The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1891
Page 7
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THE WPEfc B£S MOtNES* ALGO1SA, IOWA, AVEDNESDAY, APRIL 29,1891. ONE YEAR AGO. Copyright, ISM. Fashions favorite fad, centers in that famous, fascinating game— : lawn tennis. But there are women who cannot engage in any pastime. They are delicate, feeble and easily exhausted. They are sufferers from -weaknesses and disorders peculiar to females, which are accompanied by sallow complexions, expressionless eyes and haggard looks. For overworked, " worn - out," " run - down," debilitated teachers, milliners, dressmakers, seamstresses, " ekop-girls," housekeepers, nursing •mothers, and feeble women generally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the greatest earthly boon, being unequaled as an appe- ^'^ig cordial and restorative tonic, the only medicine for women, .'by druggists, under a positive '.arantee from the makers, of sat- 'action in every case, or money re- .nded. This guarantee has been faithfully carried out for years. SHILOK'S CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure ii without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home fn the United Stales and Canada. If you have » Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, foi U will cure you. If your child has the Croup, «r Whooping' Cough, use if promptly, and relief U sure. If you dread t'.iat insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask yonr Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 ct<=. 50 rH. and {i on. Tf your l.urigs are sor<" or fanrk tame. «se Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 i:ls - Both the method and results when Byrup of Figs ia taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and act* B ntly yet promptly on the Kidneys, ver and Bowels, cleanses the Hyp- tern effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures hahitiml constipation. Syrup of Figs ia the only remedy of its kind ever produced^ pleasing to the taste and ac- ceptaule to the stomach, prompt in lU action and truly beneficial in its eflecte, prepared only from the most 'healthy and agreeable substances, ta many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60o and $1 bottles by all leading drug- gista, Ajiy reliable druggist who 'may not have it on hand will pro- core it promptly for any one who Dishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. ^CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AH FRANOI800, (SAL, UU1SVIUX, KJf. HEW YOHK. N.I. JOHN IV.ITJOHKIS. Wash Ill-lot., JU.< . Successfully Prosecutes Claims. itu Principal Examiner U.S. Pension Burmui. julnlaat war, }5 adjudicating ulalrni, atty niucu. Dyspepsia ID the bane of the present gen. oration. ItisforitscureauditsntteiKlants, sick headache, constipation and piles, the have become «o famous, They act gently on tho digestive organs, giving them tone uutl vigor without grilling or nausea. The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. What stara have faded from onr skyl What hopes unfolded but to die? Y/hat dreams so fondly pondered o'er Forever lost the !•-":: ;':c;.- wore: How like n tlcatU Uacll, cad end slotv, RnU* through tho soul, "one year ago!" Where is tho face wo loved to (jrect? Tho form that srac-cd tho firesido scat? The gentle smile, tho winning way, That blessed our lit'opath day by day? \Vhcro fled thoso nixonta soft and low, That thrilled our hearts "one year agor" Ah! vacant is the fireside chair, The smile that won no longer there: From door and hall, from porch and lawn. Tho echo of that voice is gone. And wo who linger only know How much was lost "one year agol" Bosido her grave tho marble white Keeps silcut guard by day ami night; Serene she sleeps, nor heeds tho tread Of footsteps near her lowly bed; Dor pulselcra breast no more may know Tho pau^s i>.' .'a "one year ;>so." But why replni'.? A few more years, A few more broken si,:!is ni. I l ;\irs, And wo, unlisted with iho doaii, Shall follow where her steps have led To that far world rejoicing go To which (;ho passed "one year 030." —Christopher Christian Cox. HOW TO MANAGE HUSBANDS. This is the Season I in which to purify and enrich th£ blood, r«stor<» thft lent appetite, and hntltl op the nervea, n* th* system i if now especially RUACOpUhla to bonnfit from VM~A\- j clntx Tho pocnlinr mfilicinnl merit of, nml tlio j irondsrfal euros by Haoit'* Snrsnp:irilln hnvo nin-lo It the most pipnlar spring matUcitu). It euro? scrof- j al»» ;>:\H rHoiim, fttnl All hnm ir«, blllousm^-*. ' dy<tp*>p'ttA, ti«mrlachfl. kidney nnd Hvor eotnplntnH, entnrrh, and nil nfTecttonn cniiKOil or promoted by low stnto of tho system or Impure blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla "When ray boy wns two years old ho wne nttncked and suffered n long time with scrofuln fans. The physician nt length told ns to give him Ilood'ft SnrsnpnrtllA, which wo did. Two bottles cured him. lie ia now 10 years old and ha* not had any •|RU of scrofula since. We recommend Hood's Sarsapnrllln." Mns. E. 0. OLIPPKK, 8 Kldder Btroet, Cleveland, Ohio. Hood's Sarsapariila "I recommend Hood's Snranpnrllln an (ho best, spring or fall medicine over known. I wnfl troublfd with thnt tired fcolinj;, particularly In tho morning. Hood's Snrsnpnrilln gnvo mo strength nnd mnilo mo feel well." ALEX. OEHLEU, 624 West Cross Street, Baltimore, Md. Tbo Author of "kittle Lord Fnuntleroy" Talks on an Intci-ostiHg Subject. "How to manage husbands?" Mrs. Francos Hodgson Burnett, tho authoress of "Little Lord Kauntlcroy," echoing the question. "You mnin how to miiunge them to make them happy? In my judgment, no man or woman, married or single, can be made happy by others. Others may afford us opportunities of being happy, but no one can compel us to be happy whether we will or not. Our happiness ot unhappiness must ever depend largely upon ourselves, let our surroundings and cp-ipanions bo what they may. You remember Marie Tapley in Dickeus' novel of 'Martin ChUKulewit?' You know his gre.'it object in life was to bo 'jolly,' as ho calhxl it, under adverse circumstances, and he sought diligently to place himself in the most depressing situation possible in order to prove that a man may bo contented and happy in any condition it he only will. "In married life, us in everything else in this world, thero is everything in beginning right, and the- very beginning is when the young man and the young woman who are to comprise the future married couple receive their flrst training in early childhood. In most of the cases where marriage has proved a failure a close investigation will show that the husband or wife—perhaps both—have never received a proper business or domestic training, and each has relied on the other to make him or her happy. This notion in itself is fatal to happiness. The man or woman who sits down and waits to be made happy by their conjugal partner, and becomes angry with the said partner because he or she does not manufacture the required amount of happiness, will in a short time declare marriage n failure, and perhaps .seek relief in one of those divorces which may now be so easily obtained without publicity. "A girl whose natural domestic tastes have been carefully developed and who has otherwise been properly trained will have very littlo trouble in rnakii^; a home what it should be, and one of the greatest of all points in managing a, husband is to make home tho most attractive of all places to him. "A good story is told of two brothers-in- law, one rich, the other poor, meeting after a long separation. " 'How do you spend your evenings?' asked tho poor man. " 'Oh, at tho club,' was tho response. " 'At the clubl' exclaimed the poor man in a tone of deep commiseration. 'That's not like home, is it?' " 'No, indeed it is not, thank heavenl If it wore I should never go.' "There are countless men liko him who seek tho club as a relief from home because their wives do not know how to manage husbands by making homo attractive."— Philadelphia times. Gallantry of thin Sioux. A correspondent who has just returned, from Pine Ridge agency tells a story of the visiting Sioux Indinns who are now in Washington. "Reading of the reception tho Indians received in church Sunday, and the fact that they attended the theatre Monday evening, recalls a funny incident that happened when they were in Chicago eu route to Washington. The manager who has charge of the visiting Indiana thought he would amuse them by taking them to the theatre in the evening. He never for a moment thought that tragedy would rouse the warlike nature of which the Sioux is BO abundantly endowed. Well, he got them into several boxes all right, and everything went well until the third act, "The play was a heavy tragedy, and in this act the heroine wna to be kilk 1. The minute the villain attempted to strike the woman with a knife three of the Sioux rose from their seats and actually prepared to leap over tho boxes onto the stage for the purpose of rescuing the heroine. The theatre was soon in an uproar, and it was only by removing the three refractory Indians from the theatre that the actors could procebJ. That also explains why they were taken to see a light opera in Washington."— Philadelphia Press. s&ar Bold by oil drugniata. f 1; six (or |5. Prepared only by 0.1.11OOU A CO., Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar Sold liy nil druutfisls. til sli for »5. 1'repiiroil only bj 0. I. IIOOIJ * CO.. l.owoll, Mm*. IOO Doses One Dollar wife for witnesses, and said: "Here is your deed. I'll have to charge |4 for that." I paid the sum named, and ho then got down a big book and said: "You want it recorded, of course. I am tho county clerk. The fee for recording is $3." I had it duly recorded, and jast then dinner was ready. Ho invited mo to sit down, but when we were through he said: "My charge for dinner is seventy-five cents. Tho taxes on your lot will bo due next week, and you had bettor leave tho money. The amount is $1.75, and my commission for receipting will bo twenty-five cents." I paid him the sum named and was about to get into the wagon, when he said: "The charge for bringing yon over and taking you back is $3. Half belongs to me, as I own the wagon. One dollar, please." "Can you think of anything further?" I asked, as I handed him tho dollar. "Well, you'll have to stop at the junction about four hours before tho eastern train comes along. I own tho restaurant there. Please cat all you can," "I have," I said, after a little figuring, "paid you $1!'.75 for a lot you advertise to give tiwfiy free. How much do you call this land worth an acre?" "All of six dollars, sir. I've been offered five and wouldn't take it," "Then I've paid you more than tho value of two acres to got a lot large enough to bury a couple of cows on!'' "Exactly, sir—exactly, and I congratulate you on your bargain." "Then you don't call it a swindle?" "No, sir! No, sir! A man who will kick on buying a chunk of the glorious west for less than $14 isn't straight, and. Mr. Torupkins, I'd advise you to keep an eye on him going back and seo that he doesn't jump out of tho wagon and bilk you out of your dollar."—Wilmington News. "BKOWN'S BKONCIUAL TKOCUES."— "I linve cominumlcil Ilium to friends who wen- public speakers, nud Ilioy have proved extremely Bcrvieciiblo."— l\cv. Henry ll'un/ ISctcher, Under a "sketchy little thing" exhibited by .loiius, there lianas a pi-lntod eiml which bears the words: "Do not touch with einie.s or iiinhrelliis." An npprui'hillvo small boy lidded tho following postscript: "Take it was In a house whore they novcr used SAl'OMO Hint "Tliu pot called tho keltlu blank." Try it, In your next house cleaning. "They say Chnlllo's Injuries were there Biilt of a pnielienl Juki-." "Yes. Tliu fellows told him Ihnl a liijf burly fellow In the bar-room wits donf nud dumb nml Choi lie w»i!;ed over to him and with a sweet smile lokl him liu was iv fool." "Welly" "The muii wasn't deaf and dumb." Itcmu for Cider Makers. A. S. Delano, of Middloport, vinegar I inspector, said, at tho late annual con' vention of the New York State Cider and Vinegar association, that as a result of the vinegar law more pure cider vinegar is being sold and dealers are pleased with Its working. Professor Bailey expressed tho opinion that the lessening longevity of apple orchards is dtie to the lessoning fertility of soils, and he was strongly convinced that young or vigorous orchards, upon good land well tilled and fertilized, would still prove profitable. In reply to tho query of a cider maker as to whether it is profitable or not to let the cheese stand before pressing, a member said: "The sooner you get the cider out the batker, The old time idea among farmers was that the cheese should stand over night, but they have learned better." IIOIV'H TIllM? We offer One Hundred Dollars reward for any nisi; of Ontnrrh thai cuiinol bo eurod liy Inking Hall's ('nlnrrh Cure. I AY Cheney I'or Iho lusl. 15 yours, uiul bulluvu him purfuetly honoriihlu in nil husincsa Iruna- lU'liiniK, and llnanehilly uhlt! to enrry out any ohlipiUoiis made hy lliuir linn. IJST it T Iwlo, O. WAMHNO, KINNAN & MARVIN, AVholoaiilc Untwists, Toledo, O. Hull's Catarrh (Jure IB taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous Burl'aecs of I'rli-e 75 cents per bottle. Sold hy ull druggists. Clara—"And Hint's your new liat? AVell, It's simply sUnmin^." Liuira—"That's exactly what pupa said when he saw tho hill." I' 1 . J.'Oll K.N'KY & CO., 1'rops., Toledo, (). e, Hie undersigned, linvu known K. .1. ' iide liy WEST & TUUAX, Wholesale Druggists, To- THE DULUTH DRY GOODS CO. \V11UI.KSALB. FRANCIS F. MnlVKK.. MANAOKTI. Aa a Flesh Producer thex-o can be HO dUCStlon hilt thn + no question but that FREE LAND CCMES HIGH. Town Lots Given Away, hut There Are KxpcDHcs AUaclieil t» Tlivm. I lienrtl about the mini who was giving iway town lots free, iiiid one day I lofb jke train at a small station and hired a nan to drive me over to the site of tho future great city. I found a sixty acre (arm staked out into lots 20 feet front oy 50 deep, but only ono house and one person were in eight. The house was a [arm cabin, and the person was the jwner of it and the one I wanted to see. '•Come for a lot?" ho asked as we drove ap. "Yes, in case my information is correct. Do you give them away free?" "I do." "I had heird so." "Go righ 1 ; out and select any one you like. Thoso selected are marked with red stakes, those not yet taken by black ones." I took a walk around arid made a selection, and he found the number and said: "You want an abstract of title, of course. Hero ib is, and the 'fee is $3." When I had received it he hunted out a deed already sigued, and tilled my =s?2.9 is, ca^i! iu. tus teamater Had his tfuist Uko u I»oy. A gentleman of this «:y liiii] placed n ladder against Uie eavw; ol: his house i'or tho'purpose of i/leainnjv the snow from tho roof, and was horrified a short lime after to find his 5-year-old boy lii'.il climbed up and was silting on tho upper round, monarch of all he surveyed. Tho father climbed up very cautiously to take him down, when the little fellow e:;chumcd, "Don't fall, pa; don't fall."— Newburypprt_(MuBS.) Herald. If aflllctiMl with Soro Eyes, use Dr. Isaac Thompson's Eye Water. Dru^yislsBolllt. 'ff>a. "You caut bo loo car-full," said the super- intcudent to ttiu car-driver. I,M ' In, i i. IJITSSI-S, (ii'iiU'o C'liillilnu 1 , 1'Vnllicr.s, fjloviifi, dr., Dveil »r dunned. I'lnsh liiinnciils Sloiiiiiud tit Olio I'liiti-li'g Dyu \VorU.s, al;i AV. Wulur St., Milwaukee. Send I'or (Jirun- Inr. ________ A. (to Ijncliulor friend) — "Do ooino mid see me some day, old cluip; mind you my daughters are ull of tliem engaged!" BroncliiUs is cured by frequent small doses of I'iso's Cure for (Jons'impUon. How many loiters arc there In eighty 1 ! 1 — (Nino, for if you take tuvuy one you leave eight. Of Pure God Liver Oi! and Hypopliospliites Of Lime and Soda is without a rival. Many have g-ajncd a pound a day by tho uso at it. It cures CONSUMPTION, SCROFULA, BRONCHITIS, COUGHS AND COLDS, AND ALL FORMS OF WASTING DISEASES. AS I'AI^ITAHLK Afi MILK. Unsure y<>«. gut tlio genuine as thvru are jxior imitittloiis. Good Rending. Thnt ths people nppi*9cl&t« th» ra«rlt of IIooil' Snrsiipnrilln Is shown by th« fnot thnt this tn«iilctn« liin Tl«p l.nrKPAt Snl* of nny »nrsnpnr!ll.i or Ulooil purillcrin this country. If you doubt thtfl, ask «ny honest jobber or retail drnggUt. flood's Snraii' pnrillnU tiMl.iy on the full ttiln of pdpnlnrlty nnt) h:n roiK-hed t!ux* proflmtnence by It* own Intrinsic, "f t.'\!f> 1IM<\'3 S:im.ipnrlll» every year us tonld, with moit untlsfnctory rosnlts." 0. PAHM- zt.En, 819 Bridge street, Brooklyn, N. Y. The Spring Medicine "Whon T lived In Plqnn I wiw flck n lonff time, from wlmt tho doctor snlil wns ngue or mftlnrln fever, t decided to (alto Hood's Sursiiparilln nnd It brought mo out nil O. K. I tako It nvery mirliiK, nnd nnjr ttino my nppt'tito Is pujr 1 go for Ilood'e Bnrsnpn- rllla. which always does me good." II. I!. COLLINS, of \Viehliunn* Collins, 6liollvnr St., Clevnlnnd,Ohlo. The Spring Medicine "I consider llooj'n Rnrsiipnrllln tho boat Hprlnu nipdlclne, nnd I'nii truly miy thnt it 'Mnkoa tho weak ftruiiK.' 1 lako It nil ncnHoiiKoniioyonr whnn iiood- ml nnd would tfivo llvo dollnra for n botlle of It, IT I could not got It for leas." ALBKKT A. jAONtnv, Douglnston, L. 1., N. Y. On receipt of 14 cents In sintnps OT currency, we will fend to any nddn^s In tlic I'nilrd Slali^s or Canada, I'oslsi^i' prcjinltl, j nny one of Hie following ranii'd •lionks; "Tlio t»n*t I'ays of INitniH'ii'' l>y \.,<n\ l.yllon j "John Ilnlif:i\,(ii>iii!cmtiu" by Ml-s Miihu-k ; "In DarKi-st Knirland" ...... by (M-M. Hoclli ; "Lovu, tin' (iri'.ili'sl. Thin IT in !ln> i \Vorld" ............ by II. l>ruininond ' Addri'S.-i (.'lisn. I.. Sluno, (i-n. Pa^s. asul j Tkl. A:;l., Cliu'ai;o nnd Ea^liTii IMnol-t K:\il- road, lioom Mil, first National Dunk llnilil. In;;, Cliiran'o. ; llu-iic roiisiii — "Yi-*, It miiPt hnvc been n trrribli. 1 ilU::|i|minlnH'nt whrit Miss (ioldiiii; refused yon." .IjK-k Van llriikcn— "II was a crusher. I iVIl exactly us though I hud been senleiiced to hard labor for life." A Throat and Lung Specialty. DOCTOR M's TILLS cure Jllllotia mid Nervoiia Ills. Who was the smallest man mentioned in Iho bible?—Uildud the Sluiito (slioe-heiyhl). A Kent Ualsuin la Kei»i>'« ItalBHia. The dictionary says: "A balsam U a thick, pure, aroinutie Btibstance flowing from trues." Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and huntfs is the only cough medicine that Is u real balsam. Many thin, walery cough rem cdies are culled baUams, but such are not. Look through a botlle of Kemp's liaNain and notice what a pure, thick preparation it Is. If you cough, use Kemp's lialsiiin. Al nil druggists'. Large botlles 50cenU mid $1. The railroad mail who wanted to waltz, timidly requesUul tho favor ol cue round trip. The email-pox victim Is to" be deeply pitted. H forCouphs. Colds and Consumption, is beyond ! ; question tho grcatcct of all modern remedies. ! ;lt vlllstopa Cough In ono nltjlit. It will check! • a Cold In a day. It will prevent Croup, relievo* • Asthma, and CURE Consumption If taken ln« Stlme. IF THE LITTLE 0.1.ES HAVE ! WHOOPING COUGH ! OR J CROUP i DsellPrompily.: ' AH who use Dobbins' Electric Soap praise It ns the bfslt cheapest nml must minmnietil family soap made; but. If you will try it, once it will Icll n still stronger Inlo of it's merits it self. J'lcasc try It. Your grocer will supply )•«<«• _ Doctor (to patient)— "What alls you?" "1'iUlent— "Indeed, 1 don't Know. I only Know that. I sulTer." "\Vhat kind of life do yon lead?" "1 work like nn ox, 1 eat like a wolf, I am ns tired as a dug, and sleep like n nurse." "In that, easel should advise you to consult a veterinary surgeon." I'lTM.— Alt Flt« stopped frndbjll JOOIVE HkHTOUKtt. No Fttn nftflr tlr«tdivjf'« MM. Mnr- Vdlloim 1'iiiTH, 1'rontlsn nnd f'J.UI trliil liutlla frim tu 1 Ileuses. Kond loL)r. Kllno, 1)31 ArcliBt., rhlln.,r«. "Those ready-mado clothes of yours BOCIII to bristle \vitirindlgnalloti." "Ves, they are £iiger for Hie fray. YnuitohiKt i.» liouhluU with worms. That'i why IID'H fo puovl^.i and OIOMU. lllvo It Or. liuil'.s \\oi in DeNtroyi'ix Tnuv timtu (rooil mi I will m ilcn Uioin hi' l!y mull, -25 ei'iii" '• In 1>. Turk, ('in-liiiuit.i. Ohio. Those who have oat used Boschce's German Syrup for soraa severe and chronic trouble of the Throat and Lungs can hardly appreciate what a truly wondtr- fttl medicine it is. The delicious sensations of healing, casing, clearing, strength-gathering and recovering arc unknown joys. For German Syrup we do not ask easy case*. Sugar and water may smooth a throat or stop a tickling—for a while. This is as far as the ordinary cough medicine goes. Boschce's German Syrup is a discovery, a great Throat and L,ung Specialty. Where for years there have been sensitiveness^ pain, coughing, spitting, hemorrhage, voice failure, weakness, slipping down hill, where doctors and medicine and advice have been swallowed and followed to the gulf ol despair, where there is the sickening conviction that all is over and the end is inevitable, there we placs German Syrup. It cures. You are a live man yet if you take it • Is Your Child Sick. s. s. s. gives strength, health and vigor to weak and delicate children. NEVER WITHOUT IT. About thrco years ago my litllo boy three yours old was ccmflnoil to hin bod with what tho doetors pronounced in- fliimmntory rheumatism in his loft log. Ho complained o! sovnro pniim nil tho tiiuo, extending to his hips. 1 tried several remedies Init ihoy did him no good. A neighbor wlioso litllo aon hud boon iilliioloc! tho samo wny, recommended S. K. B. After taking two bottlns my lltl.lo hoy was oom- plotoly cured, and has been walking ono nml a quarter miles to school every day since. I keep 8. S. S. in my house, all tho time, and would not bo without it. S. J. CmssmuE, Eastern, Gn. It is perfectly harmless, yet so powerful as to cleanse the system of all impurities. BOOKS ON III,OO1> ANIt SKIN PISE ASKS THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ca. POSITIV n Warren St. Bout Cousjli Medicine. Rocommfii'liKl by PhyHlcians. Cures whoro ivll oltio fails. Pleasant iciil ugrocablo to the taste. Children take It without objocliou. Uy ww ENGLISH, RF.O CROSS THE; GRICINALAND GEI.UII;C. Tim only flnfV', nun-, nmi reifuM* PHI romaio. <!». ii" 1 ! llni|;/lsl Mr Ulilcliritf't ~.'H</|(«/I Hlamimil Annul III Iti'il iiii'l (laid nii-llilllil , ' I »-IHi III"'' rl Tnlir in. nllli-r l.lml. V,/n.e liulatliutlmii anil Imttiitlmu. All |>|||« In iiunii-Loiinl liium, (-Ink vfrii|.|u'ri<. uro iliuiiri-i ^ilin I'liniilvrli'llK. At llruiiiiliili, nr IPII< w ii i'li,'; 1 '!.'" 1 '; '•"V',"" 1 "!! 1 ' 1 "' ,i''»dnioi,lnlii, nii.l "llulli-r liir LuillcD," (n latter, Ijr riliirn Malt. «,l ( (I | Tu.|lii,.,i,|i,l, Kamr. Hiiicr. CHICHEoTER CHEMICAL CO., Mlilll«iin HqiiMtS, hiilil liy ill) 1.n, ill Kniu-BlHll!. J'HU.AIHCI.l'll/A, I'A. ""' GOJLJJ MJiiDAI,, PABIS, 1878.' I'I nil A OMIC.|>OI,l,AIt ICM.I.uBnt in by nml ^f \i'ill dhllvur, fieb uf nil u)mr|f«rt, la Ituy ]iurhuu n> lli^ Uiiiliiil HlftloH, ull of tlift foliovvlnK arltcloit, iiMrf, fully imckml : f Inn two-otiiicn bottle of J'or« Vftpol liifl, - - 1U tut Dnu t.wo-uiiiu:h bol.lln of Viiimlilii* I'uiiutila, - 1Q " Itlinjiiruf Vui:nlinn (iiilii CfHllm. 1C " ljpi« ('iikn of VjiM'liun Oainphor Ion, .... 10 " Olui(!nkuur YuHnlinu Honj), unHi'<iiit.n(l, . . 10 " OrlH f'ahuftf VuhbliuuNniU), ««i(iili«ili.|y HCnnta(l,y r > " Ono twO'Ounru boulu of VV'hllH VHvtillntt, - - 2.1 " tl.10 Or,fur t>Hst<i(ie Hlnm/m any single, article at I/if firn • riftintd, On no account bt iwxuiiitril in \tt:ci'.fii fra,., !/uiir ilruugM <uiu VtiKflliiF. nr t>reinii'tiiititi llirra fi'tmt unteHH with our mtine, tit'i'iinm- tftnt mil, certainly rectlvt ail Imitation wlil'-li htm little or m t'ltlitf.. ClmH(-ljron|;li Mf K . Co., 24 Stale St., N. Y A nofr me thud of compoutitjlnff Tar. SURE CURE for PILES, SALT RHEUM MiU Hi! Akin IHiu.»ftt*. Send tt Ui!-ffUni|H for l-'rve Sum- ulu ivllh Hunk TO Hull! Ill' ull DniKtllHU nml bv T4m»ll> t)«» , (a JtHn<lul|>h HI., CUIuuico. PiKv ap': WUuouiiu l>raggltt» iu|i|illad • hy «j) M ItUT'I'UN 4'0., AllttvuuUcn, \Viu. Sweet Chocolate. IK? most iio]iiilavsweeli hocoliile in tliu market. It is iiiiiriiiouo mill pnlnt- nlile; n partic.tiInr fuvorito- V'& with children, and a most j |;|\ I'xcullunt nrliulu i'or family use. Si'vvcil ns n. drink, or eaU'ii us coufi'clioiK'ry, it- it delicious Chocolate,. Tlii) (fenninc! is stamped upon tho wrapper, S. Gup- Hold l;y Oi-iii-iirs W. BAKER & CoTDorohester, Mass. s.nit'i.i'N SD.M- KI. (it M>H'! -' /'lil'i'l' w v I h ^ MJ^ t)l l! '•"" niii'ltm riilU at" «** f,.|',.il Hi ivll'll- MlllJ Wh to liluuliK. .|,- in (]<•; 111 it-, KC. lo Wici; Kin- lioi-.vil Uil'ti, |i«' to Wii:. I '.vill tsniid y HI ihij ni*.Hf pnpnliir mlnriiiK , nun inuiiiiiti.'ii tn mvi- yuii iiiiincy. AI,l'Ut:i) I'lC.V'I'.S, Wull I'ujierMi-ri-hunt, 147-1 in W.SIi.Mi-..ii-r,r..i'inraiioJ J.,iu.l»i-lmuh ('.,., Nowiiik. N. J. n <J T r Ft! T P niu-inm..! "'mil Hunk, f«« Y M I f n I h J "• ''"^•'"': * <-'u. I n I L. it I U \i':iKluiiBloii, 1). O. u nu-iuiun tliU imnur ovury thiio you wrlUi, ; A 2Bfc. bottle may savo $100 ln°Dootor' U s bills! • —may save their lives. ASK YOUR DRUG-' :GIST'FORIT. IT TASTES GOOD.* t>Vif*****»*****»****t***f**»fff*t*m*m*tti^ and full" an ih u for the. i.'LTt.&i:i o X< 4'itlj bysfv .. jZ»4MCb»als*lft). *'**? "•*?:) I'Sjici-.i-.n. 1 vAik Oi>;o. i,d*£bs&*ntok . Cl. Jl'IN'OllAIlAM.M, (). AuuHi'/daui, if. t U'o have idd lllp (', ixv ci^iiy mid It M u.veu Uio b':cl u( aailB fiictton. U. II. I>yOKE<V^J., St.OO, . W*>, \t la H2iifit:i(,'lnv III 'JO days , I Jn :;'). M;uii|t!,'['r,;'!:fi:;{' ( |ior,t|Ktli2,15c.j '.' Iiir '.'•'<•.; r.i'.' ijr .'i ii. 7.i -.•-•in-s. A;,•(•!iln r/uultii, '.';.., <.•: ,'..10. : »., '!;. i.., frovICcuce, U. L .00 Gouiiino Ifaiul-^o^voil, an uloKunt unJ KtvlUh ilruKH Hhoo whicli ciiiiiuiuniU j!iscl£ .00 Iluiul-Kotvucl \Volt. A llnu cult Bliou uu | "* ciiiiuli'd fiirKfvlu nnd cluralvlllty. WO,50 (iooilyvitr U'ultlBtliuiJtuiidiirililrosHShoe j «9 ut n iiopiilur iirii-e. .50 J'ollrciiiuu'a Sliiio IB especially adapte< lorruilroud muii, fiimi'TH. oto. All niU'lu iu CoiiKriiKH. Dutlon and Luco. Ill's.00 for l^idlcs, ia 11 rj only Iiuiicl-Huwuil Uhot ** Kola utthlu popular unco , Wo.50 l)oiiK<iui.S,.(io I'oi'J.iiiHort luu now deii;ut < ^ uro mid proniihori to IKVOIIIU very ponulur | WO-00 Shoo I or J.iullOM uml W 1.75 lor Alissui ! *• htiU rut.dii tlieir oxi'el.eiico loi'btylo. etc. ; All (,'oodn wuiTuniod and xtamped with iiamu on bottom, U udrortiHtid locul i-fc'ont cunuot uutipls : you, uuud direct to factory, luclo'.lutf udvorliMjc i price or a pohtttl fur 'irdor blunli*. W. JL. UOVUL.AH. JJrockion, MUDS, i , .t^TKi».—Mli«><* Ornlrr Iu otory city «i,r ' X to,vn ucH ucuui'Itd, to tuke ezoluulva ug«ui:} . i adonis utlvurtUud iu locul peper. 8«u<l fo> I r , iij ki fie I'nr c : ~r 'tl CW.F.'f.NVI/Kll. "vn's PUH ' IIIK. t.Ur HJOlU (I Ij^" MUi' 1 i^h. No rtturvini;, tm Ud'onvn ) litnl <iiftj';U. Sii ri«'t!>- inu'.ii'li' ir» and uw>!ut'jiM:iU. ^(S'lrc Wh^LWftlfMOl-. t'bi'.'U^O, Hi 15-17 " I AM NOT WELL ENOUGH TO WORK." This IB u dully event In mills, shops, factorluaL. fto. When those distressing weiiknessfs ami derangements you,ruiiiuinbur thatIhera Ja n Jtoiiuidy for ull of them. AVe huve ou rt'cuni thuusundd of sucli cu.seo, Hint luivu hccu ro lo vigorouu hculth mid lives of uaei'uluess. LYDIA E, PINKHAM'S bus Btoud tlio test of nuiiiy years, and ia ttxiit tliu only I'oaitlve Cure and I.ugritlumto HouMdy for those peculiar weaknesses mid ullmuuta «f women, ull or^unlo diseases of tho Uterus or Womb, and Ovarian Troubles, Ueurlne^lowa Sensations, Weak Buck, Debility, Uterus '1 uniora, Uisplucemenls of the Womb, Nervous IVos- tration, etc. Every drueglst sells it us u bt tirtlcle, or sent by mall, iu form of IMHs eiiges, ou receipt of $1.00. r.. Plalhatu'*bi»k,"0uld«(aUcaltband «>ullMllr IM»«trii,d, . ?U ( w r»wljl ori.oc.VU-!. E, PinKhnm Med, Co., Uynn, Ua«lfe

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