The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1891
Page 7
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THE tfPMR DES MOINBS, ALGONA, IOM A, WEDGESDIY, APR IL 8,1891. , latent fnedicihes differ— One has reasonableness, an-«her has not One has reputation—another has not One fias confidence, born of success — another has only "hopes," Don't take it for granted fhat all patent medicines are alike. They are not, Let the years of uninterrupted success and the tens of thousands of cured and happy men and women, place Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Piscovery and Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription on the side of the comparison they belong. 1 And there isn't a state or territory, no — nor hardly a country in the world, whether its people realize it or not, but have men and women in them that're happier because of their discovery and their effects. Think of this in health. vThink of it in sidkness. And ^9ien think whether you can afford to make the trial if they makers can afford to take risk to give your money ack as they do if they do not benefit or cure you. - The success of this Great Cough Cure b without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos- kive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Mmple Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have • Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, fot it will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief & sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price io cts., 50 cts. a. J $ i .00. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 ett, . for IB. IHid., and in AMERICA for 25 cents a bottle. GRATEFUL—COM FCjRTIN a. IHE FAKM AND HOUSEHOID* TMk ilOT.E. BTAK1.EV WATERLOO. How fame one thought of boyhood's pnlsing life, Amid the weary fight for place and pelf. Comes in sharp contrast to the selfish strife, 'Mid scenes incongruous, asserts itpelf! Who is there In the city—country bred— Though delving in hlg calling like a mole. Who ne'er, at time.', sees snirfmer brightness shed On everything—and sees the wobdchnck holer It matters not what life the toiler leads, What, record In this hard world he has made. If where the scale of justice sway lie oleads, Or dally struggles In Jthe marts of trade: It matters not what pleasure and what pain Have come to him, what has been fortune's dole, The dream of youth is clear, and once again He sees the meadow and the. woodchucK hole. He notes where most the clover-blossoms bend, Where narrow trails are here and there revealed, He notes how all the liltle highways trend In one, to reach the border of thejfleld: And on the hillside, where the bushes grow, He eees the ground-hog's home, the youngster's goal i The entrance dark, the ont-thrown clay below, A yellow passage to the woodchuck hole. He catches summer perfumes, as of vore, Hie pulse bents^fnster with a youthful joy. He feelethe Instinct of the chase once more, He seen the eiige r dog and eager boy; He feels the thrill success no more mny yield— Nor wealth nor honor to the jaded soul Bring keen delights such ns the clover-field Held for the boy who sought the woodchuck hole! FAIIM NOTES. Oils for Dnlry Cows. The oils of different kinds of grain fed to dniry cows have lictle to do with the quality of the butter. Cotton seed, while giving nn increased flow of milk rich in butter fat, makes the butter greasy and sticky. Oats and bran give good oils for butter, but the best is the oil of corn. To the general use of corn in feeding dairy cows in the west is due to a great extent the fine flavor of western butter. nianiiircineut, of Turkeys. Young turkeys require careful management, and fora thro must be kept out of toe wet. It will do llv in good to be on grpund that is warm and dry, but it will be fatal if they are out in the wet storms; and this must be guarded against until they are quite large. Cure must also be exercised in feeding. No corn meal should be fed for quite a long time, as it is too heavy for the purpose. At first feed stale wheat bread and sweet milk, and later a mixture of bran and middlings, will do. They are fond of green stuff, and hence are eager for grass when large enough to run out. They also like the curd from sour milk. II General Law In Funning. Everything done on a farm or in a garden, has a principal for its foundation. Study the principal and proper way to do it will suggest itself. These principals are like a wax nose, elastic, pjiable, and maybe slightly changed, twisted to one side or the other, but not enough to take it off. So a man of good judgment can vary the plans oil operations to suit the circumstances, but he must observe the general law. This faculty of coming to circumstances makes the good culturist, and is his character. So if he studies his profession and acts with good judgment, he at once is master of the situation, no matter how adverse it may be. Intelligent Farming Pays. The time has gone, never to return, when ignorance can be thought desirable to the farmer. It is only a few years since "book farming" was the common scorn of the average farmer and ignorance was thought to be bliss and knowledge a folly and a delusion. All that is changed now through the simple and plain foroo of facts. The small crops, the cheap products, unsaleable often on account of tho poor quality; the unprofitable live stock, the rapid exhaustion of the soil and general poverty of the ignorant farmer have led to a total change in this respect and the acquisition of practical and scientific knowledge, with the improved processes growing out of it, is now seen to be indispensable for the profitable cultivation of the soil as it is for the satisfactory pursuit of other industries. BREAKFAST. "By a thorough knowleQ^e''!.'^!' the uoturnl laws t'overu tuts operatl >ns of il'fEC>,ti,on nuil utitrl- tlin, and by n careful appllc iitlo.n'p'tth'e " uo ' rarer- ties'if \el-9 lected Cocoa, Mr. Ep ; 'ft'.hB» provld d our uroakfaat tables with a delicately• jltiTpureil beverage wiitoti may tmvo in inauy Heavy U6otors' bills. H Is >»v cite juilicioui uao of nueti urtlcloa of Ul t that uuuintltutloii .nuy OB gr aually. ;; }uullb^iipiiuil Biron; ouougU to resist every .teudouey' to:fl(se. r isi' la 01' subtle maladies ai' i llciatliiK around us „ .. atcaolc wliorover Uieru Is a weak p:>'lit. >Vo unity escape many u fatal stiaft by keeping our'. eelvos well fopttrtol *vltU pure bliHul u il n proper.;r nourished frame."— "Civil Servtoo Gazette," , Jluay simply with oolllaj water m- inll't. folil iftinlv I" Imlf-pouu I tin :. y'Grnei r-. labulle'l thus: l.;|»|>.S * CO , Homcoopatlilo CluMiu.-ti lii x ! 1 :^';.];!5£l:ll n j ._ ^ AT WHOLESALE PRICES, II you use wall paper do uot f all W send lOo for Bttm plea ot spring patterns. Iguarantee to save you money. White WALL blanka tc to Co per roll. Gilts fie per roll. Km~ isedGlltalOeperrol). : finest parlor papers 13 Inch frieze to About Horse Breeding. A man who breeds.a vicious, diseased, •worthless or brokendown mare does a wrongr thing 1 to both human and equine race. In like degree, whoever refunea to let a fine inure perpetuate her kind also ehefltes human-kind and horse-kind of their due. Every fine mare" should be allowed to raise several colts. She will be just us useful, in the long run, andli?ea'< Jons;. Breed for a. purpose. The heavy draught horse is well enough in front of a •lienvy dray, but the horse is the all-round horse. Let hitti weigh 950 to 1,200, have sufficient style for a carriage horse, muscle and bone enough for plowing and hauling, and the spirit and action to trot a mile inside_ of four or five minutes. For north- ^ern climates select northern bred stock. aThe horses of Canada, Vermont and northern New York, with an infusion of the old Morgan and Hamb'e'onian blood cannot be excelled for all-round horses. •:•/ '- lie per roll and upward. AI,PIIEI> PEATS, Paper Merchant, Ii7-ll» W. Uadlun-at. Chicago. Appi<oil into Koatrilti Is Quickly . Ab».oihiid, Olonntttts the Heud t lliiulti the Kurett und Oureu CATARRH Beitorgs Taste and Smell,quick- If F ' " L/Cold In Heed and r J*T 6(lo. at Druggists. kmOS., 6B Warren Bt.,N.Y. 50c The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. W18 UNiON Pruning. This is one of the most important branches of the we_ek. In pruning an orchard pnveral things must be kept in view. The work must progress with the growth of the trees._ First, shape your trees to a nice pyramid for pruning, so as to give your tretn a well balanced top. In all cases prune off all branches that will make forks. You want side limbs starting out from the center trmik. .If any side of your trees lack branches sufficient to make a well blanched top of side limbs and you have a fork, turn it into a side limb, which can be done by pressing it out into the vacant space and cutting a crotch from a corn stalk sufficiently long enough to hold the limb at the desired angle, puttinsr one end against tho trunk of the tree and the other on the limb. When once you get the trees started it is easy to keep them so. I planted two- year-old trees, and if I had the job to do over would p'ant one-year-old. I will tell in another article how I planted and cultivated on thin land already spoken of. and how I treated my pear orchard and the results. WM. P. TBUITT. I worlds are closely ftkin, and almost without an exception a jnccpssful grain raising farmer will make a pood dairyman, lie who makes the seedbed for wheat deep and rich, and the surface frer from clods would, if his capital and energy were fucui-ed on dairying, begin the business on nothing but good blood groundwork. Those who have been so unwise as to neglect their cows in the matter ot feed or care during the last few months', ^ill find the present a very late day in which to retrieve the injury. Nature is automatic and alterable in her working?, and physical forces weakened during one sea- eon of the year will require another season in which to build up. On maternity hangs the usefulness of the cow. A milch animal that proverbially is the mother of strong, healtl.y calves, and herself is not, seriously affected by the parturient period, is a valuable cow in the dairy. I like strong, vigorous, healthy COWP, as the character of their milk is a. counterpart of themselves. Then, again, a robust cow, provided, of course, she is a good milk yielder, is the proper animal to breed from, using a bull .nth a straight pedigree. But at maternity all cows, whether strong or frail, need solicitous, hutivin care. It is not expedient that nature should in <iry way be supplemented, but nature should be assisted by kind and experienced hands. We have always urped the value—nay, the necessity—of warm box stalls for the confinement of cows heavy with calf. If there ever was a wretched place in which an animal could give birth to her young, it is in the ordinary cow stable. Not only the discouifoit given the mother, but the permanent injury liable to accrue, should warn dairymem to take the particular cow out. of the stanchion prior to calf-birth. My ideal of a proper and humane way to treat a cow at this important period,'is this: Arrange one or morn box stalls to accommodate (ho size of your dairy, and be sure that these skills aru warm, light nnd well b"di1ed with i!ry straw or hay. Into onu of comt'oita- ble booths turn the cow I ose on tho eve of maternity, and in most, cases nature will not have to be further assisted. Tha writer himself lias always practiced this mode with success, and ho never had a cow with a seriously cucked udder, or one in which the placenta was loner retained. Aim io keep the cows so strong and healthy that they will gambol when turned oub. A diet as well proportioned to their needs as yours is to you, will do this. The dairy will then bo well fortified to go through the ordeal of calving. NEWKLL. is J&L.l&&..ti.*. i. si Physical Condition In tho Spring. A dairy of cows in the spring time is a ereat deal like a field of corn iu June. If the milch animals are poor aad mangy and weak now, next Eiirmner's harvest of milk will be thin in quality and sc^nt in guantity. If a corn field in June shows sickly «nd straggling Wades imtead of dark green robust ones, nubbins and crooked maize ears will rule in the fall harvest. The animal and vegetable ff^if,&1^nL^i&A&s^MLiA^f^^j^A<j^,^'^A 1*B6. Breasts, GcntVs Clolhlne, P*»tber«, QlotM, et«., Dyed or Cleaned. Pluah Ow-menU Steamed at Otto Pietcli's Dye Work*. 848 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Bead for Circular. Ills far plcasanter to get a letter with a remittance than to get a letter reminding you to remit. TKSTE1) BY TIME. For Bronchial affections, Uonglis, etc., VluowN's BuoxcnUL TKOCHES Imve ;»i>wd Uieir elllcacy by a tost of many years. Price 25 cts. Porter: "Be yez the gintlemftn that wants the foive-tliur-r-ty train ?" Commercial Traveler (awaking with a start): "Tea—ycsj U I lose that train I'll have to lay over two days 1" Porter: "Thin ye tnoijjht as well lay here the two days. The train lias jist gone.'* Hash Youth Forbear 111 Young men who have become nervous wiccks will act wisely by writing to Dr. Frank Powell (White Beavpr), St. Paul, Minn., who makes a specialty of such cases. hat Do You Caught Don't delay. Take Kemp's Balsam, tho best cough euro. It will cure your coughs nnd colds. It will cure sore throat or a tickling in the throat. It will cure pains In the chest. It will cure influenza and bronchitis and all diseases pertaining to the lungs because it is a pure balsam. Hold It to the light and see how clear and thick it 'Is. You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Large bottles 50 cent* and $1. Husband: "I think I can hare thU blocked so that It will do this winter." Wife: YOB, of course. You are a lenilble follow." Husband: "And can you make your hat do, too, by hating " Wife: "Indecill Do you tlllnk I will wear a last winter's hat? You are the most foolish man I ever saw." To t)l>|.<'l < i>l<l*. Hoiulnclios nnd fevers. In rldtinse thu :<;.•<• tctn I'lli'cl.iinlly, yi't ncMlly, wliun roslivc or bilious, or wiion thu blond is tinptiru m 1 ilugfrlsh, to purnianunlly euro hnbitinil fuii- ttlpnlton, to nwftkcn tliu kidneys und liver to a licnlthy ncllvity.wHlioiit Irrltullns or we-ik- enlng them, use Syrup of Figs. Professor to medieal student: "If you hoard that a patient wus seriously worse, what would you do?" Student: "I would wall until the next day In hopes that ho would got better." "AViiEN slovens get tidy they polish Urn bottoms of Ibu pAi's-" When servants aro given SAl'OUO tlioy aro never tired of denning up_! Tliu memoir of Jell Dixvls, just published, s the confederate proclamation iiro- .!? lie.nernl Butler nil outlaw nnd an enemy ol iniinUliul, and ordering his oxeeu- tlini immcdlaluly upon his apprehension. BKECnA«'i>Pit.t8 act like magic on a Weak Stomach A personal grievance—Being left out of the society column. >l« rrllh A new melhoil of compounding T»r. SURE CURE for PILES, SfltT RHEUM n IH.r»«r«. S.Miil.1 " Book "JO Sold l-y 00 , I i Itnnilntp Kl't* «0|i|)lli«il 1'J «< , Jlllu uulipf, \V^ ___ From Hie "Pacific Journal." "A p;ront invention 1ms lirpii ttiniln 1<y Or. Tutt of Now York. Ho luu Wl§oon»ln BUTI'O.> «'l l>iiur«l*l' , ?"«! . '.' h W.. « lilfi «n. 1'rli-K .VV «il 1'J «<HI!K.\K * Tutt's Hair Dye wliloli lmltnlp«innturoto|>prfrrtlniu It.iu'.ta liiHtmitMiioousIviiml Isprrfccl !v|mi-ii\l<'*«. ' i Trlco, »l. Ollluc, 3!) * 41 I'nrlc Cluco. M. V. "August Flower For two years I sufFcred terribljr with stomach trouble, and was for all tint lime under treatment by ft'uui. He finally, after trying everything, said stomach was about worn out, and that I would have to cease eating solid food for a time at least. I was so weak that I could not work. Finally on the recommendation of a friend who had used! your preparations A worn-out with beneficial re* suits, I procured a Stomach. bottle of Aug-tlSt Flower, and commenced using it. It seemed to d« me good at once. I gained id strength and flesh rapidly; my appetite became good, and I suffered' no bad effects from what I ate. I feel now like a new man, and con* sicbr that August Flower has eo- tirely cured me of Dyspepsia in its worst form. JAMIJS K. DIJDBRICK, Sangerties, New York. W. B. Utsey, St. George's, S. C., writes: I have used your August Flower for Dyspepsia and find it at excellent remedy. • Civu't Cured "You cant be too car-full,' Intendent to the car-driver. said the iup«r- FITS.—All F1U (topped frea by Un.KLlJm Qm«AT NKBVE RKHTOREB. No File at tar first day's ox. Mar- rellouB cured. Troutiao and $2.00 trial bottle rrm to Fltuuea. Band to Dr. Kllno, 831 Arch BU, Phlla., Pa. A bite of bread to a hungry man Is worth more than a thousand words of condolence. SAID ono lady: "I wish my children looked as bright and hrultliy ua" yours do." Ha- plii! i HID other lady: "Aflny would look just a-- sn'kly mid puny as yours If I did not oo- C;i-.l 'iiiilly tfiva (hum • l)r. Hull's Worm Di-niiMyu.»." liy mail, 25 cents. John D. Park.. Cincinnati, Ohio. by local applications, ns they ennnot rcueh the diseased portion of the ear. There is. only one way to euro deafness, inul that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is uiuioud by an inllaincil eoiulilion ol' (lie nnh ciious lining of the Eustaelihin Tube. \Vlieu tills lube jjets inllauuHl you IMIVU a riimhlitm sound or imperfect hearing, and whim It is entirely closed, Deafness is Hie result, inul unless the iiillummnUon (.'an betaken out, and this tube, restored to Us normal condition, hearing will be destroyed fore_ver; nine nun's out of ton aro caused' by catarrh, which !•< nothing but an inllamcd condition of the •mucous surfaces. \Ve will give. Oni! Hundred Dollars for nnyl c.ase of Deafness (caused by catarrh) Unit we cannot cure by taking' Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. Cll KNKY A CO., Toledo, (). McAllister (loquitur): "How thankful \ve all ought to lie that Columbus discovered America for uij, a» people in di:iu' old lOng- luild would oUiorwi.Mi nuver have known we. were here." No ojilum in Plso's Cure for Consumption. Cures where other remedies fall. 25c. "Was there any applause at the close of your lecture Y" "No; the audience was so sorry that I wan through they couldn't applaud." Is so important that .great used to get THE BEST, parilla has proven its many remarkable care should be Hood's Sarsa- superior merit by its cures, and the fact that has a larger sale than any other sarsaparilla or blood purifier shows the great confidence the people have in it. In fact The Standard Spring Pftedicine Is now generally admitted to he Hood's Sarsaparilla. It speedily cures all' blood diseases and imparts such strength to the whole system that, as one lady puts it, "I seem Bald by all dmgglsta. Ill «U tor 46. Prepared oaly by 0. L HOOD A 00., Lowoll, M/iu. ' • , , IOO Oases One Dollar CmoHEBTER'8 ENGLISH. RED CROSS Sold by all druggist*. »1| six (or %l. Pr«f«r«4 0017 by O. I. HOOb It OO, Lowell, Man. iOO Poses OneOoliaf Tht Shortest and Quickest Lm- to all parts of the | It runs elegant Pullman L Sleetiers, Day Cotclies null' H.Vk'iigc C"'s si'liA to .) AOK80NVII.I.K. via Lookout Mountain. ChaUnnonira, Atlauia, Miicuu. J ; iin:si Irainiiiithe World forCOM" FORT AND SAFETY OF TRAVELERS. TickeU for sale »t all Rillioad Offices in the United iiuitcs, oc B. W. WRENN, Cui'l Pau. * Tkt A/eai, THE OR!' :*L AND .ENUINE. The or-.'y Safe, Bure, and rtKallePM for wle. en, ask Druggtil for Ck'..kattr'* Unglith Diamond Vratul In Kcd anil Gold metallic boxen Healed with blue ribbon. ', ike no other kind. Ittfutt Substitution* anil Imitatlunt, All pitia In pnBUboaril boxen,, .Qk vrrupperfl. are dunffvruus eoniiUirfcltH. At Druggists or Bend to 4c. lu stamps for particulars, t?atloioululii l and "KetTcf t'ur LrilcH," in letter, by ruturn MaU 10,000 Testimonials, traau Paptr. ...... I by ull LouaA UrugicUU. ind "HclTcf t'ur Lrilca." (n Itttr.r, liy rutu CHICHE8TE" C..«.'KICAL Co., Mndl.mi I'iill'VlHCI.I'lll \VHOUC3AIuE. -VASELINE- FOK A OKK-I>OI,f,Alt IUM- lent ul by k.«ll we will deliver, free of all charges, to any person In the United States, all of the following articles, carefully packed i Oue two-ounce bottle of Pure Vaseline, - 10 oU. Oue two-ounce bottle of Vaseline Pomade, 16 " One jur of Vaseline Cold Cream. .... 15 " One Cuke of A'uheliue Oiuuphor Ice, - - - 10 One Cake of VAKelint* Soup, unsceuted, - >0 " One Cuke of Vuxeline Houn, uxquisltoly sceuted,26 " Oue two-ouuce bottle of White Vaseline. - - !iS " tl.10 Or for pnntage etampi any sinytt artlclt at the prici named. On no amount be pereu/tiletl to'a<:cti>l from vvvr tiruouM any Vanellnt or preparation there- from unleaa labelled with our name, braiuir uou if V certainly receive an Imitation which Au« little or no Mfg. 84 State St., N. Tf WANTEDi I— Secretaries and or> k-unizers by an AesesB- ment Order payi 1 I $100.00 iu six month* at an estf m»te4 cost of t44.00. Reputable men and women can secure liberal compensation. Address, M. MclNTYUE, Suuremw MannKer, No. 1028 Arch Street, Philadelphia, f»., A cough or cold is a spy which has stealthily come inside the lines of health and is there to discover some vulnerable point in the fortification of the constitution which is guarding your well-being. That point discovered the spy reports it to the enemy on the outside. The i.-nemy is the- changeable winter climate. If the cold gets in, look out for an attack at the weak point. To avoid this, shoot the spy, kill the cold, using SCOTT'.S EMULSION of pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and Hypophos'phitcs of Lime and Soda as the weapon. It is an expert cold slayer, and fortifies the system against Consumption,. Scrofula, General Debility } and all Ancsmic and Wasting Diseases (specially in Children}. Especially helpful for children to prevent their taking cold. Palatable as Milk. SPECIAL.—Scott's Emulsion Is non-secret, and Is prescribed by the Modlciil Profession nil over the world, because Its Ingredients are Bclontlficnlly combined In such a manner ns to greatly increase their remedial value. CAUTION.—Scott's Emulsion is put up In salmon-colored wrappers. Be sure nnd Bet the genuine. Prepared only by Scott & Bowne,Manufncturlni» Chemists, Now York. Sold by all Druggists. :sl- burdens lessen S APO1J CD"®It-Is a.solid cc,ke of-ocouringso&p. used for clea.nind purposes • •• * «O P * * cor*m*an v * would you give for a Ftiend would take half your hard tvorh 'offyour'aJioitltlertr and do it without a murmur 'f What ^vo^^ld you give to find an asuintant in your liouuework that tuojtW keep you,' floors'and walla clean, and your kitchen bright, and yet never yrmv ugly over the matter of hard ivork ? Saywlio in jnut such a friend and can 1)6 nought at all gro<'.<>r» Bent Cough Medicine. liccori inland oil Curoa wliuro all eb>o fails, PloiiKiiiK.uiici taste, ('Ju'ldj'un take it without ol/jerlion, THE NEW MUSIC PALACE, 4C3, 4C5, 407, 460, 401, 403 Washington Btroet, In the eiaot trud» onntr* of Bo« (on, 1» tlio pruuout central mUbltauuiout at OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, •nd Includes an elegant large retail »tor« of 70 feet Fromt, I'iuno Purlers ot great beanty, aad man/ ballB,'Wururoouia anil offlouu derated ta the storing And nalv of the largest Btook af Muslo on the ooU' tlneut, and of ever/ known Bund, Oroueutral or other iuBtrument. The Rtare from Iti •ttuutlon, la ftcoeislbU to all munlc lovers In eastern Mubuuuhu»clt», and, bi lt> DulvLTbul nyHtuin of udvurtlilng, muillag of lUti and catalogues, extensive oorroupoudoiice, und prompt mailing und expressing of goods urditred, praottoully stands at the doar of every village aouie, kud Is a neighbor to ull the scattered farrn-uounei »f the whole country. Oorretpond freely for Lbsti, ' , , Information or IfvtUvl Bend He. fnr clri-uinrt und uvllniorMulH. Aildr:a»Oft O. W.i', BN i'UKK, iUI Bute sii'vut, C'hiuimo, Ul I2oo., $2,28 Jot] Ui» Ohaut. Jl.. Oh . College Bougi [W oU.] 90 «ong«. For Children. Motion Bongs Dordtuuu. Ooldeu Bout [60 cts.J Soclul ISlncli 200,000 sold. 80111; C'ollecllium. Song Claulc*, Vol. I [|1.] 60 soiigu. Ohoicu Sticred bolo» t»l.J 3i tangs. Piano <N>IIrclluiiN. ronular Piano Oollectloa [|l.j 27 (ica. Popular Dance ColleuV'o [|l.j Wi pot. JUalltd post paid on receipt <tf above prictt. I.YON & HEALY, Ohioaaro OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, Boston. I prp»orlh(> and fell*' •«!• , .'-I'sc Ills »S »s the .^1} hpuclf.i for H;« certain curt : Of ttllK diKl-H.'C. O.H 1N-3RAHAM.M. J>. A SAVIOn OF HER SEX. Will!!* pain Ill-comes u cou^tuut oompimkm; thiTu is in) ix'pu-f lor the t>ufl'ercr, by day or ulglit; wlii'ii life- itself scorns to be a calamity ; ami wlivu nil tills Is'd by a woiuuji. l»4* she uot \vou the ubuve Utl«? Vegetable Compound eurvs nil tlioso pi-culliir wealoxessvs iiuil ijl- iiu'iKs of women, all organic 'isease^ of the tllerusor Woiub, HUU Ovarian Troubles, dowu Sensations, Debility, Neryo.MiS ' LYDIA E, PINKHAM'S

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