The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 1, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, June 1, 1892
Page 2
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\ OjEPBIt J3JSS. MQtNBS. AmONA, TOWA. WEDNESDAY. JtJNfll»l«g* iHaai£Je^jai!aiit^aaalfeaa^uiuiaaE^^ -^--^_^^^s;.^,,7--.-^.-n_. ... - ,,.__rTT ]^^ ~ ^^ ^^ . „ - , ,j;v,^ - .-..^i.,,.^.,^. •- '..^--^-^^-^a^-i^i^i£Ji£i-sa^ IOWA. LATEST EWS. THB fastest ship afl?at is the ' City of Pdriu," owned by »he Pacific Mail company. She pott $1.000,000. Two railroad cars are now being completed in California which were made from the trunk of one tree. OK July 12 the Orangemen of Montrea will celebrate the battle of the Borne, for tbe first time in twenty-fire yean. TBE czar has ordered tbat foreigner* •ball not be allowed to settle in Btutia un less they will learn iU language. IT is reported that one hundred tons of exhibit* for the exposition hare already been collected and are a waiting shipment at Lima and Callao. thousand Danes are settling in the Walker Eirer Valley, California, tie greater number of,whom are experienced dairymen. PATH'S castle in Wales contains forty rooms and cost her 5,000,000 francs. The little theatre in the cattle seate 300 people and is a model of elezance. THEKE h a whirlpool in the Santa Fe rirer, three miles from High Springs, Fla.. into which 1000 feet of line has bfen lowered without finding bottom. IT ia announced tbat the pope has direc ted that specimens of the beautiful mosaic pictures, made at the mosaic works in the Vatican, shall be exhibited at the exposition, and tbat at least one picture shall be made expressly for tbe world's fair. A TOKK recently sent an order to New Orleans real estate man to purchase for him tu tract of land ntar that city where he cold set up hia harem, have power of life and death over his servant?, and enjoy such other luxuries as bifit a Mjoiem of condition. It ia feared that on later ad- visen he will conclude not to come. A MOKBTEII panorama, 445 feet long and 61 feet hiifh, representing the Berne»e Alpg, with the Jungfrau in the background has.been painted for exhibition at the world's fair. A private exhibition of the work was recently given to tbe press in Berlin. A Rus8£AK horn band, each hora &f which can produce but one tone, is playing •in Paris. This band, however, is so well trained that the effect produced is the same as though ordinary instruments were nged, even scales and trills being beautifully rendesed. BEQUESTS for religioua, educational and charitable purposes under one hundred and twenty of the wills reported in thifl country las year, amounted to about $7,000,000. The amount of charitable bequests and gifts in Baglaad in 1831, exclusive of .Baron Hirhch's benefactors, is estimated at about $15,000,000, as against $11,500,000 in 1890. THE bUprcme court of New York IB gradually whipping tbe new secret ballot law IstQ working Hbape, Its latest decision ia that inspectors of election do not Lavo the right to decide whether murksjon the face of ballots were plactd there fer pui poses of identification. That is a question for thecouria to dtcidr-; the inspeitorB shall count and return the hallo's aa cast. NOTES. THE Chicago milk trust has bad iU back broken in court. THB National II Hera' a«?ociationjopen- ed its annual meeting in Chicago. FIPTT thousand acres of land in Monroe county, 111., w overflowed. A LBTT«H to tie bishops in the United States M issued by the Vatican. SIR ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, lieutenant gorernor of Ontario, died in Toronto, Tuesday, aged 70 year*. Ex PRMIDET Polk's will is overturned by the Tennessee courts and the property rvi*0n frt lha lvA«fc*_Mi !*«*•• given to tbe heira-at-law. THE Commercial B^nk, St. Paul, will reorganize with a capital of $1,000,000 and reopen for business. DJEMOCHATS decide to put appropriation bills ahead of everything else and adjourn congress as early as possible. DELEGATES favorable to Harrison were Monday elected by the Oklahoma territorial repub'ican convention. THE steamer Wergeland, pith a cargo of fish and cod liver oil direct from Norway, arrived in Chicago Wednesday. COLONEL CHARLES A. BBOADWATER. president of the Montana Central railroad died Tuesday morning of heart failure. THE steamer Anrania has a case of small-pox on board, and is detained at quarantine in New York. A ETHiKE against the employment of non-union men has resulted in a complete lie-up of the New Orleans street roilwa> lines. JAMES HDTCHINSON. retail dry pood* and notions, aligned Wednesday at Louisville, Ky. Liabilities, $30,000; assets nominally the same. . WHAT purports to be a conspiracy to import British goods into this c.untry duty free is being looked into by treasury agents in Chicago. A HEAVY frcst fell at Holland, Mich., Saturday night, doing considerable injury to garden veeetaoles. Peach trees in full bloom tuffeied, especially in low places. THE past weekly statement of the New York hanks shows a reverse increase nf $3,783,850. The banks bold $19,555 975 in exctss of the 20 per cent. rule. THE Arcadp. File works at Sing Sing, N. Y., have been closed and will remove to Anderson, led., taking 200 mechanic* and their families with them. JOHN JACOB ASTOR has donated $5,000 to tbc NRW York Grant monument fund and $5,000 to the general fund of the New York PiesKclub. THE a teamer City of New York arrived at Liverpool Wednesday, having made he trip from New York in six dajs and twenty minutes, thus beating the ••ecord. JOHN BACH McMASTER, author of the •History of tbe People of tbe United States,' has been tffercd the presidency of the University of Illinois, at a salary of $10,000 a year, and will probably accept. THE president has approved the act. )rovidintj for a bridge aver tbe Missouri river at St. Charles, Mo , and the act pro- iding for a term of the United States circuit and district courts at Evanuton, Wyo. THE Florence Kindergarten trustees, of tfoithampton, Mass., have entered a peti- ion in insolvency against ex mayor A. G. Iill. His liabilities are estimated -at i200,000, and it is said that he owes the nndergarten and local banks $100,000 which he cannot pay. FOREIGN. Two roeti naratd Williim* and Divis got info a Woody Bfirht at 0 PalMm. Mo., in which each of Urtin carted the other in a most brutal manner. Both will die. A NORTH DAKOTA firt dies after killing her illegitimate child. The alleged r =-author of her rtrin is hiding from the HOCSE.—In committee of the whole th girl f vengeful brothers. Sunday civil bill ras taken up, aad eom RoswBLt. GILBERT, a' farm r living amendanente considered. Mr. Oalhwaite near Kalataam, Mich., beat cnt his wife's of the committee of military affairs re brains with a po'a'o masher Wednesday,! ported with a recommendation that it pas and then killed himself, the senate Mil antharizinc the secretan hate Sears.ilo present his Tie** to ordered; "Tbe follo*iag sefi... were parsed: Appropriating wOTO for a postoffise at Oawsso. Mic*.,; 8300.00 for a posfoffiae at Oakland, CaL, SSOQ.OQ for a pastcffiee at Saa Ditgo, CaL, THK plan for a great line of American steamships to Europe grows apace. The ships will start from tho eastern point of Long Inland and touch at tbe nearent point of land east of the Atlantic. Connection from New York and London to the points of arrival and departure will be by the faatest railway trains. The ocean transit will be made in much leas time than heretofore. IGNATIUS DONNELLY'S book, "Tbe Great Cryptogram," was a failure financially as well as in literature. He owes his publisher's R. S. Peale & Co., of Chicago, $4,000 in excess of all the receipts for sales. William Shakspearb'd shade has itH revenges on all its assailants. Delia Bacon, the first of the Haconitps, died in a madhouse. Mr. Donnelly's financial reveres from his book are severe. Tinchintoric old locomotive, "the (ijn- er»|," famous aa the engine stolon by Union soldiers at Big Sbanty, "on tbe Western and Atlat'tio roda, ibto be a part of Georgia's exhibit at tho world's fair. The locomotive is uo\v being overhauled and repainted, as it Las been badly usud up of recent years in its humblo service us a switch'-undine. The clwbe after the Fedtrul noldiors who ran away willi "the General," their subsequent capt.uru and execution, form one of the most episodes of war times. c-xciting : JT'is' stated that tho only worniuj free- maaou'iri the world ia Mrs. S tlouio Ander; son, of .Oakland, California. The account sftys that she learned the secrets of the order by concealing herself in a room in . her uncle's house where the lodpe met, On being discovered she was made a member of the lodge to prevent her from publishing their secrets. Mrs. Andcrtoo bae served on the board of trustees of the Masonic Temple. Sho [is also a charter member of Golden Gate Chapter, .No. 1, Order of the Eastern Star, and is a member of Oak Leaf Chapter, No. 8. A BHA/ILIAN ship was wreck d and 120 lives lost, JEV.IS hLve bfctm promised compleie protection in Rome. • HON. CHARLES P. PUTT, an eminent English judge, died Thursday. HAIL storms in Alexandria destroyed crops in 80 communities. IN the Brazilian senate the bill granting amnesty fr> political refugees pateed its si ojnd reading. KARSAY, a rich Austrian Jaw, was killed by Baron Acnal in a duel at Buda Pesth. LKON and Vital Gouault, absconding bankers, have been arrjstcd, says a Paris dispatch. Liabilities, 2,000,000 francs. THE Jebus made a sacrifice of 200 people, including many maidens, in order to propitiate the gods prior to battling with the British. BY a decree of the king of Belgium parliament is.dissolved, and the country will now vote on the proposed coiibtitutional revision. Two anarchists have been ttnlenced at Liege, Belgium, to four years' imprisonment each for attempting to wreck a train, THE number of people killed by the hurricane at Mauritius will probably reach 1,200. A LAKUB amount of cotton in a warehouse at Minet-EI-Bassifil, Egypt, basbcea burned. The loss is $750,000, which is covered by insurance. AN open boat, in which fifteen members of a foot-ball team wore being taken across the bay of Port 'Philip, Australia, by two fishern-en, has been foutd bottom up, and all are buppobed to have been drowned. Poiti'iHio DIA/. ban already been thrice elected president of Mexico—in 1876, in 1884 and in 1888. Ho is about to bft elected again, and does liot hold out any encouragement, to anyone io run in 1896. M. HEYMONE, tho faithless husband whose wife killed Madame LK'laporto-L'is- hiin>nnne Saturday night iu Purif, whi'n sho discovered her husband m the woman V cimpany, has disappeared, and his friends I hi »i lr I \\n f \-*r\ \-,., t, A.•><».« .^.-t i I * ,1 ;„•!-. RALPH D. Hsmrr, a clerk in tne Mount Vernon hotel at fr*a«hiagton, committed suicide at Newport, R I., in erief at the death of Miss Alojsia Befeford, of Eigin, 111., with whom he waa in love. IDA CLEMENTS surrendered herself at Stecrton. Gal., Friday, saying she had shot and killed her lover, Frank Hostler, because he had threatened to leave her. THE decision against Stephen F. Sherman, manager of tbr*e Buffalo elevator companies, who waa charged with grand larceny and sentenced to 6ve Tear* impris- nment. has been affirmed by the New York court of appeals. HEKRY MORRIS, aged 65, wanted to marry L=na William?, aged 15, of Martin's Ferry, Ohio. The father of the girl objected, whereupon Morris shot him fatally in tbe stomach. ATTORNEY GENERAL CASGHAIK, of Quebec, has laid new criminal information against ex-Premier Mercier for alleged malfeasance in office, on three diffVrenl points. AT Fresno, Cal., the trial of W. F. Baird, the Madera ban* wrecee» on a second charge of forgery, closed Tuesday night, with a verdict of gueity. There are five other charges of forgery pending against Baird. ONE of the highwaymen who mnrdi red Express Messenger Saucderu near Jacksonville, Fla., has been captured and has confessed his guilt, after being tortured with "twisters" and hot coals. There are nine men in Orlando under arrest FOUR masked men held up a train on the Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West rail- waj Saturday morning. Tbe affair occurred at the station near Sandford, Fia. Express Messenger W. N. Sanders was killed and Soliciting A gi»nt Cox wounded. The robbers escaped without securing any plunder. ALBERT L. Gould and Otts Allen Gould have each been tenterced to six >ears' imprisonment m the Elmira, N. Y., reformatory for aiding Cashier George P. Whitney in defrauding the Alban> City National bans. IJ'IKES trj*.lt** «?.KM1 C> AC7l>VUJ tilt ,t* JS**-»W« U4.*»-W av gnu, the senate bill authorizing the secretary of war to detail certain srmy officers lor • • *. • . • *.i ti special ii—ij». world's duty fair in connection with th Mr. Stewart of Texas, re MUXIU S 1AU. AU. h^LCnCUl: Ul 1GAOZ, A^ ported adversely the river and h-srbor bill and recommended a conference on th bill. WEDSESDAT, Maj 25. SEKATE.— A motion to refer Mr Morgan's resolution, instructing th finance committee to examine and repor opon the effect of the silver Jaw of" 189 upon the price of silver bullion, was voted down—yeas 17, najs 28. A protonge debate followed the action of {he senat in refusing to refer the resolution, par ticipated in by Messrs, Morgan, Sherman aid Stewart. Tte matter went over with out further action. HOUSE.—The sundry civil bill taken up. Mr. Djckerv offered an arnec ment to reduce the salary of the direuto general of the world's fair commission t $8,000, and that of the secretary to $3.000 agred to. Some discussion arose as t properily of opening the world's fair o Sunday. Without further action ih b.uEe adjourned. THUBSDAT, May 26. SEKATE.—The senate was informed b a messenger from the president, of th bequest of Major-Sen. George \V. Cullom U. S. A., of a quarter of a million dollar for the erection of a memorial hail a West Point. A bill wai passed extendin tne time in which volunteers of the hU war can apply to have the charge of deser tion removed. The free coinage of tilve bill was taken up and discussed by Messr? Stewart and Teller. After a short execu live session the senate adjourned. HOUSE.—The appropriation bill for th government's exhibit at the world's fai was taken up in ct-mmittee of the whole At its concluskn the Sunday closing ques tion had been settled. Tee" bill ha^3et t be acted uprn hy the nous?. An appro priatiou ot $50,000 was made for corntnis sary quarters at Marion for the soldiers borne. Mr. Bryan introduced a bill t siaend the act to protect ir&de and com merce against unlawful res'.raints an monopolies. Acjourned. think l hat bo has through remorse. commit led suicide OBIMB. A LABOK riot occurs pu the world's fair grounds. AN Idaho miner shot a girl who, disguised as a calf, had stolen much treasure from hior. MiBCitKAKTB tried to-wreck a pauKexigc-r train neai' Des Moines Friday uight, but failed. A YOUNQ man was married in the St. Paul jail while awaiting sentence for highway robbery. W. F. BAJBO, the Madeira, Ciil., bank wreiker, was convicted Tuesday 4>f forc- Brif at Wreann v erv a| Fresno, / 1 AN incendiary fire at Wichita Falls, Tex., caused a loss of $100,000. Six peraoos were killed Friday nii^bt ia a wreck on the Cotton Belt road iu Arkansas. IHE losses by the fire in the -lev itor dietrict. of Oiwego are estimate'! at ov« .000,000., AT Brighton City, Utah, Snm^y, fir* dpntroved ! property to the valu; of $100,000. AT White Millf, Pa., Dorflinger's cut aps manufactory and adjoining building have been burmd. Loss, $250,000. BY the falling of the roof of the First Methodist Protea'ant church at Pitlsburg, Pa., two men vere fatally and five seriously irjured. GEOHOE BALTAZOR. a conductor of a Chicago,Buriingtor. & Qiincy way freight, bad his foot crushed and lee badlv injured in the yards at Aurora, 111., Wednesday morning. THE house of Thomas Moore, standing in the flooded region just back of Brooklyn, III., was burned Friday and Mrs. Moore aud her child were drowned while attempting to e.scape. SUNDAY afti rnoon a cloud burst struck Philadelphia, Pa., killing three men, who, with two companions were in a sail boat on (he Delaware river. THUEE workmen perished in Ihe Spokane Mill and Planine- company's buildicg at Spokane Falls, Wash., which burned Monday night. Aclplph Schul z, R&bf-ii Butcher aud an unknown man were tbe victims. A CLOUDBURST at Kinsman, Trun:buli county, 0., ai 6 o'clock Wednesday morning rtsuited in the drowning 1 of J. B. Robbins, wife and two children and K. Stewart and wife, besides destroying much property and ruining crops. CONGRESS. FRIDAY, May 20. SENATE—A bill was passed granting a pension of $20 per month to G. W. Jones, in coiisideration of services as drummer boy in the war of 1812. Mr. Wolcott reported favorably a provision for a constitutional Hmendmont making the presidential term six years, and the president ineligible for re election. Several amendments to the river and harbor bill were agread to. After a long d'scussion the bill passed without division. The following bills were ako passed: Appropriating $100,000 for a public building at Joliet, 111.3 authorizing the construction of a bridge acroBH the River of the North; to authorize Ihe Illinois & Iowa railroad and the terminal company to build a bridge across the MissisKippi river at Moline, 111. Adjourned till Monday. HOUSE.— The sundry civil service bill was taken up in committee of the whole Several amendments proposed were lost. Mr. Kilgore (Texas) raised a point of order against the clause in the bill appropriating 850.COO for the preparation of a Kite ana the erection of a pedestal for the Btatue of iho late General W. T. Sherman in tbe cily of Washington. Considerable ditcuBsiou was indulged in in the matte) 1 , Mr. Kilgore paid a tribute to tbe couragd aiid patriotism of Gen. Sherman. Tlie bill was rohiseil a passage. MOKUAX, May 23. SENATE.— Mr. Vest introduced a resolution dibcht rtring the committse on finance from the consideration of the free wool bill, and directing them to report the bill back to the sunale. On motion of Mr. Vent the resolution was laid ou tbe table fui the preseut. Adjouined. HOUBK.—A new rule ycent into' effect today, requiring the house to uiett at 11 o'clock. J'be bill was passed grautici' a p<-i siou of §20 a mouth to Gen. Geo. W. Joju'8. The consideration of the bills ro- luting to tho District uf Columbia was proceeded with. After torno discussion of tho bills tho house adjourned without i.otion. TUESDAY, May 24. SEN ATM.—Mr. Mitchell from the committee on privileges and elect ions reported back tb,e resolution proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the eke- tioa of ^eoatprs by the people, stating (bat as the committee w»3 tquully dmc'ed'on the queettgn he asked that each member CUCKOO SUPERSTITIONS A Bird That Figures Greatly In Ihe Folk lore of England. Several of our English birds were ob jtc's of superesnion in the midd'e age? and none more to th«n ihe cuckin Ou forefathers kokcd upjii it as tLe harbingt of i-pring ard as the c.e.-rie£t songster o summer — : In April the cuckoo shows his bill • In Jlay he in singing all day; In June he changes his tune; In July he prepares to fly; In fly he must; If he etay until September 'Tig an much as the oldest man Can remember. The cuckoo is tbe subject of the oldest o English tongs whick has been preserved iromthppyrlie.-t part of 'ihe thirteenth f.-i-i.tor\. u. il is "rrui! for being ac e,uit,uoieci[ oy uiUbK-al notes, thus forming .the _oldest tx..u.-ple cf English secuk music. The worus ot tie oneinal ac&jm pany our illustration, and may thus bi translated from modern Eaglish : Summer is come in, Load eing cuckoo; Grows the teed, and blooms the mead And sprouts [he wood now. &lng cuckoo. The ewe bleats after the lamb, The cow lows after the calf, The bullock lean?, thebuck verts; Merrily singcuckoo, Cuckoo, cuckoo Well singest thou, cuckoo; Cease iliou never to Eing, cuckoo. It wa-, the ppriug, indeed, and not ihe summer, that the cucV:oo was coneideied lo represent in Ihe middle eges. The fair day of Tenbury. in Worcester* hire, is April 20, P.EQ it is a belief in the county that you never hear tfce cuckoo till Ttn- bury fair day or after Pershore fair day which is June ttG. InDeib^Bhir; a very prevalent ibyme runs as follow:. : The cuckoo in a merry bird,, Hhe sings as Ehelliee: She brings us good tidings, And tells usuo lies, She oucke little birds' eggs, ,To make her voice clear, That eh« mity sing cuckoo Three months of the year. There are, or hive been, not long ago in different parts of England, remnanti oi old customs marking the position which the cuckoo held in the middle ages, continues the London Q aeeu.. In Shropshire till very recently, when the first cuckoo was heard, the laborers were in the habit of leaving their work, making holiday ol the rest of the day and carousing in whal they call cuckoo ale. Among the peasantry in some parts of tbe kingdom it was considered to be very unlucky to have no money id jour Docket when you hear the cuckoo s note 'for the first time in the sea* son. It was 'also a common article of be> lief tbat when a maiden ran into the fields early in the morning to hear the nM note of the cuckoo and, when she heard it, took off her left slioe and looked into it, she would there find a niau-'s hair of the color as tbat of her future It is also a popular superstition . » T . '., .;--"•-" ™ r^f""*' "UfJClBllllLin in Norfolk that whatever you are doing the ftrtt time you hear the cuckoo that you will do the mobt frequently all the jear. Another is that an 'unraarried person will remain single as many yeara as the cuckoo, when Hr 0 t heard, utters its yell. _ A curious legend regarding the cucboo is round among the Danes, which, with tome modifications, is likewise current in many parts of Goruiauy, in England, and the north of Europe, When in early springtime the voice of the c-ickoo is first neard in the woods every village eirl kisses her hand and asks the question, "cuckoo! cuckoo! when thall I be married?" and the old folks inquire, "cuckoo' cuckoo! when shall I be released from thij world K cares?" The bird, in answer continues to sing "cuckoo" as many times' as years will elapse before tho oH.'ot ot their desires will come to pats. But as some old peopje live to an advauced 'nee and many girls marry hte in life, the poor bird has so much to do in anewdrincr questions put to her tbat the building season goes by; she has no time to make her neat, but Jays her eggs -in that of the hedgrepairpw. The Swedes have a similar superstition, an many a peasant girl Cuckoo, grey, tell to me Up m tUe tree, true aud tree, UpW Wany ye« w J JUUBI live and. go m» Wttrr led OF TBE CU According to History It Was Invented by Dr. Louis. Sot by Dr* Gnillotin. On the 25tb of April Last it Had Been Used One Hundred Years. The Last Execution Was that of Lient. Anastay on A'liril' 9th Last. A very interesting centenary fell on April 25 lat',. Little was said about it and there was no public rejoicing. Yet the thing tbat might have been honored in some way was a creditable invention, although it has a discreditable history. It is the guillotine. On April 25, 1492, the highwayman Pelletier was executed on the Place de Greve, iii Paris, and the humanitarian invention of Dr. Louis was put in use for toe first time. It is a common and natural impression that this instrument was designed by Dr. Guillotin, whose name it bears. But it is now pretty well established that that is not so. Dr. Loui?, the permanent secretary of tbe Academy of Medicine, was tne inventor of it. There was a general desire for nmoie merciful way of inflicting the death penalty. Dr. Louis was filled with this desire as much as any one and designed the first model' of the guillotine after a rough Italian contrivance. It was m<i(!e by one Schmidt, manufacturer of musical instruments to Q leen Mirie Antoinette. Two years afte-ward the guillotine made from this model -*as used to cut off .the heads of his rojal patroness and her husband. Marie Antoinette was interested in the condition of prisoners and was alio in favor of refo:ming the methods of capital punLhtuenl. Nobles were usually decapitated with the s.xe and common persons in various otter ways. Dr. Guillolin wrofp a pamphlete urging the adoption of the invention of bis friend, Dr. Louis. H^ «as elected mem- txrofthe national assembly in come querce of the attention he drew to himtelf through his advocacy of this imtrument. It was at first called the Louison or Lsuis- ette, but the name of its warmest advo- caate was soon givtn to it. Dr. Gaillotin always protested against this use of his name. He did not d;e on the saillotine, as has leen fr. quently staM. He passed away iu 1814 at a gooii o d age. Atti?e time of tbp introduction 'and adoption ot the thb wheel was still usfd in some of'the M-.utlern prov- — - - j J'pare before D. miens had been broken on .he w}., el, with many horrible details of tenure, for his attempt on the life of L?ui? XV. The invention was, therefor, entirely due to humane motive* Ine fact, that noble perpons were decapitated end oibeis 1 acted by the neck was alsoiejugnant to growing democratic sentiment. D jring a debate on law intcduced by Dr (jail otin, the Abbe Maury opposed decapitation on the ground that it would make the people familiar with tbe sijjt of blood and would have a degrading i ffett on i hem Perhaps tbe Abbe was right. Dr. butiintin s l rt w contained some very curious clause*. Oue was to the iffect tlut the f x'cution of a criminal should cast no ui.-c.editon the criminal's family, and was that rhe fxicutioner should oo, be shi-nneJly society. This law wa« -of pasted at the time. Pdlietier, not the man who first dcmo^- slrated the value of the guillotine, but the ocluor of a royalist journel called Les Actc-s aes Apptrfcs.made Dr. Gu.llotin and his got child the luljectof a song. This is what probably fixed the unfortunate doc- .or s name on the instrument, On Jan. 24 Pelletier was condenmed to death by the provisional tribunal of Pari' for robbery and violence in the streets There was some uncertainty as to whether the new instrument should te used Tie question was rc-ferred to the minister of [ustice, M. Duport de Terre, who replied ihat he should have to refer the matter to tbe national assembly. } n his letter he . '/."PProwh this subject with hor- rcr. (or 1 fenl tnat I am myself doomed to ! u ?",'. ome r d , ay ur;dfcr thi « °ew Jaw." As ;t he was put to death on ... _., ..„„, by the tribunal. Ihe atsemb'y consulted Dr. Louis and J made this interesting report: "Toobey .law the execution should te a single moment and by •, —— ——«- statement]^ of Dr^ Louie conserning t| ^fdctiiioji in England is \ that the writer had heard of] gibbet, a rough instrumt! the guillotine, which was. I* is Dr. of a guillotine called the which the Earl of Afeyle 1685. It in believed tb- models available for the F . made use of one called the M>n 9 h" he had seen at Milan and v/ith *u exectition , bad been carried on* 1802. A similar instrument b in the south of France at varii But the parliament of Toulouse ticularly fond of the wheel. Before the execution of F experiments were taade on dead The assembly finally ordered » should die by the guillotine and hii tion took place on April 25 1792 machine worked well. It was „:_ by Sanson, in whose family the offi?;! executioner in Paris had bee n «• -- « for many years. The people much horror-struck by this according to many accounts some! of them must have wit. brutalities inflicted on victimi wheel. On July 27, 1792, there was with th«» guillotine. The wr- J had got out of shape and the » U110 to fall promptly. Afterwards meUl was substituted and from that tirnn has never been any bungling *il guillotine. Its history is one of and great success. Within a few months of Pelletier's er I ccution the guillotine began its B0 rk ,1 a&sisting the political move nenU of it.l time. In August it was uken to bl Place du Carousal. In August the SOD31 thetxecuhoner, Sinson, fell cff the ijl fold and was killed. On one occasion was removed for one dny to tbe " Ue ace Greve for the execution of some emigres and then back to the Place de la Beroliil tion for that of two robbers. Tbe PlacJ de Grtve was in tie centre of what is noil the Place de la Concorde. It wu (hul thatL-.uis X.V1 and Mario Antoinette! Mme. Elizabeth and Mme. Roland anil other famous persons were pat to dead I It is estimated by historians that betirail Aucr. 10, 1792, and the ninth "Thfirmidor"! 1791, 40,000 pmon« were killed by thtl invention of the ingenious Dr. I/oaig . I The execution of, Charlotte Cordayfal the assassination of interesting discussion l »rat gave rise t) ail When theexect-l .«. u » uu ». ub ~»>.wuuui V i.. ft uc« me cSrwj'l tioner h?ld up her fevered head he stradl it with his fist, and hundreds of pewiiil were willing to swear to the fact that tbi face blushed. I There is a story to (.be effect that Dil Gaillotin was put in prison for refusing til mitke a triple machine, but this ig nncerl tain. It does net appear that a triple chine wa? made. Tiie single one wo quickly enough to cut off the heada «, forty-five persons within twenty minuta I Under the empire's restoration Itfl guillotine conticued its ttanding on 111 P»ace de Greve, and the sentence of deatkl was i egularly carried out. During Loniil Philippe's reign the gui.lotine was trawl ferred to the BorriereSt. Jacques, and ill that of Napoleon 111. to the Piace de ll Requette, where it ha? remained to Ihil day. I Sanson, the excutipner during the ieigil of terror, sold the original guillotine to il man named Cariius for ?5,000 and he will it again to a niece. That niece was fflme.1 Tussaud, who kept th-i WBX works show bl London. The original guillotine -a inftil hands of her descendants, who carry u'l the business. i The last execution on the guilltione tail that of Lieu'. Anastpy, for the murderol| Baroness Delia d, which took place cnthel 0;h of last month, aud at which there ral a very unpleasant sceae. Tae present ti-f ecntioner is M. DeiMer, who is a gooJL workrcao^but a much less interesting perl son than Sanson, who belonged to an arif-l tocratic family, which had taken tou.wl tin? on account of drink.—N Y. Worldl nwAH (n an y OM blow. All experience proves how hard to h T hi n i8 ' Remember the fxecu- Lal)y ' He was on h « knees eyes were covered When the ruek bim on the back of he «,H K aodhiB o and even though theeiecutionei" there are" ; xpert because they have experience in cuting women who, of all ranks sn b " 8hi °" %£ e'nt ; * ai *tte condemned are in two poatioi.s, and two different " " ent KUCliiiJS. Breakfast Cakej. 3}£ teacupfuls flour, 2 teacupfals niittj ^teaspoonful sugur, 1 egj?, 1 tablespoon) tul butter, 2 teaspoonful soda, 2 teaspxul fu s c-raam tartar, and a little salt, BJa| twenty minutes. Planked Itabblt. After tbe rabit is properly dressed cut ill open, lay a it on pine board and skewer ill down well at the four corners. Roast ml der the grate, which should te well raWl down, season with pepper and salt.adl baste tften with a good gravy—it willtaiil from twenty minutes to half an hour to I cook. ' THE French ministry of war has to engaged for more than a year in'making: experiments in the preservation of meJl-j The experiments have resulted in thedH covery that frozen meat can be kept to I eight months without any change in il»| appearance or powers of nourishment. ' Chocolate Sandwiches. • Place a layer of freshly grated ranil!}! chocolate between two slices of bread anil butter. (Chocolate Lombard cr Potin Hi very good in this way.) The chocolal|| should be frethly grated, and there mW| bft plenty of it, or the bread and l """ 1 will not taste of it. BStrnmentj are more the victim --__....„. o! which tbe force an be regulated and directed This 1*7^ 06 ouutry. the Uavarlun Orrain. , Dissolve half a box of ge'atine in enrug water to coyer. Let a quart of rich mil or cream, if you have it, come to a W Then stir in the gelatine. S.'t on t».| back of tho stovo and add the yolks of "'I pggs, one cctt'de cup of sugar and ' "" teaspoons of vanilla. Add the wellt- , six whites last of all. Pour into aoul<»| A Itec-f Kellsh. Chop a pound of round steak very--. and mix with it 3 Boston crackers w*| 'oiled and sifted, a well-beaten C| teaspoonbfuls salt, ?;,' teaspoonful ,--,.. , a picch of sweet mujorum, and a taowjl spoonful pood catsup. Wceu well »'' form into a little loaf with the hands, it in a buttered di.h, find rub alittleu cd butter over tho top; lastly, P, our j n ]| teacupful of canned t' mato juice una^l in the oven to bake 40 minuses. Ot" tew times with the fcoinatp juice - ,, taifing up. Serve colti, cut intoniodeiF^ ly thin slices. . __ IT ia found that oi} can be from grape needs, pro-iiuing a industry. EXPERIMENTS madu in Austria -; that the addition ot uoila to Portla»» meut enables it to withstand the trosfc. A FRENCHMAN, M. Brandolar, b«M.j ceeded in making pearls by t-jaiply fl\J» holes in pearl oysters, droppu'M ,l*r glass betids, and then ueruietw'/« i-ha V>nln n -',."6

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