The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPmi DES M01N£S< ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY,. APRIL 22,1801. - __,.-,.—3 about to enter the field as a I producer 6f indigo. The soil and climate i,of parts ot the island are stated to be. favorable to the cultivation of the it's sometimes said patent medicines are for the ignorant* The doctors foster this idea. "The people," we're told, "are mostly ignorant when it Comes to medical science." Suppose they are I What ft sick man needs is not ktlowl* edge, but a cure, and the medi« cine that cures is the medicine for thf* sick. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cures the "do believes" and the "don't believes." There's no hesitance about it, no "if" nor "possibly." It says—" I can cure you, only do as I direct." Perhaps it fails occasionally, The makers hear of it when it does, because they never keep the money when the medicine fails to do good. l Suppose the doctors went JJQII that principle. (We beg *the doctors' pardon. It wouldn't do I) Choking, sneezing and every other form of catarrh in the head, is radically cured by Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Fifty cents. By -druggists. SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure fa without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every Lome ui the Uniled States and Canada. If you have » Cough, 'Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for tt will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough,.use it promptly, and relief k sure. If you dread that insidious dis:as« Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price lofts., "jo cts. at J (i.oo. If your Lungs are sore or 3ack lame, «se Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. SOLD IN ENGLAND for is. 1%<L, and in » AMERICA , for 85 cents a bottle. | It TASTES COOD.j HJU^M^*--^*-~~—-*«V^W ^%^»-^-»^*^^"'^^'^^* *•-'•*"— > Amilitii) into Nostrils it* Quickly &bnurl>fiU lleiiiisos tho Head, HtitiU i \j Soru* and Cures CATARRH fimtores Taste and Smell,quickly Believes Gold Iu Head and Headache. COo. at Druggliti. JCLY BROS., 66 Warren St.,N.Y. ,, first close often nstonislios theinvall<l, ;;' < f iii{j olaiiticlty of mind, bouyoncy of body, GOOD DIGESTION. regular bowels and solid (tesh. Price, 85o. WALL White blanks, 4c> to 0;:; Gilts 80 to 85a; Km- bouBsd CM ltd, llio to Sue. Iwlll soud you the most populur ooloi-inB J » and SAMPLES SENT FBKH ot BinlnR patterus with borders and coilingB to match, Due hull million rolla ot- l\>rod at wholesale prlcei, uaruntco to eavu you money. ALF1UOI) . ^aporMciri'haut, 147-149 W.Maclisou-iit.,Ohlca({0. The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. WIB PUB UNION 15—16. MOONLIGHT. Plctnre by Chilcle The jnlntation oi the moonlit air, Night's dewy breath, the fragrance of the tjrine, The waste of moving waters everywhere, The whispering of waves,—a hnsn divine,— I ea«nies of soft murmuring dusk to the sea's rim. The inmilte, illimitable sky, Wherein the great orb of the moon on high In stillness down the quite deep doth swim; Behold the awl'nl beauty of the night, The solemn tenderness, the peace profound, The mystery,—God's glory In the light And darkness both,—his voice In every sound! Be silent and behold where nnnd In hand Great nature and great art together stand! Celia Thaxter, In the Century. EVER THUE. of iE WEATUBRBY. Joyous «t heart as a summer day A lassie eland? by the meadowy way And wanders in worlds that know nothing fear— "Will you be true, love, will yon be true? Will you love me as 1 love you? Will love grow etronsrer as years roll on? And be truest when youth and beauty have gone? Will jou be true, love, will you bo true)"' Joyous at heart on their wedding morn Husband anil wife walk homo through the corn, And each seems to hear the old-time song, • As, hand in hand, they wnndor along: "will you bo true, love, will you bo true? Will yoa love me as I love you? Will love grow stronger as years roll on? And be truest when youth and beauty are gone? Will you be true, love, will you bo truu?" Joyous at heart when their hair Is gray, Husband and wife together stray, And hand clasps hand as they pass along, And tho heart of each Is glarf with song; "You havo been true, love, you have been true I Loving me well us I hnvo loved you, And time and change and good and ill Unve linked us closer and closer still— Hearts ever true, love, hearts ever true." THE ETCH IN DIAMONDS. Arthur Staugato, afctorney-at-ltuv, was my brother. lie had f.ucc-edcd| to my iather's business, and no name was more esteemed and trusted in all Bunuington, and Runnington was a richjand important, place. My brother's offices were in the town, two miles distant; but he did almost as much business among the gentry at his own private house. Most of the great folks employed him; but his best client \v as Sir Etchin Eckford, acidevant Indian judge, very wealthy, and the possessor of some rare costly jewels, known in the country as the Etcbiu diamonds. Their name makes me shudder now. One evening as Arthur was preparing to return to his office, where important bu:-i- ness would deem him all night, Sir Etchin's groom left a parcel, with a note. The latter stated that the former contained the famous Etchi diamonds, which the owner thought safest to entrust in Arthur's care, as he had been unexpectedly called to London. "1 don't care what deeds they leave with me," said my brother; "but 1 don't like such trusts as these. Still, I suppose I must keep them." Of course he could not send them back; so, taking the parcel, he at once proceeded to his duty to lock it in the iron safe. 1 went with him, and with a woman's curiosity • and love for jewelry, besought a peep at the gems before they were put away. Arthur, the best brother in the world, instantly removed the paper covering, disclosing a square morocco box, brassbound, with a key tied to the bundle. They were indeed, magnificent, set in the massive Indian fashion; while many of the diamonds were yet uncut. One by one, bracelets, bangles, necklets, Arthur Sifted and flashed in'the lamplight before my dazzled vision. He was holdin^ a superb emerald and diamond necklet in his hand, for my admiration wlien happeningjto raise my head, a cry of alarm burst from, my lips. "What is it, Nell?" asked Arthur. "The man!" I replied. "See! the window is uncurtained, and I am sure 1 saw a man looking in from the tree outside." "Nonsense!" cried Arthur. Nevertheless he flung up the window, called and gazed in every direction. There was nothing—not a sigh, not a sound; and he fastened the catch and dropped the curtain. As, however, he was about to put away the diamonds 1 said, "Arthur, would it not be better to place tkem in the safe in your bedroom?" He agreed in the advisability, and looked them up- then having cautioned me to see well to the house fastening and asked again if I waa really not frightened to remain alone a night with only the servants Jane and Jenkins, he left for town. I saw everything secure and went early to bed locking Arthur's bedroom, and taking the key with me. It was longbefore I slept. When I did I was almost immediately aroused by a slight sound at the door. 1 asked who was there. Jane's voice answered in a cautious whisper. Seeing something was wrpng, rising, I admitted her. No sooner had she entered than quickly closing, she refastened the door, _and exclaimed in accents of terror, ''0 miss! what shall we do? Forinercy's sake make no noise— don't get a light. Burglars are breaking into the house, and 1 am sure Jenkins is their accomplice." "Burglars!" I cried. Then the thought of thy face flashed across me. "Gracious powers!'' 1 exclaimed; "they are after the Etchin diamonds!" I saw it all. The groom's errand had been divined, my brother's absence was known, and, by Jenkins' treacherous aid, the place was being attacked. I dropped, stunned, on the bed. Then 1 started up. At any cost—even life—the diamonds entrusted to Arthur must be saved. Bur-, riedly I dressed, and while doing so, heard tho soft sound of persons moving in the house. "Jane," I said, having explained all to the faithful girl, "I must get Sir Etchin's diamonds." "How, miss? If you go into the passage they'll kill you." "True; therefore I must get out by the window. They will not hear, for they believe the box is in the study, and _it will take them long to discover their mistake." Opening the window I got out on to the veranda. How fearfully it sloped! Could I do it? Yes. by pressing my feet against the gutter. Slowly I went, foot by foot, until I reached Arthur's window. My heart leaped as I found it unfastened. Quickly 1 entered, opened and relocked the iron safe, and, with the diamonds, more slowly, and with greater difficulty, returned. Reaching my own room, I did not enter; for what could two helpless women do against strong, evil men, bent on plunder? Instead, I ordered Jane to tear a sheet into shreds, having attached which to the box, I bade her lower it to me, after I descended by the trellis. She did as I directed; then joining .np, we, carrying the box between us, ran from the house. WP had not gone a dozen yards before dread of pursuit, and having the diamond* wrested from us, possessed me. "Jane," I suid, this will never do. Lot us make for the hollow oak. We can put the box in that; they'll never find it before help conies." Hastening in the direction together we managed to raise the bos high enough to reach the hole, and I toppled it m. It fell with a heavy thin!; I knew it was safe. I then told Jane to run to the Hawthorns, the nearest house, and arouse the people, and bring some of the male servants back. She wanted me to go with her, but I dare not leave the neighbohood of the tree, lest any miserable chance should Joccnr for the burglars finding the treasure. Oouchintr among the bushes some yards off, I bade the girl hasten. il Scarcely had she gone when a noise attracted my attention. My flight with the jewfs was discovered. My heart stoo'.l still, and the blood in every vein turned cold. With Jenkins, ttere were three of them. Through the darkness I saw they were beating and searching the bushes, rimy had guessed we could not curry the box far, and evidently were in hopes of finding it before help came. Twice, thrice, they approached to near to where I was, that my hair stood on end. The fourth time it was Jenkins himself— 1 knew him despite his crape irask—that drew aside the branches and discovered me. With a cry 1 endeavored to fly; but the burglars "instantly secured me. Hardly can I describe the scene that followed; it makes my skin now creep with horror. They looked around for the box, and not finding it, with awful oaths and threats bade me say where it was. My only n\ply was to shriek aloud, until they checked me by blows; and finally by placing u pistol to my head: 1 implored mercy, but 1 remained firm. I felt my sense leaving me; they, too, saw it. and by twisting my arms, to create exquisite torture, aroused me. At last one exclaimed, "It won't do to fire. It'll bring others upon us Gng her and take her along dow n to the kike. "To the lake!" What were thoy going to do? Drown me! My brain swam; but I resolved to remain firm, and save the diamonds. Reaching the edge of tho water the villains, taking mo by the shoulders, laid me back in the lake, pressing my head beneath. My mouth being gagg?d I could not cry out, and never shall forget the horrible sensation. Surely 1 tasted death then! Every few seconds they raised me to do- mand the whereabouts of the diamonds. 1 answered by a shake of the head. How long all this lasted I cannot tell; but abruptly a fearful noise sounded in my ears—I felt the water was rolling over me. and I was conscious no more. The immersion caused the most curious sensation I ever felt in my life before 1 became unconscious. My breath went and came at fitful intervals, and I had a painful sense of smothering or suffocation, which paralyzed my brain and deadened all knowledge of the power of volition. • I could not speak for the life of me, neither was I able to offer the slightest resistance to vny tormentors. When I came to I was in my own room. Arthur was noar me, and the first words he said were. "My brave Nellie! You have saved the Etchin diamonds. The help Jane brought arrived just when the ruffians flung you in the 1 dee; but they are all captured!" It was a considerable time before I thoroughly recovered from the nervous fever that awful night occasioned. One day Arthur came to me smiling. "See, clue- ling!" he said, "those villains brought a few threads of silver to jour hair; but"— and he held up a magnificent bracelet—"they have put gold on your wrists. The Baronet asks you to accept this for your bravery in preserving tho Etchin diamonds." Over in Jersey a small girl's pet hen was sadly cut off in her prime, leaving a young family of chickens. Going out next morning tfce child found to her delight that they had been taken in hand by a large-hearted hen, and running to her mother the little girl exclaimed with,delight: "Don't you think the hen is a real King's daughter to take care of my little chickens y"—Philadelphia Record. Burlington Hawkey: It is not. looking others in the face that proves a man's •courage, it is the strength to look himself in the free. Host ThonirM*. Live rip to the level of ronrbest thought; keep the line of your life tense :>nd trnp: it is but, a thread; but it belong^ to tho groat republican wrap whore time is woav- inir a rmtion. You cannot altor its at- hichmnnt yonder to tht> past— no yonder to tlin unrollingyoar-'. And if yon would broidor f nch thing there a* will stand fast, and curry your name worthily upon tho roll of history, TOU will have peed of .Ml your -energy to darp; all your cultivation to refine; nil your charity to ennoble. FITS.— All Fits storpsiHrtohr DR. Is'rnvK KKSTOHER. I<o Fitn after Unit dny's HI>«. Mnr- tclloud curcB. Trentlto nnd fJ.UO trinl bottlo free ta Fit ciiBGB. Send to l)r. Kllno, 981 Arch SU, Fhlln., PH. Mrs. Tjinirtry lias now nltnlncd Uic r.onlth of liUtrionie jrlory. In "Lady Barter" she wears the largest, sleeve ever seen In a dross. Catarrh Cnn't bo Cnred with LOCAL, APPLICATIONS, M they cnn. not reach the sent of the disease. Catnrrli is a blnnd or constitiitionnl disease, nnd In order to pure tt you Imve to take Internal remedies. Hnll's Catarrh Cure IB tnkun Internally, and acts directly on tlio blood find mucous surfaces. Hall's Catnrrli Cure Is no qnnok medicine. It wns prescribed by onu of the best physicians In this country for years. and is n regular prescription. It IB composed of tho best tonics known, combined with tho best, blood purlllcrs, ncliiiK directly mi tlio mucous surfaces. Tho perfect combination of the two ingredients is what produces Btli-li wonderful results In curing ciilarrh. Send for testimonials free. F. .1. CHUNKY & CO., Props., Toledo, 0. Sold by Druggists, price Tfic. _ Germany has nn army recruit who IB 7 ti-i-t. 2!f inches tall. If Kinperor William was himself as tall he might place a chip on his shoulders and eonlUlonUy defy all thu petty potentates of Kurupu to knock It off. ml 18H5. Dresses, Gents's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, eli 1 .., Dved or Cleaned. Plush Garments Steamed tit Otto Pietch's Dye Works, !MO Scud for Circu- W. Water St., Milwaukee. lar. St. Louis IIM established » home for broken-down bachelors. This makes the home of everything broken.down complete. "BROWN'S BHONCHIAL TROCHES" •re widely known as an admirable remedy for Bronchitis, Hoarseness, Coughs and Throat troubles. Hold only in boxei. Delia Peck, of Cooksvllle, Pa., aged 18, tips the beam nt 370 pounds. Delia may be culled, In the language of the poet, "quite a lump of sweetness." _' , i ln.'.-l i-DU.y'li HK-ilK-iiiu is I'ii'o's Cure fin t uii-iiiimliim. Sold I'vi'i'vwhure. 25c. Thomas Heard, a Santa Fe employe at Kansas City, was killed by accidentally touching a live electric wire. If Dobbin's Electric Soap i's what so ninny Insist that It Is, you can not afford to £'» without It. Your grocer has it, or can gel 11, and you can decide for yourself very soon. Don't lot another Monday pass without try. Ing it. A Chinese railroad company is to use American locomotives on Its lino. If it keeps American water out of Its stock itn success is complete. To IHxpol OoltlH. ITcndnckcs and fevers, to cleanse the system I'lTeelnnlly, yet gently, when costive or bilious, or when the blood in Impure, or siuyu'ish, to permnnenlly cure haniUm! constipation, to awakuit the kidneys mid liver lo :i liuulthy activity,without Irritating or weak- uning them, use Syrup of I'lgs. II, is alleged that "the llnlu is tho oldest of musical instruments." Some Darwin ought to inform us how man's vocal organ was evolved from It. No Matter How Html Any druggist tries to sell you his <vwn cough medicine, remember ho does it because ho makes more money on it. Insist on having Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungn. for there Is no cough remedy BO pure and nono BO quick to brpak up a cold. For in- llnenza, soreness of the throat and tickling irritation, with constant cough, Kemp's Balsam is an immediate cure. Largo bottles 50e. and $1. At all druggists. I Tlie ovci."ters of Harvard college recently .voted against shortening the course in that institution. BEECHAM'S PIM.B euro Slck-IIoailaclio. Antonio Gnerni and NJeliolns Devntl, rival peanut venders at Syracuse, N. Y., got Into a quarrel and Dovlta wns fatiilly shot. CRUELTY to children: tsenlns thorn alukly, mill oi'OHH, uiul luiliii|{ to glvo t.hom ill's Worm DoHtriiyiiivi, a iioilii-Iuu. Bv mail, liO cents. Juhn ; Ohio. W h en S o "M a n y P e o p 1 e Are taking and praising Hood's Sarsaparilla as their Spring Medicine, having become convinced that it is by far the best, the question arises It yourself? Possessing just those blood purifying, building-up, appetite-giving qualities ' which are so important in A Spring Hedicine It is certainly worthy a trial. A single bottle taken according to directions will convince you of the merit in, and make you a warm friend of, Bold by all druggiata. $lt Bix for $3. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Musa. IOO Doses One Dollar Sold by all driiKI'JxtH. $1; nil for |9. Prepared onl I by CI. 1. 11001) d. CO.. Lowell, Milan. IOO Doses One Dollar PAINLESS •W WORTH A GUINEA'A _... For BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS Such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Fullness and Swelling after Meals, Dizziness, and Drowsiness, Cold Chills,Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Scurvy, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Neri/ous and Trembling Sensations, &c, THE FIRST DOSE WILL GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. > BEECHAM'S PILLS TAKEN AS DIRECTED fiESTORE FEMALES TO COMPLETE HEALTH. For Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc,, thoy ACT LIKE MAGIG, Strengthening the muscular System, restoring long-lost Com* pkxlon, brluflng buck the keen edge of appetite, and arousing willi the ROSEBUD Of HEALTH Ilio whole physical energy vf the human frame. One of tlio boat guarantees '" " BEECHAM'S PILUS HAVE THE LARGEST SALt OF -VASELINE A OXK-MOM.AH 1UM, unit n. by o will dfllttftr, frep of all ohnrjro?, to any pff.o tho Unltfil Stntet, nil of thu followlnu »rtlol««, c. fully packed i One tno-ouHcn bottle of Fiiv« VnnnUnn, • • 1C One two-onnco l>ottlr of VmieHue Pomndw, • 1-* One jnr of Vn«ellni» OoUl Crpiun, ..... U One Onko of VnntOtno Tnmphor lrt», .... lit OneCnkoof V«nnltnii Smi|i, Hiiictm!"!!. • • »' OneCnkeof Vimellni>S.o:ip. c'xqiii-.!l"ly «i-«n'i'.t...'i One two-onncB botiU of \\ IvUa Vum >:.i.n. • • ..'• $1 h> Of fi>i' )in*tapf stamp* mil/ sinfflf nr'Mf ff "' .•'•••• naaiftl. On »» net-mint df tiersn-.tini ',' "••• ••;•' ' • •' ytnir rfrt/(/f7'S'( (injf rrw//Mi» f- fit r!>'tr>i:t m I/-,,. from uiilexx lubflltd trittt tint' mnti*. ,'>.• .;,iv. v< '' ' ro'Mfntprei'eftx aw (mllnltiin i//.ir.'i ,V'» (.«'• ••• •• rafur. Mfc. tk , 8-1* SI.. N V , . w, X V\ lr >' "'-"''I' 1 "-'•"••'•••>• \u, t.r'r: 1 ;;:;..;.::.- 1 .;-.; Iliad been Iroulilcd five rnonfhfft T)yr;vv.ia. The doctors to3& in - it \v;.: -hrotiic. I had a fullness* iftcr e.Uim, ;;v,d a heavy load in the* pit of my stomach. I suffered frequently from a Water Brash of deac matter. Sometimes a deathly Siafc- iiess at the Stomach v;ouldovcrtalae me. Then again I v.-ouhl have the- terrible pains of Wind Colic. At. such times I would try to belch at«5i could not. I was working theafetr Thomas McIIenry, Druggist, Cor- Invin ntul \Vcstcrn Avc., Allegheny City, Pa., in whose employ I had been for seven years. I/inally I xtSfrcL August Flower, and after using jostt one bottle for two weeks, was entirely relieved of nil the trouble. I cnn now cat things I dared not tottdfet before. 1 would like to refer you te*Mr. McIIenry, for whom I worked, who knows all about my condition^. and from whom I bought the medicine. I live with my wife and family nt ;,o James St., Allegheny City,PlL Signed, JOHN D. Cox. Q> G. G. GKU I-N Sole Manufacturer, . Womlbury, New Jersey, U. S. JL. A cough or cold -4 is a spy which has I stealthily come inside I the lines of health ' and is there to discover some vulnerable point in the fortification of the constitution which un- guarding your well-being. That point discovered the spy reports it to the enemy on the outside. The enemy is the changeable winter climate. If the cold gets in, look out for an attack at the weak point. To avoid this, shoot the spy, kill the cold, using SCOTT'S EMULSION of pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites •• of Lime and Soda as the weapon. It is an expert cold slayer, and fortifies the system against Consumption* Scrofula^ General Debility, and all Ancemic and Wasting Diseases (specially in Children). Especially helpful for children to prevent their taking cold. Palatable aS- Milk. SPECIAL.—Scott's Rmttlslon Is non-secret, and Is proscribed by.the Modlcul Profession all over tho world, because Its Ingredients are scientifically combined in such a manner as to greatly Increase their remedial value. CAUTION.—Scott's Emulsion IB put up In salmon-colored wrappers. Be suro and get tho genuine. Prepared only by Scott & Bowno, Manufacturing Chemists, New York. Sold by all Druggists. SMItfWr.? ^-%;S^ <$££,$' proverb bet-rue, SAPOLIO is greater l-hart... royalty it-self: Try i l v Fn you r nexb houae-cle&rurtg: Grocers keep ih DO YOU LIVE IN GREASE? ^^ As a true patriot and citizen you Bhould naturalize yourself by xising the best inventions of the day for removing euch a eharga. . To live iu Grease is utterly unnecessary when SAPOLIO is soldi. •' L^all the stores, and abolishes grease and dirt. CHIUHESTER'S bNtiUSH, IttO (SltOKl, W^ DIAMOND fl/M/VO All |>UlH In p *lo. In ft(uii|'-< Tor |.iirtlc'il:irJ, ' 'Hiln I 0, 0(1(1 'I'-:, Ih. ion I, ill. :'<\'nc l',il''.r. Hi-Ill l.j ull l.oi'ii' l»ruir(jl«l». . . C n i(- M I ISO'8 HKMKUY FOB C'ATAllliII.--K«t • (Jticapeat. Kelltsl la iiiiiiu-i).,itp. A Cold In the Head It has no o<|u;U. It Is an Ointment, of which :i small |iriril'-le noaUlLv Prtco.600, Sold by druirjflf-'.' 1 »v f' -I ' r Addrnw. K. T ii »TIT-TI THE NEW MUSIC PALACE, 453, 450, 457, 460, 461, 403 WathlnKton Street, in the tiftot trad* o«ntr* W Bo*ton, U the prtmuni central e«Ubll>lua>iit at OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, and Inoltuloa an elegant large retail «tor» ot TV f**t fromt, Plftuo Purlori of great beauty, aa4 laau; Uallu, wurorooma uud ofUceB 4evoted lo tbe otorlnf and nalti of thu lurgtiHt Htock ot Vtulc on (he oou- tlneut, and of ever/ kuown Baud, Orehentral or other iiiHtruuiuDt. Tbe Store from iti iltDation, li acc««lble to all muiilu loveru iu eastern MauttaohuvetU, aaii, bj lu DiiiverHiil EjrKleiu of fidvttrtliing, mailing of li«t« •nd outulonue», eitvueire oorreHpoadeuue, and urouint uiuiliug and expremiluK 9t goodii ordered, pructfcully wtuudv itt the door of ever/ village home. »nd IB u aolghber to alt the Mattered (aria*houaM 9< the whole couutr/. Corrttpond Pretty for Litli, Information »r tfutieri Vor Clilldron. Motion Song* [S6o., fj.28 ao*.] Bordmuu. Golden Uoat [M ot^J HU« OLaat. Huclul MngliiK;. College Boogt [M <*«.] 90 foag*. MOUK t;ollr<Mloii». Bong Clnwlo*, Vol. I [)!.] CO tout;*. Ohoicu t>uor«d Boio» [|1.J M*ong«. Piano <;ullcclluau. Popular I'Uno Collection [»i] ^7 pc*. Popular Bauc* Collect'n [»L] M pw. Mailed pott paid on rtceiptof abovtpricu. liTPW <fc EPSAJjY, OWoago. OLIVEE DITSOJJ COMPANY, Boston. " MY WORK SHALl BE PERPETUATED." The perpetuation of Mrs. I'luklwm's work \n>8>guarded by her foresight from the start. Jirtw.' BUll'eriug woinuu upplylug to her receivedprowa** attention, anil the iletallj of every case were »*.- cordvd. These records are to-day the lunfestltti. tbe world, contain facts not found els«wUc«v. now opeu to ull woiueii. '

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