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York Democratic Press from York, Pennsylvania • Page 2

York Democratic Press from York, Pennsylvania • Page 2

York, Pennsylvania
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Cp nss. Base Ball. A match game of Base Ball W8 played by the Stella, of Wrightsville, and the Washington, of Yurk, on the grounds of the forme, at Wrightsville, ea Tuesday morning last, which resulted as follows Thu Pxnoseu ia tlw Yobs There are about twenty prisoners confined in the York Jail at this lime, for various crimes, the greater part of whom are there on the ctjfrge of larceny, Fonr of (he number are charged with the murder of the Squibb jamHj, Which was committed tn Warrington township, last Jane, one of whom, William Donavan, has already been tried and found guilty of the horrible Stslla. O. 3 stall, 1 6 6 1 2 3 4 6 2 1 0 ALLCOCKS POROUS PLASTERS. Whopping Cough Cured. Cayuga, Minis County, Miss T. Alltwk Gentlemen: Please serd me anotbeteix dozen ot your Porous Plastert a re in great demand here for Whoop-jug coudh. They act like a charm. 1 could Stave sold two dozen this week if I had had pen'1 as soon as pussible, and oblige. Yours respectfully, JOHN 1. WILLIAMS. P. M. ASTHMA CURED. Mr. Wm. May, of 245 Spriug Street, N. writes. Jan. 1, I have been afflicted with asthma for upwards of ten years, receiving no benefit from medical men. 1 was advised by a friend to try one of Allcocks Porous Plasters. I said, I had tried several kinds tijl' plasters without any benefit, and supposed they were all alike. My friend pave uie one' of AitcocirB, -and urged ine UJ use it. I did so and have now worn them steadily for nine months, and find myself better than I have been for many year. Agency, Brandreth House, New York. 8old by Druggists. Washington. O. W. Erwin, 1 4 F. I) Key worth 2 0 S. McNair, sib 3 White, 5 F. Mclutyre, 1 4 4 W. T. Eck, 2 4 3 A. A. Welsh, 8 8tough, 4 Total, 2T 41 1 1 2 8 4 7 7 8 3 8 5 6 1 3 14 6 5 10 5 9 7 4 2 3 Fly Catches, 18 HOM MATTERS. A Niw Schedule. On Saturday last, there was a change in the arrival and departure of the passenger trains at this place. Thp time of the departure of the trains is as follows For Baltimore, at 4.16 A. at 7.00 A. 10.40 A. 2.50 P. Mi. and 9.65 F-or Harrisburg, at 12.30 A. 7.10 A. 10.40 A. 11.43 A. 2.45 P. and 10.30 P.M. For Wrightsville, at 6.45 A. 11.45 A M. and at 3 50 P. ARRIVALS AT YORK. From Baltimore, at 12.25 A. M. 10.35 A. 11.88 A. 2.40 P. 6.50 P. and 10.25 P. From Harrisburg, at 4.10 AM, 10.35 A M. 2.45 P. 6 35 and at 9T52 P. From Wrightsville, 8.46 A. 2 35P. M. and 7.30 P. On Sunday, the only trains running are the one from Harrisburg at 10 35 in the morning, proceeding to- Baltimore, and those from Baltimore at 12.25 and 10.25 proceeding to Harrisburg. Sc train arrives ifreta BaUiuioref at 10.25 on Saturday night, and none from Harris burg at 4 10 on Monday morning. (TIRE G11EAT CAUSE OP HUMAN 1 MISK.MV JUST published, in a sealed envelope. Friie 6 cents A Lecture on the na ure treatment' and cure WeaKness or fipernaa'orhcea, ithfttce I 3v Sell AUttse, Involuntary Kimssioti. itrtpo teiicy, Xetvous Debility, and Impediments nr Marritee goienllv On-i unayn, Kf. 4 lepsy and Fits; Men ml and Physical In capacity, fcc. By, Robert J. Ctilverwell, M. amhpi of the "Green Book. -Sic. The world renowned author, in this admirable Lecture, clearly proves, from his own experience that ityt awlul consequences of Bell Abuse may be effectually, re inovedM'fthout Medicine, and without dangerous surgical operations, bongfes. instruments, rings or cordials pointing out a mode ot cure at certain and effectual, by which every sutleier, no matter what his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately and radically. Lecture will prove a boon to thousands Sent under seal to any address, in a plain, sealed envelope, oo reqeip! pf si cents Also Dr. CulverwellsMarrtage Guide, price 25 cents. Address CHAS. J. KLINE 127 nov Bpwery, New York, F. box 4586. 2 1 april 20 66 1y 2T tragedy. It will be remembered that some time dor- T. I. Smith i Omllk ing the past etNfcraer, three desperfte characters umed Henry Welsh, Stephen Wilson, and John Good, made their escape from the prison by throwing pepper in the eyes of the young man who had charge of the prisoners, while in theact of lettiugout some lady visitors. Some two or three weeks afterwards Welsh and Wilson were arrested in the vicinity of Frederick, Md. and brought back, and both tried and found guilty for the crimes for which they stood charged, at the late Court of Quarter Sessions. The former ti atresEtyboeS1 pr vistedwitli qserteE in the Eastern penitentiary for a period of five years, but the latter has not jet been sentenced, as a motion for a new trial is pending. Henry Welsh, we understand, is a native of Maryland, and ex-Sbertff Brassier tells us that he is a desperate character that the only way he could be kept In subjection was to keep him heavily.ironed, and even then he wonld keep np, C. P. Smith, J. Heppen F. Mauu, T. Kauffelt. L. L. Rewalt. D. S. Cook, J. P. Iivergood.p Total Innings Stella ashington Stella Fly Passed Balls, ashington 5 Passed Scorers Time of OTIu view tioru of Mr. very righteous YOBK. PENN A. Friday, Nov. 23, 1866 Catches, 14 my catches, 8 "Bussed Fiy CaUicw? Balls 14. C. Smith, Stella I. Glossbrenner, Wash. Umpira-A. Millar, Culambia B. B. of Columbia game. 4 hours. of the base and contemptible insinua Young, (Florence agent) respecting the award of the Sewing Machine Com-mittee, at the tork County Agricultural gave to the Willcox Gibbs the Highest Pbkmicm, we graciously submit, as a wanting to Mm, th foljQW Dg RETRACTION I I hereby ackno ficatious of fraud, Daily News, respecting the iv acknowledge that the charges aftd speci-f fraud, which I published lu the Allentown jws, respecting the grand trial of Sewing JJEAFNFSS. BLINDNESS and CATARRH J. Isaacs, Oculist and Aurisi, (formerly of Leyden, Holland,) No 619 Pine Street, Fbila. Testimonials from the most reliable sources iit the City and Country can be seen at his office. The medical faculty are invited to accompany their patients be has no secre in his practice. Artificial eyes iiserted without pain No charge for examination sept 28 66-ly TO undersigned having been restored to health in a few weeks by a very simple remedy, after having suffered several years, with a severe Lung affection, and that dread disease, Consumption is anxious to make knowntio hie fellow sufferers the means of cure To all who desire it, he will send a oopy of the prescription used, (FREE OFCHARGE) mo OWNERS OF HORSES AND CATTLfT 1 Tobias Derby Condition Powders are warranted superior to any others, or no pay, for the cure of Distemper, Worms, Coughs, Hide-bound, colds, iu Horses aud Cold, Coughs, Loss of Milk, Black Tougue, Horn Distemper, in Cattle. These Powders were formerly put up by Simpson I. Tobias, sDu Qf Or. Tobias, and, siuoe his death, the demand has been so great for them, that Dr. Tobias has continued to manufacture them They are perfectly safe and iuuoceni no need of stopping the working of your animals. They iucrease the ap petite, give a fine coat, cleanse the stomach aud urinary organs also increase the milk Try Hicm-; wiR imver-b-a without them. Hlfam ft oodruff, the eelebra ted trainer af ir-OWin hqrBee, hah used th em for years, and recommends them to his IrieuJs. Col. Philo. P. Bush, of the Jerotne RaceCourse, Fordham, Y.f would not use them until he Was told of what they are com posed, since which he is never without them. He has over twenty rnnumg horses in bis charge, and for the last three years has used no other medicine for them He has kirtdfy permitted me to refer any one to him. Over 1,000 other rjfere4ies aaa be seen at the depot. Sold by all Druggists and Saddlers. Price 25 cents per box. Depot 56 Cortlandt Street, New York. uov Machine held fit Island Park, New York, last September, were altogether without foundation in fact. I thought that the Florence Machine should have gained more of the advantages clamed ihan were awarded by the Judges, and very naturally supposed that there had been some kind of Trickcru practicedt and so settled, in several publications but upon more thorough investigation of the matter, I learn that the whole trial was conducted iu a fair and honorable mauner; and that the Willcox Gibbs machine demonstrated, in the estimation of the Committee, some thirty-five jtoitUs of superiority over the Florence machine, in competition, and that the Willcox A Gibbs obtained the Highest Premium. This I freely admit in justice to the firm whose character Iso unwarrantably called into question. (Signed) Wm. F. Wollk, Agent Florence 8ewing Machiues, rcr Jttfirsrrsi LsuMxxes A RjiG.e ew Stoke, -Among the improvements In our Borough, during the year, none is more worthy of notice than the above establishment. It is undoubtedly the handsomest store room in our town. It is a large open front, with plate glass windows, which gives ample room for the display of the articles deposited therein. he room is wide and deep, and has a private office aud dressing room In the rear. The shelving and counters are in the latest style. The ceiling has been handsomely painted, and. in fhet, ati of its appointments feflect the highest credit upon the proprietors, who have had the liberality aud taste to add this totfiemany other improvements of our borough. They have now an opportunity of displaying their large and varied as-soitment of Ready-Made Clothing to more advantage than heretofore. They have, iu view of the fine improvement of their in a heavier stock thau iucj usuatij uui, ttiiu arc, mciciwir, ticjoicu ocjr at very low rates. Let the people call and examine their stock of Clothing and learn their prices. Cukap Overcoats. A great many of-our country friends are of The opinion tliat overcoats are still kept up at the war prices. This is not so. Messrs. Lehmaygr their new store, No. 5 East Main Street, are now selling a first rate overcoat lor ten dollars, and other articles iu proportion. Give them a call. the same, which they will find a tun eu re for Consumption. Asthma. Bronchitis. Coughs, Colds The only ebject.of the advertiser in sending the prescription is to benefit the afflicted, and spread information which he conceives to be Invaluable, and he hopes every sufferer will trj his remedy, ap it twill cost them nothing, and nay prove a blessing. Parties wishing the prescription, will please Address REV EDWARD A. WILSON, WiHiamahnrgh. Kings County, jun 5 i)6-ly New York. Marriage and celibacy An say of Warning and Instruction for Young Men. A Wo. Diseases and Abuses which prematurely Prostrate the Vital Powers, with sure means of relief Sent FREE Cqrua in. sealed. letter envelonea Address Dr J. SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. jan 19 66-1 TCH! ITCH ITCH I Sckatch! Scbstch! I will cure ihe Itch it) 4 hours. Also cures SALT HI! BUM, ULCERS, CHILBLAINS, and Air ERUPTIONS OF TtttfSKIN. Crreer 60 cenis. For sale hy all druggisls. By sending 60 cents to WEEKS PORTER, Solei gents 17c Washington street. Boston, it wil be forwarded by mail free of postage, to any, part of the United States june 66-ly noise by the rattling of the chains with which he was manacled, and by hollowing at the height of his voice. Dnring his confinement in jail he tore or broke out the register of the furnace In his cell, the seats from his privy, the wash-boards, etc. He told the keeper that he wonld never be guilty of mnrder, but that he Would never abandon stealing, for which he appears to have a strong propensity. The crime for which he was sent to the penitentiary was for stealing a male. John Good, the last earned who escaped from jail, while at large, stole some nine head of cattle in the neighborhood of Frederick, and before our anthori-ties heard of his whereabouts he was arrested and convicted of the crime and sentenced to the Baltimore penitentiary, for the term of twenty years It is, therefore, not very likely, that our court will ever be troubled to try him for the crime charged against hlm Wt, The following song was writteu by McGrannagan, oneof the prisoners charged with the Sqiflbb murder, which, we think, will prove somewhat amusing to our readers. We give it verbatum, according to the manuscript Air Wilkimb and His Dina. Gome listen, my boys, and Ill sing yon a song, Just give your attention, Ill not keep you long Come listen to me and my fate youll bewail. The time I was locked up in York County Jail. I arrtoeddn this place a short time ago. Where cursing and swearing it seems all they know; I had nothing to do and the time its emed long, So I put this together to make up a song. The first in my line is one von all know. Theres a man in here by the name of John Lowe, A long legged sinner without any doubt He is better off here than if he was out. Nnw. Ifthp 1-A- mm lKf tWo TVvxazxx And the jail is the place he Is to be found Six months was his sentence for committing an assault Ou a thick headed Dutchman who resided in York. Now John is a man that does like his Beer, As for Croat aud Pretsels for them he dont care, As for some whiskey he'll gently do his share, And if you give him that he'll be happy in here. As for the Sheriff Ive nothing to say. He lets us walk out lu the hall every day He gives us some beef, not enough for a rat, He would give us more but he's afraid well get fat. There is an object that is here in jail, Her uanie it is Kate, she wants to get bail, For robbing a Dutchman whose name I cant tell, He's got Kate in jari and she is doing right well. There is a man in this town I must put in this song, Hes the biggest rascal you ever will find; He keeps a hotel or some such a place. And to the town of York he is surely a disgrace. Tie one that I mean is well knowu in town. And the rum he sells will shnrelv knock you down, A fat headed rascal, whoee words is like honey And robbing the soldiers is where he made his money. The next it is Adams that is in this place, A poor simple fool, you can tell bv his face A fiddling away he thinks himself some. But hes not a Bit better than any old bum. And there is his partner, whose name it is Holmes, A long legged rascal who is all skin and bones, Another old bum who is always a blowing. He got sent to jail for stealing old clothing. There is Wilson in here, who belongs in this county, Since the war it is over he can get no bounty, He will serve the state a good many days, Because a horse with him did run away. The next in my line you may think its a joke. When I tell you there la two niggers in here as Black as smoke There is no Copperheads about them, there decend-auts of Ham, Two genuine Darkies and there both Black Republicans, There is a thick headed Dutchman theyve got in here His name it is Good, he belongs in Hanover, He's a thick headed Dutchman they over, He belongs in this county aud resides in Hanover. Theres a female in here who is a disgrace, I omit her name, suffice it to say, she's a pretty hard case She does like the darkies, the homely old louse, For being so nasty they turned her out of the Poor House. There Is another in here I must mention in my son His name it is Whirley and he comes from Dillstown For commiting a burgurlary on the store of one Nelson They opt him in jag fi leMon, There Is a chap connected with this institution, His g.ame Ill not mention, hes black with polution; A stingy old rooster as mean as a louse, He wanted to give 25 cents a day to White Wash his house. There is a thick headed brushmaker who works every day. Hie pay is low and yet he manages to make it go; He's locked op every night vet bee in sight of Johnson; I would gladly see them both out of sight for they wrangle day and night. There Is one in here well known by the name of Mule He at first was thought by many a fool, 8ince the assault he made with pepper on the keeper He's thought shurely no fool, bat an educated mute. There is another in here I cannot pass by. His charge is trifling I'm share, his name It is Page, He's a commie genius and by profession a Parasol maker, He was put in on Saturday night for splitting or stealing a rail. Nojr theres another in here, a Partner of Wilson of whom youve heard tell. His name it is Bell, his charges are too numerons to tell, Hes in for horse stealing, but he says he has no bug- An gies to sell, I if he gets no farther than here he's doing well. ihe lilt: lOKR DIAKHET Corrected weekly by P. .4. JfS. Small. Turasuav Actkrnoos. 1866. Dlt. 8f HE. NCRS VULMONIO great medicine cured Dr Schenck, the -proprietor, of Pulmonary Con-sumption when it had assumed its most -E J- --A. J.a A.L. Hppeured to be inevitable His physicians pronounced his case incurably when hecom-faencd the use of this simple but powerful remedy Hisheahh was restored in a very hort time, and no returu of the disease has heeu apprehenled, for all the symptoms quickly disappeared, and hi. present weight ts -twohuortfdpim; Since his recovery he hug devoted his at tent ton xclusivey to the (jure of Oousump' tion, and the disease neb are usually corn plicated with it, ami the cures effected by hfs medicines huve been vry numerous and truly wonderful Dr bchnucK lakes professional visit to several of th larger cities wep.Rly where he has a large con of patients, and it is truly astonishing to see poor consumptives that have to be lifted, out their carriages and ih a fw Minis healthy, robust persons Dr Pulmonic Syrup. Seaweed Tonic, and Man-draK Pills, are generally all required iu curing Consumption Full directions acc each, so that any one can taKe them without seeing Dr SchericK, but when it convenient it is best to. see him He gives advice free, but for a thorough xamina'ion wjtL lrs Rnspiroraftar hh fae is three dollars Please observe, when purchasing, that the two liKenesses of the Doctor one when in ihe last stage of Consumption, and the other as he now is. im perfect health are on the Goverment stamp Sold by all Druggists aud Dealers Price, $1 50 per bottle, or $7 50 the half dozen. Letter for advice should be directed (o Dr Scnencks Principal Office, No 15 North 6th Street, Philadelphia General Wholesale Agents: Dernas, Barnes Hance. Baltimore. Md J. Pane, Cincinnati, Ohio Walicerlk Taylor, Chicago, PI; Collins Bros, St Louis, Mo. iv 23 66 lw-ea rao ly mm power, and make of the American Rf-public a mere plaything for their ambition, and merebandjae for their avarice. Argues the Times, if we oan remove the cause of controversy about the negro, that eontroveisy itself will be without a pretext and must cease to exist. This we can do by accepting the situation, and becoming the advocates of impartial suffrage, whan it would be with the Slates severally to fixe the standard of oitizeoship. few negroes in tie Southern States would reach the lowest standard that could be fixed, and as a political element would be contemptible, and under the control of superior intelli geoce and superior numbers. In thjOSe Northern States in which the people want negro suffrage, they will have it anyhow, and no harm can come from the Democratic party agreeing to what it cannot prevent. Thus we would upset the only pretext for the exclusion of the Southern States from representation, and revive the Dem cratic party, restoring it to its pristine grcatBess, And recommitting the reins of gpveroment to its bands. Better this, thinks the Times, than to submit to a total rout, disorganization and demoralization. This is the case in a nutshell as put by the Times. Let every man view it fpr himself No compromise is proposed with the Radicals, but some strategy, for the purpose of putting them. hamduxiomkatrfid snateMog from their hands the sceptre of rule. There is no occasion for the Radicals to felicitate themselves upon having educa (ed Democracy up to their faith. Tbety; no union of light with darkness of truth with falsehood. The Democratic party is a national party theirs is a sectional party Democrats are patrTotsf Radicals arc traitors, loyal traitors, if they like the term THE TRIAL OF DON AVAN. The trial of WilliamDonavan, for the 7 murder or George ana, as one of the parties to the conspiracy that, resulted in the murder of the whole Squibb family, after eight tedious and wearisome days, was conclude 1 on Friday last. The whole of Friday, urrtrHr odocferin the evening, was occupied by the coun sl in addressing the jury. J. W. Bit-tinger, opened on the part of the Commonweal and P. Wickes, on the part of the prisoner. His speech was one of much force and ability. S. Forrv and James B. Ziegler. had spoken in behalf of the prisoner, H. L. Fisher, Esq the other counsel for the Commonwealth closed, in an argument that presented the Commonwealths case, in all its strength After hearing the charge of the Court, the Jury retired, and, after being out for three hours and a half, brought in a verdict at half past eleven oclock, P. M. of guilty of murder in the first degree Upon hearing the verdict, the- prisoner betrayed not the least emotion, but presented the same calm exterior and apparent indifference that had marked his bearing throughout the progress of the trial. Upon being approached, after hi doom had been delivered, he protested his innocence, as he has always done heretofore, and remarked that it was a pity to hang an innocent man. The trial excited much interest from the beginning to the conclusion of it. A crime of such atrocity as the cold-blooded butchery of an entire family is unparalleled in this community, and, is of rare occurrence among any civilized people, in modern times. It was scarcely less diabolical in its commission, and horribly sickening in its details than the massacre of the Deering family, by the demon Probst, which so lately occurred in Philadelphia, and is yet fresh in the minds of all. Though we may eommisserate the folly and passion that prompted a crime so dark and damnable, and sympathize with the unfortunate families and friends of the guilty perpetrators, God, humanity, and society demand that the extreme penalty of the law be visited upon them. In the ease of Donavan, his counsel made a motion for a new trial. Whether it will be granted or not, or, what the grounds for the motion are, we cannot say at the present writing. II granted, and it shall appear that Donavan is not the guilty man, that the jury adjudged him to be from the evidence produced by the Commonwealth, while it will be matter of regret that one or all of the murderers are still at large, it will be subject for Congratulation that an innocent man was not made to expiate their If found guilty a second time, no one would be found to express a doubt as to the justness of thejudgmentagainst him. If a new trial is refused, it will be because sufficient reason does not appear fcf granling it. A writ of error Supreme Court is the final resort for the prisoner. Whether or not, in case a new trial is denied, it would be taken, depends, no doubt, on circumstances, of which the prisoners counsel alone have cognizance. The strongest evidence produced against the prisoner was from the frequent threats that he had maSe to have revenge upon Squibb, on account -aftkv of aIoVt Suit i Ij ty had' had some seven years agof about a cow. The Commonwealth also exhibited bloody clothesbelonging to the prisoner, and several hatchets that had been found in his possession with blood on them, also some hair represented lo be his, as evi- Jesse Engles, whom the Democ racy of York County, elected Sheriff, by the magnificent majority of 2,527, at the late lection, took the required oath and entered upon the duties of-the office on Saturday last. If we may judge from the business qualifications of Mr. Engles and the estimation in which he is held by his numerous friends, we predict that he will make an efficient and popular officer. He took up his residence in the jail on Monday, on which occasion, a large nudfcer of his most intimate, personal and political friends were present, by invila. tian, and recetvedTfie Bospffatmes, for which' he is so well and widely known. We regret our inability to be present on the occasion. All who were present were highly delighted with the entertainment. Daniel Miller, the newly elected Commissioner, entered upon the duties of the office during the week of the Court. Wm- Kilgore, the new Director of the Boor, has also catered upon the duties of the office. Thomas G. Grbss, Jacob S. Stickle, William Tash, and Henry Reisinger, will assume the duties of Prothonotary, Register; Clerk of the Courts, and Recorder, on the first of De-cember. 5FMessrs. Markley, Alexander Me-Cantllesa, Auctioneers, sold on premises, in West Manchester township, the following property belonging to Martin Weigle, an the 10th inst. No. 1, containing 3 acres and 76 perches, purchased by Peter Heindel, at $211.50 per acre. No. 2, containing 3 acres and 105 perches, to the same, at $215.00 per acre. No. 3, containing 5 acres and 28 perches, to Edward Danner, at 301.00 per acre. No. 4, containing 4 acres and 8 perches, to Samuel Smyser, at $250.00 por acre. No. 6, containing 3 Stores and 133 perches, to the Same, at $275.00 per aero. Whole amount of sale i-a'St). io. The same firm also sold on Saturday evening last, at their auction room, the follow ing real estate of Joshua Fetrow, decd No. 1, a brick tavern heuse and lot of ground, in East Main street, to John II Small, for $6200.00. No. 2, a two-story brick house and lot of ground, adjoining the above, to C. B. Wallace, for $50:11.00. No. 3, about a half acre of ground, with a large frame barn, between Main and King streets, to D. D. A. Rupp, for $631X0. No. land, in Springgarden to John II, Small, for $310.00 per acre. No. 5, containing 5 acres of land, in same township, to John Ness, for $257.00 per acre. No. 6., 2j acres of land, in same township, fronting on the plank road, to Charles Collars, for $270.00 p'er acre. No. 7, 2 acres and 82 perches, on the plank road, to Henry Grothe, for $260.00 per acre. No. 8, 2 acres and 88 perches, on the plank road, to Frederick Grothe, for $265 per acre. No. 9, 2 acres and 86 perches, on the plank road, to William Lesch, for $270.00 per acre. Whole amount of sale $17,358 Providence permitting, Bishop Shultz, paktorof the Moravian Chrtrcii of this p'ace, at the request ot the officers of the Vigilant Fire Company, will deliver a scriptural lecture to the members of the said organization on Sunday afternoon next af 3 o'cleck, in the Vigilant Engine House. The members as well as the friends of the company of both sexes are cordially invited to be present. Acknowledged Superiority or the Will-cox Gibbs Sewing Machine over The Florence bv Mr. Young, Agent, of Florence Machine Co A. certain lady visited York a few days ago with the intention' of purchasing a Sewing Machine lessons were given her on the Florence, also, on the Willcox Gibbs. Mr. Young acknowledged his willingness to abide by her decision as regards the superiority of the two Machines. The lady has purchased a Willcox Gibbs, thus forcing an acknowledgement from Mr. Young in favor of the Willcox Gibbs. The names of the witnesses can be had If desired, also the name of the lady. James Thompson, Agent of Willcox A Gibbs Sewing Machine Co. Sudden Death On Wednesday morning last, a ma by the name of Peter Frey, resid ing in South Duke Street, in this borough, was found dead in his bed. He retired on Tuesday evening in apparent good health. When Mrs. F. awoke in the morning she found him quite dead. Coroner S. J. Rouse summoned a jury which rendered a verdict Died from some cause unknown. He was aged about 60 years. LETTER FROM BALTIMORE From our Own Correspondent. The Seats of three (Jonserv Congress" men to he Contested Madame Piston Sentence of a Murderer, AI-Tt MORE, Nov 20 18(1(5. Mr. Editor It seetns now-a-days that to be a candidate on the Radioal ticket for Congress, pays well, notwithstanding your defeat may have been over-whelmoig. Hardly has the excitement occasioned by our Stqje election died away, when we hear it said that the seats of the three out of the four Conservative Congressmen elected will be contested by their Radical opponents. What seems so strange in this matter to our people is, that after trampling under foot all laws, and placing men of their party to be the judges of the qualified voters at every II, aud on the day of election refusing to receive ooe.third of the qualified registered voter8 n0w to cry fraud and prepare petitions signed by the same election officers certifying that illegal votes were polled, for the purpose of contesting the seats of the elect. Heretofore nearly every seat contested by be Radical candidates has been won in favr, no matter on wfiat grounds it was contested, and it being a paying business to oppose, the defeated candi-dates 0f onr State think they might as web make a good thing, as any other What the'next Cohgress wTR do FEED Mixed Coin and Oats bush.O 90 Oil Meal do Shorts, qj 160 lb Ship-stuff do do Plaster Paris q) ton do Jo Ground RETAIL PRICES FLCUR Family, Ip bbl. Extra do Super Buckwheat Flour 100 lbs 1 40 1 6b 2 ItO 11 00 13 00 17 15 60 13 00 6 00 Negro Suffrage and the Democratic Party. The Radical press is exceedingly jubilant over what it is pleased to term the new role of the Democratic party, as in dicated lately in the editorial columns of the Chicago Times, followed up by the Boston Post and the Albany Argus, which, if possible, have surpassed the Times in their advocacy ot a change front by the Democratic party This change of front is nothing more nor loss than an acceptance of the situation, and an adaptajkm of the tactics of the Democratic fifty to the changed order of things, in regard to the status of the negro, as brought about by the verdict of a majority of the people, Tn ihe Etc elec Though negro -suffrage was not made a direct issue by the Radicals in any of the States, that held elections this fall, it was vehemently opposed, by the Democrats in all of them as a not very remote certainty, should the Radical revolutionists obtalFa new'Tease on" power. It was by denying, and not by admitting that a Radical triumph atthe polls would be a viotory lor the negro that the Dis-unionists obtained the suffrages of the people. Had they preseuted the issue of negro suffrage flat-footed, we doubt very much, whether the wooden horse would even have got within the walls of Troy. But, whether through delusion or passion and party prejudice, or persuasion and conviction, the broad fact stares us boldly in the face that an ignorant and inferior race, only yesterday freed from bondage, but in the swaddling clothes of civilization, is to have conferred upon it political which it is not capable of exercising, and a political equality that it can never hope to maintain, to be fnllttvarl Jtn oaaiqI dation of the superior white race, if the flame's of civil and social war do not sooner consume the idol of mongrelism from ihe face of the continent, and forever dissolve an unnatural alliance. The Pandoia box has been opened, and our political woes will be heaped moun tain high, or cover the land like the leaves of Vallambroosa, if the dark and evil spirit that, assassin-like, is insidious ly stubbing and mangling the fair form of Constitutional liberty, is not checkmated, baffled and overthrown. This is what we understand is proposed to be done by the Chicago Times, the Boston Post, and th? Albany Argus and this alone. IfGod Almighty himself, from the very throne of the highest heaven, with the voice of omnipotence itself, were to endeavor to exorcise the demoniac spirit of Radicalism, by proclaiming the great truths of nature and of natures God, it would heed not, since the teach of Uw'ereatioh and revelation are defied and disregarded by this same spir it. The varied interests and aspirations of humanity, that entangle the truths of philosophy and religion, warp the judgments of men, and oarry their consciences captive to avarioe, pride, and revenge. The glitter of gold, the joyousness of pride, and the sweetness of satisfying his vengeance has led many a man into a labyrinth of sorrows, and made him the victim of- ambition, while he imagined himself the avenger of wrongs, and injuries. St. Paul, while on earth, often found expediency the shortest and most available road to the goal of right, truth; and justice. He humored the prejudices that he might the better influence the principles of those among whom his mission was to do good And, a greater than he, Christ, the God-aan did likewise Had the Girondists been twice as aggressive as they were, the bloody and wicked reign of Jacobinism would never have been half so terrible and ruinous as it was. They should have flanked the party of Robespierre. The betrayal of a lurking and lingering affection for the old Bourbon regime was fatal lo their existence as tf par ty, and culminated in ruin, destruction, literal butchery legalized, and final despotism. Had they turned their backs upon their murdered King, and rivalled the Jacobins in shouting equality and fraternity, the stroke of expediency, might have given tLuUi the power that would have enabled them td punish the excesses of their rivals, and establish a government, in which would have been preserved what was good in the old, and incorporated what wag good in those other governments, the liberality of whose institutions ikvras sought to emulate. The position of the Chicago Times may TboSwBesis, is the late elections have been victorious. One of the first fruits of their victory frill be the clothing the blacks with the. right of suffrage, and making that suffrage universal. The end to be attained EASUiNS WHY the A iiEIUOaN AlCH B4fi I 1MORE MARKET. Baltimore. Nov. 2266 Flour. The market continues dull and prices unsteady, for Northwestern, which offered freely. We quote Northwestern Fxtra at 12s SUI per hi without buyers 'City Mills is very heavy, though nominally unchanged we repeat lust quotations Howard St Super and Cut Extta 11 25, do. Extra shipping mure, do. high grade 12 25, do Family 15 50a $16 Ohio Super and Cut Extra 11 75 Rye FI ur new 25 Corr, Meal City Mills 85 50 per bbl Buckwheat We quote at 3 754,00 per 100 lbs, as to quality, in bulk. Grain. Wheat was in very limited iecit it-Jay; market unchanged iu eluded in the sales were 300busha white at 3 06a83 20, no prime or choice offered; 800 bushs fair red at S3; 1520 bushs good do. at 83 10, and a lot of prime do. for shipment at'83 25. Corn 5100 bushs white and 3300 bushs yellow received; the market wae dull and 5 to 10 ccs lower embraced in the sales were 1000 bushs Id white at $1 12; 2000 bush new damp do. at 80a95 cts; new yellow stdd at 05, no old reported. Oats 2000 bushs nffered and mostly sold at 56j58 ele, only 100 bush- at 60 cents. Rye 800 bushs received, with gales of 500 bushels at I 40afil 45 per hulrei. lt ismade on the best principle. Its frame is composed of SOLID tLATK8. NO jar can interfere with the harmony of its workiug and no sudden shock can damage its machinery. Every piece is made and finished by machinery (itself famous for its novelty, as well as for its et! eat is H.hv.rei'nre made The watch is what all mechanism should be Accurate, Simple, Strong and Economical Except some high grades, too costly for general use, foreign watches are chiefly made by women and boys. Such watches are composed of several hundred pieces, screwed and riveted together, and re quire constant repairs to keep them in any kind of order. All persons who have cartied uncres, lepines ard English Patent Levers, are perfectly well awate of the truth of this statement-At the beginning of our enterprise, more than ten years ago, it was our first object to make a thoroughly good low-priced watch for the milliofi, lo take the place of these foreign impositions the refuse of foreign factories which were entirely unsaleable and perfectly worthless everywhere. How well we have accomplished this may be understood trom the fact, that after so many yeats of public trial, we now make MORE THAN HALF OF ALL THE WATCHES SOLD IN THE UNITED STATES, and that no others have ever given such universal satislaction. While this department of our business is centiuued with increased faculties for perfect work, we are at present engaged in the manufacture of watches of the very higheet grade known in chronometry, unequal led by anything hitherto made by ourselves, and unsurpassed by anything made in the world. For this purpose we hare the amplest facilities. We bpve erected an addition to our main buildings expressly for this branch of our business, and have filled it with the best workmen in our service. New machines and appliances have been constructed, which perform their work with consumate delicacy and exactness The choicest and most approved materials only are used and we challenge com parison between this grade of our Work and the finest imported Chronometers. We do not pretend to sell our watches for less money than foreign watches but we do assert with out fear of contradiction that for the tame, money our product is incomparably superior. All our watches, of whatever grade, are fully warranted and his warrantee is good at all times ngaipt us or our agents in all parts of the world. UAtmos. The public are cautioned to buy only of respectable dealers. All persons selling counterfeits will be prosecuted. ROBBINS 4 APPLETON, Agents for the American Waloh Oomptny, nov 16, '66 lm 182Broadway, New York Now there is another in here by the name of Trout, He alledgea he would like very much to be His offence it is trifling, its only an assault. And with him I dont want to be hard, but his words He alledgea be would like very much to be out, nly i I dont'want I is har(j t0 foresee, and it is feared that n8tead of admitting the Southern States t0 a place in the Union, that peace may 5e enjoyed by the people, they will add rcsh causes of jtlarm, and finally bring on another civil war. There never was a period in the history of any oountry, whan it was more difficult to see what a year, or even a few months, may bring forth. In the early period of peace things looked hopefully, and under the benign influences of a patriotic President, he wounds between the sections seemed to be rapidlv healjng. But ever since his Constitutional policy has been trodden beneath the feet of a sectional Con gress, matters have been getting worse, and apprehensions have been expressed by men of the soberest mdgmenf, that the party passions now raging so furious Iv will terminate in war, extending hronghout the whole length and breadth of th- land. Madame Ristori, the great tragedienne, who has been talked about so much by the newspapers of this country, yri'l ar-near, for five ndghts, at (he Holliday Street Theatre, cotnn, ending on the 26 th Inst. The fame which this great French actress has acquired in the dramatic world would fill volumes to rehearse. Growned heads inr Europe have done homage to her talents, and statesmen and poets have vied in doing her honor. From the extent qf ths Ristori fever, at this writing, I predict her engagement here will be a great success. John Price, convicted of murder in the second degree, for the killing of De Witt Clinton James, at the American Theatre, last summer, was sentenced, on Tuesday last, to Its the penitentiary for fifteen years. The roe'eorio shower did not, as was expected, tale place last week. Ti ts' thought, however, that from the effect of Judge Bartel's decision, in the case of the old police commissioners, thete will yet-be seen falling quite a number of (police) stars. It is rumored that Gov. Swann will soon call the Legislature together for the purpose of inquiring into the official conduct qf Judge Bond, for causing the ar- f-CHB Vtf the 7rL? jOllOC CT7- ko- I donbt. There Is another In here, bat I wish to finish my sosg Hes been i i here before, mad knows how to get along, There is 3 heavy charges against him so 1 am told. He may win and busk, but that wont get him out of this hole. There Is anoher in here, whose name it is Bailey, A ialJ kmadMomc asaa attended caena oieeCiag Near the Town of Shrewsbury a place known 1 many It it alleged that with him strong spirita were found. York County Prison you see is a hard old hole, Also for the prisoners that in it do stay. Its filled up with bed bogs and bummers all sorts, Just give me my trial and away clear I will go. You must excuse me kind friends, theres another; by the name of Fry, Yet I am well aware my song to you most be getting dry. Bull cant stop without putting In Fry who does things sly, and it is plenty and Ill give you another by and by MARRIED: On Ire 15th by the Rev. Jacob Ziealer, John Leuhart, of Dover, an Elizabeth Roffensparger, of -Washington township. Oo the loth inst jby the Roy. Father Hamm, Michael R. 'Scbriver, pf Yoikf and Sallie daughter of Uharles Wills, formerly of Gettysburg, Pa. Ou the 8th by Rev J. H. Men- ges. Reuben Stongh aud Sarah A. Alex ander, both of York. Oo the 11th inst by Henry Bear, Esq Levi Ort anil Amanda Test, both of Manchester twp. 1 Ifiy-The physique of a man is sustained by continually eraporating and replenishing itself by the wants which it feels and gratifies. When the replenishing part of the is then the niau is sick, and if the sickiLKss iff not ppj 1 iid by IlXin a ro i i vigor into the replenishing power of the body, the body must become feeble, continue to de cay, ond eventually perish. The remedy is, to give new energy to the life, and that is safely and surely accomplished by the occasional use of Bryans Life Pills no medicine is better for the purpose, and even persons in the best of health may use them with the best results to the current of general life within them. To raa Liia. We wiah to call the attention of the ladlea to the fact that Mr. James Thompson, a-gent of the Wilcox Gibbs Sewing Machines, in this place, has been selling quite a number ot these excellent little hnosehold conveniences, in onr town, quite recently, the names of some of the purchasers appear in onr advertising columns to-day, and upon whom, it is the wiah of the agent, that all persons contemplating the purchase of a sewing machine ahontd can. The Willcox Gibbs has many superior and important advantages not possessed hy any other machine extant, and which advantages will be pointed ont to persona calling at the agents rooms, in hulldinp ttfSolapt auA VQ1-fnl operator. ITIRRORS OF YOUTH. A gentleman who suffered for years from Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all the effects of youthful indiscretion, will, for the sake of suffering humanity, Bend free to all who need it, the recipe and directions for making th'. simple remedy by which he was cured. Sufferers wishing to profit by the advertisers exoeriencc can dp so bv addreaaini JOHN B. OGftEN, No. 13 Chambers Street, New York, jan 5 Ntfi- ly fore the. election. Yours, Ac. DIED On the 14th iff this borough, Peter Fry, aged about 52 years. On the 15th inst in Bottgtown, Fapny, daughter of Wot. Reisiojjcr, aged 1 year, 5 months and 10 days. On the 9th in Chanoeford Cunningham Parker, aged zbout 54 years On the 11th inst, in Hanover, Christian E. Wert, aged 29 years and 1 month. Yerk Michael Hhffmau, aged 83 yetra, 4 mos. and- 22 days Administrators Notice. ESTATE OF JOHN WENTZ, Deceased. Letters of administration on the estate of John Wentz, late of township, York county, deceased, have been granted Id Se ndersTgued restaffigTn the same town ship. AH persons knowing themselves indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate paymenntand those having claims will present them duly authenticated to JACOB nov 23, 66 6w-pd Administrator tWAn adjourned Conrt for the trial of Boyles and McGranagan, for -he mnrder of the Sqnibb family, will be held the week commencing the 3 1st of December next. Jftrial toti8. Lacrrot. We -have been requested to it)t there wll! be. lecture delivered In Wiwhington Hall, on this (Friday) evening, November SSd, by the Cre-ole of Beaufort, 8. who hak recently travelled through the Seceded States, will-give a true History of the condition of the Freedmea and poor whites of the Southern States, In regard to Bnsinesat Pn gress and Education, and the effecta of the Fred-mcn'aJJnrcai)," lege in Spain. Can read and write six different tan- At the cloM of the Lector he will translate twenty languages Info the English tongne, and wilt atao atng Spanish, French. Portuguese and Hindoo. The lecture will, no doubt, be an tntereatlng one, and onr dtiaene should not fail to attend. Admission SR cents. WOn Sunday afternoon last, Mr. Henry Hines residing in Lower Windsor township, had three fine having stolen them, we axe informed, reside In this borough. THE MOONS VOLCANOES are engaging the attention of astronomers, but the world of Beauty and Fashion is less interested in human disceverries than in the great question of Turning the Heads that have been whitened by age or sekiness to a glorious black, stkwstet Nafeody not? utsuofe a as not to admit that the finest and mo9t harmless hair darkener in existence is CRI8T ADO-. ROS HAIR DYE, which nourishes the fibres as well changes their hue. Manufactured by J. Cristodar. 0 Astor House, New York Sold "by Druggists Applied by all Hair Dressers. nov 2, 66 I STRANGE, BUT TRUE Every Yeung and gentleman in the United States heftt sfiBsdung ter? much in their advantage by return mail free of charge 6y addressing the undersigned. Those having fears of being humbugged will oblige by not noticing this card. A11 others will please their obedient servant, THOS. CHATMAN, jan 5 66-ly by ibis Etholssfile. todigerimiDale enfran mS'iynwiiise (fence or bis Saving carried bip threats, oer the white peoilfi of lh. States, and degrade and oppress those of the Northern, cMtraciae their politic! opponents, absorb all the elements of political hen liars die and can lie no longer they lie still. To All who vaica thsix Sight. Save yonr Eye and get the celebrated concave convex crystal Spectacles. sotted to Jronr sight, at W. Koch's atch-ma-ken and jewelry Store.

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