The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1953
Page 10
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PAGE TEN IAKK.) COUHlKK NEW* MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 1951 Big League Red Chinese Army Alter World's Power Balance By FltKD SPARKS NBA Staff Correspondent E1GTH ARMY HEADQUARTERS, Korea — (NEA) — Perhaps this is the most important fact of our century: A bitterly anti-American Chinese Army, for the first lime since spears went out of fashion, lias graduated into the big league. That army took a two-year training course on the battlefield during the truce talks. The ne\v Chinese Red Army has the truce was inked I again studied completely altered the balance of: a Chinese aiiack minus music. Our power in'the world against us. Ouri positions were first pulped by brll- European allies are now faced with: liaiuly. - manned artillery — more a four-million man Russian army! than we owned, and our Asiatic allies are now faced I ... wiSi a four-million man Chinese] The Chinese footpads shifted In arm y j behind their shells with more au- This frichtful fact is obvious as;tomntic weapons per platoon than we carefully comb the combat rec- the U S- Army. In every way the ords during this tie of the truce. Tagging the 181th Airborne Regiment during our last major push of this war—June, 1951—1 saw good' of 1350 had clamped n sdssor-hold evidence that the Chinese were fall-j cm (be 7th Marines with the muscle the aiiack v:ould have delighted fussiest West Point instructor. Surely if the Oriental gentlemen ing apart like a balding man's pigtail. and know-how of 1953, my Leatherneck trenehmatcs and T would now | be mere names on yellow obituary They had little artillery, no trans- I pases. port but peasants'backs, and hardly j y on can now ask: "Haven't we one anti-aircraft gun to worry ouri also ](, arnf <i much since '51?" planes, which picked at them like mosquitoes at a sick cow. Thousands crawled in, whimpering tat mercy, dizzy as drunks from shell shock, hungry enough to fire »t and eat the skinny Korean crows. Then came the truce talks and two years of yoyo war. Genera! Mao received vast shipments of fresh killing instruments and instructors from Russia. His Chopstocks practiced and perfected modern Answer: "Negative." A Jet Jx.ockey. shedding the corset that keeps his stomach from stretching like pulled tnffy during a 700 MPH dive, said: "When the champ is always matched against a third seeded tennis player, the third seeder improves and the champ dopes off." While the Chinese passed their two-year course, they're just moving derotts methods on our young men. Every general and GI here believe they graduated with honors. In the fall of 1950 I was a foxhole guest of the 1th Marine Reg- I grcssman iment sweeping the last drippings ualties. of the North Korean Army into the And remember: It Is our prayer Yalu. Then—like an iron bar on the not to have to stand eternal guard into our class. Even if only equal ihey're a worry, for they bridge the difference with bodies. A citizen of Shanghai doesn't write his con- Redskins Whomp up Heap Big Pow-Wow; Braves, Squaws Go for White Man's Wampum By LLOYD WOLFE ANADARKO. Okla. (fi— It's going to be a wow of a pow-wow! An estimated 25,000 Indians have set up tepee-keeping on the outskirts of .this self-styled "Indian Capital of the World" hoping to beef about high cas- skull—we were hit one night by shrieking mass of Chinese. They circled around horns and beating gongs, morning Leathernecks curiously examined captured Chinese as brains tried to comprehend that here was a new foe by the millions. That the regiment survived was due not only to the spirit that poiv- ers every Marine but also to the primitive weapons and rice paddy mentality of those first. Peking prowlers. ! in the Orient. President Eisenhow- | er dreams of training our Asintic blowing j chums to do their mvn sentry duty. In the) As Peking's power zooms that dream becomes a niKhtmiire.. Our flyboys have found Ihc Job of rocketing red dumps and railroads lick as dangerous as offering OLD STVI.E CHINESE AR.MV, In days before truce talks began, was exemplified by this sorry specimen captured by Yanks. with our latest winged whizzes, and surely the Chopsticks are the tesi fliers In the Orient—being that the Japanese are still grounded. The Chinese haven't sailed !n with a ferry, let alone a crui.scr, but their Russian built mines, considered Brand A, can block any harbor. It is doubtful If we could repeat our Inchon landing of 1950 against Hew Zealand Commissioner Slain in Sleep WELLINGTON, New Zealand 1.41 — C. H. W. Larson, New Zealand resident commissioner of Niue, in the Cook Islands, was slain in his sleep last night by three escaped prisoners. His wife was badly injured. The Larsens and their two young sons were asleep in seperate rooms at the residency when the slayers entered. The' children were unharmed. Practically the entire island population of 4,500 participated today in a hunt for the criminals. All three were natives of Niue. The island, 2,400 miles due south of Hawaii, is a, dependency of New Zealand. galaxies of stars in collision, a sending out such strong radio signals that they have been picked up on earth. every Irishman in a Doublin j their new super-sensitive magnetiz- ?aloon. Rnrad-directed fink, hardly |ed mines Hint crawl under a ship the creation of a sampan civilization, curtains the skies. , Our pilots can always cream MIGs five-to-one but they admit: In the last several weeks before The MfG itself cnn .slug toe-to-toei like a roach under the kitchen sink and 'zipper open its hull. Our dough feet, have bled in discovering that the Chinese now .savvy the ugLlcs booby traps. Just before • the truce, delighted GTs found fountain pens on the battlefield. Those who unscrewed the tops paid for the gadgets with eyes and handfi as they exploded. Chinese we caged in 1950 carried a bag of rice for rations. Today, trucks copied from Detroit and made in Leningrad deliver chow to frontliners that includes fresh mnafc and vegetables, giving the Red | froopore a better diet than families back home. Even sanitary facilities, which in 1950 would have disgusted any WfishiriKton Zoo hippo, have been scrubbed. To deny lice living spire <i Chinese must rank Colonel to let his hair grow longer than your fingernail. WR have no right to believe (hat China, which usually takes a thousand years to make up its mind, will suddenly junk communism- Every day the Chinese soldier is told by a political commissar that, the U.S.A. is responsible for all ills, including scarlet fever. If we continue to play policeman in the Free Orient the new Chinese Army is something for every American to worry about. ITALY'S NEW CHlEF-Giu- seppe Pella, Christian Democrat, agrees to try and form a new Italian government, ending a 46-day-old government crisis. Pella is a financial expert who directed Italy's finances through the turbulent postwar period and raised the lira out of thr oluv-monev class. garner > trunkload of the white man's tourist wampum during the 22nd annual American Indian Exposition. . And the peace-pipe smoking red- men apparently are willing to forget that their white brothers shy. locked their ancestors out of Manhattan Island for a piddling 324 in trinkets. The braves, squaws and papooses have neatly folded their overalls, business suits and two-tone shoes and de-mothballed the Hollywood-type costumes and multicolored feathers for the tourist trade. Medicine men are hoping the war-whooping- will attract some 60,000 visitors from all 48 states during the six-day celebration which began this morning, Backdrop for the annual pageant, which will run nightly during the exposition, will be flags from each of the United Nations, sent from UN headquarters in New York, Allie Reynolds, New York Yan- ees pitcher, was chosen Indian of the Year by the exposition and was scheduled to be honored in a ceremony at noon today. With all the visiting Indians streaming into town, the outskirts are a solid mass of tents and tepees. Robert Goombi, exposition open. There are Pueblos from Jemez, N. M., Hootahs from northern California (their first visit to Indian territory), Navajos from Arizona, Cherokees from North Carolina , Northern Che vennes from Montana, Winnebagos from Wis consin, and the Five Civilizei Tribes of Oklahoma. WHO'S THAT?-He may be hard to recognize, but it's NATO commander Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther watching Britain's Seventh Armored Division in training at Bergen, Germany. General Gruenther was on a tour of NATO forces in western Germany when he stopped oil to see the lamed British tank outfit in action. TO THAILAND — Maj.-Gen. William J, Donovan is the new U. S. ambassador to Thailand. Donovan earned the nickname, "Wild Bill," for his exploits as wartime chief of the Office of ^'t-Mooi c Services. NEW ARMY OP RED CHINA, suddenly gone modern, carries more automatic weapons per platoon than our? matches with up-to-date smartness like these soldiers near Kae.son, Korea. OPERATION "FLYING PAUL REVERE"—Arrows on Ncwsmap show route of "Flying Paul •Revere" after he leaves Washington, D. C., and flics to all 48 stale capitals to report to governors • on progress of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Po.vcrcd Flight. Max Conrad, holder of many world air records, will be the first pilot to visit all the states by air on one tour since Anne and Charles A. Lindbergh performed the tent in 1929. The 14,500-mile flight will be made in a Piper Pacer, the same plan'e in which Conrad twice flew the Atlantic Ocean. YOU ARE INVITED TO HEAR YATER TANT Of Lufkin/Texos In a Series of Gospel Sermons August 16 thru 26 - 8:00 p.m. CHURCH OF CHRIST Mam Street — Half Block West of Highway 61 — Blytheville, Arkansas SIMPLE GOSPEL PREACHING CONGREGATIONAL SINGING The lime you spend on your job is money in your pay envelope. Like fime, this money has a way of "flying fast" . . . from one pay day to the next. You can't make time stand still. But you can make some of your money stand still ... in a savings account. Not only stand still, hut GROW steadily via the interest it earns for you. Why not come in today and start a savings account? We pay 2% on savings. THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST COMPANY The Oldest Bonk In Mississippi County "TIME TRIED _ PANIC TESTED" F.D.I.C.—MIUIIM) Rach Dfpiislt Member Federal ReMire Sjttcm The little sundew plant of Newfoundland eats insects. When one alights on the little red hairs which cover the flower of the plant, it is caught by n sticky liquid. The hairs roll inward and drop the insect into the center of the flower, where it soon dies and is digested. Halley's comet Is duo to brl night skies again about 1981, but It may be thrown off schedule couple of years by gravitational attraction of the planets it passe* In Its orbit. Quick Relief for HEADACHE NEURALGIA Teal STANBACK yourieU . . . (ab- lets or powdsri . . . againit any preparation you've ever used. WATER HEATERS 'WORK HARD TOO! To make household tasks easier you need ulenty of hot water, and with the automatic HEAT- MASTER you can have the luxury of abundant hot water at low cost. The right size HEATMASTER can supply hot water in amounts permitting you to do several tasks at one time. CALL YOUR PLUMBING CONTRACTOR OR DEALER IN BLYTHEVILLE <fc Distributed in This Area \sy (WHOLESALE EXCLUSIVELY) Rear 213-215 Walnut-Phone 8353 NOTICE My office will be closed from August 12th to August 24th. Hunter C. Sims, MD. New Upright Food Freezer Model UA-14X Here's a brand-new General Electric Freezer that really gives you your money's worth! It's refrigerated top and bottom . . . also has threa freezing shelves . . . handy Space Maker door shelves, frozen juice can dispenser, sliding and adjustable aluminum shelves and sliding baskets. All food is within easy reach! And it's so economical! Buy in Quantity! Buy meals in quantity during special sales, freeze in your own G-E and enjoy all year 'round! Enjoy Out-of-Season Foods! Buy fruits and vegetable* in quantity at lowest "In-seasan" prices, freeze and store! 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