The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1892
Page 3
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THE UPPER DES MQlNES. ALGQlN A, tOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 18,1892. 2ft 4 . Joseph Hcmmerlch, in old soldier, living at No. G20 East 146th street, New York City, a well-known and thoroughly reliable man, writes ns voluntarily an account ot hl« > care by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which Illustrates the great value ol this medicine as a thorough blood purifier and strength giver. In 18G3 ll the battle ot Fair Oaks, lie w«» stricken with typhoid fcv«T, and after a long struggle In hospitals, lasting several years, was discharged as Incurable. Doctors snid he had coittuitiptlon, that both lungs were uffocted and he could not live long. But a comrade urged him to try Hood's Sarsaparllln. Before he had finished one bottle his cough 'began to get loose, the choking sensation left and night melts grew less and less. Since taking the fir 111 bottle he has b«en in good general Iiealdi. • taken Hood's Harfiapa- rllla as a general blood purifier nud HprlttB M*d- Qlcliiu und cordially recommends It, especially to his comrades in the 0, A. R , ot vrhich he has been a member for 20 fsari. Hemenibor Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures Where other preparations fall. Bo ears to get good's Baraaparllla. It la Peculiar to Itself, Purify Your DHi Blood; IIood'H I'll Is are the best after dinner Pills, uilit digestion, «ure headache. Vane Containing 1,000 Pomittvelghtflof Gold—Oilier hrtre KeH«». A copper clock with rock-crystal, and old quartz dial, made for the Paris c-x- osition, 1889, is a masterpiece of the uxuuous application of art, to the mecban- sm of horology. The most important iece which I know of Mocamo or Japan- ae mixed metal?, cotisklintf of a vase hirty inches in height, the bady of which a made of gold and silver, showdo, shak- do and shnibuichi inetals, on a body of ilver, is worthy of the collection of an mperor, says a writer in the Collector, 'kin vnse contains 1,000 p?nnyweights of gold. It was especially intended for the 'aiis exposition of 1889, and is many imes larger lhan any known object of this lass of metal work—a sort of tour de force with its producers. There is an ivory bust t a 'Florentine boy and another of Marie .0 Medici, bv the renowned French carver A. Moreau Vautier. The lat'er is orna- aented with silver lace-work collar, pearls liamcnds and other jewels. The foimer )ii9_ a cap and a collar set with, small ubies and diamonds. Some remaikable specimens are shown of etched, pierced ind enameled silver, the enameling being f »n opaque dull color, frequently four or n've shadis of calor in oiie spacs or cloi- oune. A true curiosity is a bead clcak if exceptional beauty and size made by a Sioux Indian squaw. The euivival of thu wonderful art of the vanished aboriginal races of this country is marked in this jarment. The collection owns the original, ife sizi bronza group of "The Lost D.)gs —Siberian Houndp," by Mathilde Thomas exhibited by hei in the'1881 salon, and a grizzly bear and an American bison, in jroi 7,3—companion pieces of American ubjects modeled and cist in the ilver works. Of Basdienne reproductions ot the famous Barye bronzes, there is a :'ull line, each piece selected with the utnioet care by compirison \vith the ori«i' nal mothl. Exactness could go no further than witfl these reproductions, in which every essential quality of' the original model is preserved. Among the choictst of the Aaryes are the "Stag and Jaguar," "Tiger Walking," "Jaguar and Crocodile," "Bull and Tiger," "Stag Calling or ~ hallengiug a Foe," "Lion Walking," the glorious single "Stag," "Turkish Horse," and "Eagle and Heron." GALA1'A«08 TOUT01SK8. a. NATURAL UtJMEDY lull Epileptic Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St. ?Itus Donee, Nervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In* ebrity, Sleeplessness, Dizziness, Brain and Spl- -nal Weakness. 'This medicine has direct. action upoa 'the nervo centers, allaying all irritabiH ties, and increasing tho flow and power •of nerve fluid. It is perfectly harmless and loaves no unpleasant effects. i— A Valuable Uoolt «n •Discuses Bout I'reo'to any address and poor patients can also obtaix _ tins inoilieino fieo <»f clmrfjo. This remodyUns been prepared bj-tlio Keveror.i Pastor Koenlg, ot Port \vu,viie, Ini)., «lnco 1870. aai [snow prepared underhisiliruetlou bj-tUu tCOENIC MED. CO.. Chicago, Ell. Sulil by I>rus(''>'ts at SI per IJottle. G for ."Jif " ....... . «WP. wt.7B. fl Bottle* ''•"• ffl. ^ How Old I Look, and not yet Thirty." 'Many-vfomen fade •early, simply because they clo no take proper care of theme el ves. Whirled along in the excitements o: a .fast-living age they overlook •those minor ailments that, if not checked in time, will rob them of health and beauty .At'the first symptom of vital weakness, use Lydia E. PiiMiam's Vegetable Compound The roses will return to your cheeks, sallow looks depart, spirits brighten, your step become firm, and back and headache will be known no more. Your appetite will gain, and the food nourish you. All DruRRlaH let! It, or lent ly mall, hi form of 1'illa or uozcngca. on rccclntofSl.OO. Unit 1'1I1«, tfrtc. Corre. ond«i« freely .niwered. aiireu | n contlilcnce, uu K. I'INICIIAM Mo. Co., , Mttas, Sample Cake ef Soap and ]'M page liookou Derma tology and Ueauty. lllug tratcd. On Skin, Sculp Nervoufl and Dlooil Ills easei. Keut eeul«d fo lOc. t also Dlufigur nienti like Birth ilark- Mules, Warts, India Ink and Powder murku, Bear rittltiKB, Itednefls of Kos4 Hiiporlluouo Hair. 1'iin ~ i,etc. JOHN H OOf»Hl7JElV . , at office or bj^le _ _ _ mnslira CM LYI 1> Vowderfd anil 1'erffuiued. fd and 1'erffuiu* (PATBNTED.) The ttrongtst and purwl _._ made, Unlike other Lye, it being u line powder and packed IB a caa with removable Ud. the content* .u-e always 'ready for use. Wll miike theWx perfumed IlsrdBoip In 80 minutes without boiling. It I* tho bedt for cleaning waet* pipes, dielnjfectlng pinks, clojetn washing booties, paints, trees, eta, PENNA.lSALT MFG. CO(Jen. Acts., 1'hila., 1'a, OF THE —umlaut* oaf 1 HIGHEST QRADB Eacerg and Roadsters, iWlei' and dent*'. $«« Lin* in the Weit. Wrilcl'for Catalogue. Age»e» "«wed. Ercliulvo Territory. l^anufaciuKri' Prictn T. ft, tJANsE, I in parlor and BIIr» '""*, 008 Stale St.? tfj -—B' [BEST POLISH IN WORLD. IM BE DECEIVED * •«k £ft»t«B,' JEuatneU, and Paints which «,.v.^-,_, '»r» u Yo d burn polish Is Brll- wvi>+vwt t •MuruDiA. lAUd th$ COU* JrWHorno COSTLY "WORKS OF ART. A REMARKABLE LETTER. THE Survivors of Hugo Turtlf-8 Whlnh Lived in the Tertiary lljjocli. The Galapagos tortoises are the onlj survivors of an ancient race of huge Vur- tlen which lived so_ long ago as the early part of the tertiary epoch. Specimens weighing from 600 to 700 pounds have bi.-en captured, -and there is authentic record of one individual taken which tipped the scales at '&70 pounda. However, nearly aU of the very big ones have been caught and devoured, and it will not be long before tho race is exterminated— literally ''eaten off the <face of the earth by .gluttonous men." It is reckoned that 10,- L'00.,000;of.ithese turtles have been taken from the island* since 'their diicovery. No provisions for ships were ever found cq'ial to these tortoises, which 'Wilt remain, in good .condition for a.-year without food, or water. A supply >of the latter is carried by the animal in a 'bag, which contains as much .as two gallons -sometimes. They .ure very sagacious, and when kept on deolc can be taught to confine them- 1 -selves to any space arranged for their,' accommodation by whipping them gently with a rope's,oad when<they get out of it.' The 'meat is -said to ba -finer thaa that of •a green turtle. iDampi-er, the rxplorer: >"ho .visited the islands in 163^, wrote that the (flesh resembled a pullet's flavor. "The oil," he-s»ys, "weiept injjirs, and insed it instead of butter to eat with, dumplings." 'Rogers An iL707 wrote: •"The eggs,of ithe turtle are as big as tho^e of a'goose, white, hard shells, and-exactly round. Two men rode on the back of one •of the creatures, .which weighed ,700«poun r)* and it carried them with ease." In ;1793 Colnet.repsrted that the nests of tortoises ••'were thrown up i« circular form, never containing anore than three eggs, which are heated by the sum, a hole being GO-contrived as io admit its rays through its daily 'Course." This last .remarkable statement would ssem to imply that ihese chelonians were eoniewhafc 'Earniliur with astronomy. lihe tortoises are •.vegetable feeders according to theiBuston Transcript, browsing chiefly on a suooulent cactus. It, is said -t'hat they .are eutii-ely cleaf, BO that even ike re-port of a doea,not startle or almn them. At intervals they make pilgrimages to Uie hill-tope, wtere water is to Ue found, traveling by night only. Thus, in the course of centuries they have worn regular roads from the shore up the mountain sides, by following which the Spaniards first dascoved the watering places. Tfaey have very long and snakelike necks nnd heads, and their feet surprisingly resemble those of an elephant. Their clumsy method of loeomotioa also suggests a "likeness to the great pachyderm. Undoubtedly they live to a very great age, and their aspect is most venerable. K1NOS ON TUE1K NECK8. Mltnrliise Yokes of H Stnunpe Sort Worn by African Weuiuu The Bayanzi, who liv- along tbe Upp?r Congo., have a strange custom wnich makes life a burden to the married woman . Brass rods are welded into great rings around the necks of the wives. Many of these rings worn by the women whoso husbands are well to .do weigh us much at) thirly pounds, and this burden must i e,curried by the poor creatures as Jong as they live. Frequently one SPBB a poor woman whose neck is galled by the heavy weight, and in places the skin is rubbed off by the ring. This is a ture sign that the riner has been recently welded around the neck. After a 'short time the skin becomes calloused, und t.hen_the strsnge ornament produces ao abrasion. The weight is a perpetual tax upon tne energies. 'la every crowd of women may be seen a number who are supporting tbe ring with their hands, aad thus for a time are relieving their wiftry thouldera of the burden, bays the Boston Commercial. A ring is never put around a woman s neck until she is believed to have attained her full physical development. Once on it, is no easy matter to gat it off. The natives bave no fi'es. and although they, can hammer a Jot of brass rods into one, it n very difficult for them'to cut the thick mass of metal. Women who increase largely in flesh after Ihe rings have been fastened to their necks are in, danger ot strangling to death, and instances of Ibis sort have occurred. The women, however, regard the .cumbrous ornament with pride, 'Ihey imagine that it enhances their import a oce and a»4 wear their burdens with hgbt ' MS the WQney of the country nd in putting U arouadi their wiw AecftH the men we certaiu that U will not he «ol«P <« foolishly A Prominent Professional Man's Extraordinary Statement. (xV. T. Sun.) To t1i6 Editor. Sm:—As my name and face have appeared in your paper and the the public prints lately, and as many ot my professional bretbern are wondering at it, 1 fr.el it only just that 1 should make an explanation. The statement published over my name was . made ten years ago, after long and mature investigation, ami I have never changed my mind as to the facts then stated. At that time I said, as a physician, that I believed Warner's Safe Cure was tho best of all known preparations for the troubles it was advocated to cure, and I say so still. I know it is considered the proper thing for the medical profession to decry proprietary and other advertised articles; but why should they do so? As (he late Dr. J. G. Holland, writing over his own name in Scrioner's Monthly, said: "It is a fact that many of the best proprietary medicines of the day ate more successful than many physicians, and most of them were first discovered or med in actual medical practice; when, however, any person knowing, their virtue and foreseeing their popularity secures and advertises them, in the opinion of tho bigoted all virtue went out of them." Dr. Holland was an educated physician, an unprejudiced observer, and he spoke •from a broad and unusual ezpetiencn. Proprietary medicines should not be decried. The evidences of their value ore overwhelming. I have seen patients recover from gravel, inflammation of the bladder and Bright's disease after using Warner's Safo Cure, even when all other treatment had failed. I make this frank nnd outspoken statement in the interests of humanity and because I know it to be true. I trust for the same reason you will give it to the public. Respectfully, B. A. GUHN. No. 124 West Forty-tcventh St., New York, M&rchjL GO OliX 1 OV UOOL18. .TuHt Now There are Wonderful Tilings (or Sou to See. Now is tho time to take walks in the large/parks, or, better still along country wood-roads or through the fields to see can sec—to see if the wild flowers are coming, if the chipmunks are put and to watch for tho tirat. evonts of spring everywhere. The great lover of nature, Thoreau, you will.'find in his journal, spent much time daring many years watching the first movements of spring. "He dug into the swainps, he peered into the water, he felt with benumbed hands- for the radical' •leaves under the snow, he inspected the 'buds on the willows, the catkias on the alders: he went out before daylight of a (March morning and remained out after dark;'he watched the lichens and .mosses •on the rocks; he listened for tbe birds; fae - And 1(8 Greatest Need. The human race as a whole U In great. need of a good blood purlBer. There are about 2.400 disorders incident to the human frame, the large mnjority arising from the Impure or poisonous condition of the blood. Serofuln, n disease as old as antiquity, has been inherited by generation after generation, nnd manifests itself to-day virulent and Tlrttinlly unchanged from its nnclcut forms. If ive are so fortunate as to escape hereditary Impurities in the blood, we may contract disease from lliu germs in the air we breathe, the food we oat, or the water we drink. In Hood's Sarsapnrilln is found the mcdi- Iclnc for all blood diseases. Us remarkable cures are its loudest praise. No remedy baa every had so marked success, no medicine was over accorded so great, public patronage. Scrofula in its severest forms has yielded to its potent powers, blood poison- Ing and salt rheum and many other diseases liavu been permanently cured by it. It is unqucstlonnbly the best Spring Medicine and blood purifier. Be sure to get Hood's. It was one of the upper ten, a member of tho old EnglUli nobifity, who, according to Lord llotiglilon, anxiously Inquired of Hie Bliowman who was cxhibiling tho Siamese twins, "Are they brothersV" Murto tti I,tml( TJko Jfow, Dresses, Gent's UloUiing, Feathers, Gloves, i'lc., Dyed or ('leaned, I'luah Garments Steamed, at Olio Welch's Dye \Vorks, aiO W. Wnter St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Out of the 38,000 Polish emigrants who, went to Brazil, 1,500 died of yellow fever. FITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline's Great Nn-ue Jieitorcr. No Fits after first lay's use. Marvellous cures. Treatise and $2.00 trial botlle free to Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kiltie, 831 Arch St., 1'hila., Pa. During a severe electrical storm nt Brad- !ord, Pa:, a tank containing 30,000 barrels of :rudo oil was struclc by lightning and jurued. was on the alert for the first frog; but he ••could not satisfy himself in what was the first sign or puhe of returning life manifest." Nor can any one; life appears to -start in-several things at the. satso time, says another celebrated writer who spends isnost of his time watch'np the world of growing things out doors. And many movements are well a-going now. Wild "blue viotetp are up, and probably -oome- wh<?re near them the purfto and white •hepatica, witk their lastfyear's leaves still "Clinging to the plants, close to the earth. It is a great i(Mng te fiad a scent-ed flower i-ainong these newcomers. iSome seasons 4hey are very rare. Put yottt nose to -every 'flower yon «pluck," -says a wel'l!fci.own naturalist 4 'ant •yrou will be -enrprifled how your Mst-wil •swell the more you-smdl. I plucked nome wild blue vielets or»« day that had a faint iparfume of uweet-clover, tout I never eoulc •find another'thac had any odor. Borne bep- .aticas ar« sweet eoested and oome as?e not, and the perf'soae is .stronger some seasons feiian-others." Such thiuga one learns .'by obaervine; ctosely and eonst-inttj'.. A.n<i how -much more wis .lorn has such, n man than ha who teUs you wild'bhiB violets biwra ns odor: because be hao found one or 'two that had m<t. The pretty tittle 'Chiptnank is already frii&ing about with jjoy at beint;-out ot h'-s hole, which be entered in November. He i« a few inches long., without counting his long b'^shy tail, and he, i« dressed in yellowish brown fur. with gray abive and white bolow; bio back and sides are mark- O'l with five black stripes, running length wise. A lit/tie six-year-old boy wesit into t country, visiting. About the first thing he got was a bow) of bread and milk. (He tasted it and then hesitated a moment, when his .mother asked him. if he didn't like it, to which he replied, smacking his 'lips, "Yes, mamma; I wan only wishing that our milkman in town would keep a cow." fh« Sworn Tormentor* of the Inqtiieltlou. Wfeat eared they for the groans ot the victim ua he lay stretched upon tbe rack? Tet people whose hearts «re neither as hard aa the nether mill etone, nor whose fortitude la excessive, often have DO pity on themselves—voluntarily incur life long torture by neglect, ItUeumatiem, the mout agonizing and obittlnale of complaints in, par- Imps, more frequently neglected lu its incipience than any other, the preliminary twinges being vet down to the credit of "a cold in tne bones which will pass away of itself. Singular fatuity —fatal delusion I liontetter'a Stomach Hitters IB a potent safeguard sgamet the terrible inroads of this liifldlous and dangerous malady—danger- DUE becaueeof its proueneps to attuck the heart, the sent of life. Neuralgia la also effectually counteracted and relieved by the Hitters. Malaria, kldnuy complalnU, debility, ludlgt-etlou, biliou*- neKf. (a grippe, lone of appetite and the Inability to alefp are among the complaints eradicable with ikia genial corrective If every man got every cent he earned and every man earned every cent ho got there would be a different distribution incomes. The Only Cue Ever Prlnt«d--<3»n You Find the Word? Tliero Is a 8 Inch display advertisement In IMs pnper this week which tins no two word* ftlHio except one word. The smut,' la true of catli new one npiuinrliiireai'h week from The l)r. Jlarter Medicine Co. Tlilu hoiiao plueoa A "Crescent" on everything Uit*y make und publish. Look for It, send Ilium Uio numo of the word, and lliuy will return you uooic, BKJimFUJ, MTHOGKAl'US Of aAMt'l.KS FI(UB. lie—"You didn't know I was color blind, did you?" She—"I inspected It from tUe neckties you wear." . ANT book In "Surpns* Serlei," (be»t au- tUors), 25 cent novels, about 800 pages each, sent free, postpaid, by Crtijflu & Co., of Philadelphia, Pa., ou receipt of 90 wrappers of Dobbins' Electric Soap. Send 1 cent for catalogue. "Do you mpke? 1 ' my wife;* »M>0*er *'No; «* »ot Pme mid Wholeoome Quality Joininunds to public approval the California Iqulil Jii.vnlivu remedy, Syrup of Figs. It is plunsimt to Hit! ttiste and by acting gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels to cleanse ,li« system effectually, It promotes tho lieaUli und comfort of all who use it, aud with millions it is the best and only remedy. In London a book IB put under baby's pillow to insure aptness in educational matters, and money is put In its bath as a guarantee of iluaucial success. " What's that ? A cew invention which works all the year round? Surprisin'—these days are not liko the old times. Blcedin' was tho only remedy them days. But now, ns you say, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is a true remedy for tho blood." It's not like tho sarsaparillas, that are said to bo good for tho blood in March, April and May. Tho " Golden Medical Discovery " work* equally well at all times, in all GCU- sons and in all cases of blood-taints, or humors, no matter what their name or nature, "Golden Medical Discovery" is tho cnly Blood and Liver medicine, sold by druggists, guaranteed to benefit or cure in every case, on fail- trial, or money paid for it will be promptly refunded. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Proprietors, No. 603 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. V. .1. C11KXF.V .t CO., Toli'do; O.. I'roprs. of Hall's Cntarrh (Jure, offer $100 reward for any wise of ciilnrrh UmL cannot bo cured by takln.a; Hall's Catarrh Cnre. Scud for testimonials, free. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Mrs. Justricli—"These diamonds nre genuine, of course?" Jeweler—"Certainly; I know the manufacturer personally." BEECKAM'S PILLS are a painless and effectual remedy for all bilious and nervouj disorders. For sale by all druggists. Kerosene will soften boots or shoes vrhicU have been hardened by water and render them us pliable as when new. How Mr TIIHOAT HURTS! Then why don't you use KALE'S U.OKEY or HORKIIOUND AND TAB. PIKE'S TooruAOiiB Duel's Cure In one Minute. There ore two countries — China acd India—whose swarming millions outnumber the people of all other oauutrics of tbe continent. In 1850 "Brown's Bronchial TrocJief' were Introduced, and their success as a cure for 'Colds, Coughs, Asthma and Bronchitis has 'been unparalleled. Sapphlre« round and oblong are seen In (Plain gold rimmed Bettings of dead cold. -it is a qtiB-itit, old fashion and very distinguished. IS IT si-nslljlt. 1 ? Is It rousonuulo? Ja It economy, to sull'cr yourst-lt' and vorry otuers with, a houduche when Braclycrntino will relievo you in llfioon minutes? Of all Brugglsto. It costs only fifty cents u. bottle. Consumption carries off many of its victims needlessly. It can be stopped sometimes ; sometimes it cannot. It is as cruel to raise false hopes as it is weak to yield to false fears. There is a way to help within the reach of most who are threatened—CAREFUL LIVING and Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver oil. Let us send you a book on the subject; free. SCOTT Be BOWHB, Chemists, 132 South 5th Avemu, New York. Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-UT«r oD—alt druggists everywhere do. $i. J« Eight doctors treated tne for Heart Disease and one for Rhemnatisirti but did me no good. I could not speak aloud. Everything that I took into the Stomrch distressed me. I could not sleep. I had taken all kinds of medicines. Through a neighbor I got one of j'otir books. I procured a bottle of Green's August Flower and took it. I am to-day stout, hearty and strong and etijoy the best of health. August Flower saved my life and gave me my health, Mrs. Sarah J Cox, Defiance, O. « | A single dose produces beneficial TO- ( •suits, frlvliig cheerfulness of utlndnncl . buoyancy of body to whloli you were . f before a stranger. They enjoy a pop- \ ularlty unparalleled. Price, 25ctfl. I t Cures Colds, Coughf, SOPB TUront, I nfluonr.!), Wlioopliiw Cuiiirh, BronolilUl __ Asthiniu A certain euro for Consumption In flr ltsK«s, and a Min> rolleC In ndvitncod Htitirei* »t nni'.H. You will Aoo tho excellent eQooi I Jnklne the ilrnt duae. Bold by dealsrsevorrw targe bottiOB, GO eouU and liX, Spring Trouble. In the early days of Spring, when the temperature is liable to sudden changes—warm in the morning, wet and showery in the afternoon, cold at night—many people take cold. It settles on their kidneys and produces rheumatism, pain in the back, pleurisy, and pneumonia. REID'S GERMAHT COUGH AND KIDNEY Gums will CUM all of these maladies. It does it by inciting the kidneys to action, bj 1 stimulating the circulation so that the skin performs its usual function, and by aiding the digestion so that tbe stomach is able to throw off the morbid matter that would otherwise clog and embarrass it. There is at other remedy on the market that accomplishes this work as well as REID'C GEIWAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CURB; It contains no poison, nor any deleterious substance, but can be taken without fear of danger. If your druggist will not get it for you, write to us. Small bottles 25c, large ones 50o. SYLVAN EKMJSDY Co.. Peoria, 111. ANAKESIS RlTea Indian relief, i. nd IP an INFALU- BLB OUUK for PILES yrlce, $lj at drngRUta 01 by mall. Samples trr.«. Address "ANAKESIS," Box 2410, Nsw VOBK OLTT. 9«s9o0e©e6^©©e©o0es6se9e66o®9©6^ MlfflY LIKE THESE. _Bethnny, Mo., Aug. 4, 1888: "SuH'eral for years with neuralgia, but was'finally cured by St. Jacobs Oil." T, B. SHERBR. _ Co "stantine, Mich., Peb. 10,1887: ""Was tToublcd 30 yours . ^jyj p a ; ns j u tho'buck from strain; in bed for weeks ut a tinm; no relief from other remedies. About 8 years ngo I liougbt St. Jacobs Oil and iiwcide about I'i applications; liave been well and strong ever since. Have done-sH kinds of work andean lift as much as over. No return of pain in years. . D. M. REARICK. — 7G ° Dol l )nin St> ' Balto '> Md., Jan. 18, 1890: "I Ml down o y ie .(jmjt staira of my residence in tho darkness, and was bruised badly in ruy.ib.ip.and.side; suffered severely. St.. Jacobs Oil completely cured,ffic." WM. 0. HARDEN, Member of State Legislature. THE COST IS THE SAIVBE, :0 LITTLE LIVER ' PILLS DO NOT GBIFE HOB SICKE5. Sure cure tor SICK HEAXV ACHE, Imptlred dl ««tlou,coaitfe- pation, torpid glands. TheynrouM vital organ*, remove nausea, dlx- • ilaeiii. Act like magic ou Kid- • ~,oy8andblu(lder r Conquer ••• billons ucrvous UiH- orders. Eitalillib nat- ur«l KiiLY ACTION. Bonutify complexion by purlfyli>B • blood. 1'UBEi.v VEOETAULB. Ihv done li nicely ailjuitod to lull ewe, «i one pill c«n BCTcr to too much. Each vlnl contains 42, carried In vort- .1 nocVrt, like lead pencil. liuslness mtt»,'« f n " • convenience. Taken easier lhan nugor. Sold everywhere. All gonuino goodn Lear "Orescent." Send 2-cent stamp . You get 82 pnge hoolt with l THE HARTIWAN STEEL PICKET FENCE » thui am ordlnarrclumBf wood picket affair tlia« obBtructi the view »n« will rot or (an apart me, Tho Hartmin Tho Hartmin Fence u trtlotlc IE declua, urotscta the grounds with . ... r i.^ tl -. ii.r.trxi-»4 fgp /7/ 'fft.Kamf WfTS tRfOSB * ut llni them. WMUrn BalM **•»», SOS, BUtv St., . *»-»l-M». HMxtlm tVI« »»IM» * MOTHERS* FR&END" CHILD BIRTH EASY. Colyln, I«a n Deo. 2,1886.—My wife used KOTHEB'B FBIEND before her third ponfinemant, and Bays she would not b« Without tt tor hundreds of dollars. DOCK MILLS. Sent by express on receipt of price, f 1.BO per bottle. Book " To Mothers " mailed (ree' BRAOFIELC, REGULATOR CO., pv*u.i>nuaaii>T«. ATUIHTA, 0/1. PoBauiIy itT»u not occurroi to our readers that tlia LUBURCMFCCO.. NOB. 321,323 und 825 N. 8th St. rhila., uro cue of tha larKe^l mnniiracturcra of Itiryvleju C'blldreu'n Curriuut'", aud BerrlKeraloi-H lu <lio Unitod Htiite". A tour through their imuieuBO-luctuiy IB voii" itlve proof. la theiriiiiiKiiill- cent Bulooroomn you will lint) f yory large «{o(;k of Cycl« Hnndrlea and Uicyclo t-uits. The carriage dcpurtwent pro- tenti a grand apixiun\in:i' with several hundred couclii'i linnduomely upholutuivi! ;ni'] trimmed. I'ho Olaciei' licfrii;- oratora with their nov™ wuiu for Insulation are tho (inly practical Kefrlgerntnrii inm!-. W« ulep notice a grout MEDAL, PARia, IB'/tt W7BJLKER & CO.'S BreaMast Cocoa from which the txMii of ««7' ; baa bacD rcmOTOd, It abiolutaly j>wrd •Msf ' it it telublt. i No CTiemicato are ucd ID Ha prcperatloa. B hai infrt Ikan lArti Knit tkt tirtngtk ot Ooooa aliwl wttk < Btaroli, Arrowroot or Sugar, < and U thorofors far more •«•- • nomletl, ootltitf hit (Ami tnt ' WaiirmuTand admirably ada"pt»d~ f«V u wrt M tor perioni In health. ",../, ;:;-;j}A loll fejr flrocori eTeryTrlttr*. '-Sa W, BAKER & CO., Doroheitor, Hufi nrr •^ f^ 1^ 111_ L ••*••" Northern Pacific R. R. JtlluBiriiUsd FuWltmUouu, wl(k MAPS. deiioribiBg SUnne»o»«, North Dakota, Montana, Ida' - WMhintiton nad Orexon, ' Uei,t AjirlcBlturM, Orazlna , now og6B_to settlors. Mailed _FliEE. Addj £819.1.1 Keolluing Chairs, Roller Top fleaki, InTnlid ('hnlr'. !. hame coeds deslrod and a catalogue fully dcvscrili. f ench article will be wiut, Patents! Pensions! Bend for InTentoi'u Qalde or How to Obtala a Patent. BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE- fa M )t by yiowrp. WANTED The «4dre8»f« p( all ocldler* wuo bomesteaded a leu ,nuuitiero{ ncrce HiiulOOana RIPANS TABULES lite (he stomach, liver uud Towels? uurl- fy the blood, are safe aud effectual i tho betfb medicine kiiovra tor blliuua- uess, constipation, dyspepsia, foul fjrcuth.headacJUe,inenuu doDres&lon.i , . estion, bud complexion.' aud all dlueuwM calmed by failure ot _ the utoinaoh, liver or bowels toper.' « form their proper functions. FertKUu glveu to orer- t c»tlDg are beneated by taking one after each meal. u Price. »3 ; Biiuiple. 16c. At Prugirlsta. or sent by mall. 4> R1WNH OflfeMlOAL CO., JOTpraee Bt«H«w TorEi ? »n««o»»»^»^jMj«> i »j>««ji» ><<t<t>><<t t«iri /7\ Mru. Alice Miiplo. Oregon, llo., wri f / J"MywoIghtw8»820po«ud»,nowUh) loii of 126 Ibs." 1' or oireulnra uildre™. with Wto's Hwnedy fyi (itorrh l» le Best, Easiest to Pse. and Cheaest. Mn. ltT.ITMJMifcWMt.slM. >f' ~' >*.* ' .- '/ > 8.

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