The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1892
Page 7
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THE UPPER BES MOIKES, ALftONA* 1QWA< WEDNESDAY, JTJNE 8,1892. :;jy-> ...,. , . • .. . . „•._,-,.- - ' "„.. „. ,.,; , ,„• .Zj-iji ....^.-'.7^L;,.T------^ ^^-^s--^'-^-------^-----'-•-•-—--•--—-^'- -•-•--—. ^-^^—:^^^*^^^__^^i«MliiJttj«ilMM«««^aMiMMfciaaMM»a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^» PADDLE YOCB OWN CANOE. " Voyagers on life's eea, To yourself be trus, And whate'cr your lot may be, Paddle your own canoe." iiTo yourself bo true,," "and thou (•an." 1 * not then be false to any man," "Self-love i9 not BO vile a sin 09 self- nefflecting." Then "be wise to-dny, 'tis madness to defer." Get Dr. Pieree's Golden Medical Discovery, for all nf- fcctions of the lungs and throat. It is likewise a wonderful liver tonic, and invlgorator. All the year round, you may rely upon Dr. Pierce'a Golden Medical Discovery. It's not like the sarpaparillag, that arc B.iid to he good for the blood in March, April and May. The "Discovery" works equally well at all times, aud in all cases of blood-taints, or humors, no matter what their name or nature. It cures all Skin, Scalp and Scrofulous affections, as Eczernn, Tetter, Salt- rheum, Fever-sores, White' Swellings, Hip-joint disease and kindred ailments. It's the cheapest blood-purifier, sold through druggists, because you only pay lor the good you get. Tour money is returned if it doesn't benefit or cure yon. Can you ask more 1 MEMORY'S MUSIC. .B..L. The swell of the Anisic endlne, The song of a lost delight, The bride of the spirit thrilling The silver chord of tho night"! Tie memory's mlr.etrel harping. Calling the wanderers back, Binding the broken rrinslc To voice o'er life's winged track 1 With muelcal pounds entrancing The deep, dark eea unto smiles; The faint, low swell ot the music, A wing of the after whiles! A great and boundless r | V er, A sweep to a greater sea, A sea where the gold lights quiver Of the wondrous used to he. Tho sun goee down to the rising In the dreams of the angel moon. Divinely fnlris (lie sleeping Of goda In the loves of June! Where the barren heart Is burning ' Some oil of it's selfish gain, The soul hath Its honor or yearning For the lights of Its joys again! The tides of its gold warm flushing From valleys of heaven blown, From creeds of the holy gushing, December Is wed to June! O, this is the npbnr$tlng A host from the stnr-f-yed zone, A son"- of the soul's thrilled thirsting For its early loves—Its own! AUUII/TY CONSCIENCE. One of 'be inrst popular methods of ad vertising, especially in larye cities, is to pkster JTO]|E, fences, barrels, boxes, Quietly cloving the gate behind htui, he turned down street towards a point to the right, whtte he could see, lying at anchor in ManO' "War bay, several large armor dads, grim guardians of the peace. He had not, however, taken more than a d ; z- en sleps, when ha noticed, posted on the fence beside him a warning: "BILL STICKERS BEWARE." "Well!" thought he, "what does this meaij?" and he spelled the notice over again. Yes> there could be no mistakr; there it was plain enough, "Bill Stickers Beware." That surely could not mean him, ihougb, as he felt sure that no pne had seen him pick up (he ten shilling piece. With uneasy mind he walked slowly on. Already he could see the men on the deck of the nearest man-of-war, as they paced slowly to and fro at their various watches, and had almost forgotten his scare of a few moments previous, but he wns not to find peace quite no easily. On crossing an alley he was brought face to face with a declaration in large letters, "Bill slickers will be prosecuted." There could be no mistake now, some one must have seen him when he stooped to pick up the unlucky ten shillings. Perhaps it was the man with the heavy eyebrows aud black mustache, who had sat ju-t across the aisle from him, Will had often heard of the wonderful skill and keenness of detectives, perhaps this man was a detective. A thrill of horror passed over him at tho very thought of such a thing. At any rate, if Bill Stickers was to be prosecuted, the public street was not the The Kver Welcome Oltl. The welcome guest is the girl who, knowing the hour for breakfast, appears at the table at the proper time, does riot keep others waiting, nnd does not get in the way by being dowrihalf-an-hpur before her hostess appears, says Ladies' Home Journal. Tbe welcome uest is t,be girl who, if there aw not many servants in the house, has sufficient energy to take care of her own room while she is visiting; and if there are people ^hose duty it is, she makes that duty as light as possible for them, by putting away her own belongings, and in 1:' i< way not necessitating extra work. The welcome gu?st is the one who .knows how to be pleasant to every member of the family, and who yet has tnct enough to retire from the room when seme pprcial family affair js under discussion. The welcome guest is the one who does not find the children disagreealb, or the various pets of the household as things to bn dreaded. Tbe welcome guest is the one. who, when her hostess is engaged or busy, can entertain herself with a oook. a bit ot rewing, or the writing of a letter. The •welcome guest is the one who, when her friends come to see her, doss not the household in which ahe is stnying that k-he may entertain them. The welcon-e guOf-t is the ono who, having broken the bread and eiten the salt of her friend, has s-t a of silnnce before her lips, so thai vrhen she goes from the housf, she repeat:< rothihtr bufc the apieeable things she has e.t:en. "This is the welcome guest, tun one to whom we say good-bye with regret, anc Joth the taethod And remit* when fcyrup of? Figs is taken) it ifl pleasant tad'refreshing to the t**te, and acts gently jet promptly on th« Kidneys, Uver and Bowels, oleanaes the 0yn- tau effectually, dlspela ooldt, aeid- tchef tad ferers and cure* habitual eonstipfctioa. Srnip of Figt i* the «oly remedy or ita kind ever pro- dnoed, pleasing to tho taste and ao- oeptabU to the ttomaoh, prompt b hi Action and truly beneficial In iti pffecta, prepared only from the moat waltky and agreeable substances, ita many excellent qualities' commend it to all and have made it the most - remedy known. yrup of FIRS U for sale in 50o II bottle«l>y all leading drug,. Any reliable druggist who toay not hare it on hand will pro- flcre it, promptly for any one vrho wishes to try it Do not accept any lubrtitate, CALIFORNIA FIG SYBUf CO. 9AN fJI*HOIS(iO, CMC Hi, new ronx. «.r. All-done or FaintFeeling This is an everyday occurrence; women are taken with that "all- gone " or faint feeling, while working, walking, calling, or shopping. The cause of this feeling is some derangement, weakness, or irregularity incident to herse*. It matters little from what cause it may arise; instant relief may always be found by using Lydia E, Pink/tarn's Vegetable Compound, It is the only Positive Cure and Legitimate Remedy for those peculiar weaknesses and ailments of women. *' acts in perfect harmony with the laws that govern the female system under all circumstances. AH Druggists ml) It, or lent \1 mall, Fn form of rill, or Jver plUi! "ssc. Oondenn .freely i LTHN, auss. m CO., . Orny hair or whiskers changed to a, glossy black by a single application of this Dye. IB imparts a natural color, acts Instantanoou*- ICYOLES Of THE HIGHEST Q«AD» *acev» and Boadst,»ri , Ia4io*' M" 1 <»«»*•' • Line In th« W«t. Writ* for CfUlotve. A*"* Priw*. E*duilT» Twritsry. 4 T. D. GAN8E, Imp«r Af »nt, 608 State St,TCHIOA<JO [tear POLISH IN THE WORLD MM AUUAL BALE OF 3,000 TONS. curbE-toEes,{n.Ti(l in fact almost everv available object-, with (killing poster*. In Chicago ltd compelitkn in this line is particularly keen. No sooner ia the last rail driven and a new fence completed than it is marked by the advance apent of the bucket and paste brigade, nnd in the dead of nighl, when all re pectablo people are supposed to be in bed, b& quietly and mys-' teriousl^ as 'the clew from heaven, the br'gade itreii ntfpears upon the scene,"and covers the fence with .gaudily colored lithographs,'and silen'ly disappears again— at 'e;istso it seems, 1'he property owners' only protection against these midr.ijjht pirates ir found in Ihs Familiar wr.rnin(i;'jj"Post No Bills Under Penalty of the Law" which meets the eyes in every direction. Human nature is much the same the world over; and hire, in far away Australia, one finds the same eternal warfare bfitive'Mi landlord and bill poster, but wiih'one slight d fference; here one never hears of a bill poster—he is called a bill st-'clier—and warnings against him aie worded accordingly. On this difference hangs mj story. John Stickers was of good old Scotch descent. He and bia wife had left the home l.ind stortiy after their marriage and CHS', (heir lot with tho colony of New South Wales. As John brought with him letters establishing beyond a doubt that be was a thrifty character, he had i.o trouble, in obtaining from ihe gove nmcnt a grant of 350 acres of hush li.nd, located some 150 vui'es west of Sydney. On this tract of land, by dint of hard work and rigid economy, he lud managed to live and support his increasing fan'ily for near'y fifteen years. He had found itclos-e s<r4ping however—so close in fact, thab William, his c-ldts' s.:>n, was fourteen jears of age before his fattier considered himself suffi- citn'ly well off to afford him thejeducatiug advantages of a trip to the city. Yes, William wns to go to tVe city and stay for a week. Just think of i ! To spend a whole week in the oily with a friend of his father's. It was indeed a pleasure to bok forward io. At last the eventful day arrived. N ever before had the sun been so long in rising; it seemed to Will as if the day would never dawa. But at last it did, and such a lovely day it waa. It was with a ligbt heart that on that eventful morning he kissed his mo her and sisters good-by and turned his steps toward the railway station. ' Rjmember, William to keep yourself straight and not get into mischief were his father's part ing words, as the train pulled slowly out i.f the station. "All right, father," a ch,eerful smile, a wave of the hand, a fluttering handkerchief and "the train was gone. Will carefully settled himself into a seat next to the window, so as not to miss any of the sights along the road. Hiils--, valleys, lakes, and rivers, forests and plains, passed in rapid.succession and almost before he knew it the train had pulled in at Mudgee, 'one bf the mcsfc important towns of ihe interior, a distance of neatly seventy miles from his home. One of the passing era that boarded the train here, a woman of ratiur JunprepLses- ing appearar.ce, with a pair of horn rimmed spectacles perched upon her small red nose and adczaii long hairs growing from a wart on the lett tide of her chin, cprne slowly puffing and blowing down tae isle, with her arms full of bundles, till noticing the vacant seat beside William, she blanked vwself down into it and proceeded to: make herself comfortable in a way that did not leave a very fare proportion of the seat to our hero. When the conductor entered the car, not finding her ticket just where she thought she had put it she concluded that sbe had lost it and the excitement that followed dropped from her perse a tenahilling gold piece, which slipping down the folds other dress dropped noulesslj to the floor, roltd up against Will's foot. . Wuh sudden impulse Will raised his hand to call her L t ention to it.. But, stay she had not seen it fall; she had not miss- it ; why not keep it for pocket money?and suiting the action to the thought, he put his foot upon it. A few miles farther on ihe wouiMi, leathering up her bundles, loft the train, and William stooping picking up the gold piece, placed it tully in hia pocket. Prom that moment the pleasure of the journey seemed to decrease. He was tor- eve)' thinking of the step ha had taken— thinking of the money in his possession that did not belong io him, DJ what he could he found it impossible to drive the thou«)it of the stolen ten shillings from his mind. A thousand. tinto. ne wished that he bail returned them. It was now too late-forever too late, The miles roll- edBO vly by, and just at -dusk the.tnur, pulled iatotiV Grand Central station at Sy^ey. Here Will found Mr. McLean, 1,L father's friend, awaiting bun. and to Lether they drove to JUB home, where W 11 was most heartily welcomed. But was that- ten shillings still on his It cast a shadow over the whok e\enin£r, and in the solemn sti iness of the nicht tie thought of it was tearful. On rearinf' to bed, it was nearly two hours before tired nature claimed her own and he Ml into a restless bleep, to be *ull fur- therbilled in M» dreams by d,uen* ^tf&ffifc a**. -«%* K? from his troubled bleep. U sf a* «ft« °*«' pAVaCVjllLHAj Li-IC JJU-Ullw aULCUU »»l*.i AAV/U UL4V pJiice to be wandering about in; he would surely be cnught. He had better get bick to the house a* soon and a' quietly as pos- Bible. H« turned and started back, when, oli horror-! What wua that,? Did his eyes deceive him? There, on the opposite fence of alley-way, in large black and white letters, was,the notices .£5 reward for i,he apprehension of. Bill Stickers." This was more than poor William cou'd stand. His face turned as white as a sheet and his knres smote together with fear. Pulling his hat down over his eyes to whom we l out a welcome with tht lips as an from the Jinart. Way off Color. The huo oJ liealthl Who can mistake It. The whits brow, the deepened tint of the cheek, these associated with brightness and aulmi tton of the eye, a cheery expression of the countenance, are infallible Indicia that the liver Is performing Its functions actively, and that consequently digestion and the bowels are undiBlurbtd. If, however, die complexion and eyeballs have a saffron tint, or tha face is drawn and void of sprlghtllnoss and aulmntlon, the biliary gland Is alinost certain to be out of order. Keotify the difficulty speedily, IP you wish to do the easiest and quickest vcck's washing you ever did, try Dobbins' Electric Soup next washday. Follof the lirecliims. Ask yonr grocer for It. Been m the murkct 24 years. Take no other. Mrs. Wat'.s^-'Mrs. Flgg Is so entertftln- ng, don't you think?" Mrs. Potts —"Isn't she, though. Why, I have to send the ehlld- •i-ii out of the ruo'ra every time she calls." FIKST A Coi/n, THEN BnoNcnms. Check he ilrst with HADE'S HONEY OP HOHEHOUND \M> l'tKB'9 TooTnACiiB DROPS Cure In one tllilltllC. Jinks —"I suppose you've gotten over inclosing kisses in letters to your wife?" Filkins—"Yes, except when I send a remittance. In Unit case i give tlie check a good- by kiss." FITS.—All Fits stopped free hy Dr. JTKno's Great Xen<e J?cstr>rc>: No Fits after first clay's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and ¥2.00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 031 Arch St., Pliila., Pa. Brcnnnn.— I suppose every man Is entitled lo cat a peck of dirt before lie dies? Drennan.—That's one great advantage of living in New York. Brcnnan.—What Is? Drennan.-rYou get enough to eat. Made to r.ouU t,!lt« Now. Iln-Bpos, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Olivvcs, etc., Dyed or dunned," flush Garments Slennieil, lit Olio Tirlrh's Dye Works,24(5 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for i-lrculiu 1 . Anarchists iniulu n demonstration in Paris In favor of the liberation of journalists ol their persuasion now In prison. Cornelius Vamlerbllt'a friends four that the death of his eldest son, William H., will unbalance his mind. «l FBHI. It my duty to testify to tho efficacy of Brailycrotlno :is a headucho euro," laysN. Ilorshor, Washington, D. 0. Of uU Druggists. Fifty eenta. "German Syrup 1,0 i thoroughly, with the paramount antlbllious ape . ne ' clllc, UoBtettor's Stouiiich Bitters, which prompt started iff on a run for the house as fast as ly remedies not only the above outward and viti his legs could carry him. People were at a Joss to account for his hurry nnd gaz?d at him with wondering eyes as he fled rapidly past them. Every pair ot eyes ] that he saw turned uj:oa him he imagined to b j those of some lurking detective that was on his track, and strainer! every muscle to increase his speed. At last, reaching the house he dashed through the gate and around into the back.yarr', where he found Mr. McLean busy with the poultry. The strain of the st9len ten shillings was too great to bear any lon'gar, and \yilliaui, taking it from his pocket arid casting it en the ground, at hia t'eefc, confessed all. As it would now be itupo-sible to return the money .to its rightful owner, it was decided that it should be droppad into the contribution box at church that morning, in the hope that out of evil done good might arise. , It seemed to William, as be sat in the cushioned pev? of the gr,jafc cathedra!, a,? if the sermon had been pro- pared for hi?especial benefit. The minister hod chosen the following t?xf; a saying that for nearly 3,000 years has stood thtr test 'of time and is none,the less true today than when thfl world was young: " The wicked fl?e when no man pnrsueth, but the righteous are bold as a lion. ' T. V. W. • - Exchange. Bee :«otes. " *' Do not disturb ths bees by opening tL,e hives until they have begun to fly out, and never when tae thermometer marks less than 60° in the shade. The top of the hill is not a good place for the beehives. They need a shelter from heavy winds, and when they are loaded with honey ,or pollen, they can fly down hill easier than up bill. 'As a working bse lives but four or. five weeks in a busy season, it takes tinly about six weeks after the introduction of an Italian qu?en to change the character of tho whole brnocl. The queen will lay from 1,000 to 2,000 eggs a day, and when those batch out the complexion, of the working been will change rapidly. The entrance to the beehive is said to be ihe best situated when facing to the north or northeast.' The bees are no!; so likely to bo temp'el out in a sunny but cold day in the early spring or late fall, and ia the fummer the northeast entrance geta tho first rays of morning light, and allows the bees to commence vi ork in the early morning, ' -....;• The standard for Italian bees adopted by the National Beekeeper's association requires them to have three bands, of a color varying^from golden yellow to leather color; to be quiet when handled; to adhere to the cjmb when it is properly handled, without rushing aro>.uid, clustering or falling to the ; ground, and- they must put their houe.y in a compact shape in times of scarcity, or, in other worda when too much rusned-'with business. Wo believe this is the first established standard where the behavior is placed higher than either color, markings or pedigree.—-People and Patriot. patlon, vertigo, fur upon the tonguo, breath and pains through tho right shnracterlzes It. The liver Is always ale signs ot biliousness, aches, constlpatU nausea, eour bro aide which remedies with equal promptltnde and complete- uon, kidney complaint, dyspepsia, rheuinatlse and ntrvouineu. An ID-ward Regulator. Some prisons «ro very _ particular and observant; in their timepieces. All carry about them a spiritual regulator culled conscience. But ib is used much worse than a watch. It is seldom, consulted. It is rarely regulated. It is often left unwound. How strange tb.at_we ^hould Ir so careful with the metihaniciil instrument and y«t cle?pise that gift which ullies us most sacredly with heaveiij The Culifornia delegation to the repub l;c.iu convention K-ft yesterday morning by ii, special tra'n. The. par'y cr of sc-V'')it.y live people and included ninny pron-i-ient cit^^nR of the stare. It wib reach Minneapolis June 5 L h. Dropey. \Ye ca'll the attention of those suffering with dropsy to tho fair proposition of Dr. H. H. Green & Sons in their advertisement on tliiB page, intr to do BO. Try them; it costs you noth- Callcr.—Is your mistress in? Servant.—No; ma'nm. -Caller.—When will she be in? Servant.—I couldn't say, ma'am; I don't know when she is going out. J. C. SIMPSON, Marquess, W. Va., aays: "Hull's Catarrh Cure cured me of a very bad case of catarrh." Druggists iell it, 75c. Soulful Youth (languidly)—"Do you sins* 'Forever and Forever? 1 " She (practically) —"No; I stop for meals." BISBCUAM'S PILLS act like magic on the liver and other vital organs. One dose relieves Bide headache in 20 minutes. ^^ iff — HI JUDGE J. B. Hat, of the Superior Court, Walker county, Georgia^ thinks enough of German Syrup t|T send us voluntarily a strong lette* endorsing it. Whei. men of rank and education thus use and recoitt* mend an article, what they say I* worth the attention of the public, 'It is above suspicion. " I have used your German Syrup," he says, "for my Coughs and Colds on the Throat and I/uugs. I can recommend it for them as a first-class medicine."— Take no substitute. Plymonth Co., !»., May, 18S9. I suffered, from temporary nfcoptoBBnoau from overwork for two yciuro, for which I uned 1'asUor Koanig's Norvo '['onto, u\d can recommand tamo as tha boat medicine tor eimUar troubles. Jj 1 . BOBNHOBST. It Cures Colds, Ccmiflis, Sore Throat, Oronm, liifluon/u, Whooping Couch, JjronohltlB aadj AHllinui. A cortuln cure for Consumption In flrnt Btnyea, and n nniv relief In mlvuiiued titiiKeg. Uu« ttnnc.o. Von will HOC thooxcollc:ttoneot afto) tukliiK tho Ih-Ht iloso. Bold by dealers everywhere. Largo boltloH, 00 coutn and $1.00. Neb., October, 1800. Aiont four years H.RO oar now 20-year old dauehtflr hiwl-an «j>JlcptJo flt »lt«r nheim-d ro- tlrod and about a ycxu; latur sno liml another Buoh attack ; T?O oonlrt hnjrdly boliovo that she had thtu torrlblo dtHoaoo, "Ki)Il«p»y." but -when abont three mouths Inter slio agnlii had a fit wo wero forced to buUorc tho foot that Uio dreaded malady had faateuwd ui)on her, and M wo sup- poecK-1 a dlfteane without a known remady. About thin time wo read about Pastor Koeuiv>s Hervo Toalo, and vre oonolnded to try a bottle. Qad be tliankod, she is oared. Mil. and MBB. LESOING. i— A Valuable BOOK «m Servous Diseases sent free to any address, and i>oor patient* can alio obtain ,lhls modlclno free of cliargo. This remedy has been prepared by the Reverend PaBtor KoenlL o£ fort %no. Ind. since 1876. and [snow prepared under his direction br the KOENIG MED. CO., Chicago, III. SoWbyDrattistsatSlperBottlo. 6for85\ taree Size, 81.75. 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He Performs an Important Part In the Kuonoiny of Nature. Tbe earthworm performs a very important part in the economy of .natur'e, said Prof. Ernest Patker, of Nashville, Tenn., at the Southern. "The little creature is .he worst despised of all animal life, but from recent discoveries of my own, after long and patient investigation, he has gained my respect, and I want to-extend to him assurances of my most distinguished consideration. I have found out that but for the earthworm's humble and indefatigable will very little of vegetation would grow except by irrigation. He is the greatest producer of moisture and heat in ths world. Ha does more than the ploughshare to disturb the latent heat and nioioture of the earth and bring them to Ihe top soil to vitalize and invigorate the struggling rootsiof the grasses, grains and other forms of vegetation. .But _ for him great stretches of the western agricultural lands would become vast, deserts. Therefore, all hail,to the earthworm and"bad luck to the man who thinks he is fit b.nly for fish '"' ands of Doliars I 6pent trying to find a care for Salt Itlienm, which I had 13 jreari. Physicians said they never saw no severe a case. My legs, back and arms were covered by the humor. I was unabU to lie down In bed, could not walk without crutckei, and had to have my arms, back In ii, H. G. DEUUX. and legs bandaged twice a •tay. I began to take Hood's Sarsaparilla and soon I ooald tee a change. Tha tteah became more healthy, the sure* soon lieuled, the igulea tell oil, I was toon able to give up bandages and crutches, and a huppy man I was." 8. Q. DKBBY., j5 Bradford St., Providence, B. I. Ilood'a l>llls cure liver ills, constipation, biliousness, jaundice, and sick headache. Try them. SEVEN WALLS. SEVEN WALLS. THE GLACIER CKFIUOEIUTOH Ilia ft ly Cold Di-j Air refrigerator that boa perfect circulation. Had* In all etflea and sizes, Hard Wood, Antique or Sixteenth Century Wo ore tiro raao- nfocturera of Bl- cycles, Children'. Carriages, liccllnlnft and Inralld Rolling ChUr«, Kollel top Desks, &c., and olTer liberal dlsoounta to the trad*. Karae goods desired and catalogue will be teat. LUBURC MFC. CO. Kos. 321, 323 A 325 N. 9th St., PHILADELPHIA. 5O Pnge Book Froa. W. T. F1TZQKIULD, Wuiliuatox, D .0. p BSTHIOXS — »HC all »o X dlonbled. (2 fee lor Inrrease. 20 yours ex. perlenoe. Write for laws. A. W. MoOoitMIOK 1 i SONB, WABHIHOTON, 1), 0. and OIHOIKNATI, O. W.IHOIUtlS, iin^ton, I>. O. 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I LatoPHhcipn.1 Examiner U.S. Pension Bureau. 13 y«In last war, 15 adjudicating claims, atty aloce. BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE. Tlie Rurally Wash Bine, for sale by Grocers. -, fy tho blood, a the bfist iiH'ilk'ino known for ABULES iver tiiul bowels, nurl- are sul'i* and cll'cmuil \ f.opain, fui.l: eoustipiiilon, dvsnoiisln, .. .ll dlgeftliou, \nv{ (Miniplt'jUup.. •* till dlMiiuiuaciiuKea by fullurv off Ktoiuach, liver or bowels to IH.M-- * Iforni their proper t'unetiuns. PCI-HOIIS plvoa to over-; ieatlog are bouollted by tuklnn cue after ineiil." • Price. *3 i einnnlo, We. At Drut'KlstH, or eont by mall. • Kll'ANS CHliM IC'AL CO., Ill .Spruuu Bt., Huw York. I'ositfviiTy O M-itll V eye tit In K oiuo (11 as. Hav cnrocl mupj- thouHum ^.uDv. From llriit dose syinp toius rapidly disappear, and In tun days at least two thirds of nil HMiiptoms are removed. JiOUK o tettimoniaib of inlruculoiiH ctiroB .-cut li'HKK Ten Days Irea'ment Furnished Free by Mail DR. U. H. GREEN 4 SOUS, SPECIALISTS, ATLANTA, GEORCI WANTED Tbe addri-sai's ot who liomeslaKtled n lu» .number ofucruo than 160»nc MEN TO TBAVEI,, We pay $5 to $100 a month expuuooa ' Madlmiii, \VlH C liange of I'ccU for Sheep. Frf quent change p£ feed uttfl of p^sturo is an important item in the success of sheep growing, and so well do English! farmers uucferstand this that they igore their flicks almost daily from pae.pasjure to another. They do this Hlthoug| Qtje. field is yet "apparently as good an the other fqr they de'eni fif«h pasturage of the highest value, i The worst management, in |^e t c-ieb o 1 an English uocljinaster, is tolew^ sheep in a field uuul there JF yisible necessity f( r remoying them. 1 MB freavjent ci'auge is often-aicomplibhed by th,e use of hordjcg of. wirn netting, •whioo ^e" *: jed Uaily, tbws p^nfiwpg tbfRj - upos ft tresjf uorjtipft pf " CHEAPER THAN BARB WIRE. i^M^v LOVELL DIAMOND CYCLES For l.adle» and Oent». 81* styles LIVER m»»e niuin, ai>-. . Act like magic on Ktd- s and bladder. Oanquaii lllous ncrvona dl»- DAILT AOTIOH. complexion by pnrifylngi _ POBELY VKUKTAIILB. ihe dew 1. nlctl j .ult caw, M one pill c.n Uonntlfy blood. Send Z-«eut rtamp. You get St page book with umpl* QR. HAHTF.n MEDICINE CO.. St Loul». M*V TAKING COLD. It you have ta!;en t'olJ tlu.iijy ih0- last few weeks wil/h its wuL weittli(;r f steady rains, grwit floods, ucannpariic.fli by Its sea of mud, you should lie rnora- than ordinarily caretul. A oulrl at such a time is apt to .settle 011 the noys and produce fuiuru trouble io the sharje of rheumatism, pleurisy, pneumonia and other d!s n ases. Thusa all come from disordered kidneys. A eold settles upon them. They fail to take the uric acid from the blood, and the result is the diseases enumerated' above, all of which come from tha^ kidneys In the first place. REID''? GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY Cur.fl* will cure all troubles of this sort. It. Is the most perfect remedy for all maladies that come from a cold that wa|< ever given to the public. It contain!ao poison, but It will heal any diseasa that affects the excretory organs—the lungs, the kidneys or tho skin. Ask your druggist for it, and do not let him give you anything else. Small bottles 25 cents, large ones 50 cents. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. Established 18M. Nature's Herbal Remedies. "Out oftncli nook by dingle and Irooit The lieuliii'j blossoms laati and look," Dr. O. I>. Ilrowii'ei On-ill tOntenirtl Remedy HERBAL OINTMENT, roaclios diboaj-o through tho pores, itrouuua circulation, hcala inflaming tlon. bunitihoi imiii, 25o UruirglsU or by mail. 47 Grand St., Jeraey City, N. J, Cou8unu>Ilve* uiul people who buvo wcuU lunys or Aatli ma, should use Pleo's Cure for ConBUDiptlon. It hue cured thounuuiU. It edono. It Is no It IB tbij beat ovugb eyrup. Bold

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