The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1892
Page 6
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THE PPPER DEs AtGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY. MAY 18. 1892. LU30NA, IOWA. is ax, cocn how- TriE hardest known wood wood. It turns the edge of an ever well tempered, ABET of taleeteeth, made of ivory by ft New York denlist for George Washington, and ueed by him, is on exhibition at the palent cfficein Washington. THE degree of Master of Arts has been conferred on Miss Agnes Baxter by the Dalhousie (N. B.) university. Miss Baxter is the firet lady Master of Arts in Canada. THB costliest pocket-knife made is sold for 825. Its handle is of solid gold and it contains two small blades only— a nail file and a miniature pair of scissors. TUB annual meeting of tho Tennessee Bankers' Association will be held on Lookout Mountain, June 8 and 9, and preparations bavo been made to insure a successful meeting. AMKUHJA stands .first in the world as a tillerjof tho soil, and there is no reason why the hand of commerce steering our own ships as they plow tho waves should not make it tho tiller of tho sea. THE brillant and versatile Pierre Loti, who has just been received into the circle of Preach Imortals, has written tho article on Constantinople for tho series of papers on tho "Great Capitals of tho World," now being published in Harper's Weekly. THE king of Siam has built a glass house in the midst of a sluiceway. The , walls, floora and coiling are formed of different sorts and thicknesses of glass. A single door closes hermetically, and [when he goes in he opens a reservoir and submerges his house with the effect of producing a particularly cool and pleasant atmosphere. AMKIUOAN corn is making its way rapidly into tho affections of tho European heart and stomach as an article of army food. They do not take it clear yet, but mix it with barley meal. They say that the barley improves the corn, and that the corn improves trio barley. America will win its way against all the world. TKADITION says that 850 years ago DJ Boto stood on tho bunks of the Mississippi river near where Memphis is now built and looked acoas the yellow waters. Now the railroad trains are crossing the river at the same place on a new steel bridge which cose $3,000,000. Tradition can not hold a candle to facts in this country. A NEwspAi-An in the Arabic language was recently started iu New York city which is the only one in existence outside of Asia and Africa. Tbe type for printing the Kawkah America was imported from Sjria, and the compositors came from tho same country. There are said to bo 1, 335 characters in tho Arabic language One page of tho paper ia printed in Eng land. ve QJEtttBRAL NOTES. SIXTEEN inches of show fell in Nebraska recently. DECENT severe frosts in Minnesota ha greatly damaged wheat. FERDINAND WAKD, the notorious Wall street swindler, was liberated from Sintr Sing prison Saturday. * COUNT Napoleou Ney h among the members of the French .Chicago world's fair commission. THE Montana delegation to the Republican National Convention goes uninstructed. ^ ON Tuesday, Judge Timothy H. Rearden, of the Superior Court of San Francis- 30 county, Cal., died. ' POPE LEO approves .the educational o Archotflnnn Ireland and tbe F^ commended for his .-,.. -.— —-----i""" MICJ/, wouif-n arm chi dren, most of the men and all of the children being barefooted. AT Jasper, Ind., -the court overrated tbe motion for n new frial in the White Cap cflse, and four of tbe sconndre's were on T«lin y Tu n to thet ?. tat ,? P»son by sheriff laylor. These are the first men ever imprisoned ia Indiana on such charges. ROBEKT McCr,tjBE, an agent of the Pittsburgr (Pa.) Law and Order society, is on trial for perjury. He swore that he had purchased a newspaper on Sunday from a man named Sharp. The latter claims that his place was closed on the Sunday m question. FIRES AND O^BtTALTIBS. by floods in JOHN 0. NEW, American consul genernl at London, is coming home on a visit Tile sailed from Liverpool Wednesday. Dedicatory Homo ceremonies of the for Union Printers ers Colorado Springs, took place Tnursday ' JOHN W. BniscKmniDOE, son of Vice- President John C. Hreckinridge, died at Merced, Cal., Monday nigbt. Iowa and Illinois. . LowEK Mississippi levees gave way, inundating tbe surrounding country. CHAISES H. KIRKWOOD was killed by if, Mich., oh October 12, 1892. An amendment to tbenavil annropriation bill was agreed to, addine 850 000 for a naval review at the world's fair. TnunsDAt, May 12. _ t HOUSE.—A resolution for an investigation of the Pinkerton forces was adopted by a large mnjirity. The sundry civil appropriation bill was taken up in committee of the whole. A motion to increase the appropriations from $370,000 to 8iC8,- 000 was rej?cted. Oa motion of Mr. Savers (Texas) the appropriation for the life saving service was increassd 821,000. WATJfin AS RAPIDLY DYIIG OUT. Races of Hie Pacific Fast Disappearing- From the Face of the Earth. A HKALTH VATOH. CONSER- in* M,°2 B - oltcn J a f is issued iS^J,?lS e f t 'Sr n H. £two ! P ieral in the great Northern railway system n°qsrt thB E 'f in ^ oard o£ Trade '' Monday, 13,980 poundfs of butter sold nt 20 cents Ihe pries one year iieo was 25 cents. A,!^ 8 "H^ol whelher Mr. James Anthony Froude will accent the professorship of history nt Oxford University that was recently offered to him. AT Trenton, N. J., Maddnrock & Sins' JttTffoK) Tnurda y morning. LMS STORMS prevailing in Colorado nnd Wyoming are causing cattle and sheep to dio by thousands. AN explosion occurred in a coal mine at Roslyn, Wash., forty-four miners being Killed and many injured. FRANK YOUNG , while firing a salute in honor ot the Grand Army, had an arm blown off, early tumwa, Iowa. Tusduy morning at Ot- CaraF BWOWHHB' N. B. CLAKK, of Washington, inventor of tho deflective armor now used on the warships of all nations, died Monday morninj.' TKOMAN A. MERKIAM, who was a ™ ress . ™ for many years a reporter on the staff of the Now York Sun, died Saturday. -. ton- u« Proce . Mlon8in the city carry the British flag, is aaproved by the city «' o: Toronto, Oat., but referred I o the city solicitor for advice. . n ? ws P°Pers ake take pait 1C ° are dissatisfied > ^etnment to the international silver con- Th 8 ^ ^ President Harrison. They confer the government's action an voca es C0nce9slon to the fr <* coinage ad- village of Fairville. N. B., was almost wholly destroyed by Bre Sunday night, eighty families being rendered homeless. Ino property loss is estimated at $100,000. AT Brazil, Ind., James Targaret fell between two cars Wednesdiy wbila they were moving. One passed over his rigut leg, severing it iust below the knee. WHILE attempting to cross a bayou of v. ]° w i tt iJ lver near Marshalltown on horeeback Monday evening to r.'scue some cuttle imperiled by high water, George Dumbloton, proprietor of the largest dairy in this section, was drowned. " AT Mountain Home, Ark., Mrs. Mary Carter, a widow with a family of email children, is a raving maniac, as a result of 5, raid upon her little cabin by a half starved b ack bear, in which two of her children lost their lives and and one halt devoured before her eyes. It Slay be Used Intprnnlly as WMt as Ex-' tumulty With Good ItesulU. The internal use of water is a subj wt about which physicians have had much discussion, and about which not all doctors are agreed.dlts value as an agency for the prevention and removal of diseased condition? is, therefore, too little understood. Judiciously used, water taken internally may be made one of the most important factors in the preservation of good health and physical vigor. . .Nearly t very case of influnniafcion and irritation of the bladder miy by the practice of copious water drinking, especially on the empty stomach, be pallated to such an extent as to jease to give even annoyance. Nothing that can be taken into the stomach will batter conduce to keep it and the general system in a heallhy state than a pint of water about the summer tempsr- alure of hydrant water drank from one- half to three-quarters of nn hour before breakfast. The_first few swallows should be small and within n few seconds' intervals of each other, but the last half should bo taken in But One Authentic 1'asmauian Now in Existence—The Maoris Also Going 1 . The Practice of Head-Huutitig 1 is Still Continued in the Pacific Island?, . — — •• •*>» . 4 j. WUJ. 11] Pin Ul of mountains, peering above ft. 1 " King Solomon derived M! T "' gold. HUNTING FOR READS JVoodford's story ia in of head- " his cana and found nearly to his mnition among the Pacifi contraband,, but is still H by Sydney and Gasman tra potent factor in the d? many was POBBK3-N. NAVIGATION has been resumed in the imc, that sea now being free of ice IT is reported that Jimin Pasha.' African explorer, has lost his sight. _ THE Russian imperial council has UD to admit Jews to municipal fran- THB jewels of- Mrs. Astor nre as unique for their excellence as they are for cheir size, and many of them are so rare in (heir cut and quality as to have few equals tho royal collection of Europe. It was not at all unusual for the wealthy widow to adorn herself with value of $100,000 whoa swell function. diamonds to tho she appeared at a . To the average person the increase of a few cents iu tho price of a ton of coal may not mean much, but to anyone who knows coal statistics it means a good deal, The total annual output of anthracite ia between 40,000,000 and 50,000,000 tone; BO that an increase of only ten cents a ton gives an additonal profit of more than $4,000,000. Tho recent advance will put nearly eight million dollars extra into the pockets of tho mine cwiiers und railroads. cided chibo, TllM republicans made large the municipal elections held Monday. the de- gains in in Prance THE native government of the Leeward Islands ban given way to a French pro- Turks have been sentenced to death Dr. Vulkonith, the Bui- for murdering garian agent. Chida, de- TUB threatened strike of cabmen took place in Vienna Saturday. Five-sixths of the cabs in the city are idle. . SNOW storms have done much damage iu Sffl r> ' ""I th ° /f- VroK Tha orcbnr ^ iu uwinthia. where the trees were in bud ' ha\e suffered severely. ' THE death is announced of Lord Brain- well, a distinguished English hiwvor and «t one limo judge of the court of apneals and member of the privy council. I'IIE murderers of the Bulgarian diplomatic agent to Turkey, Dr Vulkovitch, have been condemned to death at Constantinople. CONGRESS. FRIDAY, May C. .— The river and harbor bill was considered in committee of the whole. beycral humorous speeches were made, mi-P-° furthef "olJoti was taken. Mr Whiting moved to strike out the appropriation tor a ship channel connecting the waters of the great lake's, and offering a substitute therefor. Pending action the committee rose and the house adjourned. SATURDAY, May 7. 'MOUSE —The debate on the river and harbor bill was resumed, the subject under discussion being the section relating to a twenty-foot channel connecting the lakes Ihe seel ion was adopted by on overwhelming majority. MONDAY, May 9. SENATE— The house shipping bill was called up, which authorizes two German ships to sail under tue American flap- After some debate on the merits of the" bill it was passed— yeas 41, nays 10. A bill was introduced by Mr. Cockrill which provides for the issue of a "temporarv, correct silver dollar," according to the average value of silver, and for the free coinage of silver dollars equal to gold A resolution for the payment to the Choctaw ?i ni t ' kasaw ' nations for their interest in the Cheyenne and Arapahoe reservation was agreed to by a vote of 43 yeas to 13 nays . HOUBE— The discussion of theriverand • --.-.. »..>... .*UWU I VJ !JI_t U(lt\CIJ IU as LirkO gulps as possible, with the body erect and chest well thrown out. The principal benefit derivable' from this practice is perhaps tue mechanical flushing out of the undigested contents and the absorption of the additional water into the circulating system, although some of the good effaces may be attributable to the small quantity of secretions ot the mouth, which is incidentally carried down, and the local tonic influence of the water. Whatever mav be tha rationale of this treatment its efihacy as a promoter and preserver ot health is second to none. Ihe body should not be prone again for at least three quarters of an hour after drinking. The temperature of the water may, as a matter of taste, ba disagreeable at first, but that obj^e ion w.'fl soon become insignificant beforo a little ^resolution. I here is no situation in which firmness with one s difciuclinations[may be more profitably applied. Very hot or very cold water should not be taken upon an empty stomach. The S 1 ? 06 ° , d l lnkin «' hot water just before A gray-haired, black woman 1 in Tasmania, calling herself Fanny Cochrano Smith, claims to be tho last suivivor of her unhappy race. Her pretensions, as the only pure-blood Tasmanian living, have recently given rim to much controversy in the little island, and Henry Ling Roth, perhaps the best authority on the history and customs of the ill-fated people, has taken part in it. Mr. Roth and some of the newspapers assert that Mrs. Smith, who is now sixty- two years old, is only a half breed. She, on the other hand, produces reputable white witnesses who say they knew her parents autf that they, undoubtedly, were of pure Tasmanian stock. She also is able to cite extracts from official papers of the colony, printed long after the tofal extinction of the Tasmanians was announced to the world, in which she is referred to ? 8 a P" r9 Wood aborigine;"and parliament, in 1882 and 1884, voted her grants on account of her unique position us the sole survivor of her race. ?f r rS i8a o pi ?,^ e of Lalla Bookfa ' wh °. until Mrs. Smith's claim ?to be the fonly 11VI Y"l rr Ponmnriin vi n J-l~. n «!„_! _ i * _. j • * ~™, an Island."Ap'med'WS 1 ?* vincible weapons the fierce A, ^ make two or three expeditions a "^ neighboring Bougainville f or i slaves. Woodford visited two , where not a man was to be «..« were off head hunting. n, 1R *' L_turned with five heads. Near - ^ house be photographed a hean over a hundred skull?. If we were to visit other world we should sen that the same Bble destruction that is overffi: Pacific islanders awaits mn"* 8 ??."^ tive race and largely on ^ truston of the whites, whose customs they cannot be sul live. It is only a few -weeks' heard that the natives of Terra del Fupgo, estimated m day at 8,000 souls, now barely We should see, ft, , 01-40. was meals, wbich prevailed extensively a int ° me " ted The stomach does not until after a IOHL' time recover from tho debilitating of a drink of very hot water ini- effects , — --*«. wt »i-ij UUU TTJltcr i posed upon it while empty. Hence no rood should be taken into it immediately after such a draft.-New York Mail and living Tasmanian attracted attention, «, supposed to be tbe last of her race. Lalia Ropkh died in June, 1876, six years after William Lanney, the last male Tasmanian had passed away. A few men in tkia country nnd Canada are now striving to prevent the American bison from becoming extinct. The some districts, whore natives with the greatest kindness " thing possible is done to promote well fare, they are dto hrough extermination, but In Greenland no liquor can he Bold tot, natives. No sailor can land on Z feu 8 U "Jf5 n e CBn 8how a dean bO health. But Caucasian blood uhuC in K rea or quantitka in tho veins of O ri generation. Not an Eddtno pure by can be found in Greenland except the arctic highJandew of Saiit the new-found natives ari the east m The Poor Farm. harbor bill was resumed. the New appropria- to Good land, well fitted for the crops that it is to grow, is the very best basis for prosperity that a farmer can have P is slow work getting ahead with Jand which in the best seasons and with the best cultivation will produce only moderate crops and upDn which the crops shrink into almost nothing when the conditions are at all untoward. It is true that such land does not represent as large an investment or. capital as richer land doea, but it does not return as large nor as sure an interest upon the investment. Very often when a man starts upon a farm oE his own he is compelled to purchase where and what his means will permit. Some men, with a certain a mount of money to invest, make .—.^^jj^ v fln*»4ijii» JLLH3 GU^ deayor reminds us of the efforts of the whites in lasmama to save the remnants of the race they had anihilated. InS1803 betwsen 8,000 and 7,000 Datives dwelt in the valleys of IVmania. All that were eft of them in 1847 were twelve men Iwenty-two women and ten children In vain did_the government build them comfortable noust-s supply all their needs, and give them teachers. The ni-c was doomed and one by one the few survivors preished. Other peoples in tbe Pacific aiid elsewhere are approaching the fatu of theTas- m Tfl m8 ;- Here - and fberR !t is the liquor and tbe diseases introduced by white men ;hat an> decimating them. In Tasmania it \vas the shotgun, pure and simple. The natives were not guiltless, though they suffered many wrongs. Their implacable hostility stared up against them a war of ^™?^ Renumber of "crls'' MAKING PJ5TSOF What May lit, Done Iu the Way of Tamlj, These Diminutive Thlucs. While walking in the orchard one dai in June I espied a humming bird's mil a fitting casket for the gem) on a horizontal limb about five feet from tit ground. When I looked into it two feath- A* n? lt68 QeW ° Ut and feJ1 to the «»M* the A f 0 /? 1 , £ il<nck Grevillc-Nugent, brother of Eirl Greville,- lias been indicted •or criminally assaulting Miss Marion ./ice, a governess, in a railway car- l ^ Di ? LI '. I I JAKGE ». tbe defaulting ca»her of the Messrs. Rothfchilds, the great Hinktnsr house at Frankfort-on-the-Main lermany.was arrested Tutsday atRamieh 1 i» rr l ----- . --- — ~"«vwji»i m cvtlJOUJ LJL by Mr. Holmon to have tbe clause stricken out which provides for $26,747,000 con- ract Z ork - tue bil1 was passed— yeas 186 nays 66, ' TntmsDAY, May, 10. SENATE.— Mr. MLtciiel presented a resolution instructing the .committee on the quadorcenteuial I. to inquire . into the desirability of making nil appropriation tor an encampment at the world's fair of the national guards of the various states. A bil was taken from the calendar to pstablish the boundi-ies of the Yellowstone lark. After a lively debate lasting two hours, tbe bill was passed bv a vote of 82 mistake of purchasing a large poor ', instead of a small rich one. If thev „*!?„ £W. cit y for . "J )o °g seiRo of hard is nothing now under the *un," says tbe wisdom of an ancient philosopher. It is as inie now as it was in Solomon's time. An English inventor of | wearing apparatus recently examined th cloth, in which a mammy of the earlies Pharaoh times was wrapped, and hofoum the heads were crossed in exactly tho sain manner as those of the fabrics woven by the machine which we had just patented And we call this tho most advanced scientific nge of the world! Shanghai says that the military students at Shum King have taken forcible measures to expel tho British missionaries from that city. AT Lodz, Poland, striking laborers made violent attacks on tbe Jews. The lat- CAPTAIN WILLIAM. HALL, of the fifth cavalry, advocates the use of tho revolver by mounted troops instead of tho saber, which, he says is usoless as a weapon iu actual warfare. This has long been the .cry of Colonel Mosby, wbo considers the saber a very pretty toy for dress parade, but really a detriment to a trooper in close combat. Colonel Mosby bad this belief as far back as thalato civil war, when bo directed his command to discard their swords and rely on their revolvers, THEUE is a feeling iu Belgium that the revision of its constitution, now in progress and one result of which will be to greatly enlarge tho electorate, will really end in blotting that little km{Hl"ui out of the map of Europe. It is mudoi up of incongruous elements, which a winning of the franchise would provoke info active discord, ending in a split, the 'f\lemings going eastward to Holland under'(Wuian protection, and the western part t^ France. Thus 'would'France aff\rtaH win Waterloo. j. in jured. THE Paris Figaro states that the Duke do Merney was not tho opponent of Harry Vane Milbank in tho duel fought in Belgium. AT St. Petersburg Gen. Gresser, prefect ot police, is dead from tho effects of an injection of a quack medicine called vita- lln £' c . ausiill g blood poisoning. Gsn. Bare- noff also died and it is now said from the cause. yena to 18 nays. HOUBE.— The Sunday civil appropria- OftlMB. A i-Aiioit riot occurs on the world's fair grounds. RACE prejudice and a boarding house Uiihculty result in a fatal shooting affray at lower, Miun, A'i- Cameron, Texas, 'Chas. T. Loi-m, u worthless character, shot and killed his wifoOi'nday, and then suicided. AT Symcuso N. Y,, Monday night J. Crouch killed Jack Preston and then committed suicide. It was the result of a drunken quarrul. AT New Ulen, the body of Louis Schmelz, sheriff of Brown county, Mian., was tpuud in a river. He had Vim despondent, and no doubt suicided. A YOUNQ colored woman WHS found murdered in u swamp betwpcn WinnY.ld aud Now Town, L. i., Monday mommy. her throat had been cut from ear to IN the "servant Minueapoiis, spy society" cuse in Catharine Johnson, who , sued Mrs. Harria for $500 for defamation is givttu a verdict of ot characto", cent. ONB hundred Jnoonshiners are B the United States court at Covit ,. . . -- ««J *-*»*» UUULVUlln,- tion bill was b.ought up in committee of the whole. The present bill provide* for appropnationtf amounting to 825 157 797 Which is a reduction of $13 000 000 ''i'he reduction is made by cutting cff the County appropriation. Speeches were made by both parties but no 8mil acUon was taken, WEDNESDAY, May 11. HOUSE.—The conference report on the urgency defkency bill for the year ending June 3), 1892, was made by Mr. Sivers, and the report agreed to. A bill to encourage silk culture was-presente 1 by Mr. Long. In committee of ths whole, the Sundry Civil appropriation bill was'takon up. A motion was made by Mr. Holraau to strike out the commencement of'a building tor the new mint at Philadelphia. Alter an extended debate, it was agreed K> btrike out the mint appropriation—yeas , ' J 1 ^' 8 92 ' , A tll8 P'itch was read stating (.bat lineland would accept the invitation or tbe United States to take part in an international cont'erance to discuss the silver question. It w,i8 received with loud applause. SENATK.—Mr. Q iay called up a bill which provides for a survey to be made to connect Luke Erie and tiio Ohio river. itio bill was passed. The bill appropriating 8100,000 for a public building at Irene, b. 1). wus also passed. A bill to appropriate;; $100,000 for a public build- iiitrat Johet, 111., was reported and pl u c- td on tho calendar. ually bring the poor farm up to a high state of cultivatioD, and so ^p a 6ne P ? K rora thoi nvestinGnt, but it requires a better farmer to do this than it Joes to make the small farm pay. The majority of men will endeavor to crop their whole area at once, and so they anj their farm will both grow poorer. A man who finds himself with uich a farm on bin hands can wisely pursue but one course—that is to crop only so much as is necessary to afford sustenacce to himself and his stock and devote every effort toward bringing the 'and up to a high state of fertility and consequent productiveness. It will be best not to undertake too much, but to try and mate one or| two fielda thoroughly good, at the start, and then go on wi h further work of the same sort as moans and opportunity permit. There is money m buying a poor farm and »i«!-~!--^ e "°. had Billed came to be the common boast among the whites. The followine incident illustrates the utter heartlesS with which, as the long Btruggle went on, the overmastered natives were pursued • . One day a crowd of idle, whitti saw a native boy watching them a distance. "Let's have some fun,"said one of the men Tak- nt g if" /™ p , ty revolyer ^ pointed at his own heHd and repeatedly pulled the trigger. Ihe men laughed, and the lad drew e performs aid to him, revolver and this th t w I ?,. w S I ? ? k ' a in the thought I had belter take the birds out of it. 1 carried them to the house, madei ight frame for a cage, and covered itwitt if?-' l ?i ihl * l k °P b them fo «r montk letting them out every day. I fed thea upon cracker soaked'in Malaga wine and sugar, and brought to them all the honer- holding flowers that I could find. Whet 1 brought in a boquet they immediate]! new to it, buzzing joyously." I gave them a snuffer tray for a batbiw tub, but one of them would never voluntarily take his both, so the other would chase him around the room, tafee him bj one Jeg, draw him into the tray, and pull him into the water. He seemed to be doing this for fun ; there was never anj quarreling between them. As there an open fire place in the room I had to cover it with a shawl alwajt when I lei tnjin oue, but one day I forgot to cover it before I opened the cagedoor. and one of them took a bee line for the fireplace, but, as though frightened at the dark chasm, he flew quickly back to me. alighted on taunbli-gh J - do him a loaded his brains out, n as they The boy blew called "fun " . Tho fate of the Taamania ing to anthrorologiBts. ns was a warn- Tho natives . iu . } natives dwindled and disappeared before they bad been intelligently studied ; wa iWlittle nccurate information abaut them. Contradictory statements are wade even as to " » notions, some rooms at *fe 0 i.. i "r" °, „' owna aro fille d with their handiwork A writer las compiled m a pamphlet of less thun thirly papes the best information about them, aVork that « curious tor the many conflicting state- coctaina. " " in the room, after to- ing them for awhile, they, would flv to me, chirping and seeming very t,] a( / to set They never showed any f ear of any- me. fury came .in, have vanished THE MAOniS FADING AWAY A MOSAIC. AIJ lUBenlous i'leoe of Woorlwo-k Ooon- Pies Its Muktr Seven Yeuro Une of the most ingenious specimens of woodwork made in this or any Uher country is the work of William Kelly of Lenox, Mass , and is called "Sunsnt '1 It would be a difficult task for a painter to £ i, i. bet - er ln oil and colors than Mr Kelly bin in vrodd. At a distance of three jards.tbe most practiced eje cannot distinguish it from a painting, yet, on closer inspection, it is seen to b 8 com posedI of minute pieces of wood. Tbe whole o this most remarkable work is up ot 115,030 pieces-IBM to_ each square inch, each being but the one-fortieth of a inch square. The effect of the color is produced by the variety in the hues o the different kinds of woods, as well as in was sou ? C1 . lttin £ toe pieces, tho pr.dn. There were forty wr\r»/-lo nn.i.]!— ii. > ' Tjo n —r "••^-""••ri uiju ni«ure in the New ,« ? a|aiid Census of 1886 as only & 969 souls. lt^is notewcrlhy ..that children's dueases, such as whoopini co nuareu s duced among the Maori's by are fatal alike to infants and made was Inot beastly swallowed " ' one, and seemed to enjoy lighting on mi finger, and would look in , ny f aco %„ intelligently. Sometimes they got out ol tue house, but always returned and usn- aUy alighted on the comb cf my mother 1 ! ., In tbe fall after the flowers were °OM they did not seem wII. Durin°- thelasl weeks o): their life there were no°bloasC but those of a few clover heads under the cae T' I WaS makin *? u "Ikweed it into bis throauSd dieTtLe neTdaJ He had appeared ttupid for some daw ism'i r lhe , othtlr ' who had seemedV little batter than thij one, grew wont atkr the dcat.h of his companion and lived only two weeks longer. One warm day in tbe mid lie of October as 1 was going into the orchard to get tie few remaining clover blossoms, I toot the «!r m - lp i . th , e ca .8° with m «. tbinkingtbe air might do him good. 1 held tbe cage 1 none hand and was picking clover with I the other, but when I was going to pull the clover m the cage I found the door open and no bird there. I suppose that 11TS blown tho door open and h» Had fallen out and died. I called him bj the pet names which he knew, and if h? had been living ho would have uusweied me. I searched long and carefully for hni, 4ut never found him, I think the; died for lack of their food, the honey of turners. If I could have taken them to the southern states early iu September I presume they could have lived through the winter, l had become very much attached to my beautiful tiny pets, and felt their loss keenly. tender that he | be whisky. , l V of a broken felt, and twi , the covered nest woods used in the mosaic, worked nevenyeara in compjating it. TnuiisDAY, May 12. BKNATJJ.—Mr. KUconk introduced a bill to admit tho stonum- City of China to regi<Uy. Mr. Call offered a resolution for a committee cf the house and senate to investiBale the condition of O'lba. the AntillieB, tho Bahamas and Windward Islands. Also a resolution authorizing tho president to open uegotia- w 0 "^ 016 P u , rch . as 2 of Cuba from s Pa'n- Mr. j'^fter spoke m favor of free coinage A bill was iutrodwed authoriz- 'w president to proclaim a general Voaaiem^ftUueJihe four hundred' Tory of the dtsooyery of Amwio4, ctnts. ODDITIES' No wonder the minutes they are making up time. Ihe politician who clamors for fly so fast— •l^D^J 8 ffW.tobegwdfor Crawford—'-He seems to but Onen the ^ M*a4ajr, -- --- *WM WTf * , ^O UCBl* IVl tUI«ft - shin- on « and the twig the other prong of »• • boys of f 01 *' an . c ' the lichen .extending in au un- pipes in Or ofcea.lme from tho ne?t along tho twig .41_ _ _ I ••^11 M»1T» i-~,l __ ^..l .1 i.__ street peculiar picture is from of their one another in tho noees, after the people. The -a tiny twig, no larger than a straw, supports it from beneath. BurroiiKh! says; "It i s an event in one's life to find a humming-bird's nest," 1 was so ci«di interested in the still greater event of *u t n V an '^ caring for thu loiiug bird) that I did not think much about the nest until it was all that remained to me the memory of my tamed humming fact that the more thau the' It , read tie narh ' .. --well-known I L ° VB> of bead hunting has ,, us own. Among some of *u- J ? u woula "now its grestness, read it has increased th)rtee »th chapter of 1st Corinthians. # '' y°" would appreciate its power and bl sedness, study the history of the church an inventory of our possessions, ff« are constrained to say, "The greatest oi these is charity."—'Uiiited Presbyterian. island h l- s li ?f " Waze in man > ' '' glv * u P te fl >e '• Wil- . 'Now William," BiddMw. Hicks, IB the blue ribbon. 1 want two jnore.gnst like it. And don't forget, " am A,I must have a match." f ,, n ,pere you are, Mary," said WilUaW- ffere ia tho ribbon. It's tw , 'tebter (ban the other, but I gues» i 4nd here is >th,e match—I got »' ew. '

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