The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1892 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1892
Page 8
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NO, 100, An ordinance concerning tbfe system of wate works of the City ofjUfeonaj lawn, arid es tabllsliinp; the water rates, rnles, regulation and penalties for the government nf wnte consumers, licensed plumbers, and others. Be It enacted by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa. AttTICLE 1. *iAJ»AGKMENT. Section I. There shall b« appointed by tlio , City Council on the night of the first n-gnla meeting for the month of April In each year one man, who shall be Superintendent of the system of water works, mm who slmll, before entering upon the discharge of Ins duties, give a bond In the sum of one thousand dollars (81.000). Conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties. Bald Superintendent shall him his office during the pleasure of the Council PROVIDED, That the pnr.«on heretofore selected by the City Council to have charge o said works shall act as such Superintended until the time for the first regular appolntn en* under this ordinance. Sec. 2. It slmll lie the duty of said Superintendent to.wiiun ordinances and resolutions of said City Council in reference to said system of water works are executed and that compliance therewith is had. That the conditions ol all contracts by or with said oitv Council ave faithfully complied with ; that tlie assessment' of tho water rents are duly niitdo, collected and paid over to tin) city treasurer; the regular meeting day of each month to present all claims on account of the running and operation of said system of water works, mid submit the same to the. City Council with such explanation as to enable the members thereof to act ail- vlscdly thereon ; and shall make a full and detailed report on the first meeting night for the month of April In each year, ol the condition and operation (if .suld water works, the amount of money received, on account thereof from whom mid date received, and for what character ol service, together will) a statement of all cx|.'i'!Hiiluu'.s malic In the operation and repairs of .xiifil works ; and shall perform such other ili'M< s connected with said works "as the City Cm,, I'll nniy prescribe. Sec.." fcaul Superintendent shall have supervision ni ull liHlldlngs, machinery, pipes, hydrant* and everything connected with said system of water works, and it. shall bo hl.s duty to have, the ciiru of and attend to the running and operation of the. pumps and other machinery connected therewith, and perform such other duties as Iliu t.ity Council may prescribe. The salary of the Superintendent snail be llxed by the aity Council, AHTICLK 2. OHDINAJfCK PAH'r OF CONTHACT—IF VIOLATED WATKIt TO 1!K SHUT OFF—1'AVMKNXB KOKFBITKD. Section 1. The rules, regulations and water rates lierelnnltcr named shall be considered a part of the contract with every person, company or corporation who Is supplied with water through tho water system of the. city, and every such person, company or corporation, by taking water shall be considered to express his or their assent to be bound thereby, and whenever any of them are violated, or such others as the said lilty Council may hereafter adopt,the water shall be cut off from the building or place of such violation, although two or more parties may receive water through the same pip*), and shall not be let on again except by order of the City Council or Superintendent, and upon the payment of Ihe expenses of shutting It oil and putting It ou, and such other terms as the City Council shall determine, and a satisfactory understanding with the party that no furl her CHUM; of complaint shall arise : and In case of such violation the City Council shall have the right, to declare any payment made for the water by the pursuit coininlttiii such violation to be forfeited, and same ah ill thereupon be forfeited. AuffcI7l5 3. Kules and regulations for the government of water takers, licensed plumbers and others. AIM'MCATION MADK, Section I. ICvery person desiring a supply ol water must m:ike 'application there-fur to the Superlniundent, in such form as may be pre. scribed for that purpose ; blanks for such application will be furnished at the oll'icc of the City Ulerk. Tho application must state truly and fully all the uses to which tlic water is to be applied and nn different or additional use will be allowed, except by permission obtained from the City Council. Not more than one house shall be supplied from one tap, except by special permission. HA'l'KH, WHEN DUK. Sec. 2. All rates, except for meters and building purposes, will lie payable seml-anim ally In advance on the first day of May and November In each year. Hents for the season, such as fountain,sprinkling, etc., shall -be paid in advance for the season, Itcnls and rates for building purposes will bo payable on demand. When the water Is measured by meter, the bills must be paid monthly ; the amount of \vatei used will determine tho price to be paid each month. Ten percent, penalty will be added If the rent Is not paid within tun days after the same becomes payable. DISCOUNT KOH VACANCY. Sec. 3, All bills must be paid promptly whcr duo, and all officers of the water works department are positively prohibited from allowing credit to anyone, A discount for vacancy of not less than one month will bo allowed, wo- vldcd notice Is given to the .Superintendent at the time of vacancy and renccupatlon. WATKIl TUXNKI) ON, WI1JEN. Sec. 4. Tim water will bo turned Into any house or private service pipe, except upon the order of the City Council or Superintendent, nor until the applicant shall have paid the rein duo for the current term ; and plumbers aro strictly prohibited from turning the water into any service pipe, except upon the order of the City Connci 1 or Superintendent. This rule shall not be construed to prevent any plumbei admitting water to test pipes and foi that purpose only. WATEH-SUPl'LV TO CONTUACTOHS ONLY. Sec. B, No consumor shall supply water to other families, nor suffer them to take It oil their premises ; nur utter water is Introduced into any building or upon any premises, shal any person make, or employ any plumber 01 other person to make any tap or connection with the pipes upon tho premises for alterations, extensions or attachments, without permission from the City Council or Superintendent, MKTKIIS, Seo, o. The City Council shall have the right to order u meter to bo applied to any service pipes whenever they.niay deem It advisable, anil collect meter rates lor water. J'urtles accepting meter rates in preference to special or regular rates, will ptiy cost of meter and the cost of placing same. UYDKANTS, KTO., TO UK KKl'T OLOSKD Sec. 7, All persons using water shall keep the hydrant, tap hose, water closet, urinals, bath, or other fixtures allotted to their use, closed, except when obtaining water for use, and shall be ronponsible for any damage or Injury th»t »u? result to others from their Improper use t>t said water, All water closets must be »ulf-eW*lim. UOJLKKH—MIOTKOT FHOM FHOHT AT OWNEH'S KIBK—HlOliT TO SHUT WATKK OF If. Sec. 8, All house boilers shall bo constructed with one or more air-holes no»r the top of the inlet pipe and ho sulllelcntly strong to bear the pressure of atmosphere under vacuum. The stop cock and other appurtenances must be sufficiently strong to bear tho pressure and ram oil the water in the mains. All persons taking the water shall keep their own service pipes, stop-cocks and apparatus In good repair, and protect from frost at their own risk and ex pause and shall prevent all unnecessary waste of water : and It Is expressly stipulated uy said City Council, that no claim shall be made against tho city or Its olliccrs by reason of breaking of any service pipe or service cock, or It from any enuse the supply of water should fall, or from damage arising from shutting oft water to repair mains, making connections or extensions, or for any oilier purpose that may be deemed necessary ; iuul the right is hereby reserved to out off the supply of water any time, any permit granted or regulation to the contrary notwithstanding. PAUTV IN CONTMOL OF STOP BOX TO PAY BILLS Bee. 8. Service pipe Intended to supply two Or mure distinct premises or tenements, and •whore only one stop is used, the person or persons controlling the same must pay the water rent of all pui ties who are thus supplied! as separate water bills will not bo made. WATHK WtiKN SHUT OFF NOT TO UK TUltNKD ON. Boo. 10. Wheu water has beeu turned ott from any consumer he shall not turn It ou nor permit it h> be turned,ou without the written consent ol Hie liity doilJicll or Superintendent, I'HEMIBIIS O? COMKUyBH OfUN TO INSPECTION J1YCUTV COUNCIL O1*SUVUU1NTENUENT. Sue. 11. Every person Liking- water supplied through tho water gyutam ol' this city, shall permit the 3up«i-Iiit«udvut at all hours of the day between 1 o'clock A. tr, and 0 o'clock p. a., to enter their promises or buildings to examine tho pipes mm fixtures, aud tho manner in which the water is used, and they must at all times, fronkly aud without concealment answer all queetloue put to them relative to its consumption. HOSX. Boo. US. Ilooe targer than three-quarter inch will not ba permitted, ozoept upon payment of uu additional «bu.r{r9. NCZSMl. See. 13. Mo ho«e »!>aU be used in tmy CRSO, unless 16 has boon properly applisd for, aud allowed by the Superintendent, and iu no case shall it bo used without » nozzle, aud the nozzle shall not exceed three-tenths of ou inch to diameter, unless spooiftlly authorized. llOm, fftMB T9 WS-MBTBW lUl'SB. Soo.14. Kose foy sprinkling yards, _ ~ ~' »trtn*ta, or wttshlufc- wiudowa and, , MAY 25, 1892,. walks, shall be used only from the first day of April to the first day of November, and between the hours Of 6 and 8 o'clock A. M. and 8 and 8 o'clock J». M. if allowed to run at other tlfnos the water will bfleutoff without previous notice, and It must bo confined to the fair Application for those purposes, without excessive or unreasonable- use, and to the premises of the party. This section not to apply to tnarknt gardens, nurseries or green'honses. Water shall bo furnished for use In market gardens, nurseries and green houses at meter rates, with thn privilege of use at alt times ns shall be specially directed by tho City Council under authority reserved by clause 8 of this section. Sec. IS. In sprinkling streets each water taker must confine himself to one-half tho width of the street of his own frontage, for which ho pay's water rent. YATll) rOCSTAINS. Seo.IB. Yard fountains shall not boused more than six hours perday. and only between -April 1 and N"v. 1, except by special permission and upon payment of additional clmrgeg. The service plpn of fountains out of doors must bo provided with stop cocks under the control of the City Council. The right is re-served to suspend the use of fountains and hose for sprinkling streets,ynrds and ftai-dcns whenever, In the opinion of the city council, the public exigency may require It. SERVICE PIPES. Boo. 17. Either lead or wrought Iron service pipes may bo used at option of tho applicant.. and must bn nt least one-eighth of an inch larger In diameter than the taps through which thoy are supplied. Whi;n lead Is used In tho street for outside plumbing It must be that doslgnnt«l as "extra strong." All iron pipn must sustain a pressure of not less than 200 pounds to the square Inch, and nt the point of commotion with tho street main, between the corporation cock and tho coupling In tho Iron service plpn. thoro tnut be nt least eighteen Indies of lend pipe to relieve tho rigidity of tho iron pipe. A brass coupling must bo used for connecting the loud with the pipe, and in no ensu must lead bo soldered to [run. TAPPING MAIN. Sec. 18. No person except tho tappers having special permit from the City Councilor |K>rsoiis In their service and approved by them, will bo permitted uudor any eireumHtances to tap the distributing pipe, or to Insert stop cocks or ferrules therein, and the kind and size of tho connections with the mains shall bo that specified In tho permit or order. See. IB, Pipes must always bo tapped on or near tho top and not In any case at or within eighteen Indies ol tho hub. And no counec- Lion will bo made with tho street main for less than an annual rent of $5.00. Pll'KS. HOW LAID. Sec. 20. All service pipe must bo laid as much under the surface of the ground as the main pipe is In the street, unless otherwise permitted by the City Council, and In all cases M bo protected so as to prevent rupture by freezing. WATBll COCKS. See. 21. Every service pipe must bo provided with u stop waste cock for each consumer, easy accessible, and so situated that tho water Jim bo couvlenily shut off and drained from tho pipes. STOP BOX, WIIEIIE PLACED. See. 23. Unless otherwise permitted, stop cocks shall be placed In the service pipe on edge of the side-walk, near the curb lino, and protected by a box or Iron pipe reaching from tho tap to the surface, of suitable size to admit u stop key for turning on and off tho stop; also with heavy metal cover, having the letter "\V" marked thereon, visible and oven with the pavement or planking. KXOAVAT1ON Ol" STIIEKTS. See. 20. In making excavations in streets or 'ilffhwuys for tlio laying- ol' service plpo or making repairs, the planks or paving stones or earth removed must bo deposited in a, manner that will occasion tho least Inconvenience to tho public and provide for the passage of water along gutters. See. 'H. No person shall leave any excavation mado In tho street or highway open at any time without barricades, and during tho night, warning lights must be maintained ut such excavations. HUflLLINO, HOW DONE. Sec. 25. After service pipe is laid, In refilling the opening tho earth must bo laid In layers of not more than nine Inches in depth, and each layer thoroughly rammed or puddled to prevent settlement, and this work, together with tlio replacing of sidewalk, ballasts and paving must bo done so us to make tho street at least as good us before it was disturbed and to the satisfaction of tho Superintendent or City Council. No opening of streets for tupping of mains will be permitted when the ground Is frozen. PIP13 TO 11K CI1AIIOED TO CENTEIl OF STHBET. Sec. 20. Applicants for water will be charged from tho center of the street for all service pipe aud trenching without regard to tho location of the mains and the City Council shall liiivu tho power to make such arrangements with plumbers and others as : thoy may deem expedient to carry this clause Into effect. HY11KANTS AND DIUNKING FOUNTAINS. See. !37. No hydrantoxccpt tho public drinking fountains shall bo placed within tho limit of any street, unless such hydrant Is securely closed and protected against general uso, and no drinking fountain shall bo erected for pub- 110 USD which lins openings by which it can bo used us a source of domestic supply. WATEIl FHEH FOR IflUE PUHI'OSES. Sec, SH. If proprietors of lumberyards, maun factories, halls, stores, elevators, warehouses, hotels or public buildings, regular consumers of water from tho works, wish to lay large pipes with hydrants and hose couplings, to bo used only In case of fire, thoy will bo permitted to connect with the street mains at their own expense upon application to the City Council and under their direction, and will bo allowed the uso of water for fire pro- tectlou only, 1'rco of charge. I'LUMIIHUS, REGULATIONS OF See. 29. During all alarms of fire, and while tho lire prosuro Is on the mains, tlio uso of yard sprinklers and street sprinklers, or elevators Is positively forbidden, unless for the extinguishment of fire. Each violation of this rule will forfeit to the city waterworks five dollars as liquidated damages and also all right to the uso of water, and will be strictly enforced. Seo. ao. No water pipes laid underground shall be covered and trenches be filled by any plumber until after the water has beeu turned Into such pipes and such pipes have been tested and found to be water tight. Seo. 1)1. The city water works may require 24) twenty-four hours notice to put in a tap In the mains. PLUNDERS. Seo. 82. Licenses will be granted to practical plumbers only, by resolution of tho City Council. Such plumbers and all plumbers employed by them must bo experienced In tholr buil- noss.and skilled and practical workmen, and upon making application for a license thoy must furnish the City Council satisfactory evidonco of the above requirements. Application for license shall bo mode In writing to the City Council, must state the full name of tlio applicant, his place of busi- icss and tho firm name under which tho business Is to bo carried on. After application lor such license shall bo approved and before sumo shall be issued, tho party applying for sumo shall execute and deposit with tho city clerk a bond with with two or more sureties to be approved by tho City Council, In tho lonal sum of ono thousand dollars, condltion- id that ho will idomnlfy and save harmless the olty of Algona of and from all accidents ind damages caused by any negligence in irosoeutlng and protecting his work, and that ie will restore all earth, pavements and other materials, in and over any opening ho may uivo made In laying any service pipes for any other purpose, to as good a state and condition is it was before such opening was mado, itul keep and maintain the same in rood order aud to tho satisfaction of tho Superintendent or City Council for the period or one month thereafter; and that he will pay 111 tines that may be Imposed upon him for any violation of any rules, regulations or ordinances adopted nnd enacted by said City "Jouucil in reference to said system of water vorks. Sec. 8.1. Any plumber or pipe fitter who shall be guilty of a violation of any of the rules or regulations or ordinances adopted by the lty Council shivll forfeit his license. A for- olture of tho license of any plumber shall by declared to b* JmbHc hydrants, and iio pe son or persons (ofher than the members of th fire, Department, and then only for the nse an purposes of said department, or persons spe {ally authorized by Wd Cltj-'council, and tVe only In Uie exercise of the authority delegate byadCity >perate as a suspension of tho license hold by ho co partner in tho same business, or by anv person In his or their employment. Sec. !14. Within forty-eight hours after com- iletlug any attachment or connection the number or plpo-fltter shall make full returns of the ordinary aud special uses to which the water Is designed to be applied under any por- uit granted from the office of the Superintendent, with a description of all the apparatus ind arrangements for using the water In every .ase and auy other particulars that may be -ailed for. The water will not bo turned on to any premises until complete returns are made >y the plumber. Annual licenses will be issued 'V the City Olerk, only upon the order of the ity Council. mOPSHTY NOT TO BE TAMPKBBD WITH. Sec. 35. No person shall willfully or care- 'ssly break, Injure, mar, deface, interfere nth or disturb any buildings, machinery, ap- >aratuQ, fixture, attachment or appurtenance of the water worka of said city, or any public or private hydrant, or watw-{rough, or stop »nv A^l^ 1 wa , tor sup ?. ly ;' or B «rvfce Pipe, or * £.-C? rt *to*eof j uor oh»U any person deposit inytting in any atop cock box, or commit any ct tendlag to obstruct or Impair tho intended £*«of auy of the above m»ntion«d property, *$%&& feffi?.ll 8 ,' 0 " of '&» aty Council, or Dy rS a iI aJt;lty » Colln 9Al. snail open any. of th said hydrants, or attempt to draw water from the same, or at any time uncover or remov an X^'? tectl 9 n from an y of the hydrants 1 said, city, or in auy manner Interfere with an of said hydrants. o ''IP'H? 1 ' ^HUNCHES, WHO TO TJSR. sec. 37. No person authorized to- open h. drants shall delegate his authority to anothe or let out, or suffer any person to take th wrenches furnished him, or suffer the same U be taken from any house of said city excep for purposes strictly connected with the fli department, or as they accompany hose car on occasions of flre. EXCAVATIONS WHEN ORODSD IS FROZEN. Sec. 38. No person shall make any excav; tlon in any street or highway within six fee of any laid waterpipe, while the ground Is fro en, or dig up or uncover so as to expose to th frost any waterpipe or sewers of the city, ex ccpt by special permission of the City Councl PMIMHINO TO BE DONE TO PHOPEHTT UN BEFORE SfREET EXCAVATION IS MADE. Sec. 3D. No person shall make any excav tlon in any street or highway for- the purpos of laying waterpipe, or tap any water or se vice pipe laid down, without written perml slon from the City Council or Superintenden and all plumbing work required in-a bulldinc or for other purposes, must be completed i the line of the street before any excavatio shall be made In said street for the purpose c connecting with the mains, unless permlssio to do it otherwise is granted by City Council. See. 40. No claim shall be made against th city of Algona bj reason of tho breaking o any main or service pipe, or cock, or of an interruption- of the supply, or by reason ( breakage of machinery, or stoppage for ncce miry repairs. SBC. 41. No person shall place in, near, o around any watering trough, auy dirt, tilth, o any iuipuro substance whatever, or any su stance or fluid by which the water In sue troughs shall be rendered impure or unpalat ble to horses or stock ordinarily using th same. PENALTIES. Sec. 42. Any plumber or other person wh shall do or perform any act or thing prohlbi ed by this ordinance, or otherwise than in a cordance with its provisions, or violate any o either of the rules and regulations now o hereafter to be adopted, shall be guilty of misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof, 1 addition to the enforcement of the forfeiture liabilities, stipulations, aud reservations, sha be lined in a sum not less than three dollar nor more than one hundred dollars, and b required to pay the costs of prosecution. Sec. 43. The following annual water and rates are hereby adopted: ' WATER KATES. Barber shop, first chair .8 Barber shop, each additional chair. Bathing tubs, public, each Bathing tubs, private, each 1 tub Banks, including one basin ren 50 10 Specia Fre Bakeries ......." .'., ','......~~~....'.'. 8,00 to 12 C Butcher shops 10 0 Brick yards Specia Book binders Speola Building purposes, per thousand brick Building purpose, per perch stone '..... Building purposes, per 100 square yards plastering Blacksmith shop, first fire 50 Blacksmith shop, each additional fire 10 Boarding and lodging houses In addition to regular rates for dwellings, each room over six. 1 0 Churches 50 Confectioners Specia Dwelling houses 60 Dyeing and scouring Specia Fountains, six hours per day In season, 1-10 Inch jet Specia Fountains, six hours per day in season, ^ Inch jet Specia Hulls Specia Hose for sprinkling lot, per season, per front foot (Hose when used us a fountain will be charged at fouu. tain rates.) Hotels, in addition to regular rates for dwellings, each room. Specia Lumber yards Specia Laundries Specl.n Manufactories Specia Offices 3 00 to 00 Photograph galleries 0 00 to 15 0 Packing houses Specia Prhitiug offices Specia Railroad depots Specia Railroad tanks Specia Restaurants 0 OOJto 15 0 Sleeping rooms 3 00 to 60 Schools. Stables, private, one horse, eluding washing.. In- Fre 3 0 StableSi'each additional horse... Stables, one cow 10 Stables, each additional cow Stables, livery and sale, includ Ing carriage washing, hose limited to )j Inch nozzle, each stall Specia Steam boilers Specia Billiard halls.... 1 0 00 to 12 0 Stock yards Specia Steam engines, por horse power under ten 4 0 Steam engines, per horse power over ten 35 Stores of all classes 6 00 to 10 0 Urinals, in hotels and boarding houses, first UVUODa, LLLOU i Same, all others, each ; Urinals, private ; Wash basins, stationary, llrst basin In dwelling free, all others each 10 Water closet, public 50 Water closet, private 30 Warehouses Specia Water carts Specia METER HATES. One hundred to five hundred gallons per day, per M gallons,... Five hundred to one thousand gallons per day, per M gallons One thousand gallons or over per day, perM gallons Sec. 44. When water Is used for purpose not specified In the foregoing tariff, the rot shall be fixed by the City Council, Sec. 45. This ordinance shall take effect am be In force in accordance with law after It passage and publication. L. A. SHEETS!, Mayor. Attest: S. S. SESSIONS, City Clerk. Passed, May 7,1802. Itucklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for bruises outs, sores, ulcers, salt rhoum, fever sores totter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns ant all skin eruptions, nnd positively cures piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded Price 25o a box j sold by Dr. Sheetz. GALLON apples, 25 cents, at Langdon HiicTsnn'B.-!)t,5> & Hudson's.-9t2 Low Kate to Cedni- Rapids. On May 30 to June 6 inclusive, tho Chicago & Northwestern company wil sell tickets to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, anc return, at one fare for the round trip on account of the German Baptist conference. Tickets good to return on 01 before June 30, 1892. For tickets anc full information apply to agents C. & N. W. Ry. 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