The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1892
Page 7
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THE UPPER BBS MQ1NES, , IOWA. WM)N3BSI)AY, JtJNE 15, 1892, onltlcefl he* feet and poulticed her head, litered her back till <twai Bmsrtlnri ling and n< ried tonic*, elixirs, pain-killer* and tnh-ci, hough (rrsndm* declared It waa notUog but nd the poor woman thought abe mnit eertalnl; „, „_.-.. ,-—,-on" »he happened to try 'o wonder Itt praleei BO loudly they speak, ' b««r«w better at once and was well fa a week. • The torturing pains and distressing nervousness which accompany, at times certain forms of "female weakness,' yield like magic to Dr. Plerce's Favorite prescription. It Is purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, and adapted to the delicate organization of woman. It allays and subdues the nervous symptoms and relieves the palu accompanying functional and organic troubles. It's a legitimate medicine—an Invigorating, restorative tonic, a soothing »nd strengthening nervine, and a positive remedy for " female weaknesses " and ailments. All functional disturbances, irregularities, and derangements are cured by it. There's nothing like , it la the way it acts—there's nothing like it in the way It's sold. It's guar- 1 anteed to give satisfaction In every case, or the money paid for it is promptly i refunded. . Bead the guarantee on the wrapper. ! You lose nothing if it doesn't help 1 you-but it will. e icd.<«jjnicndcul as tbe LE MABB, Plymouth Co., la., May, 1889. I luffarod from temporary sleeplessness from [ overwork for two years, for which I uged Pastor I Koenig'B Nerve Tonlo, and can recommend same I M the belt modioins for similar tronblee. •I". BOBNHORST. HIOKHAK, Neb., October, 1890. I Abont four years ago our now 20-year old Idaufhter had an epileptic fit after she had re- I Ursa and about a year lator she hud another I inch attack; wo could hardly boliovo that she I bad thin terrible disease, "Epilepsy," but when I about three months later she again had a fit wo I TOa forced to believe the fact that tho dreaded I malady had fastened upon her, and as wo sup- Ipoiod a disease without a known remedy. lAbcmtthis time wo road about Pastor Koouitj'G iNorve Tonic, and we concluded to try a bottle. I God bo thanked, she Is cured. MU. and MRS. LESOING. !—A Valuable Boo* en Wervous Discuses sent free to any address, and poor patients can also obtain this inodiclno free of choree. FREE KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Druggists at 81 por Bottle. OforS5, larse.Size, 81.75. 6 Bottles for «9. all Testify To the Efficacy ol the World-Renowned Swift's Specific. 1 Tho old-tlmo simple I remedy from tho Georgia swomps and fields has jgono forth to the antipodes, * astonishing tho skeptical and } confounding the theories of * those who depend solely on tha 5 physician's skill. There Is no blood ' taint which ltdocsnot Immediately eradicate. Poisons outwardly absorbed or tho fault of vile diseases from within all yield to this i Potent but slmplo remedy. It la an unequaleil tonlo,bulldsupthe old andfeeble,oures nil diseases Wring from Impure blood or weakened vitality, wna for a treatise. Examlno tho proof. Books on " JMood and Skin Diseases " mailed fret. Druggists Sell It, SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Dnwer 3, Atlanta, Qa, A Young Woman at Fifty Or, as the world expresses it, "a well-preserved woman." One who, understanding the rules of health, has followed them, and preserved her youthful- appearance. Mrs. Pinkham has many correspondents who, through •. her advice and care, can look with satisfaction, in their mirrors. llytlia E, fiitk/iam's Vegetable Compound [goes to the root of all female complaints, [.renews the vitality, and Invigorates the sys- - Mi, Intelligent women — | "now well its wonderful I'Powers, It is the successful • I Product of a life's work [ 01 » woman among homen, and is based |«Pon years of actual practice and expense. -»• *sar vgp igy ^jgp ^jg ^p> TI& olmi ty.^'ny PIUs not ns kindly on the ni.i ' ° < le li«ate female or luUrin "o us upon tho vigorous man. H '{sly*t»'joanil stronRtirlo tlio weak® w ?">Bcli, bowels, kidneys anil bliuhk-r , relief, und In an I ouiui for v li UU*U* *,u* * *».iit««i .v*. f 1; *t droKKlata n agf^ggg 2STPOU9H INI THE WORLD. I sis MATRIMONIAL. June and October are fllontha. ITS ORIGIN. the LOT "Oh when shall I be married t" Queried the maid of old; "Too long, alas, I've tarried, Through dread of seeming bold, "While other girle lees charming Have gone forth happy brides. It really is alarming, And mamma sadly chides. "I'll seek at once an omen To see what month is beet, And then try hard that no men Shall pass without a test. "I'll try all ways entrancing That proper maids may use- Smiles, flirting, talking, dancing, Then from their midst I'll choose." She had her fate told to her By one who read the moon. And said he'd come to woo her In Sept., Oct. or June. The other maidens learned it, All 'round her, many a mile; , And to this law they turned it, , "These months shall be the style." There is a legend to the effect that maiden, many yeais ago. acked the oracl who presided over maidens'fates whic month was the best month in which t marry. This was the substance of the reply she received: "My dear, any month is good enough tc get mariiefl in after you get the young man, but the article is easier to obtain a some _times than others. For instance you will find the youth in lovevmore eas, to capture in June than in July, because as the warmer weather approaches hii whole mind has to be given to the task o: keeping himself in such a state of coolnes that he shall not wilt any more shirt col lars f than is absolutely necessary. You see a girl can be picked up at any time, any where, but a collar of the proper style properly laundered, is a much choicer ar tide, because more, difficult to obtain. So as a matter of course, he sacrifices the gir to the collar. Following the months, ilong, his mind is gradually relaxed from this great strain as the cooler weathar ap preaches, and by September the youth bas almost gained his mental grip again By October he is quite himself as to shin collars; and the divine passion of love be ing allowed to consume a small portion of lis self-thouarhtfulness, he even gees so 'ar as to forget what 'a blawsted boaw veeding is, anyhow,' and offers himsel; ! or this sacrifice to a considerable extent— fact, he gets so enthusiastic over i ifter be begins, that ho has even beet mown to offer himself to several difftsreni iris without regards to previous engagements. From November until May again •he youth's whole thoughts have to be fiven to keeping .himsolf in the proper :eiuperature lest 'hpwwid pimples,' in- Inced by undue chilliness, appear on his iristocratic lienearoents, or even dare to obtrude upon his Grecian nose. So, my child, this is why you wane to make proper >reparations for your catch in June or )atober, for the betwixt and between mat' :ors are dreadfully uncertain from a mat' rimonial point of view." Now all this happened, of course, in the days when deluded man wore that relic o: Barbaric torture in summer known as a ineu collar, starched. The matter has been somewhat:'reversed of late years linco lennis shirts, sashes and blazers :amo into vogue. It is now believed tbai my month is good enough to catch him but that June and October, formerly cnown as the ^love months." according to tbe above legend, are par excellence,the months to get married in. Why the "love months" should be chosen for this cere mony is something of a problem since the uicient meaning attached to the word has so little to do wiih the modern marriage t is thought by some, however, that the months known by chis name in that antiquated;.epoch of the world may.possibly mpnrt just enough of that quality to' tue wedding of to-day to pive it a novel flavor Anyway, June and October have long jeen the fashionable months, and it is nuch easier to be in the fashion than to in love. It really requires emotions or the latter, and "emotions make you age SP," Eays Mrs. Langtry; but all it requires for the former is time—of no espec- al value—patience and a papa with an unlimited bank account. HOW TO WKITJB DATES. Viirlons Styles Given. The Full Name ot the Month Preferred. "The Listener" writes in the Boston Transcript "January 3, 1891," is a date Inch looks picturesque, distinguished md fin-de-siecle on paper. It reminds ne that the world is getting particularly Id. It will be very interesting to write '1900" at the top of one'd letters, when he year comes around; it would be still more interesting to write "2000" there. • ew of us will ever do it, though if science ,oes its duty and finds a way to prolong a ivilized person's life to the term of a California mission Indian's, some of us may hops ta do it. The writing of that ato aoove reminds the Listener that there B a great diversity of ueage nowadays in he writing of'a date. Looking over a umber of private letters, the Listener has ound them dated in all of Ihn following ays: '!) December 24, 1890. 2) December 24th, 1890. '3 24th December, 1890. '4 24 Dec., 1890. 5 Dae. 24, 1890. G) 24th Dec., 1890. 71 1890, 24th December. - 12 | 24 | 90 w Xtl.,24, 1890. . It would be hard to bay which is the ost approved of these methods. It is ery much according to the taste and ancy of tbe writer, liks the spelling of 10 honored patronimic Waller. Perhaps ie CjUimouest method IB No. 5, while tho lost vulgar is No. 8. It smacks of the etail store and laziness, too. Personally he Listener does not like an abbreviation n a date, and consequently does not like vfo. 5, Wo ought at least to have the ppearanco with om friends and the eneral public of having enough time at ur disposal to write out the full name ot month at the top of a letter. None but slave should be under the necessity ot bbreviatintr it. No. 4 is old-fashioned nd rather Eaglishj No. 1 and No. 2 are onsible and approved methods. lite etter dated "Xllf, 24,1890," was wri ten y a schoolmaster and is to be classed as n evidence of eccentricity rafhet than of asto or laziness. It has a sort of antique .omaneaque appearance, too, though to e consistently classical it should oubt,have been written MDCCCXC. no XII. XXIV., t only too easily; One* reinove the restraint, pride and natural reserve which bound them together, yet did not allow them tc give way to every annoyance before each other, and you have opened] a way for a constant resentment of every trifle which: does not run smoothly. Mr. Morris and his wife each beean their married life, although unknown to each other, *,with a firm determination to make any sacrifice to avoid the first disagreement, and, since the first really did not take place, Morris has spent the time in the hospital, won- deting at the forethought \vhicu prompted so wise a resolution. Exactly how it commenced he is uncertain, but he distinctly remembers that, the opening of the engagement was ma attempt to dodge a stove cover; a small shovel of coal came next, followed by the shovel it.self, accompanied by the tongs and poker; gained the dining-room with the caster, two dinner plates and a pitcher circling around Lis bead, while a three-legged stool knocked him down, and the breakfast table was prpmply dumped on top of him. A determined rush and desperate jump landed him in the yard, with a sprained ankle, directly under tho window from which his better half showered him with a con tinual stream of dish Water and rubbish of all sorts. Finally he was rescued by_ a neighbor and since then has been recruiting. His advice is not so much to avoid the first quarrel, as a good constitution may stand that, but beware Of the consequences that follow disagreement. STORMS OF DUST AT SEA., Not nn Unusual Phenomenon, Numerous Cases Having Been Reported. The British ship Berean, which recently made the 'voyage from Tasmania, around Cape Horn to England, encountered a remarkable but not an unusual phenomenon at sea,.viz., a storm of dust. After crossing the equator she fell into the northeast trade .winds and when about 600 miles west of the Cape de Verde Islands, the nearest land, the Berean's 11 and rigging were thinly coated with a very fine powdery dust of a dark yellow or saffron color, scarcely discernible on or ntar the deck, but profuse on the highest parts of the rigging, so that the sails appeared "banned. ' Fine dust falling on vessels in the Atlantic near the Cape ile Vere archipelago has often been reported, but School and Home says it bus BO often been of a reddish hue that it ie known among sailors as "red fog," and has bsen generally supposed to come from South Africa. The observation aboard the Berean appears to overthrow this conclusion and to determine the African origin both of the Atlantic dust and the so-cajled "blood rains" of southern Europe. Admiral Smyth many years ago reported during his stay in Sicily on the 14th oE March, 1814, a "blood rain" which fell in large, muddy drops and deposited a very minute sand of yellow-red color 1 '— quite similar to that now reported by tha Berean. He then regarded it as "sirocco dust" from tbe African desert, ."crowning the beautiful theory of atmospheric cir culation." Both on the Atlantic ocean and in Europe these rains of dust h&vd almost invariably fallen between January ana April—a period of the year in which the Sahara is most arid. The Quarrel. If the importance of avoiding the first cmarrel wuW be firmly impressed ot all »«wly mamd A NEW SUBSTITUTE. The Flexible substance Invented by a MHII- ufaclurer In Vienna. The newest of the many substitutes for glass which are constantly agpearing is tbe invention of a Viennese glass manufacturer, and seems likely to be especially useful for photographic purposes. -This product is said to have substantially the same properties as glass, resisting the action of satis and alkalies and dilute acids, besides being enodorous and trans parent. It has, however, the advantage of being, flexible and iufrangible < to a great degree, while its inflammability is much less fchan that of its collodion prototypes. . It is so simply made, according to the Philadelphia Press, that photographers' can undertake the process of manufacture for themselves witnoutmuch difficulty. From four to eight parts of collodion wo il are dissolved in about 100 parts by weight of ether or alcohol or acetic ether' and from 4 to 10 per cent, of resin of Canada balsam (soft resin). The compound, when poured on a glass plate and subjected to the drying action of a current of air of about fifty deerees centigrade, solidifies in a comparatively short ;ime into a transparent,•> glass-like sheet or plate, the thickness of which may be regulated as required,' SLIGHTLY EMBAfiKASSlNG. Tlie Spealilng Tube Was Oat of Order, but Johnny Wasn't. They stood in the darkened vestitfule if a double-flat house up town. It was a late hour and a cold night, but these were nothing—f:r it wns he and she, and they ^ere young and stood very close- y together, soys the New York Herald. Time stood no show alongside of opportunity. "You don't, love me a bit!" she said. "Love you? I worship you sweetheart —darling!" The blonde head was brought against .he monly breast for the fifteenth time .md a soft ^clinging kiss was planted where it would do the most good, "Break away," came hoarsely from amid the feminine debris, What did you say, dearest?" "Come off!" in a'half smothered whisper. Why, darling, I never beard you ise such slang before. Don't." "I nevered saida word," she declared. It must have been—" and a terrible :read overcame her, I never thought—" she began, regret- ully. "You did—yes, you did!" "Way, who's that?" Both young people suddenly started way from the wall against which they been leaning, and stared at,the two antres of bright letter boxes and owlish- peaking tubes, 'Will you never come off down here?" . Ob, plague on it! That's Johnny," aid she, with deep disgust. "Our speak- j< tube's out of order—I forg?ot.'' Effects. First, we note the effect upon the king, LLea was the king exceeding glad." He r as allowed to borrow some of Daniel's ladness. A kiu^ is hardly likely to have s good a stock ot that on hand as a pro- hot, and so the latter, in a neighborly ay may help him out once in, a while. It ,.i liard to tell whether Darius was gladdened from bis loving interest in Daniel, or from the relief to his own conscience, or by the depree and kind of faith be had in Daniel's God, possibly all three. But it mast be a high joy to a sajnt wfeea )ie is nermiU d to bring happiness to those by wlwse ordei; fee w»9. pejeeculfd, And u CATS ON A TAliBBIAST BBUXK. HoW an Artist Got Jsven Whlth a Neighbor Who Played the Cornet. All gentleman afflicted with an aversion for rented chambers in town near a csle- brated artist. The latter was subject to agonizing headaches, which were intensely aggravated by his neighbor's persistent practicing on a cornet, or big fiddle, or some such instrument of ear splitting torture. He sent repeated messages, most politely praying for an interval of respite, but finding that his petitions were discourteously ignored, and being worried beyond endurance, he at last hit on a plan of revenue by enlisting a whole army of catallies in order to rout his foe. Knowing the extraordinary weakness of cats for valerian and its effects upon them as a maddening intoxicant, he went to the nearest chemist and invested in a large packet. This he sprinkled on the low roofs before the windows, and in a very short time the scent attracted all the neighbors' cats. Theso deliriously . de- lighcd at so abundant a store, speedly sent round invitations to ask their friends to come and share the bliss of getting thoroughly drunk. In less than up time whole regiments came trooping in and, the Domestic Monthly says, a wild orgy continued for hours. Thj wholp company were soon quite mad, fighting and mewling, dancing and scrambling, till the barbarian with the musical ear-rack was tearing his hair in a frenzy as wild as the cats. Soon a shower of rain washed the valerian into the courtyard below, so that whoever walked across it brought in particles on the soles of his feet and scented tho stairs, so the cats followed even to tho very chamber of the cat-hater, who thus was thorougly punished, while his neighbor was so enchanted at the success of his little ijamo that the headache was effectually banished. That Tired Feeling-, You 'cannot always toll what may be Its cause. Possibly it may be due to change of season, climate, or life; possibly to overwork or overstudy, to mental suffering, nervousness, or various bodily ailments. But there Is no mistaking Its effects. You know you feel "almost tired to death," without strength to do anything; ambition seems to be all gone, and its place indifference to how the world wags—an indescribable Ian- f uor and weakness. You have no appetite, o not care about food, and only eat because It Is the hour for eating, or from force of habit. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. Your condition must be changed at once, or like a ship drift- Ing with the inward tide, you will soon be dashed upon the rocks of Incurable disease and death. Rouse the torpid kidneys and liver, tone the digestive organs, create anew appetite, purify and vitalize (lie impure and sluggish blood, cure the headache und overcome all the prostrating effects of Tnat Tired'Feeling, by taking HOOD'S SAUSAPA- KILLA. It is just what you need, and to delay taking Is unwise. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is sold by druggists. $1; six for $5. Prepared by C. I. Hood ifcCo,, Lowell, Mass. Heniedy for Influnicd Eves. If the eyes are tire_d and inflamed from loss of sleep, by sitting up late or long travel, ripply in the morning soft white linen,dripping with hot wafer—as hot as you can bear it—laying the cloth upon the lids. You will feel the eyes strong and free from pain or distress in half an hour To destroy flies boil the parings of potatoes in a little water for an hour. Skim them out and boil the water down to a few tablespoonfuls. Sweeten with molasses and turn into plaMs. It ia a deadly poison. Another method is to steep quassia chips to a strong decoction, sweeten and proceed as above. IP you wish to do the easiest and quickest week's washing you ever did, try Dobbins' Electric Soap next washday. Follow the directions, Ask your grocer for it. Been on the market 34 years. Take no other. Gen. Grant's tomb at Riverside Parlc on the Hudson was buried under floral offerings on Memorial Day, many of which came from across the sea. Beit of All To cleanse the system in a gentle and truly beneficial manner, when the spring time comes, use the true and perfect remedy, Syrup of Flgs.One bottle will answer for all the family and costs only 50 cents; the large size $1. Try it and be pleased. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. Ulster men have threatened to march on Dublin and eject the llrst parliament which Bits there If name rule is granted. Blood Poisoning Mrs. Mary E. O'Fallon, a very Intelligent lady of I'lquo, Ohio, wns poisoned while assisting physioians at an autopsy five years ago, and soon terrible ulcers broke out on her head, arms, tongue and throat. Her hair all oame out. She weighed but 78 pounds and saw no prospect ot help. At last she began to take Hood's Bar- Mns.M. E. 0'GALLON. saparilla and at once im- FITS.—All Fits slDiipcil live i.j l!,; A'.'o (rfcat JVcnt Restorer. >'» Fit.- sil'li-r ll day's use. Mnvvclloii* vuix-*. ''rcnii*i.- a $a.OO trial bottle frue to Fit cnscs. Si-ml lo Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Philn., Pu. An oil syndicate, to rital the Standard, 1ms besn formed with a capital stock-of 92,600,000. _ We will give $100 reward for any case of catarrh that cannot be cured with Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken Internally. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, 0. No man is rich who is not contented. Trials never weaken us. They only show us that we are weak. LIKB OIL UPON TBOUBLBD WATEBS ts the Influence of HALB'S HONEY OF HOBBHOUND AND TAU upon a cold. ,.*PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS Cure In one Minute. • Farmers may often greatly Increase the capacity of common cows by supplying them with an abundance of rich, succulent food. HBISCIIAM'S PILM act like magic on tbe livt'i- nnd otlior vital organs. One dose re- llcvcs sick lip.ndnclie in 20 minutes. On tlin best British authority it lias been slnlcd that tho Canadian Pacific offers a I ire f ufa I) I o route for the transfer of troops in points on the Pacific. ". li«' Only Ono Kvev Prlutoit—Cnil You irinil I ho Word 7 Tlioru la n S-liiuli display adrerllserncilt in UIIR paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. The same is true of each ncwtinc appearing each week from Tho Dr. llarter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for It, send them the name of the word, and they will return yon nooif, BEAUTIFUL LITHOGRAPHS Or SAMPLES FllBB. Leyces along the Sacramento IIUTO broken, and quite an 'extent of farming land has been flooded in central California. Made to Look tike New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned. Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto Plctch's Dye Works, 210 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Jim Hall and Tad Prltchard have been matched to flght before the club giving the largest purse In London. CURES _3uunca .SCIATICA OARHEIDTEA BfB of bad oatincjcureB Sick Ilei Over, cornea results _ of bad eatincjcurea Sick Headache; r estoregComplexlon j curesConHt ipatloii. B.«d r.t FIH Bmijilt U 119 WM< itlb Slml, New ?«rt CtU. W> Offer You a Remedy urMeA Inenrt* Safety to IAf» of Mother atid Child. *l tf JJo&» Confinement of Ita fain, Horror and malt, , After oilnljne bottle of " Mother's Friend" 1 inffend but uttle pain, and mil not exporlenoa that Trnalmeu afterward usual In moh CR»M.—Urn, imia QiOK, Lunar, Mo., Jan. lath, 1891. Sent tor exprof" -thorffei prepaid, on receipt of L W per b3U__x Book to Mothers mailed tree. D SEOULATOU CO., ATLANTA, GA, SOLD BY AU. THERE ARE ONLY A FEW LEFT. Who can design and trim Children's Carriages that will compare with ours for beauty and strength 1 We enjoy the reputation of havlug tho liamlKomcBt designs o£ any carriage manufactured in the United States, nnd you can depend upon the prices being rosk bottom." Over one hundred designs to select from and all up to date. We are also manufacturers of Bicycles, llefrigcrators. He- dining and Invalid Hulling Ohairs, Ilollor Tap Peeks, &c., and offer liberal din counts to tho trude. Name goods desired uiul catalogue will be sent. LUBURO MFC. Co. Hos. 821, 328 & 826 North' 8th St.. Philadelphia, Pa. lEWIS' 98 PER CENT LYE lm Powdered and Perfumed. (PATENTED.) The itrongttt and pvrttt Lye mad», Unlike other Lyt, It being a line powder and packed IB a CM with removable lid, th» contcutl are »lwajs ready for DM. Will make the belt perfumed Hard Boap in 20 minutes without bfiHny. ft IB the best for clenninj WMM pipes, disinfecting xinkn, elo*«U, wgshiu? bottles, paints, trees, eU, PENNA. SALT MFG. CO., ,Geu. Agu., Phlltt., Fa, , ^^ ,' i \Mra.Allu8 Maple. Oregon, Mn., writBsi \ \l( I j"Myweii)itwas!MlJtmn(lfl, uowiU«l«6, , rnilnoltnn of lift Ihn." For oinmliiro u()iii'««s. with TO., 1,. .-> .. 1','VVIlfl'R «| t .Virlrt.r'«T<i.'lltrH. fllllcillM- III- 'ITie atldri'iwt iyi til wr 1 flier* who honidstecderl ft 16M of acres than 160 an* proved; could eoon gat out of bed and walk. She nr*t "I became perfectly cored by Hood's Sarsaparilla and am now well. I weigh 128 poundi, eat will and do the work (or a large family." Hood'* PlllH ahoold be In oven family medi- ••«*•••« ** "^ *^ • **% FIL.E6S. -">-• °^^^.,.».".^ SJ££^?Krr7.:'™: IT 1 Oil THE COST IS THE SAME. THE HARTMAN STEEL PICKET FENCE £?»&ul2.?%?i?$SM *wUr«x*rtn "August Flower' "One of my neighbors, Mr. Gilbert, has been sick for a long time. All thought him past recovery. He was horribly emaciated from th* inaction of his liver and kidney** It is difficult to describe his appear* ance and the miserable state of his health at that time. Help from any source seemed impossible. He tried your August Flower and the effect upon him was magical, ft restored him to perfect health to the great astonishment of his family and friends." John Quibell, Holt, Ont.» BE CAREFUL. More deep-seated colds, coughs unit similar maladies are caught in th* spring, especially in wet weather sucfc as we have been having, than at any other time. When you do take cold It is harder to be cured, because to almost all cases it attacks the kidneys, disables them, and thus lays the foundation for a long train of evil* When you are thus ulllictcd do not delude yourself with the Idea thai with the advent of warm weathaf you will soon be well, but get a bottle of REID'S GEKMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUBE and take it freely. D» not be afraid of It. It contains n« poison, and there is nothing in it that would harm oven tliu feeblest, but it is tlic best remedy in the world for all maladies that alTeel the excretory organs. Get it of any dealer, bu& don't allow him to give you arothing else in place of it. SYLVAN HKMISDY Co.. IVoria, 111. RELIEVES all Stomach Distress. REMOVES Nausea, Sanaa of CONGESTION, PAIR. REVIVES FAILING ENERGY. RESTORES Normal ClrcuIflUan. WABXI TO TOE TIPS. M. HAKTEB MEDICINE CO.. St. tortt. Btft TO PLEASANT PLACES. TO 2'JUE £ASTERN SUMMER RESORTS. Send for Tourist Folder. A., jr. SMITH. O. I'. & T. A., CLEVELAND. Patents! Pensions! Send for Inventor's Guide or How to Obtain a Potent. Bond for Digest of I'viiHlim uud Jtoiinty IMWB. 1'ntrlek U'JTnrrnil, IViisIiliiKtoii, I». C. C. X. West. Pass, Agent, CHICAGO. BARLOW'S BNDICO BLUE. Tlio Family Wash Blue, for tmle by Grocer*. $40,000,000 Earned by the Bell Telephone Patent In 1891. Youi • Intention may be valuable. You should protect it bj patent. Address for full and intelligent advice, fret • of charge, W. W. IHUOMCV A CO , Paclflc Bid',, 622 P St., N. W.B , Mention this paper. 0 Thf Oldttt Mtdlrtnt In tht World H DB. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATEI> EYE-WATER, Thie article i* • carefully prepared phyiiclan'i prescription, and has beun in constant n»« for nearly o century. There are few disease! to which mankind mr» subject more distremlng than ton *y«i, *n4 none, perhapi, for which more remedies have beei tried without sucueus. For all external Inflammation •f the eytm It 1» an infallible remedy. It the direo) tlons art followed it will never fail. We particularly Invite the attention of physicians to Us merits. Foi sal* by all druggists, JOHN L. THOMPSON, BOMB Established MOT. ruggists , N. Y. KILL HER! In the nick of time comes Dutohor'n fly Killer. Curtain death to Files. No more buzzing arouivd your euru, or diving at yonr nose, or collid* lug with your oyee. Use freely. Prevent reproduc tion uud tucure peace. M''JtUJ>'It Wittm CO,, St. AlbmiH, Vt. LOVELL DIAMOND CY Fbr'VtflM M0'fi«nt«- 81* i jnPneymatlo Cushion and Bo 4 fr»«?».!.?SM! f«V FWlW. ttlfJ CLES HdTtrdi, • SIQB'\ <n ? '''" 1 ' f ' RI PANS, TABULES regulate me Btoinac'li, livor (mil oowi'ls, purify t lie blood, uro tyiJfa «ud eirot'tual j Iho beat medicine knowu f or billoua- noas, coiistlpnUon, dycneimlu, foul lirefttb.bcadiiclio.moiitrJ denresslon. painful digestion, b;ul complexion, and oil diseuai-'s caused by fulluro of the titomucb, liver (u- bowels to per- 1 form tuelr proiier functlon». Puraoiia ulven to over-' eating aro Conefikwl by taking ami a/ier t'flcli meal.' Price, 89; simple, ICe. At DruKglitta, or sent by mall. KIPiNS OH15MIOAL CO.. 10 HIU-UCU St., Now York!; Of TH« HIQHKST K»oeri »nd Ro»d»t«rB fbieit Line in tat W*it. Writ* for C*t»lo<uc. W»nt«d. EzdvilY* Territory. Maaubctiuvf' V. D. OAlf 0E< (mvvrter uud - 9QS 8t»te 8«,| CHIOA«fO Ptoo'i mwedy to fi|t»r?b Beat. Saeletit to Daa, and Cbeapeet.

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