The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on November 18, 1912 · Page 12
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 12

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1912
Page 12
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V r ' i . 12 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, Badgers Drapery Jale If you haven't attended the drapery sale at Badger's it's because you ha^e not seen the ad, or ejse you do not need the articles. Hundreds of pairs of Lace Curtains are being sold at less than % their values. Every morning s o m e t h i n g new is brought forward. This morning we offer a fresh lot of Arabian and Cable Net Curtains, fine designs, which will be sold as follows: The $100 ones at...$1,75 The $5.00 ones at. .,$2.35 The $7.50 ones at, ,.$3.50 The $9.50 ones at...$4.25 The $16,50 ones at. .$7,65 3 to 7 pairs of* a kind. Couch Covers Oriental patterns, full width and length$5.00 ones, now, $7.50 ones, now. $10.00 ones, now. $20,00 ones, now. ..$3,60 ».$17jT .$12.60 Swiss Curtains Full length, worth from $2.50 to $5.00 a pair; your choice of }ot at, per pajr, 95c Remnants, Tapestries Damasks, etc,, from goods worth from $5.00 to $10,00 per yard, 25-inch squares df these goods will be sold at, each, SOc Hundreds of things in this department to please the housekeeper, and in many cases you get goods ivorth $3.00 for $1.00 Come early to get first choice. furniture Corny 14 and 16 East Washington Street No Lost, Shrunk, Faded, Torn or Discolored Garments \ Our modern facilities for doing your family washing are be- yoi^d the DREAMS of your washwomafi, Insteait x of causing you work, worry and disappointment, we make wasUday a pleasure. You are pleasantly surprised each time your family washing is returned. For In our hands It is not subject to "garment wrecking" Wringers, washboards/ \ fl i "^'» m * il ' l «"»«**««****M**«M^*^lllB^^^ I llll»M»»»»»Pt / strong, yellow soaps or chemicals. We u$e water many ttm^s tiofter than cistern water, so only white Ivory Soap is needed to remove th6 dirt. Our building is always bathed In filtered fresh air and flooded with sunshine. Your clothes are returned cleaner, fresher and purer than you ever saw them before. Telephone for our wagon. FAMILY WASHING, 6c A POUND The Paul H. Krauss Company LAUNDRY 4ft 4ft North Enst 8t 4597. Member the Laundrymon'a National Aepoclatlon of America. Will You Lei U§ Bid on vf, u r ( decorating or floral work of any Kind? We employ two fxj^rtfl. One from Philadelphia and one from Chicago. Both ha^e had years of experience and are especially well posted on all of the new Ideas of these two cities. Newspaper'comments on somp of our recent decorations say they were the finest seen in t h i s i tty indecent years. In the makipg of corsage pr colonial ' bouquet a, at wedding flowers, or any other kind of floral work we solicit a tnaL Besides the prices are moderate and the flowers so fresiu HILL-HELLER CO. 225 N. Pennsylvania A Phones 3190 « · »^«*^+.» · 9 9* ** *£gg££ Modern Facilities For Perfect Laundering that n a n n ' ' T t wonderful tern i t h o in garment ;£ S f fie to h»» nt v t) use of pv modern drurv A m i n 6on»oi^ntioup and ek il 1 help enable us to clean, whole work in *\ T\ $ WJIIIK '* our m o t t n I *t us prove it. Gen Laundry EVENTS ON COAST TO BE RECOUNTED California End of Alleged Con* spiraoy $ill Be Taken Mp Today, Ambulance Stalls, Wounded Negro 7Vw« to Go On Afoot I'T TKIAL ENTEK8 EIGHTH WEEK government Now bxpeots to Fin* ish Its Case Urly in . December. The trial of the dynamite oongpiraY-y case, in which fqi ty-ftve uniori labor men are defendants, will' start on its eighth week in the Federal Court thj$ morning, when 'witnesses ' from California will he examined by tho government An}ong the witnesses today MKe~ ly will he Oscar kawler of Los Angeles, who was an ussifctftnt United States attorney general for trie district of Call- fornla when the dynamite cases were vestigated ^there, and who la familnr with events on 't}ie Pacific^ coast which ctUtrUnated* in the Wowing \\p of the Times Building 1 by James B. McNamara A. L. Veiteh, also of kos Angeles, deputy district attorney for Los Angeled County, may testify today* Distilct Attorney Miller has estimated that the government will hav$ all of Its evidence in by the'first few days In De~ cember. Probably the 4th or 5th of the month will qee the completion of the evidence of the government, according to Mr. Miller's estimate but this Is based on the supposition that there will be no itiore delays on account of sick ness or other causes. VMANY TO BE EXAMINED, .About fifteen witnesses from California are to be examined before tho Pacific ocast end of the alleged conspiracy is piesented, It Is likely the government will finish with these today or tomorrow, and after that Ortle K. McManigah the confessed tynamit«f, will resume his testimony. McManigal's recital was in* terruptftd several days igo when 'Mr, Miilerr called other witness to corroborate what he already had told, When the dynn mtte^s story was i terrupted he had'related incidents which he/ says occurred between* June, 1909 r and November, 1910, His story likely will end when he reaches the summer of 1011. He was arrested in April of the last named year, nd it is believed his recital will includ^ some, Instances occurring, after his arrest. , " HAS NAMED DEFENDANTS. 36 far in Ills testimony McManigal has namecT sixteen or seventeen defendants as persons who * either aldoci him in^ his dynamite plans-or had knowledge of the schemes* Among those whom he *iaa named are Peter J. Bmlth and Geerge Anderson, of Cleveland, Charles Wacht* moister of Detroit, ILugene A, Clancy and Olaf A, Tvettmoe/ojf Han Francisco, William E. Reddln of Milwaukee, M, J. Young of Boston, Frank C. Webb of New York and James · Cooney and James Coughlln of Chicago* these are in addition to Herbert S. Hockin, secretary- treasurer of the Iron Workers* International Union. It is understood there are other defendants whom McManigal yvill name when he resumes the 'witness stand. It may be some time tomorrow or Wednesday before Jie .again ^begins the recital of his story* After the government's cage is completed the defense will call witnesses in an effort to offset assertions made by the government's , witnesses who i have testified daily slnoe Qot, l, when the trial began* Miss Kula Hitchcock, a woman detective employed by District Attorney Fredericks of Los Angeles County, will be one of the witnesses during the present week, Miss Hitchcock Is said to have been more or less cjosely ^ssociafced with the McNamara case preceding the plea of guiity of the two brothers In Los Angeles, ^ MCLAREN WINS PROMOTION, alt women and all churches. *'The fact that the Sisters of Chatityj Sheriff are themselves Catholics does not make the hospital a Catholic institution,"' hie, *=ttsr Bald, 4 'for persons o? all religions -ore, treated there, the poor at* well · as the f Will Have Charge of Detective Department Under Fredericks. Word has been received in Indianapolis from Los Angeles, Cal, of a shirt in r the office force of John D. Fredericks, district attorney, who had charge of the prosecution of the fyfcNamaras. The change will affect Malcolm McLaren, formerly a Burns detective* who v assisted In the. arrest of J3rtts 15. MoManlgal. and James B. McNamara in Detroi* in April, mi, and who, after his return tp Los Angeles at the conclusion of the *dynamite trial here, will be placed In charge of the detective department in District Attorney Frederick's office. McLaren will succeed Samuel Browne, who, according to word that has 4 ea ?hedi Indianapolis from Los Angeles, will he reduced to a detective, McLaren has left _the Burns Agency and has been ussociated with the prosecution of the dynamite case from the Pacific coast ,end for some time. He reached Indianapolis the latter part of September with McManigal and will remain here until the/trial Is concluded. Happenings of Note With Traveling Men in Indiana Feeling Fine! Yes, sir, and liao been ever since I start^d drnklng Mount Jackson , ALKALIJNE Water ^ and healthful rt O' J Aquos Distilled Watar A General Favorite everybody likes. Our d- fti favorites with ^ them, of thtlr beautiful f the per*rctlon of Mi J. C. Sipe Several proposed amendments 4x the constitution will be submitted at the annual meeting and election 6f officers of the Commercial Travelers' Association of Indiana^to be held at 10:80 o'clock Saturday moaning, Dec^ 28, at the Claypoot Hotel, The annual'reception and ball of the association for members and their families v;ill be held in the evening in tne assembly loom of the hotel. Music v;ill be provided by Montani Brothers 1 Orchestra* ' Charles Shatuck, who for many years was connected with the Holliday-Wyon Companyi has opened a hardware store at Thirtieth and Bellefontaine streets. Harry Lawsort, who was connected with the same company, also has qtuit traveling to operate an elevator in Shelbyvllle, Ind., in which he owns an interest* Hiny invitations to the annual ball to be given by the Indianapolis Counott No, 4, United Commercial 'Pr0velera r to its members ar-d friends Friday evening, Dec, C, at the Murat Temple nave oeon acknowledge^ and a large attendance if expected. U G» Adam Is gci^e] *1 chairman of the committee on arrangements, John T. Gardner is chairman of the honorary floor committee. Max H !2jtelef of the active floor committee aiifl Walter V. Bosell of the reception coi.unittoe* Music will be provided by Beiser's' Orchestra, A class *of candidates for membership was admitted at' the · regular meeting Saturday evening A dunce will b© giveii next Saturday evening. W. M, Martin oHhTColumbia Company, with his family, has gone to Florida to spend the winter* W7 H* Rhodehame), secretary of the Commercial Travelers' Association, was called to Terre Haute Saturday on business^ B. F. Hornefius, secretary-treasurer the Commercial Travelers' Sick Benefit Association, has opened a merchandise brokerage office in the When Building* Post B, T, P. A.* gave a card party to its members nnd their families fcmurday evening in its hall on South Illinois street, » ' P. B. Trone, secretary of the Travelers* Accident Association, already hos received several hundred dollars in brll* j subscriptions for the proposed Commercial* TraVelerrt' Orphana 1 A Home and c ; v rfrtersj ^chool, to be ejected by tho International "n tacked l pedoraaon of Commercial Travelers' Or* * · aanizatlons. 116 issued a number of circulars last week nnd, in addition to the Importer ol Diamonds tTAM WANT ADS FOR PROFIT. «oom« ? 4 1ft J last week nnd, in ad^ttibn to the imbserlpttonfl, he has received ntau* nJ ^n- nuirlefl regarding the homo* Officers of t u o various associations o£ traveling men a e rct'eivliifi? contributions and forward* g thorn to the general secretary of »rt St i federation, D. K. Clink of Chicago* \oble knjfi woutid In tne I F : ot wait 'lerftei' 4 ! 1 / i«Ml l r/ce kept in st- ^ i t to ryn fo the c ' (tw It** » ' H ,'on it broke 5owt ij^ar » *-.i*i,v and WasUn^^*'. street ite · ' out *ad nun ^ ,ilh w v aioue WaeUugton M e n ftt · i mdition fox* the renalr^^r of tne They succeeded llnolly *»# oye'*- tliosiiegrc artel* he had' been itf by police offltjors. 'don ^as c f 6 u ring ft brqw. I- a K o a* Lil**»:y and V r« n S'SHid to ^°ve b v ^ n of a "K; fng" rm ^»h vf ' Is i!l(i(ifed astfiltont, ^auc j in-ivf, (JJ? Kast Court street n *iuu e. Malorte wo^j $18, at^/s^ys that 1 r i flow *was * ^ore.'' Ai-cox'fnf to M iloiu MHVdoni tifltH others, attacked i ( u yp.-N k rday wnilo ho was pla T Jng ' nA. Mfilone, who kH uad^r arrest, - i L 3 « * t* nt ho Htabbed Kavdon with a WOMEN FORM PLANS : TO AID ST, VINCENT'S; f * ' 1 i Committee Organizes anil Work' of'Raising Funds Will Be i » t j, * t Begun Soon. , - IiKliajmpoHs women will have an op*, portunlty in the next, ten days to give to the St, Vincent Hospital fund, plans! that | end hvlng been fonne'd by, about i fifty women* who met yesterday, at t the Knights of Colujnbus clubhouse. The meeting was called by Mrs. C. P. *tra»k and Mrs, Agnes Peolle "Connor, and it was attended by sorne of the moat active workers in the,Catholic churchy of the, city/ The opportunity to give will not be confined to Catholic, xy^ojnen, ejnca tjie, hospital is a noneecUrlari institution*; in any amount will be received,! while, if Contributors desire, they 'may i make their gifts covering a period of three, months, - l It is the intention to forn\ committees in every'parish, with from six to a dossenl workers to a committee, arid 4n many neighborhoods a house-to-house canvass will be made. Th,e womwn will fotmi a division of the genera? campaign which has been under way for sc^me time. Some of their committees have been · completed, and today,and tomorrow will be*' gin their work. t Severn! speakers were hteard at tho · meeting, among them 1 Mrp, Margaret Peelle, trho saiT that Indianapolis women t should be * proud of the new hospital building, \ *^t is the gem of Capitol avenue/' she said, "and an ornament to the whole ctty." \ NOTES GREAT WORK. William 'J.. taotfney, chairman' of the. general committee, said that tiie Sisters' of Charily Who conduct' the hospital are' d6ing a great Worlc in the name of hu- i mantty in Indianapolis, and that they | j Charles Mayer A Company J" L J I H h I L J F A t rHHJHTMAS ThO feu ft JOjiff Cnt*|*tna» *hopp'ny» and r*llrx»ad people of thli OHP h* wortn An but tho t r i p . A , * n h »· thown h*r e mak» It w«ll that the kin-3 pf the-* Js price. Many uf the jnnor* ^i$tin^tAve »nivffiieB ff.m Eump« net be duplicated are aiw^d dc^d at i the 1 ' swaso^ n v '*srinning: and hfvve laid ^way for^ ChrJstm^o/ ' v can \ n iw NOTICE TO OUR wMl prepay ' transporjta T *n ehar#es hundred I»MW 0f tuda purcrta«es if $ 6 ^ or o Charles Mayer Company 29 «nd 31 West Washington Street. earson 's Is th$ Beat Place to guy Your Plmto»\ m f " ^ga^r^^^^^s^^^s^sgifj am In a slightly used Kurtzmann Player Piano Pearson' S THE WEATMERt FAIR, Souie of the sweetest things you've ever seen are in our Boys' Department -- jam full of New Winter Styles for the kids. We have the same chance for selection as the best Rtores in New York, all here imnus the Broadway prices. New overcoats, reefers and novelties AT'TItt ONE DEAD IN STREET BATTLE. Another l^entuckian Dying 'of Wound After Gun Fight. CHZDL Thermal Bath Cabinets Invalid R o l l i n g Chair*, Cnitcfcei Bed Pan*, IT r 1 n * 1 · T r u i · * n and O u t f i t s WM. H, AAM8TKONU C0. f 31 W Mmrjltnd **,, 129.190 HQRTH M/vwsrtv^/v/4 surer r »«·. N"v 17 I 1 " wen WH« t)n\t an^ Henry Sklflmnrp ira*» phol! artd uilly wounderl in a stpeet bat- afc Fll^on Po^fi! Counts tola , SMdr e ie Fdi'l t 4 t h a \ 4 fir* 1 ^ the huJiet that P ' l ^ p * hr^tner »f of \« not Better Qaality, Better Service H. H. COBURN COMPANY GENERAL COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 1J7 E Ohio St. Both * Work 6n th^ new building Is* being rushed and the structure may be turnod, over t6 the sUtera by thanksgiving, when the public fund viin be completed- It .19 probable that the hospital will b e , opened with a reception to the public, which will continue two or three days, and 'the copjrhittee of women who wljl i make-tho canvass for funds jnay serve· witl' the Sisters of Charity in- observing \ the " a t home/ 1 ! ' , . , ,, . l The women will b^f assisted in tfte canvass by automobile* 'which several Ownerp have agreed to pvrivtde through thft general committee. The pttebtA in A num*- ber of Catholic churches yosterday commended the financial campaign and asked their parjaWopftra to felve tq_the.cau3e. POLICE HAVE NEW^^MYSTERY ? Officer Thomas Is Shot WHlle Hunting QuaiL Kellar A. DeRossette, a detective, and Ira Thomas, a mounted officer, and farmer Sportsmen figured prominently in a new hunting story which is being told around police headquarters. Two farmers, thirty miles east of Indianapolis,,do,not; figure so prominently, The four had gone quail hunting. Thomas got ahead of tlie party, It is said, and climbed 'on a fence, A covey of quail rose near Thotnas. 1 Every* body opened fire* Some of the4)ot hlt ( Thomas on the-cheek. Five iOf them pene-r trated the skin. Thomas fell Off the fence I in a heap. His injuries,.however, were, not serious enough to necessitate a "lay*; on*." Who fired the 'total shot" is not known exactly, it is said., It is another of those mysteries which have perplexed the police* __^ B « M _ (1 «^ -- __ STEAK BLAMED FOR ILLNESS/ Woman In Serious Condition JFrom* Ptomaine Poisoning, A stroke of paralyeia. Induced by pto* maine poisoning, may result in the death of Mrs, Ethel Bojser, 29 years old, wjife of Fred Bolser, 534 East Miami street, Mrs. Bolser was tajten to the City IJoa* pital Sati;rday_ at nobn and is still in a critical condition, It is said that the woman was poisoned by eating: a hamburger steak cooked at her home. The steak was purchased .from a nearby KTO- oer» it is said Relatives sav Mrs, Bolser showed the effects of the polsning shortly after site ate the steak. She Went r into the yard of her home to draw water, from a pump and became seriously 111,) The paralytic stroke came upon her at 1 that time. ,, P. A; B. Kngfne* Concrete gtoam ^hovel^' c x» to* rent Co t| 20 When Building. Try This on Your Husband if ha Drinks It Makis N»w iin of And Home* Happy. Try II frit. The woman whose husband IP a ha J it*ral ^rinkejr Je a martyr--a slave arrt a victim, The whole family suffers angateh I a^d sometimes want, Why not cure | him? This remedy has s^citetly on«*ed \ nUrc-ds of good men whom drink WAS ' dragging down to destruction, It coats much loss thai* tho poison sold in bar* rooms and rescjtes men who hav6 been drunkards lor years. Just do Ihifi-^piit a Utttfr of H in Ms tea oi* coffee and he won*t kimw anything flbout it, because It is tftstoloi*. 7 n te Orat thing you Know he'll be drinkiug s artd loao until he^just hates the sight d toste and even tho moll of llQUor, Wonderful, isn*t it? But true. Two hundred men In one town saved by it, You can try It--free--by writing in con- i fldenoa to th6 Hen6Va 1 CO M 200 Broadway, f Branch i03, Nev York, for a sample aivl proofs ot what this remarkable retnedy lias doiuV fov victims of Wra. A. HUNCERFOtlD. INSURANCE HAAG'S CUT PRICE DRUGS , A Sam pi* ef Everyday Prices at Haag't 25c Mentholatum 17c, 3 for SOc SOc Doan's Kidney Pills 34c, 3 for $1.00 $ 1.50 Fellows 9 Comp. Syrup Hypophosphites BSc I 2-graia Quinine Capsules....:'.... .5c,a 5~graia Aspirin Tablets... ; 10c a do?., 3 for 25c 2 ounces .Pure Glycerine · .; .'..,-. 5o 25c Hill's Cascara Quinine Tabs.. 17c, 3 for 50o 26c Grove's Bronjo Quin, Tabs;. ..ITo, 3 fo? SOc ·26c Piao Cough Syrup 19(5, 3 for 50c. 26c Bell's Pine Tar and Honey..'. .100,3 for 50c 25c Ayers' Cherry Pectoral. *.... .180,3 tor 50o 26c. Carter's Little Liver Pills: 15o 35c Castoria (Fletcher's) T ....23c, 2 for 45c 25c B or den's Condensed Milk.'....... 2 for 25c 26c J. and J, Belladonna Plasters...'. ,2 for 25c* 25c All cock's Porous Plasters. 2 ftr 25c 25c J". and J. Kidney Plaster*...'. 4ftc, 3 for 50c 15c Blue Jay Com Plasters..'.. , 5 1$; 6e S. B, or Red Cross Cough Drops,...3 for 10c, 60 Dean's or Luden Cougfc Drops,.,,. 3 for lOc. Fall Tonics and Blood PurlfUrs y BOc Soott's Emulsion 346,3 for $1.00'* $1,00 Scott 's Emulsion 67c, 3 for $2.00 11.00 Beef, Wine and Iron ....', 48o, i 11,00 Pinkham's Ve Comp 87d, 3 for $2.00,, 11,00 Wine of Cardui 67c, 3 fo* $2.00, {il.OO Penma . . , 676, 3 f or $2.00. $1.00 Hagee's Cordial ....;..';.. ,3,for $2,00 $1.00 Pierce's Favorite PreS, ... .67o, 3 for $2,00 $1.00 Pierce's Golden Med, Dis,, 67c, 3 for $2.00, $1.00 S. S. S. Blood Purifier 870, fcfor $2,00 $lbOO Hood's Sarsaparilla.', \ ;., .3 for $2.00 $1.00 Pinkham's Blood Purifier..67o, l !3fpr $2,00 $2.00 McDade's Prescription,.......... 1 ,$1.58 $2 00 Succua Alterans (Lilly's). ... ...$1.58 $1 50 Fellows' Comp, Syr. 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