The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1892
Page 6
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\ THE TTPPTCR t)ttS MOTNES. ALGOKA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1. 1892, ELECTRIC LIGHTS. Will be tTced at the World's Fair-Bow Steam ^rodnees them. Whatever "^heinay be s.aid of the managers of the lipp'roaching world's fair, it certainly cannot be said thai they ''love ihe^darknessj" 6n the contrary, (hey are taking measures to be more than liberal in the matter of light. The plans approv " 1 and adopted for illuminating " Dortft fa a . .. crw to these days! m* 'keep «p with the nineteenth yf You would not hitjr a engine made like those of ^ntory ago. Then why should f buy the old-fashioned, big, Itio pills that gripe and debifi- your system ? i great improvements have been t a in pills as in steam engines. ( Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are y. sugar-coated, granules, or pills, /easiest to take, and never gripe Ishock the system, rhoy are purely-vegetable and nrfectly harmless. fpne little Pellet's a laxative, three |four are cathartic. They regu- and 'cleanse the liver, stomach uu bowels — quickly, but thpr- fghly. They're «tho cheapest pill, fid by druggists, because you only *7 for the good you get. They're ^aranteed to give satisfaction, fery time, or your money is ro- Sied. That'fl the peculiar plan Dr. Pieroe's medicines are sold |Can you ask more? WORD TRUE; so riftys tbi Wfitet of that Pataotn Letter. ^•^^B^BW ^^ • ' ^^B»^^^^^^™ |; s^etiujuimcncivd as tlio. JJicsi. IA K LE iUns, PlymouUi Co.,'la., llay, 1889.. II lafleied from temporary sleeplesineis from irork for two youre, for -nbich I uied Pastor Lwiiig's Nsryo Tonlo, and can recommand lune • the boat medicine for similar troublet. V. BOKNHOBOT. HIOKVAK, Neb., October, 1800. KAbotrt four yeari ago our aoir 20-year old ihter hod on epileptic at after shehadrs- i and about a year later aha luul another A attack; we could hardly bellere that sho ithlB terriblo disease, "Epilepsy." but •when •ooat throe months Inter she again had a fit -we here forced to believe the fact that tho dreaded palady hod fastened upon her, and as we nap- posed a disease witbout a known remedy, ibont this time we read about Pastor Koenig'a Rervo Tonlo, and we conolndod to try a bottle. '—A Vnlnnhle Boodt «n ITcrvon* Diseases Bent free to any address, and poor patients can aUo obtain / this medicine fioo of charge. ' i;u auu n\4upu^u IUA. iJiutitiunviug uu-. grounds and buildings when the great time comeS) are on the most inagninoent scale. They pfovid^ for 6,776 arc lights of 2,000 candle-power each, and for 131,452 incandescent lamps', of 16 candle-power each, in all an amount of illumination rqual to 3.358,132 standatd candles. The Paris exposition was a great undertaking and a great success, but in the matter of light Chicago will be far ahead; The wiring for the lights will be about ten times as extensive as it was at Paris, and will cost about 1,500,000. Engines aggregating 22.000 horse-power will be required to run the.dynamoa for this illumination. Some people find it difficult to understand how a steem engine can produce light. It is very simple. The radiant energy (tight and heat) oi the sun got locked up ages ago. in the primeval vegetation of the infant earth; the primeval vegetation got old, sickened, died and fell, pretty much in a fow heaps 4 and became chpnged into coal, all the while hanging on stoutly to it* beat-and- light-giving energy; man comes along and sots the coal on fire; the coal then gives up its energy to the water in the _boiler, turning it to steam; tho steam gives up ita energy (now the energy of pressure) to the engine; the engine gives up its energy (now the energy of motion) to the wires and magnets of the dynamo, and this energy of motion becomes electrical energy; the electrical energy of the djnamo id given up to the so called lamps, and in them becomes again the energy of heat and light. All this is clear, too clear to be disputed; that is, the facts at each stage of tho transformation are evident, buh if you ask how the transformations are accomplished, you will hardly find a satisfactory answer. How does the rose draw its crimson from the dark brown earth, or the lily its shining white? Answer me this, son of man, and I will answer thee the other riddles of. the universe. The cycle is complete, but there are im- meiiso losses at each transformation on the way; losses due to the imperfections of our methods of transformation, but we know of no better ones just now. The cycle is complete, and, were it not for those losses, we might begin over again, and, had we time to wait, see the cnargy of our e'ectric lig-ht stored up in a new vegetation, that vegetation turned into coal, the coal burned, the water turned to steam, the engine run, the dynamo worked, the light burst forth anew. Th« cycle is complete, but while we look on with ad- .miration and wonder, we ought not; to stop . short at that, but should look back with something more than admiration and wonder to the One who first put that energy into the sun and started the great cycle, and guides it yet, on its mysterious awe inspiring course.—American Catholic Quarterly Review. lie Reiterate* Hl« BiAtenient*, Produce! Additional troof *nd Cleartf Deflnct HU Position. It wottld be difficult to measure UjitaUu est and comment, not to »»y iicUement, which thft published letter of Dr. R. A. Gunn, which appeared In the papers yesterday, hw occasioned. The .prominence of the doctor and the unusual nature of the latter hat* botli tended to add Interest to the subject and make tt really the talk of the town,. I called upon Dr. Gunn at his residence, •No. 124 West Forty-seventh gtraet, yesterday •'afternoon. I found the reception room crowded, and It was only after an hour'i waiting that I succeeded in obtaining an Interview. Dr. Gunn li a distinguished looking man, and impressed me at once by uis manly bear, iitj? and air of sincerity. I took the seat he courteously offered me, and said: 1 "Are you aware, doctor, of the comtno. tlon yeur letter lias caused V" Dr. Gunn smiled, and replied: "Things out of tho ordimiry usually cause comment. It is not a common thing lor physicians tu Indorse and cordially recommend medicines other than those in l\\o Slatefia AMica. History is full oC instance's of scientists who litive indorsed discoveries they believe to bi- valuable, and have been denounced for so doing, and yet these .same 'discoveries aro lilessuiR the world to-day, I hope I have the manhood and courage to be true to in) convlfllons, ami that is why I so openly and unhesitatingly Indorse Warner's Safu Curt as being the greatest of modern discoveries for the cure of diseases which have balllocl the highest skill of the medical profession. 1 ' I was impressed with the earnostncHS oi the doctor, and saw;; that ho meant every word that lie said. ; "How long have you known of this rem- ecly, doctor?" I asked. 100 Per Ct* Setteiv.. Editor Rowell talks Common Sense. People Nted Good Medicine—Hood'l 8»r« gapnrllla Snppll*! tile Demand. . "Tltero Is to mo no cause for doubt that every one living in our variable climate, particularly as we Americans live during the winter, eating meat, especially fat meat, needs something to cleanse the iyit«m ana Free a Clogged liver • In the spring. The question then rtiiolves itself into decision aa to what's the best thing to take. For one, I have solved the luestlon to my own satisfaction that Hood's SarsapRrllla completely fills the bill. After taking two or three bottles I always feel a hundred per cent, better, and might say without exaggeration five hundred per cent, better. The brain Is clearer, the body In better condition for work, Sleep ia Sweeter And the little troubles of life pass by un* noticed. I can heartily and honestly rec- ommond Hood's Sarsaparilla to any one. A. 8. KOWBLI,, Editor Lancaster Gazette, Lancaster, N. H. '• Arthur has been eleeted grand master of the locomotide brotherhood COCOH ATTAT it Ton WANT To, but if not, USe HALH'SHONBY OP HOBBHOUND AND TAn. PIKB'S TOOTHAOHB Dnors Cure In one Minute. "Nearly ten years," he replied. My atten lion'was originally called to the Safe Curt by a.serious case of Brighl's disease, which • •was considered hopeless, and yet, much to; my surprise, under its use the patient recovered'. 1 have tried it in other cases since, then constantly, and my original faith in its' power has been confirmed. 1 have seen pa-; Hunts recover from inflammation of tltci bladdci-, gravel and Bright's disease when; all other treatment had failed, and I have found .it especially;.. efficient In all female troubles." "Can you specify 'any particular cases, doctor.?" I asked. WALKING. KOENIC MED. CO.. Chicago, III. f Bold by Druggists at SI por Bottle. 0 for 8& I tawce Size. S1.76. 0 Bottles for ISO. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound A haunless positive .cure for the worst form of Female Complaints, all Ovarian troubles, Inflammation and Ulceration, Falling and Dis„ placements, also I Spina'. Weakness and Leucorrhoea. r It will dissolve and expel tumors from the t.uterus in an early stage of development, and checks the teridencyHo cancerous humors. It removes faintness, flatulcncy^wcakness ' of the stomach, cures Bloating, Headache, Nervous Prostration, General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression, Indigestion, that feeling of li e a r i n g down, causing pain, weight, and backache. ^ , All Drujjglsts noil II. or pent jjZj ty mall, in form of 1'illi or %|> Ixuengca, on receipt ol'& i .GO. -*t\ l.iTcr Pllli, ttRc. Corre- , ipomjcm'o f/i!«Iy uniwcreU. y*u Addreu in cdnnduncc, r _ LVlllfc E. 1'INKIIAM MKU. CO., LVSM, MASS. Six HIHBT Tuoupaoii, U» most noted physician of England, says tbat more than half of all diseases come from errors in diet '• Send for Free Sample of Gurfleld Tea to 319 West 16th Street, New York City. Oyer. come* Some of the ArtvBnt»g«g Derived From This UeHllhy Exercise. Julian Hawthorne evidently is enthusiastic on the subject of "Wdlking."_ In a late number of Lippincott's Magazine he says: • ••• "To walk is wise, independent, manly and moral. It is also healthy and agreeable. Our characteristic impatience and fury of competition have introduced artificial and, in a measure, objectionable features into it. But let us linger a few moments over its asithetio and hygienic rewards. The man afoot on the surface of his own esirth is the true king; the so- called monarch who j mrneys iu a coach or in a bomb-proof jailway carriage is, in truth, a slave. The pressure of th« fie? foot on turf or.road exhilerafes the soul; the magnetism of our mighty mother flows into our nerver and and nourishes their vitality; our blood dances through our veins and strengthens muscle and i organ. The whole atmosphere is our own; it flows rythmically into our lungs and unites us with'We sky. The hori/.on wooes and stimulates the eyes; they become bright and gain power and judgment. Nature inslructs us at every step; her beauty must ever remain unknown to him wbo has not thus placed himself face'to face with her. Distant hills slowly draw near and unfold to us their wonders of color and form; winding valleys reveal their hearts to our orderly seeking. The trees are companions." "That is a delicate tiling to do," the doctor replied 1 ; "but as I always keep a written record of my cases, 1 can accommodate you." Thereupon the doctor opened his desk am\ produced his record book. Turning over.the leaves he said: • "Here is a case of a gentleman who was a great sufferer from inflammation of the bladder of long standing. He had consulted a number of ""physicians without benutlt. When first consulted I myself tried tho \isu- al methods of treatment, but without success, and I finally advised him to try Warner's Safe Cure. He felt bettor from the start, and in a few weeks was entirely cured." ,, The doctor turned a few pages further; and then said: "Here is another case. It is that of u Keu,lluinan who had frequent attacks oJ renal calculi, which, as you know, Is gravel forming iu the kidnoys. He had never been able to "prevent these formations, but after an unusually'severo attack'I reoommendod him to'try th)e Safe Cure, which hu did, and; although it is three years since ho took the. remedy, hu luts never had an 'attack since." Tho. doctoivcontinned to turn tho leaves o| hia." book, and.smUlenly exclaimed: ; . "Here is a most remarkable case.' It la that of a lady who had suffered for some time -from lirlgtit's disease. She became entente, and about tho fourth month suddenly became blind, had convulsions and finally foil into a stale of comii, caused by uremic or kidney poison.- physicians who saw her said.nlio could not livo, and In this view I fully'.:'concurred.- As sho could still swallow I stUd, as a last ros.ort, that' they. Repetition of assaults In English cum- partraent cars may lead to tho Introdttclinn of American coaches. ANT book in "Surprise Series," (best an theirs), 35 cent novels, about 200 pages cat'li sont free* postpaid, by Cragln & Co., o. Philadelphia, Pa., on receipt of 20 wrappers of Dobbins' Electric Soap. Send 1 cent foi (.•ataloguo. While shooting at a target Geo. Kreble, i Wisconsin farmer, shot and killed hU seven year-old daughter. Made to Look LlUe New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves etc.. Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garment 'Steamed, at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, 24H W Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. A syndicate of Chicago and Clnclnnat capitalists has purchased the paper makinf. plant of the Diamond Match company a Wabash, Ind. Tlie Only One Kvei' I'l'liile'il^f Can You Find lln> Word? There Is a 8 Inch display advertisement in Ilils pn|M.'i- this week wliicli lias no two words iililiu except, oni! word. The sumo is trup^of em-li new one !ip|.i.'arin"-t:ncli weokfrotn The Hi-. Under Medicine Co. This house places n ''Crescent" on everything Ihi'y make and iiulilUh. Look fur it, send them tho numo <ir tho word, and Iliuy will fotiiril you BOOK,: IJTIIOOIIAIMIH 1)1- 8AM1»4.R8 the ota Saying"that " con • sumption catt be cured H" taken in time " was poor comfort. It seemed to invite a trial, but to anticipate failure. The other one, not so old, "consumption can be cured," is considered by many false. Both are true and not true; the first is prudent— one cannot begin too early. The means is careful living. Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver oil is sometimes an important part of that. Let us send you a book on CAREFUL LIVING—free. SCOTT & BOWWE, Chemist*, t ji South 3* Avenue, Your druggist keepi Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver eil-all druggists everywhere do. |i, 99 Flower " tfof two years I suffered terribly with stomach trouble, and wad fdt. all that time ufider treatment DV • physician. He finally, after trying everything, said my stomach wftt worn out, and that I would have to cease eating solid food, On the WT; ommendation of a friend I procurec a bottle of August Flower, Itseem;- ed to do me good at once. I gained strength and flesh rapidly. I feel now like a new man, and consider that August Flower has cured me. Jas. E, Dederick, Saugerties, N.Y. «•*••••"••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ^'MOTHERS' FRIEND" To Young Mothers Makes Child Birth Easy. Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Bndoned by the Leading PhyslcUns. Both <• ••3Mheri"maU*d FRBB. BRADPIELD REGULATOR GO. ATLANTA, QA. K «OLD BY ALL, DRUOQI8TH. «MM«M«MMM««*«««M«*«a«M»INl YLVAN REMEDY CO. PEORIA, ILL. The stupendous results of the etoain en- "hie may be truced to the boy who sat Tvntcliinj? Uie steam which came from the nose i)C lite tonUoUlo. of bad e»tlng;care» Sick Headache) oireaComplexTon; ciireflConstIpatlo»»« Tiitt'» Tiny Fill* act us kindly on the jkchilcl, tho duliuato female or ludrinj ' oia ago as upon the vigorous man. li Klve tone and strength to the »tnmuoh, bowelB, kidney* and bladder WANTED Tho ^ drOB " 0?o£ HOMESTEADS. ' surgical Poise El'JR. The resignation of the doctors lately in iittendendance upon the Smith Infirmary on Staten Island ought not to he the end of the matter. It ia charged, and apparently proved, that these doctors have permitted the performance of surgical operations without seeing to it that their in- strumeiils were propcrl) sterilized, ana that severe and dangerous cases of Septi- caemia have resulted. ;Jt this charge is true the medical societies'to which the offenders belong ought to ditciplme them with seventy. If it is not true, the accused men are entitled to a chance to exonerate themselves, The ritual of. antisepsis and asepsis is perfectly well known to tvery educated phy.ician, and r-o are tbe consequences of neglecting its rubrics. The surgeon who uses an instrument or other appliance which is npt perfectly disinfected is gui'ty, in rnora s at leuat,, of a deliberate crime; for which there can be no potsible excuse and should be no forgiveness. OWUllUW 1 DiUU, UO u . JUI.™ l u, v»vv - —~.i might try Warnet's-SnTe Cure. Tlieyfjlid so, and to the surprise of .every cue she rccov-. ered: She hits since given birth to a'.Hving child; and Is'perfectly well." ' "These are certainly most wonderful cases, doctor;" 1 said, "and while I do not for ft moment citiesUou their authenticity I should consider it a great favor i£ you would give me tlicir names. I think tho importance of the subject woultl fully justify it." ' "In the itilerest'of oilier sufferers I think you are correct," Dr. Gunn finally observed, after a moment's thought. i'Both the lady aad her husband are so rejoiced, so grateful, over lier recovery, that I know she .la only too gldd to have others hear of it. The lady is'Mrs. Enines, wife of the well known cos- turner. She was not only restored, but la In perfect health to-day." I thanked the doctor for his courteous re. 'ctptlon, for the valuable Information 1m- parted, aud I feel assured that his generous and humane nature will prevent him from feeling other than glad at seeing this Interview'.published for the benefit of suffering humanily. • The perpendicularity of a monument is, although few may be aware of it, visibly u fleeted by the rays of the sun. On tvery sunny day a tall monument has a regular swinjr Waning away from the nun. ; This phenomenon is due to tho greater expansion of the side on which the rays of the sun fall. SICK HEADACHE, cfillls, loss of appetite, and all nervous, trembling sensations quickly cured by Beccham's Pills, 35 cents a box. A 4-year-old son of Peter Bopneburg succeeded in getting hold of a loaded gun at | Munice, Ind. He blew into the see If it was loaded. The discharge tore off his head. . TITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. : No -Fits after tlrst, day's use. Marvellous cures.. Treatise and $2 00 trial bottle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch.St., I'ltlla., Fa. Fire soda crackers devoured without drink- Ing, in 4 minutes and 20 seconds, is the l»feit gormandizing feat of a Kansas freak. I'nro lint) Wholrnouio Quwllty Commands to public, approval the California liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. It is.plutisuiil to the taste and l»y acting gently on tlie kidneys, liver and bowels to cleanse the system effectually, it promotes the health and comfort of all who use it, and. with' millions It is the best and only remedy. J. D. Smltl. committed suicide at Rockford, 111., by jumping from a Morgan street bridge. ^ • HALL'S CATARKH CURE Is a liquid and is taken internally, and acts directly 011 the blood and mucouo surfaces of the sys. tern. Write for testimonials, free. Manufactured by F. J. CHENEY <fc CO., Toledo, 0. Hra. K. J. Rowell, Medford, Mass., says i:o» toother ha* been cured of Scrofula by ths us« Of four bottles of lyU^UHl alter having touch other treat- UgaSaSBI mont, and being '.reduced to quits a low condition of health, as It was thought she could not live. ! B^^wijugai| Cured my little boy I peared all over his a year I had Of his I was V&jy*''^ Induced to use A few bo "^ttloB cured hhn, and no (ymptoma of tho disease remain, MBS. T. L. MATHERS, Mathervllle, MlM. Oubook on Blood anil Skin Diseases malted free. • VQI DUO* »u SWIFT SPECI l< 1C CO., AUtnt*. G*» __ A Sample Cake ofSoap • -iml 128 page Book on Dermatology uud lleauty. lllus- truted. On Skin, Scalp, Nervous aud Blood Ills CHUGS. Sent Benled for i lOc.; also Disfigurements like Birth Marks. Milieu, Warts, India Ink iin d Powder marki. Scan I ittinwi.ltedneaiof Nose Superilnoun Hair. Pirn quarrel. th Dillon and Haley have had a which threatens the solidity .of the McCarthy party. . • , _ > I HATE had to t?lve up my business for days at a time on account of severe headaches. Bradycrotlne has nuv'or yet failed to relieve the, and I now solfloiu have tb'oni. T. J. Honnell, Port Jorvls, N. Y. Of all Druggists. - Fifty cents. ar. rn- '»T pics, etc. JOHN H. cfS \VOO» BIT R.V iiii^BY MA"" • liei-niHlolotelut, «t 4iiU street, N. ci(y. fJousultation office or by latter, ipetlte, rcsiore UBBIUI »u» Tlgorofyoutb. Dynpensln, Indigestion, thattlred feeU Innc ahsoluloly oradloatod. Mlml brightened, bralm power Inoreasea, •>- bones, nerves, mn» cleo, receive new Core*. i nfforlng from eomplalnU pe; 1 oull»rtoth«lrsei,uslnrlt,nn(l — —— "*~ a Ia f 8 speedy cure. Return* rose bloom on cheek*, oeautlfles Complexion. Sold everTwher*. All genuine goods bear "Crescent." Send u»ilcent stamp for 83-page) pamphlet. '" DR. HARTEK M£D!CINR CO., St. Loul», H*. i.i*W*~*r i9* nneiuj 1 11111* n Nortli bakuta, Montar W»8lilnct<jn anil Orenon Idaho Northern [Pacific n Aerlcultiiral, Qr»xln« ftu now open to aettlen. Mailed FBKK. MAS t U aeen. a . Ltnd Oem. » Jf .!« J(M Bt. ranl.Mlan B ICYCLES Of THB HIQHEST QRADI finest Line IntheWtst. Write for Catalogue. • An** Wanted. EzduslT* Territory. Maaafaourers* Priow. .1. ». GANSE, Importer nitd Blfr*. Atjent, 608 State St., CHICAGO. iuiiii»ii»ip>">«> Sii5=il= li»H»H eInstant ; at drv awroufl ruiluc.tUiii of I'.v^llw." Xi.ii i,-" v ij'v." 1 iEST POLISH IM THE W OR 1.0. BQMBiOECEIvIr* vim P»steB, Enamels, —,. T.-V ••••""--«-—- in jure the iron, e fun Stove Polls-. 'urabl«, »Bd the ^on- K tJQ Q|! MM*"™'" 11 "" A UlflVrencc, -'I wish you would give me that gold ring which you have on your finger, !a id a village masher to a country Rirl •for it resembles the duration ot my love for you—it baa no end." "Excuse me, sir," said the girl, "I keep it because it >a likewise emblanmtical^ot my love for you —it has BO beginning." Ware* Uouutalu High— i Or iomewh»t leis-ttireaten, during • rtoim, to euculf the Tenturous yoyagsr on tUs tompe.tuouB Atlttotlo. Boinetimes he 1» torn with deepdeg- pair at inch » Juncture, lometlinei h« 1« r»thet ^tad of It The latter condition ot mind obt» m» when h« IB ee» etck The diabolical qualom wh ch SSfi^bffiW^^W® FwS&sft »Mtv« Every lake, river and pond in Germany is '-'Bup'poed t.o bo inhabited by water spirits. Some are good and others bad. They ofton come ashcre, when thf y may be . known by tbe wet -hem of their gar- A ispecimen of .capped petrel, a bird suppostd to be an extinct or at least a lost specfes, was found recently in England, The original home of the petrel is said to huve'boen tho islands of St. Domingo and G-audulonpe. ST. JACOBS OIL m THE GREAT REMEDY FOR PAIM, >8| . CURES i RHEUMATISM, i| BACKACHES, 1| SCXAT2LGA, SPRAINS, BRUISBS, BURHS. f S sss KI1I1IIM S .miiH 0 !:s: :s: ssiss M «««« Sided wlU Uo*Wtler'« StomncU Bluer* as, • I Had Goitre. Or •nellinf; in the nook since I was 10 years old) am now 63. I ased Hood's Sarsaparilla recently aud th* nwdling hu entirety disappeared. It ha* been very troublesome. When I began I wu fooling *o discouraged with the goitre Mint. bUTUEiii.ASDT" and rheumatism I felt that I would as soon be dead as alive. Whenever I caught cold I cool* not walk two block* without fainting. Now I am free from U all and MB truly recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla Mns. ANNA SUTHERLAND, Kalumazoo, Mloh. •IllM • Wtff *»*J P** ••»»»»»*• i i _^— ^ || FROST-DITES ? OOLD MBDAL, PARIS, 1874V W. BAKER & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which th* •«••» of «41 hu b««a removed, T* attolutely pur* m«4 it ia folMBte. . JVo Chemicals »r« ui*d In It* preparation. II hu men Man torn Mm«< (Ht tirtngifi ot Coco* Blz*d wltk SUrch, Arrowroot or Bag**, and Ic therefore for mere ••»• I nomlcal, taitinf Itn cent a cup. Itle •'•Melon ,^_- I tubing, etrevfthralne;, maitno, and admirably adapted for I u weit a* fir percom li health. loll »jr Orocer» eTtrywher*. j W. BAZEE ft CO., Doroheitor, Uutv I SAY, AGNES, Have yon «een the Ladle*. Sprinter Safety whloh U i. manufactured by th* 1 LUBUBO MFQ. 00,, S31, 323& 325 North 8th Street, Plillo.J Itell you It 1» » beauty, double drop frame 23-inch wheels, 1 >-' i»« h cushion or pneumatic tire*, roar brake, weight << pounds. All the girle aw going to ride the Sprinter, i nud if you wish to " stay with UB," get a Sprinter. This Company aro also allowing liberal discounts to the trade on Cycles and Cycle Sundries. THE COST IS THE SAME. w°°? di&F tclttT J > IEWI8' 98 PER CENT LYE L s?ow<ter«d and Perfiuue* (PATKNTBD.) The itrongett and purut Ly* made, Unlike other l>y*. It being u fine powder and packed IB a cam with removabl* lid. the content! 'are always ready for us*. Will make theeeit perfumed Bard BOMB In 20 minutes without b«Mng. If 1* the bent for cleaning wast* pipe*, disinfecting elnks, cloieta, washing bottles, palnU, trees, eU, PENNA. SALT MFG. CO, Gen. Aft*., Phila., Pa, 5 j\foV TAl-vUl-tiS •••- -• Slulliil-'ll, )IVt T iUltl lll.Wi'lrt, pUI't-, v tln< liin.iil. -in- niil'eunil olVt'i'tiinl;, hcst IIH uu-iiiu kntiwll Tor bilious- K, t'un.-'tipaiiim, Uywnepsia, foul u-*-atli. licoiliicUe,mental di'iireseion, vilnful illBusiiou, bnil complexion, nut nil dlsmvws caused by fiillure of tho Htomuch, liver or bowels to jior- form llii'lr uronor functions. Persona given to over• cat nB ire CeiiolHcd by taking one uftw each uie»l. XlMra *! • sample, 16u. At DrusittstB, or Bent by mall. ;..%ksysl^»5^ B w-M.^ Patents! Pensions! Send Cor Inventor's Guide or How to Obtain a Patent Send for Uitiebt of Fxnuloii and Jtuuuty CAW*. I'ntvlvk O'l''urri-ll. Wu*liluututt, I>. O. IIooa'H Fill* are the beat atter-dlnner Pill*. They assist digestion and cure headache. EltablistHd im, NATUHB'S HBMMBK BKMHI> IK». "TlitLo'id Created vkwtleinet out of thf tarth '"Mi A« thvt is wlte will not abhor- (hem." - Dr. O. P. Hi?ow»'» BJ.OOJJ PITIUFIKR AND J..IVKR XNVJWOPATOR. Old Heliable Pemedle* «t»n4ard a* flpurin all mwket|. 1 Oompoied ol best blood herb*. »V 9ot heru, whlofe aot on the liver and bowels. 0«re| biUoubnoei, Liter Complaint, J teftSti!*** THE HARTMAN STEEL PICKET_FENCE BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE. Tbe Family Waeh Blue, for gale by Grocer*. $40,000,000 Earned by the Bell Telephone Patent in 1891. Your Invention msj be valuable. You should protect it by patent, Addresi for full and intelligent advice, free ot ohar^e, W 8 W. mV ««,

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