The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1891
Page 5
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1 THE tiFPEB DE8 MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APBIL 29, 1801. ARftlVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICA<i», MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. West—PasS.*- East—Pass.— <To, 1 6:02 a mNo. 2 10:29 a m o. 3 4:37pmNo.4 9:30pm Freight- Freight- No. 9 7:15 a mNo. 8 Il:o5pm No. 13 ll:45amNo. 14 2:30pm No. 5 8:17pmNo. 10 12:15 am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- North— Elmore pass..4:05 p m St. Paulfrt...0:55 a m Elmore pass 12:20 p m DesMoinesft 7:35 p m THE CITY. Cordingley's storo is being repainted. A number began corn-planting this week. J. E. Stacy is building a large addition to his house. There are onljr five schools in the county not in session. F, S. Stough has something new about shoes this week. The Methodists will have a missionary concert Sunday evening. A new oak sidewalk is going in in front of the Sheetz drug store. Henry Rist, who has been an efficient salesman at Bailey Bros., is taking a vacation. Mrs. Roney, wife of one of the men who bought the Kinsey Carlon farm, is dangerously sick. A. L. Rist attends the dental convention at Sioux City next week. This is the state gathering. Stephens & Bircher are shipping another lot of brood mares. We are becoming horse importers. The Woman's Relief corps will meet at;G. A. R. hall, Thursday evening, April 30, at 7:30 o'clock. The Kossuth County Teacher says that there will be seven new school houses in the county this spring. Marriage licenses have been issued to Wm. Dir and Nellie McCain, and John Schreiber and Augusta Schoffaner. ; Miss Mamie McDonald of Burt has been in Minneapolis studying music. She returned to her home Monday. We present to our readers a good batch of Whittemore news this week, from a new and newsy correspondent. Superintendent Carey strongly recommends the purchase of Johnston's maps by every township not having maps. Next Sunday morning the Baptist pastor will speak on "The Christian Sabbath and the Columbian Exposition." Thirty seven Odd Fellows and wives went to Emmetsburg yesterday morning, and more went at noon and in the evening. Married, on. April 29, by S. A. Thompsorn, J. P., John.J. Weiland of Hancock county and Miss Mary A. Bolenus. The old glass in Goeders' store, broken by the fire, was taken out last week, and C. D. Pettibone engineered getting the new .one in. Subscriptions for the Methodist parsonage continue to come in, and a residence for the pastor will bo one of the spring's additions. The Algona nursery sold a carload of evergreens Friday, to be Shipped to West Union. L. W. Ash of 'that place was the purchaser. It is reported that W. C. Danson will build a new house near the Episcopal church this spring, and add thereby to the season's building. Henry J. Winkle desires paint users to notice the Col. Spencer house, which was painted with Sherwin-Williams paint four years ago. The matter of rebuilding the Baptist church is still undecided. It will be passed upon definitely at the annual meeting to be held soon. The temperance alliance is to hold a meeting in Algona next Tuesday. President Harvey of Des Moines or Prof. Cornwall will be present, S. I. Plumley puts in a foundation on the lots west of Maple park this week for A. D. Clarke, who will build a fine dwelling house there this season. M. Taylor of Wesley was a pleasant caller Monday. He reports a lively building and trading 'boom over on the ,east side. All Kossuth is alive 'this spring. The Odd Fellows turned out in : full force Sunday morning and listened 'to a fine serman by Rev. Bowen delivered in honor of the 72d anniversary of their order. Fred. Foster has moved his bai-ber shop back to Thorington street again. The bad light and dampness of -'the basement location were too much .for the boys. J. R, Laird and family are rejoicing over the advent of a little girl Sunday morning. This makes two boys and two girls in his family, which is as 'it should be. At the teachers' examination Friday and Saturday, six succeeded in getting first grade certificates. Some of 'the applicants were old time teachers who have been away to school. Carter is selling sugar and flour cheap and Townsend & Langdon and Patterson Bros, are selling oil at half price. Now is the time '.to watch the advertisements and save money. The announcement is made that W. W, Wheeler has resigned his place with J. H. Queal & Co, He has not fully decided what he will do, but we hope he will not leave Algona. Invitations are out for a reception at the home of A. A. Call, to be tendered to Miss Lizzie Wallace this evening, About 100 will be present to congratulate the winner on her success. The district missionary convention of the Methodist church meets in Algona next Thursday and Friday. Miss Cushman of China will address the meeting, and the full programme will be given next week. It is a poor reader who can't save his paper subscription more than once during the year, UPPER DES MOINES subscribers by the dozen have made more than their $1.50 by buying groceries the past week. Among the minor improvements of the past week are new sidewalks at J. R. Laii'd's, Bennett's meat market, and the Episcopal church; new shingles at S. Benjamin's house, new paint at Du rant Bros.' store, a new barn at Mrs. Mclntyre's, and new paint on .Tas. Patterson's house occupied by Prof. McCollum. M. B. Chapin is making a new house out of the building which still bears Chas. Birge's name. He is putting a wing on the east side in place of the porch, putting in stone foundations, and making other changes. The Baptist church will hold its monthly covenant meeting next Saturday afternoon. The annual meeting of the church will bo held • Monday, May 4, at 2 p. m., for the election of trustees and for other business. Word comes that J. B. Eniminger is now president of the Omaha Firo Insurance company. This is an old line company and well established, and our ex-Algonian is on the high road to a big business success. The Baptist Young Peoples' Loyalist society will give a May basket social in the church on Friday evening. All ladies are invited to bring baskets with lunch for two, and the gentlemen are invited to come, buy, and eat. The Odd Fellow celebration yesterday recalled the fact that Algona has the oldest Odd Fellow in Iowa in J. K. Fill. He joined tho fourth lodge in this country in 1830. Now there arc more than 500 lodges in Iowa alone. Dr. McCoy was called yesterday to Portland to set a dislocated shoulder for Mr. Jordan, who lives near Jerro Grover's. He was driving Saturday when his team ran away, throwing ^him out and quite seriously injuring him. An old settler said the other day that this was the first spring he remembered when grass was big enough for feed bo- fore se'eding was done. Gross was never so early, and if this weather continues grain will bo as far along as over. Tomorrow closes April. It has been on tho whole an orderly and agreeable month,'and tho weather prophets have made wild predictions. In this section at least farmers never had a finer spring, '.though it may be a little late. •• T. H. Conner and J. M. Cowan wore at Esthorville and Emmetsburg last week bidding 'on contracts, and also went to Bancroft to bid on the new bank building to be erected there. They are prepared to compete with anyone in Iowa. A railroad company has been organized at Forest City to build or have built a railroad across the north tier of counties. If the company means business a survey will probably bo made across Kossuth, and land will boom still more. Mrs. C. D. Pettibone received a very fine present from her sister in Connecticut last week. It-was a bunch of trailing arbutus which blossoms in New England under the snow. The flowers were fresh and fragrant after their long journey. One of the Boardman'brothers was in Algona and Whitte^oro last week looking up creamery interests. He was E leased to see the county feeling so opeful, and talked over various improvements they contemplate making this season. The special meetings at the Congregational church,closed Sunday evening in a union service. Messrs. Smead and Petran went east Monday after spending two weeks in Algona. They have been well liked in their work, and will be welcomed hero again. John G. Smith says he has had over 100 letters regarding our shooting tournament, and thinks we will have as Large a-contest as has been held in the state. C. W. Budd tells him he thinks it will be as good as the state shoot. The contest comes Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5 and 6. All reports indicate a fine gathering of Odd Fellows at Emmetsburg yesterday. Over 300 were present, Rev. Sanderson delivered an eloquent address, and tho well known hospitality of Emmetsburg was genei-ously extended. B. F. Reed responded to the address of welcome. The date of the July racing meetiug is still undecided, as negotiations are still pending with Emmetsburg, Eagle Grove-and Humboldt for the formation of a circuit. A meeting will be held this week and the question decided. In any event Algona will have races following those at Spencer. A fire occurred in Nick Hubbard's barn Friday night which cremated a cow and horse, besides burning the building, hay, etc, Nick was away from home, and no one knows how the flames started. No alarm was given, and nothing was done to save the property, as "no one knew of the fire until morning. The Forest City school boai'd, Messrs. Perkins, Hanson, and Barton, are in town today to inspect our school house. Forest City is to build this season, and the committee are over to see if they can get any valuable ideas here. They are being.-shown about by Dr.; Barr, president <of the board, :and other members. Dr. Rowe, editor of the great American sportsman's paper, "The American Field," gave the Algona shooting tournament a fine editorial notice last week, and now writes to Mr. Smith that he intends to be at Algona next week to attend. Everything now indicates that this meeting will be a memorable sporting event for northern Iowa. Prof. Dixson received the judges' markings in the state contest last night. They show that Miss Wallace had a total of 277 and the Monticello girl of 274. The markings of the judges were for Miss Wallace 92, 86, 99, si,nd for her opponent 94, 87, 93. These show how closely both were marked by all thejudges, and how evidently fair the decision was because no judge made any marked, preference. G, H. Shellenbepger, one of Humboldt's live business:men and a great believer in the future of the trotting and road horse in northern Iowa, is in the county looking' up some law and land, matters. He owns several standard-bred horses and is a student of the horse in general. He says that it is nonsense to talk of breeding to running horses to get trotting stock. A little running blood 'far enough removed gives bottom and endurance; but it takes trotting crosses to make trotters. Congressman Dolliver has appointed Harvey Ingham a member of the examining committee of condidates for West Point. The examination comes at Fort Dodge, May'15, and all healthy boys from 17 to 22 are eligible. Anyone \v\io gets to West Point receives $540 a year to pay expenses, and gets a thorough college education free of expense besides his military training. This is a fine opening for some ambitious Kossuth boy, and the county should have several candidates at this contest. Mayor Sheetz presided over his first law case Saturday, changes being taken From both tho justices. It was a suit between Louis Lessing and Herman Rantzow over a trade they made of furniture and boots. Lessing sued Rnnt- zow, nnd Rnntzow set up his willing-ness now and at all times to make the boots. After hearing tho evidence in full and exhaustive arguments of counsel, tho mayor decided that both accounts were fully proved, nnd Hint Rant.zow's being ten cents larger he should have judgment for that amount. A very sad cnsc of derangement occurred last week, Miss Clara Mathews being taken to tho asylum. She has been a well-known teacher in the county, nnd her trouble has arisen from exposure in teaching and overwork. It seems that during the winter she was very much exposed to tho weather, taught a long term, attempted to pass xamination when not well, and worried over her failure to got tho marks sho wanted, till resulting in unbalancing her mind. Sheriff Stephens went to Independence with her Friday. No opinion was expressed as to her case, but ns she ate and seemed to be getting stronger, there are hopes that she will entirely recover. Dr. Sheet/ surprised the council and tho city as well by sending in his resignation as mayor last Saturday evening. His duties have called him away from business, and have boon very unpleasant to him, and ho prefers to have some one better suited to thorn take the olllco. Tho council laid tho resignation on tho table for awhile at least until tho ordinances shall bo recorded, to prevent tho need of republishing. Being a city of the second cluss a special election is 'necessary to fill tho vacancy, and one will bo called when tho resent resignation is accepted. Dr. Iheetz has been a good mayor thus far, and all will regret that ho finds it necessary to resign. Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace were agreeably surprised twice, Saturday. Early in tho day the telegram announcing Miss Lizzie s success at the contest pleased them, and in tho evening about thirty friends and neighbors took possession of their home, and recalled their minds to the fact that this was tho twenty-fifth anniversary of their wedding day. After a pleasant evening's visit the guests deposited various tokens in silver, not without some jokes on Mr. Wallace's free silver predilections, and departed. Tho community at large will join with the smaller company who were there in extending congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace on their arrival in good health and with so many reasons for feeling thankful at this pleasant anniversary. A remarkable escape from death is reported from Irvington. The windmill on S. Reed's farm being out of fix tho hired man, named Mathews, wont to the top to throw part of it out of gear. By some miss he throw the \yhole wheel in gear, and the wind set it in motion, catching him and throwing him up over the wheel. Tho platform ho was standing on was C7 feet from tho ground, and when he fell ho was over 70 feet in the air. Ho struck on tho hard, ground and was unconscious for awhile, but finally got up, walked to the house and lay down, saying he guessed his arm was broken. Drs. Pride & Morse were called and found his arm broken, and some internal injuries, but nothing dangerous. This is the most remarkable escape after a fall we have ever seen reported. FKOM THE OOMTY TOWNS, AYIilttemorc. WHITTEMOUE, April 28.—C. B. Paul and wife went to the hub, Saturday. Dr. Foiling was over to Algona Saturday on business. Fritz Inglor and wife of Emmetsburg spent Sunday here with relatives and friends. John Butler and Nannie O'Brien were married at the Catholic church of this place, Thursday morning. Miss Bertha Goetsch was over to tho hub one day last week. Mrs. Carlisle went to the burg and back Saturday morning on business. Mrs. McGovern was seen to take the train for Algona Saturday. Miss Polly Bates was in Algona Saturday at the county superintendent's office for the purpose of having her certificate as a teacher changed from Palo Alto county to Kossuth, in which sho succeeded. She expects to get a school six miles north of here some time this week. J. M. Farley shipped n carload of cattle and a carload of hogs to Chicago, Sunday night. Born, April 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Warden of Fornvalley township, Palo Alto county, a girl. The implement trade has been unusually good here this spring. The dealers cannot keep a supply on hand it has more than doubled any previous year. Some of them have sent in their orders for tho second anc third supply. Myrtle Lillibridgo has been confined to her bed for tho past week. Cause, symptoms of lung fever. Quite a number of new residences have been built this spring, and others are con templating building yet this summer. The Grand Central hotel has undergone some general repairs, and under its present management is becoming quite populai with tho traveling public. John Creighton is talking of converting the old mill property into an electric llghi plant. There are no flies on John. Who says Whittemore is not getting to the front What lovely weather we have been having the past week, is a remark you car hear fifty times a day. Setting out shade trees is all the rage at present. Over 500 trees have been set out here this spring, or within the past ten days Let the good work continue. Who will bo the first to come to Whitte more while it is booming, and start a brick yard? Wo feel safe in saying that tho parties doing so would find sale for all the brick they could manufacture this season and at a good price. Would, it not be well for us to look aftei and clean up some of our streets and alloys and rid them of the accumulations of this winters filth, thereby avoiding and preventing n great deal of probable sickness. Who will be the first to begin the good cause? A musical entertainment was given in Schmidt's hall last week by a blind man, R. G. Brown, nnd wifo. After tho entertainment a prize of a book was offered to ;ho most popular lady in the audience, to jo decided by vote, n vote costing ton cents, the one receiving the most votes to bo awarded the prize. Several contestants wore, in tho nice at the start, buj, after tho second ballot, only two remained in the field, Miss Bertha Ooctseh and Miss Josephine. Liddy, the former being awarded tho prize by a majority of only nine votes, Miss Goetsch receiving 79 nnd Miss Liddy 70. After this another prize was offered for the largest man in northwestern Iowa. This time it was a jack-knifo. After tho nominations were declared closed, Cook Bailey was declared tho lucky candidate, ho being elected without competition or a desenting vote, and was awarded tho knifo us a present. When called on to come forward nnd get bis present, Cook said ho did not want it if ho had to get up and go after it, said ho would not accept it unless some one brought it to him. So say tho boys. (Vsk Cook if ho wants to trade knives. Burt Williams and bride just arrived on iho evening train. Shako, Burt, and accept our hearty congratulations, nnd may you nnd your new made bride live long and bo wppy, Mr. and Mrs. Williams will bo at homo to their many friends after this week ,u their now homo just across tho street from Mr. Sampson's. They expect to go to bouse keeping just as soon as their now iiouso is ready for occupancy. For tho present they are boarding at tho Grand lentral hotel. Quito a number of our business men are talking of building soiuo new business houses this summer on higher ground near tho east end of Broad street. One or two liavo suggested a brick block. Tho business portion of tho town at present is virtually in a mud-hole. We would like to see a harness maker, a shoo maker, a tailor, a baker, and a good druggist locate hero. Neither of tho above branches are represented in our town. Parties in cither of the above lines will not miss it if they will locate hero. Johny Munch says if tho correspondent of this place for Tho Des Moines Valley Nows does not let up on him before long, that there is apt to bo a first class funeral soon, or a job for our doctor. You want to luko a leetol ouet, George. Richard Malone, our railroad and express agent has asked tho Milwaukee road for a lay-off for a month. Dick needs a rest and says he is going back to His old homo in Dakota to rusticate for u few weeks, after, which ho expects to return and assume his duties in tho office with renewed energy. Mr. Slaba expects to have bis now rosl deuce ready for occupancy, and will move into tho same this week. The hog market has been quite brisk this week. Prices from $3.85 to $8.40. Shipments two car loads. Oats, <t7@l8c; corn, 50@55c; eggs, lie; potatoes, 75@80c. The oil war has not reached Whittomoro. Oil is sold here at the same old price as usual. Tho erection of the now Baptist church will bo commenced in tho near future, perhaps sometime in May. Subscriptions for that purpose are now being paid in. Amount already subscribed is over !?(iOO. Estimated cost, §1,200. LOOK! - LOOK! - LOOK! JjuVonio. pril 27.—Mat Richardson of the hub was in town Saturday on business. Tho Iowa Loan and Savings association has sold some 80 shares of stock hero, and have formed a local board this week. The new Eggerth building is in tho hands of tho plasterers, and will soon bo completed. W. A. Patterson is now running a dray line, so wo have two now. J. Dooms is having an addition built on to his residence. Adam Fisher of Buffalo Forks was in town last week on business. House cleaning and papering is tho order of tho day at present, S. C. Platt has purchased a nice residence lot in the north end' and is talking of putting up a residence soon. Luther Blood, a former resident of Lu- Vorne, is back again among old acquaintances. O. B. Kline went to tho hub, Saturday, on business. J. H. Miller has sold out his implement house to Pope & Williams of Renwick. P. P. Simmons went to tho hub last week on business. J. A. Morrison, one of our old residents who has been visiting for the winter in Wisconsin, returned Wednesday. Wm, Crosswalt of Algona was in town Wednesday. M. B, Luchsinger received news that his father was on his death bed in Monroe, Wis., and ho took tho train Wednesday for his homo with hopes of seeing his father alive. Goo. Welch, son of J. A. Welch, is hero from Larhing spending a few days with his folks, Burt, BUKT, April 27.—Wheat fields are bogin- ing to look green and grass is starting nicely. Farmers are about done seeding and will turn their attention to getting their corn ground ready. A Sunday school was organized at the Amos school house, Sunday, with Mrs. Haun as superintendent, and Ernest Phelps assistant superintendent. The fashion of having tho measles still continues in this neighborhood, but all are improving. CoiiHumptlou Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, hav Ing hud placed in his bunds by an East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, usthmu, iiuA ull throat and lung affections, also a positive and radical cure for nervous debility and all norvoua complaints, after having tested its wonderful curative powers In thousands of cases, lias felt it his duty to make It known to Wu suffering fellows. Actuated by thla motive and a desire to relieve human suffering, I will send free of charge, to all who desire It, this recipe, In German, French, or English, with full directions for preparing and using. Sent by mall by addressing with stamp, naming tuts paper. W. A, Noyos, 830 Powers' Block, Rochester, N. Y. AS CHEAP AS DAYLIGHT! On account of the war on Oil between the two Great Tank Lines of this territory, the CASH Store is able to sell Oil from 5c to 8j^c cheaper than before. t iloz Clothes Pins for 01 1 pkg fie Ycnst for (M 1 pkg Sodrt (Strictly Pure) OS 1 jikp Dixon Stovo Polish or. 1 box Axle Grease OH 1 box Lewis' Lye 10 ,'W burs Omitl Lmimlrv Sonp ? .!><) 20 Ibs Choice Huttor Craokm-s 1.00 I a Urn Choice Cnl. Drirrt Grnpos 1.00 A (liiod Ijiintern for only 35 !>0 Ibs Cn-stnl Kiev for 1.00 12 Ibs Choice Hiiisiiis for 1.00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and see us. B^P" We are agents for Rock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON, BOOTS Call and buy your Boots and Shoes where you can find Tlie Land LOWEST PRICES. Agent for Bradley & Metcalf, whose goods are standard the world over. HAND-MADE Harness, Trunks, Valises etc., etc., very large stock. IF 1 . S. To all contemplating buying any of the above this spring I wish to say that I am just where I have been for THE PAST TWENTY-ONE YEARS with as good an assortment as ever, and, as ever, ready to meet all honorable competition. I am agent for the justly celebrated i i Stoves and Ranges. Genuine Baker barbed wire; a large stock of dairy supplies on hand; Chicago ajid Elgin milk cans, iron and wood pumps, guns and ammunition. I have this spring put in a fine line of the well-known Heath & Milligan ready-mixed paints, which are acknowledged to be as good as any in the market. The above goods are all FIRST CLASS and are warranted to be just what they are represented. My 21 years' experience in hardware has taught me that the best goods are the cheapest. IfeS"Remember the place. T. Thorington House Laundry. New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington. Strictly First-Glass Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. Flrst-Olas© TVorls: is O-iaaraaateecL. Election is Over! So is High Prices for Stoves! I have a, full Hue of Coolta and Heaters, among which Is The Famous Round Oak, Standing at tho head of tho soft coal burners. f¥f" I shall meet all competition, selling at bottom prices. Take one! GK TO LOAN on Fan Propriy. At lowest rates and optional payments, Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us, We can sav^you money, JONES & SMITH,

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