The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1892
Page 7
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"•J , THE UPPER PES M01NES, ALGOKA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, MAY 26.1892. fl Ml A CHILDLESS HOME. Ifimith and his wife have every luxury l»t money can buy, but there is one line lacking to their happiness. Both ti fond of children, but no little voices little no little feet patter in their autiful home. "I would give ten ara of my life M I could have one althy, living, child of my own," Smith ten aays to himself. No woman can (he mother of healthy offspring un- B she herself is in good health. If she Hera from female weakness, general lebllltyt bearing-down pains and func- {onal derangements, her physical con- fitlon is such that sho cannot hope to lave healthy children. Dr. Pierce'a favorite Prescription Is a soverign arid \iamnteed remedy for all these ailments. [ Worn-out, "run-down," feeble women, Joed Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, [t builds them up. It'fl a powerful, re- irative tonic, or strength-giver—free , jm alcohol and injurious drugs. Tho ntlfe system is renewed and invigora- «].' It improves digestion, enriches tho Blood, dispels aches and pains, gives recalling sleep, and restores flesh and ..length. | It's the only guaranteed medicine for uen, sold by druggists. "WATS TO SpCCESS. EHphftlet Kemlneton, the Boy Who Made a Way for Himself. Over fifty years ago a youth, working on a farm, aaked his father to give him money enough to buy a «un. The old man not spare it,; but the boy, nothi e daunted, found an old. piece of iron about the place, and in the course of time contrived to make a guti-barrel out of it., with the very meagre facilities afforded by a coon- try blacksmith's shop. Hi had not the materials to make a lock and stock, so he walked to the nearest town and traded for the neceasary attaihments, and wa i encouraged by tho smith for having made so good a shooter; this gave him the ambition to make another, so he went to cutting out grindstones from the. native rock to raise money for gun material-); in a short time there was a considerable demand for guns of his make. During the French war with Prussia he was called upon t.o furnish puns for the army, and in less than eight months he made and delivered to the government of Prance rifles of a particular pattern, costing five millions of dollars, which amount was duly paid. The same man furnished rifles for the United States, South America, Rome, Spain, Egypt and Japan, [he farmer's boy who wanted a gun WHS Eliplwlet Remington, of Ilion, N. Y. Not satisfied with his achievement, ho has recently completed a sewing machine, which ia reported to represent tbe latest and most perfect ad- yance in the improvement of this import^ ant adjunct of domestic economy, and then the typewriter. This is tho type of a boy who, when _ there is not a way, makes a way for himself. Many a youth would have set down and tiouted, thinking over what a hard thing it was that he could not' get a gun, with hard thoughts against the father for being eo^stingy. Net so witn young Remington; he wanted a gun and was determined to have it; the very necessities of the situation stimulate:) him to the exercise and consequent development of his powers of planning and devising; in other words, of thinking for himself. And such are they, the world over, who achieve noted success. Those who think for themselves, and upon themselves lean. So it was with Pitch and Goodyear, and Howe. Their eatly history was the history of a struggle with privation and want, and litigation and almost donpair; and the immortal Morse must be added to the list, owing all to their struggle against poverty and want. But as the human mind is c nstituted, it is better to struggle than to be idle, better to work than to wait; better to lean, on one's self than on anothr er. It is the men who, as boys, struggled for a foothold in the world, who now wield the world's destinies, and do the most to mould history .-^-Selected. TJ1K CHESAPEAKE The ITainouH Old War Ship is Converted luto a Flour Mill. A PROFITABLE IAll Our Special Reporter Secures the Facts. He Determined to Thoronghly Inveitigat* A Suljeot that it Gaining Mueb Com ment, and He HM Succeeded. tho method and results when _ f of Figs Is taken! it la pleasant refreshing to th« taste, and acts ntly jet promptly on the Kidneys, sr and Bowels, cleanses tho sys- effectoally, dispel* oolds, head- i and foyers and cores habitual ipation. Syrup of Figs is the remedy of its kind ever pro" pleashig to the taste and ao- lfl to the stomach, prompt in ' action and truly beneficial in its : , prepared only from the most Jthy and agreeable substances, its my excellent qualities commend it all and have made it the moot opolar remedy known. Byrup of Pigs is for sale in 60o " $1 bottles oy all leading drug- 9. Any reliable druggist who ay not have it on hand will pro- it promptly for'any one who bej to try it. Do not accept any CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AH nAt/01800, OAL. uaavnu. n. MEW YORK, H.t. Free, by nail, to Ladies a beautifully illustrated book, containing over ninety pages of most important information about the ailments of women. Also a full code of established rules of etiquette for women . and a perpetual lladies' calendar. Contains not a word of [.objectionable matter, and is crowded from •cover to cover with information which every •woman, young or old, should becomejamiliar Iwith, and advice which I has restored many and Imany a suffering woman I jo perfect health and Inwpiness. No woman Isnould live without a [copy of "Guidt 'to \Htalth and £tiq,utte," [by Lydia E. Pinkham. [pend t two-cent stamps [W cover postage and |P»cldng when you write. LVDIA E. PlNKHAM [MED. Co., Lynn, Mass. It is not generally known that the Chesapeake, famous for historic encounter with the British ship, the Shcnnon, in 1813, is in existence tod ly, as sound and staunch as the day she was launched, but is use'd in the capacity of a floui mill, and is making money for a hearty Hampshire miller in the little parish of Wickbam. ; After her cipturo by Sir Philip B. V. Broke, she was taken to England in 1814, and in 1820 her timbers were eokl to John Prior, miller, of Wickhahi, Hants. Mr. Prior pulled down his own mill at Wiclc- hatn, and erected a new one from the Chesapeake timbers, which he found admirably adapted for the purpose. The dock beams were thirty-two fset long and ^eighteen ainches square, and were placed unaltered horizontally in the mill'. The purlins of the deck were about twelve feet long, and ^served without. alteration for joists. Many of the&e timbers yet havs the marks of -the Shannon's grapeshot, and in some places the shot are still >. to be seen deeply ini'bedded in the pitch, pine. The niPtamorphosis of a sanguinary man-of- war into a peaceful, life'sustaining flour mill is another evidence of the progress of civilization and the general amnesty and increasing goodwill between the two nations. It is, perhaps, as near anjapproach ,to the scriptural prophecy that speara and swords shall be beaten into plows and pruning hooks as the conditions of modern civilization will allow.—Boston Griobo. ; A PLUM PUDDING. Two day! ago one of the most prominent professional men in New York published a letter eo outspoken, so unusual as to cause extensive talk and awaken much comment. Yesterday 1 Interviewed the gentleman as to the contents of the letter, and lie fully confirmed it in every respect. Ho not only did this but he also mentioned a number of unusual coses which had come under Ills observation In which little less than a miracle had been performed. So important has the entire subject become that 1 determined to Investigate It to the bottom, and accordingly called upon Mr. Albert Q. Eaves, the prominent costumer at No. 03 East Twelfth street, th'e gentleman mentioned In my-interview with the doctor yesterday. Mr. Eaves lias made quite a name. A complete knowledge o£ history, an appreciation of art and reliability are es- iiential in his profession. "Mr. Eaves," I said, "I learn that your •wife has hnd a most unusual-experience; are you willing to describe It?" * The gentleman thought a moment and an expression of pleasure passed over his face. "When I think," he said, "of. what my wife once passed through and the condition she is in to-day, I cannot but feel gratitude. Nearly three years ago dlie was at the point of death. You can understand how sick she was when I say she was totally blind and lay in a state of unconsciousness. Three doctors attended her and all agreed that her death was only a question of hours, perhaps minutes." "May I ask what the doctors called her trouble T' "Uraemia and puerpeol convulsions, so you can imagine how badly she must nave been. At lost one doctor (it was Dr. R. A. Qunn) said that as she was still able to swallow one more attempt might bo made, and a medicine was accordingly given her. She seemed to improve at once; in a few days her sight was restored. 'I have had a long, long sleep,' she said, upon recovering consciousness, and I am rejoiced to say she was was restored to perfect health wholly through the use of. Warner's Safe Cure, which was tho only remedy we administered when past all consciousness." I looked at Mr. Evans as he said this. His was beaming with satisfaction. He continued: "The physicians told us, after my wife's recovery, that she could never endure childbirth, and yet we have a'line boy nearly a year old, and do not know what sickness is. I attribute it all to the wonderful power of Warner's Safe Cure. Why, my sister, who resides in Virginia, was, a while ago, afflicted precisely as my wife had been. I at once advised her to use this same great remedy; it cured hur promptly." '.'Toil Hnd that'll is'specially adapted for women, do yoii?' 1 I inquired. "By no ineiins. Ihavc known it to be wonderful in its power',lii'the case of gentlemen to whom I have recommended, it. I speak from my experience entirely, and you should;not bo surprised that I am so firm a believer in this discovery, which has done so inuch for me." I was not surprised. I saw by every word, by evcVy look, that Mr. Eaves meant all he said. .'I had ample confirmation of Dr. Gunn'b letter and interview, and I do not wondej 1 that people who have seen such things', who have watched their dearest friends go down in.-the dark valley and be brought back into light, shoiild be both en- thusiustie and grateful. I, myself,; caught the spirit, and I shall bo glad if the ihvestl- gatioii's I have made prove of profit to those who inay read them. is no animal iti the jungle that dare attack the oraiifr-outang except the python and the crocodile. At times,' when there is no fruit obtainable in the jungle, it wanders down to the rivers to search for palm shoots along their banks. Then it is the Dyaks relate how the crocodile will sometimes try and seize it- by the leg and drag it under the water and into the slimy mud below, but the orang- outang, according to their accounts, soon gets the best of the struggle, and the crocodile is either beaten to death with UP powerful arms and feet or torn to pieces. But on the other hand, it is seldom able to kill the python, who, with its deadly embrace, soon puts an end to the great manlike ape of Borneo. The Hotott Bnrlmrous. "This quarter is no good," said the barber. '•Why not?" "It has been shaved." "Hum'phl I guess you are right—if jou shared it.Y-N. Y. Sun. *lie 6nlfr ttn« Ever Printed— Can Ton Find the Wordt Tiiero Is it 8 Inch display advertisement In Mils paper tills week wlileli lias no two words nlilte except one word. The Same Is true ot each new one appearing each week from The Ur. Harter Medicine Co. This house places » "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them the name of tlie word, and tliey will return you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL MTHOGUAl'nS Of 8AMPI. j»*e u • "• » w ^^ pi •••JJ •• mmm^r enable the) dyspeptic to cat -whatever ( | Ho Trlshc.s. They cause the food to an• similiite anil nourish the body, E lve < appetite and develop flesh. Price, 85 ( _ U ""W' Exact Hizesliowu In border. POLISH IN THE WORLD, m M HUBUL SALE OF 3.000 TONS. A Box Containing a Monster Pudding, Causes Great Auxlety in Kusulu, Does anyone remember Bryon's famous plum pudding story? If so the Nikita plum pudding story may strike them as somewhat of a parallel. When staying at St. Petersburg for Christmas, seme English friends of the young singer, thinking to please her and regardless of the effects on her voice, sent her a monster plum pudding as a surprise. Imagine her amazement and trepiflition when it was announced in every morning paper that a largo box, supposed to contain an infernal machine, directed to the young singer, had been deposited at the nearest police station. A letter reached her from an authority—there are many authorities about in St. Petersburg—informing her that the police were chary of opening the box, fearing it might be • dangerous to their lives, but did she know of anyone valiant enough to attempt the deed, the box should be hers. , , .. . ,, Her impressario undertook to die in the attempt, and on arriving at the police station for that express purpose was somewhat relieved to find the huga package reposing quietly enough' m a tank of water. Now came the moment for the untying of the Gordian knot, and there reposed, wrapped in linen within an earthenware bowl, the pudding dearest to the heart of Englishmen on the 25th ot December as every year comes around. The police still refused to be satisfied, and insisted that the terrible thing might shroud a mysterious bomb. After a vast amount af probing and pronging, the pudding was at length conveyed to its destination, and both it and the joke were heartily enjoyed by the Nikita party. —Gentlewoman. To Bitty or to be Blaln. Whleh T To attack the dragon of dlwaseana annlhllaU him before hie deadly talon* grow, or to allow him to attain dangerous maturity and deitroy u»— that 1» the question Qt paramount importance to all afflicted with organic ailment*. Among thete, disorder* of the Wdaey» and Madder are of th» fatal order If unreftralned at the pnfcet. Their growth l« wWi t»« lr culmination deajh r -- *—"-*iass ^DOCTOR OF KXPiililBNQB. 'Jle MTabea a lifelong Krlend of a .-Patient '' Who Was Not Sick. ' When the doctor entered the room the man on the bed indicated by a motion of the hand that his wife should be sent outside. The physician, accustomed to many quper thiil'gs, contrived to send her away without any apparent 'design, and then the sufferer turned to him and said: "Doc, are you a married man?" ''Yes," replied tho man of prescriptions. "Ah!" sighed tho patient with evident relief, "then you'll understand." "Well?" queried the M. D., hoping to get at the real trouble in the case. "Perfectly^ Never was better in my life." This was something of a startler to the doctor, who had been called in,a great hurry, He •• retained'his nerve, however, and asked: ' "What did you call me for?" "Why, Jbecause I've got to be sick. It's this way, Doc. Last fall I made some fun of my wife's purchases, accused her of getting swindled, and told her to take me with her when she did her spring shopping. She took me up and made me promise to go, and yesterday she began to talk about starting out. I'd ratlier live on baled hay a week than go." "Uh, I see," interrupted the doctor, "you want to be sick until the .shopping is'done." "Exactly." "Well, how would grip or pneumonia do?" "Not at all. If she thought I was much sick she wouldn't leave my bedside. Give me something easy—something just hard eno ugh to keep me in the house and let me send her out. You advise her to go— tell her dhe needs air." The doctor "saw;" and made a lifelong friend. "Bob, did you evtr stop to think," said a grocer recently sis he measured out half a peck of potatoes, "that these potatoes contain sugar, starch and water?" "No, I didn't," replied the boy, "but I heard mother sav that you pu^ peas anc] beans in youi coffee and a pint ot water to every quart of milk you sold." Of General Interest. Q. Whatls Qypslnfl? A. Gypsine Is an everlasting wall finish, entirely different from all kalsomlna preparations. Q. How' is It more durable than kalao- miuo? A. It la made from a cement bue and grows hard on the wall with age. Q. How about kalsomlnesf A. They are but temporary, sottenlne after a short time, and have to bo washed and scraped off; In fact, spoil any walls to which they are applied, M they rub and scale. Q. Will not Gypsine rub mnd scale oft? A. No; when originally applied to A clean wall H is everlasting and can be recoated to bliange tints, or when necessary. Q. Is Gypsine injurious to the health? A. Unlike all poisonous wall paper hold held on with vegetable paste, or wliitlng and glue kalsomine, it is recommended by the leading physicians and sanitarians every- jwhere. Q. Ii It a fact that tho goods are In themselves & disinfectant? 1 A. It is. A package should always bu kept in the house, as it Is a great deodorizer and disinfectant. i Q. Ho wean it be used as a deodorizer? . f A. Throw a few spoonfuls of the dry powder Into your slop jars, vaults, sinks, etc.; It is cheap and effective. Q. Can anything but plain wall-tinting bo done with Gypsinel • A. Any kind of frescoing or relief decor, atlng can be done with It. Q. Where can I purchase It? A. 1'rom your local dealer. Q. How can I learn more about Gypsine V A. Write Diamond Wall Finish Co., Grand Rapids, Mich., for a copy of Gypsine Advocate and sample circular. ' Remember the name Gypsine and get tlie goods you, ask for, not something claimed as the lame thing, or just as good. You can follow directions and do-the work yourself. What To'Dp. If an insect crawls into''the ear, close the other with a finger, shut the nioutb and pinch the nose. The insect will crawl rapidly out. ;.;If a child pushes a bean,-kernel of corn or other obstruction into its nose, rub the nostril"with Scotch or other snuff .to provoke sneezing. 11 If anything gets into the little one's eye, a mother would not refuse to wipe ib out with her tongue when she hart learned that it would cause no irritation to do so. A writer In the Boston Transcript has flirured up that that heaven contain! 1,800,000,000 souls, against 6 population In hell of 175,000,000,000. _ ._ If afflicted with Sore Eyes use Dr. Isnca Thompson's Eye Water. Df ugglsja Bell It25o' A Florida flsli story tells of a shad, some twenty Indies long, which leaned from one stream to another, over a considerabla space of ground, In search of food. CnxoiN &Co., Plillndelnhin, Pa., will send, postpaid, for 2 Dobbins' Electric Soap wrappers and ten cents, any volume of "Surprise Series," (best authors), 25 cent novels, about 200 pages. Send 1 cent stamp for catalogue. A rug thirteen feet square and containing 350 stitches to the inch linsbeen sold in Loudon for nearly $5,000. NOBODT BUT A G0MP NEGLECTS A COUOH. Take some HALO'S UONEV OP HOUBUOUHD AND TAU iii&tanler. PIKE'S TOOTUAOHB DHOPS Curo In one minute. It IB said that Canada Is the only country In the world in which the military force is armed with tho old Snider rillcs. Military men of the dominion are urging tbe adoption of a more modern arm. Made to Look Like New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Qlovds, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, £10 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. "German Syrup My acquaintance with Bosclice'll' German Syrup was made about fourteen years ago. I contracted a cold which resulted in a hoarseness and cough which disabled me from fill- ling my pulpit for a number of Sabbaths. After trying a physician, without obtaining relief I saW the advertisement of your remedy and obtaitied'a bottle. I received quick and permanent help. I never hesitate to tell my experience. Rev. W. H. I-Iaggerty, Martinsville, N.J. 9 Tlie steel used by tho United States navy Is recommended by the Austrian society of engineers as tho best known in practical science. ONH of tho most sickening headaches la rausod by railroad traveling. Bradycrottna prevents and cures It. Of all Druggists. 60*. as tU« Itest. IX I/I! iUliS, Plymouth Co., la., May, 1889. I Buffered from temporary Bleepleiwnoaa from overwork for two yours, for which I used Pastor Koonig'B Nerve Tonic, and can recommend uunu M the beat medicine for similar troubles. • B. BOBNHOBST. Neb., October, 1890. About fonr years ago onr cow 20-year old daughter hod an epileptic fit after she had retired and about a year later sho had another such attack ; we could hardly believe that sho hod this torrible disease, "Epilepsy, 1 , 1 but when about three months later sho again had a fit we wero forced to beliero the fact that the dreaded malady had fastened upon her, and as we supposed a disease without a known remedy. About this time we read about Pastor Koenig*s Hervo Tonic, and wo concluded to try a bottle. God bo tlianksd, gho la cured. Mtt. ondjURS. IJSSOING. —A Valuable Book on Servoul DIsoiiBOa sent free to any address, and poor imtlonta can also obtain this modicino free of charge. This remedy has been prepared by the Bevorond Pastor KoonlK, of Port Wayuo, Ind.i since 1878, aim tsnow prepared under his direction by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Druggists at 1B1 per Bottle. 0 for SR e, ffit.75. 0 Bottles for SO. It Oarai Colds, Oontrbju 0«r*> Throat, < InfluenrH, AVlioopInc Coujth, Bronchi Acthniu. A certain cure (or Consumption In •tides, and o Burn relief In advanced stiiirei. »t onco. Ton will nen the excellent elleot i taking the Urgt dose. Bold by dttlin enmrl Krge bottles, to cent* and »U», W 'WT'< HABITS OF THK APE. How It Travels Among Trees—Animals ThatUiire Attack It. According to the San Francisco Chronicle it is a most interesting sight to watch an orang-outang make its way through the jungle. It walks slowly along the larger branches in a semi-erect attitude, this be- caused by the length of FITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline's, Great Nerve Restorer. No Fits after llrsl day's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and $2.00 trial bottle J'ree to Fit cases. Send'to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Phila., Pa. . Miss Hattie Diiy, of East -Bucksport, Me., has sold $30 worty of hraids made from her own hair, and yet she has abundant black tresses', three feet in length. BBBOHAM'B PILLS quickly cnre sick Lead- ache, weak stomach, impaired digestion, constipation, disordered liver, etc. An experiment In weaving silk by electric looms has been mode in Germany^ and tlie results encourage a return to manufacturing in the houses of tlie weavers. M. L. THOMPSON & CO., Druggists, Coudersport, Pa., say Hall's Catarrh Cure is the best and only sure cure for catarrh they ever sold. Druggists sell it, 75e, Berlin university is the third largest In the world. Paris,, with 9,215 students, and Vienna, with 0,220, are the larger; FREE It has been said by many who have visited our BHlcBroomB, that we have provided for the comfort of invalids more than for those In good health, which is probably the cnse, as wo ImveBtuuicd the wnntsof those who have been unfortunate for many years. In our catalogue, we describe imdillustrato avory largo assortment of Invalid Rolling Chairs with tho latest Improvements and conveniences, such as Steel Wheels with Rubber Tiros, Crank Pronellora, Extension Leg Rests, Detachable Handle Bars lor Pushing, Writing Desk, Canopy Shades, &c. . We are also manufacturers of Bicycles, Baby Coaches, Refrigerators. Office Desks, &c., and »r« offering liberal discounts to the trade. Name good* desired and Catalogue will be sent. The Laxative Gum Drop. An Agreeable Substitute for Pills. Safe. Certain. Pleasant. I0c a box for small size. 25ca box for large size, If your druggist will not order them for you, write to us. SYLVAN REMEDY CO., Peoria, III. CO., aai, asa, ssts North siu Mt« P1IU.ADKI.P1IIJ) .CYCLES OF THR HIGHEST QRADi Bacon and Boadgt.rB.Ladlei'and denti'. Finest Line In the Weit. Writ, for Catalogue. Agutt Wanted. Excluriv* Ttnitory. UuM&ctnren'Price*. T. D. GANSE. Importer and Xllim, Afent, 608 State St., CHICAGO. PAT E N T S • ** i »*• • • • ** MUII.TO., D .0. P KNSIONS — Due nil X disabled. $2 fee for Increase. 26 years *z-| perlenoe. Write for laws. A, W. MoOonMIOK & BOMB, WASHINGTON, IX O. and OIHOINKATI, 0. , BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE. The Family Wash Blue, for Bale by Grocers. Prm-ulla with Its moat enervating and discouraging elleot In spring nnd Burly euramor, when the days grow warmer and the toning effect o£ the cold air IB pone. Hooil's Barsuparilla upeedily overcomes "that tired feeling," whether caused by change ot climate, fioRsou or life, by overwork or Illness, and Impartl • feeling of strength, comfort and Bolf-confldeno*. Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures where other preparations fall. Be sure to fet Hood's Sareaparlllft. It Is Peculiar to Itself. Ilootl'H I'llls cure liver ills, constipation, biliousness, jaundice, sick headache. CHEAPER THAN BARB WIRE. I U.IUOISKIH, ilii^loii, 1>. O. , 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. I Late Prmclpal Examiner U.S. Fenalou Bureau. 1 3 yru In last war, 15 adjudicating claims, ntty Blnco. y the bWu. ino . , , tho beet im'illo.Ino known (or Ijllious- neijg, constipation, dyspepsia, foul breath, headache,incnluJ depression, painful digestion, bad complexion, and all diseases caused by failure of the stomach, liver or bowels to per- 11 form tlioir proper functions. Ferrous given to over- Seating are benefited by taking one after each meal. • Price, $2; sample, 16c. At Dnuwlsta, or sent by mall. • Rlf INS CHEMiOAL CO., wTpruoe St., New York., »•••»•»•••••••••••••>•••••••••»•* WANTED e or all ua'diort Who lll>lM«nt<J£tIe<l U lOHf number of ucriiKthau 100 and uAUiEre'FE A r\c MOSEB, P.O.BO HOMESTEADS. vft*,i>*»T«r,a«i* HUMANE, STRONG, VISIBLE, ORNAMENTAL. ing i be shortness of its legs. It invariably selects those branches which intermingle with those of a neighboring .tree, on approaching which, it stretches out its long arms and, grasping the boughs opposite, seems first to shake them as if to test their streagth, and then deliberately swings itself across to the next branch, which it walks along as before. - ,' It does not jump or spring as monkeys usually do, and never appears to hurry itself unless some real danger presents. Yet, in spite of its apparently slow movements, it gets along far quicker than a person running through the forest beneath. Various stories are told about its huge dimensions and great height, but I have never seen one over four feet high iron; head to heei and from seven to eight feet, measuring from finger to finger across the outstretched arms, ihe wittWJ of the fece varying in measurement from eight to twelve inches, though tfer ftc,9pwttts of larger ajumals hajjpg been njet wift ujay HSprrfeg^^ ' vwr maim, wm. LOVELL DIAMOND CYCLES Cents, In PneymatleCMshlon and golld Tire* Oi»mon(l Fc*me', Sto«| Pub Forglng»,8tHl T Tublne,Ad]uit»ble Bull Bttrlngi t« »ll running putl, Inpliiding Pedfli. Su'ipeniton Saddle. ~ Strictly Bfffff gJSWPflifo Every Fjtrttwlve, III)a. people who have weuk lungtior.Aath- Piso's Cure for It ha». thpmemu. it has KQtlnjur- ti^&gssW&iSP* RELIEVES all Stomach Dlntrea*. REMOVES Nausea, Seuw of CONOKRTIOH, PAIK. REVIVES FAIUHO ENERGY. RESTORES Kormal Clrculatiao. (OB WABM» TO TOK TIPS, M. HAITEfi MEDICINE CO.. St. Lodt.Wi Kennedy's Medical Discovery Takes hold in this order: Bowels, Liver, Kidneys, Inside Skin, Outside Skin, Driving eTMtythtaMi twtar. It MM M0tf to be out You know whether you need it or not. •old by ,very druggls*, and miB«faat«iwt 19 DONALD KENNEDY, ROXBU R Y, MAM. who has $900 to $1,800 to invest' A T KIN I in can secure a good steady job la I 11111 I LII B Manufacturing Go. who do their owu printing. One who has had tour or ur*l years, or more, experience at small press und Job work is what Is w.uled. Address W. T. KOIIIN- »OK, 117 Mala St., JaimnvUle. Wt». ' m m FAT FOLKS REDUCED -rlteaj ' 105, Co., 111.' ISM. Nature's Herbal Remedies, "Out of each nook bi/cHngleand Iroot The healing oloasomi lean and look." Mr. O. v. Sirovru'* Orent JSxternal Rowdy HERBAL OINTMENT, reaches dlscwie through the porei, urpuees qiroulutlon, heals inflammation, buniBhe) pain, ?6g Druggists or by mail, it Gruud St., Jerwy Oltjr, N.J.

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