The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1892 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1892
Page 8
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DEB MOIN3SS. ALGOKA, IOWA, WEMOIBPAY, THE OOtJlfTT BOABD. Some Business of Importance at tho June Meeting-Getting Heady For the Australian Voting System. The regular June session of the county board was held last week and some important matters were considered. Among other things the county attorney's salary was j fixed at $509 a year for the coming two years. C. B. Hutchins and E. V. Swetttng were appointed a committee to settle with the treasurer and auditor. TUB UPPER DBS MOIXES and Courier were chosen to publish the Australian ballot law at $30 each. The costs in the case against Horning and Alderman were refused by the board. The auditor was authorized to correspond with the makers of election booths to be put in this fall under the new law. Company F was allowed to have an armory in-the courthouse and to use the hall for drilling. D. S. Miller wanted two rods of the road by his place to the fair grouud vacated, but Jacob Winkel and Wm. deary objected and his motion was' refused. This is the road along the north side of the grounds, which is six rods wide at the west end. In the matter of a road on the west line of 26~!;7. 20 the board adopted the following: "" Resolved. That we continue the said road ftvin time to time providing the section line . ; s left open for travel, providing also that Burt township drain all surface water ofi the Uulf section line road on south line of southwest quarter of 26-97, 29 and grade the same sufficient to make it a good road, said work to be completed by the November meeting of the board. If said work is done in u satisfactory manner by said date then the county will pay to Hurt ?200 to apply on said work." liOUTINE I1USIXESS. Road ordered platted and recorded beginning at southeast comer 8-H5, 20, running north one mile. The petition of E. Chrischillcs et al. for crossing at Whittemore was granted, costs assumed by county, and no damage allowed. Taxes on 25-97, 20 for iaS9 refunded to Geo. E. Clarke attorney for Frank M. Stanley, being a settlement of suit. ti. D. Lovell a committee to do grading on river bottom west of O'Rourke's bridge. Peters authorized to build bridge on south line of southeast quarter of 29-97, 29. Rawson ordered to view and report on bridge on south line of 19-9(1,29. Peters ordered to view and report on bridge on south line of 33-97, 29; also to view and report on bridge on south line of 22-l(K),28. Hollenbeck ordered to view and report on bridge and grade on south line of 25-97, 28; also to rebuild two small bridges in grade in Sec. 17-97, 28 north of Mole bridge; also to view and report on bridge ou west line of 8-1)5, 27.; also to repair the Rice bridge on Plum Greek. Holtz authorized to view and report on diteh asked by Saudt et al. in Ramsay. Lovell ordered to view and report on bridge on" creek near south oast corner of 22-94, 29. Auditor ordered to buy a new lawn mow- GI" Road asked by Jas. E. Clave et al. laid, damages allowed. . . Road asked by H. Batterson begming at northwest corner 11-94, 80 moving east, and ending at southeast corner of O-'J-l, 29 laid, damages allowed. Committee on grades at April meeting continued. Hollenbeck ordered to build a 32-foot bridge on north line of 15-95, 27, and do grading, providing township will do grading east of bridge. . Rawson ordered to repair Potter bridge over Four Mile creek. Treasurer authorized to refund £.2.50 to Nich. Wagner erronious assessment. Lovell committee to repair grade to bridge on center lino of 7-04, 29. P. Madden allowed $5.15 for sheep killed "'Quiddatite' is good," quoth he, and begins to sling it in, feeling sure that it he doesn't quite comprehend it surely no one else will. The editor of the Courier is one of those men who feel that their ideas we so large, so ponderous, in fact, that they can only be expressed by words of extraordinary length and doubtful meaning. The question now is, is our own Lord William Thompson, who is being boomed y h equal to the Courier's "quiddatire?" Look at These Prices. Al Adams for the empty honor of e democratic nomination for congress The Two Great Meetings. The next annual meeting of the National Educational association will be held at Saratoga Springs, N. Y*, from July 12 to 15, and the Young People's Society of Christian endeavor will hold an international convention in New York City from July 7 to 10. For both of these gathering's the Northwestern line (Chicago & Northwestern railway) which reachessomany of the important points in the state of Iowa, has made exceedingly favorable arrangements in regard to rates, transportation, etc. Perfect train service, an equipment consisting of solid vestibule trains, free reclining chair cars, standard day coaches and model dining cars and a thoroughly constructed and well-ballasted roadbed, have combined to render the "Northwestern" the popular route from points in Iowa to the East. The rates via this favorite line will be very low, while the arrangements as to limits, etc., will be extremely liberal. Those who desire further information concerning rates, routes and other details should apply to any agent of theC. & N. W. By., or address W. A. Thrall, G. P. and T. A., Chicago, 111. *oic ,050 .020 .250 , 1 30 §1,00 Half Rates to Cincinnati. On account of the prohibition national convention, the Northwestern road will sell excursion tickets to Cincinnati and return at half rates—one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale June 27 and 28, and good for return until July 6. For tickets and full information apply to agents C. & N. W. Ry.-12t2 It Slionld Be In Every House. J. B. Wilson. 371 Clay street, Sharpsburg, Pa., says he will not be without Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs, aud colds, that it cured his wife, who was threatened with pneumonia, after an attack of la grippe, when various other remedies and several physicians had done her no good. Robert Barber of Crooksport, Pa., claims Dr. King's New Discovery has done him more good than anything he ever used for lung trouble. Nothing like it. Try it. Free trial bottles at Sheetz.' Large bottles, 50c aud one dollar. 5 Pins, per package - 12 doz t Agate Buttons, i spool of thread, Ladies' Hose, 7c up to Lace Curtains, per yard, , Red Table Damask, " Ladies' Oxford Ties, pat r ent tips, Ladies' Dongola shoes, .QOC Ladies' hd-turned shoes worth §4, only - $2.50 Child's shoes from 250 up Boys' shoes from 650 up Men's shoes from g6c up Hats, from 250 up to I3-5O Boys' Pants from - 350 up Boys'suits from - $1.25 up Flannel shirts, 35010^2.25 Ladies' vests from . ice up THE Electric Bitters. This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer medicine does not exist, and it is guaranteed ta do all that is claimed. Eiectrie Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove pimples, boils, salt rheum, and other affections caused by impure blood; will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure malarial fevers. For cure of headache, constipation, and indigestion try Electric Bitters; entire satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Fifty cent and §1 bottles at L. A. Sheetz.' 5 B. WOLPERT, Propr. The originator of low prices on shoes in Algona. Store in the old Spear building. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ^ % ^^_^^^^ - ^V^^^- w ^^>^i>-^^X^^_«i - «*^^^-^*^>rf^rf^_*^.^X.^»^^^^^^^' GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. allowed SI 0.10 for steer Killed by 'Treasurer ordered to redeem lot four of south six m;rus of outlfjt one in Hurt, being church property. . • . J. b. Hoiius committee to repair grades and bridges noar Algona. Rawson committee to build 82-foot ovei- flow bridge on south line of 29-9,, dl). Lovell committee to repair bridges and grades on 8(1-94, 80. Hollenbeck committee to build bridge on west line of 11-97, 27. Mrs James of Wesley allowed *< a month 10-97,27 and 10-100, 28 annroved. Auditor authorized to draw warrants in favor of deaf and dumb institute for &7.74 and for institute for feeble minded for Julius Isch allowed ?0 for sheep killed by Cheap KatoB oil the Milwaukee. For the independent party national convention to be held at Omaha, July 4, excursion tickets will be sold at one fare for the round trip. For the supreme lodge, A. O. U. W., which meets at Helena, Mont., June 15, a rate of $44.25 will be in effect from Algona. A special train will leave Algona May 28, at 9:40 a. in., returning will leave Clear Lake at 6 p. m. Fare, adults, $1; children, 60 cents, for the round trip. E. G. BOWYER, jeweler and optician, will be in Burt on Wednesday, June 15, with a full line of optical goods. Eyes tested free of charge. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossutn Co. bank. fees, April uncollecta- lour ap- docs. Auditor reported ?51.35 transfer $7.25 redemption fees received since meeting. Taxes declared by treasurer bio listed as unavailable. J, Jemison allowed exemption on acres of forest trees on 33-97, 38. School fund loans since April 1 "JJ DL'OVCd Auditor authorized to have plaster in ill court house repaired; also to secure certified copy of Hold notes of government survey of Kossuth county. Tlio lUglit Kind of Hcauty, To the Editor: Miss Hattie Stevens and Mr. Charles Larniboo, son of ex- Governor Larraboo, spent Sunday with Miss Bertha Carey at her homo in the country. When questioned in regard to the appearance of hor guest, whom the Courier declares "far from handsome," Miss Carey replied that when Christ spoke of the "houso not made with hands" she didn't suppose ho was thinking entirely about the style of its architecture; that soul has a beauty of its own that exceeds all material sense of loveliness, and of this kind of beauty the ex-governor and his son have their full share. Mr. Larrabee can discern more boauty in humanity with his one eye than some people can with two. Algona'a Great Guesser. The Huraboldt Blade quotes Bro. Hindi on as follows: We would like to hear from every county that has good congressional timber. Lot the best man bo brought forth. Let him be a man who understands and sympathizes with the quiddative purpose and animus of the great democratic party. Its comment is: The editor of the Courier is known in his town as "the ffuesser" because when he doesn't know what ho is talking about he just guesses at it. He has to exercise this faculty of guessing frequently on the big words he picks up and uses. He is trying to train his readers in this same art of guessing—trying to make out what he moans by the uso he makes of these big and obsolete words. In the present case be evidently just opened the dictionary and bis eye fell upon the word "quiddtitive" aud he was happy. * /I ^ g'j'j-ji&tAH'* pi* ~9 v*r liucklen'N Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to Kivo perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25c a box; sold by Dr. Sheetz. DRUNKENNESS, OU THE UQUOR HABIT, Cured «t Homo in Ten Days by Administering Dr. Unities' Golden Specific. It can be given in a glass of beer, a cup of- coffee or tea, or in food, without the knowledge of tho patient. It is absolutely harmless, and will effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether the patient is a moderate drinker or an alcoholic wreck, • Ithns been given in thousands of cases, and in every instance a perfect cuee has followed. It never fails. The system once impregnated with the specific, it becomes an utter impossibility for tho liquor appetite to exist. Cures guaranteed. A 48-page hook of particulars free. Address the Golden Specific Co., 185 Race street, Cincinnati, Ohio. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to toan on chattel security. Over Chrlschilles 1 store. L. K. GARFIELD, M.. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON.. Office, State St., one door east of CordinglBy. Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. H. C. McCOV, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. W. E. H. MORSE, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office: Rear of Heise's brick building,. State street, Algoua, Iowa. G. T. FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. Prompt and Elllcaeioiis. In a recent letter to the proprietors, Mr. H. M. Bangs, the druggist at Ghatsworth, 111., says: "I am very much pleased with Chamberlain's Cough remedy. During the epidemic of la grippe here it took the lead and was very much better liked than other cough medicines." The grip requires precisely the same treatment as a very severe cold, for which this remedy is so efficient. It will promptly loosen a cold and relievo the lungs, soon effecting a permanent cure, while most other medicines in common uso for colds only give temporary relief. Fifty cent bottles for sale by druggists. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Next door to J. G. Smith's store, Algoaa, la. J. E, HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with, promtness. T. J. FELLING, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Consultation in English and German. Office aud residence over H. Goetsch's store, Whlttemore, lovra. DR. GEO. J. HOLTFOERSTER. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. attention to diseases of the skin. Fits, epilepsy, etc., cured. West Wend, Iowa. Special ts J. M. PRIDE, M. D,, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Onlce at residence, Benham property, Thoring- tou street, Algoua, Iowa. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? " MOTHERS' FRIEND" M&KES CHILD BIRTH EASY. Colvin, Iia., Deo. 8, :88e.-Jtty wife used MOTHER' B IFRIEINP before her third uonflnement, and -says she would not be without it for hundreds of dollars. MILLS. Sent by express on receipt of price, #1,80 per be* . Book " To Mothers " mailed free. GO., , ion OA Sold by L. A. SHEISTZ, Algona. 3D. AUCTIONEER, Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Office with P. M. Taylor, over Howard's. $3000f A TK A IS I I um!trt«k» la briefly touch uuy fair!/ intelligent |mnon or either •t<x t \vlio r<m renil and write, and who, after luilructlon,wlll work InduilrloviljT, „-•-,-"- T — -• llolv " """ '*'''"« ThomaaU Dell»n • Year In their own toailltlei.vvticruver tliey live.I will alio fbrnlih the imitation or U!n|iluyinent,iil which you van curn that amount. No moiiur for me mile., nuccwful u. above. Ka«lly and quickly jenmed. I dc»lct> but one wvrkvr from each dlitrlu orcountr. I havo already taught anil provided with employment« lerge number, who are nuking over »»OI)0 a Jfaresdi. U.NKW •Dd HOLI1K lull particular FltKK. AddreM It ontl. 13. C, AI.I.EJV, iiox «»<», Auguttu, • • tf%ftl •"If • fl II \\ L V nJi I I IU pi W ••I I •••I • If I W 11 M* I . . md honor.ply, l>y •"">»» « either ie<, young or olii, »"<1 In their own locallttei.ivlierever they ""• * n / _,.,_,_„-.., we wiilo lljo work, fat/ toItirn. We fumlih everything. We iitrl you. No rlifc. You ?w> «e»ol« your imre mvwmti, or all your time to the work. TUli U on entirely new U«J,«nJ brlugi wonderful tucceu to erery ««'*"• Beginner) are wrnlug from »«»o «tf per \jr«ek »«<! VPW«'i>»i and IUOM »ftet t little ejijerlenee. We «aa furnlih JO* the «». pioynitat mif"* x«"j™&, S.» K5J»'».tlSR'AWi'iist 11 UtfWBUlW »«**• TJ*P|!#VO'«A'Wf*ilUWIf iA LOOK. J. A. Hamilton & Co, Hard Posts, wood, wagon material, fence pickets, patent fence, brick, and tile, also sole agents for the Powerville Felt Roofing, the best roofing in the world. Sidewalk lumber a specialty. G-ive us a call. J. A. Hamilton & Co. GEO. E. HAMILTON, Agent. THE JOHN PAUL LUMBER GO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J.. WILSON. Office and yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, IOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions of 11 Which includes everything that is possibly needed forth construction of any thing j rom a picket fence to the very -finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove to you that ivhat we say is the truth. , -A.g-©nt £2 o o I 1 ^=^—-^-^ | — a-.., Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. C. L. LUND. J. J. BYAJI [Successors to C. L. Lund—Established 1880.] REAL ESTATE DEALERS tartmfj^ we have ext j iiuoictiuciBur. XUB ui'pEiiiJES MoiNES that we nave exirauiu-" : of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, and we law} «'«™i P r °P ert y to call on us at our office In Algona, or to corrWH nnSiM J,?? el V we have a . lal ' ee number of customers from the ewtefl ™rtifv , utand . secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. W>1 and if you want to sell your property don't waste any time in listing B Yours respectfully, LUND & RYAN, YOU WANT TO KNOW Whom to get to do your painting, paper hanging, kalsoniiniug, etc. f JAS A. ORR IS THE MAM FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial pa ments before due. Office over Chrischilles' storei Algon* s, a. SESSIONS. B. Z. (JROVE. JOH Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stabl West ot TUorlngton House.

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