The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINES, ALGON A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 V 1891. Copyright, 1890. * " . He who waits for an inactive liver to do it^work, exposes himself to all the diseases that come from tainted blood. Don't wait! Languor and loss_of appetite warn you that graver ills are close behind. You can keep them from coming; yon can cure them if they've come—with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It's the only blood and liver medicine that's guaranteed, in every case, to benefit or cure. Your money back if it doesn't. Thus, you only ay for the good yon get. Can you more? 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We give him a flsh, Instead of a serpent, Ere folding the him la to be and abide Forever and aye in dnst at his Bide? Look at the roses saluting each other; Look at the herds all at peace on the plain; Man and man only, makes war on his brother, And laughs in his heart at his peril and pain; Shammed by the beasls that go down on the plain. It ID worth while that we battle to humble Some poor fellow-soldier down into the dust? God pity us all! efteoon will tumble All of us together like leaves In a gust, Humble indeed down into the dust. HIS FlUST CLIENT. Capital! capital!" said a chorus of laughing voices, as Mr. Stanmore, Q. C., finished a legal anecdote he had been telling, and rounded it neatly off with the rolling laugh of the professional raconteur. There was no doubt that Mr. Stanmore was enjoying himself. He was an overworked barrister—barristers usually are overworked unless they are starving; there is apparently no middle course—and it was extremely pleasant to him to come down for an absolute change of scene and ideas to Lady Dugdale's country house in Berkshire. Most of the party had already heard the story he had just told. In fact, if the truth were known, it was rather a well worn one, even to the extent of having appeared in more than one legal bio- graph, but it was greeted with none the feus hearty applause for that. The listeners at the farther end of the room, who had not quite caught the point, and some who had caught the point without having heard the beginning, laughed as is the wont of those deaf ones, still more strenuously than the rest. "What a delightful store of anecdotes you must have, Mr. Stanmore!" said the hostess, smilling at him from behind her silver tray. "U, no doubt I've come across many queer things in my titue," said Staninore, pouring cream into his tea, with an air of unctious enjoynitmt. "How I should like to have some of them," said Mrs. Meredith, a young widow, who, thought her intentions toward Mr. Stanmore were strictly slatonic, was certainly making the most of the few days she was passing in his agreeable society. ''Oh, thay'll come out by degrees," said said Mr. Stanmore; you mustn't have too many of them at a time." "No; we must be patient," said Lady Dugeale. Don't let us run through all our property at once." "But you must not forget," said a youth who was standing with his back to the fireplace, "that Mrs. Clanmoris is coming presently, and alter that we shall not be allowed to listen to any festive stories—in the drawing room, at any rate." "Mrs. Clanmoris! Who is she?" said Slanmorj. A chorous of various epithets answered him; "She is so very particular; so very straight-laced; so intensely respectable; BO extremely decoious." "But still, I don't know," said Stanmore, with a twinkle in his eye, "why you are assuming that my stories are not likely to be fit for the ears of the straight- laced and decorous." "That's true; 1 don't know why we need," said Lady Dugdale, laughing. "Only that one imagines," said Mrs. Meredith, "that a barrist-r must be constantly listening to dark revelations of the most hideous crimes," "Hideous crimes," said the young man on the rug. "Mrs. Clanmoris wouldn't like that." "What tine is shp coming?" said an other. "I suppose by the 5 o'clock train," said Lady Dugdale. ''She promised to let me know, but she has' not done so." '•Suppose in that case we •were to ad- jour^ t^> the billiard room until it is time to dress for dinner?"'said one of the younger members -of the party; and they all troope 1 out, filling the hall and passages with the noise and' laughter, as they passed ^'ottg- Lady Dugdale and Mrs. Meredith remained,sitting over the fire with Stanm^e, who was • much .top com- fortablhiti? uioye.. " ;;t • ;V: '-";'\ .".. At this moment a servant came. in. with a telegram.' i ; '• ' V . f ':.•'.' ; "Shall b'e.wiiii .v6u'b'y : 5:12 trftin,"Lady Dugdale rea4 aloud. /"Will-take a fly from-station.-, Clanmoris." '.'5:151" said Mrs. Merei'ith, as the servant left ; the^qom. .;' . "Yes; she;will be here in a quarter pf an hour," said'-. Lady Dugdale. "So yciur petite cJttoniijiie dcandaletme," she added, smiling at S.lanmore, "'will have to be of the most rapid and sketchy descridtion, if we are to enjoy any of it before her her arrival." "But this is positively awful," said Stan- inors, "to be called upon for a story at the sword's point in this way! I feel as if I were in the 'Arabian Nights,' and should have my head cut off if I cannot produce one." "One!'you can surely tell us one," said M™. Meredith,'imploringly, with a most telling glance of entreaty." "You need not tell us the names, you know, so that it can't possibly matter to anyone," said Lady Dugdale.. "Tell us something thrilling that really happened to yourself." Mrs. Meredith went on: "Has some thickly veiled mysterious lady never came to your chambers and told you some dark story of crime?" "Of course," said Lady Dugdale.""! am sure that must have happened often." "Now you mention it';"' said Stanmore, laughing, "It has happened to me, but not quite so often as you eeem to think, Lady Dugdale—only once in my recollection." "Once? but that once is enough," cried Mrs. Meredith. "0, quickly tell us about it before those people come!" "Yes, said Lady Duedale, "I don.t think Mrs. Clanmorris could bear to hear of a lady thickly veiled; she wouldn't think that at all nice. She would like to be told of alandy with a thin vei| with black spots — ; —-" "Not large ones," interjected Mrs. Meredith. "No, small spots," said Lady Dugdale, "between which her respectability could be clearly seen—a black silk gown and a solemn bonnet,; "Well, I believe she had on a black silk gown and a bonnet," said Stanmore. "Sh^—who? 0, hpw franta'izipg you are!" said Mrs. Meredith; "do go on with it," "Yes. Now, begin at the beginning and go on to the end," said Lady Dugdale." "End? There is no end to it. dear ladies," said Stanmore; "that's the worst of this srqry- it only ha j a beginning," "0, this sounds better and better," cried Mrs. Meredith. "Come, now, when was it? how long ago?" "How long atfo? Ah! a long time," saui Stanmore, reflecting, "Let me see. * * * 30—no, nearer 35—years i'go. I was not much over 20." The two women exchanged glances of amusement as they saw him fairly embarked upon the story. "My uncle James Stanmore," the mar- rator went on, "was a barrastor, a most successful one—a man who had the reputation of father confessor, almost among the people who knew him—full of tnct sympathyjand dircretion as well as firmness and decision. Just as 1 left Oxford 1 was at his chambers one winter's afternoon, waiting for him to come in, when there was a hurried knock at the outer door. 1 opened it and a woman—a shrouded female figure, I believe that is the consecrated term—came hurriedly into the office. "Mr. Stanmore?" "That is my name" 1 said. "But," she said apparently taken aback, "you are so very young—." "1 suppose it was my uncle James Staninore, you expected to see," I replied. "Yes is was; it was indeed. 1 want to see him in particular. How soon will he be in?" "1 really haven't an idea," I said. > "0!" she cried distractedly, "what shall I do?" "Can I give him any message?" I said, "or will you write a letter?" "No, no, I won't write," she said incoherently; "I want to see him myself—to tell him about it and ask his advice. 0! what ehall I do!"and she covered her face with her hands." "How thrilling!" murmured Mrs. Meredith. "I was ihrilled," said Mr. Stanmore, "for, besides having n thick veil, she stood with her back to the window, and the room was growing darker every moment. For one moment she stood silent; then, conscious perhaps, that I had no means of identifying her, she said: '1 will tell you. I must have some advice, some BJ-apathy; but, mind, I am counting on your silence and discretion." "I need not say," 'said Staninore again with a twinkle in his eye, "with what fervor I swore to obey her commands. She then, in a low and hurried voice told mo her tale, which was certainly a piteous one enough. She had. left her homo during her husband's absence—left her home and her child as she thought, forever. Then, suddenly, on the eve of quitting England, she had realized—partly, at any rate—the full horror pf the future stretching before her, and, with a desperate idea of, at all events, becoming tho legal wife of the man with whom she had cast her lot, she inn do up_her mind to turn to my uncle, of whose wise and understanding kindness she had heard, and find out from him if it were possible to become free from the husband she had left." "Of course it was not," said Lady Dugdale, sotto uoice. "Of course not," said Stanmore; "so much I knew even then. I told her so, and I am told that, unless her husband chose to take steps, she was powerless to regain her freedom. She was staggered i,_ii, ,11 ..> -. 11- •••• • " iflllcttd trtth Sore BJTM, me Dr. IMM r by the blow. -Are you quite sure ot thn • , Thompson 1 * Eye W»ter. Drugglsu sell It SBe. | she asked "Absolutely certain. li — _..- ! replied. And then, in a burst i Th« great man i« hft who doe* not !•§« of impassioned eloquence," Stanmore w * chUd-hetrt went. on, "in which could | ~rM«iih*i,.,i I.S.-VA| doubtless be diserned the germs of, _ ' that forensic eloquence afterward so justly Dresses n.M.U'* Cloililinr, f^ti...-™. Gloves, IS™',,/ p i l r beforp h r-p r 7 p H by *' S&"M 5uo c iS; D« V^trsitl know not whatpassw.mtprogret nt seeinir j W . Wnter St, Milwaukee. Send for 6ircu- her young life destroyed—the future, the - 'German Syrup" only future for which she could hope, and implored her to go back to her home while there was yet time. Her husband was not to return till the nest day, so that the evil she had done was not past redemption.; as far as his pence of mind and her fair JRHIO were concerned. She listened in silor.ce. then burst into a torrent, of tears. "Thank you," she said, as she turned toward the door. "In spite of your youth and inexperience; you have done mo a service tonight which t shall never forget,. I HCS> you are prepared to follow in your uncle s footsteps. I have been told that he is a wise, good man." "My modesty, which has always been excessive," said Stnn- moro with a smile, "was somowlmt abashed at t.his, and, in order to turn it off, I said lightly, "Oh. ye?. I'm going to bo a barrister, too, some day; in fact, I feel as if I had begun my career tonight—you are my first, client." She held out her hand to me silently and went away. 1 ' "And then?" said Mrs. Meredith, eagerly. "That's all," said Stanmore. "I know nothing more." "Nothing more?" said Lady Dugdale. "Did you ever hear of her again?" "Never," said Stanmore; "never saw her or heard of her. And if 1 had I could not have recognized her features, which 1 never saw; or her voice, which was hoarse and strangled with sobs; or her name, which 1 never ncard. So I am afraid that now-1 must make up my mind that the story is to be forever unfinished. I have told you all t am ever likely to know of it." "And just in time," said Lady Dugdale, as a pealing ring at the hall boll sounded through the house. "There she is," said Mrs. Meredith. The butler threw open the drawing room door and announced morris." • Lady Duadale, after -welcopH effusively, proceeded to make hb. to the rest of tho party. Mrs. Clan. .<g acknowledged Mrs. Meredith's how xv- ^ measured graciousness; then, as Lady Dugdale pronounced Stanmore's name a very unexpected thing took place. For the first time in the memory of the cou •- try'did Mrs. Clanmorris' manner alter; that luminous atmosphere of serenity that surrounded her showed traces of disturbance, revealing dark spots underneath, like) those of sun. AVhat had happened? A sudden wave of memory, of gratitude, had s vept over her. Moved by an irresistible impulse, she put out her hand and murmured some agitated words which, in the dead silence, were distinctly audible to the amazed listeners: "Mr. Stanmore! Can it bo you? I was your first client!" Mrs. Clan.,.,. " ' FITS.—All Fits Btonport froo by Dn.KLlNK's Gnr.AT NEBVE RKBTOIIKK. No Filn uflor flrntdny'» UBS. Mnr- Tellous euros. Trontlso niul fc'J.UO trial Ijottlo froe to Fit casei. Snnd to Dr. Kllnn, 1131 Arnh St., 1'hllci., Pa. Washington took the oath of oflleo ns first, president of the United States April 80, 1789, on the balcony o£ Federal Hall, New York city. The oath was' administered by Chancellor Livingston. Hood's s the bout medicine to take In thu spring. Posaesaing just those powers to purify the blood, oreute nn upputlle unil build up the Byxte'm, which nearly everybody uoeils, Hood's Snrenpnrllln la the ideal Spring Moihcino. Be sure to got Hood's, and only Hood's. 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WINTER RESORT, Jacksouvllle, Fla. Open December to May Bourd $1.00 per dsr. One hundred pleaBant roomn at $vl por week, etch noruon. F. U. ORYI8. WINTER KKSORT, 1'Hlulku. Fla. Board $1.00 pur day. One hundred ploantnt rooms at $21 per weak, each person, , An abundant supply' of soft water. K. 0. * W. F. ORYI8, Manager*. DOU8 NOT TAKHN. THE EQUINOX HOUSE, MANCHEBTBR, VEKMONT. A delightful Summer Beaort among the Oreen Mountain*, 200 intl» uoi-th of New York, 200 miloi northweit of liotton, 60 miles north of Troy, 80 milei south of Itutland and 50 uilleu uortheabt of Saratoga, on the UeuuiiiKtou and Itutlund Hallway, midway between New York and Montreal, Through drawing-room and sluupiug can from N«w York via Uudnou lilver rallroud. F. u. on vis. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 187a W. BAKEE & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which the rxcens of oil hue boon removed, Jn ubaotutcli/ purv and it is volublo. No Chemicals M lire used in ltd prepurution. It 1ms more than three time* the strfiij/t/t. of C'ocou mixed with Slurtli, Arrowroot or Sugar, oud la therefore fur more ceo- i. uoinlcul, tostbuj lent than one Icentaciip. Itiudc'litiouB.nijur- ^ I ishlug, jitrvnstUcnlug, u^siwi , aud admirably adapted for invalids i M for per»on» lo health. Groow» blanks 4c to dc por roll, (jllltn tic por mil. ICui- boaBOd (Jills Me por roll. Tim llnuHlpui'lnr pnporH will) IH Inch I'rle/.i! to AT WHOLESALE PRICES. li you USD wiill imporuonol , full totuiml lOu for mini ploHOi KlirliiKpntturiiH. luimninta* towivuyuii money. Whlt« nmtnli Kcpor mil uml upward. AI.FItl'l> IM'.ATU, Wall J.'ni>tr Murcliuut, H7-HU \V. JlaUUiuimt,Chicago? Ono t\vo-ouiim hultloor Pur« VftHtiUue, • Dim two-minc« lioulo of VuHolInu 1'umnila, Una jar of Vnvnllnu (lulil Orniiin ..... Dun Ciiknnf Vni-Hllini (inimiliiir Inn, - • • roil A O^IC-IHH.I.AIl llll,lj»nt ul by mnl wo will tlnllvur, fi«n of nil oliurKiin, to nny |)«r«ou IB (lie linltuil Kt«t<n, nil of llle following arllclsii, oar*, fully pnxknil: 10 otik' 1ft " 16 " , 10 " On* (!iili« uf ViiBiilInn Hemp, iiii»i'i)iil.ii(l, - 10" ()n«('iik«ur Vui.nlIin>Kuii|i,«<iiil>iluilj!n>«iitoil,2,1 " On« uvo-ouncB b(tt.I.lM of Wliltw Viutillne, - ' - 26 " fl.10 Or fnr iinHtttye atfiniftn tiny Hltiylt urtk'leat tlit prlca nfiint'it. On no account \tf. jitrmuttlfd to ut-cA^t froW l/onr iit'itt/t/lxt itny VtiKt'tlnn tir ]>i'rf>(irnlitni ttitro* from nnlei/i with our tiaint, lieeuiutr you will certainly receive nn Imitation uililt'h lids Mitt or ' ~ ()lii)Hubrciii|;h M ff. Co., 24 Stale St., N. A -SIIIIW-TH by an Assess- uipnt Order paying: $100.00 iii nix months at on CHtin united cost of $-11.00. Reputable,non anil women can secure liberal com* • [MsiiKMli'in. Addro-s, M. MclNTYIlB, . (Sn|iuMiio MumiKitr, No. 1028 Street, . I'liiliululpliia, l'n., Did you ever have UV nlliT Ihia :imminl fur n Original Advertising Novelty to (he man in- totutiiM, liny or Kli'l, who shiill iluvlst 1 Ihu hoht oriKhnilliv In iiilvrrliM; RIDGE'S FOOD Fur liil'unu niul limiliilniu I'Vi'ryliniiivlii Anu>r!ca, Fur I'lirtlHT liiMnictliuib mlilrus.i AilvtrUttlni,' lA'p't r . WOOL-RICH 6- C°.,PALMER, MASS. Mrmtion tho name of Ihiu papur when you wvitti. " NO MORE DOCTORS FOR ME ! They mild 1 \vus consumptive, sent mo to Florida, told mo to koop quiet, no" excitement, and no tennis. Just thiiik'oCitt Onoduy I found u littlo book called 'Guide to Health,' by Mrs. I'iiilUmin, and in it I found out wluit tiiliul mo. So J wrpto \v> her, got a lovoly reply, told me just wlint t« do, and I am in splendid health now." oonquors nil those weaknesses ami ailments so prevalen t among women, uml restores i>er- • foot huultli. All Druggists sell it as a sta,n<Uirtl urtf- cle, or sent by mail, in form of Pills or Ix>zonges, on receipt of $}.QO.

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