The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1891
Page 5
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^- „ ThS ~ contract sad Heft thes'feeding business, Dieted iiffor"th|1j<i8iJie"6¥fid fail" tterh'' 'atthettfc^:?; blft bicycle; thifougH ff. J3. Vesper, who '» "' ' ', The<Bruner &, Slade barber shop is mdted'to its new,quarters, and the boys -t 'ha^e a light airy rooml -• "A? ffrie Easter entertainment will be i¥en by'. : the \ Congregational Sunday Idh'ool Sunday evening. F 4 Cooke sold his Bambler bi_, ,„ J. C. Frank last week, and has r 6ir&ered a sew one'for himself. Sunday being Easter Rev. avidson' declined his invitation >. to linaha, and will preaolrak usuaL >* •; Goederfe is knookirig'th^'bbttom 'out of boot and-shbe, prices for'a^cmij 01 " lot weeks. Read his advertisement'. \ The M, E. Suhday school will give aii Easter service neit' Sunday, ;evenin March 29, entitled** The'Riseh'ChrisI '. }v ( * fJ ~' -"''t^/ 1 '' l< *",f* yr '' , /The 8peciat'meetings"atUhe Congre; gationaUchurch.begin next Wednesday. •. Smeod .of -Chicago will'eonducl !.<.;• „.;, ', ' "• x>' ; ' , V<W,' Annis will work with" Al.M. & I; Johnson this season as 'salesman. ,s a'first rate good 'man for the &:• U ',; Hay is selling at big prices • 'Voutbern part of the state. $5 for loose in the A. H is paying $5 for loose hay in 'Algona. 5 The Algona , 'market prices are Wheat, 80@85c; corn, ^6@50c; oats, 40 arley, 60@55c; hogs, -$1@1.06 , -Marriage licenses not yet noted have heen issued to August Markgref ant Augusta Doring, Wm. 'Vedgel and Bertha Brandt. • "On Easter 1 Sunday ,-morning Rev Bowen will preach.on "The Power o •the Resurrection," in the evening on "The WalktoEmmaus." '' THe Kickapoo Indian' entertainmen began Monday evening-, to a crowded "house. , There are some real live Indi, and they stay two weeks. The Warren Bates farm in Irvington has lately been sold to Clayton Trum bull at a little over §31 an, acre. The eighty brought $2,600 in cash. The-regular meeting of James C Taylor relief corps, No. 208, will be held at memorial hall, Thursday even ing, March 26, at 7:30 o'clock. Mike Dehnert is a new comer in Fen ton. He bought two years ago, but his goods came last Thursday. He is good addition to a good township. The Spectator • will now be found among the periodicals in the reading room. This is contributed by Mrs. L F. Robinson of De's Moines for 1891. Frank Parish's tin shop* looks like a factory of some kind, it is so full of ma chinery. Frank has every tool known to the art, and he knows how to use them. , The Baptist Sewing society will mee ,at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. Pride on Thursday afternoon. Reception from 5 to 8, to which all are cordiall, invited, ( Jas. Taylor invites the public this week to inspect his' Easter display His show windows are always a work o art, arid the'Easter .seaspg. $i< doubly attractive, • , . A three-year-old son of Thos, All' bride, living west of town, fell down cellar last week and broke his leg jus.t below the hip joint, Drs, Pride & 1 Morse are teftdlng him. ReVfc Davidson tied the ttu'ptial knot ; week for Miss Ediln, Alvord and Aeal Letson of EmSte'tsburg. The bride is well known in Algona, and her ' husband is highly spoken of, Bradley &Nicoulin are in the ring 'this spring with a big stock of machinery to which they call attention, and frpm the best factories., They intend to sell goods, and say so'in this issue, E, B, Butler was agreeably surprised one day last week, which happened to be bis birthday, by the receipt pf a handsome gold watch as a present. It is a very fine watch and one of Bowyer's best. A. F' Steinberg and Axel Sundstrom of Bancroft sport two new Lefevre ham- merless twelve bore guns. John G. Smith also has a fine new gun, having purchased the one C, W. Budd used r, „. ,_ ^ lgonat mm 19»1 w W* ^3*tta i*:*»w»w itfSitkMm Mtttiil tWJi itbre wi Mdbday, : Mateh 29, .ttas gfatige ill show the finest line of carpet, the ttest talent, and with «« life stage eetitogS as oiii* ftx>m frill adctttt. • ,. a! arid cuftaln samples ever seen in " the; *eut>. The ghmisce "itote^ sprin annbuncement appdai-s this week tod is "worthy Of perusal, fts this p^VJilaf ttad- ing place has just *hat it advertises. of the' Arm of Philps means that John Ray .will Bte|> out. He says he has hot decided what he will do, but 'will pfObably stay in Algona, Bob. will continue, the business. .Both are thfifty young men and good workers, and have made a strong team. The school directors of Buffalo decided one day last week to move a certain school house, and moved it forthwith. J. L. Zumsteg believes that the new location is not as desirable as the first, and has appealed to, Superintendent Carey. She has not set a time- for hearing.' • " Our readers will notice the new advertisement of A. M. & G. M. Johnson in , this issue. - There never was a, spring •When more land would be opened 1 up, or more machinery ,needed than this, and we ct\D,,<Jheerfully recommend this firm to all. Th ey have cood goods at reasonable prices. • '.'•.,", , „ , "'"A pleasant marriage -, was consummated Saturday by' JJav.^Davidson, <V. J. Schichtl and Mlss',Nina Robison be^ ing the parties. Mr. Schichtl is one 'of Trvington's thrifty young farmers, and THE UPPER DBS MOINES • joins, in the good wish'es that go with the, happy couple from" their friends. ' The reading room association are arranging another medal contest to be held in the near Euture Anyone willing to take part in this contest is requested to meet the committee. Miss Eya Whitney and Miss Edith Clarke, at Miss Whitney's room in the public school building at 6 o'clock p. m. ' The marriage of A. D. Paine and Miss Florence Spear is set for today. The groom is the son of Frank Paine ofTPortland, and the- bride a daughter of E. A. Spear of Algona, both well known and respected famiUes. The young people belong ' to . 'the county's best society, and a happy future opens before them, TheW.-C. T. U. will meet in the reading room Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. -A literary programme is given every meeting and • they are both , interesting and instructive. A general invitation is given to everyone. Why not come out and enjoy them, and encourage the ladies in their praiseworthy 'efforts. While east, Geo. E. Clarke bought a couple of Shetland ponies, which will arrive in town this week. One of them is for his little girls, and W. F. Carter gets the other for his children. They are finely bred and are both with foal, so Algona will soon have a good supply of Shetland stock to add to its other blooded animals. Court adjourned last week before the cases were all tried. The attorneys after nearly three weeks' steady work were anxious to continue their cases till the next term, which comes March 12. Judge Carr went home on the Thursday evening train. The prospect is for a very big term's work in May, as several fighting^ases go oyer. John G. Smith has had letters from California, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, and half a dozen other states from sportsmen who wanted to get Chesapeake Bay dogs. He had five pups this spring, and has disposed of all of them for shipment as early as they can be sent. He has undoubtedly the finest this valuable variety in the West. thsriafedbythe tlon, to meet committees ffom". -„—-.-City and Hiiiflboldt. ..The'resoitd 1 the conferettde.wne that .Wetfetet; Gitjr decided not 16 ante* a clttlttlfc fo'rwtdes, Eagle JSfwe was Very anxlouS to have one arranged but Humboldt was hot represented and it is as yet undecided what what will be dene if anything. It would be a Ime thing to have Sonte good races this summer, but it appears doubtful ttW if they ctfn be secured,' ,Tbe Algona high, school will join' in the statb declamatory contests hereafter, the, riext; coming at' Mdnticello. These contests have boon great events in lOVra. school circles, somo fine do- claimers winning the medals, and the Algona Representatives will find lively competition. Those arranging to have our schools join in .the contests are to bo complimented, for it will encourage good speaking in the schools, besides giving the students an opportunity to meet the representatives from the -best schools in the state. Tfao local Contest will he held soon. A case of polyandry is town. It is.said that for .&! student, cftme up from Liven week for- a visit Her many were pleased to seeher., reported in course. i Geo, is* 1 — -——, went to Ur&xio last, week some Shetland pt ' went to Austin and vyeuo, i«.mu>, short vistirtflih wlatlvea* T •> Superintendent CcfetotJ ot burg, att^tided the fat-mere 1 institute last week and took an active part to the discussions. He is &n able and pleastng talker, and his visit wAsefijoyed by ftlL 0. E. Townsend and p\f& of Tataa couaty, are makiag hls*Dr<ithe^ D. D. Townsend, a short visit. He is bne of the leading stock raisers b! that section. The Red Polled breed of cattle Is his hobby* • t Austin Creed was taken with a severe attack of bronchitis < while at Omaha and has been very sick since his return. Dr. McCoy is bringing him out, and he will soon be all right. Be accepted a situation in Omaha. Gib. Dutton was out at Postville and Cedar Rapids last week on a visit, returning Saturday. He has now hired out to Bradley & Nicoulin again for the summer and will go on the road with buggies as soon as the road opens. Frank Grove, the youngest of Isaac Grove's family, is baolc from Nebraska, where'he has been for many years. " will visit in Algona and BOO his old ...., SI? « D. A« Haggard spent all of last week in panoroft, going out from there for hie numerous sales in the north part of the county. He is also wanted in Humboldt, and is troubled to find how best $Q distribute himself. ' . Company F has secured its leggins, poine streamers for the shooting range, ang is arranging to have a email house built pa tbp range, and other repairs made. Jt will have the best range in the state this season. Chaplain Lozier will be here n-axt '- ""--'eveiiiflff and deliver his celer .eeture In the interests of the . „... j of Veterans, He is so well known fa these papis that it is needless tP in.- Yitea,h>rge -"-"--- have had a bad lot from >Emmetsburg, and that the woman has two' husbands. The story goes that her first husband was sent to Chicago to be cured of deafness, and while lie .'was gone the wife, pretended to get a divorce and married again, • In the,meantime -husband number one is back and all live .together, as amicably as might' be 'expected* The family belong to the tough element! It is said there will be an official investigation and an effort will be made to rid' the town of them. The Cra of cheap sugar is near at hand! , Next, Wednesday the people will get it at their own price. Jos. Thompson contracted last week for a He ao- The ladles 6f tk8 Hdrna Missionary society will h'dl'd ft basket social at the A. E; chUi'tth on Thursday evening this weekv They have arranged a nice pro- 3 which rvill begin at 7:30, Everybody is invited, and the ladies >oth old and young are requested to jfing baskets' with lunch for two. 2ome and have a good social time and help the ladies in their good work. We received notice last week too late ,o mention of the marriage of M. W. Terguson of Plum Creek and Miss Anna Ih-eesinan of Ramsay, Rev, Shaver' per- formipg the ceremony, Many elegant presents were received and the young jouple begin life with bright prospects. They are both worthy young people :rom well known and highly respected families, and they have the best wishes of a host of friends. In bis article on corn raising' in this issue, Senator Chubb says that more than once they have had 70 bushels of corn to the acre pn untnanured land on their farm across the river. If the trutyh were known there are plenty of other farmers who could tell the same experience, There are plenty of them, too, who have used their corn for pork, butter, beef, etc., and made thefr 40 and 50 cents a bushel every year. Lotts Creek held two township meetings, one at the Archer school house and one at the Walker school house; and for awhile W'looked as though the civil authorities would act like an old time caucus.. The school meeting called the town together and by vote the meeting at the ^Archer school bouse was declared official and its .minutes ordered inserj»d>in the record boo>. Peace again' smiles on the. western border. Messrs, Conn^^d Cow*^ were at Clarionh\s$ we«(lc ftn,d,ma,de their bid on the new (Sourt home a the barrel of granulated sugar at five cents a pound, and W. F. Carter says at re- tall they will sell 19 pounds for a dollar. The other grades of sugar will be correspondingly cheaper, some "going as' low as 25 pounds for a dollar. All this change begins April-1. which is ordinarily a suspicious day, but there is no April fool joke about sugar prices. This 'is the most meritorious thing the McKinley bill has brought to the people. A,«Couple of years ago a, man named church hired a team'at Lacy's to go up tin Fenton. On his return a horse died, and Lady*' sued him for the cost. Church left-the matter with a lawyer who shortly after moved away and forgot about it, and so judgment was taken by default by W. B. Quarton, who represented Mr. Lacy. Chureh returned at the last term of court and tried to get tbe case re-opened for trial. It was continued till this term, and Judge Carr decided that no new trial could be. had, as the default was through Church's negligence, that is acting through his attorney. The'judgment was for $160,' which Church will have to pay if he does not appeal.' 'T. H. Conner was appointed some time ago by the supervisors to view the proposed road from town directly to the Blackford bridge. Last week with a number of citizens he went over th^' route, which is , an extension of McGregor street, and will report to th,e auditor sometime this week. If his report is favorable the property owners will be invited to send in their damages, and commissioners will then appraise them and the board will take final action. We understand that the matter of opening the street will i be taken up by the city council at its meeting this week, and the town will decide what it will do. " There is no doubt that the traveling public demands some better approach from the west than it now has, and' that some new road must be made. Tbe present hill being both crooked and steep makes travel danger- cm- and difficult in any but the best of weather. , > ' ' PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. C, M. Doxsee enjoyed a visit from his father over Sunday. Dr. and Mrs, Smith of Charles City visited at D, S. Ford's last weekv F. S. Stough returned to Minneapolis with his brother imd is Visiting there. „ J, W, Bartlett goes to Kansas City next week to Visit his brother-in-law, and on business. V. H. Stough greeted his old friends in town last week. He reports Minneapolis <tis very quiet, Jos, 'Taylor goes to Chicago, ftay, to buy his spring stock of He looks for a big spring trade, Frank McCall starts today for Ames where he attends the agricultural college, beginning a regular course, Miss Amy Wallace starts for Des Moines today, She will take a course in the business college of that city. Rev. Sanderson was a visitor from Emmetsburg, Monday, going out with Rev, Black on the e^strEound train. I. Grove's daughter, Mrs, Kellogg, returned to Lincoln, Neb,, last week after a visit of some time in Algona. Mrs, F. H, Vesper pud Miss Cora Setcbell went to Chicago last Thursday for a week's visit, They return tomorrow. g, S, Sessions and M. Stephens are noted by the Register as at Des Moines. We have not learned what called ihem there. Miss Reeves is just home from > Pes Moines where she has been two weeips Studying up th r e latest in styles, etc, . J, 0. Heckart Grqye, the land of ""• Wm. qualntances, who will remember him as manager of Grove's first livery stable. We neglected to note last week the return ot Henry Winkle from an extended southern trip. He* says the south'is about 60 years behind this country and that but for climate, there would-be nothing there to attract anyone. ' ,' ' , ' : A. Myers took final leavd of Algona, Friday, and will for the time being, make ; his nome in Chicago. While here he made friends, who will regret his departure and wish him success where- ever he finally decides to locate. He talks of going to South America. •Mrs. A. A. Call was Vestorday summoned by telegram to Kansas to attend at the death bed of • her father, H. A. Henderson who will be recollected by the earliest settlers as Algona's pioneer merchant and hotel man. He built in Algona early in the summer of 1866. Mr. Henderson had passed his 80th milestone. ' Dr. and Mrs. Shore returned from Europe, Friday, and arrived in' excellent- health. Many friends greeted their return. The doctor goes south this week'to decide' definitely' on his future location, and will soon again, engage in practice. While in' Europe they visited Paris and other places of interest, and saw, much of old world life. ' * To RENT—House, five rooms. Stacy. i' J. E. Special Sale! . do* Clothes Pins for...... kg 60 Xteftt f«*r <..< «« . I. 1 pltg 8«da (gttlcti? Purt), i pk« IMjKm BtovePolUh.., ; box AxleGre&ae...,«..,., 1 box Lewis' Lyfc.,, „. r..., .01 .08 .05 ,06 ,00 40 89 bars Good Laundry 8o»£. 20 lb* Choice Batter CrftcHers.. 1311» Choice CW. Dri Agpod Lftntitfaitot o 80IbsOrj-stftl Rico for. Rnislna ( w^U^J '•HtifjH,*! *•£*« t**^4 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. Call 1 see us; l^r We are agents for Rock Salt for stock, ]- , TOWHSENB^ I can now make loans on Improved land&troia ohei ted years time, and giro the borrower the privilege i?, paying the whole loan or any part thereof to, even MOO ntj any date when interest tails due. This is Iowa mot *'' and no second mortgage or coupons taken, This plan ot making a loan will enable the i rower to reduce his mortgage at any tlmn and save the interest on the amount paid. Mo Farm Loans. furnished at once on perfect title. Call on Or address H. HOXIE, Algona, Z. GUOVE. JOHN Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable; West of Thorington House. » Z. OttOVK, M !, PflUP? tt i UlLi o. AND PLOW GENERAL REPAIRW(Q. • •wagon manor and painter, and we guarantee satisfaction in everything wo turn out. WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, AlOONA, IOW*; Thorington House New Laundry, just opened in basement of the Thoringtp Strictly First-Class Work * -,,''--at reasonable rates and on short notice. Will do -famil] ','•' • ' washing. All work called for and delivered,' * * * * ' i < ,•*'„.' First-Ola©©' "WorlE 1© Successor to J, J, Wilso ——— ' ' \f r ] & ,, Office and Yard on 1 Dodge, ', , , '-'..,Us "£ street, south of ALG-ONA, - ALEX. WHITE, • Handles the best of all descriptions of LD FOR Satur- goods, 10 Days Only We have received a very large stock of Boots and Shoes, both in 'men's, ladies' and children's! which we will place on SPECIAL SALE For 10 Days Only. Ii£'w4 ; *tti "" *%? JWS BSfS* Call in arid See the Bargains. Which includes everything that is po i the construction of anything from,a to the very finest residence, WE MEET ALL COMPETITION «w ^ P/^. •''"-' i- • •• if|4ifv;^ Come and give us a chance to fig^re'lyour ; • willprove that this is not me TO LOAN 00 I At lowest rates and optional .payment^, payable at our office, If you want a loan, call • on. us; can save you money. JONES & SIVI8TH, Cloths and Trimmings. J, K. Flta & SON, Merchant Tailors A mil stock pf clothe »nd trimmings always kept on band, and furnished at an low rates as can be bought elsewhere, All worjt 4o»e WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Come ana seo us before placing your orfter. ' will be to your advantage. y, x. It Talk with Doxsee,^ to rent;, house an for sale, or will otjier property DO YOU WANT AN AUCTION! ' t f'i,t-,'i AUCTIONEER Will cry oily and nature »trtotly< Office with V, M. Taylor, oye.r- J^wafft'^i PB. Drugs, and Madieft Full assortment always and pure Watches*

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