The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1891
Page 8
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•T" THE tJPPJSK DES MOINBSI ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APBIL 8, 189L /y i T rr i f n T' ^f!^- ...I.... .......L.,. And don't forget it; keep your eye continually upon this space* and remember that JONES HE PAYS THE FREIGHT! MoOormiok Harvesting Machine Co., 1831 J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co,, - 1842 A. A, Oooper, wagons, - 1840 P. P. Mast & Co., cultivators, etc., - 1843 James Selby & Co,, planters, etc,, - 1850 D. S. Morgan & Go., mowers, Hearst, Dunn & Oo., planters, John Deere, plows, etc., Moline Wagon Go., wagons, etc., 1834 - 1860 1854 - 1865 Of the New Wigwam at Algona, Iowa, is agent for the above well-known and reliable institutions. Compare this list with anything you have seen, and then decide where to buy your farm implements for the season of 1891. THE NEWS OF THE COUNTY "Wesley• WBSLISV, Morch 81.—The citizens In Call's addition to Wesley are not going to wade mud any inoro to got up town. They are putting down a substantial plank walk. 'That is what wo liko to sco. Lot tho good work go on. C. B. Paul of Whittomoro was In our '•town Friday. Claronco informed us in kind of n timid way that ho was recently married. Well, wo did not say anything to •tho boys about it while ho was in town bo- •.cause everybody knows ho is a littlo bashful and no doubt it would have bothered him a great deal. And again our Wesley boys are so hard hearted and noted for bo- ing groat lovors of fun, that it will always 1)0 a doubt in our mind if Claronco would liavo gotten away from our town tho auino day. So wo just showered our beat wishes on him and lot him go in peace. But wo hope ho will call again soon and bring his •wife with him. A littlo child of .Tako Hubcr died Sunday funoi'iil took place Tuesday. G, S. MoPhorson wasdowntoFortDodgo last wook attending tho district alliance, Mr. McPhorson came back well pleased with his stay in Fort Dodgo. Ho thinks tho farmers aro in earnest and arc united more so at present than over before. Mrs. John Gill at this time of writing is thought to bo dying. Mrs. Milt Gray returned homo from Ohio last Saturday, whore she has boon visiting her parents for tho past month. WESLEY, April 7.—-Mrs. Tom. Clark is yisiting friends at West Bond for tho past wreck. Tom. is batching it now. Tho Wesley croamory has started up and •is running every day. Mr. Olson informs us that they expect to do more business •this season in tho crournory lino then ever before. They have, enlarged their building iond added anothor churn and a stoam butter worker. Miss Clara Oloson of Ionia, Chickasaw county, is hero visiting her brother, Carl, Also wo noticed Oscar Oloson on our streets Monday evening. C. L. Lund of Algona was in our town Saturday. L. D. Uuss of Chicago was hero for tho •past week looking after his land interests •in this part of tho county. •Wo arp called this wook to note tho death ~-4>t Mrs, John Gill, which pocurrod Saturday •ino'rning at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Gill had boon sick for some time, part of tho tlmo, Ilor friends had hopes of hor getting well, but she had to succumb to tho grim monster death. Tho funeral took placo Sunday at •8p. in., conducted by Rov. Tryon. Mrs. <3ill loaves a husband and throe littlo ehild- t'en to mourn tho loss of a dutiful wifo and a loving mother. Wesley was in a fair way Monday afternoon to have anothor flro, which, if it had got under headway, would have proved as distruotivo as tho one wo had when tho elevators burned a yoar ago last fall. This time the flro started in tho oil room of Law- Son & Oloson's storo. Some littlo children wore playing around there when one of laem lit a match and dropped it in some ox- -.olsior that lay on tho floor. It was discovered in time and tho alarm was given, which brought plenty of help with water to put it out, before any great damage was done. It would not have taken three minutes more till tho lire would have boon bo- yond control, for there wore two cans of korosceno oil with a barrel ov more of oil sitting there on tho iloor, and tho flro burning all around thorn. But luckily tho oil ,did not ignito. But once lighted the entire fitore and tho hotel building would have l)een burned, and it would have boon hard work to have saved the drug storo and other buildings adjacent to tho storo room. Our schools will begin again Monday. The township board of trustees mot Monday to equalize tho taxes of our township. Mr. Atkinson and G. S. McPhersou were flown to Algona Monday on business. Our merchants are advertising 18 to 30 pounds of sugar for $1, all on account of tho MoKiuley bill. F. Hume is putting up a building here in his lumber yard, whore ho intends to manufacture a patent fence. This is one of the first manufacturing establishments our town has over had, but it is just what we have been telling everybody—as soon as tho McKlnloy bill became a law wo would see manufacturing going on in Wesley, and would bo protected by tho McKlnloy bill, too. Don't forget to como outTuesday evening, April 14, and hoar what Prof. Cornwall has to say on tho temperance question. The lecture will bo free. Our farmers aro getting ready to go to seeding if we have favorable weather. For tho next three weeks there will bo a largo average of small grain put in in this part of tho county. Market: Wheat, 85@87c; oats, 48c; corn, l>"i@57c; barley, 55@00c; flax, $1.05; timothy seed, SI; hay, loose, $7.75, baled, &10@ 10.50; hogs, S4. Baled hay is coming to town lively now tho farmers aro realizing n good price for it, and tho time for seeding will soon bo horo so they are vory anxious to get tho hay off their hands. Lawson & Oleson Bros, have sold their live acre lot in Call's addition to tho Catholics for a church and school site. Tho price paid was $100 an aero, Tho ladies aid society will give a basket supper, Wednesday evening, April 15, to which everybody is invited. Further announcement will bo made soon. Mr. Gallagher has just received a largo invoice of buggies and road carts, and also another largo invoice of farm machinery. It is rumored that there will bo a couple of weddings in our town before the Juno roses aro all faded and gone. Ben I-Iopkius started today for Mitchol, Dakota, to take charge of tho railway station thero, we wish Bon success. Tho farmers' alliance aro in session today to try and close up a bargain with F. M. Butts. There is strong talk among some of them to take Mr, Butts up at his offer. Our newspaper did not como out last wook as expected on account of something being broken about tho press. Miss Ida Dunlap is assisting Mr. Eddy in (ho postofflco, Tho business of tho office is growing so that it needs tho extra help. IiUVerno. tNis, April 0.—Our public schools closed Friday for a two weeks vacation. Mr. Platt will spend a few days with friends and relatives near Algona. Pat Magrudor, who has boon section foreman horo on tho Chicago & Northwestern for tho past eight years, will soon move with his family to his farm near Britt. Karl Miller has rented the house that Mr. Magrudor vacates soon, and will work on tho section this season. G. W. Simmons was at Algona last week on business. Jas. Wilson of Truer is in town at present looking after his land interests horo in town. Goo. Mills has moved up from near Renwick to LuVorno to make it his future homo. Clyde Burtis of Algona is horo spending a few days with relatives. Earnest Raymond carno down from Spirit Lake to stay a few days with his parents. John Callonson of Ronwick was in. town on the 1st. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Smith of Goldfleld Sundayed at F, H, Patton's. Mrs. S. C. Platt went to Algona to spend a few days visiting. Jas. Clark went to Livormoro last wook. P. R, Croso of Livormoro inudo our barber hero a call last Friday. R. V. Scott returned home last week from New York, whore ho has boon to see his sick father. T. W. Barry, who has boon taking Mr. Scott's place while he was absent, went to Lake Mills for awhile. Win. Person has gone to Renwick to re- sumo work. AVUUtomoro. Wnm'KMOUE, April 7.—Miss Maggie Roche wont to Emmetsburg Saturday for a short visit with her sister. C. F. Buker, one of Swoa's best teachers, got tired of walking so came to Whittemoro Saturday and bought C. B. Paul's horse and buggy. Mr. and Mrs. Paul aro comfortably settled in their rooms over the depot, and will bo glad to see friouds anytime. Teachers' convention at Whittomore school house today beginning at 10 a. m. An interesting programme is announced. School commenced Monday. Charlie Thompson is slowly improving. TOPICS OF THE TIME. How ColrtH aro Cured in Aliiskn. Some of the readers of the UPPEII DBS MOINBS may wish to know how colds are cured in the frozen regions of the north. If so the following extract from a recent letter of 0. B. Coon, a druggist in Juneau, Alaska, will interest them. Ho says: "Chamberlain's cough remedy Is selling better than ever. It Is harder to get into the boxes than it Is to sell the remedy afterthey are opened." Mr. Coon's sales were rather light for the first year ho handled this medicine, but have increased each year as tho people there became better acquainted with its valuable properties, until It IB now the most popular medicine he handles for coughs and colds, which shows that real merit is as much appreciated in the far north as at home, and in time the best is sure to become tho most popular. For sale by P. W. Dlngley, druggist. An Item from the West. Mr. E. C. Hlukle, editor of The Deacon, Win- Held, Iowa, has this to say regarding what we believe to be tho best and most reliable medicine known for throat and lung diseases: "Chamberlain's cough remedy has done a great good in this locality. I was myself af- Hlctod with a lingering rim of la grippe, which was most seriously aftecting my lungs, but one CO cent bottle of this remedy broke ft up completely and brought me out all right." Thousands of Just such cases occurred during the epidemic of influenza or la grippe last winter, and the prompt cures effected by Chamberlain's cough remedy made that medicine immensely popular. Its merits were severely tested but never found wanting. It was everywhere admitted to be the best. For sale by F. W. Dingley, druggist. Corn. I am paying the highest market price for corn, on my farm a mile east of Algona.-33 c L. LUND. A Fatal Mistake. Physicians make no more fatal mistake than when they Inform patients that nervous heart troubles come from the stomach and are of little consequence. Dr. franklin Miles, the noted Indiana specialist, has proved the contrary In his new book on " Heart Disease," which may be had free at F. W. Dlngley's who guarantees and recommends Dr. Miles' unequaled New Heart Cure, which has the largest sale of any heart remedy in the world. It cures nervous and organic heart disease, short breath, fluttering, pnln or tenderness In the side, arm or shoulder, Irregular pulse, fainting, smothering, dropsy, etc. Ills Restorative Nervine cures headache,Jits, etc. 3 * How to Succeed. This Is the great problem of life which few satisfactorily solve. Some full because of poor health, others want of luck, but the majority from deficient grit—want of nerve. They are nervous, Irresolute, changeable, easily get the blues and " take spirits down to keep the spirits up," thus wasting mcney, time, opportunity and nerve force. There la nothing like the Restorative Nervine, discovered by the great specialist, Dr. Miles, to cure all nervous diseases, as headache, the blues, nervous prostration, sleeplessness, neuralgia, St. yitus dance, Ills, and hysteria. Trial bottles and line book of testimonials free at F. W. Dlngley's drug storo. 2 * Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new dls covery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness- bod taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Dn- equaled for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. Samples free at F. W. Dlngley's drug store. FOR SALE—For cash or on time, one brood mare, one heavy work horse, one three-year-old colt, one four-year-old pony. S. H. Pettibono. La Grippe Again. During the epidemic of La Grippe last season, Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs, and Colds, proved to be the best remedy. Reports from themuny who used It confirm this statement. They were not only quickly relieved, but the disease left no bad after results. We ask you to giro this remedy a trial and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with results, or the purchase price will be refunded. It has no equal In la grippe, or any Throat, Chest or Lung trouble. Trial bottles free at L. A, Sheetz 1 drug store. Large bottles, 50 cents and SI. 2 Happy Hoosiers. Win. Tlmmons, postmaster of Idavllle, Ind., writes: "Klectrlo Bitters has done more for me than all other medicines combined for that bad feeling arising from kidney and liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman of some place, says: '' Find Klecirlc Bitters to be the best kidney and liver medicine; It made me feel like a new man." J. W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town, says: •' Electric Bitters in Just the thing for a man who Is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies." He found new strength, good appetite, and felt Just like he had a new lease on life. Only BOo a bottle at Dr. Sheetz'. a Buoklen's Arnica Salve. Tho best salve la the world for outs, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns, and all sktu eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay Is required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. Sold by Dr. Sheetz, druggist, Algona. To EXCHANGE —For unincumbered land in Kossuth county, four dwellings and store building in Des Moines, Iowa. Address, with numbers and price, R. W. Burger, Chicago, 111. 49 English Spavin Liniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spaviu, curbs, splints, sweeney, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc, Save «50 by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blem- ah cure ever known. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. Itch cured in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion. Sold by pr. Sheet?. BANKING INSTITUTIONS. Kossuth County Bank, CAPITAL ............................... $50,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. WM. H. INGHAM .................... President J. B. JONES .................... Vice President LEWIS H. SMITH ...................... Cashier Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B/Jones, T. Chrischilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. "W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devine. The First National Bank CAPITAL ............................... §50,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL .................. President I). H. HUTCHINS .............. Vice President J. C. BLACKFORD ..................... Cashier Directors— Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutchins, J. C. Blackford, Philip Dorwefler, Wm. K. Ferguson, A. D. Clarke, C. B. Hutchins. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing first-class security. FARMERS' AND TRADERS' BANK, XO-W.A.. R.M.Richmond ..................... President R. R. Richmond ................. Vice President A. B. Richmond ........................ Cashier Transacts a general banking business. Collections a specialty. Money transferred to all parts of the United States and Europe at low rates. Tickets to and from the old country for sale. Taxes paid for residents and non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied for. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE. Loan and Insurance Ag't ana Notary Public. 00,000 acres of prairie lands and improved farms for sale or rent. Village property for sale or rent. Now is the time to secure you a home before three prospective railroads are built, which will advance the price of land be- yqnd the reach of the average home-seeker, COMMEECIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R. M. Richmond, proprietor. First-class house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special attention to the traveling public. Talk with Doxsee Loans, -;- Insurance. Good house of five rooms for sale or rent. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. —District Court, May Term, 1801.—Kossuth County Bank against G. 0. Burtis, Martha E. Burtis, Minneapolis Harvester Works, Aultman & Miller Co., Famous Manufacturing Company, O. F. Dunbar, Humboldt County Bank, Boeder & Bray, Chamberlain Plow Company, and M, M. McQulre & Co. To said defendants: You are hereby notified that on or before the 1st day of May, 1801, a petition of the plaintiff in the above-entitled action will be tiled in the office of the cleric of said court, claiming of you the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars, with interest at the rate of 10 per cent, from Oct. 0,1800, and One Hundred Dollars with interest at the rate of 10 per cent, from Nov. 0, 1890, as money justly due on two promissory notes; also asking the foreclosure of two mortgages given to secure said notes, on the following described real estate, to-wit: Lot Nine in Block Eight, as shown in the recorded plat of the village of LuVerne; also Judgment for interest, costs, and attorney's fee and unpaid taxes; and unless you appear thereto and defend on before uoou of the first day of the next May term of said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house in Algona, In said county, on the llthday of May, 1801, default will be entered against you and Judgment rendered thereon. HARVEY INGHAM, 2t4 Plaintiff's Atfy. Y TO LOAN— ON RAILBOAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow mpney on railroad lands will do well to call at the Kossuth County Bank and bring their contracts. HANDLE THE DEERING fl The J. I. Case Biding and Walking Plows, Corn Plows, Buggies and Wagons. SPECIAL &OTIOE. After April 8 we will be found at the D. S. Jford warehouse on State street, where we will be pleased to show our goods, and will sell them as cheap as the cheapest. We will meet all competition. W. W. JONES, Agent. A woman may 5eW,and a Woman And a Woman may WorK all day, Lu/y -SW^uMpf comes into Then Vanish all troubles av/ay. ~».»»ji«»- 1 C kr fco use NORTHERN IOWA Normal'-: School, This institution offers superior advantages in the following particulars: IT HAS three full, rounded courses of study- Business, Academic, and Normal. ITS AIM is thorough, practical work in all branches taken up—nothing slighted, nothing done for show. IT MAKES a specialty of fitting teachers for their work, and has succeeded so well that it has more calls for efficient teachers than it can fill. Its academic students are accepted without examination by tho leading institutions of the state. ITS WORK is endorsed by County Superintendent Carey, and superintendents of other counties send to us for teachera. IT OFFERS cheap board, low rates of tuition, personal acquaintance and influence of faculty. ^"Spring term opens March 31. Further information furnished on application to H. B. McCOLLUM, A. B., Prin,, r '° Algona, Iowa. Drugs DR. L. A. SHEETZ, and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- clnes, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. and. Sto.tloan.ory. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— District Court, May Term, 1801.—Harvey Ingham vs. Robert'W. Smith, Mrs. Robert W. Smith, Joseph B. Smith, John 0. Smith, .lames C. Smith, Leander L. Smith, Sarah Smith Yates, Mary Luella Yates, Sherman Yateg, Mabel Yates, Daniel 0. Smith, and Luella B. Smith. To said defendants: You are hereby notified that the petition of plaintiff in the above-entitled cause • is now filed in the office of the clerk of the district court of the state of Iowa in and for Kosauth county, claiming of you that he is the absolute and unqualified owner of the following real estate, to-wit: The east half of Section No. S5, in Township No. 00, north of Range No. 37, west of the 5th P. M., Iowa, and asking that his title thereto be quieted and confirmed, and that you and each of you be forever barred and estopped from asserting adverse title thereto; also that the title to said real estate be perfected by a commissioner's and executor's deed conveying said real estate to plaintiff; and that unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the May, A. D. 1801 term of said court, which will commence at Algona on the llth day of May, A. D. 1801, default will bo entered against you and Judgment rendered thereon. GEO. E. CLARKE, !t» Attorney for Plaintiff. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, In the matter of the estate of J. D. McDonald, deceased. To all the heirs or creditors of the above- named estate: You are hereby notified that on or before the first day of May, 1801, said administratrix will file with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, her final report, and ask to be discharged;. and you are further notified that all objections thereto must be filed with 8»ra clerk on or before the day of said term of said court, which will convene and be holden at Algoua,' Kossuth county, Iowa, on the llth day of May, 1801, or said report will be approved and said administra- trix discharged and her bonds released. NANCY J. MCDONALD. It3 Administratrix. ' D. H. HADLEY, M. D., Assistant. (Regular Graduates. Registered.) The Leading Specialist of the West* Private, Blood, Skin and Nervous Diseases. \. YOUNG MEM \ who by their own acta of Imprudence or folly Buffer, from Nervous Debility. Er- baustlng drains upon the fountains of life. affecting the mini. body and manhood; should consult thet celebrated Dr. Hato.- nway at -once. Remember nervous diseases (with or without dreams) or debility and 'losi ol nerve power, treated scientifically, by new methods, with great . It makes no differ- 'ence what you hava taken or who ha» • - - failed to cure yon. . X.OST MANHOOD and all weakness of tha eezual organs absolutely cured. FEM AtE DISEASES cured at home without Instruments;* wonderful remedy. • CATAKRH and Diseases of the Skin, Blood,' Beart, Liver and Kidneys. •TPHII.H, The most rapid, tare and effective) remedy. A complete cure guaranteed. cur011 wher9 VMN ATUBAI. DISCHARGES promptly . MY METHODS. J'ee consultation at the office or by man. ?£?» 'OSS? examination and careful diagnosis. SJ Hi cU P? tlen ' treated gets the advantage of his or her dlsea t. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment. A_home treatment can be given lu a majority bt Bend for Symptom Blank No. 1 for Men. Bend for Symptom Blank No. 2 for Women. Bend for Symptom Blank No. 8 for Skin Diseases. AH correspondence answered promptly. It lias oerniMiiently ouroil TJIOUSANDS of casea pronounced by doctors' hopeless. II you IIHVO premonitory symptoms, such us Coujrh, DifliSiMy' of S?l^ y n KvT &0 " (1onlt ()ol "J'' b "t "so PISO'S CURlii von CONSUMPTION immediately. By Druggists. 25 cents. K IDD'S GERM ERADIOATOR" POSI all ^ •Jiii i "*vui«uio uiaeaseS, (Never Irniwvn tn

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