The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 6, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1891
Page 7
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ALGO3STA IOWA WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, 1891. ' is lacking is truth and cohfidence. If theg^Were absolute truth the <me hand and absolute confidence on the other, it wouldn't be necessary for the makers O^Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy tx^back up a plain statement of fact by a $500 guarantee. They say —" If we can't cure you (make it personal, please,) of catarrh in the, in any form or stage, we'll pay you $500 for your trouble in making the trial." "An advertising fake," you say. Funny, isn't it, how some people prefer sickness to health when the remedy is positive and the guarantee absolute. Wise men don't put money back of " fakes." And " faking " doesn't pay. Magical little granules — those tiny, sugar-coated^ Pellets of Dr. Fierce—scarcely Jarger than mustard seeds, ret powerful to cure—'active iw£t mild in operation. The jpest Liver Pill ever invented. Cure sick headache, dizziness, constipation. One a dose. The sncc--s8 of this Great Cough Cere 5s without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell il on a pes- lUve guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, ars placing a Simple Bottle Free into every >.jms In the United States and Canada. If you have * Cough. Sore-Throat, or Bronchitis, use il, foi It will cure you. If your child has the Croup. «r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and r«?li</ Is sure. If you dread that insidious dissa.s» Consumption, USB it. Ask your Druggist for SniLOH'S CURK, Price lo'"s., 50 cts, s If your Lungs are sore ot 2aci. lamt, use Shiloh'ii Porous Plaster, Price as ots. J) Cherry Pector better than any other medicine of the kind, relieves and Promptly Cures colds, coughs, croup, sore throat, bronchitis, tonsilitis, lung fever, pneumonia, incipient consumption, and LA G for Is. IHd., and in fos> 25 cents a bottle. For a Disordered Liver 25cts. a Box. CXF AXjIj DK-TJGQ-ISTS, The Soap tl 'pt Cleans Most 1fJ9 ^ipr •BHfc^Bff ^BHT fS 1 •• ^P^ fW ^P Tf W1S.PUB UNJON "U—18 ~" STAMP SAVINGS BANKS, A SYSTEM OF SMALL SAVINGS THAT IS POPULAR IN DETROIT. It Appeals Especially to Young Children, but Men nnd Women Arc Also Among tho Stamp Book Depositors—lion the Method is Condncted—A Boon to Many. "The 'saving stamps' have let us into an almost new and profitable field of business," says Edwin P. Mack, cashier of the Citizens' Savings bank. "It has increased our business more in eight months than we were able to do by other methods in five years. Tlie beauty of the arrangement is that it reaches a class of people who ordinarily have no business with anj' bank. When it is considered that we get this new business at the rate of less than one-half a cent on 'tho dollar, and that this expense is more than covered by the actual operation of the system, we are pretty well pleased. "The cost of the stamps is only one cent for fifty, the cost of the books is very small, and the expense of getting the stamps in the hands of depositors is also very slifjht. To offset this we have the use of the money from the time it is received for stamps until the stamps arc turned into us as record of deposit. The persons buying the stamps let them accumulate for weeks and even months before having the amount entered on their regular bank books. We get interest on this money for that time without charge, and as this amounts to several thousand dollars the profit is quite an item. now IT WOMIS. "Of course we are not philanthropists, but we take much satisfaction in knowing that the system is inducing a largo number of people to save money who never did before. We have agents in many of the large factories, and the young employes after getting their pay buy a few stamps, while otherwise they would spend every dollar of their wages. They would not come down to the bank aud open up an account with the small amount. But after they have a little start with the stamp process they very frequently come to the bank with a five dollar or ten dollar deposit. We have some depositors With hundreds to their credit who made fifteen and twenty cent starts. These are the ones that are liable to be tho big customers of the future, and we are very glad to have their early trade. "The corner groceryrnen, who are bur agents, tell how the system works. For instance, a woman goes in with $1 to buy groceries, and has five, ten or perhaps twenty-five cents left, which she invests in stamps. She leaves her book with the grocer and he cares for the stamps. The children, if they have no books of their own, are instructed to invest part of the small change in stamps. Her husband, instead ot spending his small change for cigars, lends a helping hand by placing a few stamps in his wife's book. "With the children the stamps are like the merit cards which you and I used to get at school. Each Sunday we got a little card and when we got a dozen of those we got a large card, and so many of those deserved a still larger and more brightly colored card. The delight of accumulating these cards you can well remember. It is the same with the children and .these stamps. They hustle around until they get twenty stamps to fill a page and are much tickeled when they can make the first entry in their bankbook. "We have ninety-five agents in this city aud agents in Saginaw, Port Huron and other cities. Of our thousands of depositors u large per cent, of them are children, but' as many of them brought their parents with them we are well pleased." HIGHER DENOMINATIONS. "The stamp saving system has proved to be a very good thing for us," said E. 0. Bowman, cashier of the Detroit savings bank, "Unlike any other stamp system of savings, oitr stamps are of different denominations and different classes of customers are accommodated. For instance, we have 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent and 50 cent stamps, and §1, $8, $5 and $10 cards. That is to say, when a card is filled it has these respective values. Our customers have learned this, and those who make enough money so that they frequently can deposit 25 cents at a time do not bother with 5 cent stamps, which require so much 'licking' and 'pasting.' We were somewhat surprised ourselves to pee the popularity of tho larger denominations. "Of course the working of the system is pretty well understood. We have 135 agents at present, and the stamps are placed in their hands. It requires sev- er'U thousand stamps a day to supply their demands. The depositors place the stamps on a card, and when this card is full they get a credit on their bank book. W T e make the feature incidental to our banking business, and think it admirable because it enables us to reach every class of people who may be induced to save money. It has largely increased ouy. business, not only by the denofV >rs wuo use me device, but the people who come with them. Fully 75 per cent, of tlie depositors are children, and, of course, their accounts are small, but very frequently their fathers come to the banks where the children are doing business." While the reporter and Mr. Bowman were in the basement of the banking building looking over the record of the stamp business, the cashier called attention to several wooden cupboards which he said contained all the saving bank booka issued by the bank from 1840 to the present date. They were numbered from 1 up to 73,000. Then he showed No. 13, which was issued to a young man who was then employed on a railroad. The man is still a depositor in the bank, and there has never been a time since when he did not have u small balance. He still has the same number, is still in the employ of the so-me company and ought to have a enug bit of property by thi* time.—Detroit News. Student* Iti * lior»o Car. It Is seldom that one student so successfully gets the lx?st of another in public by practical joking ns did a senior in n Fair H.-ivt-n horse car. Two devot"d chums boiink'tl the ear when oniy one scat- .'lose to | the door, wns vncant. Tn tlicnnnifeniontof the spectators, tv-cli i-looiiently but vainly endeavored lo |>er*ii:tiii.' tiic other to accent the vacant place. Finally they decided to toss up n penny to set tie the mutter, stipulating th.'it. thr- loser should sit. down and | holil the oilier in his lap. With student likt 1 dfiilicv.'ition they earned out this plnn, nnil after t ho toss-up both cnlmly Rut down on the single seat. Soon tho cnr stopped, nnd at the door appeared n handsome youn<; vroninn. Instantly tlie man who had \vou the tossing c.mtost of ;i moment bi-forusaw his opportunity nnd mndo the most of it. "Won't you please, to aciupt my scat? 1 ' he Biiid softly in his most polite manner to the maiden, (jmvol'ully uneovei-ing his head nnd slowly rising. "I tliiink you," suid tho young woman, blushing, and apparently pleased by tlie student's marked attention, she proceeded to take the sent. The other college man hud been absorbed In thought, nnd so quinklyund quietly wns the action taken thut he had not his companion's joke until ho found the young lady innocently Attempting to appropriate the place in his hip. Then with n suave "unti take mine, too," that stnrth.-d and nfc first nonplussed the third party in the joke, lie darted from his sent just in time to save tho youun l.idy from complete embarrass men t. Among those who seemed most highly lumispd by the joke, however, was she who unconsciously had participated iu it.—Now Ilavcu Cor. New York Times. Bud I,uclt. ' "1 hopped out of bed on tho wrong foot yesterday and" "Bad luck?" "Just so. I um not superstitious, but 1 have noticed tlrit as soon ns n pel-son yets lu the liahit of doing thin;;.s in a certnin, set fashion, anything that, tends to change or disturb that; fashion is likely to upset a man's equilibrium. In my case it makes me nervous nnd in a degree foreboding. You know when a sleight of hand man j stnrts to do a trick and for some 'reason I fnils he 1ms to begin all over again. Me! cannot go on from where ho failed, because' his muse'es liuve been trained to aet ici n certain liefmite order, to dispart from which means inability to accomplish tho feat in question. Now I fancy it is much the same with our daily lives. We acquire the habit of doing u tiling thus anil .su, mid If for any reason we nre obliged to depart from our accustomed method we do not feel right about it—a suggestion of what physicians call.hypetjL'sc hesin. O£ eon CM.- I know thai: hoppingout of bed on ono foot oi' the other i:» no critorion for a chuugc of luck; yet, us J mJd before, habit makes tho sum total of our lives, and n violation of the iiltlc habits of dully life leads us to look, quite at unawares., for happenings, occurrence;*, etc., out of the ordinary. Wo actually begin to look for something going wrong, and it is an easy deduction thus to associate circumstances thut otherwise arc ns distant as tho east is from the west. Hence our fund of superstitious, ill omens, etc., etc.—of which hopping out of bed on tho wrong foot is a fair illustration."—Deiroit Free Press. Uofore Ho WUB Horn. Young Man (complaining to his baker of the bread)—Sen herel Your bread's so bard I can't eat it. Baker (Indignantly)— Young chap, 1 made bread long before you was born. Young Man—I don't doubt it, sir, nnd 1 judge it'u Homo of those same loaves you've been soiling mo,—Epoch. Best, easiest to use and cheapest. Remedy for Calurrh. By druggists. Plso'a 50c. The moru wo think of some meu the less we think of them. JJuEr .Aji'sPn.i.s act like miigic on a Weak Stonmcli Nothing grows inueh faster than troubles that are uursud. MOTHERS, don't let your children suffnr With 111-health. Try Dr. Bull's Worm Do- Btroyors—dainty oitutly lozoui-os. It will do them no harm, ami mav bo jii->t tho 10ni- cely tliuy nend. Bv niiiil, 25 eenta. John U. Park. Cincinnati. Ohio, Is absolutely Essential to Health You may have both by taking the best Blood Purifier V s ood s iarsaparilla "GRATEFUL-COrVlFORTING. BREAKFAST. "By a thorough knowledge of tho natural laws t,'OVL-ru thu oporull as oflllgo tlou uud liutrl- tl MI, and by u caretul application uf the HUG proper- tics of >el -s luctoil Uocoa, Jlr. Ep >s has provld d our uruakfast tabloa with a dollcately llaroured beverage wuioii may savo uj many unary doctors' bills. It J*uy tue Jildlclom due ut auon articled uf diet that ucouiClcutlou nay oa gr dually uullt UH until slroni,' enough to roiUt every leudeuoy to disease. | HucUroJituf subcla maladies ar:) lloatlux urouud us . ready to attaoi wlierover thorn Is a weak \vi ut. I We may escape nmav 11 fatal shaft by keoplui; ourselves well forclitol wlctl pura blond a d a properly ni'urlshed frame."—"CKoH titrvtois. Haeette," . . ilado simply with uolllaf water or mll't. fold only In ,'ial r 'muu'l till", y oroo r*. labelle'i thus' JAMKS lc.l'1'ri 4&CU.. UoiruBOpathla I.OSDOX, Tra . .. Tlio dyspeptic, the debilitated, wlic-tlier from cx'cunsot'workof uiluclorbody, driiilt nr cxixisuru in MALARIAL REGIONS, will find Tutt'» Pill* tlie most genial re» /toruti vo e ver ottered, the aufl'ering Invalid, ~~~ BA.lll'I.ICS M',> r MIKB ot HiirliiK uattunm wl li lior di'rs aud ceiluiKH to umu:li. Due hull million roll- olr red ut whol"Hnlo , __ _ _ ..... ^ ifuiimiituB ti^avv ymi money. \\.V\\V.\) I'KATS, W«l! l'»|.(.p «.-r li:i"t. H7-I4K W.Mlull ...||.KI..CIi i-autl Tli flavor, a-onllo nrtlon Mid iSoi'lliinif e fleet a o[ Sji'tip of Kiji*, v/licn In ticul uf a luxalivitiind'if I lie falhtr or mother '••• iiislive or liiHo'.iM |!K: most p'::;if; in;; n:. M!I'U roll,m- its use, so that It Is tin- best faiti. i!" iviiii-dy kiiiiwn anil cverv fatuilv sliiiuM i >:•".'• !\ ii.'llll.'. Mi-'l-'KHKlIS FUOM COUGHS, SORE 'illM.V.Y, «.-,i'., s'.miilil try "/.ViitiTi'.t limn- t'"'i:l VV.ic/ic.f," n simple but sure remedy. i . !.! •'•(''.; r.'i 61 J'fs. 1'rii'O 25 Ci3. Mi'nlni)--"\\'):iiKT whatl would (jot If 1 !'.,, in.,- .'1 i-l'i'lMl tlp>" iiiionla, I guuss, In the ; .i:.i Ilinviu's—"Say, nM man, hnul inn a .iiiiil payday." Kmi no lU' limit—"\Vhirh >t:r j.a;. i;:iy ur tin! (lay 31111'!! [ ay IUO?" \ ID yi.-tir-. trail \» i:: ln |ir;U'lii I'd incdifitic f»r U!ID\V salt from Min'.ir; \\lin h.-i (M!:;lil I'.! lio sa\.->: 'Tui.uiHi, ()., Jan. 10, ISSr. . K. .'. ('honey >t C'n.—(icnlli'inou:-— I'll in the jrimornl pnirliri! of iiiodt- tiuo for niosl 40 years, anil would fny that in all my prtid'u'c and KXporienro have uuvcr been a preparation that I could prescribo ^•ith as iiiiifh foiilidonce of suecuss as I can Hull's Catarrh Cure, innniifnclurod liy yon. Have it a grvnl many limos anil its cited l.i wonderful, and would say in con- Htialon tliat 1 have yet to llnil a case ot Catarrh that It would uotruru, 1C they would take It according to directions. Yonre'truly, I,. L. GORSUCtl, M. D. Ollli'o, 215 Snnniilt St. Wo will nlve $100 for any cnsu of Cntnrrh tlml can not lie cnriul with Hall's Catarrh (Jure. TnUon Inluriinlly. F. .T. CIIKN'KV it CO., 1'rnps., Toledo, O. l3^"Sold by Urnjrijlsts, 75 cents. l'"ijr", rroducod from the liixiillve ami nutritions jnlcn of C'nlifornin figs, combined with the medicinal virtues of plants Known to lie most bcnclicinl to th« humnn system, nct> sretitly, on the kidneys, liver and bowels, clTiTtnally cleansing (he system, dispelling tolds nnd headnchns, and curing linbltuai conslipnlion. John Hoc — "Are you cnrrvln^ a on your house V" Hlehnrd Hmi— " nnd. Blranu-u to suy, I'm currying it because 1 cnu'tlift It. M'llntis cttrort. 'I'll lit. cimoH. Komi to Little n'irl (timidly).—"I'lcnsi;, Mr. Sloiv kcopor, 1 waul, lo get some sUioi'.slnii:;,.." Btorekeupcr—"How long do you wnnl themy" Llltlo girl—"! want them to lieup, sir, II you plensc." I<:.slii1ittslii!(l 18*75 Dresses, Gents's Clolhlii!f, Feathers, Glnvo.-t, i:lc., Dyed or Cleaned. I'lusli (.InrmenU iSleaiiied at. Otto I'ieleh'a Uyo Works, !JUI \V. Waler SI., ^Milwaukee. i-ieiHl forClreu- lar. ; "My father u'.'ivc mo Ills thiti morning," '-nitl Jimpsey. "I wish mine would jjlvo nn> ••oino," Hiiid lleor^lu, who wears trousers made from the ptUernal slueeua. "All I gel is iiilsllts." "Kobble," snld tho visitor kindly, "liavo ou any little brothers and sisters?" "No," replied wee Hobiiiu solemuly. 'Tin all the chi ' yon any lUiren we've j{ol." "1'oiiny 'visi* anil pouiul loi'li-'i" art IllOSl' Who lilillk ii ftVliillll!/ lu ll>r i ,., ,i_; -oil •: and rosin snnpt), Insk'iul of tin- :;"''il onl Uoliliin's Kh'cirlc. Poapj for snlr by tin tjrorcrs shnrc ISIVt. Try It olicu. Uv surr, lui\ The tnlk about mnklng both ends meet, i.-i all noimmsii in somu cnses, ns some people's expenses seem lo linvu no end. HnMKMiir.'t thai yon are judged by your house as much as by your dress. Sla'y ut home and mnkc it bright willi SAl'OLlO. U is used for all cleaning purposes. A little tot saying her prayers was asked by her mother why she had not asked Ood's forgiveness for somo act of disobedience. "\Vliy, mamma, 1 didn't suppose you wanted it mentioned outside tho family." Remember last winter's siege. Recall how trying to health were the frequent changes of the weather. 'Whai was it that helped you win the fight with disease, warded off pneumonia and possibly consumption ? Did you give due credit to SCOTT'S EM U LSION of pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda? Did you proclaim the victory ? Have you recommended this wonderful ally of health to your friends? And what will you do this winter ? Use Scott's Emulsion as a preventive this time. It will fortify the system against Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Scrofula, General Debility, and all Anfcmic and Wasting Diseases (specially in Children}. Palatable as Milk. SPECIAL.—Scott's Emulsion Is non-secret, tmd Is proscribed by the Medical Pro. fesBion all over the wurKl, buuiuso its iiiKruillcntsnro scientifically combined in such » manner as to gruatly incTcnr.o their remedial value. CAUTION.—Scott'H Emulsion is put up in e;;ilmon-colorcd wrappers. Bo sure nnd get the genuine. Prepared only by Scott & Downo, Manufacturing Chemists, New Vorlt. Bold by all Druggists. WHY nnt l.ny from Uio Imi'Ktmr Knrtory of Uulihul hi HID pjmr jM iil(l!i:ini'ii'H «>!• world, ami OAVC l)unli!r»> m'ullls. Ovoi- 1,000 Articles fjaUJ dtrt'ct In ronxuntf.i'n, thfrehy iviuc ;ju tu .",!) jicr emit. Tun WO.NDF.nFUL LUBURG GIIAIB Coinbinua a room-full of Olmii'B in one, mul;lns;a I. fippltanccs of every <lcn<:rtjtllcm l'"nncy Cliairs, lioclcern, &O, Write at once for C'utulogui-. Send ttnmpt anil mention imodi wanted. THELUBURCMANUFACTUPJPNG CO. PHILADELPHIA. PA. JiKi'T. A loi NO HIM, ;ty;j, ;i'>i> voirrri 8 rir s-ciri-;i-vr. TO BOYS AHD GIRLS OHiDER 88 WITHOUT ONE CENT OF MONEY. If ony bov or girl under 18 yean of ai(0 wnnta a Btrlrtly flrHt-claMlaf«ty blcyolu tlirv rati I aMulnUlne, wllhoul antc«ituf iiKimy. Wo ibiM flvtuBuy, on very eiiuy coinlllloui I lOOUor more. 'Hie wlietlsnre 25 liclitu, wllh cr«swjtttcel rlnnnrul nialiled rubber lltti I and run on hardunnd aleel cunu beirlogi, idjiulalile to we»r|i{»ared to 401 uclieii deUeb-1 r.blr crunks; four lo live Inchcl throw) (mine finely inamrfcU, with ulckel trlmnilii|;i.I Kucli miK'lilnola supplied with tcolbii^r, wrench and oiler. Kcjuallli quallly to tbcae»util| on the market ror&ld.OO, Wi'hav. botn bova'andt'lrlii'i'tvliu. Ifyou trnntone write all iinru to WESTKIIN rKAJlM'n.. 984 llrarhnrn HI., Clilr'iico. 111. Minllon tlili piip.r.I "August Flower" " I have been afflict* Biliousness, " ed with biliousness ^ L, it "and constipation Constipation,,. fm . f|ftccn ycar3} Stomach I,' first °« c antl tllco 1 another prcpara- Pains. " tion was suggested " tonic and tried but " to no purpose. At Inst a friend " recommended August Flower. 1 " took it according to directions and "its effects were wonderful, reliev- 11 ing me. of those disagreeable "stomach pains which I had been "troubled with so long. Words "cannot describe the admiratioo "in which I hold your August " Flower — it has given me a new "lease of life, which before was a " burden. Such a medicine is a ben- " efaction to humanity, and its good "qualities and "wonderful mer- Jesse Barker* " its should be "made known to Printer, 1 ' everyone su (Tor- H u m boldt, ing with uy.'ipcp- "sia'or biliousness Kansas. 9 G. G. GRUI5N, Solo Man'fr.Woodlniry.N.J. THE BIlIinPlB If they cinitil liu weary uf their aongi, would find, In our uruitt ilock, in nlinm I liillnllo variety o( neu< melodies. 40,00 1 Mints of oar old mimic lire ft III called for, nnd ) the now are morn mimoroni than tlui old. » Onntntti".— Tlir .Jnllv t'nriiipm, RnrRnnt, [40 i-tn., (XMlilur.. I New. lii-l K ht, nuiy, ninl nil Jolly fnriu.'iii anil ihvlr filniiili « ill 111. n II. lliToi'N of 'r<l|tl,uriUili>2.l Tinnliri'li,'.-, for <lh ,rf Jul/i itiul .w»v t'luu'rr <£m>«-u (Mints., 95.40 <lot.j Knot, ior (lowiir lime. Mniiil.M.v p'cliooln llko I'rnEnr In Nona 1 10 otn., or fcl.'Jj do/.. | l'',immumi N»m™ WtM'nli li» [:!."> utM., or $;!.f.D tin/.. | Kmnihim uiitl Slit>nuni N«*w ' MI ir.Oiul HulViiiaii. IUN I'.l.'iiMH ., »,:UH ilur,. | Tunny and dioli'M totihlimlly Hniul fur nnv Ootuvo Munlo — 8,000 miml>|.rti of Authonirt, Sucroil iSulnuUuim, olu., D to 8 otH. euch. Bi'iul Tor J.UtM. 4Di'ttitMl.'<i«i rnnih'liml wltli Voluntary unit othor lit ii><in anil |ihoiMiion Viiillli!., llutlm-H, MtinilollllH, llitnjoh itncl nil nthor liirti.riimiMiH, un|>|.lii!il ullh H|>lirO[il Illll) UUlbiu. tiuilll ful' lihlK IIUlI inlurillUllOU, C.'IIUM imii'M ViM'lll ,11 1 1 1. od for ,illo, ISlll'l- 1«,»i" i. nil M-UNM Yulcoii |$l.CilJJ U H uovr aud tfupurlur imiLhoil. Any book mailed for retail jtrlet. LYON & HEA.LY, Chicago. OLIVER D1TSON COMPANY, Boston. Did you ever have in your pocket at one time? Wi'. ipfl'cr Ihlf iiniiiiiiil fur UH Original /.'::;\' l '..J,:g Novelty • \VIIIM •• . !•••••• . r ; !. •', •. h(l |.||||!I (ll'VlaC IllO RIDGE'S FOOD I'm' I nljtiiis and limiluls fin vrry Ftoiur in 'ur I'linliiT In^u lu'iniur. ml<lti'ss AdviTtl V/OOL,RK:H c°. P . M A1-J8. )-,'i»u'r \vltun you writer. EWIS 1 98^ I I POWDKBED AND PEBrUliED. •• (I'ATENTED.) Tlie strongest nnd purest Lye made. Will make the best perfumed Hard Soap in 20 minutes '•without tailing, It iB tllO Ijowfc for softening watery cleansinff waste pipes, disinfecting sinks, closets, washing bot> tics, paints, trees, etc. PENNA, SALT M'F'G CO, Gun. Agts., X'Uilu., Pa. " A?;. IEKH iM8i;,iisF.s T1IKIIC riSKATJJiISiT." A vuluuhlo Illna- tjiumi Ijtiuk (if Hitviihty.(wo IHIK"^ Himt fnto, oil ruculjit <)( 1U cuiitit ( to ci'Vi-r c-ibl i;t i^i;iliti(^, ulr. AJlllB»», 1'. U. Uui Mill, i'lillft., JV. fiil PT t? r " lr T:r ''' ri1 I:l ' xlr Trl1 ' !!! bif !i,., Mil.--:!... .:,o In VO <t::-n SuMIn ; i,l.l :.; I A I. .in!liul Pi l.lpj lli.r.l, '.II I I'lir.lo, III 1 Kuy UIKI sin.lhic ilulr nloru,, w lh.,.1 1 . !•;. IIIUKSHI)., 1'lilM'ii. •Till-; HOI. V I,X\!>;Ttmi7;"rt"t]iS '" ' • irliBM. bfc»tlU-k«:iu| ti$PW^ ——Oughbsbajids for nothing 1 , l.^;^iJ ^ ie house oughf- \-Q be cleaned" wibh Sap q//b/TVy& cake inyour nexl v house^c!e5,ning and be convinced of the law excuses no man," and ignorance is no excuse for a dirty house or greasy kitchen. Better cleari them in the old way than not at all; but the modern and sensible way is to use SAPOLIO on paint on floors, on windows, on pots and pans, and even on statuary. To be Ignorant of the uses of SAPQUQ i§ to be behind the age. WU10. HON. M" Itroailwhy. A'. Y. "MOTHERS. I WARN YOU I" , Watch carefully your daughter's health. When the appetite fulls, or tliw Is a growluir nen-ous Irritability, vxtremo lassitude, emaciation, the voice trembles, the step Is Irresolute, eyelid* uroop, and expression languid, then dovotu QJW hour to a thorough investigation of the cause. acts promptly In such caseu. It is a 1'usltlve Cure aud Legitimate Remedy for tlie peculiar weafc- iieesfj) uud ailments of women. Pruggisto Jell it r or sent by mail, lu form of J'llls or Liwngee, pa receipt of $1.00. s J . Vfl (*<*!« E. Plnkham Co.,

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