The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1891
Page 7
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THE M$ MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA* WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15,1891, .r Too large —the old-fashioned pill. Too reckless in its way of doing business, too. It cleans you out, but it uses you upi and your outraged system rises up against it. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets have a better way. They do just what is needed —no more. Nothing can be more thorough—nothing is as mild and gentle. They re the smallest, cheapest, the easiest to take. One tiny, sugarcoated granule's a gentle laxative—three to four are cathartic. Sick Headache, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of the Liver, Stomach ,and Bowels are promptly relieved and permanently cured SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure it without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have ft Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use il, for Vfc will cure you. If your child has the Croup, •r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief Is siire. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price lo cts.. 50 eta. and $1.00. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, we Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 eta. AFTEtt DEATH. The weary life ts over and my goal is free at last. And mnplc soft, from other shores are swell Ing— My earih life lies behind me, with you, cold frame of Clay, Who long have been ray frail and mortal dwelling. I feel at laeteo free frotti earthly toll nnd utrlfe, From burden?, or from any need of weeping. My frailties and may grief*, my woe and heavy cares. Are all with yon, poor body, cal.nly sleeping. With all yonr little Ills, and grief at sin or pftin, You held me, like a slave, within yonr keeping- Ton bound me, anrt'jrour chains galled the harder, year by year | Hnu now, 1 am »u glad you are sleeping, Where never more my cries will cause yon bitter pain, My slrneles make you long to set me free. We are parted now forever, and yon rest nt last in peace. While I, joyous soar to vastenternlty. I have left upon your face, poor earthly frame of mine The murks of all ray struggles and my groan i<ig< I The lines of care and grief and ttrials that are there, Wer.t caused you by weariness and moaning. The heart is silent now, tliat I Oiled with grief of mine— The eyes nro shout that told of all my sadness; The mouth Is dumb that prayed for deliverance from wrong. That sang my song of sorrow or of gladness. Poor body rests In peace—for I ain free nt lust, You only hold the murks of nil my sorrow. For mo ^ lias dawned a life on eternity's far shore, Of never fading joy nnd endless morrow, vthen I caught but echoes fulnt, In my weary worldly life, Of the, music that on fairer shores was ring- I UK, How I hear the whole grand song, wiih Its melody sublime, And ii y voice joins gladly hi the sweet, triumphant elnylny. —Boston Globe. LADY POUTKAIT AGENT. Mr. Prank Dorris, attorney-at-lnw, bad two pet aversions: First, agents, be they book agents, patent medicine venders or those individuals who offer vou a "solid gold" watch for 16 cents. Second, pretty girls, especially those with violet eyes and silky brown hair. What wonder, then, that his intellectual brow darkened at sight ot the pretty young lady whom he found so coolly occupying his favorite office chair, while by her side rested a flat morocco case which proclaimed her to be one of the fraternity he abhored. Whenever he allowed his office boy to take a holiday he was certain to be subjected to all sorts of annoyances. So, then, that, worthy bachelor of 45 scowled and nodded very coldly in response to the pretty bow and sweet smile of his unwelome visitor. "No! Mies. You need not trouble to unpack your books. When I want books I go to a book store and that's all there is of it," ''But, air, I am not handlings books. J represent a portrait copying company. Everyone has old pictures, photos or tin• types of dear friends for whom they wish to prove their " "Young woman, I'm a lawyer, time is money with me and I have the work of four men on'hand this afternoon.' 1 So saying Mr. Dorris opened his desk and busied himself with quantities of legal pa- Very Important Th* Importunes of taking * good Spring 3IodlclnP cannot b« orerMtl mated. Ths changing WBBther affects the human lystem In mich n wny that It it now in great need of and enpocUHjt «n«- oeptlbl* to th« benefit to be derived from a reliable preparation Ilk* Hoofi'* Sartaparilla. To make yonr blood pan, glt» jon » good appetite, and make froo strong, Uk» Hood's Sarsaparilla "In the spring ot 1890 I eiperlenced that tired, dull feeling. Djepepsla ntted me, and each morning 1 had vomiting spells. 1 iras mnoh <llm oonraged. II7 physician suggested Hood's Bnrea- pnrillo, which I took nnd am hnppy to «ny It mode me a new man, and I nerer was better than now." JOHN MACK, foreman Springer A Wlllnrd'H •took farm, Oikaloosa, Iowa. The Spring Medicine Hood'i SarsaparllU is sold by druggists. $1) sli for $5. Prepared by 0. I. HOOD & CO., Lowell, MUM. IOO Doses One Dollar Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, head tches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the ' only, remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in ite action and truly beneficial m its effects, Jprepared only from the most TieaithyS-jjio agreeable substances, ite many excellent qualities commend it to all and have u'ade it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs ia foir Bale in 50o an'd $1 bottles by all leading drug- ygista. Any reliable Druggist who njay not have it on hi\nd will procure it promptly for aijy one who , wishes to try it Do noi accept aur ' CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO, • 8AN FttAHOiaOO, OAl* LOUISVILLE. KY. HE W, YORK. H. f.^ no (ipnetltu, Indigestion, Flatulence, Sick- Ueadcahe, "till ruu down" or losing ilosh, you will flnd _ ' Tuft's Pills just wlmt you need. They tone "iptlie weak «timiii«li:tiiil build up the llajfgUHf energies. x£5 f\ » - ' MJOEp. - -.-, j-~ — jjijiarmleasherbal neait's. NoHtarving.jnoinconvoniBnct 1 no bud affects. Slrlrtly confidential il«. AdilruBoDr. uugo, Hi, The Soap that ' \ Cleans is Lenox, pers, while the pink flush of annoyance crept over Miss P if ton's bright face. Broad as had been the lawyer's hint, however.^ she was not discouraged, but determined to make another attempt to secure attention. Selecting one of her best specimens, the enlarged portrait of a rather fine looking young man of perhaps twenty-five, in the uniform of a private soldier, she approached the attorney's desk and held it up for his inspection. Now a man may stubbornly refuse to examine a book, no matter how attractive, but when a large picture is placed opposite his nose, his will is not strong enough to keep his organs of sight from giving at least an indifferent glance in that;,.direction. So it was with Mr. Frank Dorris; he glanced; he looked and then stared. Then he grasped Miss Pifton's arm with a grip that made her wince. "Where—where did you get that," he cried, in evident excitement. "PJoasfi allow me to refer to my memorandum book and I will soon explain how 1 came by it," and then, after turning of pages—"Miss Rixy Sheldon, No. 416 B. street. This is the lady for whom this picture has been enlarged and this," producing a small and very much faded tintype, "is the original from which the artists I represent have succeeded in producing such a handsome portrait. As you can see yourself, sir, our work exiels all others in fineness of finish, brilliancy, durability an " "What is your name?" suddenly demanded the lawyer, regardless of the eloquent tlow of "shop" talk into which the energetic young woman had drifted. "Belle Pifton," she answered. "Are you acquainted with Miss Sheldon?" • "Only in a business way, sir, although I heard her say she came from Iowa." "H 1 m! Well, I knew Rixy Sheldon twenty years ago and I have half a mind to call on her, just to see if she is as sweet tempered at thirty-eight as she was at eighteen. Yes, I'll do it. By the way. you could't give me that tintype, could you Miss?" ''No, that would be impossible. I think the lady values it very highly and we make ita point to return all such origiuals in good condition. "Certainly, of courfe. Well, I'm glad you called. I'll think over this business and if you care to drop in some day next week, I may conclude to give you some phoKos to en large. Good day, Miss." "Si, so, bemused when he found himself alone, "there is a mistake somewhere for sue certainly has not changed her name and still thinks enough of her FO'- dier lover to have his Ukentss enlarged for .a parlor ornament. One week lat»r Miss Belle Pifton rapped rather timedly at the office which bore the name of Frank Dorris, attorney-at-law, and a few minutes latter btoou in the presence of "that cross bear," as she privately termed him, but, much to her surprise, he now welcomed her with out- streacbed hand and a snule of pleased recognition lighting up IHH face. ">3o you've come? Well, that's rieht. I was afraid you'd forget to call. How are you coming on'? Pretty busy? Thus the lawyer rattled on giving her no time to answer any of the questions until pausing a moment to recover his breath his visitor took the opro'tunity to assure him that she was doing nicely and busy every day. • "Well, my wife wants, you to take tea with us and talk about several photographs we want enlarged, so if you'll come along home with me 'now,, we'll combine business for the rest of the day. Miss Pifton was as full of curiosity as the averege woman is supposed to be, but the wa« also a shrewd little business woman and knew that sometimes one learns quite as much by being dii-oreetly silent as by asking questions. Therefore ^he walked .quietly by the lawyer's aide, with only now ' ana then a coiumonpluca remark to Jkeep the silence froin becoming oppressiyo, A short walk brought them to their dest in- ition and Mr. Dorris ushered his companion into a handsome parlor. A tall, graceful lady, with deep blue eyes and soft arown hair, came forward to greet them. Miss Sheldon," said Belle in surprise. "Mra. Dorria, if you please," corrected ;he lawyer smilingly, "and my dimr we owe it all to you." Mrs. Dorris took Belle's hand injher own and led her to the sofa. t "Sit by me, while Frank tells you our ittle story." "Well, you ace, said Mr. Dorris, "Roxy and I were engaged twenty years ago nnd when_I went to war it was with the understanding that if I was fortunate enough to miss all the confederate bullets and return alive we would celebrate the event with a wedding. Finally my letters seemed to go astray and at last Roxy cease' I to write. In the same company with myself was an old schoolmate of mine, Hank Browne, and he was also very fond of Roxy, although I did not know it then. One day after we had received our mail, he asked, looking from a letter ho was reading, "1 say Dorris have you, heard from Roxy Sheldon lately?" "No," 1 answered, "not for three months." "Well. the_n. here is news for you. Sister Anna writes that old Mr. Sheldon is dead and that Roxy has married a book agent and gone to Kansas." t "I told myself that this explained her silence and so I nursed ag.urnt agtsnts in general the bitterness that came into my life and when 'he war was over, instead ol Tho jnjr of jwopl* enrsd of i)?*pfip*tn by Hoo<T« Snnftpnrtllft in oftfn beyond pipredMon. To be reliered from the torture* of Indigestion, heartburn, nance*, «nd oilier distressing Kymp- tom*. 1« sufficient eaaro for the Rroteful letters wo recelre. If you mtfer from »n? Ironblo of dyspeptic nature, from tick headache, or that all gone tired feeling, Uke Hood's Sarsaparilla "I have for the last two or three yours, during the. •prlnp; montln, Inken Hood's Snnnpnrllla to purify my blood and I find It Inrnluable n« n sprltiR medicine. It teems as If I could not do without It. I would recommend it to all." Mils. LlonA DEN- ESIIKK, Negannoe, Mich. N. B. It you decide to take ITood's SurinpnrUln. do not bo Induced to buy any oilier. The Spring Medicine Hood's Sanapnrllln l« sold by ih-iiKgUln. \\\ six for *!!. Prepared by 0.1. MOOD A CO., txiwoll, Muss. -_ I OO,,DosesjOjrie_Dflj jar rfTATE OK OlMO, ClTY OF Toi.KPO, I I.UC.VS COCXTV, )**' FHANK.J. CIMSNKY mnUos oath Hint lie Is the senior parlour of the llrm of l'\ J. CIIKNKV it Co., doing business in (lie Cily ot Toledo, County nod istntc nfoi-osiilil, and Hint RRld llrm will pay llio sum of ON1C 11UN- DUED DOLF.AHS for cneh and every cixso of Catarrh tlmt cnnnot bu cured by the uso of HALL'S CATAIIIUI Cmtit. FHANK J. CHENEY. , Sworn to before mo nnd subscribed In my presence this Oth day of December, A. 1). 1880. , ~> — , A. W. GLEASON, | SEAL £ Notary fublie. Hall's Cntnrrli Cure Is talcen Internally and acts directly on Ihu blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo 0. ISTSold by Druggists, 75 cents. Silversmith (to rural old lady ordering a tea service): "Would you like to liavo It wltli re}Jounse decoration 1" Old Incly: "No, I reckon not. If there's got to be any critters on It, I don't want cats. I'd rather havo canary birds and butterflies." Hn«h»nd nod Wife H«r« more thnn once been sated by the timely ««o of Kemp's Balaam for the throat and lungs, after all other remedies have boon trlud in rnin. The ftalsam slops decay of the lungs nnd cures Inflncnr.a and acuto tntl chronic coughs. There Is no other medicine In tho world that act* «opromptly, certainly none that docs Its work BO thoroughly as Kemp's Balsam. All drugr K !sls sell U. Large bottles 50c. and >1. "He Is a very orlglnaT boy, that ion of yours. I think he is bound to rise In the world." "I don't know. It's a hard thing to get him to rise In the morning." "Established 18DB. Drtascs, Gents's Clolhtnir, Feathers, Glore*, etc., Dyed or Cleaned. Plush Garments Steamed at Otto IMuteh's Dp W. Water St., Milwaukee. 81 inr. o Works. 340 end for Clrcu- The proper thlnif.-Clty editor (tc now reporter: "what aru you wrilliiir about?" Kcporter: "A new clock fix-lory." City editor: "Wind U up I Wo muit close Iho forms now." Ever since 1804 there have been women (more each year) who claim tlmt there Is no soap half us (rood, or as economical as Dobbins' Llectrie. Tliuro imut bu somo truth In their claim. Try it, see how much. Your grocer has It, "No, roy man, this Is not mine, twenty dollar bill 1 lost." "Hut it was n twluty dollar bill got It changed, sir." It waa a before 1 "ttlmi dm you pot itclmngctl for?" "Oeli, sure, no (lie owner could coiivaylont- Jy reward uie, «or." COUGHS, HOARSENESS, SOHETHnOAT. elo., quickly relieved by v HHOWN'B liitov- oniAl, Tituuuiis. A simple mid olToctuiil remudy, superior to nil other nrllelui lor tlio eanie purnose. Snlii only in loxe». "German! Syrup" [ The majority of well-read phy* icians now believe that Constimp* tion is a germ disease. In othef. words, instead of being in the constitution itself it is caused by innumerable small creatures living in th6 lungs having no business there and eating them away as caterpillars do the leaves of trees*' The phlegm that Is coughed up is those parts of the lung* which have been gnawed off and destroyed. These little bacilli, as the germs arc called, are too small to be seen with the naked eye, but they are very much alive just the same, and enter the bod}' in our food, in the air w<* breathe, and through the pores of the skin. Thence they get into the blood and finally arrive at the lutigs where they fasten and increase with frightful rapidity. Then German Syrup comes in, loosens them, kill* them, expells them, heals the place* they leave, and so nourish and soothe that, in a short time consumptives become germ-proof and well. • A Germ Disease. How 8s Your Appetite. If it is not you need returning to my old home, where I would have learned the truth, J set my face westward. _For twenty years I have lived a lonely life, never oncj looking at her picture which lay at the very bottom of iuy trunk. "And the little tintype I gave you to enlarge," explained Mrs. Dorris, "is one he sent to me in the second letter after he went to <var and I always—" "And when I saw the copy I knew she had at least a tender memory of her old flame, so I went to the address you gave me nnd I pleaded my own case so woll that we were married at noon the next day." "What do you think of Ruch haste Miss Pifton? No time to bake a cake, much lets to order a wedding dress, Mrs. Dtttris, said sighing softly. "When you are married, Miss Pifton," said the lawyer, spreading both hands as if to pronounce a blessing, 'my wife may get all the pretty fixings her soul delights in, out for a middle aged pair like us who have waited 20 years, a plain gold rin=j and the parson fills the bill nkely, and the quicker the better." '|[ am very grateful for the impuls whicb prompted me to show you tha particular portrait, although [ did no dream it was your youthlul face, Mr Dorris," said Belle, "and 1 trust you bot may live beyond the youthful span ir order to atoue for so many years of lone liness." There was a great light of love and tenderness in Mrs. Dorris's blue eyes H she rested her hand on her shoulder, remarking roguishly, L/'Frank hub decided to give you a dozen photo to be enlarged and if any of your friend are book agents, send them around to hi office, as we will want a nice library in our new home." """"" Cloth from the Spldor'ri Web. An Englishman named Slillbers actually made a cloth of the spider's web which has been employed for purpose of surgery. A gentleman tia through the country, who recently stop ped in Washington, stated that this man Stillborn had gone quite extensively into this spider-wtD cloth-making. The spiders are mostly from Iropical.countriee mostly from Africa and South America and very large. In one room there are some five thousand cases. The spiders lay their eggs and about the latter spin cocoons Tbes cocoons are gathered, and are pre pared for weaving by some such chemica and mechanical proeesess as are undergone by the cocoon of the silk worm. "The Bronchitis | B cured by frequent small doses or Plso's Cure for CuiiBiniiptlon. His employer: "1 can only say, Mr. Jones, you have aeled like a donkey In this mat! tcr< Fou A niBoniJHiiRD uvKn try BEKCUAX'I PILLS Jones: "But you musn't forsrot, sir, that I. acted as your representative. 1 ' good a tonic. Hunger is a sauce that gives your food a flesh-making and strengthening power. S. S. S. is famous for its health giving and building up qualities. It is the best of all tonics. S. S. S. aids digestion makes you enjoy what you eat and cures you of dyspepsia, Mr. James J. Me Galley, Monet, Mo., says h« dyspepsia for eight yean, which mndo him a wreck, sick ami suffering during tho whole time. After trying nil tho remedies, including all tho doctors In roacb, ho dlRcnrdocl everything and took Swift's Spoclflo. Ha Increased from 1U to 188 pounds nnd was soon • Round and healthy man. TREATISE ON BLOOD AP.'D GKIN DISEASES MAILED FREE. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. Atlanta, Ca. Gained 44 Pound* 'Tr AI1 F " B " to l')' ml '"»« by DII.KLIMK'B GIIRAT ItEBToiiKit. N* I'lUiifmrilmlcluy'iiuHo. Mar- vplIouB ouron. TrentiBe and *2.tXJ trial liuulu freo to !* It canes. Send to Dr. Klijuo, 1)31 Aroli Si., I'liilu., !'•. Applicant: "Your description of the house just tills the bill, liow about the water supply V" •AKcnt: _. ------ "Never any trouble about that. Tlie cellar IB lull ot it." fmm world generally gives whom honor is due. 1 " Public a given SAl'OUO Uie flrit place Try a cake. 'honor to pprovul lias In 1U Hue. "It's all luck," said Scribbler; "U I hod writtuu Thackeray'* novels 1 would not have become famous." "The rule works both ways," responded Hacker; "if Thackeray hud written your atuif he would uot have become famous." THAT bright'and lively uoy used to be elcklv ami dulloutd liaforo Ins motliur gnvi him Dr. Bull's Wo m l)e-troyur<. lia ititlU tliein''Vood eundies." By mull, '25 cents. Tohn D. I'fwk. Clnolnnatl. Ohio. RheniTiatisni, N. Ogden, M/ch., May li, 1800. ' "A hnlf bottk of your in valuable Biodicliie, Wt. Jnrubs Oil. cured me of rlicu- tnatlam and rliuu- inatle awelllug of the knee. Itisthe bwtiu tjbe uuiverse." J. M, Ib POBTKR. Hagerstown, lid., Apiil21,l£90. "I.andotlitrscf my family, have used SI Jacobs Oil for neuralgia and found It a spuedy, effective cure." MRS, AcNjfs KELLI:V. DOCTOR (or Coughs. Colds and Consumption, Is boyond (li'octlon the grontost of all modern remedies.; It v.l 11 stop a Cough Inane nlglit. U will chock; aColilinadsy. It will pnvont Croup, relieve; flsthma, and CURS Consumption If taken In" time. IF THE LITTLE OWES HAVE : WHOOPING COUGH ! OR ' GROUP I Use It Promptly.; IT WILL CURE: WHEN EVERY-' THING ELSE! FAILS. "Vou! can't afford to; A 5.!S' L°.!' le .u n l?. y ' s1 ?. v - 8 - $ ' 92,'" 52PJw'lAUi«! K<t you do not I will »lo lor tn not i)c ., tlie coiBscqiicnucs." „,.,, doctor, n can jillord II^JIEKM' ilic time nor the ninney." »Woll. if that l-s Impossible, try ' OF PURE NORWEGIAN COD LIVER OIL, I HoiMciliiiox call it Hcrimula iiot- tlcd, tinil many c;ih<!s • t ^CONSUMPTION. Bronchitis, Cough or Surew Cold I have CU«i:i> wiih u; «ud tiio iidviintrsre |M tliat (lie moHt MOH^J. tlye stomach wui tnU» It. Aiiullicr thins which commends u la flic Htliiiulatlnv iiropertluH of tin; Hy- iMiphosiililtes which It contains. Jou will llnd It for sale at jour Hriiffifliit's lint see you (,-ct tlie original ' RELIEVES INSTANTLY. UUOTKKUa. 00 Warron St., New York. 1'rlca r to all parts of the It runs elegant 1'ullm.ln Slee|>crt, l)ny Coactlcfc.i,t( |]j|;i:ni" Cai» villil lo JACKHONVIM.R, via Lookout MoiinMln. ChaltaiiooL'a, AllaiM, Maton. I ; in>-<* tr.iins in OinWorliJ torCOrn* FO r 'T ANO tiAFKTV OF 'li'kou I. /I '..lie it all Kulliutd Olll, l:s 111 llir Ulllf'l Sl,.^;, Ot II. W. WKLNN, Gcn'l Pin. 4 Ttl Ar—t, ENGLISH, Ren CROSS THE onlGINAU AND QENUIIJC, Tho only f '"'"* t"?,' 1 " I'l'T '•"'«»"'«••'• *'•''"•»• vlili biiin rllihiHi. Tiiko nu oilier Mini. nu,l nlluhlt I'll! Inr ralo. n.l iiul,au,m m i tmil lmil,M,mi. l IIOSOH, ,ilnk nrn|>|iori.iiru ilnnifvt iiiinciimit(.r|VI|«. At l)ruiiilrt»,<ir u>u4 Jtvlli>r l'.,r l.iull,.,." In l,:,t,r, l.v rott rn iliuilllila, fi'itmf I'apfr, Hulil by ull I,o, ul Kruuttinlo. CHIOHEoTKn CHEMICAL Co., ' G. II. 1N< ) HA If A M, M. D N. v Wo Uavn ijoltl n're «l many jeurs. nnd It In. K\ven Ilia uOKt'of nalli factlnn.. , . U. Jl. D"OTTK'*..:O. JU, fioir*. Anew mittlinil of compounding T»r. SURE CURE for PILES, SALT RHEUM ninl nil KLI» IMniMimw. fViu] U 8u-«tniuu» for Free N»m- pin wlili Bunk •}•> Hold hv ill DruWtbta and bT 'j'Alt 4(1000 , fd It.n.lolpl, Ht., C'kluuKO. Prlc.600. WUoouifn UruKUts iQ|ipllml bj , \V WHOLESALE. PRICES, u uso waff paper do not uprlngpattorim, to Bitvu you idoiioy. blnnkgtfe tocc per roll. il. rnrr wiintatl.' I IlLL N'nwurk, N. J. inf. Gilts 8c nor mil. Kin ti()ns()(1(;llt»;»c per roll. 3'he lltioHt parlor import* with 18 Inch frlo/o to ruHUib/5c per roll and" upward. AI.FRKn j Walt 1'upur Mer eliaut, H7-ltu W. Madlauu. PMAIHT" * n A T r HI T P Illuntrutoil Himd'Bnok, F tt I T N I S J - U - OllAMJ! A 00. I fl I L. II I O WuHlilntttnn, I). O. I'lunna mention this paper every time you wrlu. Will Fin If Our Hnnril Kllilr win l»n» « Will UO HI MiiBtaclio lu ttO (tuyi Pull Beard In SO. Sample package, poitnald, l&c.; 2 for 2Ao.| one dozen. 76 cent*. Agent* wanted. WKSSOK iU<h Co., 78 B BU, i'fuTlUcucc, Jt. U 'SS2'§W < E5IOBI8 JO " 1V vt.fln/uuis, HsiBtSSDIWSlS U'liMiiintrion, t>.<; "f Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I.ale^'rlnclpiil Exitnilnor U.S. I'onolou liuroua W, BAKER &, CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa front which tho excess of oil haa boon removed, la absolutely pure and it is soluble, No Chemicals are uned In 1(8 prvpnrutlon. It liaii more (him three times the Strength ot Cocoa mixed with eturch, ArroT.root or Sugar, , and is therefore far more economical, costing lent than one centuaip. It la delicious, nour. tubing, iilrc'UgthcnlDg, EASILY B1OE8TKD, and admirably adapted for f well as for persons In health. Bold by Orocm ererywhere. *CQ., l>y rotiirn mull, lull (h'Hrrl)itlv nt MOODV'S NCW . TAiLOR SYSTEM OFIIHESSCUTTINO Any ladyof ordl* uuryimolligonor i.'iiu (iitHlly uucl qulukly Icurnto ml anil inulio uny gurimmt In itoiuiy m n a H u r 6 (or Imly nr clilld, MOODY&CO, Cincinnati, 0. W. L. DOUGLAS 83 SHOE WE.OO Goiuiliie lltiiUI-Kowod, an eleitaut a.ui ** BtvllHlt dross Slioo which couimendn itsolf WX.OO Jluntl-uewed Welt. A liiiu caU'tihoe uu *T ei|u;il"d lor Btvlo mid durability. WO.50 Oootlyeur Welt in thuBtaiidurd'ch'CB.T Shoe w at a iJopulur i)iui o. Wo.50 1'ollceiiiiiii'ti .Shoo IK c-HjieciaUy adapted vp ior railroad muu, lurini-ru, otti. All ma I o lu C!( UKress. Button and Laco. SO,00 Ibriadicn, lu tho only lumil-sinveil hlioe ^^ bold ut tblM populut 1 iJiloe. 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