The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1891
Page 8
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SftfWj^V* 1 - <->' • ' ^' - '' -<'<•'-$ .5%"-;" - s • - -.'.'* . ' •BMiiiM IOWA, APttLL 20, i»L Ordinance No. ft. An brflinivtiec Concerning Misdemeanors: Bolt ordained by the City Council of tlio City Of Algonn. Iowa: See. 1. Any person Who shnll disturb tlio public penoo und qulot of any street, nllcy avenue, public ground, or tiny public assembly ofr ftny building, public or prlvnto, or any nolsrhboi'liood, private family or person within thcclty, by (fivlnff false alarms of fire, by loud or unusual noise, by ringing bolls, blow- .ngr horns, or other instruments, liy Indecent of obsceno language, conversation or conduct, or by threatening, quarreling, assaulting, flaming-, or by any other doviso or moans •whatever, shafl bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. 800.2. Any parson who shall suffer or permit any noisy quarreling, fighting, or obscene language or conduct, or an unusual noise, or affray, In any house or upon ariypremls owned, occupied, or controlled by him, In BU_ inanrtcr us to disturb the neighborhood or per- ',fn nny houso or upon nny premises :1, occupied, or controlled by him, In such cr us to disturb the neighborhood or por- Sods pnsslng along Iho streets or highways, shallne doomed guilty of a mlsdomciinor. Sec. 1). Any person who shall appear In a publlo plncc In iistnloof nudity, or In un Indecent or lowed dress, or shall make mi Indecent exposure of Ills or her person, or bo guilty of nny lowed or Indecent net or bohavl- or, or shall exhibit, sell, or offer to sell any Indecent, or lowed book, ploiuro or oilier thing, or shall exhibit or perform nny Indecent, Immoral or lewd play, or other roprosontnllon, Shall bo doomed guilty of a misdemeanor. Boo. 4. Any person who shall Inhumanly or cruelly nbuso or boul nny dumb animal; or shnll try to, or lot any jack, slalllon or bull to iihy niaro or cow, or train, exhibitor leuvo standing on uny strcot or alloy or public place within tlio city, unless within nn enclosure so arranged us lo obstruct the publlo view, nnd in such plncons to prevent, tlio noise thorcfrom from disturbing the public, shall bo deemed guilty of ii misdemeanor. 8oc. r>. .Any parson who shall bo found occupying for liiilglng or oilier purpose any car, bnril, shed, ."hop, outhouse or other building, or liny purl;. garden, yuril, or other promises within tho hinliH of sttlil city without Iho eon- sonlof i lie mrnut-or person nnttllod tollio possession ihoreof. or nny porson who shall bo found asleep in-drunk In or upon any street alloy, park, or oilior place belonging to snld Olty, or who shall commit any illsordorly net, or bo guilty of nny disorderly conduct by stag- goring, crowding, swearing, threatening, or fn any manner Intimidating nny person, or who Hhall bo found bogging or soliciting food from any prlvnlo fnnilly wlllilu Biild oily, shall bo guilty of u misdemeanor. See. 0. Any person who sluill discharge any cannon, gun. fowllng-ploeo, plslol, or firearms of any dosorfpllon, within the oily without permission from tlio Mayor shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Soo. 7. Any person who shall throw any projectile from nny sling, ciitnpuH, or "niggor- Bhootor," within Hie clly, shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. See. 8. Auy person who shall rlilo or drive any horse or othor iinlmnl Immoderately, or shall drlvo any homo or other animal ntlitchod tonny ciirrlngo or vehicle of any description, to or upon any street, nlloy, or public grounds wllhln the clly, In such a careless manner or tit such a rate of speed as to endanger pedestrians on the walks or crossings, or endanger life, limb, or property; or shall leave nny horse, inulo or loam of horses or mules alone on tiny sired, alloy or public grounds, unless Huoh liorao, inulo or team Is securely fastened no as lo prevent escape, shall bo deemed guilty of n misdemeanor. See. I). Any porson who shall fly any kilo, or roll any hoop, on any street, nlloy or iivonuo uovolcil to business, or cause or aid In omitting llrooruoUors or other combustible explosives to bo Ural or thrown on the streets, alloys or publlo grounds, or any private grounds willi- out consent of Iho owner or occupant, or shall nnywliero In Iho lire llmlls flro .such combustible explosives, whelhor with or without con- wont of tho owner or occupant, shall he doom- od guilty of a misdemeanor. Sec. 10. Any person who shall parLlciiwto lu any sport or exorcise likely lo soaro IIOI-HOB" Injure passors-by, or embarrass Ilia passuga of vehicles or pedestrians on tho streets, shall bo (loomed guilty of a misdemeanor. See. 11, Any person Who ahull Injiiro or destroy, or assist In Injuring or destroying miy imbflo building or-property belonging to tho olty, or any bridge, pavement., sidewalk or crossing, drain, sower, or any part thereof without duo uulhorlty, or shall hinder or obstruct the milking or repairing of Iho same or any porson employed by tho Street Uommls- mnor or City Council in making or ropalrhi"- any publlo Improvomonl or worlc, ordered bv tho Oily Council or iis commlltce, sluill bo doomed guilly of a misdemeanor. See. IB. Any parson whoslmll hitch or I'uston any horse or oilier animal to any fence, orna- or .shade troo, or any boxing or protection lo Iho samo; or shall Injure or dostrov any orniiniontnl or shade tree, or boxing or protection to Iho samo, or shrubs, lamp-nosN or fence upon any slreet, alloy, avenue or pub- lie grounds, or upon any private property within Iho oily, shall bo doomed guilty ol'ii misdemeanor, J See. 1!J. Any person who shall load, drive or j-mo, or shall plnco any horsu or other animal or drlvo or phico any wagon or othor vehicle on any paved or plankoil sidewalk, or leave tho same slnmllng on or across any crossing of any street, nlloy or avonuo In Iho ully, shall ho doomed guilty ol' a misdemeanor, lint, this of this city, shall bo deemed guilty of a mis- domo'anor. Sec. 25. Any person who olmll falsely represent himself to he an officer of the city, or shall, without authority, exercise or attempt to exorcise any of tho duties, functions or powers of a city officer, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Sec. 20. Any person Who shall bo found with fn tho city In nhy street, alley, depot, park or other public place, or In the premises of any other person, In a State Of Intoxication, shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Sec. 27. Any person who shall remove or cause to ho removedVany dirt, sand, stone, rock, tree, shrub, plank, sidewalk or fence from nny street, alloy, publlo square, lot of ground belonging to safd olty or to any other person without permission from tho City Council or such other person, shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Bee. 28. Any person Who shall sell or keep for sale any tainted or unwholesome meat, or other article used for food, knowing tho same to bo tainted or Unwholesome, shall bo deemed guilty of n misdemeanor. See. 21). Any person who In any way shall Obstruct or cause to be obstructed any street, alloy, thoroughfare or sidewalk of this olty, so as to render tho travel thereon dlfllcult or dangerous, shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. See. SO. Any person who shall place or cause to bo placed on any Btrcct, alloy, sidewalk or other publlo place, or upon tho promlsosof any other person, any filth, carrion, Irash, or nuisance of any kind, shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, Sec. 81. Any person who shall In nny way 1m concerned In, or shall Join or participate In any assemblage, meeting, concert, procession, or other exorcise, or display Upon any of the streets, alloys, publlo grounds, or other outdoor place within tho city, without a permit Issued to one or more of tho pa thereof, by Iho Mayor, or, In cose _ „., sonco or disability, by the Marshal, shall bo deemed guilty of 11 misdemeanor. Provided, that such permit shall not protect or grant Immunity to any such - •• • ' - • JV,,^ V^M«/ Joshh* rfjCSLii JL - JL* And don't forget it; keep your eye continually upon this spade, and remember that JONES THE FREIGHT! participants LSO of his tib- oh participant for violation of any , Hoolilon shall not bo construed sons to prevent nny person from loading, driving or riding across any sidewalk loading to or from anv lot or houKu owned by him or his employer, provided ho doos so oil a walk; also us not to pro- vent the loading and unloading of goods nii-r- olMiidlsc' and othor Ililiurs, provided that the walk bo not obstructed an uiirua.soiiabli> loniilh of time. Sec. H. Any person who shnll paato, nail or atlix to any bulMIng, erection or other improvement, or any IViiuo or tree, without first. obtaining(.'onscnl nl'ihoowuor, n/a-in tiroccu- iiiinl thereof, or in any way al)l.\ to any public (>ulldhigort>r»clhm. \vlt.hoiitporiiilsHionoftho Mayor or (Jll.v Council, :iiiy poster show bill hand-hill or other wrliIon or printed notice,! iilmll bi!dL-<»iu<--;l;;iil!iy<ii' a misileiuoiimir. Soo. IS. ,uiy porson who r.linll dol'aco or lour down. In whole or in part, any poster, Kliow bill, hand bill, advertisement, ordinance or notice lawfully posted, or bv order of or bv permission of Iho City Council, Mayor, or owner or parly eiillllod to tlio possession of the building or oreolion on which the bill or notloo is posloil, or shall deface, destroy or remove any sign or number, willfully, shall ho (loomed guilty ol a misdemeanor. Soo. 10. Any poreon who shall keep or leave open any cellar door or grating of anv vault on any alloy, street, or sidewalk, or suffer tho name to bo loft open, or shall fall to properly grate or prol.nct hi some other manner all openings In any street or alley or sidewalk adjoining his promises, .shall bo doomed gulltv of a misdemeanor. ' See, 17. Any person who shall place or deposit upon any sidewalk or sirool any box 1 onito, goods, wares or mcrclmndlso except hi delivering or receiving such goods-ill whloli case they shall not obstruct tho whole walk,— or allow tliOHinno to remain on nny .street or obstmet more than one-half of the sidewalk .fongor than throe hours, exo?pl as provided In oases of erection of buildings, .shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, Soo. IK. Any person who shall place or allow to remain upon any .street, or alley or sidewalk for a longer period than three hours, any wood or coal, or fuel of any kind, or cut. saw or split (ho same upon any .sidewalk, shall bo liable to pay diinmtjiM resulting therefrom to the olty, 01- to any person, and shall also ho doomed ifuilly of a misdemeanor. See. 111. Any group or company of persons •who shall collect or gather together on any s dowulk, so as to obstruct tho free passage thereon, and who shall refuse to disperse at tlioromiofitol the owner or oooupunl of the ttd.iolmng promises, or of the Mayor, or March' I or any Police olllcor; or shall obstruct Iho IM riiuco to any public building, or phico of liii.ilnoss, and shall refuse to disperse when re- Wiostod to do KO by tho Mayor, Marshal or any Collco olllcor, shall each lie doomed guilty of a misdemeanor. 800. 20. Any person who shall, without, per- iii'HSion granted by resolution of the Cltv (Million, constructor build nny newer, vault, cistern or well In any street, alloy or public Around, or shall without permission of tho Mayor, move or cause to be n.oved nnv building Into or along ur across any street or alloy or public grounds, shall bo deemed u-ulltv of a mlsdoiiHWiior. And any jiersou who shall, either with or without permission do tiny of .{lionets horoinliofore speeitleil, Khali also bo liable to tho clly or to any person in a olvil notion lor any damages done bv, or i J i-oni tho doing of tlio saiil net o'r acts. Sec. 81. Any person making an excavation in any street, alloy or avenue, or any other publlo place, or adjoining any sidewalk, street alloy or avonuo, or within ten feet of tho same' wlio shall not secure tlio same at night-lime or during tlio day time when requested to do HO by the Mayor, Marshal, or by their written order served by any Police olllcor, by an enclosure thereof at least four loot high, sub- hlautially built, shall bo doomed guilty of a misdemeanor, See. 88. Whoever shall wilfully or carelessly tUrow any stone, stick, or other tiling whorobv tiny pel-sou may be, or shall bo hit or hurt, or ituy window broken or other property lujurod or'destroyedI shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Soo. &1, Whoovor shall interfere with or laudor tho City Marshal or any policeman of the city In making uny arrests or In discharge ofany of their duties, or shall encourage and counsel resistance to such officer or ollloors, or lihall iutorforo with any olllcer of tho elly lu the ulschjargool his duty as such oinoor, shall lio doomed guilty ol u misdemeanor. Sep. ',H. Any person who shall willfully violate any of tho rules of tho Board of Health any disorderly act or olfior ordinance or law. 'i'ho fee for issuing such permit may, In Iho Mayor's dlscrollon, bo remitted. Boo. i)2. An person who shall use or ride any bicycle or velocipede on any of tho sldownlks ollhlsclty, shall he deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Sec. 8S. Any person who shall throw or cause to be thrown upon any of the streets, alloys or highways ol this city, or Into any gutter or drain, or upon any lot, park or ground, any paper, buy, straw, grass, loaves, shavings, or othor influrnublo substance, wllh out causing the same to bo burned, shall bo deemed guilty of u misdemeanor. Soo. IM. Any person who shall deposit or cause to bo deposited upon any of the streets, alloys, or thoroughfares of this olty, any ashes or cinders, or other refuse, shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Soo. 85. 'J'lio owner or driver of any coach, hack, omnibus, wagon or other vehicle, who while walling for passengers or baggage at any railroad station, hotel or other publlo place, shall use auy Indecent or profauco language, or talk In a loud or boisterous manner, or by pushing, crowding, or any othor disorderly conduct, vex or annoy passongorsor citizens, or obstruct any sidewalk, crossing or platform, or who shall refuse or negloot to conform to auy regulation adopted by tlio railroad company or companies owning or occupying tho station at which said owner or drlvur may bo waiting, shall bo deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. Soo. Ml. Any person who shall herd or tether any swine, ass, bull, ahoop, goat, cow, calf, stoor, horse, mule, colt, or stock of any klndion tho streets, alloys, or publlo grounds within the city, or vacant lots, except the owner or agent thereof, shall bo guilty of a misdemeanor. Provided, that nothing in this ordinance shall bo construed to prevent farmers and others from hitching animals temporarily to posts sot for thai purposo. Soo. iir. Any person having In charge any wagon or other vehicle, who shall suitor tho samo to ho and remain In any business street within tho city, without an animal or team attached thereto, shall bo guilty of a misdemeanor. Sec. !)8. Any person found gullly of a mls- aomomior, as defined in this ordinance, shall bo Hiihjootlouiiuo of not loss tluiu one dollar, nor more than oi*o hundred dollars, and tho costs of prosecution,- and may, by order of the Mayor, bo committed to jail one day for ouch throe and ono third dollars of tho lino, unless such 1luo bo sooner paid. ..,„„„ TJ. A. SHEETS:, Mayor. Attest: S. S. SESSIONS, Clerk. McCormick Harvesting Machine Co,, 1831 J. I, Case Threshing Machine Op., - 1842 A. A. Cooper, wagons, - - . - - 1840 P. P. Mast & Co., cultivators, etc,, - 1843 James Selby & Co., planters, etc., - 1850 - OTO1S3 D. S, Morgan <fe Co,, mo wers,, Hearst, Dunn & Co,, planters, John Deere, plows,, etc., • Moline "Wagon Co., wagons, etc., - - 1865 1834 - 1860 1854 Of the New Wigwam at Algona, Iowa, is agent for the above well-known and reliable institutions. Compare this list with anything you have seen, and then decide where to your farm implements for the season of 1891. «@~ I am agent for J. A. Hamilton's Hardwood Lumber and Wood, a full stock of which will be kept constantly on hand. • Ordinance No. H. An Ordinance prescribing precautions against lire, construction of chimney flues, use ol combustible material, etc. Do it ordained by tho City Council of the city of AlKomi, Iowa : Hoc. 1. That all persons using a stove In anv house, store, shop or othor building within the city, shal 1 Imve a metal plate or platform of stone, brick, sheet-iron, /.inc or earth under said stove, and extending at least six inches beyond that part of the lower phtto that fronts the door of said stove ; and all stove-pipes at their Intersection with any floor, partition or celling through which they pass, shall bo made to pass through an earthen or tin ventilator, or other lire proof material, and shall bo at least sx inches above and beyond tho partition of the bnlhlliiK through which it passes. Sec. n. No stove-pipe or metallc chimney lino shall ho permitted to pass through the reef, window or side ot a house or building unless snecial permission be granted by resolution of the Oily ('/oiiiicl:. All 'chliiuicy flues Hhull be built of well- niniud, whole brick, the walls not less than lour inches thick, mid tho inside surface well covered with a coat of plaster. And where said Hues shall pass through the ridge of the rout they shall project not less than two feet above the ridge ot the roof, ami when snuli lines Khali pass through the slope of tlio roof. they Khali project not less tlwu thrco feet from the roof ol the building in wliica tho samo are built, measuring from tho top of the chimney to the nearest point of tho root, See. -l, No person shall deposit any ashes In any wooden building, or allow -any ashes to stand In any wooden vessels ; and if ashes are thrown out, they shall not bo put within ton loot ot any biilhliiift, 1'oncu, or wood-pile, or any wooden structure. btio.p. No person shall, without permission from tlio Mayor, Marshal or Council, burn anv shavings or other material lu any street alley or public ground, on auy lot or private ground within forty foot of any building, wood-pile or wooden structure within tho city ; except those whoso business necessarily requires out-door fire (not then, if in tho opinion of the Ottv Marshal the lire ciulmigors any buildings) ami shall bo immediately extinguished, as soon as the Purpose, is eltcetecl for which it was built. Nor shall u be lawful for any person to boll oil or varnish within twenty feet of any building. 8e«, (l, No person shall put or keep wheat, rye, oals. barley, hay, straw, or fodder, keep any , , . , y, straw, or fodder, u sliiial, slack or pile, within loo feet of anv , bulhflng wherein a llro may ho kept (except ft be in a .stable, barn or warehouse,) nor keep the same in any dwelling house or building wherein Hie Is used for any purposo ; nor shafi nny owner or emipimt of any stable within the limits ol the oily, or any person In their cm ploy, be allowed to use therein a lighted candle or any other light, except the samo be secured within a tin or glass lantern. hoc. 7. No person shall set fire to their chimneys lor the purpose of cleaning tho same, except In the (lay-time ; nor then, unless it is raining, or iheio Is snow on Hie roof of tlio Sou. 8. It skull ho the duty of the City Marshal to strli'.tly enforce Iho observance of tho provisions of tiiis ordinance ; and anv person roitislng or neglecting to comply with anv of the provisions ol tills ordinance shall ho deem- oil gu lly of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thercot shall be subject to a Hue of not less than ono nor more than Utty dollars, or ten iliil ill's lor each day's continuance together with the costs ol prosecution ; and in default ol payment may bo Imprisoned therolor until discharged in due course of law ; and all buildings or premises erected or ust-d contrary to tlio above requirements are declared to bo nuisances, and as smth. may bo abated. A « l1 S t i ™ , L - A - S«»»m.. Mayor. S. B. SKSSIONH, Clerk. without tho authority of tho Marshal or proces of law therefor, or whoever shall hinder, delay or obstruct any authorized person in taking o driving any animal to tho Pound, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be subject to a fine o not less than one nor more than twenty-flvi dollars. In the discretion of the Mayor. Sec. 4. Stock impounded may be sold by tin Marshal to the highest bidder for cash, afte giving notice of such sale, as follows : Of tho sale of swine or sheep he shall give throe days' notice of the lime and phico of sale describing such swine or sheep therein, by posting one notice on the door at the entrance to the Pound, one at the post ofllee, and one u the front door of the court house. Of the sale of any other animal, he shall giv a like notice, posted in like manner for tei days, and In addition shall publish such notice ut least once In some newspaper printed In this clly, and such publication shall bo at least let days before said sale. The purchaser ut such sale shall take thereb, a title to tlio property purchased, as against al persons, and to such extent as the power am authority of the City Council extends. Out of the proceeds of the sale, the Marshal shall retain his costs and expenses in advertising as aforesaid, and fifty cents for each animal sold and the balance of the money shall he paid to tho City Treasurer, who shall retain the monev for the owner of the animal sold, but If no claimed within oao year lie shall report the sumo us port of the general fund of the city and such claimant shall be barred from a, recovery thereof. Tho inty Marshal shall have no charge against the city for Impounding, advertising 01 selling any stock. Sec. 15. The Olty shall construct and keep the Pound at such a place as may be eonslsteni with the ordinances of the city. Sec. o. If tho owner or person having charge of any animal shall knowingly permit the same to run at largo contrary to the provisions ol this ordinance, such person shall bo deemec guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall 1)0 lined not less than ono'1101 more than twenty live dollars, together with costs of prosecution, in tho discretion of the Mayor, and shall be liable to any person whose property shall ho injured thereby, for the damages sustained by such person. Such person shall he- liable to the city, in iv civil action foi all damages done to sliudi or ornamental trees standing within the streets and public ground.', of the city ; also all damages to other public property. Attest: L, A. SHEKTX,, Mayor. H. S. SKSSJONH, Clerk. Ordinance Mo, ,'{, An Ordinance to prohibit stock from running at I ill'Uti , »u U ordained by the City Council of the city Sec. 1. I'hat no owner of ativ cattle, horses mules, swine or sheep shall allow the same to run at luruo at any time in the city of Algona. See. a. It shall be the right of every person authorized in the City Marshal, and the duty of the Marshal to Impound every animal found running ut large contrary to tho provisions of tills ordinance, in the Public l oiuid, and any person claiming any animal impounded, shall pay the Marshal fifty cents for each animal of any kind, and a penalty ott fifty cents for eueh swine or sheep, and fifty cents lor oiieh head ot stock of any other Klnil so Impounded (to be umd Into the city treasury «t yn nl UO T Mul '?l ull >, f ? r «»« tlischargw of suofi Wwiic the lot each «t n nT, stock. The Marshal U entitled to bee. 3. The Pound shall be under the care and control - Ordinance No. G, An Ordinance in relation to trimming shade and ornamental trees in thestreets and other public grounds in tho city of Algona, Iowa. Do it ordained by the City Council of tho citv of Algona, Iowa: Sec. 1. That all shade and ornamental trees now or hereafter planted hi the streets and other public grounds of this city, shall be kept trimmed and pruned, so that in no case shall tho branches bo loss than seven feet from the ground or sidewalk, and In all cases shall bo trimmed and pruned' of their branches to a point as high as the si/.o and shape of the trees will pennit; provided, that no person shall bo compelled to trim or pruno trees between the first day of March and the llrst day of June of eaeh year. See. 2. When the owners, agents or occupants of lots, or parcels of ground, fail or neglect to trim and prune the trees set opposite his or her lot or piece of ground, as required by this ordinance, It shall bo the duty of tho street commissioner of the said city to strictly enforce the requirements of tills ordinance. Hee. 3. After ten days' notl.o by the street commissioner to the owners, agents or occupants, personally, to trim and prune the trees as provided In section one of this ordinance, or If tlio owners or agents cannot bo found, then by posting the notice upon such lot, part of lot, or piece of ground, the said commissioner shall proceed to trim and pruno said Ireos, and tho actual expense and cost of tho sumo shall be a hen upon the lot, part of lot. or parcel of ground In front of which said work was done, and said commissioner shall return to the city council a statement of tho cost thereof, with the name of the ower or owners when known to him, and thereupon the city council shall declare an assessment against each such lot, part of lot, or parcel of land, and the owner or owners thereof, if known, of the oast of such work and expenses connected therewith. And it shall bo the duty of the person or persons liable there- for, to pay to the Oily Treasurer the amount or amounts of snuh assessment or assessments separately, together with the legal rate of in- thereon, from the date of the levy of BUC!I assessment; and In ease such assessment or assessments, or any part thereof, shall remain unpaid on the first Monday of September of ciiuh year, the said assessment or assessments so remaining unpaid with the interest thereon us above provided shall bo certified to the Auditor of ivossuth county, Iowa, and shall ho collected by and paid to tho Treasurer of said county In tho same manner as other olty taxes. A l test: ].,. A, SUEETH, Mayor. S. S. SICSSIONS, Clerk, Ordinance No. 4. An Ordinance In relation to side-walks and shade-trees. Ho it ordained by tho City Council of the city of Algonu, Iowa : See, I. That twelve feot in width shall bo set apart from the sides of all streets for side-walk purposes. See. 2. That all side-walks shall bo built two feet from the outsid of the street unless otherwise ordered by the Council, and of such material and construction as shall be ordered by the Council. See. ;i. That uny shade or ornamental tree or trees hereafter planted in the street shall be set ten feet from the line of the adjacent premises. Attest: h, A. Sui'.KTZ, Mayor. 8. a. f KDSIONS, Cleik. Ordinance No, 7. An Ordinance authorizing the Mayor to appoint special police ami deputy marshals. Be H ordalued by the City Council of the city Of Algona, Iowa: Sec. 1. That the Mayor be and he is hereby authorized to appoint such special police and deputy marshals as hs may and, or deem from time to time, necessary, and for such time as ho may deem V, est , Iof tho P« b l l ° interest, who shall have all the power of police and deputy marshals, but shall only receive compensation for services actually performed by them. Ordinance No. 1. An Ordinance repealing Ordinance No. 72 of the Incorporated Town of Algona, being an Ordinance relating to jind detlnlng tho boundaries of wards within the limits of the city of Algona, Iowa, and enacting a substitute In lieu thereof. Be it orduliicd by the City Council of Algona, Seo.'l. That Ordinance No. 72, relating to and defining the boundaries of wards thereof which reads as follows : Sec, 2. Bo it ordained by the Town Council £\ "1° Incorporated Town of Algona, Iowa, riiat all of that part of said town lying south of State street, west of Moore street and' west of thollno being an extension of Moore street and parallel therewith south to the limits of the town shall be known and designated us See. 3. 'That nil that part of said town lying south of Call street and south of a Hue being an extension of Call street and parallel therewith to the limits of said town, and east of Moere street and east of a line being un extension of Moore street and parallel therewith and south to the limits of said town ahull be designate us Ward No. 2. Sec. 4. That all that part of said town lyin north of Call street and north of u line being u; extension of Cull street uiul parallel therewitl to the limits of said town and east of . lone street and east of a line being an extension o Jones street and parallel therewith and nortl to the limits of said town shall be desiguatei as Ward No, 3. Sec. 5. That all that part of said town lyiiu north of State street and west of Moore stree lo Call street and north of Cull street und wes of Jones street and west of u line being an ex tension of Jones street and parallel therewitl and north to the limits ofsaid town shall b designated as Ward No. 4. The same bo and is lieieby repealed and thi following enacted in lieu thereof : See. (i. That the city of Algona bo divided into four (4) wards to be culled the First. Sec ond, Third and 1'ourth Wards, tho boundarie: to be as follows : Sec. 7. The First Ward shall Include all tha part of Hie city lying south of a line commencing at a point where the center line of State street Intersects the center line of Moore street running in a westerly direction along the center line of State street to the end thereof, am all that part of said city lying west ol a line commencing at tho center line above mentioned and running alone In a southerly direetioi on Moore street to the end thereof and thence on a direct line to the limits ofsaid city. See, 8. Tho Second Ward shall include al that part of the city lying south of a line com- inenelng at u point where the center of Call street intersects the center line of Moore street and running in an easterly direction along the center lino of Call street to the end thereof thence on a direct lino to the city limits, and all that part lying east of a line commencing at tho center line above mentioned and running south along tho center line of Moore street to the end thereof, thence on a direct line to the limits of said city. .Sec. o. The Third Ward shall include all that part of the city lying north of a line commencing at a point where the center of Call street Intersects the center line of Jones street running in an easterly direction along on the center Hue of Call street to the end thereof and thence on a direct line to the city limits, and all that portion lying east of u line commencing at the center lino above mentioned ruiiiiinij north alone the center line of Jones street tc the end thereof, thence on a direct line to the Units of said city. Sec. 10 The Fourth Ward shall Include all that part of the city lying north of a line commencing at a point where the center of State street Intersects the center lino of Moore street •tinning in a westerly direction along the center lino of State street to tho end thereof, and thence on a direct line to the city limits iind all that part lying west of u line commencing at the center line above mentioned run- ling northerly along the center line of Moore street to the Intersection of the center line of Moore street with the center line of Call street, uul all that part lying, north of a line oxtend- ng easterly from the point last above men- iloued running easterly along the center line of Jail street to a point where the center line 'of Cull street Intersects the center line of Jones street, and ull that part lying west of a center ine running north from the point last above nentioned running northerly along the center ineof Jones street to the end thereof, thence on a direct line to the limits ofsaid cit A a' e 5 t L- ^ ^ Al S, 8. SESSIONS, Clerk, , ity. , M ayor, ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. —District Court, May Term, 1801.—Kossuth County Bunk against G. C. Burtls, Martha E. Burtls, Minneapolis Harvester Works, Ault- mau & Miller Co., Famous Manufacturing Company, C. F, Dunbar, Humboldt County Bank, Seeder & Bray, Chamberlain Plow Company, and M. M. McQnlre & Co. To said defendants: You are hereby notified ihat ou or before the 1st day of May, 1801, a petition of the plaintiff In the above-entitled action will be filed In the office of the clerk of said court, claiming of you the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars, with interest at he rate of 10 per cent, from Oct. 0,1800, and One Hundred Dollars with interest at the rate of 10 per cent, from Nov. 0, 1800, us money ustly due on two promissory notes; also ask- ng the foreclosure of two mortgages given to secure said notes, ou the following described •eal estate, to-wit: Lot Nine iu Block Eight, vs shown In the recorded plat of the village of LuVerue; also judgment for interest, costs, ind attorney's feeaud unpaid taxes; and un- ess you appear thereto uud defend ou before iioou of the first day of the next May term of aid district court, to be begun and holdeu at he court house iu Algona, In said county, on he llth day of May, 1801, default will be en- ered against you and judgment rendered hereoii. HARVEY INGHAM, ti Plaintiff's Atty. NOTICE OF EXECUTRIX, Notice is hereby given to all parties inter stod that ou the 10th day of March, 1891, the ludorsigned was appointed by the district ourt of Kossuth couuty, Iowa, executrix of he last will »ud testament of Johu Audorfer, eceused, late of said county. AU persons iu- ebted to said estate will make payment to the nderslgned, and those having claims against he game will present tliein, properly autheut- crtted, to the said court for allowance. Datea »t Algona, Iowa, April 3}, 1801. 4t3 (ANNIE ANPORFEB, Executrix. well satisfied Isllje BsVr LAUNDRYSOAP iijtije WbrJci it in *JI n\y wki ^j, p NXFAIRBANK&Co. Chicago f? KEEP IT. IWOODWOKi? LOUIS LESSING, Agent. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL. STATE op IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss.—In the District Court. To all whom it may concern: Take notice hat there was filed in the office of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, on the 18th day of April, 1801, an instrument in writing bearing date the :id day of April, 1891, and purporting to be the last will and testament of William J. Boals, late of said county, deceased, was produced and publicly read, and that on tho uth day of the next term of said court, to be begun and holden on the llth day of May, 1801, at the court houso in Algona, aforesaid, has boon fixed for proving said will, and at 2 o'clock p. m. of the day above men- Droned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear in said court and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as ana for the last will and testament of said deceased. Dated Algona, Iowa, April 18, 1801. A. A. BRUNSON, 4t ' J Clerk of the District Court. Administrator's Notice of Final Report In the matter of the estate of Chas. A, Krause, To all the heirs or creditors of the above named estate, You are hereby notified that on at before the first day of the May term, 1891, said administratrix will file with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, her final report, and ask to be discharged ; and you are further notified that all objections thereto must be filed with said clerk on or before the llrst day of said term of said court, which will convene and be holden at Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, on the llth day of May, 1801, or said report will be approved and said administratrix discharged ind her bonds released. MATILDA KBAUSK GOETSCH, '» Administratrix. NOTICE FOR TAX DEED. p Wlnthrop C. Bussell: You are hereby lotitled that ou the 5th day of December, 1887 he following described real estate, situated in •he county of Kossuth, and state of Iowa, tovit: The north half of the northeast quai-ter and the southeast quarter of the northeast LUarter of Section 28, Township 100, Ranee 27, west of the 5th P. M., was sold by the reasurer of said county to Georce C, Call, ind by him assigned to H. B. Rtst, who is now he lawful holder of the certificate oj, purchase hereof; that the right of redemption will ex)ire and a deed for said laud be made unless edeniption from such sale be made within ilnety days from the completed service of this Dated this 18th day of April, 1801. 4t3 H. E. RIST, Holder of Certificate. Auctioneering Done. The undersigned will cry public sales tossuth and adjoining counties. Have twentj ears' experience. Terms reasonable. ^F°Applications for iny services may be loft t the law office ol S. S. Sessions, Algona, la. GBJO. B. Bpyj,E, \Yhitt«uore, Iowa. Hathaway; D. H. HADLEY, M. D., Assistant. (Regular Graduates. Registered.) The Leading Specialist of tho West. frivate, Blood, Skin and Nervous Diseases. \, TTOTJNa MEW \wnobythelrownacta pi imprudence or folly -suffer -from Nervous i Debility, • Ex- Imustlng drains upon tho fountains of life. affecting the mind, body- and! manhood. should ' consult tha celebrated Dr. Hathaway , at . onee. Remember nervous diseases (with or without dreams) or debility and loss of nerve rower, treated scientifically, by new > methods, with great success. , It makes no difference what you hava taken or who has failed to cure you. ^^ CUred » 1 aSSifeS5 sraai BW- MY METHODS. 1. Free consultation at the office or by malL §• S6°I° u Bh examination and caretufdlaenaili 4. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment. A home treatment can bBglvenln a r " -' Send for Symptom Blank No. 1 for Men. Bend for Symptom Blank No. S for Women. Bend for Symptom Blank No. 3 for Skin DlBei All correspondence ou ' .«*"»• Address or call ou Cor. tTARRH 1 BEAT FRENCH RESIEDY.-Dr. Le Duo's Pw*s, FranceTact organs in femalea, pression of the menses from whatever cause) and all Deriodirai roubles peculiar to women. A safe? roUaWe emedy, warranted to excite menstruation money refunded. Should not be used d The lae roportion of the l ls%e direct res result of ny dmristort uaon.7Ask ny druggist for them. American Pill Co bpencer Ja. L. A. Sheets, Supply • ageSt S. la- H. Bosworth & Son, " vOce

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