to dese steeis kho'seyou born, he's done something to dese steeri.' The oxen had, by this time, got tamed with their he ids towards the cart, arid were standing at the end of the pole, waitin' the result of their driver's meditations. Carefully reconnouering their respective positions he seemed suddenly to be inspired with a projsct which must succeed in spite of Fate. The reader shall have the 1 benefit of the tram of reasoning: 'Dare dey Stan's Buck an Daib, boaf ot 'em N r \ \ i h ' t in I to tm i 1 bt J Olnej, (Richland Co.) Us. KLT WE'-T Or T H E COul T Hot 'iF 0000 ACCOMMODATION, A N D A Tri stage fur ^ T ir 11 i ~ i , pub ic tli t II c inp et runji i^ 111 O H U t l t l f K t f i \ I i-h « i 1 h [ I!i \i\ Ac ta-i i- 1 in s if t i j - i " i I i f i i i .1 i t i I i i n" pi 1 f in n iv q i 11 r U ! i ( i , 1 v - 1TO 111 1 I I I U 11 illy prrcl umed to be as absurd asl ! o o k i n " dis Wa 7' Buck on de ri S ht han' and Darb on de left; dat's Jes, de way dov orght to be. So now' my chillun's, I'm gwme to jes' drive in outhem Contentions ins hive eulogised it. ° k \ , 01L0 i r-i * * io luc Li n ol 0 n i p W.H. Jtlcilcalfe, (Lute Corresponding secretary of j the Medical Chirurg cnl Faculty i of Maryland, and first Vice Presi. ' h a t '' °, h N r - ni ^ ! 1L ^ (C ' ] dent Of tfa« MCdlC il and Surgical i Llrnu "f Ch rn ma Socitty «f B»ltinaore ) !' ^ ««»«'· R e»J««l£BUy htfwm* lit citiifnj of n] ne r »***»ewity. lk»t after many ye ar« of no- twt Jifwti** and eoaitnat at cnrteW in th l»rgmiiTn(M« HMtualf, h* with «cme cot d-BJ«j»flci« an a» Tieo IB all the branches tattftt of* Worasnaiwi Children. BcHdeattJhrth ^Aftavot. WertOlcfy. 27 sn LLY \ F an 1 \ n i n i l % 1 o I i» b n i Mtim td nn t'ic ^ i r 'trtit i p p ^ i ' i .w (!«cl 112 w 1 ) r ~b(, '·. \r l!kBih Jiul 1 un B iimt in the litest npp OT d » M ' H I M UNG-jfur n a h c l w icn df riici 4i«o, Bone on «nort notice, ana in 1.0 bot s ylc at taodcratt p-ius. *»"A|iortioj of Patitnigp i r°Ep'ctfnllv ielicUed. [18,f] E J. 6U!,y " But siuce then u | Ins been zealously advocated in Ultra 01- An effort Ins been made to get State Legs K t u i p s to authorize it. The law of she Uni f ed States against it has oeen denounced as unconstitutional, ind the proceedi gs in the slaver Echo ci»e have demonstrated how enMlv thit hw miy be rendered a complete nullity, in the face of the inot cornp'ete and overwhelming evidences of guilt. Afaijve all, the f ict tint we have a sectional President, who will wink nt the most infamous f i a u d s a n d crime*, if they are perp'trated in the came of the South ii to nil. and affords ample encouragement to these desperate villains.--Phil Press. you up to the cart w; and den I'm gwine to inako you turn your heads teder way and your tails dis Way; and den you's 'bleegerf to be right, whederyou will or no!' I have always regretted that this brilliant scheme Wis never fuliv tested. It was but half executed when^the boss came up and made him take off the yoke and change them. What the resuft-woultf have been, hed r been J e f t _ t o himself, admits of discussion. Itisdoe'to Simon, however; to say that after many years of profound ""editation have but served to confirm him in the original" conclusion, that they'd been ''bleeged to been right!' ·Zhc Facts ot the Amis tad Case, Some twenty year 0 ago a slave -hip landed a cargo of African ne- groes on the Island of Cuba They n e i e there sold m lots "to suit pu-ohasers " A lot was bought by t w o Spaniards named Ruiz and Mmdez' who stibspqently chaitered i small vesse 1 lo lake them to another p j r t of the Lland. When out of sight of land the negroes arose and took possession of the vessel and demanded to be taken back to their uatu e homes in Africa. They committed in assault upon their purchasers, further than to demand of them their release from bondage, and 'heir restoration to home, k i n d r e d and liberty They knew nothing of navigation, and the vessel finally found i's way m'o Long UUd Sound and was form-illy taken pos.sest.ion of by the Rev enue Cutter, and brought into New Haven, wherg. tbe case was med, and the C o u r t decided that they were entitled to their freedom, and they were subsequently set at liberty, and the two Spaniards lo,t theu 'property " If n e mistake not, the UP JohnQumcy Adams volunteered to be the counsel for the negroes, and went to New Haven and argued their case They were declared free by the District Court of the United States, from which an appeal was taken to'the f u l l bench of the United States Supieme Court, where the decision was affirmed Afterwards the Spanish Government claimed from our Government remuneration for the loss which us citizens tad sustain* d by the decision ot the Connecticut court, and the liberation of the Africans Our Government recognized ihis claim, and Democratic administration, since the construction of Thus, when the Niagara, the Wabash and the, other new steam frigates were launched, they had the keels of simihar vessels laid in their yards, and some or these are now afloat ready fr,r sea. to a level with brutes; he his tasted exciting the appetite to crave thf poisonous draught a/pis; he has fallen from high and noble manhood to babbling idiocy and stupor: bro't grief to his mother, distrust to his sister, almost dispair to to his bride and bowed his lather's head with sorrow, but blame him not for he is "only tight." . Lomsvi.le Kadmg house (told · bill of goods to an loJiana cu.conur o»' credit. A fcitk mem by note at four months d, i o which 'tbg 1 Hposier debior willingly assented But suppose 1 don't pa'y ibi* nott wire,, ,t falls du ?; lt , quiM bfc ineri rpplied our men liaut. 'tout note xnH be pro-esteJ an.i your crerfil desiroyed!' Ifa» m a i h w i l l that cosi, ( soid IwJiaim. 'Dolar and g naif,' iremuloua.y friend 'Tlnn answ^r-d o, old fellow, and Of late years it has been the wise policy of the British Government, in adding to their naval stiength, to build nothing hut steamers, wljile nearly all jheir line-of-battle ships and frigates that aie at all fit for sea hive been converted into screw propellers. The Duke of We'licg ton, the Royal Sovereign, and all the other first class vessels that huve been built mthm the past five years, and \\hich carry about one hundied and thirty-two guns each, are all screw steamers; so that Great Butain has at present the largest steam naby ( m the world -- Snen, in addition to all this, there is ^ her powerful aud exceedingly efficient fleet of gunboats, which have come to be regarded as more serviceable than vessels of «, larger class. Of the spventy-eight vessels of different sizes enumerated in the United states Register, but twenty- five steamers, and of these, three aretendeis and carry no guns; so that of our whole fleet, we have, compared with the naval force of England, but twenty-five really efficient and serviceable vessels.-- J\ew York Herald. The Message. [From the N Y Comini.rei il «cr ] The Message is emphatically a mischievoui document, and m al most every sense is unworthj of the Executive of a powerful nation. It commences with an attempt at a vindication of the President's course in respect to Kansis, in which the want of candor amounts to a mis representation of- facts and the en unciation of sophistries that woul be discreditable to a special plcade or the most violent of rolitical par , , just include that amount m iht noli. and pay tt for me tvheii you get the note protested ' f if?" A singular mistake *HB at NPW Bcdioid the other ni K bf.-A lady in the northern part of th« we may recu tisans. To those heieafter. [From tho Spnnfield Republican ] that day, have never failed to urge this prpposterous and outrageous claim upon the attention of Congress, and recommend its payment. §ev- eral commit'ees of both Houses of Congress, made up as they generally are, of a majority of pro-slavery men, have reporsed in favor of ihis rlaim upon various pietexts, but Congress had never yet dared to vote an appropriation for it and we trust never will --Boston Mas. NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 23. The steamship Quaker City is below. She has 123 passengers and San Francisco da^es of the 6th mst. The steamship Herman at San Francisco on the 27th alt. The hack Columbus, of New London was totally wrecked in Shasta Bay on the tenth of August. MEDIOIM:--The latest and mo«t wonderful cure effected by a patent medicme, recorded-, is the follow ing:- "A boy swallowed a silver dollar. None of the faculty could devise an alleviation, whereupon the inventor of patent medicines was sent for. "It is evident* said he, 'that so consiberable a coin can n?ver be forced by any emetic known to science, HoweveiyJel bin-take- thi* pill, and flattering consequences- wi The steamship Golden Gate, which left San Francisco on tbe 6th, for New York, bad $1,500, 000 in treasure for New York and §333,000 for England.; Arrived at San Francisco shipa Stamqoul and Nazanne, from London; Abby Brown" from Liverpool No amvals from Atlantic ports reported. Business quiet. Light rains had fallen. The Overland ran] of the llth ult. reached San Francisco on the 6th mst. Money was easy. Political newa generally unimportant. NEW GROUUD roa DIVORCE--A new reason for divorcs has been set up'byaladv, near FayettPville, Ohio. In her petition. "Complainant fur- ilier charge iha% as she is informed, the defendant, (her husband, in Chatham, county., and has receniiy opened a grtfcry or'retail liquor shop in Ashland--and that one man who - « a ^r / J · -- -- - V M W t i i c t L I yviiu be likely to ensue. An hour after-] will sell mean whiskey wards the boy threw up the 'dollar, -by (lie drink, has riot soul enough'to .but in small chaage, princip'aify 'inr enfille him to 'he warm of five cent pieces. · a confiding wife " The annual Message of the Prea ident of the United States shoul. be tbe most instructive and valuabl of all government papers. As a digest of the operations of thf gov ernment for the year its statement should have the calm, dispa c sionate and absolute veriety of history -As a guide to the legislation o Congress its recommendations should be marked by careful am comprehensive statesmcnship. A aa index to other nations of the direction of- our foreign policy, it should unite dignity uid firmness with a just and conciliatory spirit. What shall be said of the present Message of President Buchanan, judged by these criteria? Mr Buchanan seems to have bad no such standard before him Yet ibis Message is no more exposed criticism than some tha', have pre- eeeded it. It is one of the sadie^t signs of the degeneracy of our na tional administrations that the annual Message is, and is (ipected to be, a partisan document mainly -It is looked to on all domestic qurs- tiocs which have become party issues, not ror an ingonerous pcrv«t- s'on of them to support tbe of the party in power. If this is taken, to- be the true and proper in. tent of a Presidential Mes-age, this production of Mr. Buchanan ar- pwers its purpose very well. Its style might have been greatly im proved in many respects. It corn- no mpans *a model of Eng'ish is by portion, but redundancy aud tan- tjplogy are faults int" which old men naturally fall, and the Message bears internal evidence of its genuineness. Nobody else could have written it. But we can easily par- doii defects nt style, even in a document ub,ch should be a mod', while errors of defect and logic are not so readily forgiven. Jn some person* we mas observe a profusion of feeling, which if left io its operation, will expenjt itself on a multiplicity of trivial or vexatious orjects. The remedy" i? to have some elevated pursuit or passion which will absorb the feel- ngs. then waste itself on trifles *mf concentration ot feeling on a specific object maj lend to facilitate its »t- tainjnenr.-- Clulow* --", . the printer city hid retired, when a man tnat 4e suppled to be iiu-bsn.* cam* in, undressed, ni g ,,t q me -| y , nto bed. She Fpoke to him, and re- ceivmg no onsrer, gre» alarmed. md- r^hed out of he rtoin «nd calfru lor the watch Wlen the »at!h arrived the man had M esn«-d le iTine the greater part of his c |othe» ' behind, by which be i» ifc n tinV,|. .md he will he brougnt -before th« police coun f..r gettin 2 mto th* wrong bed -Boit. Trav. 'A. bny wasrtc«ntlj arrcitd in Hartford for theft, life father p' guilty f o r h, m before the court out said, m extenuation-- "J Jn ,es " - very good boy, but be will is a steal. KrAn advocate or! a town was recently waited "on sau-oge dealer, who said: 'Sir, I want to consult yon. If ·» dog devours sausages p'aced in ray wmdow, can I make hi* oweer pay the damage?'' "Certainly." "In that case, please to pay m* ve francs, fur you dog hag just eaten sausages of mine to that «. t^nt." Tbe advocate paid the money.-n hour after, the advocs'e's clerk called on the sausago d.-nlar, ID( | claimed twelve fiancs fifty centime* Nr a "consultation fe« about can- 8*gc8;" and the tisidesman to hit ntense niortific»ti n, had to bind over the sum claimed. he number of hog* packed atTerre Haute, this tta«oni* estimated at 45 000. CoMauNrow.-The N. York cor- espcudent of tbe Boston Journal writes: Mr. Feecher held a communioi n his church on the first nbbatb ia November. He cited nearly th* ame words used on a former* occa* ion, and exactly the same aenri- ments. 'ihe words were taken iown from his lips as he «p«ke them one competent to do to. ami their ecuracy can be atteqcd to by met* wl»o will be believed Mivwherf On he 7th of November, Mr. B. echer rose and said in ivne all to sit with ns ttat feel they ave the true love of Jesui w thift hem, wbe^ner they are mombewof be chnrch or not, they being thr ' SOLD 'Inn _ . ,, . ..... man lately passed through*IS aabrtlt*- enn.^ with a drove nf negroes^dM* ned fcr » southern market. la he lot there were several infant*, hich he did not degire »o take wiik im. because as he rtidythey tronld njuf the «»ls',of their nvrthrrv-- oine o£ tue^ehe JD.ejaun^ them of iclf . 7 coarae.Jrow. Ql Forthe'sinh 1 of fifrj «M to tfkidr 1n {li , Sf . oa5d kill st * .^ hn'ltc h s wnld tell it

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