The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1953
Page 9
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MONDAY, AUGUST IT, 19B8 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hocpl* BLrnnsviLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE MINK 16 tHIS THE CJMLY RCTUR6 you <SOT OF MV ROPS - • •WIRUN& PERFORMANCE? > —DASH IT ALL/THIS IS ' 'OUTRAGEOUS- rr MUST OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THAT* HOfl MrVJOR ^—COMSIDeRlM' AU. I SET P60PLB \?= ARE ROASTW But WONT UK6T.HISL Dupter--. HUMAN UP AMD FOKOET THAT MONK' WHAfrDO NEED JN YOUR Uftl EXPENSES, L.6T VOU HFW6 SATIVE sa^g^ri A BRIGHT OW6 THERE.' fegs WANSLi? — AMD, ~ CANDY _ NELSOM HAVF LEPT We -DAMCE--J-- AND HERE'S THIS PICTURE". You SHOULDM'T, IWJ WIIWWL.L^IX 1, 1 WJCMJl VVCU^. DUDLEY,EVEN THoUSH BEQIM MOW/ L THIMk I COliLn I I'M A MW OF IS SHEER PIRACY-s-17 WHEN! VOU'P LOVE TO LIVE FOgEVBR •SEARCHED HI6H ANP 'Into Mrs. Melville's greenhouse is a ground-rule double, and we all beat it over to Tommy'* house!" ANPTHEANSWEE 1$ HO.'We GOT 'r TOLD HIM TO WAIT TILL YOU K3U6HCK you WITH youjj Copr. 1953 by NEA Servict. Inc. T. M. R -=^ YOU WONT THINK I'D FOR/ -* GET MY UTTLE SWEETHEART'S U-^X' BIRTHDAY, PIP YOU? .AND WE RE GOING TO TO \ THE CONCERT TONIC-HT.V PAKLIN5 HOW COULD 1 HAVE ¥ SUSPECTED ZIP? WHAT A SllW FOOL FEEL SETTER ANY MEDICINE COULD Floating flower boxes add touches of color to tropical streams. Water plants thrive in half-decayed logs where seeds have lodged. Television— Ton if e, Tomorrow There Is no substitute for Insurance. Throw off unneeded worries by making certain you are fully protected financially. WMCT. Memphis, Channel 5 MONDAY NIGHT, AUG. 17, 1953 PREFER CLASSICS LAST NIGHT I HEARD SCHUBERT'S SERENADE HOLLYHOCK! YOU MEAM LaagTtrm FARM LOANS WERE NO ANS ON THE MAYFLOWER GEE, I HEARD A GOOD COWBOY SINGER THE OTHER DAY) r—' -«./•; o :00 Name that Tune :30 Howard Barlow :00 Cisco Kid :30 Summer Theatre :30 Who Said That :00 This Is Your Life :30 News Reporter :45 Tonight in Sports 55 Weather 00 Wrestling 45 News 00 Man Against Crime 30 Suspense 05 Sign Off LOVE SONGS/ UNDER HIS SWEETHEART'S WINDOW! NO FEES OR STOCK J. W. MEYER 1st National Bank Bid*. Blythevlllc, Ark. Phones: Office 2261 Residence 8667 Jrt Association with The dictionary of 0. S. History confirms the fact that the Puritans were members of the Church of England who wanted to "purify" it — while the pil- griams were separtists in sentiment. The Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower. TH( PRUDENTIAL IMSURANCE CO. HAS A. AVM4 AT THE ENTRANCE--A SLJY WHO CHECKS WiSSWatP* ANC7 KEEPS LOST SHSEP FROM STKAVNa INJ/ LAX3UTI* SOMEPLACE IN THIS CUAZV HOUSE. THE QUESTION - WHEREi Guaranteed Watch Repair *.« $3.50 four watch 14 disassembled, cleaned, pivots pol- Uhed and nair-sprlnj ad- Jutted. Chronographs and tutomatlci not Included. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit JEWELER Next Door to Wade F»rn. FUEL OIL G. 0. POETZ Oil CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant - Promised Land Beside the Laughing Water A Romance by LOUIS ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM rt 1*51 br HIA taVICL he.. TIIK STORY j .Vow l.lHIb rrrntnf'a problrra iji how 10 lell <!nrlD Wnflnnd that «hc ]• rcnIlT I.i-.ilej- Grny, (he t.ondun actrCM*, wlio broke her enurn^rmrnt fo hi* brother Cllrn, nnd n r>om he hlnme* for Glle.l' dentil in union during the I.UIih love* (^nvln, bnt nh« doen not >rnnt fo tell (he M(or 7 (hn( (vlll rtl*nl(l- filnn Pep, Glleii' dnu^hler, abi)u( ker father. xvr- COON came the 'erm's end and the break-up for the ChriEt- mas vacati -:j—a joyous time that har 1 its touches of sadness. One day the school hummed and !throbbed and was alive with I young bustling, eager life; the next it was like a tomb, only the sound of the clock booming out the hours forlornly in the winter stillness, the metallic scrape of old Joe Pascoe's shovel as he :sroured the snow.ofl the chapel 'steps. But Lllith didn't mind. There was only one person in her world anyway, and he would never go far from her nor she from him. They were working hard on his book now, putting new life and interest into it. watching it grow with eager impatience, now cast down into the slough of despond when the chapters limped or the <!'.eme bogged down, now liJted'to the pinnacles of hope and light when a part came off with a iflash of fire- Archer had asked her to have Christmas dinner with him at a hotel in town where there was a dance afterwards, and without hesitation she consented She owed this to him, she told Gavin, who seemed to understand—it was his Christmas-box and the 'least she could give him. "I haven't told him yet," she said, "about us. But Archer's psychic where I'm concerned. I i think heltnows—" "And docsn'l like it much, 111 bet. H<-ha i some ...•-•'.o^* himself, I thin/; ' "Yes." She rtirtn't want to talk I about what had b«« Ixtweoo her and Archer. To her it was sacred and she'would always remember it and with it his gentleness, his quiet friendship and lasting loyalty. "Odd chap. I met him during the war, in London. Oh, here and there. He wasn't much for fun—always seemed io be seeking the Holy Grail." She didn't have to give Archer any sort of apology for Gavin Wayland. He had seen It coming. he told her and he hoped and ias sure she would find happiness. "I'll always regret," he said. 'I'll always want you and I don't think there'll be another girl—" "Oh, Arch, how silly! You'll find some other girl—" 'With eyes as wise but kindlier—' I'm not so sure. I'm cursed With the dreary faculty of knowing what I want from life, from love, and it's not so good, I tell you. There Is no compromise for us unfortunates, no second-best or alternative choice. It is this one or nothing—and you were' :he one for me." 'You—you make me feel as if [ had your happiness in my hands—" . 'And you have, Lililh. But then, my happiness is yours, you see, and I'll not mind watching jour own bliss. You can believe that Wayland's a good chap- lots of dash and go to him and fine stuff in his make-up." "I'm glad to hear you say that, Archer. He said he'd met you overseas and that he didn't think you had too high an opinion of him." "We all had a lot of puppy In u« then, I guess. The good ones got it knock-id out of them. We're old dogs now." 4 • • 'T'HEY wcrt singing Christmas x carols thot night, the people clustered around the tall fir tree that h,vl been erected in the mid<U« at Uw cily'i largeit and adorned with ornaments and strings of colored lights that winked on and off. Archer parked his little car by the hotel and they walked over and joined in the singing. A chorus of French students sang their own Noels, their rich voices rising and falling in exquisite harmony on the frosty air and when they had finished and were trooping across the park they broke into their beloved Alouette— "Alouette, gentil alouette, Alouette, je te plurncrai." Fleetirigly she thought of Giles, of the dark morning in the converted mews and the great voice booming from the bath and Poppy Ewart with the lipstick smeared across her cheek. She put the thought from her. It had no place here in this fine, clean hour; no place in her life ever. It was done with. 'Archer—" She looked up at him pleadingly. "You aren't angry at me " tTE smiled then. "I could never be angry with you. Oh, about the canoe, of course—but that was different. A woman's only a woman but a good canoe is a way of getting across the water. No—" He dropped all the ban- ter—"f'm not angry with you, my darling. I'll never feel any different where you're concerned. You don't need me to tell you this, surely. You're always tops with me, Lilith—always have been. And whenever you need 'me, why—just whistle." "And it will make no difference in our friendship?" "When you go to,the wigwam of the proud Potlowallamy chief, Eagle From Over the Water will sulk in his own hogan lor a while, in his mud-wall hogan beside the Laughing Water, but presently, maybe on ground-hog day, he'll poke his nose out and call for a noggin of firewater." "Oh, Archcrl What can I do with you—?" "Just about everything. Your slave, madame. But I must noedf Jest with you. Can't you see my heart Is breaking?" And he \v,isn'l smiling then. (I. JB« I TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 1853 7 ;00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News :00 Ding Dong School 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 Hawkins Palls 9:15 The Bennetts 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Shopping At Home 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorow 10:45 Styling With Fredrick 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Guiding Light 11:30 Garry Moore 12:00 Meditation 12:10 News 12:20 Farm News 12:30 Homemakers Program 1:00 Break the Bank 1:30 Welcome Travelera 2:00 On Your Account 2:30 UN Gen. Assembly 3:00 Atom Squad 3:30 Howdy Doody 3:15 Gabby Hayes 4:00 Berl Olswanger 4:30 Superman 5:00 Flicker Comics 5:15 News 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Eddy Arnold 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Mirror Theatre 6:30 Break the Bank 7:00 Nothing But the Best 7:30 Craftsman's Guild Dinner 8:00 Two For The Money 8:30 Boston Blackie 0:00 Mr. and Mrs. North 9:30 News Reporter 9:55 Weather 9:45 Tonight in Sports 9:55 Weather 10:00 Famous Playhouse 10:30 Larry Storch 11:30 News 1:35 Industry on Parade 1:50 Sign Off WHOLES OKWi KEHLER...VOU f WV STARS'. NOTHING'S HWIE OWE MINUTE TO WORTH THE SKCR1FICE PRODUCE 'EM,OK WBU.V OF k LIFE! TELL HIM GBT RID O 1 WcKEB HOW WIWtSECKKT HEY, HE AJUT KTDIM 1 A, tJMWE- GIRL \ THIS TMEI ra*E»u« WMAgPWONMU - --THE VILLAGE OF NORM) HAS THEW WOW OU THE REEL OF A FLV ROD WON'T MEED VOU WON'T KILL US fETJ TO BOTHKX GECKO! WITH US PEAP VOU'P NEYER FIUP THE RECORDINGS WITH THB T6LLW.&"* TIE McKEE TO A. TREE 1 -I KNOW MOS EVERYONE BELIEVES .BUTSINCE SEEING T OF THE EXPEDITION'S OKEW CAVORTING IN A CURRENT TIME-MACHI ADVENTURE..., BLAIR, THE FATE OF THE OSCAR BOOM VENUS ROCKET LOST OUT IN Sfif\CE._ A CHARACTER BY THE NW1E OF BAXTER BLAIR HAS DR. TWP6D INTO A DISCUSSION OF A VENTURE HE'D RATHER POPJ5ET Save Money! Before you sij;n a contract for a new rnof, new sitling, Interior or exterior painting, Insulation, Ras Installation or any other building improvement, let us give you a fair estimate that will save you money. Phone 4551. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Parts and Supplies for All Cars, Trucks and Tracrors $>><!>> S DELIVERY SERVICE I'hon* 4507 H»r>: | a.n. i, | 0 p ^ wit* omAn u 7 *•. WOODS DRUG STORE Kl Wwt MM* It

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