The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1892
Page 7
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tiPPER PES MOINJSS, AL(^OKA 4 IOWA, WEDNESDAY, Jtf^JB 22. 1892. A DEAD SHOT right at the seat of difficulty, Is accom- Blbhed by the sure ami steady aim ol Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Don't fool around with a pop-gun, nor a •'Flint-lock,"when this reliable "Win. Chester" Is within reach 1 Dr. Sage's treatment of Catarrh In the Head Is far superior to the ordinary, and when directions are reasonably well followed, results In a permanent cure. Don't longer be Indifferent to the verified claims of this unfailing Remedy. The worst forms of Catarrh disappear with the use of Dr. Snge's Catarrh jjemedy. Its mild, Soothing, cleansing ind healing properties effect a perfect and permanent cure, no matter how bnd the case, or of how long standing. It's a remedy that succeeds \vhcre everything else has failed. Thousands of jueh cases can be pointed out. That's the reason Its makers back their faith in Jt with money. They offer $500 reward for a case of Catarrh which they cnn- not cure. It's a medicine that allows them to take such a risk. Doesn't common sense lead you to take such a medicine ? "An advertising fake" you say. Funny, Isn't It, now some people prefer sickness to health when the remedy is positive and the guarantee absolute. Wise men don't" put money back of "fakes." And "faking" doesn't pay. J&TCJOY® Both, the method And raulta wh«a Syrup of Figs is taken; it la pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and act* rentlj jet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleRnses the system effectually, dispels ooldo, head- xshea'jtnd ferera and cures habitual *>njtlpstion. 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Mew Tork BissRSiiibX' '4p E IbJy i-micr ui.d* lug Jt-wt'lry, wutoUi'u, tiibliiwurr, mo. Plutt'9 Oncat of jiwelry good an uuw, on all kind* of uror Dlokel, Novximrlvuoe. No guiiltal. Evury ' I. H.O.I>¥LNo&Co. 1 Colunitms,0. AMAKBSIS gJT«» relief, and U an u Bf.B ODltK tot Price, POLISH UN THE WORLD. Enamels, aijd ?»lnt9 wliloh d*, injure the Iron, ond burn §gr. *Jwi Rising Suu Btove Polish Is Brll- H** Oaorles*, Durable, and |ho con- an fijim^m OF a f opo Tgns. W18. PU-JB. UNIONS ff^S COMMENCBMBNT EXERCISES. ' That one on asna Charta and K[ng John ,, n« h n? d A lrl ^ rote ' Bhe wlt * the wreath, Described X«ars wandering on the earth Qnlte prettily. Another one ^P lft ' n | d ''The »Pot6 upon the Snn," 1 he Innnence of Browning," and The early writings o£ George Sand;" "The Transcendental Movement: How "* 6 °erman Letters now"— v. Letters now All these I sadly listened to. "What earthly good can these things do?" I asked myself: "Does, old King John on snn * UIJTBUIL; uoes,01Q Teach you to sew a patch up A coat?-or can the spottedjnn Say when a roast is rarely done? Dp Browning's tangled poems tell The way to mend a stocking well? While I was wotdering Badly there, . A sweet girl ros», and, I declare, She talked about the hbmely things From waehtubs down to muffin rings I She had ten poses all on pie, She know the choicest'way to fry An oyster, and how best to bake • A good old-fashioned Johnny cake. Next day the girl was asked to share The fortunes of ainlllionalre; She now reads Browning's wondrous books, And leaves the cooking to her cooks. Th'e girl who wrote on<BrWnlng 1 g work Is married to a gentle clock-'."• ". Whose income's gfliall.''Na girl have they; She scrubs n»d cooks the livelong day •• And Highs, while bending o'er the ringe, ' When ehe reflects upon the change— ' The fall from school aubriailtleis ' i • Totatterej books o£ recipes. —Springfield (Haps.j Graphlci A L,O A.OEU BOMBSHELL. The returns of New Year' recalls alwaj s to my memory an episode of the siege o Paris, which gained me some credit. 1 am proud of it. Let the'reader be reassured. I shall not conduct him to the rumpurts, nor to the outposts, but only to tbe Rue Treviee and the house of niv old frkn.1 DuUilly,. H rich manufacturer of chemicals, the bus band of an exc 'llent wifp, the father of a charming daughter, a skilful manufacturer, a good patriot, a little foolish respecting politics, but after all the best fellow in the world. Surprised by the investment of Paris when he had packed his trunk? to leave, he was consoled by tbe conviction that the city would, not I old out a week. Better advised, Madame. Dutailly began at first by piovisioiiing tbe house, in which she amassed such an abundance of food that had tbe siege lasted three months longer the Dutaillys would never have ataived. Then she finished her work by putting in her small garden a cow, a poultry house, even a pigsty, th_at three months later was worth its weight in gold. In fie month of Ootobar we blessed her. I first, for whom a plate was placed on the Dutailly table Tuesday and Sunday evenings, and who found there a recompense for the privations of the rest of the week. Why shculd not one be delighted in these days of scarcity at the sight of _a lard omelette, or a morsel of cheese which had no parentage, a rare thing considering tha chemicals of the house. 1 was not the only guest received at this hospitable mansion. Another person haii his plate by the side of mine, young Aua- tole Enchant, principal clerk of the manu factory, tbe future partner and son-in-law of Duiailly. This quiet, serious nd some what diffident young man was very much in love with the daughter of his patron, and Mile. Gertrude was not insensible to his affection. Without having exchange''; a word, the attentions of Briohant were re ceivtid with favor by the Dutaillyp, and the union of tne two young people was • tacith agreed upon; but, unfortunately, the war postponed the event. Brichant, a corpora! in the corps, moved to the Siiue and bar- racss of St. Denis, did his duty as a sol dier conscientiously, as he did everything else, but without enthusiasm; it must b confessed, he execrated this edge, whici postponed his happiness, and mildly criti cised the operations with a little . bitter feeling. These criticisms did not fail In irritate Dutailly, who was a follower o: Gen. Trochu. The e was something else; the Temps just at that time 1 published t- Ties of articles whos.« uuthorteconstructed the military operations of the province ac cording to tiis own fancy. Dutdilly had taken these fancies as matters of fact. He placed his little flag on the chart, at thi points decided upon by the strategist CK the Temps, followed with anxiety the ficti tions marches and counter-marches, arid predicted aftnr a brief delay decided vic- loriesforus. Bricbant, incredatious, offered a timid objection. Dutailly was ex cited and angry. I interrupted to stop the discussion, but the host at the bottom 01 his heart was not consoled for all the battles his clerk prevented from gaining The presence of a new gueit complicated the maltc-r still more. I was surprised one evening arriving late to find my place at the right of Mme. Dutailly occupied by ared-fiic'fd, broad-shouldered and boas- t'u! stranger. He wore the epaulettes of a captain on his fantastic uniform—the cast off clothing of eome theater, and was shod with enormous boots, in which it was impossible for rue to recognize a hero. "Monsieur Robillard," said Mneieur Dutailly, introducing us, "eaptaion of the EufrmrsPerdus de Courbevoie." Before I had finished the soup I had made up my mind respecting Robillard ThB exploits of the soldier of fortune consisted of stripping tbe house in the suburbs of the furniture that might tempt the greed of the enemy, and putting it in a. sate place. 1 asked how it happened that this heavy featured man had come this evening to partake of our cheese. Mme. Mutally told me with some feeling oha bud a fall on the Boulevard Poisson- nier, slippery with frost RobilJard, who was passing, had carried her, slightly bruiied and partially insensible, to tht> cearest chemist, aud rtturned home with her, Out of gratitude she could co no less than invite her preserver to dinner. This explanation satisfied me. I hoped to be tld of the hero from thut time. The rfujue wus no fool. Hi said _ he was interested in a large coal mining business that obliged him 10 journey over Europe, and entertained us very pleasant- lv with reminiscences of his tr.wels. ihe war brought him to Paris whose danger claimed his presence. As to bis exploits in the suburbs at the bead of the Entanis Perclua, they passed all credence- Madame Dutailly listened to these falsehood* with pleasure. Dutailly wrs desirous to btlk-ve, too. Gertrude alone was incredulous. As to poor little Anatole, paler •and innre lost thau ever in his large blouse und till cted besides with a cold in the head which makes one ridiculous he sesmedwudiedby the neighborhood o the gret brawn*, who did not ail to treat him to tlainful allusions, scornlul glances and uupieasaut cou-iparieonti. I made an excuse to lenvo after the cof- 'OP disgusted with the boasting of this gWcon to whom I Bought, to bid adieu fo ever. In that I was deceived. O.i tre folo«ingm rmnK.Sandoy., I i.und him in tbe same place; then ou luebdaj. Fi- nully he had his plate plawd at all our i%household 'was Mme. Dot»% . his good humor and a graceful gallantry to which no woman of her age is insensible, and Papa Dutailly by the interest he seemed to take in the military operations of the Temps and in arranging the little flags ©it the chart. Anatcle, still suffering'from his cold, lost at every | meal by this braggart all the ground he had gained. His disrepute was more obvious after the affair of Bourget, where the courageous boy had bravely done his duty, and whence be bad returned wounded in the forearm. He told us about the fight, the death of Biroche, killed by his side, the surrender and retreat, the sad end of a brave combat, with f.o pitiable a despondency that the captain treated him for a while as a de-1 sorter and coward. If be did not do so, it was only out of. regard for his entertainers, but he made him understand it. With what a noble inlignatiou he demonstrated that, if the >Eafants Perdus had been there, the fight would have had another result. Thereupon, excited, he sketched a plan of sortie by the heights of Montmorency, Corrneilles, with the passage of the Oise, marching on Rouen, and then arriving triumphantly at Havre, which moved Dutailly to enthusiasm; while ooor Anatole, humiliated, a. d suffering greatly from his still open wound, received no attention from any one but Gertrude and mytelf. , On the next day he had a fever and kept his bed, and for some weeks was absent from,our meals. The captain quickly established his pretensions to the hand ; of Gertrude and her parenfs did not discourage him. The day on which Anatole returned to us convalescent, but thinner than ever, it seemed to me that Mile. Gertrude's eyes were red, and she had on that day quarreled with her mother, who was more infatuated than ever with Robillard. 1 thought it time to interfere in b jhalf of the poor children. This day- was the last Sunday of the year and con- si qiently we spoke of the new year, saying that we ought to have a family festival. ''Certainly, Mme. Dutailly," cried the captain. "I must prepare a surprise for your gift." That gave me an idea for mine. On New Year's day Dutailly welcomed us very cordially. The strategist of the Temps was to soundly beat Prince Charles in the environs of Coreaux, after having drawn him there by a simulated retreat, which Was the finest deed of arms of modern times. JJutailly told us this good news for out gift. Anatole presented a rabbit he had caught in a net-, in the devastated Isle of St. Denis, n pet rabbit which had returned to its wild state. As for the captain, he gave M dame Dulailly a large bug of marrons glaces in a Ger • man helmet. "Dear madatne," he said smiling, "I would have liked to offer you the head of the owner of this htlmet." "What!" cried Madame Datailly, filled with admiration, "have you killed him?" "To cffar you this box of bonbons. May I say it is not in the power of every one? I will relate the adventure, as you think so •vetlot' the uctor." He bad watched surprised and frightened the wearer of the hemlet, a deserting sentinel, while hiding in a cask, and in a hand- to-hand fight had strangled him in order to attract the notice of the 'enemy by Siring his revolver. Oh, what a miserable appearauce this rabbit caught in a net, also strangled, made by tbe side of this glorious trophy! • "A<< lor me," said I, '•! oann'o* rival the captain with BO bra\ e a Jft, ,t I a '6 Y o my little surprise. But it, cas not yet arrived; we will dine without it. 1 ' We sat down at the table, and the repast was very gay. They had killed a pig f jr the occasion, and the black pudding was a great success. We were Having the coffee and had lighted our cigars when the artillerymen placed my gift in the dra . ing room. We passed into the room where the object lay ouarable, wrapped iu a frosted paper tied with a blue ribbon. ; "What can that bt?" said Midame Da- tailly. "Do not open it, dear madame; it-js a shell " • "A shell?" ."Dutailiy has often expressed liis •dro to have -a shell, a genuine one .'that had bsen used, and my^ friend Roland, commander of a battery, at my request, sfint me cne from the plateau d' Arron which faited to explode in falling. ; While speaking I untied the blue ribbon and tore off the paper. The shell appeared, black, sinister, menacing, •-. VZouncW' said Dutailiy. "You delight nie. I will hang it in my cabinet." "But," said Mm». Dutailly, anxiously, "if ithastiotexploded." Don't be nervous; it was agreed that Roland should send me one unloaded and empty. See Ms letter. I opened a letter pasted on the fide of the sfell and prepared to read it aloud, but at the first line raj; countenance expressed surprise, then anxiety, for every one exclaimed: "What is the matter?" "Alas," I eaid, "listen and I will read it: ' 'Dear Friend—I send the shall requested. Only it has been impossible to find BK artillery man who knew how to unload it. Make hinrcarry it to the house ot tbe armorer aiear the entrance to the opera house, who can do it very skill- fuily. Take the greatest care. The least blow, the least friction, for it is only the thickness of papsr, and the shell will explode. 1 I was interrupted by cries of fear. "Take it away," cried Midame Dutail- r. "It is terrible!.' this shell in my craw- irigroom!" Alas!" said I, extending my hand. Do not touch it." Bs calru! be assured! The artilleryman who brought it will take it away." "But, sir," said the servant, who stood trembling on the door8ill,,"he has already gone." Ndw exclamations.' "Then, 1 ' said I, ''It is I "I forbid you," quickly cried Dutail- y. . . • "You have not the strength to carry ihat-iill the way to the opera, house." "You will only let it fall OIL the stair- ase. or in (lie ante room." Madame Dutailly/ clung to me. "Not you; ic is too dangerous! not yi'T 1 "•This,".said Dutailly, is the deed of a soldier, of a strong soldier; happily the ciiptain is that!" *•!!" said the captain. "Yes, you are as strong OB a Turk arid can do mch deed*. You play with balls ind shells as a'schoolboy plays with mat- a!ea «nd football!" youw taken m «i ?" Mft '» 46 PutftlUy, "tO- morrow? Why, I cannot close my eyes all night! t shall go to a hotel to sleep." Then Anatole said, quietly: "Remain at home, madame; I will Carry away the shell." Dutailly stopped him. "You are_a fool, my dear boy, just convalescent with yoilr weak arm. DJ you wish to blow up the house?" "Truly," said I, "this is not the task of a sreak man." . "But the captain," said Dutailly, "1 have confidence only in him. Go quickly, captain, take the mons'er and deliver us from this nitrhtmare." The captain at this moment felt badly, that was evident, but he was not disconcerted by so small a matter. 'Surely," said he, smiling, "that is my right. 1 only wished to say, as you interrupted me several times, that to take this object and to walk is too dangerous. It is slippery, and a single false step might kill ten pec- pie in the street. To tafee it in a carriage is the only Way". ''But a carriage," replied Dufailly, "at this time? They are nearly all required for ambulances." 'U'r UP, "said the captain. "Gen. Smith, who brought me to your house, dines at the Brabant, and his carriage it waiting at the door of the restaurant. I will ask him to loan it to me, as he is a friend of mine. It ia done. Takinar time to buckle oil my sword belt and go there, it will tie ten minutes or a quarter of an hour more." "Go quickly," said Mme. Datally, "I shall not live longer than that time." "I will run, dear, madam." Spying this,; the cnptain took his. military cop and cloak and went. By the way he ran down the stairs it was evident he was in a hurry. I.went bask to the drawing room, where fear reigned. Mme. Dutailly wavered between the wish to fly and the desire to watch over the shell. Without seeming to do so, I looked out into the mooUi't street. "It would have been so easy to lat me lake it," murmuied Anatole. "Be silent," replied Dutailly, a HUle surprised by the quiet courage of this 1 , boy. "It is better the captain should do it." "Provided," groaned madame, "he does not wait too long." "He will, dear lady," said I cayly. "You maj count un that. For he will neper come back." •'He will nevpr come back?" "Certainly not. The way to the Brabant iionse is to tuke the the right-hand street; he went to the left hand and very quickly.' "What do you mean?'' "I wish to say, friend Dutailly, that your captain is an imposter, and I rejoice to have dismounted the batteries ol this boaster by the aid of this engine." Then tukiog a photograph album I struck a blow on tlie top of the shell, which broke into a thousand pieces—of chocolate, and scattered on the carpet a volley of sugar plums, burnt, almonds and pistachio nuts. A shout of laugher greeted the explo sion, and, 1 may say, the climax, Three months later iiiatole married Gertrude. And the captain waa never head of after.— [ WHO HE WAS. What He wan8enrchinp For aiid Wliutllu Cliauci'd to Find. It is related of the English ancestor of a well-known Philadelphia Qaaker family that he was quite a learned man, familar with the dead languages, and that once he went to see one of the universities. As he was walking about there, his Quaker garb attracted the attention ef three of tUe students, and they proposed to have some fun out of the old Quaker. They station- themselves where he might hear them. Then on« said (in Hebrew.:) "Here is Abraham." "Another said (in Greek:) "No; this is Isaac." Tke third said (iu Latin): "No; it is Jacob," Where upon tbft old man turned and said to them: "Young, men, I am ueil'ker Abraham, nor Isaac norTacob. I am Saul, tbe son of Kish, sent to seek father's threa assr*; uad, 'lot I .have found them. 1 '—The Christian Register. ; Cold Ceverna. The cold in cavern in France is so great, no matter how warm the external atmosphere may be the visitor cannot prolong hisirtay without inconvenience unless wrap- ed in winter clothing. There are not less than a score of these natural ice houses in Prance, and 'probably half as many in ttlay. dire 08 LaneMng Philosopher*I None of your snarling cynics for M. They laugh not, neither do they emlle. They are lugubrious — dyspeptic. They are usaally aour ot visage, pale, slight, dry, quite. gruveleBa Individuals in fact, who look as If they bad been nt, loggerheads with roast beef all their llvee.//The side-splitting, button bursting guffaw that fi r ceeda from the individual with a good digestion 3 never heard from them. They magnify IUA e hills into mountains, "trifles light as air" Ipl^o grievous annoyances. Show us, on the contrary, a man who faces trouble with a entile, repines u(it ,at email mishaps, and In whom the fountains,o'.' merriment are easily eet anew, and we will show yon a man with a good digestion. Use Bostetter's Stomach Bitters to secure this blefv- eln'g, and banish the nervousness and querulous disposition to enarl and find fault which attend* epaia. Rheumatism, constipation, malaria. ey trouble and la grippe jrl»fd to the Bittere. Hood's Sarsaparilla So promptly and eflectu- •Uy overcomes THAT T4UICD VJBKI.INO, a> 'to oonolusivoly prove this medicine "makes the) weak strong." J. B. Emerton, a well known merchant of Auburn, Maine, had J>y>infl>slu, complioaled ttit J.B.EM«»TOH, wlth Mvw Bnd Kld . noy troubles. Ho took HOOU'S HAItSAPA- KILLA tnd it gar* relief and great oomfort. He says: "It !• a Ood'8eu<l to any one suffering as I did." Uood'n Pills ouro Habitual Constipation by restoring peristaltic action of the Alimentary canal. ® FAT FOLKS REDUCED rr\ Mrs. Alice Muplu. OrBKon, Mo., wrlUai I J "My weight WKU SSO pounda, nowltulw, « r«,1iu'tir)n of 121) Iba." For c.ircul.ira adilroHU, wltli Pfl., Th6 ""Tftn»former. A transformer taking 53 horse power and giving a current at a pressure of 180 000 volts, has been constructed in England, and the makera believe that even murh hichrr piessures may be employed^ If, is claimed to be possible, with this tnipsforner, to transmit 50 horse power, ctvpable of driving a large factory, through a wir" no larger than a hair. THE PUBLIC AWARDS PALM to HALB'S flONET OF HoilBHOUNn AND TAR AS ft COUgh renicdy. 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Cross-eyed man (In a crowd): "You've got my umbrella, sir I" Fourteen men (simultaneously and Somewhat confusedly): "Who? mef A. M. PRIEST, Druggist, Shclbyville, Ind., says: "Hall's Catarrh Cure gives the buslol satisfaction. Can get plenty .of lus- tlmonials. as it cures everyone who tnkea It." Druggists sull it, 7Dc. Architect. "And on these panels you wish, I bulicve, Hie double convolute." Mrs. Nouveau: "Oh, no, Indeed 1 I said I wauled just a plain wiggle running down eiicli ' side." "German Syrup" My tilece, EtneHne Hawley, Wil, taken with spitting blood, and shi became very much alarmed, fearing that dreaded disease, Consumption. She tried nearly all kinds of medicine but nothing did her any good. Finally she took German Syrup and she told me it did her more good than anything she ever tried. It' stopped the blood, gave her strength and ease, and a good appetite, I had it from her own lips. Mrs. Mary A. 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Tlr plaintiff tnako and sell Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, and defendant kept whp.t is termed a department store in West Madison street, and sold an imitation ol plaintiff's bitters, but in the genuine- bottltiP, which had been once filled wi*h plaintiff's bittera. These bottles still had 'tie original labth, but the corks were sealed with a counterfeit metallic cap, and they wore sold at what the druggists call "cut rates." Immediately upon close tf :ha arguments by Mr. Clark for plaintiff iind E. 0. Dahms for defendant, the court Granted a decree of perpetual injunction, with costs, etc. E, Hamilton Co., O., Jane, 1889. Olio bottle of Pastor Kooule'u Nerve TonJo cured me entirely, after physicians had tried unsuccessfully for 8 months to relieve me ol nervous debility. W. HDENNEPBLD. OST, Reno County, Kan,, Oct., 1890. A boy eight years old suffered severely from nerronsnasa and twitohings. After using PAS. TOB KoEHia'a NERVB Tomo for a time, he was entirely restored. Another case is that of • young lady who after using 8 bottlos of Pastor iJtoenig's Tonio a positive cure was effected from <«pllepUo flta. KEY. JOHN LOBVBNIOH. HOVBN. SOUTH DAKOTA, Oct. 27,1890. My health-was entirely ruined by epilepsy and I could do no work. I used Pastor Koenlg's Nerve Tonio. Tha effect waa snoh that I daily grow better and stronger j since four months I have done heavy labor, and have bad no more fits. JOHN MOLITOB. -A Valuable HOOK on Kervotis Diseases sent free to any address, and poor patients can alto obtain , ..«___ this medicine 1'ree of olmrt-e. This remedy has been prepared by the Reverend Pastor KoeuiK, of Fort Wayne, Ind., since 1870, and IB now prepared underhls direction bytlio KOENIC MED. CO.. Chicago, III. Sold by Drnggists at 91 per Bottle. 6 for S5, e, 181.75. G Bottles for ISO. FREE1 Gray htilr or whiskers changed to a flossy black by a single application of this Dye, 16 Imparts a natural color, acts instantaneously and contains nothing Injurious to the hair. Sold, by druggists, or will be sent ou receipt of price. #1*01), Office, 30 1'urli Plate, N. Y. '» *• -^ ** m»au.-pa SV91XIBU JH K J1&JE XB A Jfi I "Th« Lord Created, medlcinet out oftht earth And ht that is wise will not abhor them " — l>r. O. P. Ilruwn'a BLOOD PUKIFI1CK ANII 1,1y EU INVIHOKATOR. Ula Beliuble Bemedle* itandard at tlour iu all markets. 1 Oompoied of best blood herb*. »1. * of herbs which act ou the liver aud bowel*. Our«« blliousnesB, LUer Complaint, Jaun- jfcZf&fiKtf* " ft ° n "" 1 st - RIPAN8. TABULES regul^o the stomach, Uver and bowelB? purify the blood, are nore and effectual; the best medicine kuowu for biliousness, constipation, dyspepsia, foul broatn.headaohe.rnonlaf depression, JWJnful digestion, bad coinplejiou and all diseases caused by failure ol t.lin ntntunnj-j I* ygp O j, »._*.-iTi. . _ LOVELL DIAMOND CYCLES for l.bdle« and pants. Six styles in Pneumatic puvhlpn and 80 1(4 fire*. Dl»m»nd Fr»mt, Stoel Or»p F»ffln«, $tH Tvblnf , AdluiUfcll B»ll Bo.rTn,, t»»irr«onlKf pfrtt, ln9lMifng P»dil». Suipjn.ion S«ddl»/ f r ' BIGB GflApg fr jn 79f y " JOHN P, IQV.EUU AftM9foP.,Mfff. •TMrythteft b«fon tt M ta out You know whether you need it or not. •old bj crer? drufffflflt and m«nofa«t«r*« ftp DONALD KENNEDY, _ ROXBURY, M A 8C> The l,ax)itive Gum Drop. The ri.'ixiitivc Gum Drop Is a new form of laxative that has just been placed upon the market. It resembles in form and taste the gurn.drop of the confectioners, but it has no medicinal' taste. It is, however, an cffcctiTe nit pleasant laxative, without griping or discomfort. These drops can bo carried in the pocket or the valise without danger or injury. They can be given to the children without their suspecting that they contain medicine, 'for they will never find this out from tbe taste, although they will from tl\ effect. In short, they contain UM elements of a perfect laxative without any of the unpleasant accompaniments that usually surround this plaas of remedies. There is no spoon, no liquid, no bottle, no unpleasant reminders that there is such a thing as medicine. They can be tai<en at any time. Ask your druggist for the- Laxative Gum Drop, and if he will not order them for you write to us. Small boxes 10 cents, large ones 25 cents. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. Will Purify ] disorder,!: Vlld ttrenet remove I,lEtt li, ren appetite, rcatore health mid }j uubivc* i. va wu* c vlgororyouth. '_ • adlKeutlou. thnftlf etfrwU InKabBolutely eradlctted,, Mlud brlghteued,' brain power luoreaied, ^- bonci, nerrei, miu- cles, receive new toro*. L coffering from complaint* pe> J cnlUr tothtlrftox, uilnp; It, flnti m i&fe. ipeedy cure. Itoturiui rose bloom ou cheek*, beantlflea Complexion. Bold uYorrwhoro. All genuine good* bew "Crescent.' 1 .Bond n* a cent stamp for 83-pig« pamphlet. DR. HARTER MCDICIHI CO.. »t LMlll. •». A Pleasant Route' TO PLEASANT PLACES. TO TUB EASTERN SUMMER RESORTS. Send for Tourist Folder, C. 1C, , West. Pass. Agent, OiUOAGO. A. J, 8MIXH, U. P. & T. A.. BICYCLES EEi TO AGENTS. WHITE FOR OATAI.OQUB AND CONDITIONS, LAltUMST ASSOKT- MENT. iOAVEST JOBU1NU PRICES, T. D. CANSE CYCLE CO., 608 STATE ST. CHICAGO, wlio iioiit«tsLexil^U a ;:PKSO^S CUftC and people I who huve we»k langjpr Asthma, «bou!d OM «« Consumption. It Uhou>«tud«. Uh ea ong. It 1» not b»d to tak«. ' ereTywbere. CONSUMPTION.

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