The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1891
Page 5
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TH1 tlPPEft BBS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA* WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 181)1. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MUjWATJKEE A ST. PAUL. West—Pass.— No. 1 0:02 a m No. 3 4:37ptn Freight- East—Pass. No. 2 10:20 a m No. 4 0:30pm Freight— a; idKuu— . ••- *• "•o"" No. 9 7:15am No. 8 ll:.->5pm No. 13 11:45 a mNo. 14 2:30pm No. 5 S-.lTpmNo. 10 12:15 am CHICAGO & NOETIDVESTERN. North— Elmore pass..4:05pm St. Paul frt.. .0:55 a m South— Elmore pass 12:20 p m DesMolnesft 7:35 p m THE CITY. Notice the change in the Grange store advertisement. The Fill tailor-shop is getting a new roof and other repairs. J. J. Wilson has something to say about seeds in this issue. Jns. GIT papered and did other work on J. P. Uacy's fine residence last week. Out >df -42 teachers examined last month Mfc 'two got first grade certificates. A number of our shooters go to Eagle Grove, Monday, for the tournament there. W. H. Ingharn recalls a big yield of oats when the field was sown on the 17th of May. The election in company F to secure a successor to Lieut. Reaver comes tomorrow night. A. H. Paine and Jas. Patterson are both having additions and repairs made on their houses. Dan. Gross of Ft. Atkinson is in Algona looking for a farm. He is an old friend of A. L. Goddard. It is reported that Capt. Ctiliff, an old-time plasterer in Algona, has made 'a small fortune in Oregon. Licenses to wed have been issued to Geo. Rosenau and Sara Jane Peck, Chas. Chatman and Ina Paul. Justice Thompson tried a mowing machine case yesterday. The machine man won and the buyer had to pay. There will bo a teachers' examination next week Friday and Saturday, April 24-25, at the superintendents office. The Woman's Baptist Mission circle will meet with Mrs. T. H. Conner on next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Kossuth county bank statement calls attention to the healthy financial condition of that institution this week. Dr. Shore has about decided to locate in Des Moines. He is there at present and will probably secure a permanent office. Rev. Smead is having large audiences and is an earnest talker. He speaks every evening at the Cohgregational church. Two unpleasant scandals are reported in the county. As neither one is yet brought into court we make no mention of them. Supervisor Holtz had a case in justice court last week in Algona, which he conducted himself. His argument to the court was very eloquent, and won a judgment. F. S. Stough's motto is "The Best is the Cheapest," and he keeps the best and the cheapest. Read his advertisement this week. The' card of Dr. Holtfoerster of West Bend in this issue introduces a new physician to to our readers in the west part of the county. The exhibition given Friday by the children in vocal exercises shows the good work Miss Fahnestock is doing in the public schools. The ladies of the Baptist church will serve supper at the vacant store building of S. C. Spear on State street tomorrow from 5 to 8 p. m. Algona markets are: Wheat, 80@ 90c; oats, 47@50c; barley, 50@60c; corn, 60@55c; hogs, $4.25@4.50; hay what anyone can get for it. E. G. Bowyer received word from Rolfe last week that he was the owner of another blooded colt. The mother was on Mr. Walston's farm. W. C. Danson, L. M. B. Smith, Rev. Whitfield, Rev. F. M, Smith, and T. H. Conner are a committee to assist in organizing the county temperance alliance. Matt Holtzbauer is up with the season. .He lias'alfei^JyvFaked and polished off the court yard x i&wn in fine shape. Matt is the right Hum in the right place. ^ Rev. Butler has rafted the Chubb house in the north pa i of town and will soon move to it, tt'*rnake room for ;D. H. Hutchins, whoIE^" expected home ' in May. Tho annual meeting!? 1 ! the Epwotth league of this district \,>«11 be held May 25-26 at Algona. : Qvc 100 delegates will attend, and Dr. P&vipns of Mason City will deliver an'adi '^ Wadsworth Bros, lurijjfjfour standard bred marea which will Qive colts this spring. One of the hairfso'naest horses in the county is the t'\ \Kyear old of their own breeding'and.' aleing> The annual meeffiign'f the Algona Gun club is set for, SSfuf/ 5-6. Advertisements are published l! yr live pigeons, and it is expected that »t least forty outside shooters will be roresent. It was voted <*& the teachers' meeting Saturday to Kave synthetic reading at the institute instead of physical culture and Superintendent Cairey informs us that the 'decision will be I adopted. Eat'ly or late this country can't be fyeat for seasons. A. J. /Robinson says ;the best crop of oats he over saw raised In the county were sowed! on the seventh day of May. They were) on D. King's farm. J. M. Cowan and T. H« Conner were in Emmetsburg last wee k figuring on some of the new buildin/gs to go up there this season. They report that the burg will build a nuimber of fine blocks. B. M. Richmond is giving Bancroft metropolitan airs. His -^{ovk is such that he finds a stenographer a necessity and has now secured a L % from the south part of the state to jr"7 shorthand and type writiug G. H. Lampson is n<^ among the lucky ones. Hi ; his pension papers and month from last July. :,V pleased over the result, at rejoice with him. ^ The following item of 4 \ numbered is received 'its $12 a , well friends $et is in the Sioux City local column: Tonight A. L. Hudson will speak on " Tennyson and the Questions of the Day," at the Unity club meeting, held in the parlors of the Unity church. Arbor day comes a week from Friday. The leaflets sent by the state superintendent have been mailed by Superintendent Carey, and it is thought that the directors and teachers wil unite in generally observing the day. T. H. Conner is now at work preparing plans for a double front brick block at Spencer in addition to the one he has contracted t'j build, and is also drawing plans for a double front brick at Eagle Grove. As an architect ho can not bo beaten in Iowa. The evangelistic meetings at the Congregational church began Sunday. H. G. Smead was present nnd preached both morning and evening to largo congregations. He is accompanied by H. J. Petran, who leads tho singing. The meetings will continue two weeks or more. Rev. Black attended a meeting of the camp meeting committee of this conference at Britt, Monday. After duo deliberation Livermore was chosen for the coming meeting, which will be held August 25-81. Liver more is n, good choice, conveniently located, and well able to provide grounds, etc. Owen Brunei' was at Boone last week and bought out a barber shop there which lie will take possession of tho 1st of May, It is a three chair shop with bath rooms, and has a good patronage. While hero Mr. Brunei 1 has made many friends, and in him Boono will secure a first class barber and business man. The sale of machinery for the past few weeks is an indication of the increased farming operations of the season. J. R. Jones says he never did anywhere near the business before, and Nicoulin, W. W. Jones, and A. M. & G.M. Johnson all report big sales. At this rate tho whole county will soon be farmed. S. S. Sessions has received a supply of sugar beet seed and is prepared to supply all who want it. Full instructions on how to raise are sent by the agricultural department, but they do not differ much from those for ordinary beet culture. Rows should be 18 inches apart, and vigorous plants eight to 10 inches apart in the row. All old settlers, and new ones, too, will be interested in Mr. Call's sketch of the life of Algona's pioneer landlord. The old "St. Nicholas," later "Wisconsin house," stood many years on the north side of the square, and was for many years our only hotel. Mr. Henderson was a popular landlord, and was one of the most highly esteemed among the band of pioneers. Our new Wesley paper sta.rts out with an announcement which it heads salutary." This may mean that tho paper is healthy, or that it is in a healthy town. In either event we are pleased to welcome our salutary neighbor, into tho salutary atmosphere of Kossuth, and hope it has none but salutary designs, and will advocate none but salutary measures. The first weather and crop bulletin is issued this week from Des Moines. It indicates that the state is having the same weather we are. It concludes: Though the season is late the present conditions are not unprecedented, and there is yet ample time for seeding and securing a harvest of old-time proportions.' The outlook is especially favorable for fall wheat, grass and wheat, Sheriff Stephens was in the eastern part of the state last week and bought seven mares which he brought back with him. He has purchased tho Lat- tirnore land across the river by Mr. Block's and will make a farm of it, presumably a horse farm. He and E. P. Bircher are joint owners of two fine stallions, and taking it all together our sheriff is getting to be quite an enthusiast on horses. Prof, Cornwall delivered addresses Sunday and Monday evenings at the Methodist church on the question of prohibition in Iowa. He proved to be a,n able and interesting speaker. His object is to strengthen prohibition sentiment especially in view of the coming legislative contest. An organized temperance movement over the state is being organized to have none but friends of the existing law put into office. A goodly number of teachers attended the meeting at the school house Saturday, We were in to hear a lively discussion on whether the scholar should be left to figure out hard problems for himself, or should get hints from his teacher. The debate recalled painful memories of earlier times and wo retired at its close. A very profitable meeting is reported, as indeed are all the meetings in the county. At Bancroft one teacher came 20 miles to attend, and one walked eight miles in and back. It will interest our readers to know that the larpe government contract for putting in the works at Gal- veaton harbor, Texas, .has been secured by Barney Lantry, brother of o\ir treasurer. His bid was a little less than $3,000,000, which indicates the size of the undertaking, Mt, Lantry is a big man in the Sante Fe railroad System, and has made a fortune in Kansas and the southwest. Mr. 'Clm'schilles, who is our informant, says /that opening this Galveston harbor will &e the cause of a big boom i'n Texas, The city well 'again begins to attract attention. We 'hivd 'hoped this valuable news resource misfh't be left till the dry summej. 1 season, ''When the public interest would be at its height, but worlds soon to begirraiid the chronicle must go on. Mi 1 .-Stephens will sink a four and one-halfIhph pipe in the middle of 'the well. Tb. ; lihis he will' attach a number of sand: points running to the bed of the water. The pump can be attached to this ; pip6 so as to draw.directly on these "smaller pipes. This is the tubular well system in use at Sioux City, Independence, and elsewhere, and Mr. Stephens thinks the best for this well. He is confident of getting all the water 'the pump can handle. A serious assault case' was tried before Justice Taylor last Thursday, in which R. Bowman was held under $50C bonds to meet the grand jury. He waived examination. W. C. Bowman, his brother, stood trial and was acquitted. The facts seemed 'to be that Col. Spencer had sent the Bowmans ou1 to get some hay he had bought of Wm. Nolan. Nolan refused to let the hay go and words led to blows 'with, bale hooks in which Nolan got the worst of it. Nolan's son testified that tho Bowmans began tho row, and they both agreed that Nolan began it. W. C. Danson defended Bowman, and proved enough to warrant the release of his man. The other is still in jail, having failed to secure bail. A large number of friends nnd acquaintances gathered at the Methodist church Sunday afternoon to attend tho funeral of W. J. Boals, who died hist Thursday after a long illness. Among those present were three brothers of the deceased, 0110 from Illinois, one from Nebraska, and one from Sioux City. Rev. Whitficld preached a brief but appropriate funeral sermon, nnd a large number, in spite of the rain, followed the remains to tho grave, Mr. Boals wns a well known figure in Algona. Ho came to tho county in 18t9, and located on Four Mile creek on tho rond to Whittemore. He mndo good improvements, and leaves a family who have tho respect and esteem of all. In politics Mr. Boats was a staunch democrat. The ''Evening with Longfellow" at tho court house drew a largo audience last night. It proved in every way a successful entertainment, and the np- precisition of tho people was mtiao manifest in no uncertain manner. Mrs. Bugncll of Webster City gave two very entertaining recitations, and Presiding' Elder Blnck of this place gave a most instructive account of his experiences in Nova Scotia, and also of the history of tho French settlement whoso removal by tho English is recorded in "Evnngeline." Wo lack space to give till the mention tho performers arc entitled to, and can only say that tho musical programme called out tho best talent Algona affords. With BO much local capability of getting up lino entertainments, Algona should have them oftener. Tho high school declamatory contest camo Friday evening and was attended by a largo audience. Eig_ht speakers participated, Miss Hart being sick, and it is safe to say surprised tlioso present by the uniform improvement shown. Although the selections wore long, and some of them very ambitious, they were rendered in good stylo throughout. The judges, Prof. McCollum, Supt. Carey, and Prof. Carter, awarded the first place to Miss Lizzie Wallace, who recited "The Death Bridge of tho Tay," and second and third places wore won by Guy Taylor and Bertha Hancock. The marks were verv close, Miss Wallace having 270 out of 800, Guy Taylor 204, and Bertha Hancock, 2084. Prof. Dixson will go with Miss Wallace to the state contest which will bo hold .it Monticello April 24, All will wish the Algona representative good luck on tliat occasion. Walter Thomas died at the homo of his daughter, Mrs. E. Tellier, Friday .ifternoon. Ho was an old settler of Humboldt county, and well known to arly settlers of this county. Ho was born in Washington county, N. Y., in August, 1818, came to Fox Lake, Wis., in 1856, and in December, 1857, came to Dakota City. Here he made a hotel out of an old building owned by McKnight. Then ho moved to his farm and lived there till a few years ago tvlien health failed. For some months lie has lived at his daughter's in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Tellier went with ,he remains to Humboldt, Saturday, to inter them in the cemetery there, which lies on the old Thomas homo- stead, Mr. Thomas was grandfather of Mrs. E. G. Bowyer, and Mrs. Rufus Walston, Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Tellier, and Walter Thomas are children well cnown in Algona. Justice Thompson's court has the lionor of establishing a new and far- reaching precedent. Tho wife must my for the breeches. Marriage can no .ouger be considered a failure by tho young man of good habits and short :)urse. The first woman to learn this .aw to her sorrow is the wife of Ed. Denson, a Milwaukee railway employe. Her property was attached by John "coders to pay for her husband's pants. B. F. Reed eloquently and learnedly showed the justice of 'this proceeding, md W. C. Danson as ' eloquently and learnedly showed it a dastardly invasion of tho female domain. But'Squire Thompson holding the balances of justice with impartial hand, found tho plaintiff's side to come down with weight, and the jury agreed with the judge. Tho wife must pay for the pants. Whether this decision will be bailed as another proof that women are widening their field of rights and responsibilities wo wait to learn. A HAPPY MABBIAGE. \VeaaiiJK Hells nt the Homo of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Nicoulin, This morning at 8 :SO o'clock occurred tho marriage, at tho brldo'8 homo, of Miss Anna Nicoullu and Fred, Kandall of Mason City, Tho bride returned from Mason City Monday, and the groom came last evening. Friends aud relatives witnessed the ceremony, after which the newly-wedded cpuplo took the morning train lor St. Paul-, wilore they will visit, and return to Mafi'oh 'City-. The bride is well known in Algon'a, wlvei'O she has grown up from infancy, ; aiid is a young lady well calculated to hety) &ny man make a success of life, With hot •sister she has for years had the full responsibility of managing a large business, and her success is a proper reward foi- 'pluck and excellent ability. Her friends i'n Algona will be pleased to learn that In Mr. Randall she secures fdi 1 a husband a well-known young business'man of Mason City,, and all will unite in wishing tooth the best good luck. Theyvt'ill'inake their homo in Mason City, "Wanted. One '$lousand rods of wire fence built, iNone but experienced workmen need >apply. Call on R. M. Richmond, Bancroft, Iowa.-3 'I HAVE a light-weight rubber that is very nice. F. S. Stough. JAS. A. ORB, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsomining, etc., in the latest and best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and get prices before letting your work. RUBBER foot wear of all kinds at Stough's. Kiiglisli Spavin Liniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs splints, sweeney, ring bone, stifles, sprains, til swollen throats, etc. Save ?50 by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blern sh cure ever known. Sold by Dr. Sheets. Itch cured in 30 minutes by Wolford's Saul tary Lption. Sold by Dr. Sheet?. COUNTY BOAED MEETING. AVork Done by tho Snpcrvlsors nt tho Itestulnr April Session. The most important feature of county board matters last week was the .distribution of the railway taxation. The assessment shows 82.95 miles of rond in tho county. Of this tho Milwaukee has 25.85: tho Northwestern, 40.51; tho Minneapolis & St. Louis, 7.79; and tho Burlington 4.80. Tho appointment of C. 13. Hutchins as county surveyor fills the vacancy in that office and secures the services of n very competent olllcial. Tho petition to have Leilyiml made a voting place shows that our northern town is awake this booming year. A petition received too late for this board meeting wns for tho establishment of a new township, out of Ramsay, to Ho just west of Hebron. The schedule of claims will be given next week. THE UOUTINR WOKK. The county board met last week Monday, nnd among other business nbatcd the tax on Lot o, Block (i, in LuYorno, Lottie Eggortih, on account of loss by liro. Tho petition of Geo. J. Adams fo'r i highway was granted. It commences )0 rods south of west qunrlerpost of Soc. 17—96, 27, rutw oast 5U> degrees and south 44 rods, south 10 rods, west 61 degrees and south 32.33 chains to southwest corner of 17—90, 27. Kmmot county claimed a bounty for a, wolf scalp— lot allowed. A claim of Callanan and Savory for taxes, not granted. A petition of Thos. P. C'ooko for tho vacation of highway commencing at west quar- jorpostofll—97,27, and running oast ;o east quartcrpost of 12—97, 27, was ro- 'errod to G. H. Peters. A petition of Daniel Jackson for n jnulo between 24 and 25—97, 30, was aid over. A. claim of Win. Kerr of Seneca, for vnimals killed by dogs, was allowed, 510.80. Exemption of H acres forest trees was allowed on s i of nw i and sw i of so i of 20—97, 30, to Wm. Peck. Tho treasurer was authorised to redeem tho s i of nw i of 19—98, 28, from tax sale. Auditor reported fees as follows: Jan. 1 to April 1, transfer foes, §88.26; redemption, $27.50; recording, $2.60; rent of court house, S170. Clerk reported fees, Jan, 1 to April 1, 5184-. 95. G. H. Peters was authorized to buy a lorso for tho poor farm. A consent road asked by H. Roth and jthers was granted, starting between 21 and 22—94, 29, and running along section lino to county rond. P. Porter Wiggins' request for tax efunding was not allowed. Jas. Barr's judgment of $95 and §23.50 costs was paid. Mrs. Lempke was allowed i?8, Mrs. Jolby §8, and tho Miller family §0 a nonth from poor fund. Petition of Mrs. Sarah Hartshorn for ibatoment of tax was laid over. Tho county attorney was instructed ;o settle with M. S. Cunningham. Tho county treasurer wns authorized ;o redeem tho sw i of nw j- of 35—99, 28, "ram tax sale of 1889. School fund loans inudo by auditor vero approved. Tho auditor is instructed to sell 16—98, 28, and 10—99, 28, school sections. August Miller gets )aek $4 on tree exemptions. Joachim liouck gets back $5.40. C. B. Hutohins' rond as county surveyor approved. D. A. Buell and M. O'Rourko are a committee to receive bids for furnish- ng county lumber. The board received the following pay: 1. H. Peters, $9.84; M. O'Rourke, $8.10; J. I-Ioltz, $10.04; L. D. Lovell, $9.08; D. A. Buoll, $8. RAILWAY ASSESSMENT. The report of tho state executive council was filed by tho board, and tho ollowing apportionment was made: On the Milwaukee road, assessed at !5,225 a mile: Miles. Amount. Wesley 4.70 8^5,028 ?ralrlo 1.21 (t,:i!>2 i'vlngton fi.O't Ml.O.'IO Algoun, incorporation ii.07 10,81(1 Srosco 4.01) ai.:»70 , Whittemore O.BB IW.050 On the Northwestern road, assessed at $5,520 a mile, the division was made as follows: Miles. Amount. juVerue Incorporation I.JIO $ 7,170 Lu Verne 00 il!U Sherman O.dO 30,70!) Trvlngton 4,r>:i «. r >,00r> Algona incorporation 1,78 !),40u Oresco 1.01 5,fi75 Union 70 4,001 Plum Creek fi.Ofl 31,188 Portland 43 2,373 Burt 5.07 31,278 3reonwood : 0.47 85,714 Bancroft 83 4,fi81 Ramsay 11,30 02,873 On tho Minneapolis & St. Louis road, assessed at $3,000 a milo: Miles. Amount. LuVerho.-.,.. >.,,,,, 0.55 $10,005 LiiVerne incorporation 1.24 3,720 On th'o Burlington road, assessed at ?3,120 a mllo: Miles. Amount. Garfleld 4.30 $13,410 NEW BRIDGES. Tho county board located bridges as Follows: On the north line of Sec. 30— 94, 29, M. O'Rourke, committee; on the township line between 13—90, 28, and 18—90, 27, G. H, Peters, committee; on Plum creek between 10 and 11—90, 27, M. O'Rourke, committee. It also ordered the following, if tho committees think they are needed: Between 17 and 18—94, 27, M. O'Rourke, committee; on Black Cat creek between 21 and 22—97, 30, J. Holtz, committee; on Prairie creek between 5 and 0—94, 27, and also between 24—94, 28, and 19 —94, 27, Lovell and O'Rourke, committee; on moving county bridge between Humboldt and Kossuth, D. A. Buell, committee; on east line of 11—90, 29, D. A. Buoll, committee; on east line of 1— 90, 30, and to repair Hill bridge over Plum creek, G. H. Peters, committee; G. H. Peters and M. O'Rouke were appointed to view all other grades or bridges not otherwise ordered. Administrator's Notice of Final Report In the matter of the estate of Chas. A. Krause, deceased. To all the heirs or creditors of the aoove named estate, You are hereby notified thai on or before the first day of the May terra 1801, said administratrix will ale with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county Iowa, her final report, and ask to be ills charged; and you are further notified that all objections thereto must be filed with bald clerk on or before the first day of said term of sale court, which will convene and be holdou a Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, on the llth day of May, 1801, or said --report will be ivp proved and said administratrix dischargee and her bonds released. . MATILDA KRAUSE GOBTSCH. \V \k -Administratrix. lift L-S; SUGAR! SUGAR! SUGAR! 19 pounds Fine Granulated Sugar for <Si.oo 20 pounds Confection' A Sugar for i.oo 21 pounds Light Brown Sugar for i.oo prices of a few articles below: 1 do?. Clothes "ins for.... t j>kg So Yeast for 1 pkpr Rodn ( Pure 1 j>h(jf Dixon Stovo Polish. 1 box Axlo Ovonso 1 box Lewis' Lyo .01 .OH .05 .Hi) .on .10 rw bs'rs Oood Ln.-ml'-y Soap... 20 I'ns Ciioicc I«H. i<v Crnrkcrs. 13 K)S C-.ioico C;'l. Dried Grapes A pTii Tjj'uic'.'ii i'or only ->()).* (.V.VHi.jiUlic'e for 1'J His CliuU-o Ui'is'ns for * .00 i.oo i.oo .35 i.oo i.oo We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and sec us. Up We arc agents for Rock Salt for stock. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. A complete stock of FOOT WEAR of all kinds. My motto is : The Best is the Cheapest, And I sell the same cheap. If in need of Boots and Shoes, call and get value received. Harness, Trunks, Valises etc., etc., very large stock. , s. Thorington House Laundry. New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington. Strictly First-CHass Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. IFirst-Olass ~S7v r or:k: is GrU.aret:nt©ed.. Farifr Loans. I can now iimlco loaiin on improved luiidn, from ono to ton years tlnio, and glvo Uio borrowor tho privilege of paying tho wholo loan or any part thnroof In oven 8100 nt any duto when inluroHt falls duo. This IK Iowa monuy, and no second mortgage or coupons tukon. This plan of making a loan will enable tho borrower to reduce his mortgage at any tlinu and navo tho Intureut on tho amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. TO LOAI on Farm Properly. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest Dayable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. SEEDS, /SEEDS ! Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. 'Talk with Doxsee Loans, -:- Insurance. Good house of five rooms for sale or rent, PR. L, A, SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines Full assortment always on hand of drugs, wed clues, aud pure liquors for medicinal ' purposes only. of the condition of Kossuth County Bank,., j ,•» in OF ALCiONA, IOWA, 1o?- March !)1,1H01, made lo tho auditor of state,' as required by law, \ ASSISTS. 'Minn and discounts. Jll-t.800 8S Good 8114,8008!! ^ast duo., U,:!14 40 Judgment 85 00 "lold and silver :i,47« OH legal tender aud Nat. bank notes 10,800 00 Drafts and cash Items l,03a 1!J 10,10418 Duo from banks 70,810 OH Overdrafts 001 03 Real estate 11,83415 Personal property... 2,40010 14,30344 Total assets $310,843 10 t 60,00000 150,030 80 10,811 30 Capital stock Deposes .............. Undivided profits,... MA11IUTIES. Total liabilities.... 8210,84310 Liabilities of directors 83,700 Sworn to and subscribed by WM. II. INQHAM, President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier, J. W. WADSWOUTH, Teller. Directors. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of April, 1801. [i,. B.] H. E. BIST, Notary Public. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, In tho matter of the estate of J. D. McDonald, deceased. To all the heirs or creditors of the above- named estate: You are hereby notitled that on or before the Itrst day of May, 181)1, said administratrix will Bio with tho clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, her final report, aud ask to be discharged; and you are further uotilled that all objections thereto must be tiled with said clerk on or before the day of said term of said court, which will convene aud bo holdou at Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, on tho nth day of May, 1801, or said report will be approved and said administra- trix discharged arid her bonds released. NANCY j. MCDONALD. It 3 Administratrix. A/TONEY FURNISHED— -Yl AT SEVEN PB» OPOT, IN.TEB8S? At Kossuth County feTlJaa* $ °Bfifi s M ONEY TO LOAN- ON KAILKOAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on railroad lauds will do well to call at the K County Bank and bring their contracts.

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