The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1891
Page 5
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THE UFPE& DES MOtNES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APBIL 8, 1801. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MII.TVATJKEE & ST. PAUL. West—Pass— East-Pass.— No. 1 6:02 am No. 2 10:20 a m No. 3 4:37pmNo.4 8:30pm Freight- . Freight— No. 9.. 7:15 am No. 8 ll:55pm No. 13 ll:45amNo. 14 2:30pm No. 5 8:17pmNo. 10 12:15am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Blinore pass. .4:0o p m St. Paul trt.. .9:55 a m South— Elmore pass 12:20 p m DesMoines ft 7:35 p m THE CITY. k-W High school contest Friday evening. Hay is worth what anyone has a mind to ask for it. John Messke and Anna Olmand are licensed to wed. The board of equalization flid not raise an assessment in town. Squire Taylor made man and wife Henry Smidt and Mary Moser, yesterday. Geo Carl, on the old Stowe place, took out a sot of hay scales Monday for his farm. The Kossuth County Bible society has an invoice of new bibles at Miss Dodd's, for sale. Townsend & Langdon are sugar headquarters, Read their announcement this week. Postmaster Eddy says he has rented 25 mail boxes to new comers in Wesley this spring. Landlord Tennant is observing Easter. He was out Sunday with a shiny new plug hat. Jas. Taylor sent out strawberries from Chicago. Tho seasons don't count much nowadays. i?' 'It is reported that Col. Com stock and B. J. Danson will both build in Spokane this season. Auditor Hofius will appoint appraisers for the proposed cut in the Blackford hill, this week. The ladies of the Congregational church will give a supper on Thursday evening at 6 o'clock. C. L. Lund is in Chicago with 78 head of fat cattle. He went yesterday. He Igtill.has over 100 head left. Many friends of Nate Robinson, living near Four Mile, will regret to learn of the serious illness of Mrs. Robinson. Barnet Devine has closed a trade for the Chas. Wilkin's eighty Creek. Treasurer Lantry says taxes are paid tip better this year than last. The penalty began to run last Wednesday. The Algona markets are: Wheat, 84@90c; oats, 47@50c; barley, 50@60c; flax, $1.03; corn, 55c; hogs, $4.25@4.50. The farmers report seeding already begun in some places. This weather insures a hurry in farm work from this on. W. W. Jones and his machinery moved over to the Ford building last week, and he is there now ready for business. in Lotts "Alcohol" was the"fee owner. The fine carpet display at the grange store lasts this week. They have a big stock of samples, and it will pay all to visit them. The board of pension examiners will not meet April 15 as they are excused for that date to attend the encampment at Dubuque. Ninety-nine children enrolled Monday in the primary room at the high school, all of them in the neighborhood of five years old. Geo. E. Boyle was in town Monday. He says he has been offered ?25 an acre, cash, for his farm of 240 acres, but he wanted his farm. There is talk of challenging the checker champion at Dows to play A. H. Durant. We claim the state champion here at home. Wesley's new paper is still not issued. It will be a good one if it beats our Wesley newsman. There is no better correspondent in Iowa. Wm. G. Clarke was taken Monday with an intermittent fever and is now under Dr. McCoy's care. It is thought he will soon be out again. The farmers are again having an opportunity to buy groceries of traveling salesmen. They will do well to figure on their bills before buying. A car of horses was shipped from Algona Saturday. About $2000, was left by the buyers to lubricate the busi- 'ness machinery of the county. Nick Brass bought lumber of Paul last week for a new house, and John Stemple, living 13 miles north west, also got lumber for a house and barn. Geo. E. Clarke and W. F. Carter are now getting them some pony carts for their Shetlands, and Algona will soon have some fancy rigs on the street. Geo. Kuhn performed with the Kicka- poos Saturday night, doing some expert contortion tricks. He expects to join the company in a week, and travel, Our citizens noticed Saturday some strange circles about the sun. The same were seen in other parts of the state, but no cause is given for them. The military company holds an election next week to choose a successor to Lieutenant Reaver. They expect also to have their new lockers in next week. Our old settler, John Mackay, was up yesterday in Squire Taylor's court for iiitting his son-in-law. After a plea of guilty a fine of $10 and costs was assessed. A. Hough has been in Chicago every week for four weeks with cattle and hogs. He has bought in Minnesota, and also at Webster'City, besides here at Algona. E. H. Slagle is ha'-ving a week's layoff, coming in from a mail run between Sanborn and Chamberlain. He likes the mail business and -will soon have a permanent run. Barnet Devine -will fat his cattle for the July market. He sold all his winter cattle last month, The rising price makes besf a good thing even on 50 cent eorn.d Fred. Foster and Elmer Wilbur are moving their barber chairs into the Galbraith basement. Our barbers are now all together, and can enjoy each others company. The bicycle club have agreed not to ride on the-sidewalks from the Rutherford house to Johnson's ebop, or one block either side, and to get off when meeting people elsewhere. They do this to discourage an ordinance ordering them off the Walks. There is considerable complaint made by footmen and walk owners. Chubb Bros sold several car loads of cattle last week from their herd up north. They go to Illinois for summer fattening. This firm have had about 600 feeders this winter. Wm. Bossingham bought the Salisbury farm near him paying $3,000 for the quarter section. It is a fine farm and gives Mr. Bossingham one of tho best farms now in tho county. The county board did but little at its April meeting which closed yesterday, except provide for roads and bridges. It provided for building, and viewing for building eight now bridges. A fine Red Polled bull from Townsend Bros.'herd in Tama county has just been shipped in by Russell and Frank Bamsey. He is one of the finest animals of this kind in the county. J. B. Jones is putting a new re ,f on his office building, and will fit up sleeping rooms in the second story. Mrs. Jones will go to Milwaukee soon with her daughter for medical treatment. The sons of Thos. Blower of Burt came in yesterday with ti half dozen young wolves they found in a nest, and turned them over to the county at SI.50 each. That wasn't a bad find for the boys. On account of sickness H. G. Smcad was unablo to fill his appointment Sunday, but with tho famous singer, H. J. Petrau, will be here next Sunday. Meetings will begin then, continuing several weeks. As pleased a man as there is in the county is E. G. Bowyer over a three weeks old colt of good breeding for which ho is already offered $100. The colt shows a good trotting gait and promises to bo a prize taker. Our crowded advertising columns last week prevented us from giving O. L. FOBS' spring announcement. It appears this week, and calls attention to a fine line of spring goods. Foss keeps the best and gives the lowest prices. It is no wonder that the north end of the county is booming when flowing wells carry water to the second story of tho houses. Mr. Holston has such a well on his farm, and has a big stream of the best water all through his houso. All who are interested in our public schools should come out Friday to tho preliminary contest to select a delegate to the state contest. A fine programme is to be given, and the delegate to Monticello should have a good send off. Emmet county had a claim before the board at this session asking the county to pay back a wolf bounty their board had given for a wolf killed over the line. Our board felt that if Emmet wanted to pay for Kossuth wolves wo have no objections. The Hampton Recorder says that "the lectures of Prof. Cornwall on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon were well attended and gave excellent satisfaction to all who heard him." Prof. Cornwall speaks in the Methodist church Sunday evening. Two important conventions arc set for Algona in May. The Methodist Missionary society comes May 7-8, at which Miss Cushman of China will bo present. Later in the month the district Epworth league meets here. Due notice of both will be given. The State Register reports the meetings of a wornens' club in Des Moines. At the last one in theKirkwood parlors it says: "Miss Lenette Wilson convulsed the assembly with her fine rendition of Mrs Marietta Holley's new story, ' Samantha Among the Brethren.'" Regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. will be held in the reading room, Friday afternoon of this week at 3 o'clock. The last meeting was a very interesting one with a good attendance. It is hoped the interest in this cause will increase more and more. Gentlemen are invited. A, E, Cheney has declined to accept his election as street commissioner, and while Mr. Sampson is still acting, it is understood that he don't want the place either. There will be plenty of work this season on the roads, but they say there is too much promiscuous "' thousands of acres. They break at a lower price than is usually charged and get big contracts. C. L. Lund is making extensive repairs on his farm property and will move there this spring for his own residence. He is malting the original Billings barn into a house for his overseer, and will build a largo new horse barn where the one stood which was burned. There is no ploosanter spot for a homo any where, and as Mr. Lund has to bo out every day it will bo moro convenient for him to drive to town*and live there. Mrs. Jas. Taylor received lust Friday n telegram froin Thos. Earloy announcing that he was the proud father of a $5,000 boy. This is tho first boy, and our old merchant is said to bo dancing among tho California cacti and sand burs like a man just taken with California fever. But tho boy is not his only good luck. Visitors report that in business ho has done equally well out west. Good luck to the Barley's, father and son. Tho annual grand army encampment of tho state is to bo held at Dubuquo next week beginning Tuesday. A largo delegation will go from tho county and it is understood that they generally favor Chas. Davidson, our old-time land agent, for commander. J. W. Bartlctt goes us delegate, and among tho visitors who talk of going are Dr. Shootz, Dr. McCoy, C. C. Chubb, J. B. Jones, D. A. Haggard, S. Benjamin, and dipt. Bailey. Others will undoubtedly bo in the pnvty when it starts. Tho following announcement about Phil. C. Hiinna secerns to bo authentic: Rev. Phil. C. Hanna expects to leave in a couple of months for South America. All tho democratic talk about his post being a very hot place docs not scare him, for Laguayra is 3,000 feet above tho sea and tho climate is delightful. W. F. Miller of tho Livormoro Gazette will go there as his secretary, providing the inducements are sufficient. Mr. Miller expects to write for several newspapers and his position would give him advantages in that respect. Tho ladies of tho relief corps, numbering about sixty, wore given a reception by tho president of the corps, Mrs. Dr. L. A. Shootz, at her beautiful homo on last Thursday afternoon. Tho plan for the Iowa soldier's monument, designed by Mrs. Harriot Kotcham of Mt. Pleasant, had been sent to Mrs. Sheet/* by Mrs. Col. Scott, and this was presented to tho ladies for their consideration. Choice refreshments were served and music and social converse made this an occasion of pleasure to all. Tho school board had a meeting, Monday, to consider the increase in tho school attendance and provide moro accommodations. There were over 400 students in nine rooms and that was crowding them too much, besides giving tho teachers over 50 students each. The tenth room in tho building was opened, and Mrs. McCollum chosen to teach classes there on half time. She will take high school classes, and tho grades of all' tho lower rooms will be advanced. There are 29 in tho primary room who have never attended before. S. S. Sessions is_ ferninst tho parlor match. He is satisfied that they are a dangerous thing. While up in lodge one night last week he held two in his hand that were united at tho explosive end. As he was rolling them in his hand they broke apart, went oil: like pistols, and the head of one lighted on his finger where it stuck closer than a brother. When at last ho got it off, he was out in the middle of the room using questionable language, and dancing a lively jig. He now has his finger bandaged, and is firm in the belief that tho old easy going match is the one to carry. The Kickapoos closed at the court house Saturday night to a crowded house. Our esteemed contemporaries influence was shown by this, for they urged the people to stay away. Their sincerity was also shown for they were followers in every other town in tho county. Tho court houso hall has been on- gnged by the Young Ladies' Missionary society of the M. E. church for Tuesday evening, April 14, for nn interesting and instructive entertainment called "An Evening with Longfellow." Mrs. Bngnell of Webster City, a fine elocutionist, will assist in tho literary pro- gramme, and tho music will bo by the host talent our city affords. Tickets will bo on sale nt the postofflco on Friday morning: and after. Admission, 25 cents; reserved seals, S3 cents; children under 12 years, 10 cents. A unique feature will bo tho souvenir programmes given with reserved Seats. These arc made upon birch baric from trees which grew in tho land of Evangeline, Nova. Scotia, there called "Aeadia," The programmes will make charming little- souvenirs of a pleasant evening. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. J. W. Bartlctt is homo from his Kansas City visit. J. A. Hamilton is homo from n win- tor's visit in Wisconsin. Harry Walkley bus gone to Colfax to drink spring water again. Mr.s. Janes of Chicago is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. K. Davidson. W. TI. Nycum was in Grundy county last week closing up a land deal. Miss Ella Langdon returned from her trip in Illinois and Indiana, this morning. J. S. Platt, brother of the LuVorno ox-editor, is up from Topoka, Kan., on a visit. Mrs. D. S. Ford is homo from Charles City, and reports that J. P. Taylor is slightly bettor and that hopes arc folt for his recovery. Mrs. A. A. Call's father died last Friday, and Mrs. Call will bo homo today. Another is added to tho list of rapidly passing Iowa pioneers. Prof. Norton of Cornell college was at Algona last week looking at land with a viow to purchasing. They all come to Kossuth for bargains. Miss Aminldon, who with Mrs. Hny- ward has been visiting at 11, B. Warren's for some weeks, returned to Wisconsin, Friday morning. H. B. Colo of Rockford, 111., and Frank Colo of Alexandria, S. D., visited E. C. Tuttlo last week. They arc undo and cousin of our townsman. SUQAE! SUG-AR! SUGAR! 9 pounds Fine Granulated Sugar for $1.00 0 pounds Confection A Sugar for i.oo 1 pounds Light Brown Sugar for i.oo prices of a few articles below: They were not only there -»nlj- t.V»nit» rnnrlin.inA" P.ll.f».h ' cussing" in the office for the salary paid. The Des Moines Register says: Rev. Ida C. Hultin has recovered from her recent illness, but her voice 'does not come back. Although she is apparently perfectly well in other respects, she is still unable to speak above a whisper, and her friends are alarmed lest she has suffered a permanent injury to her voice. Prank Nicoulin has lately purchased a new tent, and will soon have his buggy business on the road again. He has a big one with two ridge poles, costing over SI 00. Gib. Button and Fred. Stockwell go from here and two other salesmen go with them beginning at Humboldt. They expect to go to Eagle Grove, Webster City, and so on southeast. Geo. H. Barr was in Dundee, 111., last week and returned Friday with a full- blood Morean stallion, "Comanche Gold Dust."" This is the first Morgan in the county, and is a big addition to the county stock. In breeding horses the county is prepared to compete with any in the state. The new horse is owned by Mr. Barr and a son of Alex. Brown. An interesting feature of the " Evening with Longfellow" will be a short talk on "Evangeline" by Presiding Elder Black, who served on one of his first charges in the valley of Grand Pre in Nova Scotia, near where Evangeline was supposed to have lived. This fact will add to the interest of Rev. Black's criticism of one of Longfellow's most popular poems. Rev. Luce of Clear Lake preached two able sermons at the Methodist church Sunday, increasing the favorable estimate already held of him here. Rev. Whitfield preached at Clear Lake, and we feel certain gave good sermons. He held a country service in the afternoon, and enjoyed a lively runaway, which broke the cart wheel but did no further damage. The north end of the county is to have the Marshall &Carrington steam breaking outfit this spring. They were up making arrangements last week, ana will soon be tearing up the sod in remarkable fashion. They break from 40 both there. but they " took their medicine" each new dose being loudly applauded by the crowd. The Grundy seedling man's intimate friend received especial attention, and had everything from sagwa to worm-killer crammed down his throat. He escaped the homely man's prize by sliding out just as the Indian was making for him. The first of the reading room entertainments was given Friday evening, and was well attended. The pro- gramme was exceptionally good, and was very interesting. J. R. Jones read a paper on " Some Phases of Modern Social Conditions." Rev, Butler read on " The Power of Custom," Miss Edith Clarke read Robt. Collyer's beautiful tribute to books, and Guy Davenport recited very finely one of Longfellow's poems. Music was furnished by Mrs. Bowyer, Mrs. Black, Fred, Fuller and Frank Tellier, and Carl Setchcll also sang. No better exercises were ever given in Algona, and it is to be regretted that a larger audience cannot be accommodated in the reading room. If each monthly programme is as good as this, the room will bo too small to hold the visitors. A. W. Moffat and W. C, Danson got up in the " wee sma hours" one morning lust week, fully determined to decoy and waylay some of the less cautious ducks which are now going north. After duo preparations they sallied forth in the dark for the river, making a short cut through the timber. Now one of the evils of our rapidly increasing settlement is the prevalence of barb wire fences, even in the woods. The stranger has no business in the timber in the dark, as our hunters discovered, for scarcely had they entered the woods when Mr. Danson, who was in the lead, came to a dead halt, with a barb sticking in the end of his nose. After he got free ho wont on and had his hunt, but has had a swollen nose for some days to be joked about. Ben Smith of Ramsay is an enthusiast on Chester White pigs. He was down last Friday and says he has just shipped in six full bloods, among them King William, 5641, who now heads the herd. He bought this one of of J. D. Evans of Illinois. He now has 30 full bloods, one sow costing him §50 and the others he has bought from $20 up. Last year he raised 27 pigs, which found ready market and this year he has orders ; from parties in Wisconsin, and also in Minnesota. Ben. says he has now over $600 invested, and last year built him a fine hog barn in addition to a pretty good one be had already. The good results of this one lot of fine bred hogs in Ramsay cannot be calculated Frank Cndy was up from Donison last week for a visit. Ho haw boon having the grip and looked thin in conso- quenco. Ho expects to stay in Donison this season again. Dr. Eastman was over from Wisconsin last week to look over his Whitte- moro property. Tho doctor is n gruat believer in Whittemoro and has boon a patron of tho town since its beginning. C. A. Babcock stopped of Monday foi an hour's visit at Dr. Garlicld's. Ho is prosecuting four drug stores and a restaurant at Humboldt for selling liquor, and was hurrying 1 homo. His wife formerly Aggio Garlicld, is in good health. J:is. Taylor came homo Saturday from Chicago, where ho has purclmsec his spring stock. While there ho had the grip and was sick a few days. Ho i-oports Chicago politics as able to give even Kossuth county pointers. That makes Chicago politics away up in tho A class. Many old acquaintances wcro glad to greet Geo. West last week. Goorgo was with his father in tho old Wes hotel, later tho Lantry houso. Froir Algona they went to Clarks, Neb. whore they are running a hotel and an doing well. George will bo in Algona some days. G. R. Woodworth was in town Mon day on his way home from Chlcag< with a big stock for his Bancroft store He says Chicago was filled with bras bands and processions and tlmtCrcgier Harrison, tho Washburns, and othc candidates for mayor were holding i high carnival. This Chicago eloctioi is the most exciting over held. don Clothes Pins for 01 iikR fie. Ycnst for OH pkj? Soiln (Strictly Pure) 05 iktf Ulxon Stove Polish 05 box Axln Orenao Oft box Lewis' Lye 10 33 bars Good Laundry Soap * .00 •M ll>s Chnlro Buttor Crnckors 1.00 13 Ibs Choice fill. Dried Ornpes 1.00 A pood lantern for mil v SS SOTl)s Crystal UUv. for I.OO 13 Ibs Cholco Hnlalns for 1.00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call and arc agents for Rock Salt for stock. ec us. TOWNSEND & LANGKDON. LOANS. 6, 7, 7>4, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before clue. Interest can be •>aicl at my office. Save money by calling on me before you pply for a loan. T. Election is Over! So is High Prices for Stoves! I liivvn a mil lino tif OooltH anil Heat ITS, among which IH The Famous Round Oak, Standing at tilt) lioart of the Hoft mill !>\ini«i'H. WT" ' Hhall moot all competition, Hulling at bottom prlcoo. Take one! Or. IM!.. Farm Loans. 1 can now nialcn IOIUIH on Improved laiulH, from ono to leu ymii'H tlmo, and glvti Urn borrower tho privilege of paying th» wholn loan or any part thoroof In ovmi »100 ivtv any daln wluiii InloroHt fallH dun, ThlH IN fowa wouoy, iind no Hocoiul mortgago or coupons t.ukou. TlilH plan of mailing a loan will onuhlo thn borrower to rudtico blH mortgage) at any tlmo and sivvo tho Intm'OHt on tho amount paid. Mouoy furnlnhocl at oncu on porfuct tlllo. Call on or addrofw ' II. IIOX IK, Algona, Iowa. M. '/A. (JKOVK. JOHN (1UOVK. BIROS. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. Went of Thorlngton HOUHU. M. 'A. (IKOVK, Thorington House Laundy New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thorington, Strictly First-CIass Work at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do family washing. All work called for and delivered. IFIret-Olas© "Woxte. 1© G-'u.araxiteeca.. LIVE pigeons—COO wanted. Sessions or John G. Smith. Seo S. S. The Dakota The improvements that havo taken placo at tho Dakota Hot Springs during the past year make it now ono of tho most popular, attractive and desirable resorts in tho country. In addition to tho benefits to bo derived from tho uso of tho water, tho curative properties of which rival those of tho famous Hot Springs of Arkansas, tho superior climate and beautiful natural surroundings render tho Dakota Springs an especially attractive resort. Ample hotel accommodations arc provided at reasonable rates, and tho journey to and from that point can now bo quickly and comfortably mado via tho Chicago & North- Westorn Railway system, which has ro- oontly been completed to tho Springs. Excursion tickets are sold tho year- round at reduced rates. Full information can bo obtained upon application to any agent of tho Chicago & North- Western Railway, or by addressing W. A. Thrall, General Passenger and Ticket Agent, Chicago, 111.—2w -Houso, five rooms. J. E, To RENT- Stacy, Sprint; Hutu, Spring JtomiotH. Millinery, fancy goods and jowolry, K. RKEVK & Co. Coiinum[itl<m Cured. An old phyHlcliin, retired from practice, ing had placed In hlH handH by an Kawt I mlHHlonary tho formula of a wimples vogota remedy for tho Bpcudy and penniinunt euro consumption, bronchltlH, catarrh, aathin, and all throat and lung affectlono, alHo a po$ live and radical cure for nervouH debility and all nervouu complalntH, after having tented UH wonderful curatlvo powers In thouaandu of caHiiH, hau felt it hlH duty to make It known to hla suffering fellowH. Actuated by this motive and a Uenlro to relieve human Buffering, I will Bend free of charge, to all who desire It, thlH recipe, in Oennan, French, or KngllHh, with full directions for preparing and using. Hunt by mall by addreHrflng with stamp, naming thi» paper. W. A. Noycs, 8«0 1'owera' Ulnck, Rochester, N. V. Successor to J.J.Wilson, Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, - IOWA. ALEX. WHITE, Agent. to 50 acres a day, and will turn over I and the example set there should WJU, find! C \ UBAT FJIENCH KEMEDY.-Dr. t,o Duo's VT periodical pills from i'aris, France, act only upon the generative organs In feuialus, and positively cure suppression of the mournm (from whatever cause) and all periodical troubles peculiar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, 01 money refunded. Should not bo utuid during pregnancy. The largo proportlo'u oj the 111* ui which ladles ure subject Isltie direct nutult ol a disordered and Irregular mentitruutlon, ' ' any druggist for them. American I'll! Bpencejr, la. l>. A. HUeet/., supply agoni iu, la. H. Hoaworth & Sou, MUwaU Co., Cuicajjo, whol Handles the best of all descriptions of BUILDING MATERIAL Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of any thing / rom a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to /tgure your bills, and we will prove L/tat this is not merely idle tallc. TO LOAN on 'Fan Property. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? AUCTION nun, F. M. BItONSON, Watches arid Jewelry,

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