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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 1
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois • Page 1

Herald and Reviewi
Decatur, Illinois
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ATUR Vol. 96-No. 174 DECATUR, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY. JULY 25, 1975 2 Sections 1 5 CENTS ERALD Esrt Apollo Era of Space Arms Sales to Turkey Fails to Pass House Exploration Concludes Aboard USS Netr Orieirs (AP) ar-d the days tn row ahead. Three astronauts returned safely to earth Thursday after a voyage in orbit with Soviet cosmonauts. The splashdown ended the Apollo era of space to close U.S. bases in Turkey." Others said Turkey violated U.S. aid laws in its invasion of Cyprus and that resuming arms aid would set a dangerous precedent. If passed, the bill would have permitted transfer of $185 million in weapons Turkey had contracted for before Feb. 5. exploration. fl 4st iii -try. AAA A A A A A A t-i7 A- A ri Washington (AP) The House rejected President Ford's effort to resume arms sales to Turkey Thursday as opponents argued his plan would be submission to blackmail. After the 223 to 206 vote, Ford said the decision "can only do the most serious and irreparable damage to the vital national security interests of the United He said it will affect not only "normally excellent relations" with Turkey and its NATO alliance but also U.S. efforts to Thus endd a space voyage cf irtercational cooperaton. cf new scientific exploration of the universe and the finale to a pioneering age for the spacecraft system whuh first carried man to the rr n. "It was so much fun lie pal nine da vs. sad Slavtnn. a man who waited 16 vears his first srwwT tnp. "I Yu't tn go kick to work Brand, amitlr spc r'-, told the shiptard crowd: "I 'v all the years what Astronauts Thomas I Stafford. Vance I). Brand and Donald K. "Dekr" Shtyton n-de their Apollo craft through a long bUiir.g arc across JKS -TyA A A A U. On that day. Congress cut off all U.S. military aid to Turkey because of its invasion of nnd down safely at 4 20 m. CUT. CO miles west of Pearl HarW, Hawaii. "Kvrthirf nl rrnA Cyprus. In effect, the bill would lift Congress' embargo on cash and dav would be It is a great fcelirg." Stafford said. was a great ending to the Apollo project" The astronauts Apollo craft credit weapons sales to Turkey but continue the ban on grants of military aid. In his statement, Ford said he hoped the House would "reconsider its failure to act affirmatively." But Rep. William S. Broom-field of Michigan, ranking Republican on the House International Relations Committee, said he sees no other alternative for getting a com reach a settlement between Greece and Turkey over the Cyprus issue. Ford had made a last -minute appeal in a letter to the House, pledging to seek a settlement of Cyprus dispute. Opponents argued that Ford was submitting to "blackmail" by not pressuring Turkey to reduce its occupation forces on Cyprus in exchange for the arms sales. They said he was worried about Turkish threats Soviet leader I. Brezhnev sent a telegram ef congratulations to Kord that said "the flight of the Sovut and Apol'io spaceships ii tf historic as a symbol of the current progress of easing of ir.tematrcal and improvement of Sov iet S. relations on the cf the principles cf peaceful existence." Apollo's final return to earth from space was Caw less. was lowered by crane to the deck of this prime recovery ship only 40 minutes after it splashed. The astronauts, dressed in rust colored space suits and wearing baseball -style caps, looked haggard but walked jauntily and snapped smart salutes at white -uniformed naval officers. t.7 -Jjf 4 HjjMM' promise. President Ford, in a ca.l to the snip from the Wh.te H'-usc. told the spacemen that their mission "adds a new dimension to international cooperation and this is extremely important Soviets May Need Even More Grain Washington (AP) The Soviet Union's drought Council Vote Extends Life Of U.N. Force By The Associated Press The United Nauocs Security A LATE-MODEL car lies on the street in downtown Canton, Senate Vote Extends Parts Of Voting Act Washington (AP) The Senate passed a bill Thursday night extending key 111.. Thursday with a 15-foot- long pole driven through its Lightning Strikes 13 Two Women Killed Crews Search for More Tornado Victims in Canton engine block. The damage was the result of a tornado that swept through Canton Wednes Datterea grain crop nas continued to deteriorate and may Congress Will Receive New Energy Plan Washington (AP) President Ford will send Congress today a com Council voted IJ-0 Thursday to extend the mandate cf day evening. Rochester. N. Y. (API force Moscow to import 20 million metric tons from other Twelve children and an adult he U.X. buffer force in S-ai or another three months, ur.t treated for injuries after a twister slammed into the com Canton, III. AP) National Guardsmen and countries to make up deficits, Union Stops the Agriculture Department Oct 24. munity of 15.000. shearing off The vote on the resolutxn said Thursday. state troopers patroled this sealed off town in west cen housetops, mangling The figure is five million tons extending the life the U.N". automobiles, snapping trees above previous estimates. Emergency Force lUNEKl promise energy plan under which domestic oil prices would and felling power lines. tral Illinois on Thursday as crews searched to see if there were more victims of a tornado that left two women dead. Aid to Canton Springfield, 111. (API The International positioned between Egyptian and Israeli trorps had been Five persons were arrested be allowed to rise to $11.50 a barrel over a 39-month period. for looting, and Mayor Robert delayed by a dispute over congressional sources said counselor from a day camp group were struck by " Thursday at a city park leaving three teen-aged girls critically injured, authorities reprtcd. The group had left a swimming pool, closed when a thunderstorm appeared, and headed for a play area in the park, police said. Some children were playing on a metal "jungle gym contraption, others were in a sandbox and several under a tree when the bolt struck, officers said. wording. Thirteen parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act for 7 years and expanding its protections against discrimination to language -minority groups. It also would make permanent a ban on literacy tests and similar devices for the qualification of voters. The measure will have to go back to the House because of Senate amendments. Sen. John Tunney, floor manager of the bill, read a letter from Rep. Peter Rodino, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Don Edwards, the bill's chief House Jennings ordered an 8:30 pm curfew. Brotherhood of Electrical Thursday. were others persons and 59 China and Iraq 6A not hospitalized Workers Local 702 abandoned Authorities said hundreds of Ford also will propose a tax participate in the vote, keeping with their usual prac work on restoring electric homes and businesses were on tne windfall proms tnat tice on UNEF. destroyed. They estimated the service to tornado stricken Canton Thursday and renewed would be generated by such a price increase, they said. The The council act wo came less damage in millions of picket lines at job a Cen dollars. proposal was expected to call A report by the department's Foreign Agriculture Service put the Soviet grain crop at 185 million tons, the smallest since 1972 when Russia was forced to buy massive amounts of grain from the United States and other countries. Officials said that because of worsening drought conditions, the new estimate in Soviet grain production was lowered 10 million tons from one made earlier this month. The new estimate was 14.2 per cent short of the Soviet Union's 1975 grain production goal of 215.7 million tons, including wheat, barley, oats, corn and miscellaneous crops. than six hours before the midnight expiration cf the mandate, and was made by Many or tnose nurl came tral Illinois Public Service Co. spokesman said. for a 90 per cent tax on such Veterans Bill Sent to Ford Washington (AP) Senate passage by voice vote rom Morton's Manor trailer profits. court. Those killed, both A spokeswoman at Rochester According to J. Paul Wade. a last minute ccm promise reached between the United residents of the court, were The money from the tax would Northside Hospital said three CI PS vice president of public sponsor, saying they would recommend House acceptance Mattie Sprague and Dorothy girls, twn IS years old and one States and Egypt be earmarked so that most of it would go back to the general relations, union crews of outside electrical contractors McCann. 14. suffered severe burns and of the Senate amendments. Thursday sent to President Ford a bill providing increases shock and were being treated Telephone service was spot honored the picket lines set up public in the form of income tax rebates or reductions, but in an intensive-care unit. ty. Striking members of the about noon. The main" amendment limits the extension provisions to seven years. The House pro of 10 to 12 per cent in payments for two million veterans She said Rochester Northside International Brotherhood of the oil companies would be allowed to deduct a portion of Supervisory and nonunion had four other injured victims. Electrical Workers acreed disabled in military vided for a 10-year extension personnel of CI PS continued after talks with officials to take inducting a male the tax if they plowed the pro- service. when it passed the bill June restoration of electric service counselor. Genesee Ikspilal Present department esti down picket lines and work to tits bacK into domestic exploration for oil and produc It is more than double the 5 mates point to record U. S. and massive cleanup efforts. restore service. had two children in satisfactory condition and SL Mary's per cent cost of living in Wade said. He said many of wheat and corn crops this year tion. Graham Hospital, the police station, a radio station and City Hospital listed four children in crease the administration pro those workers had been trying to restore service continuously which, officials have said previously, would provide Democrats were understood good condition. posed, but tne re was no in Kail had to rely on power sup to be insisting that 85 per cent dication Ford would veto it since Wednesday morning. enough to meet exports and plied by emergency I ne youngest era id, onty slightly hurt, was 3 jears The resolute text the council members and Egypt agreed on privately Wednesday rjght had the council "express satisfaction wr.h" Egypt's eleventh hour consent Wednesday in respnse l- an appeal made by the council to days earlier. Subsequently, di I a reported. Egypt demanded the phrase "expressing appreciation for its consent but the United States hekl cct against that. Israel was against either one. Finally, at Egypt's -ggcs-tioti, the United States agreed on a phrase "expressing satisfaction for the Egyptian reply to the appeal The resolution, already on the table, was revised accordingly just before the voting. of the yield would go back to domestic demands without Members of IBEW Local 702, The bill's first year cost would generators. old. who have been on strike since be $4.9 million. seriously affecting American taxpayers and the plowback provision would apply to the The winds were so powerful they drove a 15-foot wooden 4. The House could accept the amendments or ask the Senate for a conference to work out a compromise before the law expires Aug. 6. The original act was designed to prevent denial of voting rights on account of race or color, and it has been cited frequently as the most effective civil rights legislation ever passed. It has brought dramatic increases in black voting and the election of black officials in the South. midnight July 6, set up picket consumer prices. Meanwhile, Chairman Vance other 15 per cent. lines shortly after the tornado The department announced MCCOVERN WONT RUN Washington (AP) Hartke, of the Senate beam through the engine block of an auto, splitting the front of that in view of large Soviet hit about I p.m. Wednes The price ceiling would be Veterans Affairs Committee, the car in two. day. gram import requirements it After hearing from top aides subject to a future escalator After negotiations through has asked export firms to ad wrote 16 federal agencies, including the State Department, from his 1372 presidential provision allowing increases The tornado, the worst in Illinois this year, was spawned the night involving Canton vise department officials before campaign. Sen. George with inflation, sources said. demanding to know why they in a storm that buffeted much beginning negotiation of large have failed to submit by June Such a compromise would export sales of grain to of the state with high inds and Mcuovern reamrmM on Thursday that he will not make another bid for the White House Mayor Robert Jennings, union representatives and state and CI PS officials, picket lines were removed about 5 a.m. 30, as required by law, action mean tnat tne administration Russia. battered some sections with plans for hiring disabled would accept the idea of a cap in 1976. veterans. on the rise in oil prices, which Good Morning it had previously resisted, and TODAY'S WEATHER for The increased compensation payments" would be effective would agree to a longer phase Astronauts Make Discovery hail. Rtltted Story on Pgt Tornado Kills 14 Persons In Quebec in period, ord original pro Related Stories on Page 8 Retail Beef Prices Soar to Record Levels Washington (AP) Central Illinois: Mostly sunny and less humid. Highs in the Aug. 1. posal was for a 30-month mid or upper 80s. Tonight fair inc bin includes increases oi period. ana cooler, law in me low or 12 per cent in dependency and mid 60s. indemnity compensation paid Space Center, Houston (API The Apollo astronaut. have cprned a new field of astronomy by discovering a sourre of ultra violet radiation St. Bonaventure, Que. (AP) Saturday, mostly sunny and warm. High in the mid or up Retail beef prices soared to widows of veterans who died of service connected disabilities. record levels last month, and A tornado swept through thin Two Alternate Jurors Picked For Trial per 80s. INDEX outside the solar rvstem. the trend appeared to continue in early July despite some Central 111. Scene Page 16-17 leveling off of farm livestock Classified 18-23 prices, according to Comics 18 Crossword 18 Agrculture Department figures. Dear Abby 11 Editorials 6 won't know until they anal) 7c from the returning Jiwcrrafl what cause the extreme ultraviolet radiation. TVy know that the area, in the corvtrl jition Oma rfwices. includes a "white dwarf' an old. dying star. The Apollo astronauts pointed their uistrurnents at four suspected sources of extreme ultraviolet emissions. The first three produced nothing. Prof. C. S. Bower of the University of California at Berkeley the principal scientists on the experiment said the fourth target was selected because of two intriguing observations. List Novern'ier. a rvlet flight a X-ray ourre" in that poctKi of th sky. month a Ma5crhuvtts injrtitu'e of Technology saw name sire fxirce in the Mme area. "So that was a candidate locked Uke it ws pctectiaUy an intriguing thrtg. Bowyer said. "In fact, that one turned out to be the one that blew cs cfj the paneL "It just came booming out at us just as we locked at the data as it came across the console. Computers Ln Mission Control hai been programmed to alert the experimenters to just such a discovery. The department said retail FORD RECEIVES SHIP'S WHEEL Washington (AP) President Ford said the rescue of the American freighter Mayaguez was significant for all the people of the world as he was presented the wheel from the ship Thursday. In ceremonies in the Oval beef prices in June averaged a town miles northeast of Montreal on Thursday evening, killing at leat 14 people and destroying dozens of houses, police reported. A Quebec provincial police spokesman said 15 to 20 homes were completely destroyed, while other houses, commercial buildings and the Roman Catholic church in the center of town were badly damaged. He said several persons were injured, but the final toll was not known. Police and rescue crews from neighboring towns Farm 8 Jacobys on Bridge 11 record of nearly $1.58 a pound on an all cut basis, up 10 cents The importance of the discovery is yet to be determined, but it could uncover new secrets of the universe. "We have made definite confirmation of an extreme ultrav iolet source outside of our solar system which is the first time such detection has been made, said Dr. Thomas Giuli, chief scientist for the flight He said the experiment opens a new branch of astronomy, "in fact the only remaining branch of astronomy to be opened." Lottery Numbers 16 Raleigh, N. C. (AP) A 77-year-old retired merchant and a young black were selected Thursday as alternate jurors for the trial of Joan Little, a young black woman charged with murder in the slaying of a white jail guard. Opposing attorneys were to select two more alternates before the court rules on several procedural or technical motions from the defense team. a pound from May. The Markets 9 previous high was $1.50 a pound Modern Living 10-11 in February 1974. Movies 5 Pork in retail stores averag Obituaries 24 ed nearly $1.31 a pound last Snorts 13-15 Office, Capt. Charles T. Miller gave the mahogany wheel to Ford, who praised the ship's crew for "a wonderful job in a month, up from $1.23 in May. Television 7 were searching the debris for Weather 24 The record was almost $1.32 a pound in August 1973. survivors. very difficult situation." Your Health 11

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