The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, April 15, 1891
Page 2
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THfl tflPPEK EES MOINES. ALGONA tOWA. WEDNESDAY. APRIL LATEST NEWS CONDENSED. LGONA, IOWA. THE Upholsterer says the manufacturers of 95 per cent, of the wall paper used in this country have made affidavit they use no arsenic, 'and that wall papet is as wholesome as potatoes. THE German Emperor having shown his sporlintf blood by purchasing the ThisMe, the spotting world will be quite agog to see whore his tastes will lead him next, since loyalities are not often prone to equip themselves with first-class record- breukers. Perhaps William will come over here and make an offer for Salvator or Maud S. He is not likely to secure either of them. But we will tell him what he GENERAL NOTES. PKtjtoi,Etm baa been struck at ttoshen. Ind. TWENTY Italian immigrants were sent back from New York. E. F. BRENAN, a lumber dealer at Lancaster, Pa., failed for $300,000. DUBUQUB physicians report the sue- can have, and giants cheap, that is one of the base CAU STOVES ANj» JWBECTOIIS. It cannot bo said after this that railroad corporations have no respect for law. The New York, Now Haven and Hartford Railroad company at first refused to obey the Now York law forbidding tlie use of stoves in passenger cars upon railroads fifty miles in length on the plea that leas than forty miles of the road was within t'uo state of New York. An accident, in which the car-stove got in its usual effective work by roasting six people to death, led to the indictment and arrest of a round dozon of its directors for disobedience of the law. The directors have givon bail and their cases have not yet been called for trial—perhaps may never bo—but it is now authoritatively announced that fifty of the company's cars will be equipped with steam-heating apparatus within a few days, and the work will bo continued at the company's shops until every passenger car on the road is fitted with steam and hot-water pipes. The moral of this little story is obvious. These directors nave taken a new view of the cessful use of Koch's lymph in pneumonia cases. HUNT En & Arshuti!, dealers in boots and shoes at Shelbyville, Ihd., have failed. Liabilities, $45,000; assets, $35,000. Mtt. P, 'T. BATINUM, the great showman, died at his home in Bridgeport, Conn., on Tuesday night. OofJD coin to the amount of $1,300,000 has been ordered at the New York sub- treasury for shipment to Europe. Drt. JOHN M. COULTER, of Wabash College, has accepted the presidency of the Indian University at Bloomington. ACCOIIDINQ to a report from Columbus, Ohio, Senator John Sherman will decline a re-election, THE legislature of Florida convened Tuesday. In his annual message the governor recommended a liberal appropriation for the exhibit of that state at the world s fair. TUB Colorado house on Saturday unanimously passed the senate bill appropriating $100,000 for making an exhibit at the world s fair. TJIK Columbia iron and steel company of Umontowh, Pa., has failed, with liabilities of $800,000. The company has the Two-Tames of the town of Grettra, La., has been submerged by water ffora Ames crevasse. TUB little town of Tobias, Neb., was nearly wiped out by fire Thursday morning. The loss will reach $30,000. A FIRE broke out Thursday evening in a building owned by the Phoenix brass foundine company of Hartford, Conn. The building was gutted; Joss, $20,000. BiUDtEY's nitro-glycerihe works at Petrolia, Ont., were blown up Wednesday night, and the remains of three employes were scattered over five acres of ground. JOSEPH A. WIEGERT, sixty yeafu old, a resident of Rocklahd county, N. Y., was suffocated Friday night by coal gas. FiitE at Memphis, destroyed the Franklin hotel and the hew seven-story abstract building and-damaged the Fellows build* ing. The total loss is $160,000. NINE Italians havihof rooms in the upper story of a block in Rochester, PaT, lost their lives by the burning of the building. A Dount/E headed freight on the Pennsylvania railroad Tuesday morning coU luted with another freight at Wilmore. Ihree locomotives and a'nutnber of cars were wrecked. A number of trainmen wereinjured br.fc it is thought none fatally. The Vetei-M Showman finds His Varied Career at Brldg'eiwrt Last Evening:. His Contributions to American Amnse- ratnts Had Made His Name a Household Word. Sketch of the Longf Life of This Unique Character in Yankee Civilization, law sinc3 the law got its grip on the directors. They don't wait for the courts to decide whether the law applies to their road. It is enough that they have fallen into the clutches of the law. If the law held directors responsible for the illegal ids of corporations a little oftener there vould be less disregard for the law on the part of railway corporations. Railways will obey the laws as well as individuals when it becomes a rule of the courts to punish railway directors for the infractions of the law by the corporations they assume to direct. ARE WE NEAR ANOTHER GLACIAL EPOCH. Tnouan the past winter has been moderate in America the cold in Europe has been so groat that Professor Bonney, an English geologits, it is reported, has been led to inquire if such a permanent fall of temperature would restore the so- called Jglacial epoch? During the frost f-om Nov. 25 flo Jan. 22 ult. the moan temperature over all thu southeast of England was two degrees bulow the freezing point. Prof. Bonney concludes that a lowering of the moan by only eighteen degrees Fahrenheit, wonld again cover tho British Islands and tho United States with mi ice sheet. , The story of the late Dr. Croll, upon which this conclusion has been mainly reached by geologists, is however, far from impregnable. He assumes that in tho remote past our winters happened when tho earth wns in the aphelion of it* orbit, and hence over eight million miles further from the sun than it now is in winter. From this assumption he reasons that our summers would bo cooler and shorter and winters colder und longer, tho snow would accumulate enormously on •••\the. continents and that the equatorial and contract for the iron work of the Chicago Masonic temple, _ THE Nebraska legislature having adjourned without passing the legislative apportionment bill, an extra session will be necessary. A BILI, has been 'sent to the New York assembly to consolidate with New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Staten Island and the adjoining country territory. THE death rate last week was the highest ever known in Chicago. The deaths numbered 906, of which 509 were from throat and lung diseases. CHIEF OP POLICE BOIKJMAN of Detroit was discharged because outdone by reporters in tho Perrien abduction case. The newspapermen cleaned up the my-tery, while the police department followed the procession. COL. A. B. FOLLANSUKK, who has command of the sixth Massachusetts regiment when it was attacked by the Baltimore mob at tho outbreak of tho war, died in Chicago, Tuesday morning. He was 67 years old. ANNA DiciciNSpN has been released from the asylum and will prosecute her sister for having her incarcerated. She says she has been treated infamously. Anna is not in New York. Her sister, she says, hates her. THE fact that Uncle Sam's navy needs sailors was emphasized by the discovery . - --- — — -- — •— o ••v>**\j ctiuuiijr* IHE tug Tempest was swamped by a heavy sea and went down in Lake Erie Saturday. Howard Loomin, Wm. Hughes, a fireman, and Harry Hershey, a raftsman, were in the engine room and drowned, Captain John Murray and another man escaped. AN Atlanta boy robbed the postoffice of that city of $15,000 worth of checks. EDWARD HOLLINGER, a colored pugilist, murdered his wife at Jersev City. Tun EE counterfeiters with half a bushel of bogus nickels have been captured just across the river from Peoria, ill. ONE of the tramps arrested for the murder of Alexander Snyder, at Goshen, Ind., has confessed. LABOIIERS applying for work at a Kansas City packing house attacked a crowd of Italians who were seeking work. Several were injured. ,. X ™— -«u» *jj unu viiDUV/V 131 V that three vessels of the squadron of evolution—the Chicago, Boston and Atlantic— recently grounded and were so badlv damaged that they-will have to be docked for repairs. POBBiaN. gulf 1 --stream of tho Atlantic and Pacific would be stopped or thrown off into the southern hemisphere. No wonder geologists who had worked in vain upon numerous theories and long boon groping hopelessly hi tho dark for some explanation of tho ice age, clutched at Dr. Croll's fascinating hypothesis. But it is a rather lame expedient. Under tho conditions assumed by Dr. Croli— the sun's direct heat being in winter one-fifth less than it now is— evaporate* from tho oceans and minor water surfaces ot tho globe wouid bo so scanty and tho atmosphere consequently so dry that precipitation would bo very light. Careful analysis of rainfall data shows that in our epoch more than one-half of the earth's land masses receives only about fifteen or twenty inches of rain annually, the rest averaging from twenty- five to fitty, and six per cent, getting about seventy-five inches. Were all the land ofjlhe northern hemisphere to receive fifty inches of rain, or its equivalent, forty-two inches of snow, in a year, this deposit; would not account for all the known phenomena of glaciution. But on Dr. Croll's theory, the annual precipitation in the glacial epoch could scarcely have averaged eighty per cent, of thejpreeent quantity. If, us he supposes, the wurmj-ulf streams were bhunt- cd off from our hemisphere into the regions south of the equator they would ultimately return under the torcos of gravita- GEHMAN worships will be sent to Chili, TEN miners were killed by an explosion in an English colliery. AN English adventuress has been arrested for inveigling forty-three men into marriage. REPOIITS from the wheat districts of Europe all agroo in indicating a short cop. AT Portsmouth, England, Professor Lowell Young, the prominent hypnotist, is dead. SOLDIERS fired on republican rioters at Ontario Thursday morning and injured many. THE Argentine government has suspended payment at the two gvernment banks until Juno next. THE Bell clothing store at Davenport, Iowa, was burned Wednesday morning. LOBS $35,000 fully insured. JOHN B. MILLEU, theJ14-year old son of John A, Miller, a prominent business man of Topeka, Kan., was burned to death early Wednesday morning. J, BENTON, a workman on the new city ball, at Richmond, Vfi., was found dead in a man-hole leading to the cupola Wednesday morning, a follow workman was taken out unconcious. THE ironclad steamer Pilcouiayo, one of President Balmaceda's fhet, has, with her officers and crew, gone over to the revolutionists. THE Empress Frederick of Germany, who, with her daughter Margaret, has been visiting England since she left Paris, started for Berlin Thursday. A OAHLicaKAitt announces that i;he German govermont has decided to remove ANDIIEW NOMV, a 10-year-old boy, has been arrested for stealing $10,000 in bank checks from the postoffice at Atlanta, till. MELVILLE HAMMOND, a prominent business man of Grinnell, Iowa., committed suicide Thursday, the cause is unknown. GEO. H. HYATT, an auctioneer of Atlanta, took his wife to the state insane asylum Saturday. That night, overcome by sorrow, he took morphine, and died Sunday. G. W. POIITEH, high-ranger of the Independent Order of Foresters, who absconded from Kansas City a few days ago, is said to have four living wives. WAKD DEMAB CE, of Bloomington, 1'riday murdered his mother and committed suicide. He is thought to have been partially insane, caused by hard study, AT Lynn, Mass., ex-clerk of the board of health, Henry A. Pimptou, who was deposed from office several ironths ago, is now alleged to bo a defaulter to a considerable amount. _ A KANSAS CITY woman of a good standing, who has been getting credit at the dry goods stores of that city in the name of another woman, claims to have been hypnotized by a man who profited by her purchases. _ Mns. A. DOLL, at Herman, Neb., while insane _ Thursday morning murdered her tsvo children and then committed suicide by taking concentrated lye. DAVID KIMHALL, local agent of tho Chicago & Northwestern road at Omaha, committed suicide in a public bath-room Thursday morning by shooting himself. Ho had Leen drinking heavily recently. CtiA'i. B. STOTJOHTON, a pension agpnt at kew York, WUK on Ihurtdiiy fined S5CO 111* I 1-1*1 n n 13,-vt, „ ,-1 ^ ,. i- i 11 TT .'. . 1 / BRIDGEPORT, Conn., April 7.—The f reat showman, P. T, Barnum, died at :22 o clock this evening, in the presence of his grief stricken family. During the period of Barnum's invalidism and confinement to the house, which began twenty- one weeks ago last Friday, there have been frequent fluctuations in his condition from each of which he rallied althougli in each instance with slightly lowered vitality. The change for the worse which occurred last night, however, was so pronounced that it convinced the physicians that the patient had not many more hours to live. During his confinement he has been down stairs only twice, although sitting up most of the time, and being cheerful and conversationally inclined in _waking moments. After an attack which came upon him shortly before midnight, Barnnni suffered a good deal of pain. Beseemed to realize that ho could not live much longer, and spoke of the approaching end with calmness. During his illness physicians had been careful about administering morphine or sedatives through fear that they might produce ujterior ill effects. Last triSwd States 8e»ftt6* f rbtri Termont Sends lil» Resignation to the Governor. D. C., April 7.— Senator night Barnum spoke of this and said that when all hope war gone he wished to be given sedatives which would allay pain an d make death as peaceful as possible. This forenoon he roused somewhat while Rev. Mr. Fisher bent over the dyin^ man and spoke to him works of religious consolation. Barnura's eyes brightened as the scriptural promises were recalled to mm and he half nodded his head in assent. Shortly after 11 o'clock he took a sedative from Dr. Hubbard and soon afterward sank into a peaceful sleep. When the end finally came it was peaceful and to all appearances painless. Physicians say he had no organic disease whatever. Heart trouble had been apparent for the past few months, and there was gradual failure of his general mental powers resulting from old age. In a general way Barnum nre- scribed directions for his funeral. ' He wished it to be of private character and unostentatious. Phineas Taylor Barnum was born in Bethel,.Conn., on the 5th day of July, 1810. When young Barnum was 15 years old his father died, leaving no property, and he sought and obtained employment in various places, principally in Brooklyn and New York city. Having accumulated a little monsy he returned to Bethel and opened a small store. His business here he finally fa led, 1829, he estab- 4-1.1 i mi TT ^ weekly newspaper entitled The Herald of . Freedom. He succeeded in beiner in-prisoned sixty days for libel. In 1834 he removed to New York, and in 1841 purchased the American Museum, which he managed very successfully. He exhibited Gen, Tom Thumb in Europe, and, in 1856, engaged Jenny _ Lincl to visit America and give a number of concerts. , . ., .— George FA Edmunds of Vermont, who has been in tfie senate of the United States since April, 1866, and in nearly, if not quite, all of that tiina has been one of the republican \ leaders, has resigned, the resignation to take effect the 1st day of November next, as was foretold in the "Times" some days ago. The following is a Copy of tho letter tendering his resignation to the governor of Vermont: UNITED STATES SENATE, WASHINGTON, D. C., April 6. — Sift: Considerations entirely personal lead me to tender to you, as the governor of the date of Vermont, my resignation of the office of senator of the United States, the resignation to take effect the 1st day of November, A, D. 1891. This action has been for some time in contemplation and it is finally decided on and communicated to you ut this time in >rder that thore naajr be ample time to iear and consider the views of the people of our state in respect to the selection of my successor. In thus termiatning my official relationt with the state, I bsg to express to her steadfast, intelligent, and patriotic citizens my profoundest grati- ude for the long and unwavering onfidence and support they have given me, covering ?ji eventful period of a quarter of a century, in my efforts to >romote tmd defend, so far as I have been ble. their honor and welfare in common with that of all the people of the United tates. In ceasing to bo a senator I am proud that I continue to be a citizen of our beloved commonwealth, and that I may^ith my fellow citizens in private life continue to^trive for the maintenance of those principle? of liberty, equalityj and justice in government which have, without the shadow of turning, animated them from the foundation of the republic. I am, sir, very respectfully jours. GEORGE F. EDMUNDS. Thisi company imports from „„.„„,. ineideh near Bieslau, Germany a material known as oxide of aluminium. ~ oxide is manufactured from a spec clay called beauxite, which is nsed soda and forms _an alumihate of s6da\ When the latter is lixiviated in water, a precipitase is thrown down. This is the oxide of aluminium as prepared in Germany and shipped to Pittsburg. At the Works in the lattet place this powdered alumina is placed in a drying furnace, and moisture to the extent of about 33 per cent, of the whole weight is- driven off. It is then taken to the smelt- iug room, where a number of open iron vessels and pots are placed on the floor Ihe pots are of wrought iron, and are- hnedwith carbon, with a depression or well at the bottom of each, A large cat- bon electrode connected with the positive poles of huge dynamos, is placed at the- mouth of each pot, and the electric circuit is completed by conductors frotri the negative poles of the dynamos to the iron, pots. When tae current is turned on, and intense heat is generated between the carbon lining and the electrode, simti* Jar, only on a larger scale, to that between thp carbon points of an arc electric lamp. A quantity of flurids salts are thrown into these carbon-lined receptacles, which is soon converted into a molten bath. Into the latter is charged the powdered and dried oxide of aluminum, and the process of reduction commences, every particle of the powder being subjected to the action of the bath. The oxygen is absorbed by the carbon electrodes unl the contents of the pots are soon reduced to a metallic mall. This does not mix with the fluride bath, as their respective specific gravities are sufficiency different to prevent any IVinrtl-lO vm I rtn l*-n<«l.. u ,. * mechanical mixture. As the contents of each pot is melted down, more powdered alumina is added in small quantities and when " INWARD SIGHT. , by J udge Benedict in the United States circuit court for violating the pension laws, m that he charged a soldier's widow SI ,000 for obtaining a pension for her of 82,200. The law provides that only a fee of S25 shall be charged. Two hundred negroes attacked the county jail at Kansas City Wednesday night intending to lynch William McCoy, the murderer of a colored woman, but were driven 'away by the jailer, who repulsed them single-handed. WASHINGTON. THE president on Monday appointed Thomas F. Wilson, of Arizona, United btates attorney for the territory of Arizona. A WASHINGTON dispatch says the Ca nauian calmet officers now in Washington have no power to negotiate a reciprocity iVPJifv urifli tKii3 stmivit-»*r r PU«.. ., : 11 i__. - tion. We may, therefore, without hesitation conclude i hat there is nothing what- everMn this theory of the glucial epoch wbich\ affords the barest probability of any serious climatic changes on the northern continents, much less any change that would produce an iee-tihcet. The discussion. howevtr, will not be useless if it leads geologists to look further for some satisfactory explanation of the glacial epoth. tho embargo on American pork, of which this country has so long and justly complained. PRESIDENT FZETA, who obtained control pt the government at Salvador by the revolution, has been elected for a term of tour years. His brother, Antonia Ezeta, was elected vice-president. ADVICES from Buenos Ayres says it is believed that the governn-ent of the Argentine Republic may be compelled to introduce a forced paper currency. DIAMONDS in considerable quantities have keen found in the north ot Lapland. liMPKium WILLIAM took the lead in" part in tho ceremony of piercing the dam ot the North sea canal at Kiel on Tuesday. THE latest reports from the Chilian insurrection indicate that tho revolutionists are fast pining ground. Tho Balmaceda army is being recruited from their pris 0118. * PERSONS in a position to be well im- loriued of what is going on say tho Italian government has intimated that whea it conies to a renewal of the triple alliance it will seek to modify the cause of the treaty so as to enable it to improve relations with 1'ranee. treaty with this country. They will, how ever, try to arrange a basis for future negotiations, SENATOR GEORGE F. EDMUNDS, of Vermont, has resigned his seat in the United btatea senate. His loiter of declination was dated on the twenty-fifth anniversary ot his appointment to that body. GENERAL SPINOLA, member of congress from Now York, and General Rosecrans, register of the United States treasury, are both seriously ill at tlwir homes in Washington. THE giand jury brought in an indictment against E. W. Horner, of New York, on the charge of violation of He afterward exhibited Joyce Heth, whom he announced to be at least 150 years of age, and to have been the nurse of George Washington; the "Feejee Mermaid," the •'Wooly Horse," and the "Petrified Man " He is the author of The Humbugs of the World, and other works. Mr. Barnum has been four times a member of the Connecticut legislature and once mayor of Bridgeport. There is quite a romantic story connected with the second man iage of Mr. Barnum, which he love 'to tell. In 1858 he pave a lecture in Manchester, England. The rext day a gentleman named John Fish called upon him at the hotel where IIP was slopping. In tho course of conversation he assured Mr. Barnum that his success in life (he was a wealthy cotton miller) was attributable to Mr. Barnnm's autobiogrphy, for on reading it he was so fired with his ideas of making money that he branched out in decidedly un-English fashion and was rewarded for his daring and especiall" his advertising by affluence. Later Mr. Fish erected a new engine in his railU, which his daughter christened "Barnum," After the death of the fir«t Mrs. Barnum. Mr. lush visited America, and his daughter's It has happened to me sometimes, on my first meeting with strangers, as I listened silently to their discourse, that their former life with many trifling circumstances therewith connected, or frequently some particular scene in that life. bus passed quite involuntarily, and as. it v/ere, dreamlilce, yet perfectly distinct before me. During this time 1 usually feel so entirely absorbed in tho contemplation of the stranger's life, that at last I no longer see clearly the face of the unknown wherein I undesigneclly look, nor distinctly hear the voice of the speakers, which before served, in some measure, as a commentary on the text of their features. For a long time I held ouch visions as delusions of the fancy, and the more so as they showed me even the dress nnd motinns ot the actors, rooms, furniture, and other accessories. By way of a test, I once, in a lamiliar family circh at Kirchburg, related the secret history of a seamstress who just left the room and the house. I had never seen her before in my life. People were astonished and laughed, but were not to be persuaded that 1 did not previously know the relations of which I spoke, for what I had uthred was the literal truth. On my part, J was no less astonished that my dream pictures were confirmed by the reality. I became more attentive to the subject, and when propriety admitted it, 1 would relate to those whose life thus passed before me the subject of my vision, that I might thereby obtain confirmation or Refutation cf it. It was invariably ratified, not withoub consternation on their "What demon inspires you ? Must bli " exclaimed when in part. I again believe in possession? the spiritual Johann Von Ri , the first hour of our acquaintance I related his past life to him. We speculated long on the enigma, but even his penetration could not solve it. I myself had less confidence than any one in hia mental , . " J ~»* v J-Ji. **!,•-• AliUUVCtil jugglery. As often as I revealed my visionary gifts to any new persons, 1 regularly expected to hear the answer—"It is not so.' 1 felt a secret shudder when my auditors replied that it was true, or when their astonishment betrayed rny accuracy before I spoke. Instead' of many, 1 will mention one example, which pre-eminently astonishf d me. One fair day, in the city of WalJshut, I entered the Vine inn, m company with two young student tnrpsters. We wern tired of rambling thro ,ga the we ods. We supped with a numerous company at, the table d'hote, where the guests were making very merry with peculiarities said eccentricities of the magnetism, One of my . the reductibJM becomes complete the metal is ladled oufcV from each pot, it being easily separated from the flund bath. The pure metal is poured into moulds and made into small pigs and bars. The progress of reduction is thus a direct and continuous one in which the action of heat other than that of the electrical current, which is sufficient to fuso the. oath of fluride salts and the alumina, does not enter. The material goes into the pot as alumina, a powder, and comes out converted as a pure metallic_ aluminium, worth at the present market price $2 per pound. Five yaars ago this metal cost $20 per pound. t There are abundant derosits of bauxite in this country, notably in" North Carolina, from which alumina could be reduced, but as yet they have not been successfully worked. Or at least the manufacturers nnd it more advantageous to use the imported raw material. But they think it will not be long before they will be able to obtain the home product of sufficient pure quality to successfully compete with the foreign article. HEALTH NOTES. How to keep Warm and Avoid Colds. Some people may not know that when exposed t) severe cold a feeling of warmth is really created by repeatedly filling the lungs in this manner: Ihrow the .shoulders hold the head well slowly, the the nose. well'back, and Innate the lungs iin ,, S entirely through fin j i. ., Wh ™ the lungs are completely filled, hold the breath for L - longer and then i the ' A . ft . e rreDeating this exercise when one-' chlll y a eling of warmth will be with • Mesmer's Lavater's physiognomy, etc. u , e felt over the entire body, and even to th» feet and hands. It is important for all to practice this exercise many times each fjf,' a , nd , Specially when in the open air. it the habit ever becomes universal, then consumption and many other diseases will rarely, if ever, he heard of. . Not only while practicing the "breathing exercise" must the clothing be loose to the chest, bub beginners will do well to remember, m having their clothing fitted, fhp a n£ W /° r * the P e f manen *' expansion of the chest of one, two and even three inches, which will eventually folbw that P r °P rie| y Choke)r ttifle the too ™ much clothing, and as a consequence, take cold easily. Some impurities are ' thrown out of the system by the skin*, as others are utters 60 delighted Mr, quote his own words: " my second wife before her. Those charming work." Barnum that, to I fell in love with 1 had ever seen letters did the the postal ton a laws circular by mailing to Washing- ar ivin informatio . .. , --- - giving information relative to a lottery. Horner had heretofore been arrested in Now York on a similar charge and his case is now before the courts. THE supreme court on Monday denied the motion for leave to file an application tor a writ of habeas corpus in the case of James A. Simmons, convicted of charges arisintr out of the Sixth National bank of New York troubles. The court announced that the latter was within the jurisdiction of the circuit court, and the' remedy, if any, was by a writ of error. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. burned to death iu Rod!" 1 THE Bell clothing store at Davenport, la., burned. Loss §35,000. THE Diamond elevator at Minneapolis has been destroyed by fire. Lou $40?00o! ELEVEN Hungarians were injured 'bv an explosion of gas in Pittsburg, Pa,, Taes- Nearly f rautio. «v«r been your mlafortune to b« brought Jnto frequent couluct wltli a person excenolvely norvoiu. If eo, you mutt beuwa'ra that trivial CttiieBK, uunotlced by ilia vigorous, drive a wervoui Invalid to the verge of distraction. It i» as uu. ueceuaiiry to particularize tueeo an it la iuipoaelblti to guard against thorn. The root of the evil li usually Imperfect digestion und assimilation. To assist thone function* and through their renewed, complete dlsclmrue to reinforce weak nwwi, In conjunction wltli otl or portion* of th« physical orKuukni. iswilliln tlio power of llos- letter * momticli Bltlere, Byslemullcully and con- tiuuously used. There is no dItttppoluiineHi here, ro mailer what or how grievous Uio failures oi oilier so-culied tonics. Ko eeduuve or oplate- •voia boihi—can compare yvitU ihls nerve tranquillzer.. Constlpaiipn. IMuey trouble* are REBEL. Toust Muster of u Church Dinner Is Disrespectful to Victoria. LONDON, April 8.—At a dinner given by the Devon congregation in Devonshire, a sensation was caused by the presiding minister, Rev. Mr. Davis, who said he could not propose the toast "The Queen," and he would therefore call upon Eev. Mr, Johnson to perform the task. Davis added that Johnson might also toast tlie Prince of Wales and all gambler*;' if he choose to do so. Johnson eonupquontly proposed the toast of "The Queen," ••—• ei mpanionc, whose national pride was wounded by the mockery, begged me to make some reply, particularly to a hand- somo young mnn who sat opposite to me, and allowed himself extraordinary license. Ihis man's former life was at this moment presented to my mind. I tui ned to him and asked whether he would answer me candidly if I relate.! to him some of the most secret passages of his life, I knowing as little of him personally as he did of me ? I hat would be going a little farther, I thought, than Lavater did with his physiognomy. He promised if 1 was correct in my information, to admit ifc frankly. I then related what iny vision had shone and the whole company were made acquainted with the private history of tbe joung merchant; his school years, his youthful errors, and lastly with tho fault committed in reference to tie strong-box ot his principal, 1 described to him the uninhabited room with whitened walls where to the r.ght of the brown door on a table, stood a black money-box. A dead silence prevailed during the whole narativo which JI alove occasionally interupttd by inquiring whether I spoke the truth? The startled young man confirmed every particular, and even what I had scarcely expected, the last mentioned. , o by the lungs, bowles and kidneys. It IB absolutely essential to health that the immunities from the skin pass easily through the clothing This-what is call: ed ransportation" may be interfered with by an excess of clothing, or by clothing of a very choice texture. All who wear Indian-robber coats know how uncomfortable they cause them to feel after they have been on a short time Ordinary clothing will not, of course. "P^aon, but an excess wil with it; and where too m,,ch 800n ar can wo M ' of Ii 8 rht clothing they would be much safer from the dangers of exposure were they to ° f wear two ui-upuHtHi me toast or "me yueen," sav -r , one, ing that her majesty had no more loyal 1 ?, u . c ^d by his candor, I shrok hands r,.,T.^.,«t™ H n_" _i- _ _ . _ m. •* With him nvpr f.ha InK n our! p.iJri •** — subjects than the dissenters. Thereupon the assemblage, with the exception of Rev. Mr. D.ivis and wife, arose to their feet and sang "God Save the Queen." Near the mouth of Pistol river in Curry county, Ore., there recently fell a meteor which when weighed tipped the beam at 4,000 pounds. Japan is about to enter the field as a producer of ii.digo. The soil and climate of parts of the island are stated to be favorable to the cultivation of the shrub. An Austrian has invented an instrument resembling a piano in appearance which contains six violins, two violas, and two violoncellos, and is manipulated by a keyboard. The group of bodies termed by chemists as carbo-hydrates—because they aro composed of carbon united with oxygen aud hydrogen in the proportion in which thoto two elements combine to form water—contain the well known, series of sugars, gums and starches. L ... . , •* —-,--—-— , j. u*j. v»*» **MA1VV3 with him over the table, and said no moro. He asked my name which I gave him and we regained together talking till past midnight. drawn e ° r " f.^.WS'OOO, and there Jidbilities to the amount anily resolved Parnell toim- a sum from the fund MAKING ALUMINIUM. The Process of Mnuuiaoture ut I'lttuburg Works Described. Washington Post. During the past year or two much has been written about the remarkable advices which have recently been made in the production of aluminum, and the consequent reduction in price that which three or four j ears at?o placed it among tho precious metals to that point where it could be purchased by ordinary mortals for tho thousand and one uses to which it can be so profitably put. But all these discrip- tions ot the various discoveries and modes of manufacture have usually closed with the announcement that the fatal point of the process was a closely-guarded secret. The Post, hpwever. is able to pive a description of the manufacture of aluminium as conducted at the works of one of the reduction companies in Pittsburg, Pa. SHOItTAGR MADE GOOD. Boudarnou of Defaulting Treasurer Heerly Kelinburse the County A £u II 9 B "Th ^^ 8pecial ™egram, April y._-ihe bondsmen of ex-cnuntv reasurer Sever Seerly today paid $15 000 • the amount at which they cc " * •with the county board, in full fceerly will be tried for , mouth. an of pounds without carrying; "iS«^«S inches long. metropolis that sho is Her feet are J8

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