The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1892
Page 7
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, • ur ALGONA, IOWA, THE OOUfll'K TOWJKTS. WESLEY. , WESLEY, May 30. — F. M. Batts arrived here from Chicago lest Thursday morning. In speaking of the mud and wet weather he says this part of Iowa lias been very fortunate; that evey- tbing in the line of vegetation and farm work here is ahead of anything' he saw between here and Chicago. There is tto question hut what northwestern Iowa is ahead of other sections this spring, 98 it generally is every year. Mr. Wbitson has been on the sick list for several days. j. H, Ford, who has been confined to the house nearly all winter, is now able to be around again. We have been imfonned that Mr. A J. Sprague has received his long looked-for pension. He only receives SB a, month, but ft is a starter, and Mr. Sprague in a man that is thankful for small favors. Farmers are all busy planting. There will be as much corn planted in this part of the county this spring as there was last year. The warm sun and drying winds have dried the. ground off nicely, and most all of the farmers were ready to commence planting when the wet weather set in. and are now improving the time. We heard a farmer say the other day that hr> did not feel one bit discouraged over the wet weather or lateness of the spring: that old Kossuth would come out on top of the heap as she always bad done anyway. Mipu'M.-ittie Welherbee of Nora Springs haa been here for the past week visiting her sister, Mrs. Z. A. Tryon. Our city election last Saturday was <iuite a lively affair. There were two tickets in the field and nearly a full vote polled. Z. S. Barrett was elected mayor; J. S. Gallagher, recorder; E. F. Bacon, J. Huber, F. Hume. T. A. Clark, H. C. Hollenbeek and G. W. Eddy, trustees. ' S. X. Way, J. P. Johnson, G. W. Eddy, and Z. S. Barrett are going to attend the republican national convention at Minneapolis. It is a Elaine delegation, and they a re afraid he won't gej. there unless Wesley is fully represented. We hope the boys will have a pleasant time and not let the Harrison delegates spring a door- step caucus on them. Elder Black of Alg-ona will hold his third quarterly meeting at this place June 11 and 12. Memorial services were observed here today. Our business men closed their respective places of business from 2 to 4 p. m. Our public schools closed lor the afternoon, and all of the school children and their teachers marched to the cemetery, where they strewed flowers on the graves of those who risked their lives for the defense of the country. Rev. McBride made a very brief address, and also R«v. A. Tryon made •brief remarks. No one thought of having any services of the kind till in the morning, when they found that there were no trains running that people could get to Aleona on! when it was suggested that we observe the day here. Taking sill things into consideration everything pertaining to it was a success. Our band was out and rendered some very line music, for which ourpeo- ple are very thankful. _ t There came near being a big fire in our town one morning of last week, which may yet prove serious. It seems a lady got off the 9:55 passenger with a couple of small children, and put up at the Sherman house, the landlord consigning her to the parlor bedroom. Now right over the parlor is where the editor of the Wesley Reporter and couple more of our boys room together. During the night one of thelittleehild- ren began to fret and cry, which seemec to annoy the old bachelor minds above in the editor's room, and they began to murmur that they could not sleep. But the editor's fertile brain soon brought forth an idea, and no quickei thought than done, he jumped out o: bed and lapped his drawers around the stove pipe, down close to the register, to shut off the sound from below, which had the desired effect. All then turned in and were soon in the land of dreams. But when morning came the lady below thought she had better have little fire to warm up the room, ana touched a match to the tinder in the stove. She soon discovered that there was something burning around the pipe above, and gave the alarm. When the landlord rushed into the room above he found the editor with a pitcher ol water in one hand and part of a pair ol burning drawers in the other, while his room mates were holding a ghost dance around the stove pipe. The editor lias taken a very bad cold since then, and some of the boys thought it would bo a good idea to chip in and buy him another pair of drawers, while others think a bottle of some good cough syrup would be best. Markets: Wheat, 68c; oats, 25c; corn, 28; flax, 72;' hay, $7; hogs, $3.80. Ike Walton received a message this morning informing him of the death o: his son at Clarinda, Iowa. He was past 81 years of age. He was an invalid evei Bince he was eight years old, subject to epileptic fits, Mr. Walton always kept him at homo with him till about four years ago when his friends prevailed upon him to let him be taken to the asylum, where lie could be cared for better than at homo. Mr. Walton disliked to have him go, but y". Ided to the entreaties of his friends. The re' mains wore buried at the above named place. _ LU VERNE. LuVEKNE, May 30.— I. P. Harrison will build a 30 foot addition to his drug store as soon as ho can, which will make his store room 00 feet long and 20 wide, Fire consumed quite a Inrge burn oul on the place known as the Coulter's farm, about three miles east of town Cause not known. Some of our farmers report corn coming right along — some of it through the ground. The Wagner vs. Wagner case, thai was set for trial here, was changed to the district court at Algona, to be tried the next term. G. C. Burtis went back to Algonu on the 25th to spend a few days. He will return and cull on old friends before ho returns to the west. FENTON. FENTON, May 30.— Henry Boever intends building a house as soon as the roads are suitable for hauling lumber. Supt. Reed was visiting schools in Fenton last week. Farmers are busy getting then ground ready for planting, while a few nave finished. >, J, 1<. Reid, butter maker c^t the Fenton creamery^ made a trip to Rockwell and brough't back a partner. The boys made a mistake and serenaded the wrong party. Geo. Boyle was in Fenton buying hogs for shipping the latter part of last week. , Rev. Schwietert, pastor of the German M. E. church at Burt, walked from that place to fill his appointment at West Fenton Sunday last It is, getting to be all the go nowadays to go part way with a team and the rest of the way afoot. Mrs. Zweifel is having a fine bouse erected on her farm in West Fenton. Mr. Saw veil was up this way visiting his old neighbors. No need of Ixoab's ark just yet, at least. I wonder if we don't smell wedding cake, too. Cheap Rates on the Milwaukee. For the independent party national convention to be held at Omaha, July 4, excursion tickets will be sold at one fare for the round trip. For the supreme lodge, A.O. U. W., which meets at Helena, Mont., June 15, i rale of $44.2-5 will be in effect from Algona. A special train will leave Algona May 28, at 9:40 a. m., returning will leave Clear Lake at 6 p. m. Fare, adult?, -SI; children. 60 cents, for the round trip. Low Rate to Cedar Rapids. rjOn May 30 to June 6 inclusive, the "/hicago & Northwestern company will sell tickets to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and return, at one fare for the round trip, on account of the German Baptist con- 'erence. Tickets good to return on or pefore June 30, 1892. For tickets and full information apply to agents C. & N. W. Ry. It I* the Standard. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar- rhoea remedy is the standard. Its many cures have won it praise from Maine to Cal- fornia. Every family and every traveler should be provided with it at all times. No other remedy can take its place or do its work. Twenty-five and 50 cent bottles for sale by druggists. SAPlfAL ...................... . ........ $50.000 Incorporated trader general latrs oi low*. Deposits recelred, money loaned foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec- ions made promptly, and a general banking justness transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lo-west rates. WM. H. 1XGHAM ................... President S. B. JONES .................... Vice President LEWIS H. SMITH ...................... Cashier Directors— Win. H. TnoTiam John G. Smith, T. B. Jones, T. Chrischilles, Lewis H, Smith, 3. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Dertne. CAPITAL .............................. $50,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL ................. President D. H. HITCH1XS .............. Vice President WM. K. FERGUSON ................... Cashier Directors— D. H. Hatching, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweiler, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. all, C. B. Hutchins, Wm. K. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. Low Rates to Chicago and Return. For the democratic national convention to be held at Chicago, June 21, agents of the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets at the rate of one fare for the round trip. For tickets and full information concerning dates of sale, etc., apply to agents C. & N. W. Ry.-9t3 Excursion Rates. June 11 and 12 agents of the Chicago & Northwestern railway will sell excursion tickets to Old Point Comfort, Va., and return, on account of the meeting of the Travelers' Protective association, at the lowest first-class fare for the round trip. For tickets and information apply to agents C. & N. W. R'y Co.-9t3 Seed Corn. An extra large and EARLY variety of yellow flint at Gilmore's. 9t2 W. H. CLARK. " MOTHERS* FRIEND" H&KES CHILD BIRTH EASY, Colvln, La., Dec. 2,1886.—My wife used jilOTHEB'S FRIEND before her third ronfinement, and says she would not bo without it for hundreds of dollars. DOCK MILLS. Sent by express on receipt of price, $1.50 per hot ; id. Look " To Mothers " mailed free. BRAOFIELD RE/SULATOR CO., .on ctLi BT»U.OBUOOI»T». ATLANTA, GA Sold by L. A. SHEETZ, Algona. Do You Want a Well ? We do all kinds of well work, such as Drilling, Boring, Gleaning, and in fact all wo :k in the well line. Water or no pay. Also put in pumps, set up wind mills, and do retailing. PHASER BROS. THE ALCONA SUPPLY HOUSE Will furnish you anything in the line of CREAMERY:; SUPPLIES, Prices guaranteed. Send your orders when in need o' anything, and they will be attended to promptly. S. S. DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Pull assortment always on hand of drugs, med clnos, aud pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. Stekt5.O33.9r7*. Money Saved is Money Made. Save 25c to 50c on every dollar you spend. Write for our mammoVh catalogue, a 000-page book, containing illustration and giving lowest manufacturers 1 prices, with manufacturers' discounts of every kind of goods and supplies manufactured and Imported into the United States. Grocer'es, Household Goods, Furniture, Clothing, Ladles' and Gents' Clothing aud Furnishing Goods, Dress Goods, White Goods, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Gloves, Notions, Glassware. Statlono.-y, Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Silverware, Buggies, Whins, Agricultural Implements, etc. ONLY FIRST CLASS GOODS. Catalogue sent on receipt of 25c for expressage. We are the only coacorn which sells at niinu'actwers' prices, allowing the buyer the sumo discount the im'ju-racturer gives to the wholesale buyer. We guaranteed all goods as reu.esented; If not fouad so, uioney refuaded. Goods sent by express or freight, with privilege of examination before paying. A. KARPEN & CO., 122 Quincy street, Chicago, 111. WE WILL PAY A salary ol »25 to J50 per week to GOOD agents to represent us in every county, and sell oui general Hue or merchandise at manufacturevs' prices. Only those who want steady employment need apply. Catalogue and particulars sent on receipt of 25c for expressage. 18f? Quincy atreef, Chicago, 111. W ANTPF) Salesmen local and n-iN j. i^iJ traveling. To rep resent our well known house. You need no capital to represent a ilrm that warrants nursery stock Urst-class and true to name. Work all the year. $100 per month to the right man. Apply quick, stilting age. L. L. MAY & CO., St. Paul, Minn. Nurserymen, Florists and Seedmen. (This house la responsible.) M ONEY TO LOAN- ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on railroad landtt will do well to call a the Kossutb County Bank aud bring their contracts. BMKIIIC MSniUTIONS. Kossuth County Bank The First National Bank A. I). CLARKE President C. C. CHUBB Vice President CHAS. C. St. CLAIK Cashier Algona State Bank, CAPITAL $50,000 Money to loan at reasonable rates. Special attention given to collections. Exchange bought and sold on all points in this country and Europe, and a general banking business transacted. Directors—A. D. Clarke, C. C. Chubb, Myron Schenck, Geo. L. Galbraith, Thos. F. Cooke, W. C. Tyrrell, Chas. C. St. Clair. R. M. RICHMOND .................... President I. J.BUUKK .................... Vice President A. B. RICHMOND ...................... Cashier Farmers' and Traders' Sav'ngs Bank Incorporated under the laws of the state of Iowa. None but home capital invested. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL .............. $50,000 Plenty of money to loan on real estate and other good security. Foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, ami u general banking business transr.cied. SPECIAL ATTENTION TO COLLECTIONS. rari.fed. KleanuMp Titkeit to and Directors— R. M. Rlchaiomd, I. J. Bruer, N. E. Sheridan, A. 13. Richmond, B. F. Smith, S Mayne, C. K. Mallory. State Bank of Bancroft AUTHORIZED CAPITAL ............ 8100,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Transacts a general banking business. Mon ey loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold, collections a specialty. Real estate loans procured and insurance furnished. Notes purchased. Large list of wild lands and Improved farms for sale and rent. S. T. MESERVEY .................... President R. N. BRUER .................. Yioe President CHAS. R. JIORKHOUSE ............... Cashier Directors— G. S. Rlngland, S. T. Meservey, R. N. Bruer. J. B. Johnson, C. Korslund. Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames Looking glasses, chromos, ard all kinds of ready-made coffins. Hearse o-: public use. Headquarters for the best SEWINC MACHINES AND ORGANS. THE TROTTING STALLION, Byron Sherman NO. 5877. . 3:2B. S.'red by Saturn No. 2805. Dam Kitty Clyde by Piiuciis 2f>00, he by Almont 33. Byron Sherman has trotted miles from 2:2 to2:23;j; half miles from 1:12 to 1:10. This horse weighs 1240 pounds, is of nice color, very handsome and of good size, and is a trotter as well us trotting bved. Traces directly from both sire and dam to Hambleton- ian and Imp. Messenger. SERVICE PEE, ?25 THE SEASON, Will stand at Algona, Iowa. J. A., PETER, and FRANK WINKEL, Owners. F. M. BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SILVER\VARE, Silver-plated ware, aiu" all kinds of goods in his line. Kepul Ing oiomptly done. At F»ank Bros.' store. L. LESSING, Alg-ona, Iowa. $25 YOU CAN BUY ^" x „ A f «wl»B Machine that retails for We Get full iufwrnatlon at the U. D. M- PWce. LOOK. J. A. Hamilton HMES BIGST of sound oak lumber, suitable for sidewalks. They will furnish it in any desired width or length dressed on one side. Every board is the same thickness. For $20 per M. A walk made of this material will last a life-time, and be good when you die. Try it. J. A. Hamilton & Co. GEO. E. HAMILTON, Agent. THE JOHN PAUL LUMBER GO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WILSON. Office and yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, IOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions of Which includes everything that is possibly needed for th&\ constr action of any thing j rom a picket fence • to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove to you that what we say is tlie truth. en Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. C. L. LUND. J, J. BYAH ' [Successors to C. L. Lund—Established 1880.] REAL ESTATE DEALERS ,e readers of THE UPPER DBS MOINES that we have extraorfliB 1 ; of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, and we JnTl'} .neir property to call on us at our office in Algona, or to correspond ^in^^inf ^SSr^P«?°" s-ssassuar« Withus. deaUn <" MdhlOU1 ?S^ I ?SitSlK 0perty d ° nlt ~ TuWoWf*. 8 ' YOU WANT TO KNOW Whom to get to do your painting, paper hanging, kalsominlng, etc.? A rih t u JAS A. ORB IS THE MAJfi i<,,,rrnX."j;?"? msworklH first class. Hecretsthn int^at fashiona in decora- FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, Tl P; e P ared to m *ke farm loans on five to ten mnt K f C T St P - sible rate > with Privilege of partial ments before due. Office over Chrischilles 1 storef Algona s, a SESSION M. Z. GBOVE. JOHN Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West o| TUc-Jrtngton House, \ .*i* *"•**•*";;,_

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