The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1891
Page 7
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THE WPEE DES MOtNES* ALTON A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY^ MAttCTI 25,1801 EECiUi's Prtw core Sick-Headache. *An Austritton photographer is reported get excellent "pictures of objects it fc dw-' ,nce of 16 mile's. FARM,, HOME AND GARDEN. Those who believe that Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy will cure them are more liable to get well than those who don't. If you happen to be one of those Who don't believe, there's a matter of $500 to help your faith. It's for you if the makers of Dr. Sage's remedy can't cure you, no matter how bad or of how long standing your catarrh in the head may be. The makers are the World's Dispensary Medical Association of Buffalo, N.Y. They're known to every newspaper publisher and every druggist in the land, and you can easily ascertain that their word's as good as their bond. Begin right. The first stage % is to purify the system. You don't want to build on a wrong foundation, when you're build\ ing for health. And don't l^shock the stomach with harsh treatment. Use the milder means. You wind your watch once a day. Your liver and bowels should act as regularly. If they do not, use a key. The key is — Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. One a dose. r> \ 1?XX OES KING OF ALL SOLD IN ENGLAND for Is. t%d. ( and in AMERICA for 25 cents a bottle. IT TASTES GOOD \ SHILOH CONSUMPTION I l,i' . i -. .AM lt.VI,M AiM'lii"'- inin Nostrils in Quickly Ab»or> (.'li-iinstaB the Heud, Heulb L|IO Sores and Cures CATARRH Bestores Taste and Smell,quick"" iau ruggists. ELIf BBOS., 66 WarranBt.,N.Y. Helieved Gold la lie a A and 60o. at Druggists, IT Headache. SXOW-DltlFTS. BT LUELLA CFJkBK. O deep, white drifts that HP unmoved Through weary months of wintry chilli -In many a grncef ul contour grooved Like sculptured miirble col.l and still. Bright in tht> winler aunphine, yet They yield not to Its chill caress: With • omitless simrkliiig crystals set, They keep no single gem the less. No less for nil the blustering winds TUit boast and battle o'er the plains; The envious frost and faster binds And adits new treasure to their gains, f ut when the spring's soft, sunshine falU Gentle and tender, still and wnrm. When lovingly the south winds calls, And all the hilltops, rent with storm Give tribute glad of running brooks And spreading waves of growing green, When willows greet with grateful looks The warmth that WOOB their blossoming sheen. Then melt the drifts in genial air; Then all their frozen forces flow In streams beneficent that bear Verdure and lite to lands below. Oh, stubborn hearts, that hardened lie Silent, unmoved, in guilt find sin, ' In chill remorse, and make no cry; No smile without, no light within I But when sweet love shall pass that wny, True love with gentle touch draw near, And, spite of dark nnd chill, shall stay To drop n sympathet c tear. How melts the hardened heart: how thrills The frozen depth of pain nnd sin; W.iat warmth of life and vigor fills The long, uufriiitf ill waste within I When hidden springs 6f hope a wake, What gladdening streams of love may now In blessings for another's sake— Alike responsive—who can know? —Lisbon, N. 11. grape trellises; underdrain and sot fences to protect fruit: apply fertilizers early for spring rains to carry down to the roots; wash and spray trees and vines before the buds burst. Those nnd other matters may row be clone or arranged for to advantage, and fruit growers should see that all things are attended to in season. There s healt, pleasure and profit in fruit culture, but the business requires care, skill Hiul goodmanagemeut. TI1K ItOlTSEIlOlil)! RECOMl'KKSK. ELLA WHREI.KR WILOOX . Straight through my heart fills fact to-dav By Truth's own hand Is driven; Ooil never takes one thing away But something else is given. I did not know in earlier years This law of love nnd kindness: But without hopes, through bitter tears 1 mourned in sorrow's blindness. And ever following each regret For some departed treasure, My sad repiniui' benrt, was mot with unexpected pleasure. I thought It only happened so— But. time this trnlli has taught mo; No least ihing from my lift! must go, But something else. Is brought me, H Is the law, complete, sublime, And now, with faith unshaken, In patience, I but bide my tlm.', When any joy is taken. No mutter if the crushing blow May for n moment down me; • Still back of It waits Love, I know, With some new gift to crown mo. • tOO Kewnrd. |tOO. The renders of this paper will he pleasvd to learn that there Is at toast one drended disease that science has been ftWc to cure In »11 its stages, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's | Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now , known to the medical fraternity. Cntnrrh belnc a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting dlrcrtly npon tho Wood end mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying: the foundation tof the disease, and giving the patient strength by building >ip the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its work. The proprietors have so much faith In Its curative powers, that they ofter One Hundred Dollars for any case that it falls to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. .T. CHENEY A CG., Toledo, G. |g?-Sold by Druggist*, 75e. The first goddess of freedom to whom s temple was erected at Rome was represented as n Roman Matron robed In white, holdinu: In one hand a broken sceptre and In ,thc pthcr a pike simtionnU'd hy a cap. At, her feet Iny a cnt, an animal that is an enemy to all ri'sirnlnt. Tin- cup alluded to the Unman custom of pMltiiin- inio on the head of r •liivu when fi-i'ijil. Curbs' STIFFMESS- "August Flower" How does he feel ?•— He feel* blue, a deep, dark, unfading, dyed* in-the-wool, eternal blue, and he nmkcs everybody feel the same wajr —August Flower the Remedy. FAKM NOTES. Well cultivated and fertilized soil staiuls climatic conditions and changes better than poor soil badly tilled. If. the season be wet, dry or cold crops on poor soil suffer the mi>t.t. Look out -for the rats and other vermin These things greatly lessen the profit o 1 the pouiiry business. For stopping up holes broken glass, cement or mortar is excellent. The farmer's hog is the hog, that is long, broad., • deep, heavy-boned, ordinarily smooth, healthy, docile and prolific. The farmer's.; hog must also be a fast grower and gotten up to take on the greatest amount of fat in the least time with a ny- tion of food that will leave a profit to his owner. Boiled potatoes mashed and mixed with cornmeal and bran makes an excellent feed for fattening turkeys, and you will find that it will pay you to have a tew turkeys on the farm. As to which is the best, the improved breeds are all good, but tho writer has a special admiration for the bronze. A large number of pigs die at birth, many more before age. The cau&e, they reach no doubt, a profitable is the . low Study how to speak hopefully and at the same time truthful words, to all persons under ill circumstances, and your presence will be a benediction. Never wait for -a thing to turn up. None but the sluggard and indolent would act so. Go and turn it up yourself. It takes less time and it is surer to be done. Character-making is that to which we are all devoted, or ought to be, and .t is tlie very noblest that can possess us. No man can do for himself a work having in it-so much of the heavenly us that which brings hiinlinlo the likeness of his Saviour. —You may talk about your orchards, Till this world doth leave its axib; But the good old fashioned orchards Are what go to pay the taxes. . A little girl, when her father's table wan honored with an esteemed .''riend, began talking very earnestly at the first pause in the conversation. Her father checked her saying: "Why is it, you talk so much'?" "Tauso I've got sometin o any," was thf hmoeonl reply. Living only to getr'ches generally turns out like the boy who got this hornet nest. Just as he thought he bad it he found out that it had him. Do you wish to know how to have no tteam. and not half the usual work on wash-day? Ask your grocer for a bar of Dobbins' Electric Soap, Tho best cough medicine Is FUo's Cnre for Consumption. Sold everywhere. 35c. A colored man at Coushatta, La., charged with disturbing tho ticacc, went into court, pleaded not guilty, declined to employ counsel, asked for trial by jury, conducted Uls own case and was acquitted. No Mutter How Hard Any druggist tries to sell you Ills own rough medicine, remember he docs It because he nmkcs more money on It. Insist on having Kemp's Balsam f»r tho throat and hingn. for there la no cough remedy so puro and none BO quick to break up a cold, tor In- 'flucnza, soreness of tho throat and tickling Irritation, with constant cough, Kemp's Balsam Is an Immediate cure. Largo bottles 60c. and $l._Aj L allJr^gl8t8._ Washington took tho oath of office as flrat president of tho United States April 80, 1788,1 on the balcony of Federal Hall, Now York city. Tho oath, was administered by Chancellor LlyingstoB. "I &AVE BEEN AFFLICTED with an affection of the Throat from childhood, caused by diphtheria, and have used various remedies, but have never found anything equal to BUOWN'S BuoNOiiiAij TTOOUKS."— Itcn. 0. M. f. Hampton, 1'ikcton, Ky. Sold only in boxes. A gun to fire under water lias been in-vented, and one for the United Slates ship )ustroyer Is in course of construction at Qulhlehcm, PC mi. This experimental gun s to be 85 feet long, and will throw a pro- cctlle 25 feet In length, containing -UK) jounds of nitro-glycerine, 1000 feet through ,hu water: GRATEFUL-COMFORTIINla. EPPSS COCOA BREAKFAST, "Hy n thorough kmnvlciUp of the nnturnl Inrra which (tovi-rn the oprrntl >na of cllRo^tlon nnd nutrl* tl in, mid by u careful nppllciitlnii "f the 1 lino |>ti>|» % r- tU«nf wcl.-s l(vt<"l I'ooim, Mr. Kpiis 1ms provided our brrakfiut tables with n dollontoly tlftTouroil bor- ora^i* which may savo in many lionvy ilootor*' hills. It I* ny tho jiidlolotH usrt of such tirtlolo* of dlot Hint . nunnitltuUnii m«y tio gr dually Imllt up until strong iMimiKli to riMlst orpry tominnoy to dlspnsn. Hiiiulrodsof siibllo nmlmllos nni tlontlnn around u« rriuly ti> ntlnalc whnrovor thorn Is a wo«k |mlnt, Wp nmv fsciipo many ft fatal shaft by koopliiK our- solves well rnrtliltvl with puro lilund n"d :i pro|N>rly iinurlslu'd I'fiiini!."— "L'ictl .svri'fcK tlattttf. " Mnili- simply with hulling wator (ir milk. Pold only In half-imund I Ins ••>• Uroivrs, latu'llml tints' .IA.MHS Ul'1'8 it (JO.. Hoinniopathlo Ulu-mlst*, T!IK r^vnr roMli-il Tii.i.i«".n«-< * I 1 ' ' lift- M M'S I . t.> nili-r i> I'. "• ''"'• How does he feel?—He headache, generally dull and constant, but sometimes excruciating— August Flower the Remedy. How does he feel?—He feels *• violent hiccoughing or jumping of the stomach after a meal, raising hitter-tasting matter or what he ha* eaten or drunk—August Flower tho Remedy. How does he feel?—He feel*- thc gradual decay of vital pow«r; lie feels miserable, melancholy. hopeless, and longs for death and pence—August Flower the Remedy. How doos he f«el ?—He feels 80 full after eating n meal that he can hardly walk—August Flower th» Hcmody. * G. G. GKHIvX, Sole Manufacturer, Woixlbury, New Jersey, U. 8. JL . f I.^^M f" -'»n> t*..-. » %M . 1.1., I w . . vitality pf tlie parents. It is well worth the iiiriner's time and study to learn how t<j remedy this great defect and cause of loss. The day is approaching when poultry keeping will be ranked a legitimate business, worthy the attention of a full fledged man or woman, instead of the ridiculous make-shift, as it is pnw in the great majority of cases. When the time arrives we shall begin to get at the profits of the business. The success of this Great Cough Cure to without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue- eesslully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are nlacine a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have ' a Cou^h Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for U will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief fe sure If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SI I [LOU'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and j i no If your Lungs are sore or Back laine, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. Cure of the Horse. If. you must drive hard and warm up the horses, let them cool gently and without exposure. Teach this to the boys. If they know Jit is needful to care for a torse at some expense and trouble to preserve his usefulness and value after a hard push, they will be more careful about driving. More horses are hurt being stopped than on the road. liUectricity In Manngemeiit of lieex. Among the new uses to which electric ity hue been applied is that of the management of bees. A German scientist applies it to a cluster -when they have swarmed and the bees ,at once fall to the ground. He also applies it to the hive previous to manipulation. A light charge keeps them quiet about half an hour. A very heavy charge would keep them quiet for al , .„. dyspeptic, the debilitated, whether fi-inii c.xWss of work of mind or body, drink REGIONS, will tliid-Tnt.t's Pills the most genial re- stxwa.W v.e aval offered the Butt'orUitJInvalid. FATFOLK8 , Reduced 16 to 26 pounds per month by harmless herbal remedies. No ttturvlng, no ' inconvenience. Oonttileut- ial. Send 60. for olroulura and testimonials. Addresi DE. 0. W. F. SNYDER, 248 State St., Ohlougo, 111. Name this paper when you write. 1 for men and women at home. From (8.00 to tlO.OO per day to energetic Agents. 100 p«t~o't''proflta. Address Q. M. Aaacfn, St. Paul. Mian.. WORK MKN TO Til A. VISE.. to $100 a month and expense*, VgMJMQTON, Madison, WU. We pay $50 Address The Soap that Cleans Most is Lenox. Procuring Better-Cows. We believe in the purchase of gooi cows, and also improvement by breeding from better stock on the male side. Bui one method of improving the dairy is quite as important as either of these, is open to everybody, and without it al other improvements would be of litth avail. That is to do everything to make your cows produce all the milk and but ter that they are capable of doing. A cow while giving milk is at the same time bearing a calf. If her milk production is stimulated all that is possible she marks her calf with this characteristic. If shi be neglected in any way she none the lesi surely marks her progeny for a poor cow however she may be treated. Kdacateil Furinem. Eighty-five per cent, of the youths wh< attend the agricultural colleges, go back k the farm. The hope of agriculture is in the educated farmer. As a science and an art there is enough in it to furnish full ex ercise for the highdst powers. Its stand ing in public esteem and the rewards tlm attend its pursuit will always be largel, measured by the amount of tkill ani knowledge that is brought to bear upon it The nearer it approaches hod carrying anc mere dirt scratching the lower it wil sand, and its best means of (securing fo itself the position-it ought to occupy is th thorough technical und practical educatio of men who pursue it. ,,, and the directions will tell you low. Be sure to get no imitation. There ire- lots of them. In Warrensuurg, Mo., lives a lightning calculator who has done, In threo hours' vork that would have taken six ordinary accountants six days. He can also, at any >eriod of the day or night, give the exact neridian time in hours, minutes and seconds, though he cannot tell time hy looking ,t a watch or clock. Popular llorlda Ilotels. The well known hotel proprietor, Mr. F. H. Orvia, of tlie Windsor Hotel, Jackson, villo, and Putnam House, Palatka, is engaged in a spirited warfare with the managers of other Florida hotels this season over the prices of wines. Under a pretext of an increase in tho price of champagne caused hy Lhe MeKinley hill the proprietors of hotels tried to form a "comhinu" to put up the price of champagne to $i a hottle, and othei brands accordingly. Mr. Orvis opposed the scheme hy continuing to sell all brands ol Imported champagnes for S3 a hottle, and all other kinds of wines al proportionate rates. As a result visitors to Florida have appreciated his stand against an attempt ai extortion and his hotels are among the hes! patronized of any of tho winter rusorts this season. It is to he hoped Mr. Orvis will con tlnue this same liberal policy, now BO popu lar In ills Florida hotels, at his culehratec summer resort, tho Equinox House, Manchester, Vermont, among tho Uruun mountains next season, of which ho is also prietor. If hu does it will not fail to pro^ e a popular move. WASTED irimizera by an ARBORS- uu'iit Order paying ' 1 $100.00 in six months at nn estimated cost of. 144.00. Reputable men and women can secure liberal com- ponsation. Address, M. MolNTYKK, Supreme Manarjor, No. 1028 Arch Street.. Philtidelphm, l'u., "Little Beamy llj l-«oi. In 4 Hi.. $5<L° AJO.UU Bu«0 hcruine^, t ! ,Qt A . A DOII'lli \. \ *• M ».S'nl livr*T-r*4 i'lMi'.^'sU'i-'.. i;.!na A*rU.liO'l,.|, liwvv ....CIS.00 A B.T.™ \v««.m s «iu (o.nrt A t-Tnu Suil..»n I Slml lln. k :...I«J A IflO.IIII H.,1.1 ( A »ir,.llllt-lnnlr l A '.Mil-Pi. l'li!(.ir' ' H.—AHFItBBloppniirrnobynn.Ki.iuil'BOnBAT NiciiVK llKSTOHKii. No I''ll.n nfiur Unit ilny'H USD. Mur- vcllous cures. Troiillnn mid $'J.()0 trial liolllo fnio to Fit CUBIM. Bond to Dr. It lino. Ml_Ardi_St.. 1'hllil., I'll. Prof. Kllliu Tlionipson says Hint the arc electric Hf;ht results Iroiu the vii])(>rl?.iitlon of carbon. It Is usllniiitud from lliuorullc.ul grounds that to produce this over 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit is required. niA Sun Kvcr Uuvo $1000.00 in your pocket al one time? Woolrich & Co., Palmer, Muss.,' oiler this amount for tin original advertising novelty to mini or \vo- man, boy or girl who shall devise tho bust originality to advertise llldgc'H Food for In Cants and Invalids In overy home In America. For fiirlher instructions address Advertising L)ept., Woolrieh &(Jo., Palmer, Mass. Mention the name ol this paper when you write. A new industry for women Is putting lisle- thread feet Into the legs ut siltc stockings, and a New York girl, u consignor of the woman's exchange, makes $15 a week at it. Progress. It Is very Important in this age of vast material progress that a remedy be pleasing to the taste and to the eye, easily taken, acceptable to the stomach and healthy in its nature and effects. Possessing these qualities, Syrup of Figs is the ona perfect laxative and most gentle diuretic known. Gen. Eugene A. Carr, who Is one of the generals campaigning against the Indians with Miles, is a West Point graduate of long standing. He is a medluin-slned man of muscular figure, rather buld and somewhat peppery In temperament. Socially he is hospitable and most popular. CHIL.DBEN that aro peevish and sickly frequently owe tholr disposition and dis- tr-'Hn to tho presence of worms In thulr liitlu intestines. Thuy will bo more hoalthy, Inippy and pretty If you '.;ivu thorn Dr. Hull's AVoi-m Destroyers. By mail, 25 cents. John D. Park, Cincinnati. Ohio. Orchard and Fruit Garden. March is the season of preparation with fruit growers—the time to arrange for planting, enlarging and improving old orchards and fruit gardens. Treed for planting this spring, if not already engaged, should be ordered soon, care being taken in selecting varieties and seeing that they are true to name and adapted to locality. It is safest to deal with a trustworthy man rather than agents. All so fortunate as to possess fruit plots, large or small, should give them timely attention. Orchards neglected in sprint; will soon deteriorate, whereas by giving them proper care in the way of fetilizing, pruning, grafting, etc., they should prove far more productive and profitable. March is the time to prune fruit trees; trim and turn out rasrberriesj prepare ground for strawberry be4p, and get and set out the plants, find space for and plant a few more trees and Tinea for use and ornament; remodel The Beauty Of It "Is-that Hood's Sarsaparilla gives such perfect satisfaction," writes a prominent druggist recently, after speaking of the large sales of this excellent medicine. We firmly believe there is nothing equal to Hood's Sarsaparilla purify the blood and make the weak strong. If you have That Tired Feeling, or if your blood is impure take Hood's Sarsaparilla. It is the best Spring Medicine PAINLESS, PILLS EFFECTUAL; OV WORTH A GUI p3A A BOX,For BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc lf ACTING LIKE MAGIC on the vital organs, strengthening the muscular system, and arousing with the rosebud of health The Whole Physical Energy of the Human Frame. Boocham's Pills, taken as directed, will quickly RESTORE FEMALES to complete health. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Price, 25 cents per Box, Prepared only by TE08. BEEOHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire, England & f. 41LBN CO., • IM« AyenU for Vnlttd, Siatei, SOU & 307 Canal St., Jfnt Xfrrfc, tc/to (If your drum/lit doe» not k#ep them) M>U< mail tteeeham'i fill* on receipt Of prtei—but inquire ftnt, (Mention thi»ptmer, *r33Sri!r&Sh*ry^-r>s*h*^^ How many there are who regard the coming of winter as a constant state of siege. It seems as if the elements sat down outside the walls of health and now and again, led hy the north wind and his attendant blasts, broke over the ramparts, spreading colds, pneumonia and death. Who knows when the next storm may come and what its effects upon your constitution may be? The fortifications of health must be made strong. SCOTT'S EMULSION of pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and l-Iypophosphitcs of Lime and Soda.will aid you to hold out against. Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Scrofula,. General Debility, and all Amende qnd Wasting Diseases, until the siege is raised. It -prevents wasting; in children. Palatable as Milk. S1MSCI AL -Scott's UmulKton is iiuii-uuci-ut. uml In pi us<:ril)u.l by tho MoUlcnl Profession ull over the world, becmmu its iiiKr«dleiits aro nduntiflcnlly c:omlilnod In am* a. niunner us to greatly Increase thuir remedial vuluu. CAUTION -Scott'B Kmulslon IB put up in Halmon-eolored wrapper?.. Ho sure und. K et tno (jenulno. Prepared only by Scott & Bowno, ManufueturinB Chemists, Now Yorlc. Sold by all Druggists. The Shortest ana Uuickust to all parts of tho .f;n, Uny OfcirhesH CHS suhil in vi:i l.imkri'M Mountain,""i;a, All.ntin. 'M.IOIII. I'liiMi I Mim In ihc World for COMFORT AMD SAFETY Of tj iO. Ti- kiTts <<" wlc at all i" ll« Hulled Slates, or IS. W. WRliNN, Ccn'l I'a». & Tkt Arfcnt. Best Cough Medicine. Recommondcil by PliyfllclnnB Cures whoro all olso tails. Pleasant and ajjroeablo toste. Ciiildreu take it without objection. By drupKlsts V i mil *v *ma Him t«it! ifi ii'^i t I: CNUINC Tliuoi--'/f'ulV, fui Hnilll !i l..,im:nul lii-Mil .Li- mi ulln-r Uii'l. /(i.'mr HaLmliill THE onr :AL AND Lndlun, uxk l)rug«l«l for I'K UOXUK Ktilllrtl Wlttl blUU rllllioll. Ill Hlaiil)M "fur purtiuuUrri, l/:KLiiii(»ilai lOJXIO T^;^l^rllo^lialB. tluntr. I'ujir.r. ulil by ull l.uvuV Uru|ctcl>t*- ._« ..KICAI. CO., ' ' U - A ASTKJWA AT WHOLESALE Ir you UKO wall pu . , r ._ PRICES. -. you UKO wall paper do not full to Bond lUi; for sum pies of HprlngpuuoniB. liiimnintee toeuvoyou money. White WALL .blanks4c loCc per roll, tilltH Sciiur roll, Km- Tlie Hnosl/ purlor [iH|>or« with 18 Inch 1'i'iozu to muUsh lie per roll iinil U|»warfl., A.r.^KEl* 1MJATH, Wall I'uycr AUreliuui X/KOXA E. . aud 117-113 W. Mudlnon-nt. Clilcugo. Special Notice. 18UO-'U1. (Fronting East on Wlndaor Park.) WINTER JiESGKT, Jacksonville, Flu. Opan December to May Board £1.00 per duy. One hundred pleasant roumH ut $~1 per week, each pereon. If. U. OKYIS. W1NTEK KKSORT, 1'ululku, !•'!». Board $-1.00 per day. One hundred ple»»»iU rooms at $'-'l per week, each pereoii. An abuudaut nupply of nofl water. K. 0. & W. if. OBV18, Manage :t. DOGS NOT TAKEN. THE EQUINOX HOUSE, MANCLIESTBH, VK^MONT. A dellKlitful Huunnur lk>«ort union); the Oraea MuunUilim, '2UU (ulloK uorlli of Nuw V'ork, ItlXi wllui nurlhwuat uC liuatuu, 00 uiUeu uoi-tU of 'Iroy, DO mlluv boulh of Uutluad ttuil 00 uilleit itorthauvt of HurutoKU, uu the Ueualuittou uud HuUuiid Ksilwu/, uiidwuy lietwuau Now Vurk uud Montruvl. TliroueU UiBttiiif-rooiu «nd «l«e|>luK cait from Nt w Vvili via llud«ou Ulvor rullroud. •. JP. ». OUYI8. wis PUB ONTION" IRHI ^^*^^* ^ ^ ^^ ^^R ^^ ^ ^ T^^*" is A

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