The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1891
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1866. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APKIL 8, 1891. VOL, XXVI--NO. 2. WITHOUT WASTE! Thus saving 1 you much extra cost. We can please all purses and tastes. We offer NO OLD STOCK, but new, attractive styles, novel colorings, new weaves, pleasing patterns — reliable carpets in every grade. The Grange Store. GO CO Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. 'Prices are reasonable. j HENRY J. WlttKIE, SUCCESSOR TO WINKIE BROS. I will continue the Hardware business at the old stand, on north side of State street, where you will always find a full and complete line of HARDWARE, Stoves and Ranges, AT BOTTON PRICES, In Mixed Paints we take the lead. We are agents for and carry a complete line of the Sherwin-Williams prepared house and barn paints, which are well known to be the best paints made. For a few samples see the houses of Messrs, Clock, Cowles, Wheeler, Ferguson, J, D. Shadle, J. F. Nicoulin, and many others. These paints are warranted in every respect. Call and see me before you buy. I can do you good on everything in' my line. M O PUT! DC K 1 niLlO, MB PLOW WORK, GENERAL REPAIRING. W« want the people to know that we are prepared to put their plows in first class shape. Also 4o repairing of all kinds, horse shoeing, and all classes of blacksmlthing. Have a {Urst class \vagou maker and painter, and we guarantee satisfaction in everything we turn out. WARNER'S 010 STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, ALCONA, IQWA, HARDWARE. To all contemplating buying any of the above this spring 1 wish to say that I am just where I have been for THE PAST TWENTY-ONE YEARS with as good an assortment as ever, and, as ever, ready to meet all honorable competition. I am agent for the justly celebrated P Stoves and Ranges. Genuine Baker barbed wire; a large stock of dairy supplies on hand; Chicago and Elgin milk cans, iron and wood pumps, guns and ammunition. I have this spring put in a fine line of the well-known Heath & Milligan ready-mixed paints, which are acknowledged to be as good as any in the market. The above goods are all FIRST CLASS and are warranted to be just what they are represented. My 2 1 years' experience in hardware has taught me that the best goods are the cheapest. 8(^"Remember the place. T. Woolen Goods and Tailors' Trimmm Fashionable English worsted, - pitable for ladies' jackets, on hand. The goods are 56 inches wide, and the price $3.25 a yard. I make three sizes of dresV'buttons, price per doz., 20, 25, and 30 cents; 10 cents extra for silk-or satin. I also have on hand woolen goods for boys' suitings. \ I have a complete, fine, and fashionable assortment of Overcoating, Suiting, Coat, Vest, and Pants goods> .also white and fancy vesting. Clothes made up in the latest styles. No 20 or 30 years ago style about them. Come and see my goods and learn my prices; it may do you good. o. in,. You can buy Boots and Shoes cheap, next door to the postoffice. W. F. CARTER. Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always kept on band, and furnished at as low rates as can be bought elsewhere. All work done promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION, Come and see us before placing your order. It will be to your advantage. cr. <fc O. X* DEALER IN REAL ESTATE, Lands bought and sold on commission. Par- /.iilai* atfainTl/"') rrtvan 4'f\ nava anil anlA n « _ n _i or erman ns. o., reeport, HI.' tickets to old countries at lowest rates F, L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop. Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, Olotlx^P ate. Am also prepared to put in furnaces and do plumbing and gas-pipe fitting; ANDIRON AND TIN ROOFING, Prompt attention will be given to all work in my line. Shop south of court house. Auctioneering Done, The undersigned will cry public sales in Kossuth and adjoining counties. Have twenti years'experience. Terms reasonable. VJ jaTAppUcations for'my services may be left atthelawofllceofS. S. Sessions, Algona, la. GEO. E. BOYLE, WWtteworei Iowa. THE NEWS OF THE WEEK, .Tosinh Bushnoll Grinnoll wns born In New Haven, Vermont, December 23, 1821 Ho was left an orphan nt ten yonrs. Qrnd tinted nt Onelda Instituto tn 18-tt mid nt Auburn Theological Seminary in 1847, en terinR the Prosbytorlnn ministry and preached seven ycnrs in Union Village, N, Y., Washington nnd New York City. Hi came to Iowa in 1854 and founded the town of Grinnoll nnd established the CoiiRroga ttonnl church. Tho town was platted by him January 20,1855. Ho was a member of the st«to senate in 1850-00 nnd was by Ltti coin's appointment a special mall agent it '01-03, In '03 he was elected to congress as representative. Ho was active In tho build Ing of railroads and in tho advancement ol frco schools and tho cause of temperance. Mr. Grinnoll was married Feb. 5, 1852, to Miss Julia A. Chnpln of Springfield, Mass., nnd .they have two daughters, Mary C. nni! Cnrrlo H. The couple celebrated their sil vor wedding in 187" and tho event was one of tho greatest social features Iowa 1ms ever scon. ___________ The total Iowa railway tonnage In 18811 was li!,818,0!M, and in 18(10, 18,83a,lHW, u net increase over 188!) of 5,014,3!H tons. Thi) total railway mileage in Iowa In 181)0 8,880 nnd in 1800, 8,413.73. Tho Forest City board of trade have concluded thnt they cnn best further the inter csts of Forest City, Winnobago county, and tho Forest City Ilnx pnlaco by a libern course of advertising, nnd on April IB thoj Issue tho llrst number of a monthly papci called Flax Palace Facts. It will bo a seven column folio and brimful of everything pertaining to northern Iowa. Five thousand copies will bo issued each month. The secretary of state has commenced mailing to tho notaries of tho state notifications that on July 4, tho triennial term foi which they wore apppointod will expire and if they wish a continuance of the commission they must apply before thai date. Else acts of theirs done after tho sumo will have no validity, Tho present number who have boon appointed notaries in tho state is 0.753 nnd it is estimated this number will increase to 0,850 before July. Tho railroads paid in tuxcn in 1800 in Iowa $1,223,418. The railway employes of tho state In 1889 wore 24,043. In 1800 there wore 27,870. Tho wages paid in 1800 wore §18,724,080.' Iowa City has Just hoard from her citizen, Dodge Conldin, who enjoyed a ilvo weeks' retirement from mundane affairs while under a Colorado snow slide. With five others ho was shut in his cabin by an avalanche, and imprisoned. They fortunately had provisions, but live weeks without being able to got out wore on tho party. All trace of them was obliterated, so .their friends thought they wore dead. Lady Sidney Watorlow Is an old Iowa iClty girl, and was known as Maggie Hnaiil tdri.. She is married to one of tho wealthiest as -well as noblest of English nobility, and her chcijuored career is being discussed in tho English press. Gladstone said of hoi husband, "ho is 1 *tho greatest philanthropist of tho ago." Lady Watorlow loft Iowa City in 1805 and went to'Callforiu, and was unhappily married. There, while In widow's weeds she met Sir Sidney, who was much attracted by her, and Who married her before his return. \ Tho number of passengers earning'reve- nue carried by Iowa roads in 1800 was 5,955,835, and tho passenger revenue waff ¥5,077,0111. Tho passenger earnings per mile of road wore $890,51. The total freight revenue was $18,501,512, and tho revenue per mile of road $3,912.87 The Dos Moinos Capital says Labor Commissioner Sovereign is on export at a billiard table. His pot game is fifteen ball pool played on a new table with lively cushions and with a combination cuo. Nearly every evening last week ho might have been found in u pool hall on East Sixth street, Industriously pounding tho Ivories, Ho always plays in his shirt sleeves and if possible has his trowsers rolled up u lap or two at tho bottom because, us he expresses it, " it gives mo a tough look, don't you know." R. P. Clnrkson sails for Europe April 15. Ho goes for a rest and to visit. Maud Weaver will represent East Waterloo in the state declamatory contest at Monticollo, April 24. Her subject is: "No body's Child." Twelve patients in Dubuquo suffering with pulmonary complaints are now being treated with Dr. Koch's lymph. In every case but one tho results have boon favorable. Two patients afflicted with lupus, who are being treated by Dr. Staples, have almost recovered. The Sioux City Journal man asked Col. Chas. A. Clarke: „ What will be tho result of tho reopening of tho prohibition amendment case in the supremo court?" "The election of a democrat to the supremo bench next fall," was tho pointed but suave answer. It is claimed that there are now on exhibition at Eldoru, two machines invented by O. H. Watkins that fully and completely solve the question of cheap binding twine. He has u machine that will make twlno out of common prairie grass or oat straw and a knottor that can be adjusted to any binder now in use, that will bind grain us perfectly with this straw or hay rope as any twine binder will bind it with trust twine. Susan H. Anthony says: "The woman of tho future is not going to snatch at everything that passes for a man Just because it draws a salary." Lillie Peveroau* Blak.e says: " Woman's progress interferes with marriage nnd makes girls fastidious," and intimates that it is likely to bo hard sledding for the men who have not already bcen- lucky enough to provide themselves with wives. Mrs. Judge Adams is writing nblogrnph.t of her husband. ^^^^^^ George Washington Potts, DCS Molnes' notorious constable, Is priwtlcnlly convictcit of all thnt has boon charged ngninst him. Labor Stntistinn Sovereign promises » new batch of statistics about April 10. Twelve hundred corn returns, tho wngcs of 15,000 wngo earners, nnd 1,000 frirm report* are promised to bo included. Governor Holes and staff, on invitation, will bo tho guests of Dubuqut? during the stnlo Grand Army of tho Republic encampment, next week. They will be entertained at tho new hotel Julian. Tho Spirit Lake Honcon has looked over Its flics and gives Its record of early and Into springs as follows: In 1870 little seeding had been done April 20. 1877. Seeding began about April 10. 1878. Farm operations booming In the last week of March. 1870. Farmers gotto work about April 1. 1881. April 7, two feet of snow on a level. Seeding began about the 20. 1882. Seeding bo^ai. about April 1. 1883. April 19, "considerable grain in sown," says tho record. 1884. Seeding commenced about March 25. 1885. About ono week later. 1880. Seeding finished about April 20. 1887. April 8, some seeding done. 1888. Hut little wheat sown up to April 13. 1880. Seeding well along March 20. 1800. April 18, Ueacon says "socdlnK mostly done." In a number of cases the weather shut off farming operations for from one to threw weeks after the dates given. In others, an last spring, tho weather was so cold that grain was a long time In starting. It is the opinion of good farmers that If fanning- operations are permitted to steadily proceed by April 15 there Is no occasion to worry over crop prospects, The programme has been announced for tho Intcr-Colleglato Athletic association exercises for field day at Iowa City, Juno 5.. A cup will bo given to tho college association winning tho most points in all the sports. Exhibitions will bo given In boxing, fencing, tumbling, horizontal bar work, acrobatic club swinging, .saber drill, pyramid building and handling heavy dumbbells. C. W. Williams has received tho plans for a now amphitheatre to bo erected on tho spot now occupied by tho old one at his Rush Park track. It will bo of frame on a stono foundation, 300 feet long by 00 foot wide; Tho basement will bo entirely above ground, will bo 13 foot clear of tho colling joists, and will bo occupied by a pool room, lunch room and cafo. Tho principal or amphitheatre floor will bo 22 foot high In front and seven In tho roar, and will bo seated with chairs. Tho central portion in front will bo occupied with reserved seats and private boxes, tho whole seating about 0,000 people. Thoro will bo throe pavilions on tho roof, one in the center and one small one on each end. Tho largo ono will seat about 200, and each of tho small ones will seat 140. Tho estimated cost of this fine structure, complete, Is §15,000. He also has plans prepared for a hotel to be built at Rush Park for tho accomodutlon of horsemen. \ Thankful Dakota Sufferers. IlUfiiON, S. D., April 4.— To tho members of ^ tho grange, tho ullianco, and other citixbnB O f Algonn and vicinity: At tho lust annual mooting of the State Purmors' Alliance & Industrial Union of South Dakota a committee was - tited to solicit aid foi our 'destitute people in tho drouth-stricken portions of tho state. In thoso parts our crops wore nourly a total failure for two yours. I WUB appointed seer alary, with instructions to send forth solicitors and seo that all donations were properly re- coiptod for to tho donors, und the donations equitably distributed among our needy, taking ti receipt from every person who should rocoivo a donation. 3ur appeal was sent to Hon. J, E. Blaclcford, master of your state grange, and our solicitor, E. A. Bartlett, was sent to you to ask your holp. Pull returns have been made to me by Mr. Blackford and our Mr. Bartlett of all your donations to our relief fund. Theso lonations have boen most generous. Receipts have boon given for the same, and you will find thorn in the possess,on of Mr. Blackford. These donations '.a tho main have consisted of flour, clothing, grain (converted into cash), ind money; and they have all been distributed equitably among our destitute. It is with a sense of the profoundest gratitude that, on bohalf of our distressed people, I most sincerely thank you ono and all for the loving and generous response you have made to our call for help. And especially am I grateful to that noble Christian band who belong to tho committee on " Woman's Work" in the grange, "And their works do follow them." Again I send you one and all my warmest /hanks, and pray that none of you may ever experience the crushing poverty uid distress our people have endured 'or the past two years, and will have to continue to endure until another crop can be garnered. Truly yours, _ W. H. CURTIS, Secretary State Alliance Keller Commit tee, „ LOST— Two Red Irish setter doge. Will pay $5 reward for their return to ;his office. YOUNG brood mare and ROW top buggy for sale, H. J, WinWe, *

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