The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1891
Page 5
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THE tJPPER DBS MOINES: ALQONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 181)1. AHRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OP TRAINS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE 4 ST. PAUL. West—Pass.— East—Pass.— No. 1 0:02 a mNo. 2 10:20 a m No. 3 4:37pmNo.4 9:30pm Freight— Freights No. 9 7:15 a in No. 8 ll:S5pm No. 13! ll:45amNo. 14 2:30pm No. 5 8:17pmNo. 10 12:15 am North— CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN ^IUll'11 OUUl'U Elmore pass..4:05 p m Elmorepass 12:20 p m St. Paul frt.. .0:55 a m DesMoinesft 7:35 p m South— THE CITY. Towhsend & Langdon are in the oil ring. Read their advertisement. The regular meeting of the reading room society comes Friday afternoon. Jas. Young has bought the old Alden Hawkes house near Dr. Read's place. Arbor day conies Friday. It should be observed by individuals as well as schools. . The law business is picking up; there are two cases set for today before our justices. R. J. Hunt was taken sick Sunday with his old trouble. He will soon bo out again. Marriage licenses have been issued to Joel Johnson and Nellie DoFoe, John Butler and Nanny O'Brien. Rev. Whitflold intends to discuss the relations of the church to tho labor question in tho near future. A full plate of false teeth wore found last week and left at this office. Owner can have them by paying for notice. The city fathers were over inspecting the town well last week. It is now so full of bad air that a light won't burn in it. '<! P. L. Slagle has bought the Lacy harness business. He is a good workman, and will make a success of the business. T. H. Conner was over at Mason City last week and bought 60 car loads of stone for the foundation of the Spencer block he is building. • The Storm Lake 1 Tribune says: " Mrs. Alderman of Algona is visiting her sister, Mrs. Aldrich, who has been quite sick for some time past." Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Fill are rejoicing over the advent of a bouncing girl baby, which arrived Monday. Ol. wears a more than usually pleasant smile. While the others are selling oil cheap, Carter comes out with some fancy figures on flour and groceries. Now is the time to buy in Algona. We are authorized to announce that Algona has the champion checker player of tho county. If anyone cares to contest, a little purse can be raised. The Juvenile Mission band will give a candy pull at Mrs. John Grove's, Thursday evening. All under 15, five cents: over 15, ten cents. All are invited. A. H. Langdon, who is working with the Milwaukee company, is in Iowa looking over the road bed from Savannah to Council Bluffs. He is a railway expert. Carter's delivery wagon attracted attention yesterday as tho team ran through town with it. It was overturned on Call street but not seriously damaged. All stock owners will read with interest the notice in this issue about the A. A. Call pastures. They are so conveniently located that the demand for them is very great. The M. E. Aid society will meet, Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Gardner Cowles. Business meeting for election of officers at 4. A cordial invitation is extended to all. The county superintendents' district meeting will be held at LeMars the last of this month. Superintendent Carey will attend at that place, and take part, in the proceedings. Mr. Wright, the purchaser of the Joslyn farm in Cresco, has taken possession. He comes with a good supply of stock, and will have one of the best farms in the county. The oil war is not local. It is between the two great tank lines, the Standard Oil and Excelsior. It is reported that at Kansas City oil has gone as low as one cent a gallon. Old oil cans that haven't seen oil for five years are making their way to the stores for oil. Everything that will hold is being made use of by the people who are laying in a supply cheap. J. R. Jones has added the hard wood lumber business to his wigwam, J. A. Hamilton will travel and buy and sell. Mr. Jones will take charge of the yard, which is on the wigwam lots. .,«fi- Some one last week paid Jas, Orr in advance for painting. He says he has 1 worked many years but this is his first experience of this kind, and he believes the country is getting prosperous. Frank Chase of Cedar Falls will visit Algona next week some time in the interests of the world's fair exhibition. He is trying to secure an exhibit from every county for the state exhibit. Parties unknown broke the glass in the Northwestern depot windows Saturday night, and got inside, then unlocking the door picknicked as long as they chose and left without doing any further damage. R. Bowman, who has been lying in jail awaiting the action of the grand jury for the fight with Win. Nolan, was released last week on the payment of a fine of $40 and costs. Bowman promptly paid the fine. A subscription was circulalied last week in town towards building tte German Lutheran church in Plum Creek township. The new church is to "be located just north of A. L. Seeley's, and will be built this season. Our driving park men are corresponding with Emmetsburg, and it is possible our races will come July 11-12, and that Emmetsburg will hold races earlier in the week. Letters are also passing with Eagle Grove and Humboldt. The foundation is in for Fred Foster's new honse, and both A. L. and W. E. Naudain are building fine additions to; their homes. Fred will have a very attractive home if the building is as convenient as the foundation promises. The city council re-adopted the ordinance ordering bicycles off the side- yralks, at their meeting last 'week, and the boys aue-doing all the Hiding 'they 1 can before the law is put into effect. / few bicycles might be all right. Bu the council decided they were getting: too thick. Besides legally the bicycle is a road machine and it is a question whether the city would not be liable i" anyone was hurt by one on the walks. Dr. Savers was called to Bancroft on Monday by order from the state Veter inary. He went to Garner yesterday to inspect the hydrophobia cases reportec there. A number of animals arc re ported to have been bitten lately bj mad dogs. The Pocahontas Record says: "Mrs, W. A. McNee WHS voted the'most popular lady in Laurens, at the close of a musical entertainment on April 4, unc was presented with a valuable book.' Our Algona girls take the premium everywhere. Chas. Laage lost two valuable hire dogs three weeks ngo, and advertiset for them in THE UPPER DBS MOINES, offering §5 reward. Last week the dogs came back of their own accord in response to the notice. Who says advertising does not pay? The meetings at the Congregational church are drawing full houses. Sunday evening the Methodists and Baptists joined in a union mooting. Messrs. Smead and Petran will hold meetings every afternoon and evening this week, to which all are invited. Sunday next, April 2G,?isthe seventy- second unnivorsay of the founding ol the first lodge of Odd Follows in this country. The members of the Algona lodge have accepted an invitation from Rev. Bowen to attend morning service at St. Thomas' church. There are 05 more pupils in the main school building now than a year ago. At the depot school there is also an increase. The growth is a real one and shows that our population is not only growing, but very rapidly. There are now 465 pupils in the central building. A goodly delegation of shooters went to Eagle Grove, Monday night, for the tournament there. Sundstrom and Steinburg came from Bancroft, and Messrs. Smith, Durant, Sessions, and West joined them here. Eagle Grove is having a big meeting which closes today. Hogs are up a little in the local market being worth $4.50@4.75. Wheat remains at 80@90c, with none coming in. Corn is 55@00c; oats, 47@ 50c; barley, 60c; and hay worth any price. Mr. Wilson says the prospects for this fall are for averaging high prices. The McMurray insurance case was appealed to the supreme court last week by the company. The result will be watched with interest as several important questions are involved which affect all insurance policies. Mr. McMurray says he will rebuild if he wins his suit. H. J. Edens was elected by Company F last Thursday evening to take the second lieutenancy left vacant by J. O. Reaver. Cigars and congratulations closed the meeting. As first seargent, Mr. Edens has been a hard worker for the company and the promotion was fully deserved. A second edition of the Van Voast- Lovell dispute was heard before Justice Taylor Monday. It seems that Lovell detained a lot of clothing, etc., for debts owed by Van Voast. Mrs. Van Voast brought a replevin suit through Geo. E. Clarke, and secured the the goods. J. C. Raymond appeared for Lovell. A now building promised for the season is a Methodist parsonage. A subscription has been circulated and quite liberally signed, and as soon as §1,000 is secured work will begin. It is the intention is to build near the church, and to put up a convenient house. This is an improvement the church is in serious need of, and should be made at once. Patterson Bros, advertisement this iveek calls attention to itself. For a iumble in oil we commend their prices. Nothing like it has ever been seen in ihe county, or is likely to be again. Now is the time to get oil. When the best grades are nine and a half cents a jallon, and sugar five cents a pound, it .ooks as though Patterson Bros, and McKinley had combined to help us out. S. I. Plumley had a runaway last week that was a runaway. His new ieam got out without their bridles and went first to the Lund farm, and • then around on the Milwaukee track, and then turned north, landing in D. Rice's barn. Sam followed them all the way with another team, and had a half day's chase in the mud. He thinks his new team has lots of gumption and will prove valuable for work, J. C. Blackford had County Surveyor Hutchins out Saturday surveying the hill where the proposed cut is to bo made leading to the Blackford bridge. We have not learned what figures he made. It is Mr. Blackford's idea that the same grade can be secured much cheaper by putting the work : on the old road, than by cutting thrdugh on McGregor street. We understand that the results of Mr. Hutchins' work will be laid before the board. ; The odd fellows of this district hold their annual meeting next week at Emmetsburg on Tuesday, It is estimated that forty members and wives will attend from Algona, while from Wesley and other places in this vicinity a large number will also go. This meeting commemorates the-72nd anniversary of the order in this country and will be observed all over the world. A fine programme of exercises is prepared 'for the Emmetsburg meeting, The case of alleged assault in Lu- Verne referred to last week was '• tried before 'Squire Taylor, Thursday. The complainant was Mrs. Van Voast, whose mari'iage and the charge of bigamy against Van Voast at the time, occasioned, so much public talk. The defendant was a son of Supervisor Lovell, and is the LuVerne landlord, The examination did not disclose facts warranting the justice in holding Lovell and the case was dismissed. Lovell was defended by W. B. Quarton and J. C. Raymond, An effort is being made to have Kossuth make an exhibit at the state fair. Col. Spencer has consented to take his Jersey cattle, some hogs are already promised, and other samples of our stock and produce will be .secured. S. S, stirring in the matter, and he should have no difficulty in getting a ear of the county's best. In hogs, poultry, cattle, horses, and everything else we have individual samples that cannot be beaten. A fine butter exhibit can be made if each creamery will contribute a tub, and nothing would better advertise the county. The city council held a meeting Saturday evening and organized as aboard of health. This gives them much greater authority in ordering manure piles cleared up, etc., and they began by ordering several lots removed within five days. Dr. Sheetz was made the president of the board, and Dr. McCoy was elected physician of the board. The intention is to use every endeavor to keep Alsrona free from disease breeding filth. Superintendent Carey sends us the following notice: The blanks for the report of the secretaries have been sent out. We would like to have them filled out and returned within the next ten days. This cannot be done unless each sub-director files his contract with the president for approval. Please do not retard the work of the superintendent by neglecting this matter. If you have not time to take your contract you can send it to the president by mail and thus facilitate the work of the secretary. This is the season of bad i-oads, but part of the badness is inexcusable. On the two main roads leading west there are almost impassable holes, One is between the Wadsworth farm and the old Cal. Hcckart place. The other is in tho lano just west of the Clock farm. Even in the worst weather those ro;uls should bo passable, for they accommodate nearly all tho travel east and west. But now they are as bad as any unused track on tho prairie. It is time the attention of the public was directed to tho need of good roads, and that at least on main-traveled linos something permanent is done. Furniture nud Supplies For school houses, churches, and opera houses. School furniture and supplies a specialty. " The best is tho cheapest," and tho Crown desk leads tho world. For descriptive circulars and prices write to J. E. Paul, Bancroft, Iowa, agent for Kossuth county.-8&5 LIVE pigeons—600 wanted. See S. S. Sessions or John G. Smith. I HAVE a light-weight rubber that is very nice. F. S. Stough. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Frank Nicoulin is in Mason City this week visiting. Mrs. R. H. Spencer is in Dos Moines visiting her. daughter. D Mrs. Geo. E. Fuller went to Emmetsburg, Mdriday for a visit with friends. Miss Lenetto Wilson is homo from Des Moines, where she has spent the winter. E. H. Slaglo goes to Dubuquo tomorrow to be examined on his mail route business. B. A. Myers surprised his friends by coming in from Chicago Monday. He stays a few days. Hugh Smith was up from Goldfield to spend Sunday at home. He took in the printing office while up. Chas. Slagle and family are up from Sutherland on a visit. Charlie is now agent for the Northwestern at that place. MrSi Hay ward, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. R. B. Warren, for the past six weeks, returned to Whitewater, Monday. G. W. Pangburn was down from Elmore Monday to see about getting trees at our nursery. Elmoro bought 800 trees last year in Algona. A nephew of Jas. Callanan of Des Moines is staying at Bancrof, and wast an Algona visitor last week. Ho will in Bancroft some weeks. Mrs. J. O. Reaver came home with ler mother last Friday for a week's visit. She enjoys her home in Knoxville, and J. O. enjoys tho newspaper justness. Mr. Tromanhauser of St. Paul visited ais uncle, J. R. Jones, over Sunday. 3e and a brother have just completed a 5125,000 contract of putting a mill at Memphis, Tenn. Prof. Dixson and Miss Lizzie Wallace start for Monticello tomorrow. The state declamatory contest comes Friday evening, and they are obliged to go early in order to get there. Mrs. E. W. Langdon and baby are here from Oregon visiting at H, S. Langdon's. Mrs. Langdon is wife of Mr. Larag-don's oldest son, and will sjoend some days in Algona. Horace : Schonch was surprised last week by a visit from a half brother whom he had not seen for 42 years. His brother was travelling through the west on business, and stopped oil. Dr. Shore spent Sunday in Algona, returning to Des Moines yesterday. He : has taken offices there and has found a very favorable opening, Mrs. Shore will not go to Des Moines for a week or more, until the doctor finds a house that is desirable. Then they will make their home there. TOP carriage for sale; been used but a little; good as new. A bargain for someone. Inquire at this office. FOB SALE—Twelve Short-horn bulls, fit for service. Time given if desired. Also a good young work horse. Apply to Henry Keller at my old farm, or at my office. J. B, Jones.-4t4 BOWYER is making the finest display of watches and jewelry over seen in Algona. His show windows are full of fine goods. Visit his store. THIS kind of weather calls for a shoe that will wear. I can sell you 'One that I can recommend. F. S. Stough. LADIES wishing hats made -over will find Mrs. Z. L. Holman in rooms over Cordingley's store.-8 L. T. MARTIN of Humboldt wishes to inform his friends in this section that he will bo on his old beat this season. He is well known. Those requiring his services should wait his coming,-2t6 "SVeatlier and Crops, The state report last Saturday was: In general the crop conditions are somewhat improved. About 80 per cent of the seeding of small grain is completed, and the early sown grain is sprouting. Winter wheat and rye arc very promising. Grass is starting well, and pastures will generally bo in good condition for grazing within ten days. There was never a better prospect for fruit. Vnsturc Xotlco. My pastures will bo ready to receive cows May 5. Tho price ns usual will bo one dollar per month in the pasture adjoining town, and seventy-five cents across tho river—in advance. I will not bo responsible for damages to stock from any cause, or in consequence of their getting out. Any stock found in tho pastures not arranged for will bo taken up as " cstrays." Dogs and guns and teams are forbidden within tho in- closurcs. AMBROSE A. CAT.,!,. April 21, 1891. FOR tho odd fellows' celebration at Etumotsburg, April 28, tho Milwaukee company will sell tickets from this station, tho round trip for a faro and one- third. Miss REEVE returned on Friday from DCS Moines with summer goods. KnpHsli Spavin Liniment Removes all html, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, Wood spavin, curbs, splints, sweenoy, rlngbono, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save. $50 toy use of one. bottle: warranted. The most wonderful blcm- sh euro over known. Solil by Dr. Sheetz. Itch cured In no minutes by Wolford's Saul tary Lotion. Sold by Dr. Shoot?.. Cloths and Trimminofs. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always kept on hand, and furnished at as low rates as cr»n bo bought, elsewhere. All work dono promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Come and see \is before placing your order. It will bo to your advantage. T. 2c. arxrjij JD soar. F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop. Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, , etc. Clotla.o3 Am also prepared to put in furnaces and do plumbing and gas-plpo titling; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFINC. Prompt attention will bo given to all work in my lino. Shop south of court house. IE*. Xj SEEDS, SEEDS! Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. Talk with Donee Loans, -;- Insurance. Good house of five rooms for sale or rent. Auctioneering Done. The imdersignod will cry public sales Kossuth and adjoining counties. Have twentj years' experience. Terms reasonable. {XT'Applications for my services may be left at tho lawofllee ol S. S. Sessions, Algona, la. GEO. E. BOYLE, Whittomore, Iowa. Administrator's Notice of Final Report In the matter of the estate of Chas. A. Krause, deceased. To all tho heirs or creditors of tho above named estate, You are hereby notified that on or before the first day of the May term, 1801, said administratrix will illo with the clerk of the district court of Koasuth county, Iowa, her final report, and usk to be discharged ; and you are further notified that all objections thereto must be filed with said clerk on or before the first day of said term of said court, which will convene and be holdon at Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, on the llth day of May, 1801, or said report will be approved and said administratrix discharged and her bonds released. MATILDA KEAUSE GOETSCH. 3t3 Administratrix. K IDD'S GEUM KUADIOATOIt" Positively cures all diseases—because it kills all germs, bacteria, parasites, microbes, and animalcula) in the system, which the promt nent physicians In convention agreed was the cause or all disease. The air, water, vegetables and fruit are full of these little worms, oauslnjj catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and Blight's disease, cancers, tumors, and all so- called Incurable diseases. (Never known to fall to cure consumption, catarrh, kidney troubles and syphilis.) Ketuiled in *3, $3, and 85 sizes, sent anywhere on receipt of price. This Is tho only genuine article; all others are dangerous counterfeits. Dr. Sheetz Issues guarantees to cure all ailments for Kldd's Germ Eradicate!- for the manufacturers. T EGAL BLANKS— -M Buy them at the Upper Des Molnes'offlce ana get the most approved forms. LOOK! - LOOK! - LOOK! AS CHEAP AS DAYLIGHT! On account of the war on Oil between the two Great Tank Lines of this territory, the CASH Store is able to sell Oil from 5c to S^c cheaper than before. 1 doz Clothes Pins for .................. 01 j :W Mrs Good T, mi miry Soap ........... ? .90 l pits 5c Ycnst for ...................... m I L'O Ibs Choice- 1 int tor Crackers . . .1.00 t pkR Soda (Strictly Pure) ............. or, 12 Ibs Choice Ciil, Dried Grnpcs ....... 1.00 t pkgDixon Stove Polish ............... or, '* 1 box Axlo Gronso ...................... (Hi 1 box Lewis' Lye ....................... 10 jrouil Lantern for only 35 '-'0 Ihs Crystal Rico for 1.00 I'J His Choice Raisins for 1.00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and see us. £SfT We are agents for Rock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON, A complete stock of FOOT WEAR of all kinds. My motto is : The Best is the Cheapest, And I sell the same cheap. If in need of Boots and Shoes, call and get value received. Harness, Trunks, Valises etc., etc., very large stock. IF 1 . S. To all contemplating buying any of the above this spring I wish to say that £ am just where I have been for THE PAST TWENTY-ONE YEARS with as good an assortment as ever, and, as ever, ready to meet all honorable competition. I am agent for the justly celebrated 5 Stoves and Ranges. Genuine Baker barbed wire; a large stock of dairy supplies on hand; Chicago and Elgin milk cans, iron and wood pumps, guns and ammunition. I have this spring put in a fine line of the well-known Heath & Milligan ready-mixed paints, which are acknowledged to be as good as any in the market. The above goods are all FIRST CLASS and are warranted to be just what they are represented. My 21 years' experience in hardware has taught me that the best goods are the cheapest. JWeP'Remember the place. T. Thorington House Laundry. New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington, Strictly First-Class Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. ~S7s7"orl5: i© Election is Over! So is High Prices for Stoves! I have a full line of Cooks and Heaters, among which Is The Famous Round Oak, Standing at the head of tho soft coal burners. %ST I shall meet all competition, selling at bottom prices. Take one! GK. TO LOAN on At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us, We can save you money. JONES & SMITH.

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